Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 9, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

t THURSDAY, APRIL" 9, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANYOREGON PAGE FIVE STORKS FEED ON LOCUSTS Cape Town Storks coming from Europe in great flocks, are solving South Africa's locust prob- V.-ms. The storks have acquired a ! Tulsa Cops Sniff ' at Dust Now Settling a test case, the judge ruled that if a dog chases horses he's a mischievous animal, but he's not mischievous if he chases and barks at automobiles. taste for locusts and this season they have destroyed so many that the government's annual locust campaign costing $ 10,000,-000 a year lias been suspended. DOG LEARNS SIGN LANGUAGE since it was six months old. From DOG MAY DARK LEGALLY Everett, Wash. U.R A six-year- simple movements of Moe's fin-; Fort Krie, Ont. (U.R The right old Pomeranian dog, owned by gors, the dog will obey such sig-'of a dog to bark as passing auto-i Louis Moe, has mastered the sign rials as "Come," and Go", "Stop mobiles has been upheld here by language. The dog has been deaf Barking" and "Sic 'Em, Tip!" County Judge T. B. Livingstone. RURAL POWER Q LINES SUPPLIED FROM TACOMA Variety I r i Tnerc are tlum.sRndH of Ktms to cliutwu li-uui hi our toiletry shop, uyry one no HriHriiittl so ymi run serve youmlf h.hI ml m thrifty pitcv. TOILETRIES Editor's note: A. C Heyman, ' ' writer of the following article!, is a leader in the movement favoring2" creating a people's utility district '" in Linn county: ii ' , ,','1 By A. C. Heyman 'J' Our Inst article reviewed the re- "" suits of the hydroelectric;' plant owned by the city -of Tacoma ,.; which Eives a residential, rnto fnr'M .3 electrie current of 4V4e per kilo Si. wait nour tor the first 20 kwh, 1c"" per kwh for the next 500 kwh, and .' oeion Talc mooo Ipfcj P $185 I V APrM 1 ' Shower & V. , Perfume , fc? "' 59c mm iZiJ- SVo .10 $1 bet pkg. Prices for Friday thru Sad 75c & ail over 520 kwh eoes at lhc. If a.. ' customer used 100 kwh a month the total cost in Tacoma would be "' $1.70. whereas the same amount'1" of current in Albany costs $4.50, : If you figure the percentage of increase of 'Albany over thnt .of'"' 59C 6 98C $A Dona 6Qc creom Ideal lus- Monday! a W - ' t vr ' $1 Automatic One-Hand Lipsticks 39c A hpstiok hi ttumlrtomc "hnistu'tl itolll VHHC, W.lll ilH'lllUtUS lilnk or ritl itulutnittlc kIuIi'. Soli, ci:iuiy and Binoxlh, . in poipy, riwiiln rvy, livrlil or iiHtlium, trlpli iitiU'lihii' matlo liy un , i'Iunlve fin inula. Wlnlf WW lust. ot U"- tor Tacoma you will be surprised. . ":l head trovs 59C Ttoeel ..!,., and ' V. V nte , SI 85 vow- ,1 A , Juf n.inR W ..... X3C I intc ( Ml'.W . fie1 Fishing Supplies Dan-Dec Tapered Fly t.i or ..-.i" . ,,ili .raders 6 ft 8c dflieiiti' f ramunci-. rrnervy ).hu, : rt-duiiti tov .cUnritnco. ,1, r. i DEEP-CUT PRICES out in mis article we wish to pass up further comment about'. Tacoma and tell about one of the' rural lines supplied with electrical current by the Tacoma plant at ,' wholesale prices- and distributed over its own cooperative lines to , its country members. . " .. ... 1 11 ' There are seven cooperative country lines radiating from Ta-. ' coma. Of these, we have written' to five asking a series of ten specific ouestions for information. " Four hnvo replied, and wa are pleased to be able to give our ' readers the data of these com- " panics. These replies will be in-""i teresting to all country people expecting to use electrical current from Bonneville, i ,, The Loveland Mutual Company with headquarters at Graham,' "'; Wash., has approximately 70 miles . of rural lines serving about -930 members, all rural. , . . The secretary. Art Crate, said im don't have to be hungry to put on n nnsetuiK tit TuIkii, Okla. Thou nit they miRlit liindor him in sct'iitlitK crune. Motorcycle Po-hcenan Sundy Hcndrtck appro-da tea those gauze dust tillers worn by Tulsa cops on windy ilnvs when thick clouds of dust whirl Into their faces. The In. expensive "nosebagR" are discarded epch day. 50c Pint Antiseptic 15c 50c Frostilla Lotion 25c 100 Fred Meyer 5-Grain pirin Tablets 19c Brand Full Quart Worthy Harrisburg High's Carlisle or Sncrk silicic gut b.ilt Hooks 6 for 10c 3-ft. Gut Leader, G-lli. tost, 5e Dan-Dee Wet Flies, silk body tied on Imported hooks, 3 for 25c Dan-Dec Flies, Double winged or Hucklail, 10c each Silk Enameled Fly Line, 16-lb. test, 25-yd., 49c Supreme Quality Waterproofed Japan Silk Casting Line, 18 and 24 lb. test,. 25 yds. 45c Colgate Products 40c Giant Shave Cream 37c 40c Pttlmollve Giant Shave Cream 37c 40c Giant Tooth Taste 33c 40c Giant Tooth Powder 33c 40c Giant Shave Cream Brushless 37c My-Te-Fine Products 50c My-Te-Fine Tooth Paste 23c 50c My-Te-Finc Shave Creum 23c 50c 10s My-Te-Fine Itludcs 23c Seniors Plan Play 4-oz. Jars Sweet Sixteen the construction cost per mile ishiii'g. (Special) The, varied considerably, depending on 9c each Russian Oil 33c Quart Milk Magnesia 29c $1 Enos Fruit Salts 89c $1.00 Bisodol 57c $1.20 Scott's Emulsion 94c 60c Hopper's Restorative Cream in tubes, 33c 60c Neet Depilatory 44c 50c Kolynos Tooth Paste 25c 75c 100 Abbott Cod Liver Oil Capsules, 10 minn., 49c 75c Quart Witch Hazel 29c 50c Full Pint 10 Volume Peroxide 15c 50c Pebecco Tooth Paste 39c 50c Hind's H & A Cream 39c 100 Saccharin Tablets 7c 100 Hinkle Pills 7c $1 Philipe Lipstick 55c 60c Condensed Jad 33c 75c Qt. American Oil 29c Was 35c Cake Chcramy Toilet Soap Special purchase of 4320 jars, fresh, new slock cleansing, cold or tissue creams. Large ' size jars, made to sell for 50c each. Quality guaranteed! high school senior class is putting the size of wire and poles used.-the finishing touches on their play. I Deductions from the financial "Aunt Siimantha Rules the Roost." statement would indicate that the The feature character of the piny cost is approximately $743.00 per is Snniantha Simpkins, n sour old mile. maid campaigning for village The by-laws of the company mayor. It will be taken by Phebe state that the membership fee is Isom, Smnnntha is u man hater but $50. In addition the members paid, her .beautiful niece, Sophie, taken enough more to provide for the by Martha Cook, and Polly, the entire construction cost, of ..Ule maid, Lorene Marg'utli, are deter lipes, thereby eliminating all in-' mined to have romance in their terest charges and amortization ot lives. A lovo potent mixed in capital costs. ' ' V f lemonade lands things in a merry i This mutual company pays the mixup, and from then on one hil-' city of Tacoma for electrical cur-arious situation, follows another rent as follows: ,'-,?' ', until the conclusion of the play. A First 5,000 k wh. . I .,i . 2c per kwh headlight in the comedy interest Next 7,040 " . . . , . lc " -"- '" is the scene where two old bache- Next 20,000 " ... , V4c " lor boys played by Frank Lutz andj All over these amounts 3 mills,, Ralph Hone try to out do each per kwh. . , j t: ' other in gaining Siimantha's favor. I This company distributes ihts, -doul.!.. i-.lm .l O.mnin- 1 iiulilmi raRorljIniltr. will, F U!U' ladc rocilitiu-liv urul a fiflWvSejijS? linntfeoiiiL' itoUi pluted siifi-ly PWS. Vf!!Ss rS'i'. nil for Una than llie ian iiie 5c Frvnoh Kunp, (iHHiirli l -'tiiloiit, ' fraKtniiL . u n i unrfhU'. Iiiik litnlnirf enke, I ii t Ii n r b freely. Sloct up 1 50c My-Te-Finc Tooth Brushes 29c ' 1 1 1 in 11 hi r 0 Can"00 -u VCit $1.25 Clothes BasKet tc 1 1 The play will be presented at current to its country customers at "0 1 B" - irtl Charitv Grange hall the night of the following costs: . j Kit April 17. is: :.tJ: 5i t.5,J 5c per kwh for the first 20 kwhi':," . 3c per kwh for the next 130 kwh; l'6c per kwh for all over-150, kwh. .- ... - ,.'' .'; Mj Crate further; states , that, the average country home using prybH 0lTtv.. ... .ion1-" a water pump, washing-machine, ' electric iron, and lights consumes. MEASLES SPOIL RECORD Harrisburg. (Special) Measles spoiled the school attendance record of Vein Bronson, son of W. I. Hronson: Vorn has gone to grade school for eight years, to high school for two years and was well along in the third year. He hoped to finish the 12 years without being absent or tardy, and then he took the measles. He soon got over them but the record was spoiled. from 00 to 00 kilowat hotu-s per Von,- month, . . . - .boOHK-"' The compunys financial .state 60c Values Italian Balm & Dreskin ment as of August 31,-1935, gives , the company a net worthiof $65,-; 24.54. This figure includes a re-- . ale at den serve fund of $14,661.73 and cash ; ' on hand, $1,402.02. , , . .... In conclusion, if we assume that ,. All for 29c IOO Pure Penn Oil 5 Si $2.95 ' . the average country customer uses . 75 kilowatt hours per month he ' pays for this amount in the Love- '" land Mutual Company $2.65 75c Value Stationery 72 Sheets 50 Envelopes f Pinafore" vellum writing paper, large size sheets and large envelopes. Viot fit a i SCIENCE AOVISES AGAINST MEALS LOW IN NEEDED "BULK" Reports All-Bran Supplies . This Dietary Adjunct whereas ,in Linn County under v private ownership of the electrical utility, he pays $3.75 or an Increase Vitamin Products 50 Norwich llallcaps (19c $1.25 SupcrD Pnrlcs $1.09 25 Suuibb A. B. D, G. cap. $1.09 100 Abbott'!) Cod L. Oil cup. 4c lOcc Squibb Adcx Oil 79c 5cc Mead's Viosterol 53c Laxatives 25c Carter's Fills 15c 25c Feenainint 17c 50c Cascaretts 34c 50c N. ft. 28c 100 Hinkle Fills 7c ' Squibb Items Quart Mineral Oil 89c Pint Mineral Oil Avar 59c 100 Aspirin Tablets 39c Pound Epsom Salts 31c Pound Soda Bicarbonate 31c 51 12-oz. Cod l iver Oil 79c Pepsodent Products r-flc Htirh Polish tooth pnHtn 3Rc 50c llish Polish tooth Powder 3Rc 50c Antiseptic 3Xc $1 Antiseptic 79c 50c .Funis Cream 3Rc $1 Junis Cream 79c Sanitary Goods 35c tin Quest Powder 29c 200-sheet 9x10 Kleenex 14c 500-Sheet 9x10 Kleenex 29c 12 Kotex regulars 2 for 35c 48 Kotex economy size 62c HfKiilhr WTif siu' Dnnliin lotion for w Hklii, ninl Hjiptinl 2 Tic nYv Hal-iun )in!m, On finoiitc Imntl lotion of lhunv whn rfftHi-tl thtir iippmr-nni'i'. (let Uilli them InHftry mc'-HilicH ill n Frnl Mtycr iivhii(. of 41 'A per cent.- i . . '.. . Anniversary. Sole Will Last Month , II-.,. mr'iint nnnnimpiMnpnt. Thf finest Pennsylvania crude, n'finrd ' the lonw rettidtiUiTi jirocrsa, which inuinfl il is a , complete homoKoncous -oil. ft cannot break down in your motor. I'm- tect your car . with the finest 100 jier ci-nl l'ure I'pim. ."I'.ix inciudtd, kRc curt dtpcKlt. Save On INDIA TIRES rrt'l Meyer brinns you thrso faniom-fimt qtiniity INDIAS ut pricts thnt mean real bbvhirs. Let us rt-pluce your old, worn tirrn now 1 Willi mw . of a great anniversary event com- 1 mcmorating the twentieth year his concern has been serving Western ' motorists, R. W. Dill, local' man FRESH TOBACCOS AT DEEP-CUT PRICES ager of the western auio ouppiy company calls attention to the fact I hat the occasion, which will continue for a whole month, cele- : bratcs the opening of the ; first Western Auto store in the west,' ! and brings scores of greater saV-.ngs to motorists. '. . " '' Some of the special features of this event include an extra trade-,n allowance on old tires, to purchasers of guaranteed , Western Giants,' specially reduced 'prices ' on batteries and oil, as well as on many other auto needs'. House--points, too, may bo purchased, at prices materially - lowered jdUriiig . h in - firms inn. ...1 i,:.,'.! :- Scientific tests have shown that meals which miss the proper "bulk" tend to cause common constipation. This condition causes discomfort, and may lead to headuches, loss of appetite, even serious disease. Avoid these faulty meals by adding Kcllogg's All-Bran to your menus. It supplies generous "bulk" in convenient form. This absorbs moisture, und gently exercises and cleanses the system. All-Cram also furnishes vitamin 13 und contains iron. The "bulk" in All-Bran is often more effective than that found in fruits and vegetables as it does not break down within the body. Two tahlespoonfuls daily are usually sufficient. If not relieved this way, consult your doctor. Kellogg's All-Bran may bo served as a cereal with milk or cream. Sprinkle over soups, salads or other cereals. Or work into appetizing muffins, breads, waffles, etc. It adds a delicious nut-sweet flavor to your recipes. How much bettor than taking patent medicines sometimes harmful! All-Bran is sold by all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. " Electric Clock Sale! $2.50 Round or Square Round or square $ fi A ; shape in black or ivory. Underwriters approved.. $2.75 Alarm Clock Same stjlcs,.S AO with alarm. Un- J derwriters approved each clock guaranteed. $1.84 Value! 16-oz. MelloBlend, Tobacco Pouch . & Pipe Cleaners Smokemaster Pipe $1 Airmcter Tells Ilumiillty v Temperature 9e Avrnfl HIcltlJi'KB Bll't coilit liy liuvinit till U'lHiwrntiirr unit hilnililily ic4lii'utfly ry!li r-til. Kf you run null il Ht It LECTURE SCHEDULED' f Onkville. (Special)-Rev H, F. Irvin of BelUountain is scheduled:- all for With Honey for Curing Bowl Genuine Smokemaster, AOm complete with bottle of honey to give it a sweet, fine cure. In gift box. ! to give an illustrated lecture, "The 5c Garcia Sublime or 5c Jose Vila Cigars Great Pyramid." at tne April meeting of the Community club Friday night, April 10. The Lions club, of Brownsville, will contribute music. Committee in charge in-? eludes Mr. and rvTrs. Otho Fromaiv 50c Briar Pipe FREE with 16-oz. Half & Half Smoking Tobacco, $1.65 value for 69c $1.15 Prince Albert or Velvet Smoking Tobacco, 16-oz. tins 73c 15c Old Gold, Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Camel and Raleigh Cigarettes, 13c; 2 for 23c; $1.13 cartons 200s. 15c Herbert Tarcyton Cigarettes, Cork or Plain Tip, carton of 200 $1.25, 13c pkg., 2 pkgs. 25c 15c Spud Mentholated Cigarettes, carton of 200 for $1.25; 13c pkgs. of 20; 2 pkgs. 25c 15c Sam'l I. Davis 1886 Cigars, $3.45 box of 25 cigars; 7 cigars for $1.00 10c Van Dyck Bankers Cigars, box of 25 for $2.19 15c Royal Bengal Little Cigars, 2 pkgs. 25c; carton of 100 Little cigars for $1.25 $1.50 Dr. Grabow DeLuxe Health Pipe, $1.29 $3.50 Park Lane Briar Pipe, Assorted Styles and Finishes, Packed in Gift Box, $2.29 50c Pigtex or Suede Zipper Tobacco Pouch, Brown, Black or Green, Oil Silk Lining. 45c ? for 5c Tiona Cigars, long filler, mild; Box of 10 for 23c ; box of 100 cigars $1.99 At Fred Meyer Tobacco Department 'Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Pugh and Mr. and Mrs, Henry Hales. t'cm FA 1 '-' r; - .. if i ,-- " uiiiyL $1.00 for box of 25 Perfecto shape, box of 50 for $1.95. . . . every cup IIS ' If 25c II Tooth la ' Brushes $1 Table Lighter 39c Assorted col- fragrantly faesb! 10-oz, tin Mello-Blend smokinu tobacco, a Fred Meyer product, sold on a money back guarantee. 50d brown suede tipper top tobacco pouch, and Sc package of pipe cleaners. Get all in this thrifty combination, for the regular low price of the tobacco alone." 111 75c De'Lasse Dusting Talc Complete With Puff ' ors, easy to light table model, with sturdy base.Q A name and flavor a$y to romembor Chrome Humidor I9c Prices for Friday Morn Thru Monday q jhop early and avoid the crowds, yet make all weekend jVcial sav'n5S a' Fred Meyer:' Ad copiesviposted as early as possible. : Made in U. S. A. Sterilized, adult size, assor Ad shapes. Health-Ade bros-hes, cellophane wrapped. A!fUrl dtitlyns, H'l-jonlaljlp rr.ntia;tiiii'rt fur- nur fkr,ril riir mrtXivm. MriaUiitr nl-Uchrmcnt.,; ltt9 DMfthtfuily T rtnvr.t rt, mil f r-m ttt ''PIS' ini(iurtt-l !ln)ia'i Inlcum, LnrKrWu. t:n compJfU' wl'h 4'-inrh vf'uur ilutte pwif. A truly fin thistinu j;od r. ulfT'O at "ftat-tiitfi of Hi fonwr. jrUft 1 mm

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