Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 11, 1936 · Page 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1936
Page 8
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"Saturday; APRiL-n,'l936" v r PAGE EIGHT 1 ' T H E AT B A R Y D E M 0 C R A T H E R A L D , A C B A' R Y r 0 R E S 0 R '4 1 Cemetery Is Huge Oil Field Center of $85,000,000 Suit LIPSCOMB FOUL in inis corner) art CHUCK ' SXA OAKS DEFEAT BEAVERS 5-4 AFTER BRAWL practically a hundred per cent ot . the higher educational resources be -mobilized in that college. Whereas, the interests of all our young people can be served by our own college for from one to tour years; lor example, students looking forward to academic high school teaching, business life, secretarial work, and other activities can be iuliy prepared at Albany college; students considering medicine can secure the required three fVb&jm child... Z--;'rJi $-$r.tgmjfojt Surrounded by a forest ol gaunt oil derricks toweritiK toward the sky, from which issues the roar o CPiiscless activity, Sunnyside cemetery, shown in this iiirview, Is the center of an $85,000,000 suit, one of the stnuicest In American lesal annuls. Descendants of the dead who rest tlieVe and owners ot lots In the burial uround, In Hie great Signal Hill oif district at Long Beach, Calif., are" suing oil corporations and the Long Jicnrli Cemetery Association for the enormous sum. Tlipy cliaice that the graTcx are being desecrated as oil Is renyived from beneath tliein by "whipstocking" (drilling on an anglej, and that cemetery lot owners are entitled to a share in the liaise profits Hint the oil men have reaped. ! years of pie-medical work at Al- oany; those aspiring lor law or dcntistiy the requutd two years; and thuae cor.sioering elementary leaching and various technical vocations can spend at least one year in the home college without lost; ol ton I time. Canvass Planned Therefore, resolved by the Chamber ot Commerce oi the Cuy ot Albany: 1. That wi call upon all our young people and their parents to consider lully the opportunities olleied in the home college before laying plans lor college elsewhere. 2. That the members o the Chamber constitute a committee of the whole to confer with these young people and their parents, each .member selecting those with whom he has best opportunities io exercise an inilueoee; that u central committee be appointed to list the members whd undertake 1J t!"K to dilteient members ol the Aiuuny "g" cnooi class ot ituo jund to see that no member of this class tails to be approached, to winch committee reports of the results ol interivews on prepared lorms shall be made. ' 3. That a special committee of Financial Assistance be appointed to cooler with students who have diliicblty in paying tuition and lees and. in maintaining themselves while in attendance at Albany college, and to arrange lor ilicm part-time employment, loans or gilts. -'. 4. Thut we call upon all local civic organizations und churches .to adopt similar resolutions and to u" "'"'"" campus.. iu "st our own young people m our own college; that we arrange a meeting to which each of these organizations will be asked to send representatives. At the meeting were Prof. Mc- Alee, President Irvine; Rex Putnam and J. M- Bennett, represent- ing the educational committee; Holt Duedall, George Berry, .Clem Howard, Al Sondes and G. T. Hnekensmith. TODAY! the mnoNAL lcague's J V'& )r MOST VALUABLE PLAV&S ML 1 AND BATVN6 CHAMPION IN fj 1 , PHILADELPHIA. Ki-lN I T ( I HAS BN A Btb A 1 Jf PlSAPPOINTmNT AT f ' VIKI&LE- tlELD... ft Xn . J nothing can hold them. back. Not even the fact that the base ahead of them is occupied, M. Moulin-Rouge? (Copyright, 1936. by United I' rem) SPECIAL SERVICES SET BY JEFFERSON CHURCHES SUNDAY .Teffprsnn r.rr.ioi) Easter services will be held at Ihe I churches in Jefferson Sunriav. The j Christian church will hold a sun - rise prayer meeting at a. uari Rutchman, Talbot school teacher, will brine the messaee at thP sun- rise meeting. Special musical num- hers will also be given, which will' be followed by an Easier breakfast i in the church parlors. I J. Merlin Hill, pastor, will speak I ing worship service and special 1 j I , (Br United !) ; A brawl, two lop-sided whitewashings and the Seattle Indians' ninth straight victory feutured Pacific Coast league play Friday. . The Oaks, participants in the free-for-all finally halted by two traffic policemen, defeated Portland 5 to 4 to continue at the head ol the league, half a game ahead oi the Indians, who walloped the Senators, 20 to 3. The Mission Reds submitted to a 16 to 3 lacing Horn Los Angeles. . The Seals picked up their third win In four starts by defeating bun Diego, 6 to 3. Six Sacramento pitchers, Ward, Belcher, fchlers, Olt;on, Donovan and Alvernez laced the Indians and were walloped ' lor 10 nits. Four Sucramemo errors didn't help. Lou Koupul started lor attie, but was relieved by Lucas. Los Angeles climbed on Hie oi-feiings ol Lloyd Johnson, Joe Gal-lison and Hal Slitzel tor ill hits, scoring live runs in the lust and live m the third, coasting out the game with an occasional scoring veiiturc-Tnu Missions bootcci lour times, t- . ' The Padres wore away to two run lead in the fiiat by virtue of Jacobs' homer, sqorea ugain in Hi.; second, but couldn't niuinlam their lead. Following recent spiking sodes, the - Portland-Oakland brawl was nut totally unexpected. The blowoit camu ui tnu nun when Pitcher Hobo Carson whizzed one so close to Lcruy Anion's head that Anton hud to bunt the ball in seli-delciuu. i Larson lielded the ball,, tagging Anton out witli an accompanying push, then fists started llyu-.g. bov-eral players ran Hum tnc uugout, Pitcher Dutch Ulrich of Porilnnd challenged Manager Hill Meyer ui the Oaks to come out and uu battle but tne Hung gauntlet was ignored. Although Carson and Lurkin held the oaks to seven hits aguiust rime the Heuvers legisteruu oif Hank McDonald; a one run session In the lirst, thite in the third and another in ihe sixth gave tne league leaders the necessary margin. Husky Golfers Are Victors Over O.S.C. Corvallis, Ore., April 11. Uni- vcraity ol Washington s gou team dcleated Oregon State in their opening tilt Friday, 14',i-to 12',s. Although the Beavers took the individual matches 1U to 8, the l.'usky lout somes beat the Beavers fa Hi to 2'j. , Clin Foien, the six font, seven Inch basketball star, was meduhsl with 152. Bearcats Trample Oregon State 12-0 Corvallis, Ore., April 11. Sev- cn Beaver errors contributed to ' neip wiuametie oaseoun team to iS AND .293 INDlCATb VT. : I : THAT HB fillSSeS TUB BANDBCK TtiAT 3v ? I is oHt auwi... Su.- tS' (2? TOCAV By Henry McLemore United Prm Staff Corrctpondrnt New York, April 11. Marcel Moulin-Rouge, this department's ear to the ground in Pans, in formed us in engthv dispatch today that France is pulling wires with Dotn nanns in an eiiori io displace Japan as the opponent for the United States In the Olympic exhibition baseball game at Berlin- "It took twenty years for baseball to develop uny following at all in France," writes M. Moulin-itouge, "but today there ij a joundly entrenched national federation ,and seven teams which ,ilay a regular league scedule. George Brum, federation presi Jent. wrote Avery Urundago, head ji tne ftmei.euu y.ji.ip.e -"""'"- .ee, concerning tne possioiiuy oi a game between France and Ihe unueu oiaiuj,, unu uiuuuusi.- n ylied that he would gladly arrani iuch a game if the French could pruduce a team skillful enougli to make the game interesting. M. i.iH n .....1 ...i i i unu uic wuiiiiim uuui in i The Albanv college faculty in - eludes representatives of more than 40 leading colleges and uni versifies cf the world, Dr. liibbi pointed out. Following is the resolution passed by the Chamber of Commerce executive committee: Whereas, we have located in Albany a standard college, lully ac credited as a member of the Northwest Association of Second- aiy and Higher Schools; the at- tendance at this college from the ttate-a'.-large has been maintain lfd and somewhat increased dur- '"s i--.-cni ycuio, mc oucumT from Portland increased rapidly until the establishment of the. Portland Unit ol Albany College. and hai been fairly well mamt.iin- ed ever since; but the attendance of student from nm- own Hiv has shown a marked decline during the Whereas, the .contiiiucd main- citv of this Fize demands that ENDING 1 ' HALTS PARADE OF MATANTICS Clean grappling mixed with the most villianous last night at the armory as Paddy Nolan won over Jack Lipscomb in the main event and Ben Sherman downed Jack Hagen in the semi-final. The main event, which didn't take long to run off, was so packed with action that,it was impossible to determine what holds were being used in the falls. Nolan finally won out when referee Bill Kenna awarded him the third fall on a foul. Both wrestlers trotted out their grudge for the crowd, and a grand j feud it was. From the bout's start it was a wild melee with nothing i barred. They slugged, bit, kneed. unu even resunea 10 anving iron nails into each other. Nolan's neck dripped blood from his bitten ear, and both were punctured by the nails. - Nolan attempted to double-cross Lipscomb in the last fall, but 0ack found him out, and was so enraged that in his revenge he lost by a foul. After the falls were even, the Irishman came out with a soap hidden in his trunks. Lipscomb discovered the treachery, seized upon the soap, and smeared it over Paddy's face, eventually working it into a thick lather. His lace white as snow, Nolan rolled out of the ring while Lipscomb took to kicking him. Referee Kenna took matters in his hands and awarded. Paddy the victory. Previously Nolan had captured the first fall in shortly under seven minutes, and in the wildest of mixuDs. The second was in the same furious manner, but went to Lipscomb in six minutes and eight seconds. The Hagen-Sherman bout went almost the hour limit, and was clean as the -other was dirty. Both lads repeatedly refused to engage in roughness. Hagen used his head locks to good effect, and until a last min- ute head butt by Sherman, ap- peared tO; have the match won. fclaeh hud a fall when Sherman wus rolled onto the floor, prac tically helpless. Hagen worked some little time, but failed to place a hold on Sherman, who suddenly jumped up to bowl Hagen over with a butt that won the match. Sherman took the first with a short arm scissors in i m'nuws. Fifteen minutes a t er Hagen even- Jhe bout with fl"1 w"u , " . JyZTh, ,tt short arm scissors in 18 minutes his will until the final head butt. Wildcats Wallop Webfeet by 11$ Eutjeno. Ore.. April 11. Linfield Mooters hammered three Oregon pitchers for H hits to defeat the Webfeet 11 to 6. Voll and Swenson led the Wildcats' attack with three hits each. The game was marred by ten errors. Whitman Defeats Idaho 5 Straight Walla Walla, Wash., April 11.- Whitman made it five straight diamond victories over University r Idaho Kridnv by winning all gamos o( a tripie header by scores ii ?! Katsilometes, Idaho fielder, got two home runs. WTEl C.FTS DRAW Salem. Ore., April 11. Jack rjnimiMitni' Allvinv jitlrt llm' Cli'lr- , Portland, battled ten rounds ',,; j,.nw m ,.,st ni(,n.s boxin(. card here. Jim Thornley, Silver- ton, took the decision from Paul Gullo, Scio, in the semi-final. FROS1I LOSE AC.AIN Portland, Ore., April 11. The University of Oregon Frosh base- ballcrs made seven boots Friday and Grunt highs Generals took the second game this week from the frosh by a 9 to 2 score. F.ach team made six hits. music will be given by the choir, tenance and growth of the col-In Ihe evening the sermon tonic lctes must deutn on a stronuer lo- SOFTBALL LEAGUE MEETING CALLED FOR 7:30 MONDAY President Joe Neumim has called the proposed suitball league meeting for Monday night at 7:30 in the city hall, he announced today. The date will be the third attempt to arrange the confab, the other two failing for lack of rcpresenta-tlvese. Delegates are expected from all will be, "Holy of Holies, Us Cun-ical nucleus around which students tents and the Cross Compared.", from other places can be 'attract-j Miss Mervine Thurston will pan- r-d: the sui-cess of :i college in ill ff last year's teams, Standard Oil. Bonds mixed with rails higher Veal's, Mountain States, Chris- and fairly active. . tians, General Petroleum, Demo- Curb stocks Irregularly lower. crat-llerald, and Greater Oregon,!, Dollar dull and slightly firmer Jiuni immeuiately called lor extra , will be presented: song service by practice sessions, and- expressed j the school; duet, "Stars Above the .he belief that France would have i Garden," Ruby Marcum and Ger-a lust class team by August." aldine Jones; Easter lesson; solo, M. Marcel said that much of "Open Yr Hearts," Geraldine baseball's slang had been trans- Jones; study lesson, Jesus Tri-ted into French, and that the gS, .ails' term lor an umpire when he subjectBtor ,he ,.mon t ic will called a play against the home be This Day m paradise .'. aiue was -voleur aveugle, or Ua Endeavor at 6:ao. at 7:30 tho jund robber. Itie old .phrase congregation will join with the Suite, Kelly, slide, is barely re- Methodist church in the union ser-cognuubie as "Glizzcz Monsieur vjce, Rev, Herbert B?nnett bring-rwelly Glizzez." jng the topic, "The Impact of Knowing that my background Atonement." of French baseball was scaiiiy, M. I The Easter program at the .vioulin-Kouge thoughtfully fur- Methodist church will begin at .uslied nie with tacts ol its begin- I 10:30 o'clock. Following is the pro-iiing. Tho game was imported by ; gram: piano prelude, Mrs. C. J. American soldiers during the waiyi Thurston; call to worship; hymn, und M ;,oungsteis hanging ' "All Hail the Power," congrega-around me camps were taught its'tion; Easter -thoughts and prayer, overtime. Windsor held tne lead p most ol tlie game, scoring two counters in the second period 1 ngains.t the Delroiters' one. und one in the third. TODAY'S STOCK, GRAIN MARKETS MARKETS AT A GLANCE Stocks irregular in dull trading. in major units, Wheat up on crop report; other grains firm. Cotton exchange, commodity exchange closed. . New York, April 11. Prices strengthened in a late rally on the stock exchange today lifter an ir regular, dull, uninteresting period. Railroad shares led the rise in Ihe last half hour. Atchison and New York Central made new hielis. Uninn Pncifit- L-ninnrf m.,ro umn a point and unallcr advances were noted in Southern Pacific. Delaware and Hudson, and several others. Higher cur loadings and outlook for further gains helped. Dow Jones preliminary closing nverHges showed industrial JBIl 48 on .23, railroad 50.05 of .35, utility j 33.15 up .02. . Volume approximated 800,000 shares compared with 1.010.000 shares lost Saturday. Curb sales. were 230.000 compared with 307,-000 shares last Saturday. . Grain Chicago, April 11. Wheat fit- lures spurted 2 cents a bushel on he board of trade today in respone to a bullish government winter wheat estimate which was some 43.000.00(1 bushels below, expocta-lions at 4!)3.1(B,0(IO buslels. Heavy profil-tuking marked Ihe advance and at Ihe close Way was up Its, cents, July up lis cents, and September up 1 'n cents'. Other grains moved up with the trend In the mnior cereal. Corn cliwed i to 4 cents higher, oats were up l to cent and rye fin- i ished a cent higher. OUT OUR WAY" I Portraying the life o! the Great Chemist! shut out Oregon State 12 to 0. the Bulldogs.. They already have Dean Johnston, sopohomore iwo victories to their credit in the pitching ace was knocekd out of three out of five game series, the box in the eighth. The Bear- Art Giroux headed the scoring cats made 13 hits, two errors. The for the Olympics last night, bring-lleqvers seven hits seven errors. ing ihe tying count i" the third rudiments. When the A. L. F. went home ihe soldiers left their oats, balls and gloves. It wasn't long oetore the French buys, moi ir leet than wilh Jesus," congregation Worship ser-v,.i,....,t -i hvii-if' vlce ' 11 o'clock. Piano prelude. T. . l,i ,.'.,J Mrs. C. J. Thurston: Processional, baseball was JOSEPHINE HUTCHINSON DONALD WOODS ANITA LOUISE SUNDAY and MONDAY DOUBLE B I L L adept with thei their hancL:, no game, wherein the , u;ed as a ,sort of lootball, and thi own by. a lifting motion of the leel- This method ui play died out alter a lew years, but if you are curiuus as to what it was like you might pay a, visit to the Brooklyn Dodgers w hen they visit your city. M. Moulin-Houge said the fea ture of French play was the mag nincent fielding, and "that it is nothing, for a team to execute triple play after triple play. Flench hitting is only fair, he said. "The players lack the build to nit like Bube Ruth, but they are demons, simply demons, on the oase paths. Once they get on base, By WILLIAM? I tomime. "The Old Rugged Cross." wi(n musical accompaniment by , Mr and Mrs Gilbert Looney. Mr. , Haberly will give a solo. The Easter program at the Evangelical church will "be held during the Sunday school hour at 10 o clock. The following numbers Miss Addie Libby; poem, "Immor tality, Gene Mary Redmond; duet, "Hear Our Praise," Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Clark: hymn, "Fairest Lord "Day of Resurrection. Mrs. Thurston; prayer and responsive reading: trio, "Christ Arose." Dr. J. O. VanWinkle, Harvey deVries, and J. E. Clark; offertory hymn, "Christ Is Risen Todav," congregation: sermon, "Tho Easter Message," Rev. Harvey deVries: hymn, "Crown Him With Many Crowns"; postlude, "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name," Mrs. C. J. Thurston. Epworlh league will meet at 6:45; worship service ot 7:30. Rev. Herbert- Bennett, pastor of the Evangelical church, will bring the evening message. CHAMBER PLEDGES AID FOR COLLEGE (Continued from Fnirr Onrl been a loss of 24 per cent in the attendance from the city of Albany itself." "An unusual growth in attendance at the Portland Unit has been made that year," Dr. Bibb said, "indicating that the establishment of the branch in Portland to accommodate students who could not attend college away from home has been justified. The college, has received considerable attention and publicity over the state since the establishment of the Unit. At present, it is not practical to offer more than the freshman and sophomore years at Portland, and stu dents desiring to continue worx lor a degree will have to transfer to Albany or some other institution of higher learning. The outlook for students on the .campus for next year is encourag ing. A number ot inquiries nave been received from the middle west, indicating that the publicity given the northwest, and especially the Willamette Valley, is bearing fruit. Daily inquiries from various sections of the northwest and contacts made by Dr. Breen in northwest Oregon and by Dr. McAfee in the Willamettee valley indicate that an increasing inter est is being shown in the work of-ftred by the college." Coach Report Due - l")r. Bibb further said that the committee of college authorities and alumni representatives having in hand the matter of selecting an athletic coach are now gathering inlnimation regarding nvailaul; nateriid a:uMl tuon report their ,S wl11 us'u,e neighboring- town . teums wlshin(! admission to the B0fiball league, '. Detroit Grasps ot Hockey Championship WINDSOR. Out., April II The Detruit Olympics, champion of the International Hockey league, dcleated the Windsor Bull dogs 4 to 3 last night and today prepared for the third, und what may be Hie final game of the Ted- dy Okc trophy series. The Olympics will clinch Ihe tronhv Sunriav niulit nrovidini! they register another victory over Phone 80 I Li.- 1 V i I I 1 PREFERRED RISK POLICYHOLDERS 1 FOR TWELVE CONSECUTIVE YEARS gasping L Not a "Mutual"! PLUS FEATURE NO. 2 The GENERAL of AMERICA is an old-line stock fire insurance company with cash capital and surplus of nearly our million dollars for the protection of its policyholders! Before you insure, $et the facts about General! L. STUART INSURANCE ACENCY . "Nothing Hut Insurance" 106 West 2nd St. X't'TSr'i--' TME BEAUTV SPOT -.i , i i i r . i -1 - choice- J

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