Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 3, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1936
Page 4
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; I .n ! i j.M.ia . -.f - PAGE FQUfV T H E A L B A N Y D E M 0 C R A T- H E R LP, A L RANcy, 0 R E G O N Friday; april 3, 1936. 1 : - 1 ; A WEAKNESS FOR BOYS IN UNIFr .. ;V I t rowboat bobbed ' on the ripplin; suiiaco ot the water.' broken fence-posts, 1 disturbed shoulders and tire marks in tiic deep ditch which skirts this stretch of road. In some cases the tire marks extend fur into farmers' BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON Cntrd at Albany. Urevun, pofltoffiee af ftnni rlaaa auiL Mag bar Ualtad PraM ana NBA Nwi Sarrlet, KaUhllibwl IBM, . ., Editor, ajxi Publlahan , ' T L. Jaekaon and B. R. CronW. IHJTCMB- fields. I It was further found on Jnvesti- galion that the highway mainten- ance crew which posted these markers ran out of rags and left unmarked nearly 50 accidents wnuse uaccs are sun vioie. SUBSCRIPTION BAT88 DELIVERED BY CARRIES Oaa year, in advanea Ml stoptha. In advanoa On month. In advaaea . , .15.50 8 jj BY MAIL wan, mavm. -anon. io. ax Om ru In advanoa SU msntha, la advanca ....... Tttaa .month., in advanea ..... Opa month, in advanea Br Mail Biaaarhara In U. g. J;JJ .(it Oaa la ,;7, . , in .aavaaaa lo advaaaa Faff aosr, an taaiaa and nawaataadi , la ordarnvT ciuwaai of aMttai lubacrlr. atmatd a4Taa fffva old. aa. wall aa aarv Pabllihcd Dally Ept Sundaya UN Bamcrat-aVrall rukliaalair Co.. Ina. . iBdvpcndcnt Afternaaa H.waaaaar K. C. Maganan Co., National Ataaat Wane SaaaaanrtaUTr.. NOT A BAD, IDftA i Much- has been said here and elsewhere recently about the neqd t tor. political training schools which would fit persons to administer a public offices. ' Need for.such Instruction is ap-. parent frequently, not only within 't)?c realm of federal government, . but in states, municipalities and other subdivisions. The public is , fortunate Indeed when It secures the services of a competent office . holderonc who has. really stud - led political economy or even civil government. . , So it is With all government employes. Therefore, when Con- gressman Wesley Disney ' Oklahoma suggests that the. government establish a federal school for civil service . training be Is on the rigHt track. . -Congressman Disney's - argu-' men runs liko this: , - 1.00 05 ! BY RODNEY BY RODNEY DUTCHER M-:.l Service Stnyl C'orreapondant WASHINGTON. D o n a 1 d R. . Rlchberg is back on tho inside again. Once known as "assistant president." chief New Deal co-ordlnator and bead ot the National Emergency Council, he disappeared from White House huddles as well as from tbe public gaze after the U. S. Supreme Court swung at NRA in. its famous decision on KlcitDergs pet Schechter case. But now he bas again become such a court favorite without publicitythat other. Insiders who don't like Mr. Rlchberg are beginning to grumble. Rlchberg wrote, most of the president's relief message to Congress, which called for co-operation by private industry t. increase employment. ' Don't be surprised If he soon receives an important appointment under the Department of Justice and subsequently appears both be-for the supreme court on New Deal cases and before the public with pro-New Deal campaign speeches. , ' Although bis friends thought he had been treated shabbily by being dropped after taking many "raps" for the administration, Rich-berg never' became blttei;. . Ha began, a series ot speeches supporting Roosevelt on the constitutional issue and relations re-(aa to warm up again when, as head of the National Progressive League, he caustically criticized Al Smith's Liberty League speech. - His Job used to be to conciliate inalastrUllits and business men wltk the Mew Deal and he prob-; ably will resume that function. . - r FtACTICALLY all parties con-earned in the dispute over the Beaate lafcy cnaittaai richt to Romance under the Water; 2:5, music; 3:0 Travel Paths of America; 3:15, music; 3:45 The Moni-. tor Views the News; 4:00 Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. 5:06 On the Campuses; 5:30, music; 5:45, What the Educators Are Doing; 6:00 The Dinner Concert; 6:30 Evening Farm Hour; New Publications! 6:45, Market and crop reports and weather forecast; 7:00' F. ' F. A. Albany chapter "Analyzing the Results of Farm Projects"; 7:30 music; 7:45, Science News of the week: 8:00 Music of the Masters; 9;00-9:15 United Press News. WALES FTJNUAL HELD Funeral services for Roy Samuel Wales, who died at his home in Albany March 30thi were held ' . mar,c" Ju,ni wee " Thursday afternoon from the Fort miller (unrral hnmo sf '11, Rev. T. D. Yarnes, pastor of. the local Methodist church, officiated. The singers were Mr. and Mrs. James Jenks. Interment was made in the' Masonic cemetery. Mrs. Homer Bloom and Mrs. Charles Goltra were in charge of the floral offerings'. 'The pallbearers were is to of a ' of , ' "Get in," the photographer instructed, "and push otf a little way." Toby dropped her coat and sat down in the boat. The wind, over the water, was raw and sharp. Al per pulled on the oars and the ooat moved away from the landing. Toby leaned back against i cushion, tried to smile. She had been told to drop one hand into the water, raising it carelessly. She did. and almost screamed. The water was like ice. From the bank Hiatt shouted, shaking his head that something was wrong. Alper headed the boat back, and they tried it over again. They tried it a third time and then a fourth. Toby was chilled to. the bone , by this time and the hand, she dropped into the water felt numb. ' -. "Come back," Hiatt called. "Get out and put your, coats on for a while. Tnen we'll try it again." . Toby said, climbing up oh the landing, ;'rtow can you t-i-tane my picture when rm s-shivering s-s-so?" I ' , "We'll get it," Hiatt assured, her. And they did. Twenty minutes later the pictures, were finished and all ot them went back in the house, drinking." hot .coffee : and eating sandwiches. Mrs. Gregg insisted Toby should toast her feet at the radiator and that Alper should sit beside her. "You two children," she . said, "look half-frozen. It's dangerous to risk a cold at this time of year " She took Alper s coffee cup away to refill it. Toby,' looking after her,' said, ''She's a dear, isn't she? Where in the world did Marty ind her?" Alper. looked surprised. "Why, don't you know?" he. asked. "That is Margaret Gregg.", He saw that she -did not under stand, and went on,. "Twenty years ago Margaret Gregg was one ol; the best known actresses in New York. She played -leads in half a dozen Broadway shows' Then she got older and went into stock. Since well, I guess she's had one bad break after another. Now and then she gets a little part in some play, and she models whenever she gets the chance. Hiatt likes her, and so dp most of the photographers. She's a real trouper!" Margaret Gregg came back with the coifee. "Here," she said, "drink this. You want to be thoroughly warm before we start back to the city. Toby looked up at her. Not all the lines in Margaret Gregg's face had come from age. But there was courage there, and something that spoke of sweetness as weji as strength. Toby though, "She's been suf fering. She' known rfal trouble.'; Her own doubts and difficulties suddenly seemed less important. 1 . ik, ,k .u . : V-V."U r I ment that night there was a letter lying on the table. It was addressed to Toby Ryan. (To Be Continued) Saturday. April 4 9:00 a.m. The Story Hour; 9:30, The Half Hour in Good Taste, "It's Your Head"; 10:00 music; 10:15, Guarding your health; 10:30 The Junior Matinee Eugene High School; 11:30 The International Scene; 11:45, music. 12:00 Noon Farm Hour 12:05. United Press News; 12:15, Agricultural Engineering Students; 12:40, Market arid crop reports and weather forecast. 1 p.m. music: 1:15, The World Book Man; 1 :30 Programs on' Parade; 1:45, music; 2:00 The British Isles Travelogue; 2:15, music; 2:30 KOAC ftato Program i- : . : ! fN LAURA LOU (ftOOKMAN 0 t hsa fa-ha, U ., ;, other things she must take, end for a week's trip to the West Indies, enjoying the deck sports and swimming pool, sunning themselves by day and dancing by night. Camera men had been making pictures meanwhile to, use in cruise advertising, but the models enjoyed themselves and wpre paid for their work. It was after one. o'clock when they reached the "location." The house, set apart from those about it, was on the' edge of the bay. It looked like an old-fashione'd farmhouse which. Frazier told them, was. what the story called for. ";'''" They left the car and went up I S i I i ? s If . We maintain elaborate training dtion, has remained at its original ,liscbBote for the officers of our level. Consequently cars go skid-army, bur navy, and our coast ding into the ditches whenever the ; guard. We send promising young pavement becomes a .little slick. ; men te these vfaal, pay. .U their , Should pne veer n few inches too expenses and give them the very far to the right or left it is doom-finest training our experts can dc- cd to an accident. KHw. so that they may serve us. This is. all a matter, of technique U- in highway building. The remedy ' We have had such success with consists simply of rebuilding, and . fives, schools that very rarely does at n relatively minor cost. man who has not been gradu-: Thow rcd rags aro 8yrnbolical. lc4 from or of them attain com- As long as lhcy remain nt ,he , tnimd ia ewr mMaary fprces. . 'roadside U. S. Highway No. 09 will i, Uncle Sam mteys a lot of be a markecl rolld- lt wln rcmuin et'ter- peepleftutslde , navy, llabmiv tho stute lt wi con. fd coaet sus- And of aUtuta obstade , tno , of imain SPm slyel. Xec aU who aspire to bring more tour subpoena telegrams are agreed tliat Chairman Hugo Black of Alaeaaaa a very smart man. "', Whatever your opinion of tlj ethics involved, consensus In fV Ington is, that Black's recent ctrm ter-mores have been good as BtrM eic maneuvers. Loaded dowm wttk bad Dublidty by legal and protests from Liberty Leaguers Md William Randolph Hearst wko a Jected to Black's perusal ot 'tketr telegrams Black first diTerssd public attention aad got tha , tators all stirred tip aaj by, revealing that six coagressmen beat lived list summer with. "iBtjtr trust" lobbyist Then be achieved his ni&atar. coup by making available to' )UyV John J. McSwain (Dem.,' 6. C). a alleged copy of a telegram lch Hearst by court action had soagtit suppress. The results " wr scarcely less then terrific as 'the popular McSwajn, quavering into the heights of melodrama, read Hearst's description of liim in a messago to an editorial writer, as "a Communist in spirit an.f a traitor in effect." The House roared its approval at McSwaip. who In 1917, at the a) 42, volunteered to go to war 'as private and returaed. a cajytaaa. He is a member ot the Sobs el the Revolution, Sons ot the Con-faderacy. Aitiarican Leglcaj. -an Veterans of ' Foreign. Wars. edl pacifists have called hint "the worst Jingo. In the House. No man suggested that th telegram was "private" aa4 aaiajtldat't have been in McSwaln's hands. Its-body cared. One of "the boys" had been attacked! And the readiest the House spelled out the iat that. Insofar as Congress wae cast-cerned, Black would have a free hand and all the money he waated for his investigation. (Copyright, 1S3S, NEA Service, Int.) George Huffman, Ben Six. Jessie .Edwards, Orval Downing and Seth COOK. Democrat-Herald Want . Brine RecuMa. SAN DIIQQ EL COHTEZ MOTH OOM. AND I ATI ',OM saar 4 DAT' WW my whisky W H I S KY Still other accidents that took place whon ground was frozen ' left no evidence. These are un marked. There is no way of telling I just how many more of these there 1 hnvi) hppn. That Is the record of the "death trap." Not a few of those red marks are memorials to sacrificed lives. It is appropriate that the markers should be colored red. To the north and south of this lethal tretch of road few accidents have taken place. Those few have been for the most part the result of careless driving. Not so with the $mosh-ups on the Tangcnt-Hulsey roadway. In by far the majority of cases those mishaps have been directly or indirectly blameable upon the road itself. In the first place this roadway was placed upon the crest ot a fidge artificially constructed' to raise the pavement above tho high water level of the Calapooia bot- !tom lands which it traverses,: Dirt was taken from tho edges and dumped in tho middle of the right- of-way. The result was a crown- a roaa ana deep ditches on either side, filled with water much of the way during the whole winter. The pavement crown has beep accentuated by heavy traffic. Tho edges of tho pavement have become further depressed While the center, with dryer foun ists to Oregon. Its name will be anathema to all travelers. Those little appropriately hued rugs are wavig ,hem off How long must this highway remain in the red'. , i 1 f ' tcriirtih.a.aiif STORES. IN PS I. S. Klein fHK kimIiIohh Dvinctor roainoil the ourtli In search of lior daiiKhtor rvrsepkone. whom Ilailes had spirited nway. Urict trUken, shu cumo to Ike ialai:o of Colous, kliiK of Attica, and in return tor tlie kinc'a hol(allty sli curcil Ills young son, TrlntolomuH, ol a soiious nil-niniit und derided to mako the lad ImmorUil. Hut, whon llcnictov plscvd the prince on a hod ot bunting coals, its part of the coremouy, the Iio.v'k mother, Mounlru. .ncroamed In terror and broke, the siwIL i Vnsble to Indue! Trlptolemua In-;tn the realm ot the gods, therefore. Domaler taught him Hio secrets tit unriculture. and had him mHove .the Krain lo the .soli and mnuad iu cultio tluouitlioiit Hie world. For ,tkl taxk alio Kavo liiiu a cliatinl 'draaia s.y two winded diiiKOii?. lt 1 as ai lver of the dragons, on tils irain-snrdins .mission, thai TriptoleeMiii Is shown on llio 30 drafhwae slsmp or tiroece's recent aiythoJoglonl seile. - . LJelicaie" Shf flqvor: lst Schilling PUHG1 -Jamlla ST 1 n ?aiajia)piai' IOB.IIIBIB 1 TASTE THIS MELLOW BRANDY the, house. "We'll take the porch shot first, Hiatt announced. - - V-.This was to be a picture of Toby and Mr Gregg. The two went into the house and a servant show ed them they were te use for dressing. Toby slipped on her sweater and white skirt and Mrs. Gregg put on a simple cotton frock. She put on spectacles, changed the outline of her hair and Toby was amazed at the transformation. ' Then they went out to the porch and Frazier explained the pose. Mrs. Gregg sat in a low, old-fa-shiurked chair and Toby on the step below. Frazier was exacting and the scene, though it was simple enough, had to be rehearsed and tried from several angles. At last Frnziec was satisfied and the camera clicked. Toby went in to the house nguin and put on the ruffled summer dress.' Stic came back, huddled in her coat, and found Alper, coat-less and in white flannels. They walked to the rear of the house where the others were waiting. There was a private boat landins and. securely fastened.' a ttVRQMA'S EIGHT-FORTY Fragrant, "clean" oh the tirih-4.iB,a4.i tongue die tilled, ma- ' icaa largest winery ROM A WINE Company, Inc., Lodi, California. CHAPTER XXI There was no time next day for Toby to sit at home waiting for messages from Tim Jamieson. At 8:30 a call came from the Models' League. Marty Hiatt wanted Toby to pose for some magazine illustrations and the job was to be "on location." Toby knew what that mea. it- making pictures outside the studio somo place where, the- background and surroundings were exactly whut they were supposed to bo instead of studio props. "You're to be at Hiatt's studio at 11 o'clock," Sally told her. "Yes." "Now I'll tell you what clothes you need. Got a pencil?" Toby reached for one, said she had. "You'll need a thin summery dress not an evening dress, the sort you might put on on a summer afternoon if you wanted to be a little bit dressed up. It should have ruffles or lace, something sort of frilly. The color doesn't matter so long as it's light. Have you anything like that?" "I'll get it," Toby promised. "White shoes und light hose, of course. Then you'll need a sweater that will photograph dark and a light skirt. That's all. Hemcfnber you're to be at the studio at 11.".. Toby said she'd remember, and put down the telephone. "I've got to have a frilly summer dress," she told Harriet. "Where on earth do you suppose I can find one?"' "How about my flowered pr-gundie?" . Toby shook her head., "No, it isn't suppose tp be an evening dress. It's to wear lit the afternoon. I'll have to buy something, I guess but where can 4 find a dress like that at this time?" 'J It was tho last week lit March too early for summer dresses in the shops, months since the last ; from the year before had . diup-pt'iired. , "That's tho way," Harriet grumbled. "They always wunt summer clothes in winter and winter ones in summer." Toby dressed hurriedly and set oft on her shopping trip. She went to four stores before she found a dress that was summery-looking, with short sleeves and frills at the neck. It was in the "home frocks" department too big but it could be pinned over the back. The dress was crisp and fresh and in a photograph it would look like a delicate voile or organdie. But the shopping had taken time. Toby, gluncing at a clock on building across the street sawi tint she had less than an hour to Ret back to the apartment, press the new dress, pack It with' the ' aaOOY, TOO, tJOaM'a t :0 ANO 14 KOHMM reach the studio. . She did it, though. She stopped to buy fresh light toose and then rushed home. Five minutes before 1 1 o'clocMf carrying her worse-f or-wear suitcase, she pushed open the door of Hiatt's studio. , Marty greeted her cheerfully. "H'ure you, Toby?" he said.' "Going to give you a boat ride today. How'd you think you'll like that?""' "Isn't it a little cool?' Miirty grinned. "Might be," he; said. "See that you dont rock the boat, will you? W? don't want to have to put on any rescue acts." - He led her to where a young man and an older woman were standing. The young njan was tall rather athletic-looking. Tho wom an was short, stout undhar hail J was gray. ; , , , -.a. "Mrs. Gregg,"' Hiatt Su'id; ."th)s is Toby Ryan. Toby Dick Alperi You three make tip the companjf' today. We'll be ready to leave as-soon as Frazier shows up." Frazier, Toby learned, was . the art editor of the magazine for which the photographs were being' made. They were to illustrate a short story that would appear months later. Toby was to be the heroine, und DicX,,Alpvr the hero, Mrs. Gregg was to be . Toby's. mother. , ., "Where are.wa going" the girl asked. . .... "Out on Long Island. There's a house there, belonging to , some friend of Frazler's, .and a bay where we can get the shot ot you audi Alpar in the boat. How about wardrobes Have you all got every thing you worc to bring?" , The suitcases were opened and the costumes checked. While they were doing this Dwight Frazier arrived, He. was a' short, square-faced ihdivlduul who spoko in a slow, low-pitched voice. He looked at the costumes, said they would do. ..;."' Presently they set off in Hiatt's car Hiatt and Frazier in front, Toby with Alper and Mrs. Gregg behind. Toby liked Mrs. Gregg at once. The older woman was pleasant and friendly- She asked ToOy about her work and seemed interested in the answers. Alper told them he was studying art. . The year, befurc he'd hud a job as a commercial artist, he said, but had discovered he could earn more and make better use of ltja time model ing. His wife was en the chorus of a musical show. "Some day," he said, "she's going to be a real actress." .- . .. '.,. Alper old them about the "real break" he had had a few months before when he and a dozen other models nnd ooarded a muse ship PORTLAND . . Garage . "Adjoining"-- the center of Portland in nciiarettes...i0 Ihetn, we hire them on a catch-as- fjltch-can laasis. , , ( Good (M Jee Doakes, far in-' ncc, who carried the banner inrougn ram ana snow, lor. uoo-frewrnaA Hooais in the iMK wafd ' ip a dowvln party man; so we'll . lust find lae ,ou tlie i govern- j pent payroll for him, and if he is too dumb to coma in out ol the' 'fni nobody much will know the ejtfferenc. j So oe Doakes gets hired, by I the, hundred and by the thousand; and once in. v wbil wc ,wondr, ' Wully,, whjr' it . is Uutt setna of ecu ipvei'nmon sorviees totsi so much and aro srf(ikjt. ... . tbm-H.M.fmr hard to think of onet; tolitary. atrgunutnt., why , he ' Special tri!iing-sciuoJ kaV should nqt aply. to eivU aorvtsa iu the j federal sovernniont w.ttell as. to: Mi.taiiy set-wiee.. .... n U,tOf all) ttw.oiiTiiaiMml cav-tojf RWiBB civiiiuns hsw soWk-rs OCld'. Wiiw. Tlw ruHMi ..tur QxM:rt . M()h)"t'.' Ww. ,yil brauvk is s fiftiat as ki' M aukajry, UtUiiuy j eommun mmm should have told uS.llopa aiH, tlwl Um way to get Jt.,WBuid k It estitblith a great eWh Borviee hraiwiatg e6my, on . Jra with Uw naval and niiliUvy,.-, . . , u ,, , ' Congfossmuai.Daaaiey has iutro-dWsed.a, bill ,for,.cstablihixit of SUCH a school. If common sense is luilC us corcuntm as. we like to I thlhlt it is. Ilila hill nr bill I : desigAt d- to accomplish the suae ' thlg will pas In illus svsioii ol -Congress. .,;.,, .. , . . f iiThls all presumes, of course, thM the civil service is maintained w U xves kiffiwl to twevide the ' government with men quall-ited'te te their iolw, ratlwr BWt'Vetes.' ' .vBfetwejaii, i Pji.t. ieair, .mias 'Uth. of ,TaW!iat, Winn the Wa-cifife, hjphiwat , "TWreH". firil,. and tke ebhe"a city : liwits of Haftey, me yay see every in Ttett or so- red. ta wed to a teiMc wire. Sorne tew ao aMed tc Wki-phona or, power 'pries,, awd sdmc are fastened Jo, shoks fieggyd into lh roadside. ,.,.-.Thexesajre 2M frfltiruse nrgsjto be seen along a disunite ot , but -f miles... ,, '.vm;.i 'fl .I.,, Jnveatigation revealed that each of these JitUe red .markers desig-nt the scene o an automobile , accident that, has ..taken i placo Within the last year. A rag was .tld to the fence $ the point nearest to the spot where each accident took place. The location of MCh fag was dolf-rmln'-d by 90 PROOF... yf&2&mtp(&Jfe It's plain horse. sense! If you like mildcM in your cigarette, you'll like it in your whisky. A mild whisky, just like your cigarette, has no harsh edges, no bite. Cobb Creek m to tmooth, to mild, you can sip at you would a fine old brandy. Yet it hat strength mfiltnty -a full, robust 90 proof 1 y Call. .Dial Diatilli.l Corpor.lioa rail.a.lpaia. P.. Make The Noiua Hotel OUAftf 70 FULL PINT BLENDED mtuionj uoxj sat Kt 11th at Stark St. In cons cm IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS ...HUdf cons cms.

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