Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 7, 1936 · Page 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 3

Albany, Oregon
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Tuesday, April 7, 1936
Page 3
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TWE ALBANY DEMOCRAT M IRAt&, AttAnV, OREGON PAGE THREE , r TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 1936 The World And The Farmer IutMd Evctt Monday by th Albany Deraocrt-HerU LATE. COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS A section siring agricultural news relating to the Willamette valley 834 Foster Simple Names Add to Flowers' Popularity LIME, SULPHUR VALUED AIDES CLEANING SOIL Grandma Mcncar is able to i ever many of the students enjoytjd be out again after an attack of ; a skating party at Louisburg spon- ' the flu and now her son Earl is i sored by the juniors. ; quite sick. j Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Clark,. Mr. Mrs. Levi Ellis is on the sick' and Mrs. Lester Coate and baby list with the flu this week. jand Mrs. Jane Curtis attended the Richard Faucet had three ribs ; wedding Sunday of Mrs. Clark's broken Sunday when he was niece. Miss Helen Thompson, at loading logs and .fell one some Pratum. She married Paul Leach. -crosstics. Dr. Langmack set the ; Prof. F s McEldowney went lo broken ribs. I Monmouth Sunday after his small Norval Rice spent Tuesday son, Marvin, who has been visiting evening with Mr. and Mrs. : there with his grand parents. . Gersham Paddock. Mrs. Tom Jackson is home frfom the Eugene hospital and is doing SciO ! very well this time. She had to Scio.-Frank Kruml has a new re,turn to the hosPi,al some da'3 car I aK- Victor Johnson and family have ! .".' Wilson is here from moved from the Mrs. Morrow California, arriving Saturday, for properly on South Main street to Z'., ?! Z" the farm of the late Mrs. Mary hr " ,0 Ir lZj"m Arnold near the Arnold school mth? slst0,r', .Mrs' C' A' cilbert-t ,t , and other relatives. LIST REVEALS STARCH, SUGAR IN VEGETABLES It I V!;.-, K Foster. J. P. Ilarrang spent the week end in Portland, returning Sunday. -I Bess Murnhy of Longview, visited at the home of her mother a few days last week. At a school board meeting last week, Mr. Tiffany was elected to teach the upper grades, the coming term. Rev. Charles Sundstrom was to J7v -iBjL " hal t in a name? Plrnty ! My ihe .;.Vo3 j f amateur gardener, and then proceeds to jand correcting agents. Agricultural gypsum contains both lime and sulphur in the most effective, least expensive, water-soluble and quick -acting form. It is not caustic, and therefore does not injure delicate roots. Surface application applied to the soil at the rate of one pound to four square feet, and cultivated ; in between rains, will work won-Jders with the heavy stiff soil re-. ferred to at the beginning of this article. I The absolute necessity of adding humus to such soils is of equal importance, so it behooves gardeners 2 Every person should eat foods which give body fuel, in addition to minerals and the body-building j CENTAURE A SCABIOSA Constiint watering cause sodium and other compounds to accumulate, and, as a result, soils lose the virgin, new flocculent fine tilth condition. Bad, mechanical condition frequently results. This means a soil t hat is very sticky when wot and hard and difficult to' work HMMM-", tuiii; nun? i-urni'i'tiM. ui ; ... . tir:jn i. ,.tlttM Scio, I ajuii i vv iimi-ii in vioiini-a, Mill.-,- who h. been "is father, Albert Windell, Sr., and to have a compost pile to which they add their table vegetable trimmings, grass clippings and any Ilershel other relatives during the Easter critically ill for several weeks, is when dry. Such a soil cracks open j other disease-free vegetation that ported making good recovery at vacation. He is teaching at Joyce, be in Foster, Friday evening to hold meetings at the Evangelical church, all next week. Everyone i is invited to attend. Mr. Tiffany and twelve of the scholars went to Lebanon Tuesday to see Mid Summer Night's Dream. While waiting they went through the paper mill. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Briggs were up from Salem Sunday to get Alice and Phylis, who arc going to live with them. Mrs. Aycrs has returned from Seattle where she was visiting friends and relatives and reports she had a good time and pleasant PHLOX prove it by making the flower seeds with the simplest names the biggest sellers, . Seasoned gardeners who have learned, thru long and arduous toil, the meaning of thejiigh-sounding Latin names of the horticultural world, will disagree. Beauty, ease of culture, length of blooming period, and adaptability for cuttings, are the four cardinal virtues which they will tell you are the real contributing faaors to a flower's : popularity. The fact remains, however, that the seeds that make up the bulk of the sales at the colorful seed displays at local dealers are the ones with comparatively simple names such as sweet pra, nasturtium, and the ones illustrated here. To make it easier to select the seed novelties and unknown varieties, seed pro- dticrrs reproduce many flowers in actual colors on the face of the package. Picture speak a universal language and these pic lures, as a result, have helped many a flower with a difficult name to attain some degree of popularity. With the genera; revival in gartfrn interest this spring, thousands of beginners are being initiated in the mysteries of gardening. Whether they will succeed in fastening "amateur'- names on some of the rare varieties, thereby bringing them out of their obscurity, remains to be seen. the farm home a short distance , if . , , . ... southeast of Scio. He underwent! Jne Hamsburg churches will an emergency appendectomy at observe Ear ,.apprp;,J,t" Lebanon and was in a serious con- Programs The Christian Sunday dition for some time. ;sch0 wl" hold exercises Sunday morning. The M. E. church also lj . i will give part of the Sunday school HarriKDUlftlJ hour to Easter exercises. Harrisburg. Mrs. Jane Curtis! Mrs. Lertis Ellett of San Ber-and Mrs. Cart Bass went to Halsey nardino, Cal., accompanied Rev. one day last week to attend a and Mrs. Boatman to Harrisburg birthday partv given for Mrs. Sunday, when Rev. Boatman Bass's father, Mr. Sisk. I preached at the Christian church. Because of wet weather the high Rev. Ellett was pastor of the Chris-school ball game to be played at tian church here two years before Sweet Home was postponed. How- moving to California. and dissipates soil moisture and 1 may be accumulated in the garden. frequently results in the scorching I - of shallow roots. Solidity is more desirable in a Organic matter yielding humus . lettuce head than large size, and m the soil, is very essential ftir ' a well balanced complete fertilizer moisture control. When soils ac-! tends to reduce excessive foliage cumulate negative salts, there will and to induce greater solidity, be found toxins or poisons, which Lettuce grown on too highly fer-are injurious to plant life. tilized soil is more subject to tip Inasmuch ps crop rotation with ; burn and slime than plants which its cleansing and purifying effects : have made moderate leaf growth. are denied to more permanently I planted trees and shrubs, it is nec- A spring dressing of bonemeal essary that the gardener resort to .will aid delphinium plants greatly, other means to accomplish results. , Sharp ashes spread about the Lime and sulphur are important ! crowns of the plants will keep the cleansing, purifying, renovating snails away. mm LARKSPUR mm? ASTER MARIGOLD trip. ZINNIA A. A. Tussing and Ben Stand- ish of Halsey, were callers at the fjiukciiia. i lit; iul'1 iui mc uuuj hent and work, comes best from starches, sugars and fats. Many people need to choose their vegetables according to their fuel value, the less starch and sugar in the vegetables, the less the gain in weight. In some diseases, as diabetes, the lower the starch and sugar content, the better. You may grow your own body fuel by arranging for a home vegetable garden consisting of sorts according to the list given below. Vegetables containing the least starch and sugar, up to those containing 57r, are: Lettuce, asparagus, beet greens cooked; vegetable marrow, watercress. Cauliflower, cucumber, rhubarb, sorrell, celery, sea kale, egg plant, radishes, spinach, endive, sauerkraut, tomatoes, okra and cabbages. Vegetables with 5',. to 10'.! starch and sugar are: Leaks, stringbeans, kohl rabi, truffles, carrots, mushrooms, turnips, oyster plant, squash, onions, chickery, pumpkin, celery root, rutabagas, beets, and parsnips. Vegetables with 10'. to 15','r starch and sugar are: Peas, corn, sweet potatoes, artichokes, poiatoes, soy beans,' yams, and lima beans. J. G. Paddock home Sunday. Frances Mays of Salem was 0k visiting her parents the first of the week. You get Jested Seeds la 36 AGERATUM -mm: PETUNIA COSMOS Select your seeds this year as you would the food for your table. Diamond quality seeds in the Orange and Green seed boxes are packed with healthy seeds that have been tested for crop assurance. You'll Hnif the Orange and OREGON BUTTER PRODUCTION UP pounds of cheese, purchasing 233,237 pounds of milk from 3072 farmers. Twelve condenseries and Limited Grazing Is Advised With Vetch MILLION POUNDS powdered milk pianis oougni rjj.-159,069 pounds of milk from 1438 dairies to manufacture 26,189,444 pounds of condensed milk, 5,025,- Green seed boxes at your bottor neighborhood stores. 543 pounds of powdered milk and Salem, Ore., April 7. Oregon's butter production increased 1,000,-000 pounds last year over 1934, according to the state department of agriculture. 47,719 pounds of powdered buttermilk. Twenty-three plants manufactured 1,420,846 pounds of cot- A IOUI1 OI lut 1 1 eillllt:! ies IIU1I1U- ' , , factmed 29,836.203 pounds of but-.ta8e cheese. Ice cream production was about even with the previous year. ter from cream furnished by Jj.yaa farmers. Buttcrfat used totalled 23.239.128 pounds. Fiftv factories made 16,387,568 Oregon City. In answer to questions from many new growers of hairy vetch in Clackamas county, County Agent J. J. Inskeep reports that experienced growers of the crop have found that limited grazing is ordinarily a good practice when growth is vigorous and conditions such that the plants grow to excessive length and lodge.' ' "" He points oift, however, ithat many vetch plantings have undergone heavy winter injury this year and growth is short, so that grazing under such conditions would be likely to seriously injure the crop. We are Always in the Market For EGGS, LIVE POULTRY, TURKEYS wfui JOiammdQi WANTED -to. BROILERS WOOL MILL RUN 80c SPECIAL, 80 lbs. . . . it rcp 0 FERRYS Fetrilize Lawn with Complete Plant Food EE D y s We carry a full line of Spcrry's Farm Tested Feeds Northwest Poultry & Dairy Products Co. 424 W. 1st Street Phone 49 first, I like lots of flowers and vegc- mb!cs...and with Ferry's seed I can grow plenty at very little cost. Then I know what frcshnm means to germination and that purebred quality means J get what I plane : And it's so convenient, so interesting, so satisfactory to make my selection at the colorful ferry ScciJ Displays. Weeds come with spring. A few good licks put in at the first sign of spring growth will save a lot of effort later on. Lawns fertilized with well-balanced, complete plant foods will get the extra push necessary to overcome the encroachment of weeds. There is a strong suspicion that quite a large percentage of weeds are unwittingly Introduced to relatively weed-free lawns on borrowed lawn tools and the tools and shoes of the contract gardener. In this connection, it is a worth while precaution to insist upon a through hosing of all lawn tools and im- plemcnts that have been used Old enough to be worn Choose Jresb PUREBRED SEEDS at your nearby Dealers out Excepting for the spring flowering fruits and shrubs, pruning should cease when the fruit trees come into bloom. - - - but still working! Each Puff Less Acid A LIGHT SMOKE Read This Story Of a 14-Year Old "Caterpillar"- SEND FOR FREE GARDEN HELPS C Fluwn Garden. Old rjditoned and New. C Hiiwfullavra Braui.ful l-J-n. L. Getting (be Mow Iron Your Vegetable Garden. K"' Can You SWIFT & CO. Albany, Ore. The Willamette Valley's Outstanding Market for Your EGGS, POULTRY CREAM AND VEAL Phone 234 OF RICH, RIPE-BODIED TOBACCO Beat it? Largest beed Growers in Pacific Northwest Lebanon, Ore., March 2B, 1030 CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. PEORIA. ILLINOIS. GENTLEMEN: - In answer to your question "Have My 'Caterpillars' been sat-isfaclory'"' I will nivc you their history. One cf these tractors was bought about fourteen years ago. It has built more than 125 miles ot road, cleared many acres of land, ' done considerable longing, worked on my farm' and those of my neighbors through til these years. Conservatively, it has operated one hundred long days per year for fourteen years, or more than 14,000 hours. It b still on its original tracks, never having had a bushing or pin turn'ed. The tracks are worn smooth but as far as I .This record of lonff tractor life. .This low up-keep cost. of acid-alkaline balance, with consequent definite improvement in flavor; and controlled uniformity in the finished product. All these combine to produce a superior cigarette a modern cigarette, a cigarette made of rich, ripe-bodied tobaccos A Light Smoke. Over a period of years, certain basic advances have been made in the selection and treatment of cigarette tobaccos for Lucky Strike Cigarettes. They include preliminary analyses of the tobacco selected ; use of center leaves; the higher heat treatment of tobacco ("Toasting"); consideration know, it is in perlect working condition. During its lifetime it has . . . .and the dependable service o f this old "Caterpillar." Can You cost me less than S 100.00 for repairs, having had new rings once, valves ground thrfte times and other minor repairs. Considering the amount of work it does, its fuel and oil consumption is as low as could be expected from an old timer. A few years after puehasing the first "Caterpillar" I bought a second and smaller machine. This second tractor is proving that the first is not just an "exceptional machine". It has done excavat l-oprrlclii 111. Th Amtrlran Tub.ctt, Luckies are jess acid ing, farming, road vork, logging, clearing, various kinds of belt work and built two golf courses. According to my records it has worked about 12,000 hours and Its total repair costs have amounted to ORDS cannot describe Match it? Excess of Acidity pf Oth erPcpular Brands Over Uck Strike Cicjaretlel ? t i . . i .t . . . the fine qtmlitie of thin Oil Heatd Jamonnnr Brooder ; tried. Wet E3 I tested and nrreptod hy poultry men I t u e gV "f i k 1 everywhere as "the brootirr without an . Rocont chemical taitt show that othar popular brand hove an excess of acidity ever Lucky Strike of from 53? to ioo:. rrjval." Here Is a brooder with. the oafe, eco BRAN D B ! i ! 1 223 I nomical, dependable hestinfr nualilim of the best coal burning brooder combined with all the conveniences and advantaifp of oil heat. It is worthy of all the name and trademark JamcBway stands for in I A N O C n,i'W, 'Ar 'y J BRAND P RUUlTft VERIFIED IV IMDlNDIKT CHtMrCAt LAMHATOfllU AMD KUCANCM MVT0 . . less than $75.00. It has been a little more economical in its use of fuel and oil in proportion to the amount of work done, than the old tractor, but this is as it should be for it is a later machine. Yours very truly, (Signed) GEO. H. WEIRICH. " Thousands of "Caterpillar". TractoTs Are Making Records Like This .... Wherever you go "Caterpillar" owners ore reporting remarkable economy, long life and dependability with their "Caterpillar" tractors There's a reason: It's the genuine quality built into "Caterpillar" Tractors .... nigh quality materials .... heat treating processes know n only by "Caterpillar" engineers .... accurate, uniform manufacturing that adds life and stamina to "Caterpillar" Tractors. Get Your Farming Operations on the right tracks CATERPILLAR TRACKS." merit and value. Thotiands of these broocVrs are tn use. Owners are delighted. They tc!I their friends And that endorsement aJ one has resulted in doubling the sales of this stove each year. Sets New Standards for Brooding Results The Jamcsvar acta th pare beatiia it has everjrlhinir a fi-ywj hroorUr nhottlr hava ... 8 gallon oil tank on nturdr hieh letr . . . rained fttrainer ... automotive tjpa Alter ... oil pina cleai-out . . . overflow pipe . . . thermontct awtemblr ot difl cant nd tnachine3 parts ... air Intake rririlator . . . draft equalixer . . . roof pipe ventilator ... cant Iron bane, burner, lid and pipe cnllar . . . radator trne hent drum . . . vralvanlted hop-vr and many other features that make It tht ideal brooder and outstanding- buy of the aeaaora. We are author! ted Jatnenwar Dealers and welcome the opportunitr of demonstratlne; this store to j-ou. Wa also carry a complete line of Jameswajr chick and mature flock - ITS TOASTED" Your throat protection against irritation equipment. . against cough Fisher Implement Co. Hill and Company Albany Halsey era For Prompt Results TryBemocrat-Herald Want-Ads i ; :

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