Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 11, 1936 · Page 16
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 16

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1936
Page 16
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Radio Traffic Court Material Aid In Safety Campaign came in while she was still discussing the matter In court A stickler for justice, hut h hrm ; oeliever In tempering it with mercy if he Is convinced the case warrants it. the judge lines sen tences or reprimands indischnn nately and speedily Letters ap plaud his fairness and his ho manity A Stanford university law itu dent was advised that "an Important principle of a law career is to appear In court only as a representative of someone else, and not on your own behalf." and then his penalty was adjudged In proportion to his meager finances. One of Judge O'Connor's favorite sentences is compulsory attendance at a "traffic school." In which violators are enlightened on truffle laws, and then given an ex-aminntion to ascertain thp extent if their added education JUDGE O'CONNOK follows the court broadcast with a 15-minute period "Traffic School ol the Air" program, during which he answers questions submitted by his listeners, advises on traffic problems, and reviews recent accidents, explaining how they might have been avoided - He was rather surprised at the Traffic School of Air Gives Drivers Practical Advice tan mail" response to the rollow-ing incident In his court v The violator was decidedly a (oriegn-appcaring individual, a'ld Judge O'Connor suspected that he could neither read nor write. The violation was disregarding an arterial "stop" sign "Why, I don't believe you could ' icad what It said on that sig:i," the judge remarked "Are vou POSITIVE you can read'" "Sure!" 'Well, we'll give you a little test anyway, to make sure " Judge O'Connor's eyes fell upin the large black lettering on his 'if-fice door, "POLICE JUDGE."' "What does that say do you know?" The foreigner stared tor a long minute. "Sure!" Kor another long minute he peered intently. "Well, what does It say?' "It say," the defendant answered triumphantly. "STOP!". Judge's 'Guests On 'Amateur Hour Broadcast Alibis By Joe Custer RADIO' a Htrungem "amateui hour"- In which the "maati-i ul cen-.iionlcs" can put you In jull- Where 'guest artists' accept "Invitations" with reluctance- And where "awards' are apt to be (1) compulsory schooling. (21 temporary restraint of freedom (3) loss of money, or M) any ol these combinations Such Is the "amateur houi" con' ducted over the San Jose I Calif. I radio station each Monday afternoon, a feature that In a year's time has captured the interest of a vast Western audience It emanates from the inner recesses of the grim two-story, red brick building that Is the City Hall. On the llrnt Moor, dlrectlv above the basement prison, Is the police court- and radio's strange program of amateur "talent" is enacted before His Honor, the Police Judge! the oroadcast has resulted in other surprising services, too There was a feminine driver, for instance, who declared she was unable to pay a tine, and "couldn't really afford to operate a car; I'd sell it at the first opportunity." She was startled when two telephone calls offering to buy the car 0 f 1 f hi iii a m, : -WJL V I III 111 tr .lummenl, paving the way tor tni . , J 1 Jll III ' ' messages he endeavors to convey few , C 1 1 III g . Whether the ordeal of magnified r;.-.yr V V Jl I ' "S publicity is especially trying to W'-'Yf f Vjf '""fr " his "guests" or not, Judge O'Con- fes VJ V T.LJl " kt 5r ' nor is unconcerned. If the pub- Wf 1,, "ti,itw!- llclty makes them more careful In J V kl "' ''piP 'be future, he feels the program ft W-IM, :Aw!flf has been well worth while. i VM'J , UT if the olflclal bench is for B bidding, His Honor appears i Speeders and other trathc violators receive emphatic warning from the unique police court broadcast at San Jose, Calif., conducted dally by Police Judge Percy O'Connor. Judge O'Connor, shown at his courtroom microphone, conducts an "amateur hour" that is bringing results In cutting down San Jose's trafflo violations. anything but. Tall, lean, athletic he played football and rugby at Santa Clara University, and he holds his own today with the city's best handball artists Judge Percy O'Connor'a Irish blue eyes twinkle down at his "guests" on the program. Ho is soft -voiced and sympathetic, but he can be Arm and severe. Ho Is conducting his "Tralllr Court of the Air." In which actual cases are broadcast. Thousands listen, as letters to the station indicate, and In his files Judge O'Connor has hundreds of communications seeking Information, second-guessing his decisions, or offering Illustrations of how this novel presentation proved of benefit. It Is a ticklish spot for the Judge, this broadcasting. There is no recalling of verdicts or words, and thousands judge the Judge as they are gathered about their radios. The viator crowds his way into a congested courtroom, filled prln clpally with "performers" who drives the message home, not only to the accused, but to the thousands listening In. It Is the opportunity to reach an unlimited audience that makes Judge O'Connor's "Traffic Court of the Air" fulfill his purpose to make people "Safety Conscious." The program is fundamentally lor educational purposes, and the trick of capturing widespread interest lies In the Judge's ability to provide some semblance of enter- well the fundamental law of radio. "No dead spots!" Hhl MOVES the conversation along briskly, and he keeps the air lanes humming. He gives his unseen audience a show while he dispenses Justice, and his program has rapidly grown to become a leading "best seller " He Is not without a keen senst-of humor, and ho loses few opportunities to capitalize on an opening that results in a chuckle or two. l'he witness, charged with speeding, a third offense, has been "tiN 7 1 ' ' ' ' &' sssssssMssMSljiliiaMi'& - "Donts" From The Radio Police Judge DON'T DRINK If you are driving. DON'T DRIVE if you are drinking. DON'T drive at a speed Inconsistent with the hazards of roadbed and visibility. DON'T FOLLOW other vehtcloa too closely. DON'T FAIL to stop at all "Stop" signs DON'T JUMP traffic lights. DON'T TRY TO PASS unless you have sulhcient space. DON'T BACK UP without knowing the way Is clear. DON'T TRY TO PASS on a curve DON'T FAIL to give proper hand signals when turning DON'T see how clone you can come to pedestrians. DON'T WORRY about the right of way- GIVK IT TO TIIK OTHER FELLOW! FOOD, NOT STARS, FORETELLS FUTURE OF YOUR CHILD "What will my child be like five years from now?" In ancient days parents asked the stars for an answer, but science today forotolls the future, by something more re-llnhlo food! C.lvcn tho correct diet, your boy or girl can normally expect to grow up healthy, well developed, equipped to bo a victor In the battle of life. Medical authorities agree that an adequate supply of Vitamin B, tho appetite and growth vitamin, Is essential. University of California tests showed that children fod wheat gorm. rich in Vitamin 13, gained three times as fast as othor children. Wheat gorm (heart of the grain) Is a rare food substance requiring a bushel of wheat to produce an ounce. Tho sanio wheal germ used In university tests Is now being toasted and added to a well-known hot cereal called Wheat Hearts. The result Is a cereal naturally sweet and nutllko In flavor. Also, hecauso It Is extra rich in Vitamin It, phvsicians arc recommending it for child diet. Mothers may secure Wheat Hearts from their grocers. As an Inducement to try It, the makers offer to send a genuine Oneida Community Tudor Plate Imby spoon, (retail valiio 50c1) for only ten cents and a grocer's sales slip showing the purchase of one packago of Wheat Hearts. Sales Hlfp and ten cents mailed to the Sperry Hour Co., Dept. ('. San Kranclsco. will bring the sliver baby spoon post- paid. naked It he knows the traitlc code. H does 'Well, (to you know what the difference Is between a 20-mlle zone and a 25-mlle zone?" "Sure." the tall, dark youth answers. "In a 20-mlle zone, you go 20 miles an hour, and The "guest artist" is checked by the laughter which sweeps the courtroom, and the Judge, grinning widely, tlnishes out the Interpretation. " and In a 2.Vmlle zone, you go 25 miles per hour, is that It?" ovcrtlow the benches and line up against the walls l'he Judge contronts h guest artist,"- Introduced by the simple routine of calling out his name: "John Blank, 1234- So-and-So avenue. Charged with violating Section !M7H, speeding. 3S miles per hour through a 20-mile zone, guilty or not guilty?" From there the case goes on, and the microphones relay every word to the "fans" at their loud speakers. A leading man In amateur theatricals for years, before superior officials decided It wisest to eliminate his stage activities as unbecoming to the dignity of the "Illce." Judge O'Connor knows famous "Six-Of-A-Kind" cook bock, packed free in every sack of Drifted Snow Flour. This is the"Home Perfected" flour which has helped thousands of Western homcmakcrs avoid baking failures and save money. Before it ever goes to your TRY IT I Sri fault change to Drifted Snow Flour and get .' Home-Perfected" protection for all your baking. Your grocer has it, with the interesting "Six-Of-A-Kind" recipe book free in every sack. HEAR MARTHA MEADE AND RADIO STARS IN HOVEL PROGRAM Martha Meade is entertaining the West's most famous radio stars and you are invited to meet them! For t program you'l! enjoy and remember, rune in any N P Z station, Tuesdays and Thursdiys, 10 a.m. (p. S.T.i. Martha Meade, famed homcmak-ing expert, Rives you new recipes, time saving hints, latest household news. Guest stars who are hcadliners on the air tell ahoui their favorite dishes nd interesting experiences. Won t you come? tlcmcmbcr Tuesday and Thursday morning 1 1 I He explains and thoroughly, means, and it then, patiently Just what zoning Is here that he Hot Cereal It Tastes Good! H"lv 1 "fV'l I grocer. Drifted bnow Hour is tested Dy Sperry's staff of 117 " Home-Perfecters" homemakers like yourself, not professional cooks. The Drifted Snow label is placed only on flout which they find perfect in results . . . assurance that you will have equal success with it in your kitchen. Variation in flour quality causes one-half of all bakini failures! Avoid this expensive Here's something new in cobblers six sparkling variations of an easily made dessert. Apple Cobbler with cheese batter . . . Fruit Cup Cobbler . . . Candied Sweet Potato Cobbler from Dixie . . . and three other novelties, just what you want to give variety to spring menus. Martha Meade includes these six novel cobblers and 50 other new recipes in her Owyrifiht lU-lfl. SMttj Flour Co.. Sn Fraacuco DRIFTED SNOW Ur FLOUR mm uumm n nmiui I "TV. I iwigljmiuiii nMrr) nuuiuiu S iun ok r-'" '' Jl I ""IiJ'ioT ikuhiih V m .i,..,,-"! Martha J Martha SPFRRY FLOUR CO.. San Frincisco. California ricase end mt Martha Mftde'i book, "60 Pt is-Winning Pairriei." ' I endour 10 cents, tumps 01 coin, and Rincrr'i u'ei slip ihowing of Drifted Snow Flour, an sue u.k, (Rcgulu price of book U cents without sales slip.) 3 fife Your Bakir Can Save You Timt and Effort ThousnJs of bikers in (licit cleanly, modem hikcrics serve you delicious breads, cakes, pastries, at very moderate prices. Buy from your baker or ralroniic your grocer's bikery counrer. Watch iheit wmJosi s for delightful new ideal in baking based upon those tempting and nourishing foods baked wheal products. A. t ado's New Book 60 Prdiifn'inning Pastries P'lt IM pitc! nrw boc Sout pitu. inCtadirtR rV'iand Dun i Now, recipes tor p'f. wn. vhe ntims. meat ptc. pittx hclU.FcotS Set tMifitn offer in itx-po- Fat Ofi. r Pirate write m mattin the name of rout papC PAGE EIGHTB O o 0 o O o o Q o 0 o

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