Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 9, 1936 · Page 10
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 10

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
Page 10
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, APRIL! 9, 1936 PAGE TWO I like Mr. Micawber, hoping that SPRING CLEANING something will turn up. enteral ei AIb.s. oreme,. Bottofflc. m ' Half a dozen 01 America s most BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON : BY RODNEY DUTCH ER aecood-oUea mail. Menfcer VniUd Pre n NEA New Service. EeteblUhed 1M. famous foreign correspondents' were' brought ' together in New York recently by the magazine Bdltere M Publisher wf, L. JtkW ttidH. It: Crmrtte, Editor and Publisher, for a rourid- BY RODNEY DUTCIIKR sharpened. She wore a suit and hat Toby had seen before, but now they looked' shabby. "Im glad to see you," Toby said. "I've thought about all of you at Bergman's dfteh. Bur what ard you doing here?" ;. . "i was hoping to see Mr. i-iuKe." Maurine hesitated, then said impetuously, "Toby, I want to lam to you!" She looked about the loum, where hall a duzen otheis Upt waning, some in groups, tome aiune. "isn't there some picice," Maurine asked, "where we could go tnat would be quieter'.'" Toby rose. "Sally," siie said, enoy to view Landon with moro doubts than previously, especially KK.V Service muff Correipnnt I table discussion. Among them was w roJ Frazier Hunt, who not long ago i.n toured Europe for this newspaper WASHINGTON. The l d v n L1!" V1""1' ot the seemingly important SUBSCMMiOW KATES DELIVERED Y CARRIER Oiii"yerl In 'dt'encr' Vi. Six mouth, in advance ......p. On month Ill advance ".' place occupied by Hearst In his' niosifipiiilul liniim is suffering a", and NEA Service; and Mr. Hunt was asked what, in his opinion ... BY MAIL Linn, Brntoa. Marlon, Lain ant Lincoln p - E might be the prospects for peace. ....... M.oo .ij imagine I talked to a thott- One rear, In advanca 2.26 81k month. In advanc . .'. sand people over in Europe," re Three month, In advance One month, In advance Br Mall EUwhere In U 8. A. Oo year, in advance ..., .t .marked Mr. Hunt, "and no one 'could give md a sane and sure answer as to how the Italian situ "can we use the little ollice off the hall for a while?' f r It was a room used chiefly for filing cabinets, but there was a desk and chairs there. Sally nodded and Toby led the way. "This is better,'! she said when ation will be solved; in regard to the Mediterranean and the ' Red Sea, and Italy's obvious threat to the road to India and to possible Six month, In advance .78 One month, in advance ; .. ,Vi far copy; on tralni and newaetandt .. .05 In ordering changes of addreei aubierlr. era ahnuld aWart v've old ea well aa new' i Publlihed Dallr Except Bandar The Democrat-Herald Ftibliihlat Co., Inc. n Independent Afternoon Newspaper iddrcaf. . . M. C. Mosjemien Co., National AdreT- tUtnr Representative. control of the headwaters of the Nile." ! No uch answer was forthcoming because no definite decision from a mild atlark ot what Is facetiously referred to In Washington as "Jlearstitls." . There is no evidence yet that this haR seriously affected Governor Lautloii's .position at the head of the Republican parade (n Cleveland, but it has Kivea the I.nndon forces visible concern. Landon's' manager. John Hfliiiil-ton, lit out of Washington for a two-week western trip and by Ibis time should have arrived in California, where symptoms first broke out. to apply ointment. Meanwhile, the enemies ot the Landon candidacy have been darting about with their paint-brushes as it intent on making a minor dose of measles appear to be a fatal dose of smallpox. Democratic strategists, who regard the Kansas governor as the most dangerous man in the Republican field, dmt't mind helping Landon's rivals with this job. - TROUBLE began when Landon. upon William Randolph Hearst's Insistence, it is reported, and over Herbert Hoover's vigorous objection, allowed his friends to file a pro-Landon slate of delegates in California against an uninstiiicted slate which w as largely pro-Hoover. Hooverites and other Hearst enemies In California became In has yet been made. In other words, MARE lROOP EA8IEH nobody knows. campaign. Antl-Latidon politicians privately preach that; Hearst mustn't be allowed to dictate to the parly. All' this coincides with: 1. Public attacks on Hearst ly S'cw Dealers, who have been burst-lne with the desire to cut loose. They will pull no punches, believing incidentally that every sock' at Hearst Is a sock at Landon. 2. Moris ot certain groups to trot out Sen ol or Dickinson of Iowa, Senator Steiwer of Oregon, and others as avallablo candidates to say nothing of "Dark Horse" Van-denberg of Michigan. 3. Increased worry over a" possible post-convention bolt by Borah, stressed especially by ahtl-Lan-dnnltes. . " Landon's enemies hare been in eager to puff up Hie Importance of all this that no one ran tell yet bow seriously his candidacy is being affected. His managers are try. lag to fin tl out. a-- -. . pjlD the "power trust" spend lJ in lobbying last year In an attempt to bent the Wheeler-Rnyburn public utilities holding company act? Chairman John O'Connor (New York), chairman ot the House lobby' committee, saVs it did. O'Connor led the investigation Into alleged lobbying by government officials for the bill. lie blocked a roll call vote on the "death sentence." sought by the administration, lie Is a brother of . The Italian question, as Mr. Hunt pointed out, is like the question of the supposedly ap they were seated. "What did you want to talk to me ubout, Maurine?" The other girl seemed to hesitate. "1 don't know just how to say it " she began. Suddenly there was a flash of her old assurance. "I gue&s 1 might as well get it over! li s about the watch tne one that was stolen at Bergman's. 1 was the one who took it." . "Vou took it!" Maurine nodded. "I put it in your locker," she said. "I don't Know why yes, 1 do, too! 1 thought you were niaking a play lor Howard Pharis and 1 was crazy about hun. But I didn't know they d lire you, Toby. Honestly, i uidn't know that!" "bo that's the way it happened!" Maurine svent on unnappily. "Miss Burrows knows about it. Gladys luund out and toid her proaching conflict between Russia and Germany. The responsible people in England, and else Since automobile speed possibilities have been to greatly increased, ' polled authorities whose task it js, to try to keep qr make the highways safe have been faced everywhere with the problem of dealing with incompetent drivers. , . ,, , Chief among these incompetents arc persons who make the mistake of mixing their drinks and drives.- Many remedies have been where simply have not made up their minds- "I don't believe England, has made that decision yet," udded Mr. Hunt, in regard to the Russo-German rivalry. "1 think she will probably stall along, meeting each ,.ln,l. mnnlr hnlia f '1 ! 1 II nnpl H II ,1 fl anynow 1 think it was Gladys. She never unto me. You could go back to the store only 1 don't suppose , . . , , Individual issue as it comes up." of them have as yet proved suf-, illumination Helen ly effective for,, universal h hay. adoption. Oregon has a drunken , . , j , , ...... . statesmen of the world are very rlrwlns? 1nu. hut it is bv no means' .... .... censed and some observers believed Landon faced defeat in the only primary he had entered. Rut since most Landon backers believe Hoover secretly covets the nomination you want to. 1 guess you're getting much like our humble selves, after the answer to the question, for it and Hearst early gave Landon his Basil O'Connor, New YorR, lawyer powerful backing, the decision was i who is reported to have received easy to understand. I S25.000 to work against the bill. So Lately, however, word has been : It sounds official. . .. ' comine from Wall Street of a tcnd- , copyright, 1936. NEA Eervlcc, lne.l ell, in that they arc adrift in a current whose force and direction are unpredictable. They Cannot make definite long- Is so exacting upon the prosecution' that prosecutors generally prefer to dodge it and invoke some other .law, such as reckless driving. ': The smartest idea : along this She hurried. away and a few minutes later was back. "It's all , range plan?; they cannot tell just i where they are going. Muddling through and hoping that tome-, thing will turn up are about all arm, staring at the shadows, trying to face this fact. Everything wi;s changed now that she knew Tim didnt care and hud never right," she said. "Marie will take care of you. They're to charge it to my account, and you can pay me whenever you want to." line comes from a commission recently appointed by Mayor La-Guardia, of New York, to study the. matter. This commission suggests',. that all , we need to do is caied. He couldn't have, of course. that hi left for them. And that, after all, is not as discouraging as it might be. When the future is as uncertain as it is 'Toby to think of you doing BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN 1936 NEA Service, tea this for me!" When Harriet reached home Toby was in bed. She lay very still and Harriet, thinking her roommate was asleep, moved new that it copied the past; Never in her life had Toby worn anything so becoming. . . . She went out to where Duryea was waiting. "Well " she said, smiling, and turned slowly, mannequin-fashion. ; Duryea beamed. "Perfect!" he said. "It's the kind of dress I've been wanting them to send . for you. Exactly right the color, style, everything!". , He stopped abruptly, sensing rather than seeing another presence in the room. . , , (To Be Continued) tq change our truffle codes so that, ,oduv. . D1.0rum needa . b 'Why not?" 'After the way I heated CHAPTER XXVI Tim said, "Is that you Gor quietly so as not to waken her. Instead of penalizing the mart who lble, Drj'nf, ut ful, specd in lne drives, while .intoxituted, they dar not lne best wuy ,Q meot you ! Maurine s dark eyes were geous.' misted. - She 'rrtust have answered, such a situation "Thats all over," . Toby said lruuiiv uie iuuii wiiu uuves wuue under .the influence of liquor. though she wasn't aware of what steadily, "and we'll both forget about it. Besides, if I hadn't left she said. But she must have said Mr. Micawber's way may not have much to recommend It, but It wasn't much of an untruth. After all, she! had had an engagement for that evening. She could have been dancing at that very minute if she hadn't decided to leave the others and come home. And she wouldn't have Tim Jumieson tliinking that, because he had neglected her, there was no one else to show her attentions! She wouldn't have hirh thinking she was spending the That,, change may seem unlm- something, because Tim went on, Bergman's I might never have A few days later Harriet asked, "What's become of Tim Jamieson, Toby?" and Toby was able to say, naturally enough, "Oh, he's around. I had a cull from him the other night." . Later the same day Toby stopped in at the Model League office. She was talking to Sally whoinshe noticed a girl across the room. portam, i Actually, it might be the there is this ubout It: it does save eusily and casually. along swell, aren't you? 1 saw your picture in a magazine. You looked just beautilul!" Toby said, "No, 1 don't want to go buck to the store, but I am glud they know 1 didn't take the watch. I'm glad you know how it happened." "it was an awful thing to do," Maurine said remorseiully. "I guess. I deserved everything that's Happened since. They let me go after Gladys told about what I'd done." "Where are you working now?" "I had a job, but it was only temporary. 1 huven't done anything for ubout three weeks now. Thai s why 1 came to see Mr. Blake. 1 guess it was plenty nervy of me thinking I might have a chance as a moael but there's no law against trying." Toby eyed the other girl. Mau-rine's beauty had dimmed and shabbiness made this more apparent. No, she hadn't a chance of becoming a model, whether she talked with Ben Blake or not. -..:'.: Suddenly Toby noticed Maurinc's hands. They were lovely long, tapering fingers, smooth und sott-looking. Toby leaned forward. "Listen, Maurine, if you want a job I'll tell you what to do. Go to the shop where I have my manicures I'll give you the address, and I'll call to tell them . you're coming. After you've had a manicure, come back and I'll see that you get to talk to Mr. Blake. He needs a hand model. I happen to know that. You'd be surprised how many girls pose for hand or throat or shoulder pictures. Lots of them earn their living that way. I've got to go now, but I'll telephone the beauty shop " taken up modeling. It really was people from the prospect of a "How've yoii been?" he asked. good thing for me that it hap Italian Units' Drivg on What have you been doing?" pened." Dessy They left the builaing, each tak "Oh, this and that. I've been wrong decision at a time when a wrong decision might be unimaginably costly. busy-i-'... Toby went on speaking, but a mo evenings waiting to hear from ing different directions. Toby went to Duryea's, walking swiftly. She arrived exactly on the minute of Over aiid over, she hud planned hiln! ..nicut later she turned again. Then this conversation, .what she would She liad spent' a good many of her appointment. "Cecile sent some dresses over," them that wuy. All the morf reason why Tim mustn't know" He took his dismissal lightly. say when Tim culled and how she would say it. She had . even rehearsed the words. And now Tims voice was coming to her over the wire, and everything that she hud planned was forgotten. She could think' of nothing but the most MISFITS "Flashraj" from the Albany Klwanls - Informant written weekly by a former publisher of the ''Albany Democrat F. P. Nutthif. ,. ,. , ,. Sorry," he said. "Well, I'll call Rome, April 9. Three b i g Italian units, selected from three army corps,- are driving . toward Dessye, grand headquarters of Emperor Haile Selassie, in northern Ethiopia, press dispatches from Asmara, Eritrea; said today. The dispatches forecast that Dessye might be taken within a short time. , . The, army corps concerned, the dispatches said, converged oh Koren, which the Italians occu pied several days ago, and made it their base. caUst' tt. gets entirely around that vexing and 1 unanswerable old tiuesllqn, "When Is n man drunk?" As things stand now, before a drunken .driver can be punished the police have to prove that he was, in fact, drunk; and- if you have ever had your nose' Inside a court of law, you will understand that this can be a remarkably difficult thing to do. That is why statistics about auto traffic accidents fall to reveal the real extent of the menace of the drunken driver. For instance: Charles A. Hartnctt, motor vehicle commissioner for New York state, points out that less than 1 per cent of the state's serious auto ac again some of these days." common place phrases, Could Tim ' Yes, do. Her words, politely impersonal, matched his. Then she sue crossed to wnere me gin was sitting. "Hello," she said, "I didn't recognize you at first." ".If was Maurine Ball and it was the first time since leaving1 Bergman's that Toby had met any of the girls from the store. "Hello." Maurinc's manner was diffident. "1 I saw you, but 1 didn't know if you'd want to speak to me." "Why, Maurine!" . "Well, 1 didn't know" It was no wonder Toby had not recognized Maurine. She had changed greatly. She was thinner and the lines of her face seemed said good night and put down the Duryea told her. "Try on the blue one, will you? I want to see whut it looks like." Toby said she would and went to the dressing room. The blue dress and another ot green arid white plaid hung suspended from a rod. She opened her makeup kit, applied powder and a touch of rouge, and then slipped the blue dress over her shoulders. It was a heavenly shade, blue as July skies. The dress was a crisp organdie, with a full skirt and fitted bodice and a sash at the waist. It was a style so hear the way her heirt was pounding? NO of course not, but sHe wished It would stop.' It made it hard to speak naturally. The words choked in her throat. I 'Hie recent llauptmann episode will' go down -In history as the greatest of nil mystery murder stories- ' ' "How did you enjoy your trip?" telephone. Slie went back to the davenport, huddled against the cushions. She was glad timt the room was dark, except for the single light. She was glud no one else wns there to know that Tim no longer cared. She lay with her cheek against her she asked. 'My trip? Oh. Vou mean down ; In keeping with the times public, taste calls for sensation of the most ravenous nature. to Maryland; It was so-so. Weather was bad most of the time." "When did you get back?" "Lust week." Last week! The strange tight cidents last year involved drunk-. en drivers. Yet Commissioner j Hartnctt himself insists that the drunken driver Is the most serious menace on the road today. I Hence the ease with which people fall for rackets of all kinds and natures from lucred chain letters up und down. ness about Toby's heart increased. Tim had been home a week anil this was the first time he had culled' her. All through the dav Hence the suggested change.! Lengthened out, the individual Don't require the police to prove does best who does not flash at since she hadn't seen him, she'd sensibly clung to te belief that there was that the man was drunk; let them j every new thing until prove, simply, that he was undei1 unnyzed and tested. some reason for his silence. There must be a reason! Well, there was. He hadn t written, or telephoned the influence of liquor. Then the hair-brained citizen who insists on taking the wheel after Inhal because he hadn't wanted to! I It has been remarked that the average person these so-culled modern days has about as little backbone as an angleworm. Tim went on, "1 meant to call sooner, Gorgeous, but one thing and another conic along. You know how it is. It's a little lute. I guess, but 1 thought if you were n't doii.,: anything else tonighl we might slop out somewhere " He left the sentence unfinish Thousands of bonuses have been spent before received, suggestive of the confidence we all have In Uncle Sam's word. , Another dangerous thing is the parole system, .often abused to the limit. It might well be abolished as a pestilence.' Either send a man to jail or dismiss his case and nut make a joke of a penally. ed, waiting for her to answer. ing half a dozen highballs could be made to pay the penalty. For unless a man was actually unable to stand up, it is almost impossible for you to prove that he was drunk. You can prove that' he had a lot of liquor in him; you can prove that his eyes were goggling, that his breath was strong, that his lets were unsteady, that his speech was blurred; but his lawyer will contend that he was merely under the influence, not actually drunk and Toby fought desperately to control her voice. She prayed he might not notice the pause, but it was a moment before she could speak. Then she said, "I'm sorry, Tim, 1 was just leaving." OF RICH, RIPE-BODIED TOBACCO "IT'S TOASTED" i ..... t . , . MOISTURE CONTROL The most important single attribute of cigarettes, other than the tobacco itself, is moisture content! To its influence we owe the ability to make uniform cigarettes, to control combustion, and to govern quality of smoke. Excessive moisture interferes with proper combustion, and makes cigarette smoke unpalatable. Insufficient moisture permits dry, dusty cigarette smoke toimpingeupon the delicate mucousmembraneof thesmoker. If there was a contest In idiocy the winner would bo the fellow Mb M IUsm MA j luckies are less acid - J . who Inaugurated the contest for in nine cases out of ten the jury the best dressed woman in the U. will string along. a- cAN0'" -M ft .1 S. A radio guy suggests a contest for the prettiest big toe. In connection wllh the aforesaid a scientific gent' is declaring vociferously that the world is degen Let' the law once recognize the indisputable fact that a driver under the influence, of liquor is as dangerous as n' maniac with n razor, and we might have some chance of whittling this menace down to its proper size. erating buck to the monkey. Life's practices go in waves, and we do well when the seventh big and frightening one comes along. , Believe it or not theru.have bren DfcSTINV Ml'UULE snowfalls in Albuny every month from October to April, inclusive altogether hardly enough to men tlon, a new record. PUa to stay awhile wften yotl 'viiil th' New Exposition :. .There much to ) in San Diego '' RATES - 2to3,o-&': iOne of the hardest things for us drdinary citizens to understand is that the great people of the world the statesmen and strategists who' have our destiny In their Circumstantial evidence is some r Excejti ot Acidity of Other Popular Brandt Ovr luckyStrHieOgarettet ? . . . ,'l . ! ' . . . 3 . . . J times strong; but it is a dangerous Uuiig to juggle when a life is at hand-rrjre air blood relntioiu of, stake L U cTtCY S T R K e LUCKIES ARE LESS ACIDI Recent chemical teeti shew tfiol other popular branch have cm axewtt of otidify Over lucky Strike of from S3 te ,00. BRAND BRAND Z3 i ,0 A A I ' ' A "' corns smo I jjfrYju Schillin RAND Mr. Micawbrr-. i Mr. Micawber, as you wil doubtless recall, was forever hopefully waiting for something to turn up. , We like'to'tliihk of the' Stanley Baldwins,, the Adolf Hitler and all the rest us strong, far-seeing men who know1 exactly what they and their countries are goinn to be doing- three years from now. But once in a while someone gels unusually frank and we find that the world politics is largely just a natter of muddling through and, O "IT'S TOASTED'-Your throat tofesleiion-againcf 'iMtgtD .. . -against cough 0 a

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