The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 5
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 5

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 5
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Unwarranted. Attention? Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1968-A5 Dr. Max Raffertv Letters On Complaints And Suggestions Editor: Integration Kills School System amounts to an apparent rese-gregation of an otherwise desegregated school, some of our leading civil rights advocates have recently been looking at the track system with a cold and somewhat jaundiced eve. with a definition of "hippie " Does a hippie have hair 7 2 or 6 3 inches long-' Does a hippie by definition have to smell, as City Attorney Ward implies? Perhaps Mr. Ward should be employed in a verification test of this requirement. Needless to saw Police Chief Emerich would maintain his vigil: looking for dim lights, incest, wierd music and other heinous crimes. The whole business reminds me of the situation that anti-semitic owners of a certain Miami Hotel encountered. They were always on the lookout for people who looked Jewish. Unfortunately, a Jew-looks like an Italian, who looks like a Frenchman: a pity for our hotel owners. What are our Hallandale anti-hippie people going to use for a criterion'.' I don't know , but to be on the safe side. I'm getting a crew cut to go with a charcoal grev suit. JOHN H.MARTIN Lake Worth Editor: As a former resident of the Northeast part of the country. I am amazed to find the an ount of attention that hippies seem to get in your newspaper. Perhaps this is a reflection of the large super-conservative element that exists in the area in general, but it is a shame that hippier are accorded so much print just for being hippies. It seems unusual to me that an arrest made in Belle Glade for possession of one ounce of Marijuana (the evil weed!) should practically be headline news, while a rape-murder in the same area should be on page thirty near the corset ads. It disturbs me further that towns like Hallandale are trying to circumvent the constitutional right of people i assuming that hippies are people) to assemble peacefully. Now we see the town commissioners fumbling around school with this kind of a track system for about three years, and at the end of that time. I'll show you high tracks with plenty of black youngsters working in them and doing well. In 30 years, if you let me spread the system all over America. I'll show you low tracks which are no longer disproportionately black. Why 30 years? Because that's how long it takes for any educational practice to change things. Too slow? Education is slow. It has to be. or it's not education. Real schooling moves not like a prairie fire but like a glacier. It's just as well. I don't think we'd like prairie-fire education, even if it were Unless we school people are careful, one of the innocent casualties of the present Negro fight for better education is liable to be the so-called " track system'' of instruction. For the uninitiated, the track system is simply a method of grouping children according to their ability and present achievement. The theory is that a gifted child is going to be learning more and working harder if he's put with other above-average youngsters than if you let him loaf along in a regular classroom situation where he's so much smarter than anyone else that he ends up bored stiff. Similarly, putting the slow child with others with similar problems enables the teacher to concentrate on his particular needs and weaknesses without neglecting the rest of the class. The track system, in a high-Iv sophisticated version, was the basis lor Carl Hansen's la-mous "Aniidon Plan'' which did so much to help the cultur-allv handicapped .egro children ol Washington. D C. and which went down the tube last vear under the onslaught ol tlic black power activists. Whv is tracking currently in I he racial doghouse'.' Basically, lor one reason: in anv school with a sizable black enrollment, the so-called "slow track is bound to have an outsied proportion of black students Since this Dale Pullen ,oISIL1D)S fcitfrfcfcitt, J JO. V3 DISCOUN' DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT Useless Light Editor: I would certainly like to know what kind of a traffic engineer would put a stop light in front of the airport entrance. I believe that is the most useless use of my tax money I have seen yet. ( And I have seen a few). If you haven't seen it. go out about 5:00 p.m. and one car is coming out of the airport and there is a line of about 20 or 30 cars stopped by the light to let him go out. I have been at the airport any of a number of times and I never felt the need for having a light to let me get into the stream of traffic. MRS. JAMES ENGLE West Palm Beach ItCil Portable TV 19" diagonal screen 184 sq. in. picture area 4" speaker Built-in antennas 1 II If ill in raw Reorganization of Needed, Smathers OWE DAY ONL"? It seems people are always complaining. I'm a people, so here are some complaints disguised as suggestions: Let's keep the tiny-boppers away from the Hut. They are becoming a nuisance. Let's keep Channel 5 from turning up their volume when the commercial comes on so strong with the hard sell. Let's coordinate some of the traffic lights on Congress Ave. so one can find a green one twice in a row. and also perhaps raise the speed limit a few MPH's. Let's be more public about the state law concerning right turns on a red light. Lots of motorists seem to be ignorant of this law. and the ones that aren't are always behind the one that is. JAMES GALLAGHER North Palm Beach ncii Stereo Console Solid state amplifier 2 speakers 4-speed record changer Feather-action tone arm FIELDS DISCOUNT 10 CU. FT. Refrigerator i Square line styling Push button defroster Egg racks, meat keeper Roomy full-width freezer H29 WELBILT Electric Range Matchless lift-off top Electric clock, heat shield Glass oven window Spacious 25" wide oven $129 3 ; WASHINGTON - George Smathers, just turned 55. relaxed in his office surrounded by pictures reflecting 22 years in Congress and said: "The Democratic party in Florida needs to be reorganized badly." Democrat Smathers will move his pictures from the fourth-floor New Senate office building between now and the first week in January when his third U.S. Senate term runs out. He also says he will move to have the Florida Democratic party's planning and policy committee replace him "with someone younger, more vibrant and more successful . " Smathers was named to head the committee in a too-late effort by the state's top elected Democrats (cabinet and Congress i to br ing organization and cohesion to the splintered state party operation. With Republican Kdwa.d Gurney's smashing 281.000-vote victory over Democrat LeKoy Collins in the race to fill Smathers' vacated chair, Smathers accepts the obvious lack of success of his efforts. Smathers believes that what faces Democrats in Florida is a building effort from the bottom. After years of control of state-wide politics by Democrats - mostly conservative the victory of Gurney coupled with Claude Kirk's position as governor presents a Russell Raker PRICES ON NAME BRANDS ARE LOWER more apt to be disadvantaged than anyone else is. So any-educational device set up to help the disadvantaged is bound to be dealing largely with black kids. That s the way things are today. Here are the characteristics of a good school tracking system, and I only wish my black activist friends would concentrate on getting these into their local schools instead of trying to do the whole valuable program in: 1 Children should be placed in the several groupings solely because of indicated individual abilities and needs. No one should pay the slightest attention to whether the kids are black, brown, white or yellow. 2 Semiannual evaluations should be an important part of the program, with emphasis placed on moving a child from one track to another just as soon as the evidence shows that he can profit from the move. The goal of the low-track should be to send its en-rollees on to higher tracks. 3 The teachers of the slow tracks should be every bit as well trained, dedicated and experienced as are their colleagues who are shepherding the high trackers. 4 Each track should have its own books, tapes and other teaching materials carefully chosen to meet the neCds of its own youngsters. Give me an integrated Demos Says many of those political pictures and work at lobbying an-d-or quiet, delicate work for Nixon in dealing with Congress. After all, Nixon is a personal friend since House days in the late Forties and rents Smathers' Key Biscayne home. And Smathers said before the election that the country would be in good hands regardless of who was elected Hubert Humphrey or IflWj-ard Nixon. In George Smathers. Florida Democrats never did have a guy at the head of their policy and planning committee, who was prepared to go all out for the national party. And. a look at the leaders of the state delegation in Chicago at the Democratic convention, shows little if any sign of hope that vigorous, attractive young Democrats will be allowed to muscle in. The C. Farris Bryants and Haydon Burnses and Broward Williamses and Bud Dickinsons are not the stuff of vigorous change. Nor are the party hacks and drones they brought along as representatives of the state party. They are the stuff of stodgy, status-quo conservative Democratic politics. Republicans in Florida, who also suffer from those years of Democrat dominance have to be smiling and rubbing their middle class white hands at the great chance they seem to have to catchup. ing with persons who need haircuts. There should be credit cards in this parade 500 million credit cards, loaded perhaps aboard an endless mule train led bv the Rev. Ralph Aberna-thy. ' And life's losers should also be allowed to march, for they, too, are part of America. Great contingents representing all the poor devils whose laundry lacks whiteness, whose tanks contain no tigers, who have nobeer they can call their own, who do not know how to avoid wetness, who wake up with dragons in their mouths. What a pathetic procession they would make. For contrast and to cheer the President, they would be followed by life's winners, a battalion of oil men perhaps, waving from the windows of a wheel-mounted 45-story office building thrown together from theirtax advantages. The nobility of our unions should receive attention and so all the school children of New York City should be paraded with banners proclaiming that a teacher's noblest duty is to union security. The possibilities for an important parade are endless, but every parade is essentially militaristic and this one should end with a bang. The most exciting bang available these days is a rocket launch to the moon. The rocket could be mounted in Lafayette Square and launched by a button from the presidential reviewing stand. Well, they'd better look a little longer. Of course the slow track is going to be mostly black today. But how about tomorrow? One of the purposes of the slow track is to meet the special needs of the educationally disadvantaged. The color of the disadvantaged child is gloriously irrelevant to the problem. A century ago. the slow-track would have been populated with freckle-faced Irish kids just off the boat. Fifty years later, it would have resembled Little Italy. Today it's black. So what'.' Right now. the black child is challenge Democrats were not prepared for. U.S. Sen. Spessard Holland (Bartow Democrat I told newsmen two years ago shortly after Kirk's victory when a special meeting of state cabinet officers and congressmen was called at a Washington Hotel: "You know, we Democrats in the state have tended to each go our own way and run our own campaigns but we're going to have to quit that and we have named a man who is the best statewide voter getter we have to make it possible George Smathers." By all indications Florida's cabinet and congressional Democrats still are tending to run their own separate way. With the exception of U.S. Reps. Sam Gibbons of Tampa, .and Dante Fascell, of Miami, the rest of the troops did nothing to help the national Democratic presidential ticket in the recent campaign. Smathers' replacement will need plenty of help if he is going to get rid of the unwritten credo of Florida Democrats: "Every man for himself." For that matter, there is no reason to think Smathers worked very hard for the Humphrey-Muskie ticket. He's going his own way, too. Maybe into the Nixon Administration. Or, into an office in a building a short distance from the White House where he'll put If the thing must be held, some effort should be made to convert it into a more accurate statement of the American condition, a show that would march right under the President's nose all the glorious profusion and confusion over which he will have to preside. The Ku Klux Klan marching in full bedsheets would be a far more arresting sight to a new President than a float trimmed with plastic palm trees. And behind them, separated perhaps by a marching contingent of 2,000 electric-guitar players, might come the Black Panthers, rifles at the ready. Everett Dirksen could stay, but his limousine would have to go. Instead, he would have to drive his own car somewhere iaside an exhaust-belching traffic jam composed of 100,000 cars packed fender-to-fender, bumper-to-bumper, curb-to-curb along Pennsylvania Avenue. That would be a statement about American life that really stated something! Behind it, limping in exhaustion and carrying heavy luggage, might trudge an army of beaten men gathered from the airports of America and brought to Washington to represent all the air travelers whose flights have been delayed orcanceled. The Mafia! Surely the Mafia could send a contingent of 500 or so. What a float they could make! Immediately behind them, the police aboard an action-packed float illustrating the newest methods for deal- STORES ItC1 Color TV Console 23" diagonal screen 295 sq. in. picture area 6" speaker All-range tone control HANDWIRED Color TV Console 22" diagonal screen 295 sq. in. picture area Convenient swivel base 6" x 4" speaker. $499 HANDWIRED Color TV Console 23" diagonal screen 295 sq. in. picture area 6" twin-cone speaker 25,000 volt chassis $499 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. nnnn tn 7 n.m. r LJt 1 - l V ZENITH Portable TV 12" diagonal screen 74 sq. in. picture area Monopole antenna Front-mounted speaker J.M. WHIRLPOOL Electric Dryer 2 fast-drying cycles Damp dry, air settings Extra-large lint screen Automatic timer $99 MAGNUS Chord Organ i 12 chords, 37 keys Electric magna-lite 5 Magnus music books i Matching music rack $99 Make Inaugural Parade Spectacle To Remember MOTOROLA Color TV Console 23" diagonal screen 295 sq. in. picture area 6" x 4" speaker Smart stying KELVINAT0R Foodarama Built-in dairy chests Porcelain-on-steel crisper Egg storage, meat keeper Huge 2531b. freezer HANDWIRED Color TV Console 23" diagonal screen 295 sq. in. picture area Powerful 6" speaker Smart cabinet 399 CJ,u 1? (RT. 809) v-.j nun II I III. Ill IIJII.LLIJ I II MEL QMS f.i' im .- ! 'f-pj- FRIGIDAIRE 2-Speed Washer Automatic soak cycle Jet-fast Rapidry spin Automatic lint removal Easy single dial control wsp $14g KELVINAT0R 30" Elec Range Disposable oven linings Infinite heat settings Handy appliance outlet Even heat flow oven '149 M l VV.TinirsNfusS.Tviri' WASHINGTON' - It is time to do something about the traditional inauguration day parade which, alas, will be held next Jan. 20 as usual. The sensible thing, of course, would be to abolish it. The parade let us face the fact is a dead art form. The man who says, "I love a parade." is almost certainly a masochist, for the fact is that the average parade is an exercise in sustained tedium comparable only to the kind of movies shown on transcontinental airline flights. As Spiro Agnew, unfortunately, almost certainly will not say, "If you've seen one high-school marching band, you've seen themall." Sensible people, hearing of a parade in the vicinity, invariably head in the opposite direction, and why the austere beauty of the inauguration ceremony should be suffocated by the anticlimax of parading that inevitably follows it has never been properly explained. In theory, the inauguration parade is a statement of the American condition passed in review before the White House. Some statement. Some condition. At inauguration after inauguration, it is always the same the Skokie Marching Band. Everett Dirksen in a limousine, a few cannon, a lot of papiermache, girls in period costume (crinoline invariably follows hard upon "Dixie" from fife-and-drum). batons. Boy Scouts struggling to get in step, sousaphones and sore feet. SHOP WESTWARD CENTER NORTH PALM BEACH open daily 844-3467 1 & NORTH LAKE BLVD. 683-6423 2501 OKEECHOBEE RD. U.S. an

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