Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 6, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, April 6, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD 'MONDAY, APRIL, 6, 1936 ALBANY, OREGON man mmsrMim. wlup aaaaaaaMaaataja .democracy in Italy, and dispos JtV rr.ONLV IT WERE T'OTHER WAY 'ROUND sessing the owners of private in dustry, he has shown all of us, l W.GT.U. Mtn3 Mared at Albany, OnsQn, po. toff ice a nmMh auil Heater UnlUd Fmi mod NKA New. Servloa. EeUblUbed 186. He told her to put on make-up as, she would for the street, being very careful not to use even a shade too much. She came back to the dressing room to the high-eeiflng studirj a more elaborate studio than she an unforgettable way, just wh you let yourself in for when you It was a pleasant afternoon and Toby decided to walk. She had gone half a block when a shop window Jialtedjier. It was a window filled with bright-colored" sport clothes. Toby eyed one dress in particular, a white dress with a short green jacket and a yellow-scarf. K was a style that would be becoming to her and she liked the turn to a dictator for help. Witon arui Fubliehan L. Jaekaop aod R. R. Cronlat. Temperance here and else'whpre was discussed by several speakers at a meetting of the Albany . W. C. T. U. chapter at the First Presbyterian church Thursday; with Mrs. Ruth Kimmel presiding and For dictatorship in the modern j had seen before. At one end were I screens, cranes, cables, gigantic manner does not exist for the pri servation of private property, is as heedless of that as it is UBICKimoN ' RATS8 (DELIVERED BY CARRIER Oaa .rear, in a4vanca 15.50 Sis Bionth9 jn .'adyaoea S.76 On BUMta, In advance ..50 . . BY MAIL .. I Mrs. J. E. Blair in .pttarge pf -the colors. Suddenly she became aware lights and a switchboard. The camera was on a platform. ' Duryea had placed a red chair before a bright, blue screen. "Here," he said. "Sit here." democracy. It serves its own end that a man was watching her. He was a man she had never seen be and follows its own course and Llna. Bentoa, . Marlon, .I-ane and Lincoln j fore rather shapbily dressed,- . esaauaa. One raar..ln adfanea j is as hostile to individualism in the '!'!!, realm of trade as in the realm of devotionals. .... .. The program, under supervision of Mrs. W. T. Cochran,, was "Temperance and Missions.!'., i, Rev. W- R. Augsburger discussed the relationship of temperance and missions; Mrs. Wallace Howe Lee the subject of "Why Temper Three month., in advanw". 1.25 politics, ISO She posed for an hour and a half and Duryea made two pictures. She had never seen anything like the painstaking .attention he gave Z. SIn -Jlijn r it" i'V And 'hat brinSs us to a point Ona .rear. In advance 16.00 that defenders of the existing or Six avmtba. la advance .7i ! der of things in America too often Ona anonta. la advance 50 overlook; that private capitalism wearing a dark hat. . . A girl as pretty as Toby is accustomed to having men look at her, and knows exactly how to discourage them, but this one . made her uncomfortable. She moved away, walking rather swiftly until she reached the corner. Then she turned her head, ever so slightly, and looked back. The man was following, not a dozen steps away. (To Be Continued) to details. Duryea was like a scientist in a laboratory. He changed lights, the angle of the camera and her pose a dozen different times. Finally the pictures were made. 1 : ' Duryea said, "You'll hear from and democracy go hand in hand Jhey are Siamese twins. If oi; dies, me other cannot long sur Par aopr. on traini and newfttandt . . .05 la orderinrr changes of address aubaerlr- aia abqald .altvara a-fve old a wall a naw Published Dsllr Except Sundays Th Dcinoerat-Hcrald Publishing Co., Inc. a Independent Afternoon Newspaper addran. at a atotensen Co., National Adver-tkunt Bevresentativee. vive. During the last half decade or ance and Missions"; Mrs. Walter Dehm discussed China; Mrs. P. L. Nash elaborated the topic "Temperance in Many Lands" and Mrs. Nora Dull spoke. on. "Temperance in India." . ' ' ,C Musical and vocal numbers included songs by Janet Laubner, accompanied by Vera Hicks; Elizabeth Larson and Ila Smith and a duet by .Joan and Rosmary.. tytpr-quis. ter will meet next at the home of ter wil lmeet next at the home': of Mrs.L.E.Gilkey in Sunrise May ?, and that the mid-month prayer meeting will be held at the homes of Mrs. R. A. Haynes, 700 East First street, and Mrs. Clara ,Goi so, we have had plenty of oppor lunity to learn that both private the Model League if we need you again", and Toby nodded and went back to the dressing room to get her hat. She opened the door and let out a little exclamation. She had expected the room to be empty. Instead, a tall, slender girl in an amAzing gown of white and flame WE ALL NEED HELP capitalism and democracy Fall From Train - Kills Portlander practiced in America, have grave defects. Capitalism often is selfish and blind; democracy often is in efficient and stupid. But if we re George W. Wilson, 66, Portland, was found dead beside the Southern railway track four miles member that the two go together north of Tangent by a passing j jon 507 East Seventh street. dui we may be able to muster the pa nig the week of April 13. , tience to make the reforms which 1 The science of psychology, comparatively new among the sciences, is revealing more and more as insanity that no one had even insanity that non one- had even guessed before. Already this science has made many contributions of great value to society by pointing out errors In which these problems' have been treated,, thus making it possible to rostore to society many unfortunates who both need stood before the mirror. It was-an evening gow'n, daring in its lines as well as its fabric.; . - : ' Toby said, "Oh, excuse me " and the 'girl' turned. It was Carol Marsh. '' 1 For an instant she eyed Toby. Then she said, "Hello;". She said it in a way that was more of a direct cut, ToV thought, than if she had not spoken at all. "Hello," Toby said, and eathet- train crew iaie. rriaay. no naa apparently fallen from a tram, according to Coronet- E. C. Fisher, who has charge of the body, pending disposition by relatives. Through C. R. Nokes, local The ardent lefl-wing'libcral who wants political freedom made Brownsville Gym.,.. Equipment Ordered broader and more secure should Southern Pacific agent, the train crew notified Sheriff Shelton and Cor ner Fisher, who brought the be a stalwart defender of capital Brownsville. - (Special) Through the cooDei-atinn nt tho ism; and similarly the capitalist, ed up her gloves and make-up kit would otherwise have been doom- ' . . I body to Albany. They found Wil mnven nv ii nnmiin hoo r tn nrn- she pulled on Her hat withou student bodv., the ed to die behind bars of prisons ,. ,, num . llM . . even glancing into the mirror and ; back injuries. Papers indicated! the Pollyahna club,' the Browns-hurried away. . .; j that Wilson was probably en route ! ville study club-.and the Uoife elati, Out On the street she breathed a I tn- twnrt in a InMUinu nmn al I Hew eauiDment has hopn nrrfanvl most vehement upholders of denv oeraey. or asylums. ' Little .by little the methods of handling oriminals and the insane are Improving. Nevertheless the deep sigh. She had liked working j Mepleton. for the stage of the new gymnas- -1. It is some years since the ftus-sians showed us that, when you wiui jjuryea ana naa hoped che ! . The coroner found no evidence ; ll"n- tests would be good enough to win j of foul play. --The equipment 'includes a com- the lob. But what chance wriulri 1 : ipieie set. ot stage settings, making path of progress plong this line is best beset with obstacles. It seems set out ,to abolish .capitalism, you she have against Carol Mm-ch-' IIAKRY DOliESH RUNNING possible the presentation' of any that betterment within the in.,ti- have 10 abolish democracy as well. That, undoubtedly, was why Carol Attention was en Hod toriav hv l P of Program, and a set of crimr Qxrcterwi tutions cannot bo mold until the Now Mussolini is demonstrating was there. Sally had said sever! i Hart-v Dobesh of Lebanon to the!?0," ve'vet ..stage curtains' of the other girls were going to make ! fact that his name was published i' ,." ;?!Ft -i .. . ,he Purc,h?,se price will be She- was wearing the blue suit Harriet had persuaded her to buy a month before a slim, youthful suit without the slightest bit of dimming. Her blouse was white with a fril Idown the front. Duryea nodded slowly, "It will be all right." psychiatrists do something about that' hn yo 'polish democracy paid this year and the you wind up by doing away witli tests, carol, in that llame and as Henry Dobesh in a report of white creation, made Toby look ; his candidacy for nomination to j oiner naa during next year.- BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN 1916 NEA Stnlcc, Im. . capitalism. mo Linueri'iia Deiore tne ball. ; the office of Linn county recorder Our job, as a capitalistic dem Democrat-Herald Want Ads'' Brine Result. ' CHAPTER XX1I1 , ful to be going around with a mar "'""in oe ine one cnosen in the democratic primary May 15. ' It was the letter from Jonas ocracy, it to retain both and to make, In each, the reforms and the ried man,, but you see how it is, don't you, Toby?" Hucklcborry that was responsible The sheet of pink n'otepaper laji necessary Improvements If they "Yes, I see Perhaps Clyde on the table where Toby had drop are to work as they should. Sabin was all right. Toby hoped ped it and she saw it as she cross sincerely ihut he was. ed the room to lower the window blind. "Of course, I'm sorry about it 'iLasMSTm a n n n nn n The morning sun had reached a point where its rays shone into the BARBS oom with .dazzling brilliuncc Toby lowered the blind and went the people as a whole.' i Dr. Walter N, Thayer, jr., Now York state commissioner "of correction, recently proposed that judges be deprived of the power to send criminals to prison for definite terms. Instead, he would have dll sentences loft indeterminate, with release of prisoners dependent on ttho dqcislon of the parole board; the "prison - authorities, and- the correction department. ' i ' 1 ) These authorities would study j each prisoner's case, end would re-lease him when they folt that .he 1 Was "mentally ready to rejoin so tlety.' This might be very soon after his .Imprisonment, or It might be delayed (or years; and it would not necessarily have muoh to do with the gravity of the crime for which. he had .been sentenced. . j i Now such a scheme is clearly an, Harriot continued. "I'm sorry because that part of Clyde's life has been so unhappy. But I'm going' to make it up to him. ' You know, Toby, I'm the sort oi 'girl who wants a home. It's going to be wonderful, making a home for Clyde. I've ben in this business modeling and posing now for four years. Most people will tell back to the davenport. Orange sticks, buffer and a tiny bottle of nk liquid were spread out be fore her on the coffee table. She picked up the buffer and set to work industriously on her nails. you four years is as lung as A gb1 Harriot, in pajamas and loung- ig robe, was curled up, almost concealed by the mornuig news can ao it live at most. I've Known hundreds of models and some of them, have become famous uud some huve dropped out of sigflu I used to think I'd give nnythincjlo paper, n ;the biggest chair in the oom. - Presently Toby said, "Har riet ' ik 1 ICS. TUP.0rE might consider the use of cellophane In which clgarets nnd gum are wrapped, in drawing Ufi new treaties. 1 A.S-ycar-olA Colorado boy wan lound alter being lost' in a. dust storm. By calling at his house, neighboring farmers way recover much 0 Hielr missing" topsoit. ,. j Northwestern professor says people eventually will have no lees, because of lack of exercise. Still, politicians are doing their best to keep them from shrinking. a a Teals made at a Xcw' York floiccr show prove that women have a heller sense of smelt than men. Hut think of the practice - they get when hubby comes home late. a ,a A London chef says the younger generation doesn't know soup. Harriet, what's it like to be proposed to? The newspaper crinkled and 0 MOW lowered so that Harriet's face ap got into the movies like Kay Fraji-cis and Norma Shearer, but IVe changed my mind about thpf. What I want is a home." f Toby said, "You'll have' a lovef-ly one, Harriet. 1 know you will." She thought again that she hoped Clyde Sabin was the man Harriet believed him to be. Harriet was so swoet and generous and loyal. She deserved the very finest. Jt hurt, somehow, to think of Harriet with u husband who'd been divorced. Toby almost wish-1' ed Harriet hadn't told her about pearcd over the edge. "What's it like to be proposed to?" she repealed. "Hasn't anyone ever pro posed to you, Toby .' The otlior girl snook her head Nobody," she said, and then smil ed, " except Jonas Huckleberry. "So that was your first pro posal! Well, that's something." Which makCB Hie score even: the Clyde. She hadn't liked him before. Now it was going to be harder. "But maybe I'm wrong about him,' Harriet dropped the newspaper. y. K. always huvo contended their She went on thoughtfully, "If ciders lldn't know beunn. you're in love with a man and he she argued. "Maybe 1 don't know An 1885 Housewife Would Marvel at This 1 936 Electric Range (Copyright, J536. NEA Service, Inc.) asks you to marry him, you probably were pretty sure boforehand Unit he was going to. So there the product of an intelligent and humane mlnu which has observed that our present method of handling criminals is both expensive and Inefficient. -In theory, nt least, It Is nothing less than simple common sense. But to put it Into practice, we Would have to use ' the existing mechanism of parole boards; and most states have permitted such groups to fall into the hands of selfish politicians, in a way that makes 'even the rudimentary parole laws' already existing work Out pretty badly. ' In other words, the " most enlightened system imaginable can bo no stronger than the men who operate It. If your parole bourd Is appointed by a Lcrt Small or u Huey.Long, it will run your parole system n the Lcn Small or Huey Long manner, no matter how intelligently the system Itself was devised. 1 ' Men like Dr. Thayer do us a great service by pointing out ways In' which wo oan meet the problem of crime and punishment more efficiently and justly. But they are helpless until we ourselves insist bn putting public office in the hands of men who Will bring mil STORIES IN fTy I. S. Klein him well enough to appreciate his good qualities.'" She had to go to have some tost photographs made that alternoon. Color photographs. Toby didn't know anything about them, except that Sally had called from the Model league office and told her that If the tests were good she might land an excellent job. Kven if she didn't get the job, she would be paid for the tests and the rate for posing for color photography was higher than for black and white. Uuryoa was the 'photographer. Toby had never been in his studio and she approached it hesilantlv, for Duryea was famous. Duryea made the handsome photographs always signed that appeared in the most expensive m.-iumimvu tn Under Thumb Politics really Isn't any surprise about it. 1 don't know much about proposals. There was one boy, a crazy kid, who wanted me to run off and elope with him when we. were in school. And then there was another 1 think he would have asked mo to marry him, only he found out I didn't like him well enough." "But what was it like when Clyde asked you?" ' Harriet slipped clasped hands about one knee. "He just asked me." There was a pause. Then she said. "Toby, you like Clyde, don't you?" "Why, of course I do." ' ; She had tried to like him. She wouldn't for the world, let Harriet know that, though she had seen him several times, she had never been able to overcome that first impression of being uneasy when Clyde Sabin was about. "I'm glad." Harriet said.. "I've 'OR The PIGTM ' n a p a n ,e lawyer and upright executive, lk'iijamln IIili'ilsoii, LMrri Jn Y'jPi president of tlio 1 United Status, 1 VaT found Itlmsolt f jnt under the polit-VvTfllVi leal lullueuco devotion to duty to their jobs. color photography he was a pioneer. Duryea, more than anv oi THE RANGE THAT WILL ELECTRIFY AMERICA the other celebrated photograph NO CAPITALISM. NO ers, had been declared an artist. of such mon ns Senators Quay But. when she mot him. he was not in the least formidable. He was short, and rather stout and. won- nt Pennsylvania nnd I'latt of New York: and the grumlaon of I lie. lamnus "Old Tip," hero of Tippecanoe, went down to defeat utter We can remember having heard somo people say back in the win SAVE been wanting to talk to you about Clyde, but I decided to wait until you knew him. Otherwise you might not understand" She hesitated, then wont on, "Maybe you thought it was queer when I told ter of ,1932 and the spring of 1933; one term in ofllce. spectacles, reminding Toby of the baker from whom she had often bought bread when she and hot-aunt lived in Jackson Heights. The housewife in 1936 looks forward to an entirely different home life than did her mother only a generation ago. Today's cooking -fuel . electricity ... is as clean as sunshine. And the intelligent, attractive woman of today knows it. Her hands stay lovely and soft ... no torn finger-nails from scraping and polish-ing the bottoms of pots and pans; Electric cooking gives her Harrison eitnie of an Illustrious inat'"what this country needs Is a Mussolini." " - 'v-'i uuryca suicilecl her throuuh hfc- family. His grent-Riandtuther was n slfiner of the. Declaration you we had to keep putting oft spectacles and said, "Well, we'll It is more or less natural that getting married." see. Hie hnir is vcrv eood " . u Toby had thought it was ouecr. They told me you wnntct some people should say this. When Mh' gained promiuonco by Ms a large and steadily increasing (victorious compaigns acainst tlio part of the populace has no work I rlndions nnd the Uritisb In the but she said quickly, "Hut lots of people do that, Harriet." make tests," Toby said. "I didn't bring another dress. Will this do' ics, I know but not for the war ot mis. Tho Inter Harrison, however, .pitted Ills sense ot disnity and and sees no earthly chance of getting work, and when an equally large arid steadily Increasing part same reason. You see, Clyde and 1 can't be married because he is married now." rnirnena acainst tho political In- -$5000k AT THIS PRICE SPECIAL SALE PRICE $99?s VERY EASY MONTHLY TER MS. IF DESIRED She went on, before the other Our Prescription for EASTER CHIC and a sure tonic for that "tired of it all" spring fever. of Industry has no dividends and irigucs of his colleagues, and lost, see no ohance of getting them the Uol'n 1S33 110 ll!ll worked his Institution of tifi.,. voy np steadily, first as a atrug- could speak. "He's been separated . ( leisure, joy, health, youth . . . and makes her more efficient in - her career of homemaking. Just now we are offering this exceptionally fine range at $50 below its regular price. No description of ours could possibly convey a correct idea of the exceptional beauty of design and finish, the symmetry of line, the masterly way in which this range is designed and built. After you see this range and hear of the many outstanding new features you will scarcely be able to believe the price can be so low. Astounding as it may seem, TOTAL PRICE ONLY $99.75 cash or $5 down and very easy monthly terms if desired. nom nis wne lor years. It was u ! long tune ago they were married. Itmir lc Ih h... , B""16 young lawyer in Indtanapo- lUelf Is In danger. Iis. as on officer in tho Civil A strong man who could step In War Attcr his return ho soon Clyde was only a boy. They soon ! iuuna out tney coukiu 1 gel along, i so they agreed to svpurnte. They I didn't get a divorce Iwcuutie he ' didn't care anything aiuw at and take hold, start the wheels i became leader in Republican turning; disregard all the red taoe1 po",,r"- 110 '"-a4 V. sonutor nr u... k4 ..ji.j. ...j . .... , ,n 1881 nnd. In 1SS8. was elected ot law and .Remove that irritating dan-d r u f f and choose a flattering tradition, and bash in nisi and then. Inter, vhm uh : prosldonl. Kour years later, practically abandoned by his own sup porters. Harri thought he wanted it. si rfuki. i But now everything's goin to tat i all right. Shc"vants a divorce. le, ' the heid of anyone who objected well, such a mon was bound to look more or less attractive. As of today, howuver, the picture U different; Signor Mussolini right now ocemi bent on making 11 the Americans who talked that way wish they tux 1' said something else. and sites started suit. A mae always has to let the woman get it. you know, even though the trouble was her fault. son lost tho presidency. Ho died in 1901. at (ho ago ot 67. II 1 picture appears on tho IS-ceut value of three ediflorent V. 8. current llrnjamin Harrison 13ent Vtlhto green NEW An OI! Permanent $2.0b Mountain (State Power Compariy o "Then you're uoinu to nurr ; o WALKER'S him?" A ' I Harriet noduWi." Just as soon Barber and Beauty, Shop U. 8, issues. . By scrapping tile last vestige of (Oei,yr4gUu !a, KE.v gsrvioe, lo.) 21.1 I yon St. rhonr 679-K as he's free," she said. "Lots of people, woyld Hunk it was dieud- i J T5

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