The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 39
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 39

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 39
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Page 39 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday. Nov. 24, 1968-C7 Eskimo Joke Cools Inquiring Reporter fy' moire mandarin The charm of the Orient, captured in our slit slither of acetate moire! Have a go at Eastern Love On Life training of Eskimos to repair non-existent refrigerators. Obviously, somebody has actually sold refrigerators to the Eskimos. But who? Could it have been one of those vaudevil-lians who used to boast that they could do just that? I phoned a friend in the Labor Department, a chap named Kaelte. and read the item to him. "It's news to me." he said. "But I'll check into it and call you back. Offhand, however. I think it extremely unlikely that we would need eight tween age; 1 knew and enjoyed vaudeville, and I still recall many of its routines. And the joke came to mind immediately when I read the following news item in The Washington Star: "The Labor Department announced yesterday it is spending $72,091 on an eight-month project to train IS Eskimos to repair refrigerators in Alaska." As careful as our government is in spending our money, it surely wouldn't be squandering $72,091 on the By PHILIP H. LOVE WASHINGTON I NANA I -Jokes as well as dreams someti mes come true. An ancient vaudeville routine had the straight man asking the comedian. "Are you a good salesman?" "Am I a good salesman'1" the comic would respond. "Why. I could sell iceboxes to theKskimos!" If you don't recall that joke, you're either too young to have known vaudeville or too old to remember its specifics. But I'm of a fortunate in-be mmm mm months to spend a piddling $72,091. We're more likely to spend that much in a day. Are you sure it isn't 72 million?" "All I know is what it says here," I replied. "It says $72,091. Seven two ought nine one. It could be a typographical error, of course. But it isn't the amount of money that interests me as much as it is the idea of Eskimos having refrigerators." "They have as much right to have refrigerators as anyone else. What's the matter are you prejudiced against Eskimos?" "I'm not prejudiced against anybody. I'm just surprised that anyone could sell refrigerators to Eskimos. It's like selling furnaces to the Indians in Death Valley." "This is a side of your character I wasn't aware of." my friend said icily. "You not only begrudge the poor Eskimos their refrigerators; you even begrudge the poor Indians furnaces. I never suspected you of being a bigot ! " "I'm NOT a bigot," I protested. "I don't even know if Death Valley has any Indians. All I know is that it's a dreadfully hot place. I was speaking figuratively. It just seems to me that the Eskimos in Alaska would have about as much need of refrigerators as Indians in Death Valley would have of furnaces if there were any Indians there." "Well, I'll check into it and call you back." I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him only three days later. "I hate to disappoint you," he said, "but the Labor Department isn't training Indians to repair furnaces in Death Valley. That would be under the Interior Department. It's a pity you media can't get things straight." "I'm not a media," I objected. "I'm a newspaper man. And the news item I read to you wasn't about Death Valley, anyway. It was about the Labor Department training Eskimos to repair refrigerators in Alaska." "Oh. that! Yes. that's a real cool program. What did you wa nt to know about it?" "First, if the Eskimos really have refrigerators: second, if they do have, what they use them for; third, where they got them; fourth, if it's true that the government is spending $72,091 to. . ." "Now wait a minute," he interruped. "If they didn't have refrigerators, do you think the government would train people to repair them?" "That's a good question." I retorted. "Would it!" "Let's try the other questions." he suggested. "Yes, the Eskimos really do have refrigerators. They keep them on defrost and use them to thaw things. They keep the freezer compartment on the normal setting, however, and use the ice cubes to patch their igloos." "The guy that sold them must have been a super-salesman." I observed. "I talked to him. He's an old-time vaudeville ;rouper. He said he'd always wanted to prove he could cell iceboxes to Eskimos, and he just wouldn't take Nome for an answer. That's a joke, son." "There are some. I responded coldly, "who might think the same of your program." ALUAYR CIORT fJIIAIITV V v OPEN EVERY NIGHT TIL 9:30 . 1 'lp SPECIAL BUY! Scoop up a season's worth of fashion at this low Penney price! Parents Often Keep Tot Home Too Long A. 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