Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 8, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1936
Page 7
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6 4 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1936 THE ALBANY OEMOCRAT-H E RALD, ALBANY, OREGON ; r PAGE SEVEN It tirade 31c C tirade 2Ue , rillhfcr Lambs The Democral-Herald Classified Rates. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Grapefruit: Arizona fl .fiQlfj.2.40 case; Florida tJ.00Tr4.'JB case ' Lemon: California, fancy, 5.256l5.10 case; choice f.i.SOf'io.OO cjue. : FRESH iGETA?LE3 , Potutors: Local, SI. SO cental: Klamath $2.25it 2.r.0 cental r Scappooae netted gems WANTED EWES WITH OR WITHOUT CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD DENTAL j lambs. Also beef & piws. S. E. Eichvr. crowns, bridites, filling, old jewelry, j Albany. Rt. J. Phone lli-F-ia. ' nT-'J-S watch cases, etc. F. M. French ft Sow,' m .. . . Jewelers. - dSOtf I FOR SALE HEAVY TEAM OF HLACK - ( ! ' holers. ? and V yrs., true and Mound. Sro CASH PAID -FOR lVED FURNITURE, , Guy Thyiut'S i, Club Pool Hall, Albany. etc. "Look in your attic." Chas. Roar- at-$ count. A Soy. 416 W. First Si jMf NEW TODAY iy RECKING TBkT SCHOOL IILDGS. -Lumber 14 and up. IMankB, fltKirinx. fidinjr. fihcctinix 22. 2&. 2x11 JiVyxlH and 3x12. Casinir & mould inns. It r irk fl Iter M. I'ipe, lath, tlry wood crut to lenvlli. Suleiman on job 3rd & Madison St.. Albany. Ore. a:M6-S Is k Price quoted U'tnw ,w iu- nr vailing al II o'clwk a m n 1a. t,-t ion and are subject to chant m noiit ht-rtft't ' oHtand Market Review Portland. Ore, -Mir.l 8.--- All buttti prices advancin) one rent a pound todny, except first. lluttcrfat was boost-: d one cent. There U a firmer one for small sited orange. J1.60H1.75 ; Deschutes netted Kerns $2.003 2.26 cental. Prai: California $4.0O)H.35 hamper. Celery: Caltforna S2.60Ca2.75 crate. Spinach: The Dallca 71c; local 70r6c ADS MORS THAN TWO UNE8 I time. mt wnnl ; .Sc .t tmiiii'Cullte time. IHT woru eont-t'i'titivt' timet., ivr url .r Miiiilh. tunkfcutive tum-a. per word IfOr UEAOKUb Count (iv averauv wimfa U line, in ihutu I'uuiil - IVr line, first insertion, 20c; per line each addi-tioual iiutvrtion, 15c . . ' Lard of Thanks, 5ue. " ' , COPY DEADLINES " Classified cod must be in office before 11 :00 o'clock on day of putn lication. Copy for Thursday must be, in before 8 :0U a. m- for classified patte. KATW A .NO INFORMATION Count six average word to the line. I i your ait iptur mcorriH-Uy. twtr- u- -mnitdtaU'lv. Wt accept rcoLofi nihility tui t.m incurr.i-t PRUNE AOVKKTISKMKNTli Ad wUI be taken over tbe telephone ... iy tiia.;. Tint- uumi lor (Ik- ... venieiu-c of Ihe advertiser, anil rtrail-taiice should bb mailed upon the rreipt of invoice. Minimum 2 Li. 1 time J!5c M nimum 2 Li. 3 time .. Uc Minimum 2 Li. 6 times ..- 86c Minimum If Li. Month $2.5u Phon. 1ft wanted for cash old or worth- 21 Help Wanted, Female horses and cow ; bo dead -animal if . - - - - in icoud condition. Cale ami MontKumcry, j WANTED ELDERLY WOMAN TO DO Phone collect aa-F-12, Corvallis. m20-alS j housework for elderly couple at Wclls- dale, no washing. Inquire A. A. Garrett. CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS Rt. 4. Albaoy. Phone 3ti-F-.H. ' a7-K box. Practically no chnnges In lemons or ' grapefruit. nd and i lAtuisiana strawberries priced around j$3.Sfi to $4.00 for 24s. LOCAL UUA1N K. Sender. A Cn. WHEAT : No. 1 white 75c i mixed, "tic biuhcl. , tlAKLKV: tlanton. S21.0U oli FOR RENT 3-ROOM MODERN HCli'tlK. ! Garuttc, garden spot. Call at 12.10 E. 8th. ! FOR BALE HANSCEN BARLEY; ALSO j 3-irrain oats, lVie lb., siwcial price ton j Iota. Widmcr Bros., I'hcinc 68-F-3. aS-lU litirsea and cows. Day-old calves. I'll. 14 F-14 Albany. Cecil Montpomery. mH-tf 33 Better tone In the apple market for low Personal Onions: Oregon tl. 161.26 eental. r Tomatoes: Mexican, $4.00 lug repacked, packed. Lettuce: Arizona. $2.75 3.00 crate I Imperial $2.0012.50 crate. Sweet Potatoes: California $1.90 50-lb. crato; southern yams $1.00 crate. Cauliflower: Roseburg f 1.7 6 ((,!. 85 : Cali- OATS: White. No. ' 1. 18.00 : arBy No. " priced utork Im reioilel 'STOMACH ULCER. GAS PAIN8. AND 1 1 Hay, Grain. Feed 1, ;3.00; Kruy 'eiil lio.00 ton. Old vutatoea firmer to hiither. WOOL ' I AsparaKua U in lamer supply antd low- Wool, per pound :..30i er. . , i,NuuiMiun victims, wny suuer i rur FOR SALE CORN ON THE COB, lc LB. quick relief net a free Rift packet of Udtia. I Hrlnir BReks. Joe Wootdrldne, Ht, 2, l'j a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson 'b mi. went of Dover. ' a7-8 'Drun Storo. m24-a24 Petis are badly broken in price for Pismo . fornia $1.8fi rrnte. Mohitir, Iter pound 42e Poultry, F.ggs Ueneh sock. Khubnrb: Hothouse, extra fancy Sl.50 ; WANTED J',-INCH WINONA OR Ru-ihford wuvon for inuts. Adolf KittU-uon, Salem, Oid.. Rt. 7, Box 385, aS MEATS D. G. Neh.raatl Meat Co.) Khuburb is firmer and slightly higher for local field grown. ' wanted - baled clover or oat 30 MiSCeUaneoui Classified CATTLE SHEA APARTMENTS TO RENT UP- ivr ll&.Ou and lower $17.50. Tripp & Murphy. uK NON-RESll)ENTSAYS HELL Never In the history of Albany nan there been a house Bold of like vulue at this price. Two extra line lots, paved a treat, fruit, fine location, the house itself would cost SB0O0 to replace: hardwood floors in front rooms, fireplace, full bade WANTED TO BUY LIVE CHICKENS. Hia-hest ensh prices paid. Phone 104. Harry's Market. "-! fancy $1.40; choice 11.00 per 6-lb. box; field grown ll.00rti;i. io. Cucumbers: Local, hothouse, 85c$1.35 dosen. Hacon: 25ffi264c lb. StPrs . , .$r00i6.i) ... 3-0ftKf6.00 . . 8.0iViV4.25 Heifer . LIVE EXCHANGES TRIPP & MURPHY REALTORS 65 Acre Poultry and general ranch and PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (By U. S. Dept. of Agriculture) Portland. Ore.. April 8. Hogs : 200 ; steady : good-choice dri veins Bulls Cows, beef owner will consider a small place or pos r." T : PAINTING. WALL PAPERING. INTER- S For Sale, Wood and Coal j ior decoraling lhat'a different. Phone 42 or 613-L. Wilbur Dawson A Claire Snyder BONE DRY WRECK WOOD CUT TO, in30-tf lenKth. Madison School, 3rd & Madison, I : , Albany. Ore. aS-S-S j LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED ' BY NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of a mortgage fore- Cows, cutter sibly a lamer stock rancU- $l0.76(ijC10.K6 : load lota quotable to $11 mroL This proiwrty is offered for a few ROOSTERS FOR SALE AT THE ARN-old Ekk Ranch every Thursday for $1 per 100. Abo a few hundred chicks for the last of April and Bronze poults any week in June. L. E. Arnold, Lebanon, Ore.. Phone 1421. : 7-S Good 198 Acre ranch, owner scttinif HOGS hcavics $io.ooaio.3&; light lights $10.26 . closure execution issued by the 160 to 160 pounds I days only at J38U0. which is only a frac-Ltion of its real value. Located at 522 West (tl 10.60: parking sowa $8.50; feeder pigs I automatic machine. . Warner Circuit Court of the State of Ore along in years and wants to retire on small place. r Hardware. mlO-alO 160 to 10 pounds GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGIj ! UE1.1V- phono 331-J ered in any length. Lester Chileote, IsOC : iTlh street. Drive by but do not disturb the 200 Acre Ranch, beautiful creek and all 210 to 250 pounds icnant. F lease act quickly on this as it will 2G0 to 350 pounds Santiam Rd. l'hune Vii-R. J20-1 , MONEY TO LOAN ON WEI.L-IMPROV- gon for Linn County in Suit "No. 17147, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, Plaintiff, and Wilbur B. good land with hita bottom. Federal loan 00 and owner wants small ncreiiKo to rt last. ed farms. Low r.'. Interest. .160 pounds up Wm. Rain, IRVINE L. HOOU, Phone 300 a-8tf . . l.n04i2.M .. 6-76 .. 9.25110,85 . . 8.76 0.76 .. 8.76(rt 9.00 .. 7.00 7.76 .. E.00U 6.60 ;..S7.60((t8.50 ... 2.00ift8.00 ... 6.006.0Q 7c 12MiC THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICK. I Albany. WHITE LEGHORN COCKERELS BY Thurs. and Fri. delivery. $1 per 100. Hrinjt boxes. Jenks Hhtehrry. Timitvnt, Ore., Phone 5-F-31. aG-8 BHUEr ward Salem. Six Lots, Tacoma, owner wants most anything in this country. Tripp & Murphy Realtors. . - i i atitf Storer, Walter P. Storer, et al, Defendants," therein pending, and Claude Wriunt. pllene 26fl.J, 638 E. 6th : St. m20-tf nEI.P TUB NEKOT NORTH ALU ANY ACREAGE andy hctc rit;ht on the highway, ooJ The Salvation . Army needs fruits. .veue to mc directed, i snail, on the Livestock fiuit and nuts. 1 he best buy ever 13. For sale. Miscellaneous ablcs. clothina ,e4e to help needy people Lambs , . Kwiis Yearlings Live 18th day of April. 1936. at the hd in North Albany at only $1750. uuotnble $10,266(10.76. Cattle: Receipt 100: calves 10; rather slow ; about steady with late Monday j no aood fed steel's offered, quotable to $8.00; fed heifers eligible around $6.50$.! 7.00 ; low cutter and cutter cowa $2.75fir 4.25 : common-medium 4.50f(i 6.60 : good beef cows tu $6.00; few bulU $5.2fif(( 6.75 ; rnily top vealcrs $10.00. Sheep: Receipts 100; few plain spring lambs unit old, held around steady ; sellers talking steady or up to $11.00 for choice drivein spring lambs ; No California springers offered ; five decks lae Tuesday 60(ir-75c lower at $10.256iH0.60 ; older clatwea scarce, nominally steady; choice wooled old crop lantba quotable to $10 and above; ewes $5.50r(.6.00. In emergency easea. Money, too, if you I IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 FOUND LEATHER KEY CASE AND one key. Owner may have same by identify inn and paying 'for ad. Call at DemocrnUHcrald office. a8-i Dressed ... DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect 14F-14, Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-F-4, Corvallis. n14-tf hour of one o'clock in the afternoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House at Al- bany, Oregon, sell at public auction, for cash, all right, title and care to contribute. We have no telephone but brine 'n what you have to donate or drop as a card and we'll call for It Capt. Bert Bailey, fun Bast First 8t. Albany. MICHKHT OIIAI.ITY FHUIT AN1 NUT trees, shrubs, rose bushes, shade tree. At Hd Im price list Settlemeier Bros. Nurseries. RU S. Albany . n21-tf ACRhV RIVER BOTTOM POULTRY n Holley and Crawfords- " T" Lht betKe I (Swift & Company) No. 1 hens. 44 to 6 lbs 17c hitchway and river. interest had and possessed by ffered for a few days at TABOO PUT ON BEAUTIES -ilXikht I'hisks W:il i nly -V V ificaA No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs 17c Trades ROOM FOR 3300 TURKEY EGGS IN OUR incubator. G.' M. Auwerle, Jeffernon. Phone Jefferson 43-F-3. ag-10 29 FOR SALE 2 SPOTTED AND WHITE brood sows with 21 piittt. 100. Grimm alfalfa seed, 24c : seed oats, wheat, barley ke soldiers' bonus cer- Toledo. The University of year book will not contain m part oF A pi all. said Defendants, or any of them, on or since the date of execution of the Plaintiff's mortgage, in and No. 1 medium hers, over Hi -l 16c No. 1 medium hens, under 3 lbs 16c Colored springs 17c TRADE ALBANY PROPERTY FOR house in Lebanon. Address Box 1620, care OD, Phone 300. " ,and clover 'seed; Kntahdin potatoes; 2 A WANTED TO RENT 75 TO 100 ACRES j3c j,ayinK sfic Zimmerman wheat any lo the usual "beauty section" this No. 1 broilers, 14 to 2 tba., .......16c Democrat'Heraid. a7. . year. Editors are "fearful" of stu- WANTI cation, 30c wool, 40c mohair. Paying; $10 FLA TOP LIGHT OAK to the following described real property, to-wit: . dent and sorority "politics." att-10 Pfeiffcr, Albuny; Phone 6:1-1-J. desk for oat and clover hay. Phone 113 morn- typewtfier drawer, or will I 5 For Rent. Houses, Apts. consider desk.Pl'rice miwt be ren- intra or cvenincs. Farmers' Seed Account Brownsville. a7-J Rooster 7c Stag ... ... lo EGGS All Prices Are DcUvared Albany Case Returns CITY TREASURER'S NOTICE No. care Democral- son a hie. Herald. a8.ll. Notice is hereby given that the -V- ELLSWORTH APTS. BRAT, OVER- stuffed furniture. I'h an Hue Ellsworth. ae-tf THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices were nnmcd to be effective today i Uultcr: Cube extras 32c; standards .11ic; prime firsts Sl'jc; firsts 30c lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets lCVjc; Oregon loaf 161jc, Broken wlll pay c below quotations. Ens i Produce Exchange quotations between dealers: Extra large 18c; standards targe 17c; extras medium 17c; standards medium 16c. Jobbing prices 2c higher. Kxtras IRe undersigned Treasurer of the Citv FOR v REN 5.ROIBI t. Bmll PLASTERED , K&rdcn and of Albany, Oregon, has on hands house. Standards 17c Extra medium , 16c Standard medium 13c fruit, 115 nil a8-10 E. 24 Wanted Miscellaneous WANTED WOOL A MOHAIR warrants from No. 274 to 526, in - V, EXCEPTIONAL' VALUES 1!34 Plymouth DcLuxe Sedan 1H83 Plymouth Sedan li36 Chevrolet Sport Coupe 10114 Chevrolet Sedan li)33 Chevrolet Sedan I!i:tl Chevrolet Sedan iy;iO Chevrolet Sedan 1027 Uuiek Standard Sedan Several 1029 to 1!3U1 Fords. Curs as low as S36.00. These' cars are all reconditioned and Kua ran teed. , 'ALBANY AUTO CO. Buicks and Chevrolets aH-l SU I Brown extras IBe FOR SALE clusive, for the vent 1935. Interest WANTED MILK COW TO KEEP FOR use of name or will share part of milk. Good pnnture. Wfai. Hoibrook, So. Ferry St. a7-9 FOR SALEANI TRADE MARE AND gelding, 1475 lb.; alao spriniter cows. . -mi. No. of Holsey on Pacific Uwy. Arthur Lewin. a7-9 NOTICE CALE A MONTGOMERY, WHO are advertising in this paper for worth- . ALLWETAL ROW. i Montnteicry St. a8-10 boat, 118 i Cash advanced on contract. No Interest win cease frorn the date nf pul,lj. - l ' ' , foiinn nr iniR nniipn V) BUMS. HI.OOM- us before you sell, GLADS. INSPl inn size, nan-4 each. 130i PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES These are the prices retailers pay wholesalers, except where otherwise atated: Dirty extras 17c Undcrgrndes Lie Pullets 12c Pee wees lOe VEAL Live 8c Dreaset)j 12Vjo BUTTE K FAT A grade 52c j E. B. WILLIAMSON. Treasurer of the City I of Albany, Ore. I Dated and published this 8th day o8 SAM FRAGER Albany Baraain House. Cor. 2nd A Baker. m28-a28 Elm St. FOR SALE 9 Butter: Prints, A grade 84.jc lb. in leas horses and cows, are in no way eon- I parchment wrapper, 86 'yc in caroni n li console model Dcmocrpt-Herald Want Ads. Results nected with my place. Cecil Montnonj-1 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT of April, 1936. ery. m6a26 at fSaon's Drug Store. marlt! grade, parchment wrapcr, 33.c ; carton April 8-10-13 34 '(jc lb. Rutterfnt: Portland delivery: A grade, delivered at least twice weekly 84(tj: Sfic LJFE GOES ONE By HAROLD GK A lb. ; country routes 8Hffi 3Bc ; II grade 83ffl' 'Mc lb. ; U grade at market. B (Irnde Cream for Mnrkot: Buying price, butterfat basis, C3VjC' lb. But mv ( BUT f HOW DIB SHE ISM ( uELL0 A ( MORNING. , psaSSSSB V. WHW'S A f WHMT H6 V f jflu bot It CHEE , IS HIS ) Cheese : Selling price to Tortlnnd retail McClOSKEVS TM TOUGHEST KID era: Tillamook triplets zic; loai id. Tillamook soiling price to wholesalers: Triplets 19c; loaf 20c lb. IN 5CHO0L- y VUH COULBN T SEE IT- 1 I MORNING" I I HELL0J ( J 7 u(.s U y,U. Is 1 si uJ CHW UlM LOOKIM' INSIDE II L Oj Kgga: Baying price of wholesalers: Extras 18c ; standards ISc ; extra mediums 16c; medium firsts 15c; undergrade 13; pullets 18c down. Milk: A grade. Portland delivery. &8Mic lb. buttcrfat basis for 4 per cent. ' Live Poultry: Portland delivery, buying price: Colored hens, over 4 lbs., 17C((18c; under 4 lbs., lHifclDc; leghorn hens, over 84 lbs., l(WM7c; under a lbs., 16lff.l6e; That portion of the John Smith and wife Donation Land Claim No. 47 lying within Sections 20 and 29 in Township 12 South Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian described as follows: . Beginning at a point in : the North line of said Claim 29.60 chains East of the center Muddy Creek; thence South 230' West 10.26 chains; thence West 30.96 chains to the center of Muddy Creek; thence North 10 East down the center of said Muddy Creek 10.42 chains to the North line of said Claim No. 47; thence East on said North line 29.60 chains to th,e place of beginning, Also, Beginning 10 chains South of the Northeast coi ner of said Claim No. . 47; thence West 14.53 chains more or less to the East line of the lands formerly owned by Martha Morgan; thence North 9.30 chains more or less to the center of Muddy Creek; thence in the Northerly direction down the center of said creek to the West boundary line of the John Wilson and wife Donation Land Claim No. 60; thnce South on West line of said rlalra to the place of beginning; Also, All that part of the West half of the Thomas Cannon and wife Donation Land Claim No. 48, lying within said Section 19 Townshlo 12 South of Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian that lies Wea,t of the County Road; Also. All lots 2, 3 and 10 In Section 19, Township 12 South, Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian; The land hereby conveyed containing . In the aggregate 165.44 acres, more or less. Also including herein, all lands adjacent to the above which have been acquired by giantors by accretion. i , HERBERT SHELTON ', Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon PHILIP HAMMOND, 310 Guaranty Trust Co., Bldg.. . Portland, Oregon. , . Attorney for Plaintiff. , March 18 25 Al 8 15 leghorn broilers, 1 to lbs., ISfff 16c ; hd do 114 tin I7ff18c; colored springs, 2 p y ijsonnu'.N I lbs. and up, miiQc roasters, 8(?(uc; pekin durks, young, J4(iU7cj geese U6vl2e lb. Live I'oullry; Selling price by whole salers: Light hens ISlS'yc ; medium bens lfl'-jnc; colored hens 10c; broilers 16r 17c; springs 22c; prkln ducks youny 17W 18c; do colored lOfttMfic; capons, over 7 lbs,, 24(ft 26c lb. ; guinea hens, 60c each. Turkeys: Dressed, selling price to retailers : No, 1 hens, 23c ; toms 22Gtl'22t lb. Turkeys: Drenseil, buying price: New crop hens, No. 1. 22c lb. PREH1I FRUIT Apples: Delicious, citra fancy, $1.70; do fancy $1,46 : Newtowns, extra fancy, 11.70; do fancy $1.40; do face and fill, fancy, 86c; do face and fill, choice. C6c; Spttien berg, extra fancy, $110; do combination. HYSTER FAVORS QUICK ACTION By TTiompson and Coll MYRAJNORTH, Special Nurse a, ; . VALUABLE IMFOEMATIOkl MERE'- MV SIGNATURE OM THE OU, BVTWE WAY- CEPOET TO ME ' ' IMMEDIATELY, WMEM THOSE TWO AMEEICAKJ5 ARRIVE FPOM VEMTUBA- 5PVSUOEATI-I WARRAMX DM .. EW? I'M CEGTAM THAT UNDER TME CIECUM5TAM-CES, IT WOULD BE twu 1 I hivn, ywutc JM THE MEANTIME, MVEA AMD LEW WEM HAVE BEEM LVIMQ BESIDE THE TRACK'bi IM THE HEART OF THE UBAMIAM JUMOLE, ' FOE TWO DAVS, IM THAT STEAMGE TEANCE THE ORIENTAL l5 ABLE . TO PRODUCE ' ii.ifo; Home Henuty, jumble, 2'jc lb.; Winesaps. extra fancy, $1.66; do fancy, OUE. ADMIEAL WIEES ME THtv I aifc . mm Ml 1.1 HIOMMtSS.'I SrHAUl UNWISE TO WAIT TILL $1.40; do jumble, extra fancy, Be lb. HAVE VALUABLE IMFORMATOW FOE. OU& COUMTEY I Jj 'JY'JSI I : h ATTEMD TO TME HAVE VALUABLE IMFORMATOU L Uiil gUTjOM.II FOE QUE. COUMTEY Srf FOR TMI? Bananas: Bunch CVjc; hands 66'.,c lb. 1'enrs: D'Anjnu. chore, $1.7fi box. Oranges: California n a vela, fane)', 18.00 EXECUTIOM fi4.26; choice $2.7&rf2.H6; standards $2.6t rase. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned as the Administrator of the Estate of Sarah Jane Hollo-way, deceased, has filed in the NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, Administratrix of the estate of Anson I. Say lor, deceased, nnrl hns minlifipd. County Court of Linn County, Ore gon, his Final Account as such Administrator, and that the said All oersons having claims against the estate of said dece f i9H by HtA tno.j dent, are hereby required io pre sent them, duly verifies, witnin six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice TWIDGE AND SON BY BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS to the undersignca aaminisiravri;, at the office of Marks U McMahan, First National Bank Building, Albany, Oregon. . WELL, I HEARD fC' ' Court has appointed Saturday, I the 18th day of April, 1936, at the hour of Eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day as the time and the County Court Room at Albany, Oregon, as the place for hearing of said Final Account and the settlement of said state. Any and all persons having objections to said Final Account arc hereby notified to present same at said time and place and then and there make such objections. PAUL JANSEN, Administrator of said estate of said deceased. ; ! CEO. W. WRIGHT, . Attorney for Admr. ' ; Mar 11 18 25 Apr 1 8 THEN, THAT SETTLES klEVER. SAY "THAT IF YC'J fT! I NEVER DID LIKE POP, "YOU'RE WOT DPOP-PIMG 'libSB CKARC3ECS AGAINST KIUTTY GOOK ARE YOU ? AFTER ALL, DROPPED THE pt)U MIND... THAT'S ( f7rAl VELL HE HAPPENS TO BE TriH f", J. YEAH, AND IM A I , ARE ttoU V CAWDIDATE RUNNING "E POLL.THE OTHER !D J WST ME STUDENT 4 lS'5, J PAYHE GOT ABOUT THE J BODY PRE5IDEUT 4 HE EI(3HTY V7IES 10 I CASE? . M J? ,-7 M THIRTY... AND j V Sri, bCHCk-yf '-F'- i voted for h THAT BOY, AND I KNEW CHARGES, THE JU Dated and nrsi puDiisnea uu 18th day of March. 1936. KATIE SAYLOR, ,1 Administratrix of the Estate p Anson I. Ssylor, deceased. . MARKS & McMAHAN, I Albany, Oregon. . . , Attorneys for Administratrix. March 18 25 April 1 8 15 Something 1 THAT, SOMETIME , I'D IT WAS OUR store: VENILE AUTHORITIES WOULD A Q-0 kAC -D" PIND A BfTAerHJ II up BDnvc lkrm ' ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY ' The merchants and professional people listed on this page art known as Albany's most reliable business men and womn- Cji on them today. Please mention that you taw their o to-Democrat-Herald . . . . f- . '"' INSURANCE ATTORNEYS OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established ltf l HARKS It McMAHAN Attorneys at Law . 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg Phone 299 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE V-3 to loan, farm seciinw AUTO FREIGHT BY HAMLIN A NEW MASTER ALLEY OOP PRODUCT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., SWTTT AND CO ALWAYS HI the market for eggs, pmjltrj rm and cream. 1 ij CI Phone 371, . SHOE REPAIRING HEY, FOOZY. WHAT TH' ) ' f)t THUNDERATIOM HAS TH ' .) 1 TOOL' -f C DINNY- HCVKATS.-N JT T . ? ( DON'T ASK ME.' ) f 1l-ir9' " S A WE BETTEC GO hZr ( ; v. c r f I DOME IT? BY 2ACKY, I'VE GIZZiLTy -BOO-BOO- ZACKy-WAK) ' S SAY - X. HYPNOTIZED - &IT THIS, YOU BI& YAP - YOU'RE WO ) ( WHAT HAVE THIS BI& rJ OH, OH? X LONGEB A BiRD-YOU MOW ARE S .. I YOU DONE TO ) , vLIZABD.' Si HECEOOMES) StfT BIG DINOSAUR BODYGUARD.' ) V DIUNY?.', V x J ALLEY OOP J AM' REMEMBER YOU AIWT . S - V . CClSv 'V' o I AM' FOOZY- , K. AFRAID OF MOTHIM' .' , ' ' V ?n . ) a ' SAOTTAVvOWl , &&EZOCiUH.' JT J yHRRDlf M AUTO REPAIRING MUSGRAVTSTS SHOE SHOP, IM Lyon. Mono, muamy no T E. HULERrS AT KELLY'S Qrage. Towing ft Wrecker, ph W WASHING MACHINES CAAPET CLEANING ft OTTO K OOS. A MRS H lW...: Maytag, Easy, Thr Waslwrfc- WELDING BICKSMRMNO THE SHADE SHOP. 409 W Firs' fhnn 7S. jarvTis;j a son. MJOII FILM SERVICE Ing frames, axles "tralsmenta UTRLEyS DRUG STORE FOf WELL DR1LLER8 .wntrth. film FIINKRAI BIBECTORf ..'C- E.GORDINIER SON ...Well.Ornieni 'We vli'-it ymir InqutrUV Eugene, Oregon . . rORTMILLEn FUNERAL HOM ly or Mglil utiuua: Ml- 1 1 ..) 1J E SEKVICC. INC, T. M HlC U. PAT. OFr. ' ' - J " s niui .i u i, ..r.

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