Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 13, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1936
Page 6
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-: ;'. '.-5 . , ,;;:;')'; f f - - THE' ALBANY ' DEMOC KA'T-H EKA'CP, AC B A R Y 0 K E 5 0 FJ ' PAGE SIX MONDAY, ATR1C V3;r95g V breakfast in the social rooms of the i Word This Very Day, tenor, bari-church after the early service. I ton and chorus, Malcolm Medler, On Sunday afternoon at five John Medler: Third Word Worn- KIRKSEY PICKS CUBS, YANKEES o'clock the choir presented the OAKS MAINTAIN LEAD; CAPTURE SERIES 5 TO 2 OUT OUR WAY" v By WILLIAMS ( nearly breax. My NECK. ON A floor. v 'U PULL OF B-3 "SHOT NEARLY SCARED I T0" V DEATH VVMEKJ I TIP OVER A CAM V, V OP FI5MIKJQ BEMINDA l-feT Sir- w mV Sdoor-a pet frdq in the base- lsrvv'?;- v xs3i:t- &( A MENT-A CRIPPLED BIRD IMA ft. -- - . .-s-SV- &AKET ME WAY BE IN SCHOOL, '--,Vr---X '""'. y' t PUT WE'5 ALWAYS HOME, j-jf. . tA 'l Slk an, Behold Thy Son, soprano, tenor, baritone and chorus, Mrs. Mer-vin Gilson, John Medler, Kenneth Eichner; 'Fourth Word My God, bariton solo, Malcolm Medler; Fifth Word I Thirst, tenor, baritone, chorus, Malcolm Medler, John Medler; Sixth Word Father Into Thy Hand, tenor and chorus. j Easter cantata "The Seven Last Words of Christ" by Dubois under j the direction of Miss Lena Medler with Norton Pengra of Eugene, ' Malcolm Medler and John Medler, both of Portland, as assisting solo-i ists, and Miss Jessie Skinner at I the piano. The complete program : follows: Introduction, "All Ye People," Cord et ux, 160 A, top 13 S, R 3 west. Maranda Wigle to Charles En-ger, extr., land tp 14 S R 2 west. Charlie B. Schram et ux to Carlton C. Mary et ux, land tp 12 S R 2 west. Amos Roth et ux to Edward Roth et ux, land tp 12 S R 3 west. Elmer G. Whitaker et ux to Barbara Whitaker, land tp 12 S, R 3 west. Elsie Sinclair et vir Barbara Whitaker, land tp 12 S R 3 west. Mary Yoder et vir to Barbara Whitaker, land tp 12 S, R 3 west Nancy Whitaker to Barbara Whitaker, land tp 12 S, R 3 west-John H. Witaker et al to Barbara Whitaker, land tp 12 S, R 3 Teams of Pacific Coart league Norton Pengra; Seventh Word It travelled to new battlegrounds today wilh the Oakland Oaks still perched at the head of official listings. m 1 mm rrm v " jj ;.t 7i . Vwwto soprano solo, Mrs. Arthur Pengra; i Is Finished, soprano, tenor, ban-First Word Father Forgive Them, ' tone, chorus, Mrs. Mervin Gilson, tenor, bariton and chorus. Norton Malcolm Medler, John Medler; Pengra, Kenneth Eichner; Second prayer, chorus. New York, April 13. A lonR time ago when Abner Doublcday first invented baseball, he culled a companion aside and said: "Get yourself a good pitcher and you'll have a, winning team." iv The same still goes today 97 years after the first baseball game was played in Cooperstown. N. Y., ' the 1033 pennant race will open The Oaks maintained a game and a half lead over the Seattle Indians Sunday by dividing a double head er with the Portland Beavers and emerging from the series with five tomorrow in the major leagues and victories in seven starts. the two pennant winners will be Score of the first game was 11 to the teams with the best pitching 7 in favor of Portland, while the Two lovable pais... companions in gay romance ... fighting their way from poverty to riches! staffs. utfKs uiinexco uie second o m t. I I 1 ftw. , UM Nllllli.ll I i 1 . . . J ' f ! r ' Those two teams are the Chicago , CBi SKfAT 'iSS4"- - -r . Ii.), " .w'-"- t The Beavers scored four times Cubs in the National league and in the 11th inning of the first game the New York Yankees in the Am to drive Floyd Olds from the erican league, in the opinion of this mound. Olds had replaced Ludolph and in turn was replaced bv Hal observer, Maid. The league leaders hit 19 west. Barbara Whitaker to Amos Roth et ux, laud tp 12 S, R 3 west. W. R. Graham et al to El vera Haigett, lot 6, bik 8, New Cas-cadia. ' Shaw Investment Co. to F. H. Pfeiffer et al, NW'4 bik 102, Mon-teithe's So. add., Albany. S. V. Ban- et al to Frank Cross et ux, 3.87 A, tp 13 S, R 1 east. Charles Davis to E. H. Bohle et ux, part bik 2, Osborn's add to Lebanon. Joseph A. Blakely to Bertha M. McClaren, 2.21 A, tp 13 and 14 S, R 2 west. Ray M. Waltz et al to Eva Tem-pleton, Brownsville property. S. E. Habersham et ux to Bessie Mulkey et al, land tp 13 S, R 4 f The National league will be a two-club race between the Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals. No times to Portland s 13. Bill Pose-del, Li.skn and Flvnn were summoned to halt the Oak barrage. iW other team will make a serious bid tor the Pennant. The Cubs will win Portland started . the second out with a driving finish in Sep tembernot a 21-fiame winning game with four runs in the third, driving Conlan to the showers. Behind Ken Douglas, however, th" Oaks rallied to win out on nine hits off George Caster. XU 0!'-'s5 r.foVbtV;.- L Seattle wound un its series with Sacramento bv splitting the Sun streak such as brought them last year's laurels, but a sustained drive that will beat the Cards to the wire. ;( The American league will see a ding-dong battle between four , clubs the Tigers, Yankees, Indians and Red Sox. . The Yanks will win, as old Abner Doublcday said, because they have the best pitching staff. Gomez, Pearson, Broaca, Ruffing and day double bill, losing the first 5 to 3-and winning the second 4 to west. A. J. Goodman et ux to II. A. Macy, 110.36 A, tp 15 S, R 3 west. Mae Booth Jones to W. L. Bli- RUSSELL "It bad to 20th Century-Fox Hit with LEO CARRILLO AR LINE JUDGE ALAN DINEHART I. Osborn, Lucas and McDoui.'al chcr, 8(1 A, tp 14 S, R 1 east. allowed the Sentators seven hits while Tribe batsmen clipped Chambers' delivery for seven. none over half a million. FORMER HEAD OF Pickrell set the Sacr.-.mcntans MAJOR LEAGUES NAME BATTERIES down with three hits in the seven Seven Lost Words Presented by Choir With Mis. Hickey. he is heading for the Pugct Sound country where they will visit friends. inning nightcap while -Mead and AMERICAN ASS'N. IS ALBANY VISITOR Tamulls will carry the big pitching load for the Yanks and will be ssisted by Brown, Malone, Hud-ley, Murphy and Sundra. No other American league club can mutch FOR FIRST GAMES;A"dl'ews.yie!d six- .. .. NOW! s'"1 k aeauiu uve Lebanon. (Special) Special Thomas J. Ilickev. nriuiniznr nf Cnfthnll Meeting that staff when the heat is on in New York April 13 Probalilo I a ,i ' j i i i i t I taster services at the Methodist ivi w join, pni u. i looaou . a third divided brace of camps ,.i,,...i. u m, .... '-","?"l line American Association h:im m August and September, Sin fori fnr Tnniniit haltc .es for the opening games of found the Mission Reds losing aiZ u 'S8 The two-time champion Tigers J'W!ueand until last year its prcsi- 3 j the major league season: morning clash against Los Angeles bv members of the hnir Tk. 5 to and winning the afternoon wnite robed staffers in th Himi, won't crack up. They'll make a a, m i"c,e. luuu- Wils ln Albany Ki-race of it and get beaten out by a V,8; vlsV,'!"f nls brother, w. F. better club. The Indians will push "ey. Hickey was retired from Signing or teams and discussion! NationaJ League: of league play Tor the Softball loop' "!iikyn (Mtingo and Rerrcs) will take place -tonight at the cilvt"1 Nnv Y" k (Schumacher and game to 4. 1 he Missions nosed lit church made an impressive uic- out a no .1 cage in me series. i tlire and ,, . ,.,. Ti,.,. AT THE VENETIAN PLUS ; FRANK BUCK'S "Fang and Claw' HURRY! ENDS TON1TE! - I A was greatly enjoyed by the large aan uicgu s t-aures lurneo in ine flnv' nnlv win prluinii mil hall at 7:30. Delegates from all of Mnncuso). the Tigers for second place. They m , Presidency last season, and now might win the pennunt with a P,ok,s ,no. P's'n of chairman or oatcher like Cochrane or Hemsloy ,n0 association board, of the Browns. They have a pen- Iis record is one of the longest' audience. last years squads as well as several new ones are expected. iium-wiiiiuiig piicning sum out u.-uun iiiniui,y. imii to years! Several imnortant nhasei monu them iru n J e ,liu' "" , ., "Mil nil: slaled l()l' tile cnlllUU, II i....-,i..n vLiir.iyuen uiui i.npe.i ( (10 S;in Francisco Seals fi to S in nt Philadelphia (Davis and Wil- : the opener and closing with a 3 to ?").-'".... j 2 defeat of Sad Sam Gibson, Seals' Chicago (Warneke and Ha.-t- ace hurler. whom they found for licit at St. Louis (J. Dean and V. "ine hils in seven innings while Davis). , Herm Pillette was permitting six. , ,. . . , 'The dual victory gave the Padres tnvr Dusiuii neu oux nuve nil- i, uiiv,i.vs in nil UC- he ntf llin Miimhni- of teams to be On Sunday morning the Methodist church joined with the other churches in an Easter sunrise service held at the high school campus at six o'clock. Fair weather prevailed and the largest crowd attended this year since the custom was established several years ago. Members of the Methodist group and friends were entertained at . I...-.UU.K1I v iJi.iiiiuii nun IIIUOJ ,u w n IV,,,,. 11,,-no r,.-,,- cnleicd. rules of play, schedule and the proposed night games. Vancouver Driver ' Hurt in Spccdbowl VIVVGVI MICH I'lUU UllfllSlVI. ly UUl 'uaimn, (JIL'MIU'Ill (U III1 haven't helped the pitching staff. American Association lie kept that The Cubs will biat off all the league intact through 3U cmn-ehallengers with ' Warneke, con- paigns without a single change in sidered by many competent critics lts original eight club membership, to be the greatest pitcher in either The Association, along with the league. Bill Lee, Larry French, Pacific Coast league and the Inter-Charley' Root and Texa Sarlcton. national league, is one nf the three What help they need they'll get class AA loops in the nation. ! Bin. Seattle plays the Seals at San al Cincinnati (Derringer and Lom-bardi). American League: Francisco this week while the Mis- New York (Gomez and Dickey) sions play Sacramento at the lat ii, . I....... ,.- , , ., tpr' hnmp prntmH R:.n Dippi home San Diego Portland, Ore April n.-Franu M, Washington (Newso.n and Bol- ;, jround earne of Pasadena won the 40- ' nvwes In I.os Anelps from Mike Kowallk, Roy Henshaw, I Prior to the Spanish-American -I..Jn C7U I ".I Tl . i,nf llinbni, 1 ll... W iniiiii-pv-ptt I Detroit t IV.iwcq find Cc11'!!"'1) That bunch will win 90 games, association, which prospered until , , ,.i nn,, ,.,,. "-it r','-...V ! ....i, . iu. n.Y.. ihn win- n:,ii.i i,n i.. ii ,i.. i "I" iiniK .nun laces nt tiieshiim lap at l.(i catfOP- Spring Bargains In Hardware During Roscoe Ames' Northern Sales at Cleveland (Harder and Pytlak). St- Louis (Andrews and 11am- ? The T cards will make the Cubs tins. After .hewur hv I! ' ' ' rihV 1 Sll"(l '" Isll'Vl 111 'hip:ii. (Will I i.lw.j.rl i.nrl Real Estate Transfers battle into the dying dajs of Sep- virtually the same group into what " , ,,, C, ,),, Mr,wlr,.wl T .... A.. x tember; Diz.y and Paul and Par- "w western league. It is melee will win about 61) games, but s,i11 operating. St. Louis hasn't' anyone ' else to As retired president Hickey has make up the deficit. 1 not losl his contact with busebnll. j " v. '..' v., .UK, .,., OCWCIW. ' jn'as second, and Hay Chase, Port- Philadelphia (Dietrich and .land, third. Hayes) at Boston (W. Fcrrcll and Less Anderson of Vancouver. R Ferrciy i I Wash., was hurt, not seriouslv. " : . ' As for 1 he Giants; they'll be wnuo unvenng about the visiting friends, one eve is when his car struck two others and ! SAI I'M SAKFS KOItllFD luckv to land a first division berth, country country lelt the track. I Salem, Ore., Anril 13. Huralars Warren H. Davis et- ux to Donald L. Weber et ux, land tp 13 S, R 1 east. Walter E. Smith to Prudential Ins. Co-, land Ip 13 S. R 3 west. George L. Mayer, deceased, by trustee to G. V, Steinmeyer et ux. Albany property. Chancy Sickels lo Charley G. Ilrmcrcl ux, property in Ilalsev. i R. A. liabb Hdwc. Co. lo Olaf O. took between $4.i(l and $5il(l trom two safes at the Gideon Stolz Bot- f.llF.I'K lRFMI'"'t O'ES Sale Closes Saturday Night Sale Closes Saturday Night SEE WINDOW DISPLAY NOV Evorythinjr you can think of for your homo and garden usu. You will find tools to simplify and lighten your house-keeping tasks and what wonderful values. All new fresh Spring Merchandise purchased at low prices and brought to you at real savings through the power of group buying. Their pitching staff is weakened. l(t'Pl " the national pastime. A; The "most improved club . in new innovation in Hie Association' fither league will be the Cincinnati Sunday openers for Hie loop Reds.. They have three pitchers, led Hickey to town this morning Derringer, Schott. and Hollings- to search for news of the games' worth, who will- give the best of outcomes. them trouble. That kid infield A imnortant factor in the sue- Athens. April l.t. Premier Con- tlmg Co.. yesterday. One safe was slimline Demerdjis died today. ' blown, the other punched and Demerdiis was found Head ill bed the yeggs made their escape all by his parents. Ho had been ill of in f!) minutes. Police estimated at least four men had done the job. Verdinu, land tp 9 S, H 3 east. I W- II. Howard et ux to J. O. won t have to take off its hat to cess oi the American Association, embolism for ten days. Cien. John many others. Chuck Dressen, who he said, was the relative size of IMetaxas, vice premier, was named (s nnA nf lh hnet mnnntmra in tile mcmhpr cities, mine nf Ilium It, wi,i.i...rl n.,,.rl lie 11.. ...Ill 1,..! none of them to succeed Demerdjis. He will hold Democrat-Herald Want Ads I Brown. Albany property. Baseball, mav have the miracle h"'"" ""l..' :'nn nan mmnl'itiim ' il- fm eien nnrtrnlio i foreign portfolio. 1 Elizabeth Hillman to Irvy C. Mc- rlub of 1930 under his wing. Watch them. For Your Lawn u. S. Tennis Stars ,'.' : Sweep Mexico Test Garbage Pail 4 gallon size 6-inch Pliers Handy Size Folding Clothes Rack Gem 59c 9c 69c mm we says 49c Grass Hooks-High Grade Grass Snips Polished Steel . . Garden Hose 25 feet -inch . Garden Hose 50 feet -inch . Mopsticks a- copper-plated head, spring type 9W lira. Step-on Kitchen Pail Enameled Clothes Basket Willow, special 49c 79c .; Houston, Tex., April 13. Capl. Wilmer Allison and his mates on the United States Davis Cup team ycre ready today to take on the ranking tennis players from Australia after making a clean sweep of their . American 7.0110 series with Mexico. ' The Australians come next, in a series opening in Philadelphia on May 30. S The Mexican series closed yesterday wilh the Unilud Slates team losing only one set in Unlive matches played. In the final day's competition Donald Budge of Oakland, Cal., defeated Daniel Hernandez, 6-1, 6-1, 0-3, and Hiy-an Grant. Jr., of Atlanta, Ga., won over Esteban Reyes, 6-4. 13-11. Garbage Can $ 49g Pruning Shears Tempered Steel . . . 1.29 19-gallon SPADING $ Ironing Board Extra Value 69c 6-2, in an endurance contest that lasted almost two hours and a hull- pol- American Beauty, ' round shank ished blade. Very special value. A strong, convenient. Ironing Board. Eest value on the market. Infection Fatal to Trojan Footballer $a.29 Mop Wringer Pail and Mop. both for . Lawn Mower 19c 19c 9c bearing. special at 16-inch, four blade, ball 5-ft. Step Ladder Special Steel Plated Wash Board, only ....,....'. Santa Ana, Cat., April 13 Allen Kidder, 22, husky University of Southern California focball plaver. died ycnterday from an intcciion which set in following a fight with an Intoxicated hoodlum last week ' The athlete was attacked while working in a malted milk shop m Los Angeles, During the fight. Kidder was bitten on the thumb An infection lollnwed and spread through his system. His condition became critical when pneumonia olso developed. 98c 39c $1.49 Electric Appliance Cord Set Clothes Lines 50-foot Cotton Mop Head Good Grade Yarn Force Cups Red Rubber Johnson's Wax 1 -pound can Whisk Broom Handy Size Drain Pipe Cleaner 1 -pound can J r-TX : : ; -s-rrly 7 Union Roller Skates, pair ...... DR. CHAN LAM ChineM - With nothing to lose and double to gain, why not get that "try-put" pack ol "Doube-MeuWs" today? Toilet Paper 1000 Sheet Roils, 4 rolls Glass Tumblers Extra Grade, 3 for Lawn Rakes-Bamboo, only ' 59c 19c 1 9c 9c 19c 10c 9c 7 jcii u OEVERAL MILLION smokers, men anJ '-'women, have triedout Double -Afciou Old Golds since our Double-Money-Back offer was announced last October. Less than 1 in 10,000 ol these smokers have asked us lor a Double-Monr-y-Bnck check. Yet yial check is ready and waiting lor ,-. Medicine Co. Miturml nvatiim far 4iaoron of livtr, toourh, tlinik, .kin 4 nrlnvy ytcm of awn tni women. Stw dliCODPIf ttr Mtwt dlabrm wIUkjui tm u . of liuulln. 1 tmn irt - liuKlnuu. (E.tblihfd ITHO) ' ""feS I o.t.. ...t . Ifcjj Ctllophont pt VAi U from th bHom Clo4rWt) LilM ir, ami; . . . . . P.S.. . . to get double-your-monty-back, fIui fiotlng. mail the Old Goldgrapper nd ten unimokrd riAtpln lo P. LorillayJ Company, Inc., 1 1 9 Vet 40lh Street, New York City, belore May lt, 1936. Brass King Hose Nozzle 4 EackW. AW (And many othepspecials) :; Natoropalhle T. T, Urn. N.O. PIWW.IH n,.i t, , ...j Innar lock! of C.llophona ajpaayt from tha tMa any smoker who tells us that ( KmA other specials Mellow Old Golds did not please him, 5twlf lwi Day of This G eat "Northern" Sa?e. e r. rj ox. he. oaaaraBraKaBamaRBBMBHBMMaHBBpa.BBBnHaHaMMM rr. C, ' V.neiUn TlH-alrr aid.., or, nm .nd BrauUloin 8U., Albany. OIHpa Huira: t p. m. lot D. m, Tuesday nd Ddnrday Only. Comuluition. Blood rTMiur and (Jrlrw IVau r . . . r HCscDe Ames Hardware Store OoMI. Cham. H.D. Ourti. " 216 West First Street xNy Oregon 1

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