Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 11, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, April 11, 1936
Page 14
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V Sausage Rolls Supreme Fashion Tips 1 wise It iv Laundering Of Knitted Things Not Difficult If Rules Are Followed By Taking Precauiions, You're Garments Won't Bo Discolored or Stretched Out of Shape By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY ON WOMEN'S ATTIRE that certain basic colors fit certain individuals. Proceeding from there, it is well to keep the wardrobe within the limits of the color that fits your type. . Then, by studying the harmonies for that color or colors, and taking note of the effect-you wish to achieve, a great variety of r sults may be obtained all of them correct and in the mode. HERE, then, is a list of harmonizing colors: Blue and orangfj perfect Blue and maize. Blue, brown, gold and yellow. Black and white. : Black, yellow and green. Purple and yellow. Purple, scarlet and white. Purple and maize. Red and green. Red and gray. ; Red, yellow and black. Yellow and deep crimson. Yellow and black. Here are sor.-.e More combinations and the results they achieve: Blue and gray give an effect of coldness. Black and olive green arc a dull harmony. Black and gray arc subdued. PKIL, to you, may be a time X to "come out of the kitchen." liut, about once a week, it means "come into the laundry" no matter what frame of mind you may find visited upon you during this gay month. If you're golfer or gadder, there's bound to be knitted clothes galore. Or even If you aren't knitting has become the Vlrqlnla Ros Outstanding in the world of fashion are the designs by Mischa, and in this regular weekly column he gives readers of this magazine Invaluable advice on the ever-present problems of dress. The article this week deals with color harmonies, one of the most Important subjects when considering dress. . (T SEEMS that the puzzle of "what color goes with what" is never-ending. In spite of volumes of advice and scientific fact that have been written about this engaging subject, too many women still select their garments and accessories in the most haphazard fashion. There are very definite rules for color harmonies. Artists spend years achieving certain effects through careful combination of colors. Color charts are obtainable in many places which outline the complementary and contrasting colors. So many varied effects can be obtained by a wise combination of certain colors that it is almost impcsslble to list them all. At all ti,.ic It must be rememberer) Menu of By Joan Good for wash day or any time are these sausage rolls. Serve this time of year with a mixed green or sliced tomato salad, wholewheat bread and nice cold custard. ROLLS GUIDE of the STARS By Laurie Pratt SUNDAY: Social affairs arc favored. Much mental stimulation; good for new Ideas and plans, but today and tomorrow are adverse for actually starting important undertakings. Monday: An energetic, constructive day If voii can make your pr.tie;ice and temper hold out. Domestic affairs seem troubled. ; Tuesday: An unusual day all along the line. Expect the unexpected. Lots of lurk here if von really have a worth-while proposition. Wednesday: Some one is trying to hurry you: take vour time. Don't talk out of turn today, and don't sign contructs carelessly. A good day If you're cautious. Thursday: Many different matters claim your attention today. I-'avoruble fiuin.-ial news hv reach you. Consultation with those In authority may bring benefits. Friday: Avoid elders. A slow and difficult dtv. unfavorable In general pirU"Ulrrl" for trnvel 'nd correspondence. Saturday: Violence in the world: earthquakes around this period. But today, while unsettled and tense, offers many opportunities. Contact strangers and superiors. , CHILDREN BORN THIS WEEK Children born this week (this year only) have the following life prospects, according to astrology: Sunday: An impetuous, hotheaded child, but right half the time and a born organizer. Independent and pioneering, he'll make his mark. Monday: Plenty of grit and stability here to back up his enthusiasms. He'll attract money easily and spend It royally. Tuesday: Artistic and pleasant, but you'll have to teach him to govern that oecnslcntl temper. A posllivo genius for llnance; amazing success is shown. Wednesday: This child may .vant to be a singer. He's original but somewhat inflexible: teach him more adaptability. Thursday: Versatile and yet thorough. A well-ba Inured child with a strong will and a thirst for knowledge. Friday: Thoughtful and determined, this child will overcome many obstacles. A literary ca-eer Is favored. Saturday: An extraordinary : lifo with many changes and much luck. A public or political career Is Indicated. SAUSAGE Rolls: 1 pou"d p'rk sausage 2 twos j "; ' ' c b crd c.umbs '2,ii cup chopped green sweet pepper Salt to taste Sauce: , 1 cup slictd dry onutna f 14 cup minced parsley cup chopped green sweet pepper 1 clove garlic, minced To make rolls: combine sausage, bread crumbs, sweet pepper, salt, garlic and Mj cup raisins, and blend thoroughly. Cut steak Into squares of desired size, place a portion of dressing on each square, roll up and pin together with toothpicks. Fry In fat until brown on all sides. To make sauce: combine sliced onions, parsley, sweet peppers and garlic, and fry in oil or fat about 5 minutes. Add tomatoes, raisins, mushrooms and water, and let come to a boil. Pour over rolls, cover and simmer slowly about 1 hours or until steak is tender. Remove toothpicks before serving. . Sufficient for 12 medium-sized rolls. THE principal reason that husbands are against afternoon bridge parties is that the women are apt to arrive home late and, with more haste than thqught, assemble a meal that may be nourishing but is usually uninteresting. One of my friends has devised a bridge-day dinner that makes her husband actually glad she plays bridge. Here's the menu: Tomato Juice Float Salmon Grill with Sweet Potatoes and Pineapple Hearts o Lettuce Salad Fresh Straivberry Sundae To make the salmon grill, grease a baking sheet and on it place three large slices of salmon, six cooked sweet potatoes which have been sliced lengthwise, and six slices of pineapple. Brush them all with melted butter, and sprinkle fish with salt, pepper and paprika. Place pan about two inches from hot broiling unit. Brown the fish, potatoes and pineapple on both sides, then slip the baking rhet into the oven until the fish is cooked through. Serve on hot platter and garnish with lemon slices and watercress or parsley. For the tomato juice float, season the juice with lemon juice, salt, and paprika. Serve with diced avocado in cocktail glasses. Method of Watering Rock Plants Described By Noted Horticulturist Cooks' Kitchen Tours Conducted by Vircjinia Ross dust and dirt without injury to the material. If the garment is much soiled, it Is well to change the suds, as clean suds work out dirt most satisfactorily. If there are particularly soiled spots on elastic It Is sometimes helpful to use a uashcloth to cleanse theso portions. Care should be used, however, not to fray or wear the material. Kor stubborn stains, put qnme of the suds themselves on the material and gently rub them into ths stains with the fingers, or work some dry soap flakes or , granules into the spots with the lingers or the cloth. v RINSE CAREFULLY Rinse thoroughly, using plenty of lukewarm to cool water. It Is the rinse water which removes Uie last traces of loosened soil and soap left In the fabric from the suds bath. Three' rinses are usually ample. Squeeze out the water thoroughly ufter each rinse. Complete removal of all tho soap and loosened dirt Is necessary to get fresh, clean looking garments. SQUEEZE out as much water as possible, but do not twist or pull. If garments arc rolled In Turkish towels and some of the moisture absorbed, they dry more quickly and are not so likely to streak while drying. Knead out tho moisture and remove tho garments from the towel Immediately. Do not allow colored materials to remain rolled up while damp. Gently shako out the folds and wrinkles and case the garment Into shape. Garments that tend to shrink may be gently stretched before they arc hung to dry. The metal clasps on the gurters should he released and elastic loosened. If this Is done the gurters tend to keep their shnne longer. If the clnt-ps arc not loosened, rust may form on the material underneath. Dry garments In a good current of air In the shade or Indoors. Never dry garments containing elnstlc- or rubber In the sun nor near excessive heat as a radiator or register, as rubber Is likely to become affected by excessive heat. The garment may be pinned on a line so that the weight Is evenly dlst-lbutcd. or may be placed on n clean towel or paper on a flat surface. In the latter case. It Is well to stuff a towel or tissue paper inside the garment so that the air may circulate between the thicknesses of the material. Recipes Worthy Of Attention FINNAN HADDIE 1 Finnan haddic 1 large onion 1 chopped seeded ureen pepper 2 tablespoons chopped paisley 4 teasptxm paprika 4 to bh spoons butter or tnartarine teaspoon salt 1 cups tmlk Clean nnimn huddle carefully. Arrange in baking; dish, dot over with fat. Then sprinkle with chopped onion, preen pepper and parsley and paprika and salt Cover with milk and bake in moderate oven (375 degrees for one hour, baste frequently as milk evaporates. FISH BAKED IN CHEESE SAUCE 2 tattles poons butter 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk a t nut poo n salt Speck pepper 2 cups united cheese li pounds hnhbut fillets Melt butter, add flour, then the irllk gradually, tho salt and pepper, and grated cheese. Arrange the rtsh fillets in baking dish Tour sauce over them and hake in moderate oven i3.r0 degrees i for 25 to 30 minutes or until flsh is tender, GREEN AND GOLD DESSERT I packaite limt aelatin t So. I ran grapefruit t cup Inaling water 10 dates Dissolve gelatin in boiling water Prrtln juice from vr.n of jrrapefruit into a measuring cup. add suthcient cold water to All the cip, Add grapefruit juice to dissolved gelatin, pour into a shallow pan whl-h his I vi rinsed In cold water. .When beginning to set, put in 6 pitted dst. quartered. Chill thoroughly, cut Into cubes and pile In stemmed (t lasses and garnish with segmenty of chilled grapefruit and dates. This will serve six. . NOTICE! THE instant success of Mischa patterns has resulted In a price reduction, beginning this week. Because of the tremendous response to this unusual and up-to-date pattern service, the price has been lowered from 25 cents to 15 cents. ' Mlsoha's patterns, it must be remembered, are made of strong paper and are accurately cut to size. Every help to the home seamstress n eluded. 1 small clove garlic, minced '.a cun tcedlrss nisinf: IMj pounds round steak (cut thin) Fat ; U cup oil or fat 3 cups canned or cooked tomatoes Mi cup seedless raisins 1 cup mushrooms (optional) 2 cwps water free use of broken stone was made under ground and on the surface even moisture lovers will manage for a long time, far longer than the majority of plants In the open border. (2) For Newly-Planted things. If your newly-planted plants and heavy drinkers, like some Gentians and Gcum Reptans are really dry. then water them well. Give them a good downright soaking: no sprinklings or driblets. (3) The Root and Foliage Rule Soak the roots and avoid the foliage. Most rock plants In this climate get far more overhead water than is good for them, without your help. (4) The Right Size Rose. Use a can with a line "rose" that is a cap with very small holes for distributing the water as It leaves the spout. If you don't use a rose, all you will do will be to wash gravel and soil away from Dlants on the slopes. Water higher up than the plants' position and apply In short, gentle, numerous doses, pausing between each to allow the water to soak In. A f-r-E--'.-' i T it, :i A" T I i iv W: f 1 Mi $ 0 CO PVSHlOriNo 125 great feminine "sport Knitted clothes eith 'i- done at home olfactory mudc (and they're surprisingly "nutural") have become so popular that they are a permanent purt of nlmost every woman's wardrobe, If indeed, 'not of the entire family. Before washing a new sweater, or knitted garment, test It to be sure the colors are fast, by squeezing an inconHplcuous portion In clear, lukewarm water for live minutes or so. Knitted things often get out of shape when wet, so to losure restoring them to the correct proportions draw an outline on clean wrapping paper before wetting. Incidentally, the Ideal time to diaw this outline Is when the sweater Is new, before you have stretched tho elbows. DON'T RUB Remove unwashable buttons, buckles, etc., and turn tho sweater wrongsldc out. Make rich suds with a good soap flake. Always have suds and rinse waters lukewarm or cool. Put In the sweater and wash by squeezing the suds through and through tho material. Ncvr rub. Wash quickly Do not aoak colored garments. : rtlnsc thoroughly in plenty of lukewarm or cool water. Squeeze out tho water don't twist. Then roll the sweater In a dry Turkish towel, kneed for a moment and unroll. Don't leave colored garments rolled up while wet. Ease the sweater Into shape on the outline. If the sweater tends to shrink, pin It in place on a firm surface as on a corrugated pasteboard, or an old rug. Use pins which will not mst. When the sweater la dry, remove It from the outline, turn It rightslde out and press It lightly with a warm Iron, using a damp cloth to remove wrinkles and pit murks. Knitted things mean well-fitted garments hitherto classified as 'unmentionables." Incldentnlly. itm't It a grand and glorious feel-"i: that "corsets" have now become foundation garments? .lust think how miserable we native vomen would be If we had to -rawl into an olri-fashtonrd hour glass corset, and then try to play a round of golf, take a husband on at tennis, or even do the housework. NOWADAYS, whether one prefers a soft lastex pantle glrdlo, only one stop removed from undies, or a firmer one-piece garment with a few restraining bones, she will Hnd It built for comfort. And another advantage of these present day foundation garments Is that they may be washed frequently In order to keep them as spotless as our other underwear, Tho following simple method rejuvenates foundation garments again and again. Remove trimmings as flowers, ribbons, etc., which might be un-warhable and thus slain the garment. MILD SOAP Turn garments wrongslde out. In this way It Is easier to remove perspiration, etc. Mend holes or runs to prevent their becoming enlarged. Always use a mild, neutral soap for washing foundation garments, lluvc the suds lukewarm or cool. Then put In the garment. It Is possible to wash garments of similar color together if desired, but never wash a dark garment containing unfaat dye with light colored things. In case the dye is even slightly unfsst. It Is well to have the suds and also th rinse waters co"l -the warm-r tha water th.- more the dye la likely to run. Wash the garments by squeezing the rich suds through ami th-oimh the material, especially In ro'led ots. N-ve- allow colored fabrics to soak, even for a short Ume, as streaking and fading are likely to occur. Do not rub or twist rubber or elastic, as It Is easy to stretch the material when wet. Bousing the material up and down In the suds removes PAGE SIX-B the Week Andrews slowly in the oven until they're tender. When I turn out my cakes. I use two racks. I put one right over the top of the pan, and invert pan and rack together. Then I hold another rack over the bottom of the cake and invert again, so the cake Is right side up on the second rack. This way it won't break in turning. For a change I often use a lattice top for my fruit pies. 1 line my pan with pastry just as for a one-crust pie, but do not flute lhe standing rim until the filling is in and the narrow pastry strips have been criss-crossed over Cie top and onto the rim. DIETING TO REDUCE Cut out fat meats you don't need them eat sensibly of lamb, lean .isn and iowi. Go light on butter, cream and sugary sweets eat fruit and vegetables in variety. Gain In physical charm look younger -- feel vounger. Marvl.inH Isrfu exactly 21 lbs and am so happy to aet rid nf that hi,ILu mi.. -iVr- clearer and I feel so much better" Mrs. N. S. Take one half tesspoonful of Krus-chen Salts in a glass of hot water before breakfast every morning for elimination of excess waste - add juice of half a lemon Kruschen costs hut a trifle and Is sold the world over trv one jar if not joyfully satisfied inoncv back. -Adv. COOK and HEAT Without Coal in t w rrt -t0v Or WOO3 I crfwrntr HOTTER ' " i J -CHLAPER No Df1 -C or Twt me KmI Outek ai HALF THE COST COOKS A MEAL rriR r An imuinf in typuai tmrrw hK-r. TV 2A 000 wr my tu nv fvrt toon oul. httriw rWi rw v. within l'WinnfoT Hoinia up f,Vf quick muwv lwt t WU -TbrliiriirjtviTj Shramto jrwoMtw bnnrUFnor(ijmiv OnmH 'w to ci wwi in mrb kxay who wu ifefnocwtraM mMvumi Wn'f .iwk. w firm Wlram haw tonrl ?wr of ml n.t rvi makr tw tmxy. rrmf or fuii time omu It pwitird tola u 1'd.WhI rViorw Manns FEMININE HYGIENE NOVV. l i , hv atwavt wanted. Rcfrcab VY,"V. " ocodorttiac. Highlv recommended bTchTt AV Un minor vtM, trrtta-, 2 '?0pmhhni.Akfof i i wi t umi or amomri' mni Mora. FREE SAMPLE. .v.w.nnTm,v.,ufpi. t.tJa-Fl.'l.l.ld'Jd.'liMillJ 3 By Cecil Solly A FEW hours of sun and dry appearance of the soil are often sufficient to cause a stampede to watering. But wait a moment and think, for you are really putting yourself to unnecessary trouble, probable doing very little good, perhaps doing a great deal of harm. "But I've heard that these rock plants get a lot of moisture from melting snows In spring In their natural surroundings," y o u exclaim. True, but the moisture comes to them In a far different manner from that In which you apply It, with your little sprinklings overhead. Such "doslngs" do more harm than good and are worse for vour rock plants than no water-'f-g. Always hesitate before you water In the rock garden, and pply the following simple rules: (1) Be Bure watering Is necessary. Nine times out of ten it Isn't. Rock plants nre deep-rooted. If properly planted In tho "pocK-ets" between the stones and If a Fashions DKKINITEL.Y the rage is the two-piece suit, and the model sketched. No. 124, has a slightly different twist, with Its stitched stand-up collar. Perfectly plain lines, belted at waist and worn with simple blouse, make It perfect for any woman. Available In sizes 14 to 20 years. 32 to 40 bust. Requires 3 yards of 89-Inch material and li yards 39-Inch contrast. Here's a tine nick plaid, No. 'Z debonair and radiating personality with Its vibrant, warm colors, elaborate collar touched by a petite bow. cleverly stitched cuff puff sleeves, buttoned down the front. It has youthful appeal Slies 7 to 14 years. Size 10 requires 2 V yards of o-inch material or I V yards of 54-Inch material. Mtacha fashions are accurately cut to size and are made of strong paper. Simplified cutting chart and a practical ttep-by-step Instruction guide are Included Mischa Fashions. Five Star weekly. 4S0 Mills Tower. San Francisco, Calif. Enclose 15 cents for each pattern wanted. Pattern No. . .'. SIM Name Street City State PIM1ENTO sauce is tasty to serve with fish or eggs. To make It add 2 plrnientos which have been rubbed through a sieve, to each cupful of medium-thick white sauce. Parsley sauce may be added too. adding some chopped paisley and a teaspoonful of lemon juice to each cup of white sauce Cheese sauce is an appropriate accompaniment to serve over tlmbales. This Is made by adding about .'a cup grated American cheese to each cupful of white sauce. To make a quick cocktail sauce tor fish cocktails such as crab or oyster combine equal parts of mayonnaise and catsup and season with lemon juice and a little onion juice or onion salt, and salt and pepper. Serve spinach on French toast tor a luncheon variation. Season the spinach well and combine with an equal quantity of thick whte sauce before pouring on French toast. Serve immediately. For the main entree for a bufiet supper, try hard French rolls, hollowed out, toasted and filled with creamed crab or other seafood. : Rub off all loose crumbs with your fingers before you frost a cake so no crumbs will get into the frosting. And If the layers happen to have roughened edges, trim them into shape with your kitchen scissors. For luscious Lemon Frosting you'll need 1 tablespoon grated orange rind, 3 tablespoons butter. 3 cups sifted confectioners' sugar. 2 tablespoons lemon juice combinid with 1 tablespoon water, and a dash of salt. Cream the rind and butter together, add part of the sugar gradually, then add combined juice and water alternately with the rest of the sugar, then add the salt. Beat until the frosting is smooth. - The Juice of a lemon, a bit of the rind, and a whole clove or two will add a new zest to stewed prunes. Try It sometime. Have you tried oven-cooking your dried fruit Prepare them Just s you would for stewing, but put ll(eii into a closely covered casseruie and cook them 1 1 C1V0124 ) a (3 Co) O o O

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