The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 38
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 38

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

C6 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1SSS Sheinwold On Bridge Pity Poor Tournament Hosts! iYou At Your Best vr j TT A DDTTTinnrpTTi rri It XT?Tt X A XT leads a diamond. During the first day the poor hotel proprietor uses up a week's supply of coffee, a month's quota of aspirin and a two-year supply of elevator operators, waitresses and telephone operators. Fortunately, this will be no problem at the Hotel del Coro- Lawrence would have tried a finesse for the queen of clubs if kept in the dark, but he could count that the only missing club was the queen after East's discards. Lawrence led a club to the king and ran the rest of his long suit to make his contract and a top score. What West tkea said U his partner is sot fit for this very proper column. But yoi caa tee why the hotel dngstore sells a huge quantity of aspiria during a utiooal bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Players at the national bridge tournament that begins next Friday in Coronado, Calif., will struggle under the handicap of having to get from one city to another. The championship events will be held at the magnificent old Hotel del Coronado, but most of the single-session events will be held a short ferry ride away, in San Diego. Since the championship events are entered chiefly by experts, and the one-session events chiefly by novices, there will be less contact than usual between the admiring and the admired a great loss to both groups. The unsatisfactory state of affairs is due in part to the phenomenal popularity of tournament bridge. In 1959, when Coronado last played host to the Fall National Tournament, the hotel could easily provide space for a thousand players per session. Today, the field is usually twice as big, and few hotels have enough public space for tournaments of this size or enough rooms to accommodate the players. Pity the poor hotel that hosts a national bridge tournament! Two thousand guests demand breakfast at noon and dinner at about 6:30. Nobody has more than an hour to spare or will enter the dining room five minutes earlier than anybody else. After midnight several hundred nocturnal experts make the night hideous with anguished expeditions in search of all-night eating places. The problem is aggravated by the fact that a bridge player has nothing but bridge on his mind. The typical tournament player never calls his floor to an elevator operator; he is much too busy discussing how his partner should have played several crucial hands. Nobody ever looks up to give an order to a waitress; all eyes are on the diagram of the bridge hand while the leading expert at the table explains how South can make an overtrick by a hipper-dipper-double-overruff-squeeze-coup, provided that East never blocking the suit. East played low, probably assuming that West had led from the 10-4. and was agreeably surprised when South had to use the ace of spades to win the first trick. Dallas expert Mike Lawrence, playing the hand, tested the clubs by leading the ace. He then cashed the queen of hearts and overtook the jack of hearts with dummy's king. On this trick East discarded the four of clubs. Lawrence kept a poker face but promptly led the ace of hearts from dummy to give East the chance to contribute more information. East just as promptly (and witlessly) discarded the seven of clubs. It's easy to see why a beginner would discard the low clubs from the East hand. The four and seven of clubs cannot possibly win tricks; the spades and diamonds may. But a Life Master should never discard a club in this position for fear of betraying West's club holding. So it turned out in this case. ADVERTISEMENT , - Dear Harriette: I've been married for five years to a lovely woman and we have very few problems on which we are unable to agree. There is one thing though, in particular, that bothers me more than anything else and we have agreed to abide by your decision. Linda, (not ber real name) is a nice looking girl but when we go out she always over does the make-up bit. She really packs it on. I don't think she looks good with all that junk on her face but she says she needs it to look her best. What do you say, Harriette? Zoombie's Husband DearZ. H. The best made up women follow the rule, "as little make-up to do the job as is I love it! The bcst-of-all for wall-to-wall. Or spots and paths. Fluffs up matted-down napl Brightens colors. Only U a sq. ft. Easyl Rent sham-pooerfor$l a day. INGRAM'S m PARK AVE., LAKE PARK 740 IHVEDIRt tD., W.F.I. FARMERS MARKET, WEST PALM REACH 1400 IANTA9U R0., UNTAHA (grey rmxm I Lustre I I CARPET I VSHAMPOOy Dear Harriette: All of my life, as far back as I can remember, I've been teased about my freckles. Is there anything I can do about them? Whenever I complain, people say some unhelpful thing like, "you just have to live with freckles, look what they did for Doris Day." But, Harriette, I'm no Doris Day and I'm miserable. Isn't there something you can suggest that will help me? Freckles, Riviera Beach Dear Freckles: Palm Beach artist Whitney Cushing says, "freckles are sexy." And, besides look what they have done for Doris Day! But, if you are really serious about this problem, STAY OUT OF THE SUN because the best way to handle the freckle problem is not to get them in the first place. Or make certain you always use one of the new sun screen lotions that are becoming so popular. These products, such as Uval or Sol Bar successfully filter most of the sun's harmful rays and yet are completely unnoticeable when applied properly. You can also try this old fashioned home remedy that has been used for ages and seems to fade the freckles. Coat your face with baby oil. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a small container and apply it to your face, over the baby oil, with a small piece of cotton. As the lemon juice dries, reapply it and continue to do so for about half an hour. Then, rinse your face well and pat it dry. Twice a week should bring some results with a month's time then once every week or so should keep them under control. Some beauty problem troubling you? Harriette Tlmmer-man will be glad to help you find a solution. Write to her In care of The Palm Beach Post-Times, 2751 South Dixie, West Palm Beach. Dear Abby Change The Date To Solve Problem A Beauty Hint ' Margaret Merril advises that it is quite simple for every woman to promote an English countryside complexion. Her hint to gain a peaches-and-cream loveliness is to damp a cloth with cold water from your refrigerator and press it over your face for a few minutes once or twice a day. Then to hold the good of the complexion-beautifying cold water, smooth oh tropical oil of Olay. This oil is rather scarce and expensive, but your drug store Hould be able to get you a supply. necessary." Excessive makeup can be as bad, or worse, than none at all. Subtlety is the thing to keep in mind when applying cosmetics. Make up should be applied in a make down manner. John Robert Powers, one of the foremost beauty authorities in this country, put it well when he said, "No matter how much makeup you use, it is YOU the world should be aware of, NOT your makeup!" George Jean Nathan wrote, "The woman men consider charming is seldom the one upon whom women visit the adjective. The female sex is captivated by make-up. The male, by and large, likes it only when not made too aware of it." This is a tough situation to handle and no matter what you or I say, your wife should try to reach a compromise somewhere between what she feels will please you and what she feels is comfortable for her. I will give you an idea for Santa Claus that might help. Buy your lovely wife one of the new lighted make-up mirrors that can be found in most leading department stores. The reason I suggest this is because, very often, women put on too much make up because they apply it in a dimly lighted room and cannot tell how much they are getting on. McNAMARA'S MINI-MALL -NOW OPEN 9 FLORIST Wire Service LUANNE'S DRESS CLOSET 0 LITTLE MAC'S NURSERY e CANDLE SHOP FITCH'S HANDCRAFTS 20 SO. DIXIE-IANTANA Phone 582-9360 LIP.LU..,jaiWJi."UE5Ei- GOT A MATCH? Jacobs JEWELERS SINCE 1880 PALM BEACH MALL Ph. 4837673 o.'io in Ortinip and Jarhint illr W they will be free to go, 6. Don't offer any advice or express any opinions unless asked. 7. Volunteer Information that they might be too embarrassed to ask for, such as arrangements for your burial, hospitalization, etc. These rules were written over 20 years ago. I read them often and am determined to keep them. WIDOW X DEAR ABBY: Whoever started that stupid rule of courtesy, stating that ladles should leave an elevator first? I am always annoyed with gentlemen who stand rooted to the floor of an elevator and refuse to get out ahead of women who are In the rear of the elevator, struggling to get out. If those stupid men would just stop out of the elevator ahead of the women It would be so much simpler for everyone, ANNOYED DEAR ANNOYED: "Women and children first" is the rule when abandoning a stricken ship, but common sense should prevail when leaving an elevator. Lady Docker No Hypocrite Time was when Lady Docker once banned from the South of France for "insulting'' Prince Ranier appeared daily in almost every West European newspaper. She had a lavishly appointed Daimler automobile (until Daimler's fired her husband Sir Bernard Docker) and she kept the $1 million yacht "Shemara." The she faded from the international scene but now she's back again with a bang, because she's writing her autobiography, of which she says (and she should know), "It's going to be sensational. Heads are going to roll when it's published because I'm telling the whole truth about everybody." The book has already had a stormy passage, for the first professional writer engaged to advise Lady Docker could not stand the pace, and left after angry scenes. North dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH 63 U AK9S2 0 Q74 4 10 6 5 WEST EAST KJ 10 107 64 3 963 Q2 KJ10 IQ9875 2 0 A J 5 73 SOUTH A4 V QJ 0 K1082 AKJ98 North Eatt South WtK Past Pan I 4 Pass 19 14 2 0 Piss 2 Pas 2 NT Pass 3 NT All Pass Opening lead - 4 10 nado, which hosts an enormous regional bridge tournament every winter. By now the hotel staff is accustomed to the idea that bridge players are amiable lunatics and that hundreds of contestants would win each championship if it were not for their idiotic partners. Partner trouble is not limited to minor events or to inexperienced players. Shed a tear for poor West in today's hand, played last August in Minneapolis during the National Life Master Pair Championship. West led the ten of spades, a doubtful choice. Most experts would lead the king to avoid hi uum in ItfHM lit PALM BEACH MALL, W. ? fYEHT WOMAN, eUtfcis, Rkei iMBty ta tin eYiuet, lene were selling Fitter!' Rikket 14 "Fashions Sizes Id OF COURSE SPECIAL PURCHASE! . FAMOUS YOUNG VIEWPOINT KNITS ) Monday, Nov. 25, 9:30 A.M. ) 1 t IMPORTED JAPANESE GRASS CLOTH FIRST QUALITY CLOTH VALUES TO $14.00 A SINGLE ROLL CHOOSE FROM 36 VARIETIES & COLORS $Q SINGLE Mm ROLL 3...'4.50SR CLOSE-OUT WALL MURALS M2'5 and $15'5 BROWN'S WALLPAPER 2250 BROADWAY Riviera Beach 848-3494 Woman" to 46 MM ween in rtuitim ttt-ZMT ACCOUNT FOOTWEAR - 3381 M MATTIR ROW MUCH HOMEY ske tt tefc m fcor te pick ip Special BtTfilis whts b ui eiffceet se-rifloiaf er style Special Parents art tresses, Jacket aVmtt, 2 piece 3 piece eeiemkles. These Famous Label clothes for as high as $85. are Usee tai" imel eemeiMtieM, latrta hits ted Ariel RH eemkbtiticM. Net every eeter, style er ike. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: Three months ago, I was the maid of honor at my best friend's wedding. Shortly afterwards she announced she was expecting. (In fact she hurried the wedding a little because of her condition.) Well, now I am getting married and I promised this friend that she could be my matron of honor. But Abby, she's in her 9th month! How will that look? She'll be terribly hurt if I don't ask her as we've been best friends since first grade and I'd rather die than hurt her feelings. Should I ask her and hope she refuses? What if she accepts? Please help me as I am running out of time. DESPERATE DEAR DESPERATE: If you don't want her because of her obvious condition, don't ask her. (She might accept.) But If you'd rather "die" than hurt her feelings, how about postponing your wedding until after she delivers? (I assume YOU'RE not in the same kind of rush?) DEAR ABBY: Years ago, when my widowed mother came to live with me and my husband, she made our lives so miserable that I determined that I would never bring such misery to my children if I ever had to live with them. One day I sat down and wrote myself a letter. In it were some pertinent rules, and on the outside of the envelope I wrote, "To be opened on the day I go to live with my daughter, heaven forbid." I tucked It away in an old book and forgot about It. I've been widowed and self-sufficient for 6 years, but now I was recently forced to give up my Job and go to live with my oldest daughter. I've opened that letter and I think your older readers might benefit from it, as I Intend to. Here are the rules: 1. Give what you can toward your keep. Any budget will stretch just so far. 2. Keep yourself clean and neat. 3. Remember, It Is THEIR home. Be especially considerate of HIM. He allowed her to bring you here. 4. Give them privacy at every opportunity. 5. ii they want to go away on a vacation, but are hesitant because of you, offer to visit another relative or friend so FL0W5R SHOP At A You supply the bride, we'll supply the rings. Center: Spiral set, $1,600. Clockwise from 1 o'clock: $1,500. $1,900. $1,000. $425. for the Fully Feminine 18-20. 12 to 26, 38 IH t tSMBf sin, FMrruteiiuu MS-J7M rnnueiTKi ueceu is. im uutnuct U1-M11 YOU MAY USE YOUR CHARGE Stanley pliilipson PBARL8 ON rBARL0 ON PIIARL... a import) paarl oalf ortauon, axiornKl with luxurious matching peiexrl om-itmtni. An unuaual hei trnlmni you'll fall in lovo with. In your ohoto of Champagne, Son, Whit or fun lona moat wantaa tOitutm fUlvor-Oray. ese mtcNng fwxibaq r ) To Our 8th Traditional N1 fW' COUTURE PALM BEACH Phone 683 Open House EXTRAVAGANZA TODAY, 1 pm to 6 pm ! REFRESHMENTS GIFTS FOR EVERYONE Bring the Entire Family UK 457 i N0RTHW00D RD SPRUCE AYE. W. Palm Beach ..! "'. ' ': -JIM" jMfraoUUSJ LIU

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