Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 4, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, April 4, 1936
Page 14
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Fashion Tips Food To Tempt A King eft nits Ml INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY ON WOMEN'S ATTIRE All Easter Eggs Are Not Hardboiled Try Some New Ways To Tease The Appetite While the Youngsters Hunt for What the Bunny Brought, Grown-Ups Will Relish Novel Egg Dishes By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor A tastefully decorated and neatly laid out table adds much to the enjoyment of an Informal buffet supper. And here's Just such a table, all ready to delight guests and rouse their appetites! Menu of . By Joan Mischa, whose Instructive and helpful articles on the problems of women's attire are a weekly feature of this magazine, deals today with Individual types which frequently find difficulties In correcting certain faults through correct apparel. THE short, stout woman, who often despairs because of her perplexing dress problem, has many a trick at her disposal to offset what she feels Is an lncor-rectable fault. - To overcome the conspicuous-ness of her figure, the short, stout woman must plan to dress in such a way as to center attention on her face, thus diverting the eye. Properly fitted gowns, which lay stress on long, vertical lines, are a great help In lengthening the figure. In addition, all trimming should be flat and smooth, eliminating fluffy ruffles or puffs. A long and narrow neck opening brings the eye upward, also. LARGE BUST For milady with the large bust, a simple method to render herself less conspicuous is in the avoidance of close-fitting lines at the hips. Narrow skirts, too, should be avoided, as the contrast emphasizes the upper portion of the body. Again, .a high belt, drawn in tightly, increases the effect of largeness. By the simpl'j device of increasing the width below the bust, a far better appearance for the entire figure is obtained. Frills, ribbons and bows are reserved for the small, dainty woman. They should never be affected by the large woman or the stout, florid woman. Heavy, bulky materials serve to attract attention to large shoulders. In the case of a large neck, small collars and open necklines should be the choice. LARGE ARMS By observing the shadow or silhouette, a woman can Immediately see the effect created by sleeves. When large arms are a problem, the square set or arm eye should always be used. In this RHUBARB is such a spring-like fruit, and is so good to look at, to eat and so good for us, that It becomes almost our duty to serve rhubarb and two cups of crushed pineapple together until rhubarb might add. Regular, two-crusted rhubarb pie is always welcome, but for variety try making these rhubarb "pielets." Make small tart shells ahead of time, and fill them when you are ready to use them. Here Is the menu: . Clam Juice Cocktail Lamb Patties (Ground Lamb Patties in Bacon Strips) New Potatoes with Watercress Fresh Asparayus Rhubarb-Pineapple "Pielets" To make the filling for "pielets": Cook two cups of finely cut rhubarb and two cups of crushed pineapple together until ruhbarb is soft Combine two cups of sugar and four tablespoons of flour and stir them Into the hot mixture. 8immer five minutes, stirring constantly. Cool, fill pastry and top with whipped cream. For new potatoes with a truly new flavor, try serving them with chopped watercress. Cook the potatoes In their skins, peel, and heat them quickly in butter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and add the finely chopped watercress (or parsley, if watercress is not available) Just before serving. GUIDE of the STARS By LAURIE PRATT SUNDAY: Good for social gatherings and group activities. Guard against haste or recklessness in the evening. Monday: Pleasure or love affairs favorable, but expensive. Adverse for approaching occupational superiors. Tuesday : Use the greatest caution In every way. Dangerous and disruptive conditions prevail. Wednesday: Excellent for artistic and creative work. Contact elders and finish up old tasks. Thursday: Energy and initiative will carry you far today. Water trips are favored. Fortunate for dealings with women. Friday: Correspondence and all types of mental work are stimulated. Avoid financial decisions. A change of scene would benefit you. Saturday: Slow and unreliable. Stick to routine work and avoid new ventures. Children Born This Week Children born this week have the following life prospects, according to astrology: Sunday: A winning charm will cloak this child's strong will to power. Executive and legal talents. Monday An enthusiastic, pioneering and ambitious nature. Organizing or publicity work is favored. Tuesday Grit, determination and stability are shown here. This child will meet many obstacles and surmount them with great courage. Wednesday A resourceful, talented child capable of deep convictions and remarkable powers of concentration, A medical career is indicated. Thursday An aggressive and venturesome child. The emotional nature is deep and rich. Scientific research work is favored. Friday Today's child will be frank, impulsive and magnanimous. Sports and outdoor life will appeal, also travel. Saturday A philosophic and Introspective nature. A career as writer or editor would bring out many worthwhile ideas. SOFT CUSTARD To one quart milk use four whole eggs or six to eight egg yolks and cup sugar. Scald the milk in the top of a double boiler with the sugar. Beat the eggs slightly and pour hot milk over them. Return to double boiler and cook until custard coats the spoon (6 to 8 minutes), stirring constantly. Remove from fire, then chill until very cold. If cooked a bit too long, so that it shows signs of curdling, place pan over cold water In the lower part of the double boiler, then beat custard with a rotary egg beater. Serve over apple snow. a toasted English muffin, put a thin slice of broiled ham, then a poached egg and pour Hollan-dalse ( I use the mock Hollandalse) sauce over all. Serve with asparagus tips in rings of tomato (tomato slices hollowed out to form a ring), baked in a moderate oven. Coffee cake or tea ring goes well with this. Poached Eggs Tulip Is a variation of this theme, (there are countless ones) and nice for the Easter time.. On a slice of grilled ham, put a thick slice of ripe tomato. Season with salt and pepper and cook for five minutes under the broiler. Put a poached egg atop and cover with Hollnndaisc or a cheese sauce. Garnish with strips of green pepper. AND OMELETS !' Omelets are such lovely things, and offer a lot of possibilities, not only for a main course most aDy time of day. But the sweet omelets, ah there's something to make history! These vary from those which are made by spreading a plain or fluffy omelet with preserves of some sflrt and then folding. A spoonful of the preserves may be used as a garnish. Or a tablespoon of the preserves may be beaten Into the omelet mixture before cooking. And try using fruit Juice Instead of milk or water often pineapple or orange Juice. The fruit Is then used to garnish the platter or placed on the omelet before folding. Powdered sugar la always sprinkled over the top and usually sugar is added to the mixture One that you'll like as a main course, I think, is the omelet plain, which has hot spiced upple sauce spread between the omelet. U should of course have broiled ham or nice little pig sausages and a good hot coffee cnlu as partners on tho breakfast plate. By way of main course omelets, vary them with fillings such as creamed oysters, peas, pork sausage, flaked crab meat, tomatoes and sardines, buttered calves' brains, cooked rice mixed with green peppers and onions, minced stewed giblets, grated cheese, chicken livers and minced onion, chopped green peppers In tomato sauce, diced avocado, bacon strips, creamed chipped beef or chicken. Or, add seasoned corn and cream to the omelet mix. and a bit of prepared mustard. Between layers spread diced cooked ham. Best of all. right now at least. Is this Easter Omelet: Cook lj pound of macaroni until tender. Dialn. Beat 6 egg yolks, add 1 cup rich milk, salt and pepper. Add macaroni, 1 cup boiled ham cut In squares. 1 teaspoon choppeil parsley, another of chopped onion. Then fold In 8 egg whites, ber.ten stiff. Pour into a buttered baking dish, bake in a fairly slow oven, S'2S degrees, about IS minutes. (Better set It In n pun of hot water If your temperature control Is not Just so. I Serve with corn sticks, boiled cauliflower sprigs and buttered peas. And then, of course, there's the great family of souffles, sweet ami otherwise. Good all the year through and especially so light time of the year, the season of color, of gaiety, of warmth and Joy returning to a winter-cold world, of lightsome spirits. Spring, and - -Easter Eggs! PUFF SHERRY OMELET Cooks' Kitchen Tours Conducted by Virginia Ross way, slenderizing angles may be obtained, while a fullness of sleeve is allowed for. At the same time, shirring, which always gives a bulging effect, is eliminated. Color, because it excites certain positive thoughts and feelings in human beings, through association of Ideas, holds a primary key to the secret of being well dressed. ; A cultured color taste will utilize tonal- blending of delicate hues rather than harsh, discordant tones. The blond type is always at her best in black. A distinct contrast with the For the younger "Miss" just beginning parties we suggest this frock. Simple in line and detail. It expresses youthful charm, but it also gives the effect of dressiness without being too mature. The jacket follows the standard set in the dress. It is simple, but outstanding, In its character. hair, and a consequent 'increase In its golden color, is obtained through wearing of blues, greens and violets. Care must be taken, however, to avoid too intense shades, which may not harmonize with delicate skin tones and hair coloring. Red, orange and yellow will harmonize with the eyes and lend warmth to the skin. A cool blue-green is a becoming shade. never so tender. And don't odd scraps of dough to fresh dough. Save them, and roll them out together at the last. If you plan to use bananas for a garnish, dip each slice in lemon Juice, and they won't turn dark before serving time. To get our perfect sections of orange or grapefruit, peel the fruit as you would an apple, cutting off all the thick white skin. Then cut along both sides of each section, right into the center of the fruit to separate the sections from the dividing membrane. Sometimes when I make bread pudding, I like to spread the bread first with a tart jelly or Jam. It adds a bit of color and a flavor that's quite unusual. Save the juice from your fresh or canned fruits. You can use it for fruit drinks or for part of the liquid in your gelatin desserts. When pineapple is used with gelatin be sure It is cooked or canned. Raw pineapple contains a substance which acts on gelatin in such a way that the gelatin will not get firm. For a simple garnish on plain gelatin desserts. I like to use a bit of whipped cream topping sprinkled with chopped nuts cubes of bright Jelly, candled fruit, date strips, or shreds of orange rind. A sprinkle of coconuttoasted or plain is pretty too. ' Toasted cocoanut has a deb clous flavor and makes a wonderful garnish for puddings or ice cream, toppings for frosting or meringues, or as an ingredient In cakes and cookies. DANDRUFF Rid Your$lf Of It With Glovtr's! To slop unsightly Dandruff and annoying it chin, use Gtover'a the medicine with the eiema pioe tar odor). Combats Bald-new; checks excessive FaUinc Hair. Start to day with Otover's Manfje Medicine, followed by Glover's Medicated Soap for the ahampoo. Sold br all Dnifigrm. A YfT Here Are Some Will Whet ORANGE BREAD S cups flour ': tcaspnoHs bttkitit powder-'.4 nip sutfur teaspoon salt !i nip chopped pecans i epn J cup milk cup chopped candied oranne peel Sift dry Ingredients, add nuts nnd orange peel. Adif milk, then well-benten egg. Pour into two greased bread pans. Let stand 10 minutes, then bake in moderate oven I3ri0 degrees) for 4S minutes. When partially cooled, glaze tops of loaves with sugar-water frosting. RHUBARB LATTICE PIE Cook rhubarb partially In top of double boiler or In covered dish in oven. Put 3: cups rhubarb In covered dish, cook for 10 minutes In hot oven. This length of time will only half cook It, and some juice will be extracted. Add enough water to make 1 cup of Juice, then add 2 teaspoons cornstarch mixed with cup sugar: EASTEK EGOS. When I apeak of them It's not of the highly decorated candy concoctions that fure forth each Easter morn. Nor of the gaily colored hen's eggs the Easter Bunny Is supposed to leave In a secluded spot for seurching out In the early hours. Most folks confine these to youth. Once people outgrow this time of artlessness and Innocent simplicity (all too soon, It seems to me I they relegate Easter eggs to the w?j scrap heap. j So the Eas- ter eggs i I I I much more in Lr. . . II tune with the It - - i V 'lllnllsm of the If y' B JJaBe' Tneae are K 'Jfl "ind that. j i e u v e icw memories, only satisfaction, too short-lived forsuch beauty and thought as Virginia Ron are in them. Breakfast is the time they usuully make their appearance, though they ncsd not be confined to that by any manner of means! Shirred eggs with anchovies, for instance. I can see them at slipper, early or late, luncheon, and a simple meatless dinner; and most any time of year. Lest your curiosity Is beginning to prick, they go like this (only fuster, when In person). Butter individual casseroles, snd slip two unbeaten eggs Into each. Add two tablespoons of rich cream, sweet or sour and several bits of anchovy. Place the casseroles In a slow oven, around 32f degrees, nnd bake until well set and browned. Serve with sauted or baked tomato slices, dressed up with a bit of cheese atop. Horn may be substituted for the anchovies, with bits of mushrooms added. To turn it into a grand luncheon dish, put the eggs on a bed of chopped and seasoned spinach. And serve with squares of conibread or corn muffins with a topping of chopped raw baron put on before baking. WITH CURRY Then there's Scrambled Eggs with ('u"iy, which one can ent from early morn till midnight, Easter or no. You chop a me-dliini-slzed onion and fry It slowly In a small amount of butter. When the onion Is a golden lenwn. add 1 teaspoon of curry iHiwder, but don't tell anybody. A lut of people think they don't like it. Set It aside. Itrenk ft eggs Into a bowl, add H tablespoons cream. Beat well. Add to the onion nnd curry a generous amount of butter, let your conscience and the amount of butter in the refrigerator guide you. When bubbly, add the eggs and cream. Cook over a low lire, si It ring well nnd scraping up ' from the sides and bottom of the pan. When set nicely (be sure not to overcook) serve very hot on crisp rounds of buttered tonst. with a mound of rlee and a spoonful of fresh peas alongside. A few shrimp ns a garnish mid tone. Preface with well-chilled tomato or pineapple Juice. Kgge Benedict will always be a favorite Easier breakfast of nunc. Simple enough with the new egg ponchers which cook the eggs by steam, each In n neat little cup, and In the quantity you used to hope for with the old drop-aml-basto method. On 53.50 Truss FREE lay Ma now or jw Kt Hits lroa juil " - nr vrytnc a newer rupture met)Hj j MftfMV wlci ,VM t'utftnt rlMf In imwt I mvirvj cmBrfc Doctor i invention - nitrrlr j Afferent. No l airapa, otaetle belt or cruel i lniii. Do not iroune ur onlarv n-mrtsT. ' K.timinau Movore pmuur. Holds Ruptur UP and IN. Cannot alip. V.mmj U wear, i 'vnfortahl. No harnrva. I.tgM In weight. M e i hod mo i on PO Day Tria I wt th K K K K Tni . I.UtStl. mi Iwaliej IWmrtlt tMCit) ; For Ten Ykars- Tu(Uts tnd th)k tMit ha j .old aeofw y T-lo ; tliihrd Kueti mtiomri. I rue AtiaiMAi It (Till TNI if IT 1'iriMB'WlTTTl ECZEMA Also called Tetter, Aalt Rheum, Pruritus, MllkCruet.WatevPoiatHt.U'eeiKlrtcAksn.ete. IKE.!!. lKlALTr.i(rwtt.4a.l POoO.ii. fuar0trt uvwlan-nl t,irti hv i ran ha Imi hmm Yf atrfrvm iW "f WW Haw Nitht'sRal.''ttntriU lli"Ma DR CANNADAV. Eum Soertaliw 1S Park Sauara. SI DA LI A, MO. W 111 v i OB Tfk , the Week Andrews Recipes That The Appetite add 1 tablespoon butter. Cook until clear. Place the pieces of rhubarb in pautry-lined pie pan, add the syrup and cover with strips of dough to form a lattice crust. Balie In 450 degree oven for 10 minutes. Lower heat to 350 degrees and bake about 30 n. unites longer. ' BISCUIT OYSTER J pint oysters t cup milk li cup oyster liquor rup rwim 4 talilrspoonfuls flour ! : ' teiispoonlnl'salt , i4 tcfutpnonlul pepper x-i cup sliced mushrooms cup minced pimrcntn $ tatilcspitnnfuls butter Make a smooth cream sauce of the butter, flour, milk and cream; add seasonings, mushrooms and pimicnto, and blend all together. Heat the oysters In their own liquor until their edges curl: drain, and add liquor to cream sauce and stir until smooth. Lastly, add the oysters and serve at once on l Ich hot baking powder biscuits. IMPORTANT Items in any woman's wardrobe are suits. The model sketched here. No. 122. Is something just a bit more dressy than ordinary mannish suits because of the sleeve treatment nnd open front, making for softer lines. Available in sizes 14 to 20 years. 82 to 40 bust. Size 36 requires 3's yards of 39-inch mnterial with 1 yard of contrast, or 2 yards of 54-inch material. Daughter will step right out in this dress. No. 12.1. with Its contrasting jacket. Smart styling Implies subtle sophistication whlrh daughter craves Wool or silk are adaptable materials Sizes 34 to 42 bust, Size 16 requires 3 !s yards of 39-Inch material for dress, and 2 yards of :(9-inch material for the jacket. Mischa Fn .hions. F1VK St" Wkkki.y. 450 Mills Tower, San Franeiseo. C:ihf Enclose 25 cenls for each pal. tern wanted. Pattern No Size NaiM; it rrel ... , Qty State ; JELLY roll pans are not expensive and you really need one to bake sponge rolls successfully. They're a sheet pan 15 by 10 inches with a narrow rim. A deeper rimmed pan deflects the heat from the cake and so It doem't brown nicely. You can use this pan as a cookie sheet, also. Stir your jelly smooth with a fork before you spread It on a Jelly roll. It will spread more quickly and smoothly. It pays to have wire cake racks. They let air circulate around the cake as it cools and prevent steaming and steaming is what gives the soggy bottom you often get when cake cools on a plate. If your layer cakes arc thicker on one side than on the other, you may not be spreading the batter evenly In the pans, or the oven racks may not be level. Cover tapioca cream with canned apricots, top with a meringue, and bake until the meringue Is brown. I do this in my casserole or in custard cups. If you frost your cake on a large square of waxed paper, you can hold the edges of the paper and lift the cake easily onto a plate. Then trim off the paper with a small sharp knife. Have you tried Waffle Shortcakes? Brush each waffle section with melted butter nnd spread with Plum Jam. Then place another section over the Jam and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cream will whip more quickly if you have your bowl and beater cold as well as the cream. Use a deep bowl, and you won't get spattered: or if you have to use a shallow one. cover it with a piece i of paper with a hole In the center 1 to let the beAter through 1 " j Delicious filled cookies were Just made to put in the lunch box ' that has to be filled every day. And they're fine to send to the children away at school, for thef are so easy to pack and they, keep well ' Cut your roll rookies carefully so you can get as many as possible from the first rolling, for cookies cut from dmirh Uis' h wtii runcti in nrrr uimn once at rce (i CjllJS 6 fM' spotms shcrru wtne i If II.VKKiH .nil i tablespoons butter Separate the eggs. Heat the yolks until thick und lemon colored. Add sherry wine and salt to the yolks and fold In the stiffly beaten egg whites. In the meantime, melt the butter in a good-sized frying pan. but do not let this brown. Pour in the egg mixture and let it cook slowly, lilting occasionally around the edges with a spatula or a bcoad-blsded knife. When set. and bi-owned on the bottom. If poa- . sible place in the oven low under the broiler to make the top firm. Cut at right angles to the handle, fold over and slip onto a hot platter. If to lie used as a sweet omelet, dust with powdeml sugar snd brown lightly under the broiler. (Jnrnish with ornnge slices, or with peach halves baked with a bit of butter and brown sugar in the hollows. & Mil - f i V. eJ No Z1 'A t j i I .1 0 J il No. 123 W arj PAGE SIX-B 0 o (O

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