Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 13, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1936
Page 5
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE MONDAY, APRIL 13, 1936 13 For sale, Miscellaneous NEW TODAY t J The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. Famous Writer TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted below are those prevailing at It o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are subject to change at any hour thereafter Answer to Previous rii7.7.le ADS MORS THAN TWO LINES 1 time, per word 2c 3 consecutive times, per woru ....4c 6 consecutive times, per word 7 Month, consecutive times, per word 20c READERS Count five average words to line. Set in caps double count. Per line, first insertion, 20e; per line each additional insertion. 16c. Card of Thanks. 6Uc. COPY DEADLINES Classified caor must be In office before 11:00 o'clock on day of publication. Copy for Thursday must be In before 9:00 a. m. for classified pave. HOniZONTAIi 1 World-famous American author. 12 Kind of fish. 13 Boredom. 14 Entrance, 16 The same. 17 Eats. 15 Memorized role. 19 Domesticated. P I A IT I T IY1 B EiR'G60iLIF R E AlgnL AlyEBS HlPlSC 6 ribHaIkOil 6 iQlnaD miebe aisHFte PflHl 5 PlR OlP!0 RTfli iQ!n E TIA P EISBT OT0 MvMi m m I RTEHR O'ATP" oiYh glgT V AjBLA'R dh WPXl IBP All Nlr1)EAiTBCIO INI El W 5 no ALL H WIO I KIN I nrtglrTrNiTrftulPTTsiclol 21 Cover. 23 Wasted as time. 23 Not bright.' 25 Form of "a." 26 Knock. 29 Liberal giving 32 To enliven. 33 Hoof point covering. 54 Light brown. 35 Drank liquor. 37 Measure. 3S Musical note. 39 Instruments. 42 Mug. 44 Type of alphabet. 49 Bad. 50 Window parts. 52 Narrow way. 63 Before. 54 Wrath. 55 Self. 5G Ho was formerly n 57 Ho wroto " Street." RATES AND INFORMATION-Count six average words to the line. -If'-your-ad -appears ineorrectly. notify us immediately. We accept respon sibility for one incorrect insertion. rtlUnb Al tit 1 laLflbO ID Ads will bo taken over the telephone or by mail. This is done for the con-wnient'c of I he dvr niter. and remittance should be mailed upon the re!eipt of invoice. Minimum 2 Li. 1 time 25c Minimum 2 Li. 3 times 50c Minimum 2 Li. 6 times 86c Minimum 2 Li. Munth $2.60 Phono II 1 For Sale- Real Estate FOR SALE THREE VERY NICE buildinit lots in the 600 block on East Second 6t., just West of the cnnul on the North side of the street. Address P. O. Box 8, Corvallis, Oregon, or telephone 14. all-17 6 Poultry, Eggs FOR SALE ABOUT 47 GOOD YOUNG laying hens, Black Minorcas. Some Reds and Rocks mixed. Also 2 young fresh milk goats, good milkers, and one thoroughbred Saanen billy goat not related to nannies. Please call morning for the chickens and bring boxes. Will keep shut up in the, chicken house till noon. Will sell everything cheap. Alois Vana, KU 3, Scio, Ore. mfle from Richardson Gap Bridge and the Bohemian Hall, south on the Scio-Providence road. all-14 CUSTOM HATCHING HEN EGGS AND turkey eggs, any amt., any time. Albany Hatchery, S. Ferry St., Albany. Phone 636-J. Mrs. T. B. Burton. alO-13 FOR SALE 100 WHITE LEGHORN PUL-lets, 5 wks. old, 40c each. Lester Bault. Tangent. al0-13 1 1 Hay, Grain, Feed FOR SALE ZIMMERMAN SEED WHEAT . 00c bu. H. L. Horck. Phone 8-F-4K all 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal DIRECT FROM THE MILL 16. INCH mill ends, fine for cook stoves. $3. SO per cord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, $3 in load lots. Sawdiut and shavings. Albany Fuel Co., Inc., 310 Calapooia St, Phone 62. . - a'Jtf GOOD WOOD PRICED RIG HI. UEL1V- ered In any length. Lester Cbilcote, 1606 Santiam ltd. Phone 7:14.R, j20-tf I'M FUMMY LOOKIN- SHUX GOTTA WER YOU' RE 33 Personal STOMACH ULCER, GAS PAINS. AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer? For quick relief get a free gift packet of Udga, a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. m24-a24 32 Training for Position MEN WANTED WITH FAIR EDl'CA- tinn, mechanically inclined, now employed, deniring to better their positions by qualifying as installation exports and service engineers in AIR CONDITIONING and electric Keingeratian. ' No experience necess. but applicants must be willing to train spare time for a few. months. Write giving age. phone, present occupa. and address. Utilities Eng. Inst. 1710, erne Democrat-Herald. : nlH-U 30 Miscellaneous Classified PLOW, DISC AND DRILLING CAN drill rape and clover or rape and ryegrass. Will Hays, Rt. 1, Albany, ml. S. Frye Sta. or see Fisher Bros, alO-13 CHICKEN AND HOME-MADE NOODLES. 25c plate. Coin's Faim. hnlfway from Salem to Albany. alo-13 PAINTING, WALL PAPERING, INTER-ior decorating that's different. Phone 42 or 513-L. Wilbur Dawson & Claire Snyder - ' mao-tr BKLP TUB NEKDT The Salvation Army need, frufta. veite. 'ablea, clothinit .etc.. to help needy people In ememency ciMea. Money, too. If you ?are to contribute. We have no telephone, but brina- 'n what you 'have to donate or drop aa a card and we'll call for it Cape. Bert Bailey. 840 East FiW SL. Albany. SdUlRREI, DOMINATES PETS Bourne. Muss. Mrs. Eugvnc SloweU's pet squirrel harmonious-ly.plays with her cat and dog, and drinks water from a glass. Harriet, the squirrel, is the ruler among the household pets and takes what it wants from them: 1 CITY TREASURER'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned Treasurer of the City of Albany,' Oregon, has on hands funds to redeem General Fund warrants from No. 274 to 520, in-elusive, for the year 1935. Interest will cease from the date of publication of this notice. E. B. WILLIAMSON,' Treasurer of the City i ; of Albany, Ore. Dated and publishedthis 8th day of April, 1936. - April 8-10-13 who wouldn't? they work so hard- and now they're coin' to Lose TH' FARM SORE- MAYBE O' THAT MOST WANT GOT NO. 12 STRAWBKKRY PLANTS FROM younti plants. J. A. Miller, Rt 4, Albany.. Ore. i .1 x all-14 FOR SALE SEXED COCKERELS. $1.00 ' per 100. Oak wood Poultry Farm, Tangent. Ore. all WRECKING 2 RIG SCHOOL BLDGS. Lumber $4 and up. Planks, flooring, siding, sheeting 2x2, 2x8, 2x1- 2'-ixl8 and 3x1.2. Casings it mouldings. Bricks $4 per M. Pipe, lath, dry wood cut to length. Salesman on job 3rd & Madison St.. Albany, Ore. - a2-l6-S HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT AN NUT tret-, shrubs, rose bushes, shade trees. -it iid Tor price list Seltlemeier Bros. Nurserittt. Ut. 8, Albany. n21-tf 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR RENT 6-ROOM HOUSE, BARN, chicken house, garden siot, 2 mi. S. on Oak Creek. YV. H. Matncy. n 10-1 IS ELLSWORTH APTS. HEAT. OVER-stuffed furniture. Ph. .35. 8U6 Ellsworth. a6-tf 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous WANTED WOOL & MOHAIR Cash advanced on contract. No interest charged. We always pay market price. See us before you sell. 1 ' .' SAM FRAGER Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd & Baker. ' ; , m28-a28 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at Eson's Drug Store. marltf CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridges, fillings.' old jewel ryv watch cases, etc. F. M. French 4 Sou. Jewelers. - d30tf CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. etc. lAok in your attic." Chaa. Robe-bough ft Son, 416 W. First SL 'Jl-tf 20 Help Wanted, Maie GOOD PAY STEADY WORly Reliable Men and, Women Wanted .'to service McNess customers In home locality or Linn County. No experience or capHul required. Write PURST & THOMAS, 426 Third St., Oakland, Calif. air MAN A RLE TO "PUT IN TilOUHSA day. $46-a-week opportunity. Clean, outdoor occupation. Car given producer. Write Albert Mills, 120 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O. 13 W ANT EDD E P E N DA B L EY O U NGM A N to work on 1'urkpy Kurni. S40.00 mu. anil liourd. Willurd Hi'rnuin- lliirriitburK. Ore. , all-13 SPOT I ADMIT 1 HAD- YUH A LITTLE WRONG AT FIRST- BUT TH' WAY YOO WORRY 'BOOT ALWAYS ON MAKIN' NAME FAMOUS- LOCAL GIlAIN M. Sendcra & Co. WHEAT; No. 1 white 77c ; red and mixed, tSc buHhel. llAKl.tlV:, 121.00 ton. OATS: White, Nit. 1, 41S.00 ; gray No. 1, $23.00; Krny feed 10.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound HOe Mohair, per pound -t'Jc s MEATS (1). K. Neberitall Meal Co.) CATTLK Steer. ,4.00j.u0 Heifer, 3.00(i((.00 Bulla a.00(u4.25 Cow,, beef 3.006(4.00 Cow,, cuttera 1.00(u'2.60 nuns lo0 to 100 pound. $ 8.7K ICO to 210 Jiuumla ll.25'ctll).'J5 10 to 260 pound 8.75'.0 U.76 MO to a .r0 pound. H.ToCife' 0.00 IlfiO poumlii up i.OOiy 7.73 Sow, , C.OO'tJl 0.50 Lamba 7.60((i.50 ct s.ooojii.oo Yearllnira 1.001)19.00 VKAL l.ivb .7VjC Urcnsfd U'jc POULTRY (Swift It Company) No. 1 l n. 4'i to 6 11k 17c No. 1 hen., over 6 Iba 17c No. 1 medium ller.n, over 3'j llw lfic No. 1 medium llena. under 3j 11m 15c Culored aprinua , 17r No. 1 broiler., Hi to 2 Iba., ltic Itooater, .S ... .7r Stain luc tcca All rrlce. Are llrllverrd Albany Ca.ea Krturneo Rxtra IKe Stnndnrila 17c Extra medium 10c Standard medium 13c Brown extra, lac Dirty extras , 17c Undersradea .....13c 1'ulleta 12c lea weea 10c VEAL Live 7c Drcscd 12c UUTTEHKAT A Kiiide ! Bv HAROLD GKAY I THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. ! Claude Wrigtit. pnone 2.tJ-J, 638 E. 6th ! SL ra20-tf 14 Furniture FOR SALE 1 ALL-ENAMELED WOOD range. 9x12 Ax minster rug. 1 breakfast set. 1U37 E. 1st St.. Albany. a 10-1:! Livestock FOR SALE SIX YEAR OLD JERSEY cow, fresh price $5.O0. O. L. MacDow-ell. Phone 1-F-2U. Albany K. F I) No 1. ' all-14 FOR SALE WEANLING PIGS, 10 WKS. old. Curl Keen Harrisburg Ore. Rt. 1. .... all-17 FOR SALE JERSEY COW COMING fresh soon tested all around, 6 yrs. old. good flesh. A no. t cow. H. V, Scbults at Foyetteville. , all-l-l 16 HEAD GOATS, NOT SHEARED. $2 each. Iester Holt, Scio. Ore. al0-13 DEAD AND WORTHLESS HQRSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect 14-F-14, Albany. If no answer. Phone U-F-4, Corvallis. tnl4-lf NOTICE CALE & MONTGOMERY, WHO are advertising in this paper for worthless horses and cows, are in no way connected with my place. Cecil Montgomery. m26-a2ti CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil. Montgomery. mM-tf WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-less horses and cows ; also dead animals if in good condition. Cale and Montgomery, Phone collect 33-F-12, Corvallis. m20-al3 A TIGHT SMALL HOUSE, ONE ACRE. LOCATED Bmmll 'town' and owner ' will tliulu fur farm -o.uity. Can 4i tT j acre, but not join inn if necessary. Trade fnr Dmfglas County. 4U- acre nice ly located, with TV acres in cultivation, i balance pasture. Sell stocked and equipped : for only S2niiQ'.or- trade for iouth. 16V : Irn Tlntur t. luc f.nlv fur faaa-m ' rquity. Two Shear Aparmentv to rent. Tripp & Murphy Real ton. al3-tf HOUSEKEEPER WANTED. LIGHT . work. Call even intra. Phone' 6i(l-R-l, Albany. , . aia-18 NON-HESIOENT SAYHv BKl.L Never in the history of Albany has there been a houae void 4f , like value at this- price-. Two extra tine lout, paved street, fruit, fine locution, the house itself would cost ItfQUO - to replace; hardwood floors In front rooms, ftreplace, full base-menu Thin property fa offered for a few days only at (3800, which is only a fraction of its real value. Located at 522 West 7th street. Drive by but do not disturb the tenant. I' loan act quickly on this as it will not last. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 a-8tf WANTED GENTLE HORSE. 1400 TO 1600 lbs. Must be priced reasonable. C. 1L Kvan. Rt. 1. Phone 21-K-2. al3 FOR SALE 200 WHITE LEGHORN PUL-lets, 6 wks. old., 35e. Homer Uault, care Rosa Swmk, Lcbunon. Phone 10-F24. aia BUY NOW I! 4 Room Modern House, Ity lots, close to school, price 41000. $100 down and f 16 per mo. 15 Acres, Tangent district, a real farm and exceptionally well improved, the kind you get once in a lifetime. ( Price $17600. C. M. Dollarhide Co. a9lf FOR BALE 80 ACRES. TW0BARn, , small house', most all farm land; creek: two. milts from Brownsville, main road. Prfce $18.00 per acre. Fine slocked and equipped HiQ acres. Price $6,000, hair cash. 103 acres, 75 cultivated, two bnrns, Rood six room house, creek. Federal Loan $4307. flliW for equity tine buys. L. B. Morse, Brownsville, Ore. ail WANTED 4 TON FEED WHEAT OH barley and some irrey oats. L. W. Klantr. Jefferson, Ore. " - al3 WHEN READY TO SHEAR . YOUR ,r sheep, call J. Ri-vsv Mallow, Rt. 1, Cor-vallu. phone 18-F-3. al3 Little' Orphan : Annie Other Cpmica 'I j , TT5 75 eo 7 si T 7z I sf ib er ne so it t J9 AO t . :. 1 45 0 4 4& " ZS b4 W " "7" - NEVER BE NOT- ANYWAY, 'STEAD Of FRETTIN' OVER KID TROUBLES h SHAMED O' YER CUTHBERT 1 f IF ONLY I f WASN'T NAMED I NAME- FIG6ER YOUR NOT SO BAD OFF, COTHBERT- DON'T COUNT, YOU WORRY 'BOUT YOUR FOLKS, AND TO HELP 'EM- YOU'VE REAL STUFF IN YOU. KID- YOUR FOLKS ff M 'ft u H 11 n i i ' GLASSES AND I'M NOT VERY STRONI6- YOO'RE TH' ONLY KID WHO HASN T MADE FUN O' ME- AND QUITE FUEIOU5, 10 Heathen god. 11 Local position, 12 He won a Nobel prizs for . 15 To scatter. 30 Expands.. 22 Opposed to ' outsider. 24 Morning service. 25 Spiritus asper., 27 Data. 2S Brooch. 30 Corded cloth, 31 Snaky llsh. 36 To submerge. 37 Orchid tubers. 40 Above. 41 Rubber wheel pad. 42 Jargon. 43 Nohlenian. 45 Olive shrub. 46 Wise men. 47 Soon. 48 Northeast. 50 Nominal value. 51 Senior. VKHT1CAI, 1 Carbonated drink. 2 Paragraph. 3 Titled. 4 Guided. 5 Indigo source. 6 Pnrt of a banc-ball game. 7 Regretted. S Fortification. 9 Person under guardianship. 1'eiirH: D'AnJou, $1.15 hot. 1 OrnnKcn: California, navelA, fnncy, $3.00 r7ia.l.'f: choice t2.iVn2.Hr; standards $2.65 ease. , t.niprfrult: Arlxonn,' cann ; Florida $-l.001j J. 25 ctwo. Lemon k : California fnncy rt.2MHt( 0.60 ease ; elioke $ l.fiorf( 5.00 ciue. 1 RKSI1 VeCETAilI.ES Potnoea: ; xjom 1l.9or(f2.oo 1 cental Klnmuth $2.'Jrifi 2.HII : ScopiHKwe netted Ki'mft $1.7&'I.1.HA ; Denchuteit netted Rem $2.2Afi2.r cental. C'lery ; California $2.7rffi 3.00 crate. I'ean: California $2.25'u 2.50 sack. Spinach: 'Jlio Dalles 75c; local 70'(7nra box. . , ', Onions: Oreuon Vl.lfifr 1.26 kt 10q 1Im. Tomutoeti : Mexican, $4.00 liift, repacked. Lettuce: Arixona, $3.00 ft 131.26 crate; 1b-perial $Jt.O0?f3.2S ernte. Sweet Potatoes: Californin, $2.00 pet 60-lb. crate; southern yamn $1,1)6 crate. Cauliflower: Uosebunr, $1.76 cralej California $l.fl0f7Cr.Hr crate. " " ' Hhubarh: Field Krown XMtDtic, Cucumbers : LucuL hothouse, H'lcfii $1.35 doKell. New Potatoes: Texas $2.7fiff(3.j0 60-lb. ban; Hawaiian, 30r, $1.76. Aripuratrui.: California, $L& pyrn. mid. New Onions: Tex us-Bermuda, $2.filW2.7& per fitl-lb. crate. t MKATS ANI1 PROVISION'S Counry Miatu : Selling ()rice lo retailors: Country killed hos, best bulchers,, under ICO Urn., i;t,r'Uc ; vcaleni, No. 1, HiW',i,c; littht and thin. 12c ; heavy 8 (it toe; cutter cows tot I0e; lambs, old, 18c j sprlnir lambs. lHC((20c; ewes flfif 10c lb. Hncon : 261 20 '.c lb. Ilanifj: 2i)H'i)0e; Picnic 2Iff(22c lb. Lard: Tierce IihhIh, 11-'I',c lb, ' HOPS AND WOOL Hops: Nominal: lii.'tfi clusters TWOc lb. -j Wool: !:( contrncts, nominal; Willam-ette vaHey, metlium, 30c; roame and braid 2He; t-HHiern OreKon 26fii2Hc; southern Iilnhfr :uoi:-'U,v Ih. , Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Cull on them today. Please mention thut you saw their ad. in The Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attornoys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 291 AUTO FREIGHT S1LVKR WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st St Montgomery Sts, Phono 371. CAllI'ET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP, 409 W. lint Phone 7R FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR ovprniirht film aerrlrai FUNERAL DIRECTORS rORTMILLER FUNERAL HOUR r or Nlffht rihnnx; 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1811 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. M-wey to loan, (arm security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, and cream. WASHING MACHINES -. OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. MnytoR. Easy, Thor Washers. WELDING BLACKSMlTUtNO SNYDER tt SON - BEAA ALIGN ins frames, axles straightened.' WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER Sc SON Well Drillers "Wa solicit your inquiries" pugeoe, Oreyoq BLUE OUTLOOK MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll I r i WHILE IN THE CITV' OF NOW TO MAKE FOR. WACUM.' . GIVE 'EG THE GUN, LEW I'M SURE JACK IS. IU DANGER, IP THIS WEEE A HANGING, MV FRIENR I'D REMARK THAT ' YOU'VE COME TO THE END VERY WELL, THEM, IP YOU'VE LOST YOUR SENSE OP HUMOE .. SQUADATTEMTIOW EEADV..... : 1 AIM I 1 - l I IHAKUIVl ' l Uh VOJK KUPE - MA-MA- . . i'5- V?S ' VOL) CAN PUT THAT -NJ1.-v T J-Jji I DICTV RAG BACK IM .-1 J $ VUg PCKgT ! It Krml C iri-ntli 34r Wo Lamba Portland Market Review I'nrlliinil, Oro.. Aiiril IX - Still anotlivr K-ii4-nil uiiviiiu'i' wax nmU In llit prtri' on vuho butter ilurlim tlw- lust Hivslnn of tin IVntliioo KxrlintiKP. AH prlft-K itiilniil 1c while buttcrfitt w 2c lb. Stanilaiil medium eKK were uilvanped lo today. , ' ' nut-d priren nrr uliowlnir for rlnilinrb with Kri-atly IncreiiHeil ofrerinir for the dny. Snlwt Hre beinil miule down to MAi fiOc iwr lft-lh. box. Good neiiN arc urnrce and htKhi-r priced. C:elery ninrkel s runic with the emlmrKo iin the chief fnctor here. Spliuii'h l Hhurply lower; 'quullty beU ler. I'ohUh'h nt'e U 10u Kuncially for old crop. On in tin nre pniftirnlly utu hnnKtil. Att,iiriiKiiH Ih nhnrply Irtwer nuitin. POKTIaANII I.IVKSlOt K (lly V. B. Ilept. of ArlcuHurf Portland. Ore., April 13.- Hokh: He reiptH HiHK.; active; mostly Hteady ; tfood-rhoiee liKhtwiiwht drivcim SHLH&; loud Intfi lo $11.00; heiivieft JI0.001 lO.ftO ; Hllht liKhtri HClTidi 10.&II ; pnekintt inoitlly 8.(i0 ; few wood feeder piu unxold, he III it round UlLfilJO, 10.70. Cuttle: Receipts 1BO0 ; cnlvcs 1&0; mar-kft not fully elublinhetl ; few early HnleH cow KlruiiK to 2(c bin her ; ncuUered nuW mid iiiont bidtt other eliirincs round Mteudy ; Nome held coimlderubly hixher ; Kootl IIkI'L rtteerM held ubuvo $8.15; bulk of Htipply of value to sell n round $7,001(7.75; loud Kod fed heifera $7.0(1; common down to $5.0, low culler und cutter cows $3.004..1; common -medium $4.7iVff fi.fio ; bwm) beef town t $(J.;tl ; Ij-HU $r.ooyif.75 ; enrly top vi filer $10.00. Sheep: KeceipU 2fi00 ; ttrady; early top fed wooled lamlut $10.5; lo.xd Hhorn In in bit tH.flu ; no Hprintr himlitt Hold early ; bent helil nbove $10. AO; pnrt loud kihhI nborn cwirK $I.J6; rhoiee wiHiltd cwi-m (pioluble to ffi.oo. Tllti PltOIUKK KXCHANCK The following firices weru named to 1m ef fectivo today : Hotter: Cu1h extra 34c; standanls 33',c; pilmo firsts 33c; firsts 32c lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets, Kj'jc; Oregon loaf lfiVjC lb. Jlrokers will pay ',jc below quotation. Ekk : Produce KxchnnKO quotations between dealers: Kxtra la rue lHc; slamlanln Inriti 17c; extras medium 17c;; staiidanls medium 17c; Jobbing prices 2c hiuher. PORTLAND WHOLESALE FlilCKS Theae are the prirra retalltTM pay wholi-aalers, except where olherwiae fltaleri: Iluller: 1'rlnta. A B-rnde U'jC Hi. in parchment wrnpper, UT'-jC lb. in rnrtnn ; U tirade, Imrrhment wrapper, llllc lb.; eailona .Ifli.c lb, ftultertnt: 1'ortlaliil delivery i A irradr. delivered at leant twice weekly, JITUSHc; counlry ruutea 34ft .'iCc ; n urado !HJftl37e; C Krado at market. H Grade Cream for Market: Iluyinie priee bullerfat baaia, c:)lo lb, Cheeae: Selling; price to 1'ortland re-(nllcni Tillamook tripleU 21c; loaf Tic: Tillamook aelllnir price to wholeaaler. : Triplet. 19c: loaf 2llc lb. Kitira: lluyinir price of wholesaler,: Extra, 18c: atanilard. 16c: extra medium. 16c: medium firata ICc; underarade l:ic; pullet, 13c dozen. Milk: A Krade, Porland delixery, fiR c lb. butterfat baaia for 4 per cent. Live Toultry: lortland delivery, buylnfe price: Colored hena, over i'i Iba., 17'IHc: under 4ij Ilia., isr(lllc; leahorn hcn, over Vj ll., 16ft(ITc; under 3', Ilia., IfifiilRe; leKhorn broilera, 1 to 1 Vt Iba.. lGliMtfe: do 1 Iba. up lfiivHfic; colored aprinua, 2 lbs. and up llpiiZoe; rooatera HfitVv ; pekin ducka, younir, Ufti 17e : aeeae llfitlic lb. Live 1'oultry: Selling price by wholesale.: I. iirht hena IBfii 16 ! Jc : medium hena mu.fti, 17e: colored hena 19c: broilera llilMTc; aprinaa 22c: pekin ducka, young, 17ftne: do colored lOlfi 16e: eaiiona, over 7 Iba., 24 ftt 2Re lb. : Kuinea hena. 6Ue each. Turkey,: Uraaed, aellinK price to retail-era: No. I hena 23e: toma ! lb. Turkeya: Dreaaed, buyioc price New crop lO.. No. !, 22c lb. FghMU FflUIT Applea: Dellcioua, extra fancy, .tlWi2 Imx; do fancy $l.5Sri l.GO ; Newtown., extra fancy, $1.70 box: do fancy, $l.Jfi; do face and flii fancy, me: do faco and rill choice 6fic: Rpitaenbertr. extra fancy, II. 40 Imx; do combination SI-2&; Koman beauty Jumble, 2Vic lb: Wlneaapa, exlm fancy, II. 6S box: do fancy $1.40; do Jumble extra fancy 3c lb. tlananaa: Bum-h j;.c : hand flftifi'jc lb. Strawberrieat Irfiuuiana, 3.6Si3.73 for crata. IT'LL TAKE SOME DOING Ml I DONT KNOW, BUT IF THEY OUGHT TO DO, AND AS SOON AS THAT WAS DONE, THE KID DIS' APPEARED: rt LOOKg, LIKE CONSPIRACY, WHAT TO ME .' I THINK S. 'LL McGOOSEY IN THEY TENDED TO HELrVfP0 J , "MSOOSEY A FAMOUS LINE C-LrZ.YoULOW DOWN. DIRT, ( HAH .' I'VE SZED r I HIS SCENERY STRAINED THRU V. CM f IROM BARS .7 WE'VE MADE IT, LEW THEY'RE MVEA AND LEW WEM NAADE A DE5PERATE tSU FOR THE ENEMy PLAME, REACHING IT JUST IM TIME TO MAKE-A GETAWAY POWEELE55, 1 NOW FRECKLES AND HIS D!!5'TtUHEAR fTHAl" NLFTTY COOK DISAPPEARED FROM THE NTGOOSHY HOME THE OTHER NIGHT? ALLEY OOP HAVIN& LOST THE CONTROL OF DINNy TO THE1 HYPNOTIC POWER CF THE ORAXD KIZER, ALLEY OOP, IM'0ESPE3ATICM, APPEALED THE CASE TO ROYAL COURT OF HIS MOOVIAM MAJESTY, JONG OUZZLe 6UT WHAT 'A DUMB STUNT THAT TUCNED CUT 0 BE ) G I M yes! AND IT S LOOKS ) BAD, IF IT'LL GO HARD WITH " McGOOSEY,Too! HE HAS; KNOWN THE BOY FOR YEARS,:. HE EVEN WENTj TO JUVENILE COUFCT . TO HAVE COOK ENTRUST p-n -m wiq rAOP? AMENDMENT" TO s i BY BLOSSER THEY DO WHAT HE'LL BE GETTING BY HAMLIN 3 t.V no u. s rT off, IX) I FRIENDS IF "THAT BOY WAS IN NOCENT OFTriE CHARGES AGAINST HIM, HE HAD NO REASON TO BE AFRAID .'AN INNOCENT PERSON DOESNT RUN AWAY FROM THE SCENE OF A CRIME .' t HEY - DYA MEAN TSAY YOU RE GONNA HAVE ME DUMPED IN TH PIT. WOW THAT TH'&EAND !(ZBZS OCT MY CL' DiNNy? ' "TVJITSGCT MY CL' DlrJNY? ' J GOT A LIFE TRYAM'DO I YOU SAID IT, SAP' I'VE .1 ( JUS' BEEN WAIT.'N ' FOC THIS Fl PICTURE OF VOU DOUBLE- DOW'ANYTHING WITHOUT CROSSIN' (THAT BIG DIMOSAUG STAND' RAT....I'LL V AROUND T HELP YUH.' jjSJ '' ' I YOU - AWAY. BOYS A m a. : UT 7CXJ PtLi TAKE IM 1 L . , 'TA ' IV. "V J jVA ( j '' ' L ffiwm wca smiw.'mc' t. m. iicc. u. . pat, otr. eia e.v-.-dw ' -" --

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