Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 10, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1936
Page 5
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE FRIDAY APRIL. 10, 1936 13 For Rent,. Houses, Apts. NEW IQBAY H grade 32c C grade t . .30c SHEEP Lambs ,..$8.269.00 1: twr? War The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS V nig,!eUbls;soi ADS MORB THAN TWO, LINKS I time, per word 2e 3 consecutive times, per word , i..4c- 8 consecutive times, per word Tc - Month, consecutive times, pec word 2e READERS Count - five average words to line. Set in caps double count. Per line, first insertion, 20c.;. per Hoe each additional intrtiun. 15c, , Card of Thanks. 60c. - COPY DEADLINES Classified conv must bo in office before 11:00 o'clock on day of publication. Copy for Thursday must be In before 9 :00 a, m. for classified page. Elt UUfl H t aW EPPJA" r A KjE RIsBl E D NOLOOl GBsjBfnAmiQKrlNGL rrjA' pn l a jTeqaibia E 6ffa ATyflTC v eua rieial: ItIbIuIsI HORIZONTAL 1, S Famoun World War poet. 11 Wind Instrument. 12 Hust o( any metnl. lit Duration. 14 Kxohiiiiges. 15 To scatter. 16 Hescues. 18 Southeast. 19 Sailor. 21 Exists. 2.1 To 'hurl against. 27 Weight allowance. ; Doctor. .10 Snaky fish. 32 Honored as a Rod. 34 Blue grass. 35 Deposited. .17 Im'linntlqn. 38 To merit. 39 Label. 41 Before. 42 Part of a circle. 43 South America Answer lo IOIR IAIN I 45 Stream 1 obstruction, 47 Frozen ' water. 48 Myseir. 49 Railroad. 51 To deny. 54 Behold. 55 To raliry. 57 I'lace ot action. 58 To harvest. Hllc was born in . til He was a (pi.). Ol- I OU I e m TTtPliT V A NOW;ofR E N A T I O rHl onoli ETLnolBriTBvTTs eIe uBaIlu NJA I L sflL Tr e e kUa iTinId1uIsiTir1yiic1i Price quoted below are those prevailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and arc sub)ect to ehange, at any hour thereafter LOCAL GRAIN M. Senders 4 Cs. WHEAT: No. 1 white "7: red and mi Neil, 7Bc bushel. ' BARLEY: Hansen, $21.00 ton. , i OATS; White, No. 1, $18.00; gray No. 1. $23.00; gray feed $20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound 30c Mohair, per pound 42c MEATS (D. E. Nebergall Meat .Ce.) CATTLB Steers .l4.00Qa.u0 Heifers 3.00U6.0Q Bulls S.00U4.2S Cows, beef 3.00fe 4.0U Cows cutters, 1.00U2.&0 HOGS 160 to 160 pounds f 8,"6 160 to 210 pounds 0.2610.26 210 to 250 pounds 8.7Gfi 9.76 260 to 360 pounds 8.76 ft j 9.00 360 pounds up IMdi 7.1b Sows 6. 6.60 Lambs .....JV $7.6008.60 'Ewes 2.00&300 Yearlings 6.0UW6.D0 VEAL . Live 7,c Dressed .12,0 POULTRY J-(Swift A Company) No. 1 hens. 4 to 6 lbs, 17c No. 1 hens over 6 lbs 17c No. 1 medium, hens, over 3Va lbs, . . . ,)0C No. 1 medium hona, under 3Vi lbs ISc Colored springs 17c No. i broilers, VA to 2 lba., ,v..,.A8e Roosters V. .7t Stags lOe EGGS . r . All Prices Ar Delivered Albany. ' " ' . . Caasa Returnecv 'l.Sf' '' Extras . . . t.V. i ......... 1 Ro Standards ,. ........17c Extra medium ...16c Standard medium 13c Brown extras ....18c Dirtv oxtrnn 17c Undergrade. K,, 13c Pullets ;...:... .12c .IQe Pec VCA1. Live ... Dressed ..:.7c . . . 12 BUTTER FAT A grade FOR RENT 5-ROOM PLASTERED j house, basement, gantKC, garden and fruit. $13 mo. 1316 E. 2nd. a8-10 i ; - , ELLSWORTH APTB. HEAT. OVBR-tuffed furniture. Ph. 8ft. 806 Ellsworth. af-tf 24 Wanted,, Miscellaneous . WANTED TO RENT 75 TO 100 ACRES sheep pasture land for six months, F. H. Pfeiffer. Albany. Phone 634-J. a8-10 WANTED WOOL & MOHAIR Cash advanced on contract. No interest charged. We always pay market price. See us before you sell. ' ' SAM FRAG Kit Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd & Raker. ta28-a28 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGBT at Iwson'a Drug Store. marltf CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DBNTAL crowns, bridges, fillings, old Jewelry watch cases, etc, F. M. French A Sob, Jewelers. dJOtf CASH PAID FOR JJSCD- PURN1TUBB. etc "Look In your attic," Chaa. Bohr bough A Son. 418 W. First St jl-tf 3a Personal STOMACH ULCER, GAS PAINS. AND INDltiESTION victims, why suffer? For quick relief ttvl a free gift packet of Udga, a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. m24-a24 30: Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING, WALL PAPERING, INTER- ior decorating" that's different Phone 42 or 613-L. Wilbur. Dawson A Claire Snyder. , roSO-tf LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED BY automatic, machine Warner . Hardware. Phone 331-J. , jnlO-alQ MONEY TO LOAN ON WLL-IUPROV-ed farma. Low rate Interest, Wm, Ba.ln, ' Albany. flO-tf CHECKS ISSUED Washington, April 10. The social security board announced today that chpeks had been issued for' costs of administering the Oregon unemployment compensation and public assistance pro grams. The grant, for unemployment compensation was $13,260 and for public assistance $405,502,. r CAN ANi SORRY 'BOOT KICKIN' VER BOOKS INTO TH' MOD- THAT WAS AN AWFOL I I I WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTU-: less horses ami raws : also dad animals if j in good condition. ' Cale and Montgomery. Phone collect 33-F-12 Corvallis. mO-al" CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and- cows. Day-old ealvea. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-tf 12 For Sale Used Cars EXCEPTIONAL VALUES . 1934 Plymouth DeLuxe Sedan 1933 Plymouth Sedan l3u Chevrolet Snort 1934 Chevrolet Sedan 1933 Chevrolet Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Sedan 1930 Chevrolet Sedan 1927 Buick Standard Sedan Several 1929 to If 3 01 Fords. Cars aa low aa. $36.00. These cars are all reconditioned and guaranteed. ALBANY AUTO CO. Buicks and Chevrolet BS-10-S9 13 For sale, Miscellaneous FOR SALE HAND PIECED TULIP tiuilt, 16, Write, Mm. B. F. Lull, Lebanon, Ore. ; a0-ll WRECKING 2 BIG SCHOOL HLDGS. Lumber $4 and up. Planka, flooring, aiding, shwitin 2x2, 2x0, 2x12 2','jXlH and 3x12. Callings A mouldings, ''' Bricks $4 per M. Pipe, lath, dry wood cut to length. Salesman on job 3rd & Madison St., AU bany. Ore. a2-16-S" FOR- SALE 9 TUBE OZARKA RADIO, console model, like new. Call 638-K. ag-lu FOR SALE 11. FT. ALL-METAL ROW-boat, $18 ruh. 618 Montgomery St. atMG HHiHKST, QUALITY FRUIT, AN1 NU1 trees, shrubs, rose bushes, shade trees. Send for price I tot, Stdtlemrler Bros. Nurseries. Hu 8. Albany. n21-tf -'FOB SALE 4 - ALL-UN AMELKO WOOD - rang. xl2 Ax minster i-uk. 1 breakfast 1MT- B. lit St.v Albany. .' ' alO-U U HKA1 GOATS.NOT-SHEARED, .12 each. 4L$ster .'Holt,;. Scio, Ore. y 1018 CHICKEN AND H OMR-MADE NOODLES. 2Rc plate. Goln'n Farm, "halfway frt-m Kalvm to Albany. aiu-ia PLOW. DISC AND DRILLING CAN drill- rape ajid clover or rape ant) ryegrass. Wfl Hay. Ru 1, Albany. mi. S. Ki-ye Sta. or see Fisher Bros. alO-ia NON-RESIpENT SAYS HELL Ntsver in, the history of Albany has ttu-r been a house sold of like value at th.ut price. Two extra fine lots, paved stmt, fruit fine location, the house itself would, coat $8000 to 'replace; hardwood floors in front rooms fireplace, full bane ineni. This property is offered for few dayi only at $3800. which fa only a fraction of . iU real va)u. Located at 22 West tlh atreet. Drive by but do not disturb the tenant. Please act quickly on this as it will net last. . ; IRVIN L, HOOD. Phone 300 a-8tf SPECIAL BUY NORTH ALBANY, 4 .acres, ideal- location, beet of soil, 20 bearing English wajnut trees, young bearding Royal Ann cherries, 25 bearing Muir ant) Crawford peaches, strawberries, red raspberries, blackberries, currant, gooseberries and other fruits for family use. Lance beautiful shade trees. Fair house with electric lights, barn. Price only $2000.00. Act quick If you want a good place. TRIPP & MURPHY, Realtors alO-tf VA VI A HOME METHOD FOR ALL .tbe family. Viuvt Emulsion for Constipation. Good oppor. for whole or part-time woman. Information free. Northwest Viavi Co., Sua Bedell Hldg., Portland, Ore. atO BUY NOW ' . 4 Boom. Modem. House 1 lots', cloao tq school, nrie . flJMJu. , 100 down and IIS- per mo. ,15 Acres, Tangent district a real farm and exceptionally well improved, the kind you get, once in. a ( lifetime. ; .Price 117600. C. M. Dollarhide o, nytf, , wfn nam l-nuun nUUHt, IIAKn, chicken house; garden snot, 2 mi. S. on Oak Creek. W. H; Matney. io-13 CUSTOM, UATCHlKG-rHEN EGGS- AND, , turkey egg., any ynt.,, any -time. Albany Hatchery. S. Ferry SL, Albany. Phone 636-J. Mrs. 'T. B. Burton. . alO-13 FOB SALE 400 WHITE LEGHORN PUU Jets, 6 wks. oltL sue each. Lester Bault, Tangent. alO-13 Little-Orphan. Annie " And' ''" Other Comics f e i 1 , t o v .9. iTJ" HiT "T J5 St Tb : SI S3 S9 . 55 " 1b"l7 3a; 35 lo 7" 4 ', AS T-' W io si ae "Si ""Sj j eo "" S7 , hLhhLhmJ " imi mm h Portland Market Review Portland, Ore.. April U. Butter and eggs were unchanged today. Potato market shows extreme strength and in some instances so-called- combination Central Orcgun stock, marked No .2, N selling an high as $2.26 cental. Apples are moving higher, Sales in both Wona tehee and Yakima are being made to $1.50 for cxtin fancy with nales here $1.35(112.00. Previous to arrival sales of Texas wax onions of the new crop hive been selling around $2.65. New Texas potatoes sold $2,854 j 3.00. Lettuce is firm. Louisiana berries sold at $3.76 generally for bet. Peas weaker and lower. Field rhubarb in libera) supply ; sharply off. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (By U. S. Dept .of Agriculture) Portland. Ore.. April 10. Hogs t Receipts 2G0 including 196 direct; active; fuly steady; good-choice driveina $10.85; heavies down to $9.25 ; few slaughter pigs $10.26 ; packing sows $8.60 1 feeder pigs $10,256,110.76. Cattle: Receipts 26: ealvea 25; scattered sales steady : no good fed steers offered quotable to $8.00; fed heifers CJM(,i 7.00 ; common-medium cows S-t.ftOfti 5.50 ; good beef cows to $6.00 ; bulls $5.00(5." 5 ; medium-good venters $V.0u ; choice quotable to $10.00; very plain slaughter calves $3.50Qt6.00. Sheep: Receipts 60 1 nominally steady; good spring lambs saleable n round $10; possibly to $10.60; choice fed Woo led old crop lambs quotable to $10.00 yr above; good wooled ewes $6.60(i 6,00. THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices were nnmetl to Ineffective today ! Butter: Cults oxtras 33c; standards 3214c; prime firsts 82c ; firsts 31o lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets 16c; Oregon lauf ltiWc. Urokera. will puy VjC below quotatlopa, Eggs: Produce' Kxchnngo quotntions be-tween dcnlers; Extra large lHc; standards large 17c; extras medium 17c; standards medium 16c' Jobbing prices 2c higher.' PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES Theea nre tht nriiw twiniln i.u utkw salers, except where otherwise stated : nutter: rrints, A grade 36',-jc lb. In parchment wrnpper, BBjC in earons ; B grade, parchment wroiimr. 34t..r rnrinn 3G fuc lb. . - butter fat: Portland delivery; A grade, delivered at least twice weekly 364137c Rv KABOLD GRAY By Thompson and Coll BY BLOSSER WHAT TH' i WELL. I'LL I BE'- ! WIJEEE'S JACK? I DREAMED SOME )f I TWINJG TERRIBLE- l rV -rTfL MAPPEKJIKJO TO MlhA- ' Jfh MUST GO TO HIM VJn, r?Tl ' g NICE MANEUVERING Poet rt-vloiiH I'uxle 20 He died la 22 Ocean. ' ' 24 Paid publicity 25 To harden. 26 To employ. 27 Prong. 28 Scarlet. 29 Drone bee. 31 Kindled. 33 Itulers. 34 Moccasin. 3 Pa. 38 Before. 40 Fuel. 42 Playing card. 44 Region, 46 Genus of herbs. 47 Passage. 48 To groan. 50 Hastened. 52 Before Christ.. 53 tied of iky. ' 54 Lion. 55 South Caro Una. 56 Sixth note. 58 Second' note. VKItTIC.ll, llota. 2 Deal II notice. .1'DweUlngs. 4 Required. 5 Door rugs. F 6 Covered with wax. 7 Tie. 8 More uncouth. Krus. II) Aurora. 17 He wrote "In Flanders Postscript. era: Country killed hogs, best butchers, under 160 lbs.. HHHIic; vealera, No. 1, 14lj 'It'lGc: light and thin 10litl3c; heavy 8S 12c; cutter cows Sii'lOc: lamb", old, 18e; spring 204122c; ewn 6(iU0c lb. Kams: 2iij30jC lb. Lard: Tierce basis, 11 c lb. Bacon : 26i 26!,e lb. HOPS AND WOOL Hops: Nominal: 103S cluster! 7i:9o lb. Wool: 1036 contracts, nominal; Willamette valley, medium, . 80c lb, ; eoarae and braid 28c ; eastern Oregon 26fi28e ; southern Idaho 30'(i'.12l:e lb. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned executrix of tho estate of Fred C, Veal, deceased, has filed her final account in said estate with the county clcr.k of Linn County, Oregon, and the county judge Iras set Saturday, May 2nd, 1 930 at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon as the time and the county court , room of said county us the - place for hearing objections to said final account, if any, and the settlement of said estate. IDA I. VEAL, " Executrix ' SWAN St SWAN, Attorneys for Executrix. April 3 10 17 2 Ml CITY TREASURER'S NOTICE ' Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Treasurer of the City of Albany, Oregon, has on hands., funds to redeem General Fund warrants from No. 274 to 526, inclusive, for the yenr 1935. Interest will cease from the date of publication of this notice. E. B. WILLIAMSON, Treasurer of the City of Albany, Ore. Dated and published this 8th day of April. 1930, April 8-1U-13 PILES Go Quick No Cuttlnc No Salve Your ftchlnir, bleeding, protruding pile will go when you actually rtroove the ritiuio bud blood circulation in th hemorrhoidal vein. Salves or cutting can't do thin an internal medicine, ahould bo uicd. HKM-KOID, proscription of Dr. J. B. leconhardt, succeeds because it itlm-ulalea the circulation, cases the pressure of the congested blood and helps to heal and rvntoru the affected parts. HKM.ROID has such a fine record, of aucccsa that Cotthay & Motion, Inc., and nil druggist say one bottle of HEM-KOID Tablets mm relieve your l'Ue agony or money back. ' A RATES AND INFORMATION Count six average word to tbe line. If your ad appears incorrectly, notify' lis Immediately; We accept retpon-tibility for one incorrect insertion. ' PHONE ADVERTISEMENTS Ads. will be taken over the telephone in by, mail. This is done Tor the convenience uf I he advertiser, and remittance should be mailed upon the receipt of invoice. Minimum 2 Li. 1 time .......25c M:nimum 2 LI. 3 times 50c Minimum 2 Li. 6 times 86c Minimum 2 Li, Month $2.60 Phena, It CHICKS FOR SALE REDS A ROCKS, Ifl.c. Jenka Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. al0-ll Poultry, Eggs ROOM FOR SSea TURKEY EGGS IN OUR incubator. G. M. Aupiierle Jefferson, Phone Jefferson 43.F-3. a8-10s 1 1 Hay Grain, feed FOR SALE HANSCEN BARLEY; ALSO 3-g ruin oats, le lb., special price ton Iota. Widmer Bron.. Phone 6H-F.3. aH-Kl 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal DIRECT FROM THE MILL 16. INCH milt ends, fine for cookstovea, $3. B0 per cord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, $3 in load lots. Sawdust and shavings. Albany Fuel Co., Inc., 316 Calapooia St. Phone 62. aStf GOOD WOOD PRICED KJCH1. PELIV-cred. in any length. Lester Chilcote. 1606 Santiam Rd. Phone 734-R. . . . J20-M. THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude. Wright, pTiune 2G6-J, 638 E. 6th St m20-tf livestock GUERNSEY HULL FOR SALE, WELL ' bred, 2 yr. old, R. A. Hutchina, 2f- mi. S. E. Shedd, Ore,, un Mill-Woods Ranch. - a9-U DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect 14-F-14, Albany, If no answer, Phone U-F-4. Cot va His. mU-tf NOTICE CALE A MONTGOMERY, WHO are advertising in thia paper for worth-leas horses and cows, are In no way connected with my place. Cecil Montgomery, m28-a26 FRIENDS THE WOMAN'S GUILD FEELS THATbU ARE MAKING A SERIOUS MISTAKE, MR. WQCSOSEY, IN HARBORING A POTENTIAL CRIMINAL. OH "ANVIL". Y. VOU WERE HVA3 3U WW HWUdlfUL IU UilPKi i. &uu II muTor vntiDpic uco uit vaii. t burs lit ci ""Ji HERFWr- SHE 5 SO rj - 1 1 a WTVta. I A POTENTIAL CRIMINAL ; JiJ! jC-V!M 5a WTf ijif A-fcNNIE-- ER I MEN.'MISS BOOT- II I I I I I 111 I" I rJ I--- ER- MAV I CARRV sO J H , YOO'RE O.K.-BUT I'LL PACK THOSE BOOKS. NOW-I COOLDNT MAKE A SUCKER OF VOH IN FRONT1 OF NER FRIENDS NOW, GIT FOR HOME- forget it. "anvil" And i'm sorry i LOST MY TEMPER AND BELTED YOH SO HARD- VER BOOKS POR SURE OH BOOKS? t r- ? t -l 1 . HELLO, MV HM-M- SCRAM- RIDTV TBICK- a - THANKS- III v THE AWAKENING MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse NOBTI-I A jT jj -?? PLANE - WE'RE &J?-V - saved r- Wrf Jr TACK; OM, I lb. ; country routrs 021,(MISc : B iirude 343 .lrc lb. : O srade at market. B Qrade Cream for Market: Buying price, liutterfat basi,, C3'.c lb. ClieeHe: ScllioKprice to fortland retailers: Tillamook triplet 'iW; loaf 22c lb. Tillamook aellfns price to wholesalers : Triplet, lUe ; loaf 20c lb. Ussa: Huyinv price ot wholeaalcni: Exf tras ISc; Btamlarda 16c; extra mediums 16c: medium firats loc: undergrade liiei pullets 13c dozen. Milk: A grade. Portland delivery, fistic lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. Live Poultry: Portland delivery, buying price: Colored hens, over 4 lbs., 17f(lHc; under 4'.u lbs. 18f(10c; legliorn hens, over 3"j ll, 104117c; under S'i lbs., lO'iilQci lesliorn broilers, 1 to tl lbs., IRUWe; do 1!4 lbs. up nfiilHc; colored springs, 2 lbs. and up, 10(11 20c roasters, HffZUc : pekin ducks, young, 14(i)17c; geese llf(iil2c lb. Live Poultry: Helling price by wholesalers: Light hens IGritlo'jC ; medium, hens I'i(ilil7c : colored hens lt)c; broilers Ifidi 17oi springs 22c; pekin ducks young 17(fcj! ISc; do colored 10ri;irc; capons, over 7 lbs., 24fi.26c lb. ; guinea hens, C0c each. TurkeyB: Dressed, selling price to retailers: No. 1 hens, 23c: turns 22(tf22c lb. Turkeys: Dressed, buying price: New crop hens, No. 1, 22o lb. FKKHH FlttllT Apples: Delicious, extra fancy, $1.70; do fancy I1.4S ; Newtowns, extra fancy, tl.70 ; do fancy I1.4&; do fuco and fill, fancy. Hoc ; do face and fill, choice, 6Gc ; Spitzen. berg, extra fancy, 11.40; do combination, $1.26 : Kome lieouty, jumble, 2,c lb.; Winesaps, extra fancy, 11. 6& ; do foncy, $1.40; do jumble, extra fancy, 3c lb. Bananas: Bunch o'jc; bonds CfrtOc lb. Peara: D'Anjou, choce, $1.7G box. Oranges: California navels, fancy, $3.00 r3.2C; choice J2.76'i(2H0; standards $2.6S case. Utniwlierries: luisians, $3.7o per 2-I lux Icnate. tirapefruit: Arizona $1.80r,2.40 case; Florida $4.00it4.2G caso FKKSII VGUKTABI.K8 Potatoes: Local, $1.60 cental; Klamath $2.2r,Crr, cental ; Srappoosc netted gems $l.6Urj.76; Deschutes netted gems $2.00'l 2.26 cental. Peas: California $2.2C,j 2.75 sack. Celery: California $2.60:2.76 crate. 'IVimutoea : Mexican, $4.00 lug repacked, packed. Lettuce: Arizona $3.00f,i 3.26 crulc; Imperial $3.0or(( 3.25 crate. Spinach: Tho Dalles 7Cc ; local 70ftific box. Onions: Oregon $1.161.21, cents). Sweet Potatoes: California $1.00 6U.b. crate; southern yams $l.uu crate. Cauliflower: Koseburg $1.76(1.86; California $1.86 crate. Ithubitrb: Field grown, K5fij00e box. Cucumbers: Local, hothouse, 8Cc((j$l.3& dozen. New Potatoes : Florida $2.50 crste ; Hawaiian $2.&oqi 2.65 r 60 lb. Ikjx ; Texss $2,861)1.3.00. Asparagus: California $2.6ilC(l2.75 pyramid. MKATS AND PKUVIHIONM Country M,nts: Selling iric to retail- (-SS) WMOAEE I 1:-J AS YOU SEE, SIR'S -WE ) YOU? WOW I I' AEE WOT UBAWIAWS-3-U6.T! TvX DID YOLlfiETl J HUMBLE PRE5S REPRESEWTATIVE5.. Vi ? S UBOETmJ I WHO HAPPENED TO GET LOST YV-f'- . ..1 IN JUNQLB-PERMAPS YOU , WARUM? 1 ' SUDDENLY INQ r FROM I TWK ? TRANCE, VVEA , BECOMES i . : ' I : AROU&EO FT2QM Hli LONJG TKAMCE, BY TME KOAE OF THE PLANE'5 MOTOR., LEW WEM ATTEMPTS TO AWAKEN MVEA FRECKLES AND HIS IP I WANT To KEEP HpTTY HERE, MR. DUM, THAT'S MY BUSINESS ! NOW, SEE F NOU GAM s. o. s. CONRXJMD THESE BUSY-BODIES.' THERE GOES THE PHONE AGAIN, R THE TENTH RDR THE TENTH J THAT AND KNOW WHAT I'M DOING .' JfIj MUST 1 L "tDLI MOT J TELL itU...THE WINDOW I ALSO KNOW vdMrn, " TO INTERRUPT YOUR IS OPEN IN THE BED- j I AM RESPOM- ( I FATHER WHEW HE'S X ROOM .....NUTTY IS S F k -riiulir mLiwur' v J i 1 1 SlBLE FOR 1UKT PoV . . Puokliur; ? iT?T (COklC I fl TIMP? "TrSUIrtUT'V i ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this pac known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. CU. on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. In. ttst Democrat-Herald. iT-Trl W BOY IS MOT TRUST-- -ilJ APPEARANCE IN. U$Cr feSUJt I j J ALlilYOQP . A jar with K kick . . - BY HAMLIN ' ff lWARNED 'YOU. MUGS -NOW, LET THIS BE A 1 f f TN'-GRAKJD WfrERSURFT) . ttt,-.(l pjETCHA I'LL JAstf'f . .'V 7Z7" XTTi V k'' JINNY, -S.LESSOW TO YUH.' DINNV IS TAKIM' I TOME SUMPI MJD .. .M)n?l SOME SENSE BACK Jy KKL I A SCOCES-ALLEYUh'SOCDEBS FEOM-ME.HEBEAFTER, OIWNY -I OONT WMfAflNTOTHAT BJG Ptf-,:. C?)- t -TV l FECL" ? ) OREATSAKES, AN' YOU'RE GONMA LIKE IT, ' y --jyy. KMCW WHAT, . . AVj A LIZARD fa3.'rJV M " - I SAY -1 NEVER OR ELSE.' -J. VBUT- i&'m&i TlJ v J 1 IdU- THAT BOY IS MOT TRUST WORTHY! 'j. ATTORNEYS OfflPBANCT ' i ,,. , ,.. OWEN BEAM AGENCY BSS,M,' Opposite P. O. Established, M 1st Nafl Bank Bldg. Phone 299 WM BArN INSURANCE. Honey AUTO FREIGHT to loan, farm gecurj,M SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight PRODPCK -Daily service to and from all swrrT AND CO-ALWAYB W points. Gasco Briquettes and coal the market for ggg poulUj. dealer. 1st St Montgomery Sts, j ,.m Phone 371. ana cream. SHOE REPAIRING AUTO REPAIRING 1 MUSGRAVE'S SHOE SHOP, ltt T. E. HULERY'S AT KELLY'S Lyon. Motto, Quality and Senrtce. Garage. Towing c Wrecker, ph 80 WASHING MACHINES CARPET CLEANING OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWJt,- THE SHADE SHOP. 408 W. Fir Maytag, Easy. Thpr Washer.. Phnne 78 WELDING - BLACKSBQTHDiO FILM SERVICE SNYDER & SON - BEAR ALION- ing frames, axles straightened. ' HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOB nRllIFM " ovmlght film arvlr WELL, UMLUKS FUNERAL DUtECTORB C. E. GORDJNIER& SON rORTMHXER FUNERAL HOMI "We solicit your inquiries" Of HW H7- EujwM, Otojb . 4 ,

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