Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 8, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE' SIX THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1936 y Visit to Hospital Is Lesson to Reckless Drivers Aviatrix Trains for War Service . LATH, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS funeral was held Thursday there and her grand children Russell. Wilbur and Francis went down that day. .. Phyliss Holt had her tonsils re Cox. went to their own home Fri- posed of Tuesday evening when day. the Dover delegation will put on Mrs. Harry Wylie spent Wed- ' a program, nesday in Lebanon with her sister, i The Busy Bee Quilting club Mrs. Krummel. ... met Wednesday with Mrs. Carl Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meyers Miller with 16 present. Miss IT )0, 1 drove to Portland Thursday with Florence Cooper was a guest, moved Saturday in 5810111. this was the second operation of this type she has undergone, as one. grew back and was badly infected. I Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Johnson Mrs. F. M. Harrington of Boze- The local high school has a com- j plete baseball schedule. The first spent Sunday in Eugene with Mr. Johnson's sister, Mrs. Arthur Douglas. Mr. Douglas is in li.c hospital. man, Montana, who was here to a.tend her father's funeral, and was leaving for her home. Women of the Farmers Union spent Thursday at Harmony hall quilting a quilt that will be dis- game will be held April 14 ; I i -H Wunt AHs Bring Results aweet Home. Mrs. Walt Smith continues very ill at her home in town. O. W. Frum has completed a hew little brooder house on his town property in north Halsey and has - " " i; ' lie ILL w i tT, ri-vw- J r r it occupied. John LaRue celebrated his 84th birthday Tuesday. He is quite Usi litis I am '! Shedd Shedd The teachers and students of the local schools are busy planning and preparing for the May Day festival which is to be - May 1. The musical festival will take place in the morning. Besides the music to be given by the several schools who are to take part in the festivities, the : Albany high school band will give a concert. At noon a community dinner will be served with the community club in charge. Crowning of the queen will open the afternoon's May Day program to be followed by two baseball games. Everything except the ball games will be in the gymnasium. , Mrs. Sarah Gumm is spending a few days in Eugene visiting with her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Margason end children, June and Donald, end Leslie Palfrey, of Portland, . visited Sunday at the home of . Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Havcrland near Halsey, . I Jim Couey is repapcring sev-. eral rooms in the Presbyterian ITEIlUIBl't' kTlilll . fur Home Itepsilrs Tennessee Tennessee. George Ross, assisted by Adolf and Walter From-horz has been setting out strawberry plants. John McCIellan was here from Noti Tuesday at the home of his brother-in-law, Stephen Carrol. Mrs. Ora Breese . and Mrs. In L orpine with our policy of snp- Gladys Burkhart enjoyed a day last week with the Sweet Home f plying all community needs for "t It'Kitimulc funds loans for hui-V5 new, farming and pcrsonul need v; IIiIk hank is aiding mnnv home owners to carry out repair and remodeling project.'- ir Homo (Modernization Loan plan l A practical, convenient tfnd econ sewing circle. Mrs. Breese spent a few days with their sister Mrs. Jessie Caldwell of Middle Ridge, whose son, Wenzell was quite ill from an attack of flu. She left Monday for her home near parsonage. 1 The community meeting was held in the gymnasium Friday eve- .ning. Mr. Dillon of Eugene opened the meeting with a community sing, after which the remainder of the evening was in charge I luni mm i ii m iii.i,,fii fu-,ui in uleiy to reckless drivers. Municipal Judge J olio Uulknccnl. shown at left of tlie nurse. coiiiIih iimi yuutliftil speeders lo the Chlcano eospltal bedside of John McCann, a tiaioe victim. isIhiw ii uiiii in iiiiiiiiMi luiilm Pinniped up aid elevated. Following that, tile party visited tee morgue ami Hie oncnileis cunlrlliuird a fund if auoul J-'OO to aid victims of careless driving. Mrs. Ben Keebler whose ankle was badly bitten recently bv a neighbor's dog, is recovering satisfactorily. The physcian haj been giving lier a series of treat of the Chamber of Cormmerce of ,eral of Walter Johnson In Salemicote opened the devotional scrv- oge by Mrs. W. A. Briggs Friday Corvallis, with A. K. Berman as iast Tuesday. ice which was led by Leona Zeit- night for a party and to organize fP.a.',1.,?i P'Kam - a I Rev. and Mrs. Albyn Esson have! iPr, state vice-president of the an intermediate Epworth league. !SJuSK ..L, . Zl eai.'"5S."i "moved their household goods to Oregon guilds. ...... . .Officers elected were: Wellington whistling solo's and educational ments of serum for the preven is .1 " - --. omical nay to protect your property imcHtmcnt and make your home more livable.' 5 ADVANTAGES . " Itmisonable interest. - O Euxy monthly payments. 9 Three years lo pay. Loans from $11)0 to $201)0. For repairs, remodeling. Ask for full di-lulls Indiix. Al ulmul our iMorlKUge Luuu plan. K. S. Miller, Asst. Mgr, tion of rabies to avoid any poss ible infection. ... Albany. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan of Mrs. Noma Goodman has re- Uond, president; Dorothy Bass, Jefferson have moved to the Es- turned to Brownsville after nrsl vice-president: Lyle Holt, see- moving pictures was given. Mrs. Marilda Splllmun of Portland is visiting here with relatives. She is at the home of her niece, son furm. sDcndiiiu the winter in Corvallis ond vice-president; Lowell Stralev. Peoriw Peoria. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mrs. Dale Arnold entertained with her rinimhter. third vice-president; .limmie Ham- Embroidery Club, Wednesday! Rev. and Mrs. Hurrv Near of fi', fourth vice-president; Margar- Mrs. Harom Chance, Abraham were business callers in Albany Thursday. Mn r-ln I.nron nH risiiiihinr U,L ""-"'"em ui uic r uuneauuy liugene Were Callers Ul llie nome i-mcjf. u cuaui , .iieuia DI 1BKS .1. C, Irvjiie, jtlajiager Marsnret nnH Dnrnthv r.lim? nf n'terooon. Fourteen club members of Rev. and Mrs. Chus. Bates secretary, 'the leugue will meet HSl!" rytTrtn, a"d for K,,t,sts were Prcscnt- Mrs: I Monday. , --very Sunday evening at 7 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Jones of the tauslneM In Shorirt ?ntnrHnv , Floyd Fisher won the special! Miss Myrtle Meyers has return- at the church Albany Branch Willamette district in South Benton county visited the former's sister, Mrs. Martin Cummings, and family in the Lake Creek district Miss Alta McKean spent tho prlzc 0 "vely contest. Mrs. Les- ed to her home here utter a two1 Eight members of the Woman's week-end In Albany with her tcr.conser nnd M - , Llndse y Doty , WCeks visit with relatives in Port- Foreign Missionary society gath- of llio Darents ."" """6. iuna ana jenerson. icren at tne home of Mrs. B. M. Thursday. United Stoics Nadio&mi llnnk . . ..w... u j-j. muuii; iia uvtu muih; iviiiiei r I luuv lur trie mi aav mppi. Will Elllngsworth of Portland Rev. J. E. Walbeck is doing some and Kenneth Cunningham were ; seriously ill at his home for some ing. on friends in Shedd )ST.OFFICE papering for Mrs. John Evans at Lake Creek. OPPOSITE PO llvail Office, I'urti With, other Jioled.. b. K airwomen. Mrs. Cecil (Teddy) . Kenyon. above, of Boston, uiay play a- lolly- role in --America's next war. if and when it comes. According to her. groups of women flyers are forming clubs, to train for such war-time service as pilotinq now planes wherever needed. tallying wounded soldiers niul - dispatches, nnd replacing - mule t'Oiiimevclal pilots. Portland, Orepoit Saturday "' CoMis Thursday to take part : Mm. John Cox and Mrs. Merle ' i?nVr hH," P,.E!" VCr Githens were shoppers in Albany , AC oadcastmg station J. W. Lamar was a busineses MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT I N S I' K A N V. E CORPORATION caller in Corvallis last Tuesday morning. Thursday. ' Gooch returned lo their school Will Dobrimn nnd son Andrew time but is now improving. Mr. and Mrs. Albin Walberg de-Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Herron and putted Monday morning for a two family were visitors in Eugene weeks tour of California. Tuesday. ' Mrs. Nellie Isom and Mrs. Louise Mrs. Jack Kettlewell moved Straley were joint hostesses Tuesday from the Stanard resi-. Thursday afternoon to 16 members dence on Ouk street to the and one guest o the Halsey study Stevenson , residence of Main club at the Public library . build-street. ing. , "i i" Claire Kirk is clerking in thej At 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon White Hardware store while E. the primary children of the Msth-E. White is confined to his home odist church are invited to the uith ii uniriim ntl.'ii'lc nf rhnlimn- Hini'fh fur !in Ktiulttt- nrfo liiiiit Florence and Dale Clark spent the week-end visiting with their sister, Mrs. Kenneth Dlbbledce, and husband near Portland. Leslie Palfrey, of Portland Is spending her Easter vacation at were business callers in Corvallis last Tuesday morning. Andrew has made several trips to a physician to have an eye treated which has work lust Monday after being ill with scarlet fever , for several weeks. Mr. und Mrs. Jumes G. Gour-ley visited with Mrs. Gus Metz-ner Sunday. Mrs. Metzner is eritl- out were collected und opened. The amount of six dollars nnd twenty- caused him considerable trouble. the E. H. Margason home, ' W. W. Abraham is cble to be out i "." .... cally ill at her home in Albany two cents was received. Mrs. Wal- i benk and Mrs. E. E. Hover had i PMMrTir"" Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eay and again after being confined to his home with a severe cold. charge of the entertainment. ing with the housework and going A fair sized crowd attended the Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kent were , tif,m. A sunrise prayer service will be dinner guests at the home or Mrs. Ml. ond MrS- Warren Weygandt held by the Epworth league Sun-Thomas rarlow, bunday. J and son. Junior, returned to their dav mornine nt 6:30 followed bv to school. Townsend play at Mason hall last Mr. and Mrs. Percy Dodd, Of linw in PmllnnH after hronkfnat nl Ihn hnm nf Rw nnH Thursday evening. The play was given by a group from Albany with Mrs. Maude Pratt Lewis di n isn Bene , visuca ui tne nome i SpCndill(, a wock j Brownsville Mrs. W. A. Briggs. Ol mi. ano mis. Jama j. ,uoui- : ,(,), r,,i. I A ennrilo tiil. mmmnninn snr. recting the cast. Icy Saturday. Mrs. Lvn Brown visited in Al- vice will be held ut the Metho- Mrs. Fred Hughes and son, Stunley Gregory, Oregon State bony Monday. She was aecom- dist church Thursday night at. 8. Leonard, visited Mrs. Ada Cor Knox Bnttc Knox Butte. Easter Sunday the members of the Birthday club and their families will spend the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Propst in honor of the 9D birthday of John Propst. A basket dinner ..will bo served nt noon. Mr. and, Mrs. Harry Wylic made a business trip to Salem Thursday. " Dogs have killed 31 spring coran Wednesday. , W. B. Davis is driving a new pickup truck. Mrs. Wayne Clark ond little daughter, Sharyl Lee, returned to their home in Peoria Saturday. They have been staying for several days with Mrs. Clark's parents, Mr. and Mis, Ed. Huverlund near Halsey. 'I Loran Douglas visited with his parents at Oregon City over the week-end. . Delbcrt Zander of Scio was making business calls around Shedd Saturday. Mr. and Mis. Milford Muller and college student, assisted as one of the sub-committee chairman at the annual militury bull nt the Memorial Union building in Cor-' vallis last Saturday evening. He1 is a member of the militury honor; society there. , son of Halsey and Mrs. Midler's mother, Mrs. S, E. McBridee, drove to Portland Saturday to visit Mrs. pained home by her mother, Mrs.1 Jimmie and Mary Hathaway re Cliirn McCoy, who is spending n up and about following theirre-week here, v '. . 1 cent illness of septic sore throat. Mrs. Florence Schlcrchor of Mrs. Hathaway is ulso able to be Santa Cruz, Cal., is visiting here up following her serious illness of with her mother, Mrs. Ida erysipelas. Wurmouth. I Miss June Luylon was taken to Mr. and Mrs, George Sumpter the Albany hospital Saturday spent Tuesday in Milwaukie on morning following three weeks McBrides daughter and Mrs. Mul Mrs. fsabelle Thomri- lambs for Archie Cox. lers sister, son. They expect to have Mrs. Mrs. Lrnest Gourley has been' Brownnville Thompson accompany them home, i in Albany the past 10 days with' business, Linn country bridge builders are her mother, Mrs. Mitzner, who : putting in a new bridge about two is seriously ill. Mi's. Loe has been t miles south of Peoria. The bridge helping the children with the and a new road ore being built to- work. t ward the river where several small Cal Kean lost a work .. horse 1 minor illness. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith are motoring to Marion every other day to sec Mr. Smith's father, who is seriously ill ut his home there. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Forster became great grandparents last week. A daughter was born to Mr. , Mr. and Mrs. K. Wuda were business visitors in Albany Mon-duy. Mrs. George Coshow and daughter, Rosemary, and Phil Bergman, visited in Albany Monday. Ralph Dunnen is moving the mellows What a wholesome and healthful drink, and how deliriously mellow beer is when nature ucd.... to develop that full, rich Bohemian flavor, characteristic of Bohemian Club Deer. SOLD IN EVERY CONVENIENT SIZE CLASS CONTAINER river bottom tracts are owned bv lust week. - local people. Miss Emma Mullen of Portland Miss Esther Plagmann of Knox Brownsville. Mrs. Aubrey S. Butte attended the community Tussing was hostess lo the Tues-meeting f'riday evening. riliy nlid(,e club at her home on Mr. and Mrs. Dillon ond family Tuesday afternoon. Guests of the of Eugene were dinner guests Fri- Cll0 wlMe Mls. Clifford Uubcoik, day evening at the home of Mrs.1 Ml.s. i.ovcl Henderson mid Mrs. Pearle Shedd. , Chester Austin. Clara Sprenger visited over the A socU,i evont which mnnv week-end with his father and Brownsville and ilulsev women 0,ner, r'"llvps' . .,, attended, was the silver lea Ralph Cooper of Albany was an 8ivcn Wednesday ufternoon from overnight guest at he home of 2 u, 5 o'clock bv the Brownsville M?V An,!,,cti,u llson la1 Mndny- Women's Study club in the new Mrs. W. P. Moore and daughter gymnasium. The following pro-Jean of Corvallis spent Sunuay at wns ;.,,,.,. 1)iulu, du, M,s. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hughes re- came to attend the funeral of ; and Mrs. Lloyd Stinke in Portland. Swift Cream station from the reived six hundred baby chicks her grandfather. John Mover of Knights of Pythias building into This makes Mrs. Angeline Acklcy, lust Friday. They recently created Crahtree. an addition to their chicken house. Mrs. Clarence Cox entertained:. Mrs. A. L. Knighton and daugh- the Sunshine Circle Thursday ter. Thelma, were hostesses to the with 27 present. The visitors members of the Kroweldeen club were Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Orrie . Thursday afternoon. Two former Cox, Mis. - Blnkely, Francis Play-members, Mrs. Floyd Nichols and moir, Cormalita Grooms and their home. 1 Newell Furr and Miss Phyllis the building adjoining, which he' mother of Mrs. Forster, who also recently purchased. resides here great great grimd- ltev. Wayne Wright and Mrs. mother. During the same week Clara Starr und Mrs. Leon Morse Mr. and Mrs. Forster als had an-went lo Eugene Monday and other grandchild born in to the brought home Mrs. Ajna Gamble family with the birth of a first and who recently underwent an opera- only daughter to Mr. und Mrs. lion there. ' Preston Newton, also of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Alie Anderson ! who hove one son several years and daughter moved this week 'old. Both Mr. and Mrs. Newton to Silverton where thev will make graduated from the local high their home. school. Mr. Newton is employed in I one of the Portland banks. Mrs. Ray Hover attended. Majoric Cox. The next meeting j Mrs. Mae Robnct of Riverside is here visiting friends for a few days. A party sponsored by tlie Worn- will be April 9 with Mrs. Ira Beer' a e r Morse; club history, Mrs. Josephine Starr, who is the club's only charter member; vocal solo, Miss Vannice, accompanied bv Mrs. Straley of the Halsey Study an's Missionary society was held at Cox and Mrs. Grooms, at the i ' f.1 A N IHWfKlll ttfe..- iro..Nt - loin. the home of Martin Cummings. Cox home. . ( The pockets on the aprons and Mrs. Lester Parsons and son overalls which had been passed who have been with Mrs. Clara ' Mr. and Mis. Lynn Norton went I to Woodbuvn last week in response youngsters ! to Ihe message that , his mother, E. parson- i Mrs. W. L. Loney had died. Her Halsey Halsey. Twenty were invited (o the M. My Golden Rule Millersburg Millcrsburg Mrs. A. D. Gregory and Mrs. Ted Gregory made a business and pleasure trip lo Corvallis Thursday. While there they visited with Stanley Gregory, senior at Oregon SUito College. Charles Alexander visited with his brother Thomas L. Alexander, In Portland Friday. Sylvia Covey attended the fun- William This Curious World Ve Ferguson S AN DIEGO Whisky as well as in cigarettes club; high school girls chorus; violin solo, Mrs. Dean Morse; vocul trio, Mrs, Lloyd Henderson, Mrs. Russell Gcil, and Mrs. Kenneth Overton, accompanied by Mrs. Ralph Herron; piano duet, Miss Barbara Dawson and Miss Zona Nance. Vocul selections by the ladies chorus. A nice sum in silver offerings was received to be applied on stage equipment for the gymnasium. Tlie Brownsville Pharmacy will occupy tlie Evans building on Spaulding avenue, vacated by Anderson's general merchandise store, about the middle of April. Mr. Morgan will move his slock to the new location where he will have more room and nicer business quarters. The annual meeting of the congregation of the Prebytorian church was held in the church parlors Tuesday evening, the program starting with a supper, after which reports were given by the pustor and the heads of the different departments of the church. Election of officers was as follows. J. 11. Sainuelson, W. II. Hays and O. W. Payne, elders; F. 11. Weber, trustee: Miss Margaret Dunlap. treasurer; Mrs. It. P. Doughlery, benevolence treasurer; Miss Minerva Burr anil Mrs. Maria Murstcrs, deaconesses; Mrs. Newell t'urr, organist; Mrs. W. S. Chambers, chorister; Frank lsom, Sunday school superintendent; Mrs. W. E. Smith assistant superintendent; Harry Wilson,. Sunday THE ASHES OF DIMITRM TSAR OF RUSSIA IN THE 17TH CENTURY, WERE SHOT 04aVOVS, LEST THEV REASSEMBLE AND CCrAE BACK TO LIFE. EL CORTEZ M OTI I ROOM AND BATH HOW A OAT Our Prescription for EASTER CHIC and a sure tonic for that "Urarf .of it U" -apring. fever. RATTLESNAKE. VENOM SELLS FOR. $25 AN OUNCE IT IS USED IN TREATMENT FOR TYPHOID FEVEC. Fick whisVy that's mild mni friendf) . That hat no dtici. Smooth anoujlh to sip. Yat atret5lk aplenty school treasurer; Mrs. Burnelle Whilte, Sunday school organist: Betty Payne, assistant organist; Mrs. W. E. Smith, special program superintendent; Bill Ded-man, Tom Isom and Burnelle White church ushers. Following the election of officers and the transaction of other business, plans were made for completing the ro-decoralions of the church basement. The Past Noble Grand club met al the home of Mrs I ,,r,..,,,. Remove that irritating dun-d r u f t and choose a fluttering ball acawf. tick Cokha Craaai-aad y W M V.mmwmmt ln w t:aaaia. VERKHOVANSkQ sibeXc "COLDEST SPOT ON EARTH 7 THE MONTH OF JANUARY USUALLV QsRAGES ABOUT " 11 1Y WI tfllCC . C NEW--An oil FimtwM $2.50 Samuel.sun Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Crubtree' accompanied by Mrs. George Pugh ! spent Tuesday in Stayton. I The World Wide Guild of the Baptist church entertained the members of the Lebanon guild Tuesday evening nt the rhnn-h Al icniliflyunsR, nnt'ii me wrawier is us worst . . . aac (7 W lv lA A Ask a . I v j uti em cm m a (! mj lri wm w rr WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 815 Lyon St. Phone C79-R temperatures ot 9U degrees below etfg)nsv been recorded there-. . . the rxhuk'J vapor of one's brenlircrystalllies Into needles of ire, nuing hrenihlhE pnllitul. Ice forms III the nosirlli t n. mall aud miku H UlllUuit for them to got vauugu air. . " v , fjy mm m r j 7Q 7fac-XVX SM00TI EN-pl'cil TO Sfa A duel by Oru. and Grace Clul-, - 4 -,

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