Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 4, 1936 · Page 12
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 12

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1936
Page 12
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Strange 'IV itch Woman Willed Thousands, Yet Died of Starvation some strange will esses Into the office of Ben H. Brown, public administrator for Los Angeles County, Calif. Brown, mown left, directed loft thousands. Right is one of the odd wills that make hie duties unusual. A largs estate was die (me of Administrator Brown's assistsnts. blockaded and officers smashed a window. They found the hqme to be packed solid from wall to wall and floor to celling with tin cans and wads of paper. When investigators began to undo the papers, they found in tne center of each, wrapped and re-wrapped In sheets of waste paper, coins pennies, old two-cent pieces, nickels dozens, hundreds, thousands of them. As they literally dug their way through the house, they found other money, shares of valuable stocks and dividend coupon that had never been cashed. An old trunk came to light, and it it was a faded photograph inscribed In a boyish hand. That Kfas the only clue to the possibility of locating friends or relatives of the dead woman. A photographer's name and an address In a little town In the mid-West were barely decipherable, and a telegram dispatched to the chief of police there asking If thoy knew a "Sidney Carleton," the name Inscribed on the photo, bi ought back a response that he was a resident. make so long as she knew where he was "for sure." Claimants and hairs sometimes make undue trouble for the public administrator. One will, illegibly written had a sentence that might have read "valuable jewelry In safe" or "valuable jewelry in sofa." A small amount of jewelry was found in a safe, but the heir Insisted that a large sofa be torn apart and into small pieces just to make sure nothing was overlooked. In another case, a friend of the decedent insisted that all the property was promised to her and a will was hidden in the residence. It was necessary to almost dismantle the house in the search. During it, the claimant appeared several times and stated that she had visions. The will would be found in the motor of a phonograph; behind a section of wall paper; or buried at various places in the yard. No will was ever discovered despite her psychic aid. WILLS are found In the most unusual places and on the moat curious materials. Some of the writing materials used have On csi THE settlement of the 1 estate It developed that this man, a brother, was the only living relative. He had given the picture to his sister 40 years before. She had been In love with a fellow In their home town, and they were to be married when the intended groom had a change of heart and ran away. After grieving a few days the girl disappeared, also, leaving a note saying that her family would Reno Preacher Says, "Real Divorce Occurs Long Before Court Renders By Gerald B. Burtnett BEHIND an eight-foot high stockade, solidly boarded and topped with double strands of barbed wire practically impossible to scale, a strange old woman lived for years in the center of the city of Los Angeles. Only one door gave entrance to the property, and that was so closely fit that spying eyes of curious neighbors could not see a thing. Only at night would the door creak open. A padlock would rasp and click shut, then she was gone for several hours. Amateur sleuths followed the mysterious woman. They saw her begging on downtown streets or pawing over rubbish plies and garbage cans. The lady next door was startled one day when the old woman approached to ask a fuvor. Would she buy a bit of food for a poor old soul once In a while? Bhe was 75 now and it was becoming hardor for her to got out. Money was put over the fence in a bucket and the food drawn back over the fence, when the neighbor agreed to the strange compact. More- than a year later when there had been no calls over the fence for four days, the neighbor called the police. When thoy broko through the door, one of the strangest cases ever to come Into the public administrator's office was revealed. DEAD from undernourishment and exposure, the body of the 70-year-old recluse lay on a bed made of newspapers on the front porch of the little house within the stockade. The door was YOUNG AT 60 Help Ymir (Hands hv using Dr, Hot-loway'a Visor Treatment, fftml tlsnrt meiicine -No I for men. Net 2 fnr women Yu have tried ihe real; now try ihr ami. Thr Doctor own private prescription I)on't be satisfied until voti have tried VKIOH Fwd young at AO IVice 1 IKI; double strength $4. IK). If C. 0 11 iMMlnuK f itr HOLLOW AY MEDICAL CO. 4304 South Parkway DM- 4S-C Chicago, II.. i rnrnm lUUUNmo 1IMTMH! reel rundown, lark, pep, vwor. illil ' IH yiwi wish lor thf joys of lorrner years? 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BE WLjevrtk 1 X A KNOW - DON'T GUESS DR. FRANK McCOY Druftleaa Phyardafl McOOT BLDQ . 1161 W. SIXTH ST. LOS ANGELES MUTUAL 1277 OAKLAND OLanconrt 2836 LONO BEACH TftL 61778 SAM DIEOO FRanklln 7424 SAN BERN AR.DIN O Tat 20298 Are ycui one who ii ailing and tettinar day ah-r day llp by 1 Kach day yon waft allowini your airkneaa to develop, you are making the job harder not only loi your doctor, but for yourself. Don t wait until aomethintr "hit you with a bane " rind out what ta wrona; you can't afford to gueaa. Tka fallow! a two-day xa mi nation procednra la iu omitted for tout approral and comparison: riST DAT OP EXAMINATION woman, who lived In poverty yet matchbox, which Is displayed By salesman and diplomat He is charged with caring for and selling all the properties, if nacao-sary, to satisfy creditors and claimants. A H AVERAGE of forty f per month is handled by Brown and his deputies with an equal number of cases where the estates are $200 or leas. Right now he has 900 pieces of real estate on hand and holda $4,000,-0O0 worth of material assets which are going through the distribution process. Where wills are found, many strange expressions of the writer's personality are revealed. Here Is one odd case handled recently: A family servant, who worked hard and saved a large sum of money, promised at least 20 persons that they would receive all her property. Competent attorneys at different times prepared seven different wills for her and these she revised constantly. But, she never executed one of the written wills and all her money went to a distant relative, whom have, not for themi elve but for their brethren. Again, I have noticed that people have a perverse way of getting you to approve In sympathy and then holding you responsible for their mistakes. "I wouldn't have done It If he hadn't told me It was the right thing to do," is too frequent an alibi. The Catholic Church can answer it and I respect the consistency of its position. It believes that marrrlagc is a sacramentthat the vow is sealed by the Church and therefore cannot be set aside save by the Church. There can be only one conclusion to this premise and that Is. that the vows taken are irrevocable. That Is final, authoritative. But our position Is different and more difficult. We believe that love Is the sacrament and that thia affection muat seal. It Is this we recognise and bless. We do not give, but only solemnise that which is given. It is love that binds. What shall we say when love is dead? The cement which held is washed out and the walla crumble. With love, faith and trust seem to be gone. This is death the only dyingspiritual death. Shall the dead bury their dead? THE divorce has already taken place. Something beautiful has passed from between them. Something has gone out of the heart and taken faith and trust and lov. All the courts can do is to separate the unessential. Whatever was real has already been annulled. On the train going East. 4 visited with a woman who had called to see me while In Reno. She spoke this truth: "I came away from Reno with my divorce. The courts have separated us; but It seems all mockery Just to satis- Quirks of the human mind bring Investigation ef a strange "witch" of In this document, wiftion on never see her again. They never did and the brother had given her up as dead yean before. Eight thousand dollars worth of bonds, $600 In uncollected interest coupons and $2,000 in small change went to the brother. Twenty-three years 'of begging on the streets; of gathering bits from rubbish piles and selling them to junk dealers; of near starvation; went into the odd savings bank the old woman made of her home. Ben H. Brown, public administrator of Los Angeles County, thinks the stockade case the moat unusual that has ever come to his attention. Brown's office takes charge of the property of persons dying m the county when no will has been executed, and In the absence of legal heirs entitled to be appointed administrator. Since the estates left In his care consist of everything from purely personal belongings to real estate, stocks and bonds and sometimes yachts his duties combine those of a detective, attorney, warehouseman, appraiser. able to answer both these questions with the same affirmation. Plenty of folks, sometimes I think even a majority, have said Brewster Adams to me: "1 don't believe In divorce, but I can sec no Other way out." Indent, 1 had a letter from a Bishop in the south, who asked me to call on his sister. He was very honest, yet apparently much perplexed and. good soul, his sympathies overcame hla convictions. That's a thing which happens to a lot of us. "I can't believe In divorce. But I kpow what my sister has gone through. What she seeks is like a release from hell.- God ktjows. If there Is any Justification, she has it." His words were so vivid I have nut forgotten them. FRANKLY, I do not see how one can answer these questions for another. No man can be "conscienci" for his brother. To do that for ourselves is a pretty big Job. Indeed. 1 think a lot of the world's sufferlAtr Is caused by a keen conscience-' CrVhich some a By Brewster Adams For 25 Years Reno's Baptist Minister "D O you believs In divorce?" Do you think I am been window shades, backs of circular letters, handbills, bible flyleaves and a scrap of paper sewed Into a blanket. The rung of a step ladder and the side of an ordinary match box have been utilized for last wills and testaments. A PHYSICIAN, seized by a heart attack and recognising the short period he had left, wrote his in Spanish on a prescription blank. Notebooks, calling cards and memo books have been called into play and one will was written in shorthand. A big warehouse that is carefully guarded protects the furnishings and other personal belongings of the estates in Brown's care. One recent estate had a large California desert turtle as a "movable asset." He was carted off to the warehouse and the guard swears that among several hundred odd sofas that are on hand, the turtle picked out the one under which he used to sleep at home and went right to it During the winter months he disappeared entirely and it is assumed that he is hibernating In his favorite domicile. Electrocardiographic examination of the heart. Full Set Dental X-raya. Temperature Rradings. rinomscopfc observations of the emptying time of the stomach. Flnnroacopir examination of the chest wtth particular reference to the heart and lung Complete phy.ical examination. In-elndin the chet. heart and lungs ahflnmen. pelvic orKanv extremities and spinal column. Kxaminaiion of the ears, ft'..- and ... Mirninini irartsiiiiTmina- tion of the accessory naal sinuses EXAMINATION ' ?i'J ",t,,llip ,Mt determina glandular function. (1 Schillings Henmgram. (2) Wood Sedimentation Time. (3) Blood Chemistry Determination. 4 Icterus Index. (5) VVasserman Reaction. Kidney Function Test. ; (7) Sputum Kxaminaiion () (tastric Analysis. (9) Fecal Analysis. 10. Smear from Oumi. (11) Examination of any exudates. th e kidney nr rail bidder, using Special wh indicated S. Temperature Readings ta Sumo t ion arid rliagnr-!s with arlanaiion of th. findina to yoa by the diagnostician. 11. Consnttavinn with aOi u to diet and tramint. you follow iK your connltattoi.. litre 'liiftt is o she expreasly desired to disinherit! Another "black shoop" son received all of his mother's money when she failed to have her will properly witnessed. Fate stepped into the life of a baker, killing him in an automobile crash the day before his marriage. The $14,000 he had intended to leave his bride went to distant relatives in Europe, from whom he was estranged. A LADY presented herself to file claims for services against an estate, and was advised she would have to present evidence of the liability for them. In a few days she returned with what she though was a written acknowledgment by the deceased. It proved to be a genuine will in which she was left the entire estate. A woman in poor circumstances borrowed money to make a trip from New Jersey to Los Angeles to see if a certain dead man was her long lost husband. Satisfied by her Identification she went back, stating that she did not mind the sacrifice she had to Decision ago. They only passed judgment on an empty shell." So I do not want to say that I believe In divorce no more than I would say, "I believe In war." It rather seems that it is something that life has taken out of our hands. It happens whether we would or no, courts or none. I would rather say that I believe In happy living and com panionship and going down the ' hill together. I think that Is the ! way Christ taught. He held the Ideal before us as to blessed living. He never spoke with excep- i Hons or in negatives. Two of the ' three gospels give no reservation, j A Mosaic Influence Is spparent In the third. He rather held up the perfect standard of true happiness. He gave us the beautiful to follow without legal loophole. For , our failure, we have His forgive- ! ness. but not His exceptions. IF I were to put one test to divorce, it would be the need of the soul for sincerity. Folks don't have to live with each other. They do have to live with them-: selves. And in no narrow way. i we must save our souls. Living in suspicion and without trust, for appearance and without honesty. In hypocrisy and without genuineness, not only separates but destroys. A front before the world and an empty house within, is soon occupied by the devils which devastate. False living is a consuming flame. I can understand how a man would wish to salvage his soul when all els hss burned to ashes Good fortune to the lad mho can say: "When evtniiuj cornea I know ; that she vsill he itiin at the; gate.'A faith wart) much better tlfcrh the frer ttat some i?fty "she may give him the gate." Onawltation History. Pympioma, Blood Prrafttr. Pnlae Kale and Rftiratory Kate taken by Ike 4iarnoBtieian, ' Harfttm Meal and Kluoronropie amination of 'the atrortnre aa4 alliac time of tke atomaeh. 3. Laboratory teat : (a) Complete Blood Count (real cell, white eel) anal differential rount with hemoglobin deternination). (b) Complete Chemiral aaa Mi rroscopie t'rinalyais. 4 Hearing Test SECOND DAT OT r'luoroscnpir rim inte-stinal travt. nnatioa of the X-ray by bari f the Colo win tiled mt meal. X-ray pictures of any part of the bod a, indicated hy abnormalities found during the flnorosenpie examination or aa indicated from the history or lyfnpmrn such as chest, sinus, head, spine, pelvic region or any joint such a shoulder, knee, hip, wrist or any bona structure. Ocular examination by an optow-etriat with explanation and re com- Kvarxtnation of month, teeth and gtim with interpretation of dai-ta X-rays and recommendations. Laboratory Tst" nx of the fo low ing tet re made i rerpieMe! by th examining doctors, defending nion hitory and symptom, or phical findings, some of whhtfc rr routine Justified in taking this step?" Reailera of thia magaaine have been writing me thrae questions. Folks have been asking me the same queries for more than a score of years. Scarcely a day passes but 1 am anxiously solicited, not only for an opinion, but for some moral approval and support for this unfortunate undertaking as well. Obviously It Is not an easy Ion to answer. I think 'I can sympathise with the ofllce seeker who Is asked his opinion on the Townaend Plan. 1 have also been asked that. Hut the question comes with a lot more sincerity than moat people grant these divorce-seekers. It may seem otherwise to you, but for me, so dally Importuned as to the right or wrong of this thing. I am Impressed not with Its flippancy, but rather Its seriousness. MARRIAGE vows burn a deal deeper Into human hearts-anil conscience than most news stories would tell. The papers will say: "Mrs. Dunn, prominent socialite of Park Avenue, was divorced In IJyno today. She left Immediately by plane for New York, where It Is understood that she will marry James Brown. Broadway playboy" Sounds flitting and ephemeral, does It not? But I happen to know that while here she suffered such depression that her physician advised her to seek a clergyman. Strange, too, one may not be CONCLUSION Written dietetic instructions are made The exai reo,ir-d because jf pathologiral delay. run d'iiiit n completed In two tr. i. THE TOTAL COST OF THE EXAMINATION ft 25 Monthly payments may be arranged for any serTire Consultations without charge or obligation fjVa law. The divorce came years O PAQC FOUR-B o 0 o Co) 0 CD o

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