The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 52
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 52

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 52
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THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1997 17B PREMIUM STEEL RADIAL PREMIUM STEEL RAOiAL BLK SO 000 MT 20 At 17S70R11 33 96 1S70R1 34 K US70R14 36 96 1670R14 34 96 20670R14 3. 96 KM0R14 46 96 196VWR14 46 96 1960R1S 47 9S KVHHII SO 95 209VUR1S 1 9S COOPER SPORTMASTEft GLT wwso ooo Mr wm 55 000 MT 45TH2 55'R1213 65TR13 657R15 6S70TR13 7570TR'3 8S70TR1J14 970TR14 . 39X1 A 1SVWR1J . 10MOR11 . 10V7M14 . HV74RI4 . 20V7SR14 . 2I7SR1 . !1V75R1 . 11 32 96 College football . J2W . J3K . 34 M .MM UNIROYAL. B.F. GOODRICH COOPER MICHELIN GENERAL BRIDGESTONE FIRESTONE PIRELLI WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS ADS AND COUPONS LOWEST PRICES ZH 34 96 39 95 37 99 3M6 41 96 49 96 49 96 59.91 . JOM 22V7SRIS 401 2M7SR15 411 O5.70TR14 . . 85.5MR1S McCoy, Navy cruise COOPER 4 TIRE TOTAL PRICE o ur rnENOserreit sc wwblk COOPER CLASSIC 40.000 Ml' COOPER CLASSIC tG.000 Mt PIRELLI 380 AB 60.000mi 20S70R14 WW i7 21i70R14 WW . . SSSO 205.70R15 WW M 95 PRICE MCLUOES TIRES, INSTALLATION. VALVE STEMS. HtGM SPEEO BALANCE 360 A 17V70R14 BLK 175-65R14 BLK 185.66R14 BLK 1966&R14 BLK 19665R15 BLK 206- 65R15 BLK 21S.ftR15 BLK 21V65R16 BLK S1 98 92 96 53 96 54 99 64 96 97 96 SOS lea8- 179" 1S9" 209" 219" 17S70R13 18570R13 185770R14 19V70R14 20570R14 ..39 95 . .42 95 . .44 95 . .47.95 . .49 95 21S'70R15 WW 3 96 205-S5R15 BLK .... 0 96 21016 BLK . . . UH 225016 BLK 72.96 155-80B13 165 60fl13 18S-75H14 195-75R14 205-7SH15 18S-TOR14 215-70R14 20S-7CW15 215-70A15 205-65RI6BLK 215-75H1415 225-75R14MS 235-75RI5 195-70fll4 205- 70A14 206- 70B15 8LK 17S-80R13 I85-8GH13 20S-75HU 2Cft'55R16LK 74 H COOPER Cobra 0.000 Mr BLK 420 AB 4 TE TOTAL PRICC Instated. Valves Batanc4 739- 249" 20S60TR13 20SOHR4 16560TR14 20560TR1S 10S6OTR14 21560TR1S 10SAOTR1S 22SV60TRK COOPER Classic 0.000 Ml' BLK 420 AB 4 TIRE TOTAL PRICE Installed, Vahm Balance 229" 739" 17S70R14 19V65R1S 17565R14 205WR.5 18565014 21565R1S 1956&R14 21560R16 FALKEN EURO VS611 360AA 185-60HR14J 49.95 COOPER DISCOVERER COOPER COBRA 195-50SR15 W.tS 480-6 4 PLY 14 480-12 4 PLY .20 23S7SA15 RWL . . St K 30- 9S0R15 RWL 7 6 31- 1050R1S RWL . 43 K 878-13 6 PLY RWL 44 9 F78-1415 6 PLY . 59 95 H78-1S 8 PLV . . - 64 04 195-60HR14 195-60HR15 20560HR15 20565HR15 19565HR15 . 52 95 .54 95 ,55 95 , .57.95 .59 95 205 SOSRIS . . . . 225-50SR1S 265-50SR15 RWL . 295-SOSKIS RWL . 225 SOHR18 24S-50HRU 2750ZR17 2455R17 9 96 79 K 4 9S M 96 109 96 119 95 179 96 169 96 215.95R16 BLK PLY U K 22V7SR16 BLK I PLY W W VISA PERFORMANCE 22550VR1C 98 23S85B16 BLK 10 PlV.7 K 24S75R16 BLK 10 PLYM.H 26&75H16 RWL 6 PLY H.K 22S5SVRK M96 2457S0VR1t 99 96 19565HR14 56.95 2SV50VR1 96 ECONOMY 4 TIRE TOTAL MICHELIN 4 TIRE TOTAL PRICE InttalMa. ValvM. BjUanc 359" 799" i ! a i i w .y s SPORT UTILITY 420 Kit COOPER BSCOVEfiER THAI A ZJ TIGER PAW XTIIMWf i4Whr9!Lfl75.0COmL' 4 TIRE TOTAL PRICE ' bawwd. Va. Bxwnc . INSTALLED. VALVES I BALANCE 50.000 Ml 280 AB UAJUDf If based am LETTERS 4 TIRE TOTAL PRICE InslaHrt. VUvm Balanc. ww it mum UNIROYAL TIGER PAW 70,000 Ml.' ASC 4 Tire Total Price Installed, Valves, Balance 719T 7299. 749S, 759" 15580fli3 22575R15 20Sf70fl14 17570R13 18570R14 2175R15 18570R13 1B5f75R14 21570R14 22575R15 18570R14 19575R14 20570R1S 23575R15 19570R14 20575R14 20V75R15 21&70RI5 2O570R14 SUPERIOR TRACTION $ MILEAGE XGT4 XW4 258" 289" 185'80fll3 18575fl14 19575R14 20V75R14 20S75R15 2157SR1S 23575A15 17570R13 18570R13 18570R14 18570R14 20570O14 729" 749" P2055R14 P22575R15 P20575R15 P23S'75R15' P21675R15 2375RI5XL 18575R14 19575R14 19570R14 20675R14 20575R15 18665R14 185'60RI4 19560R14 196.60R15 20560R15 P20S775R14 22575R15 P20575R15 P23575R1S P21V76R15 23S7SR15 XI MONROE CAS SHOCKS 19565R15 JCQ35 20570R15 09 TOURING TA '39 GENERAL TRUCK EXTRA LOAD j 4 TIRE TOTAL PRICE COOKS WSCOVEREBSTE RWL P22V7SRK YOUR P 24V7SR1I CHOICE P2W7SR1I 170 86 P 2657R1 U. BRAKES tAjft' FRONT OR REAR 4W LUBE, OIL H09S I FILTER It INSTALLED. VALVES. BALANCE UNIROYAL LAREDO 23S7SR1S RWL 74.96 31-10SOR19 RWL . 99 96 235ASR11 10PLY 99 95 BP OOODRICH LOM TRAIL P245-75R16RWL 99 95 P225-76R16 89 96 LT235-75R15 89 95 ROTATE MQ9S BALANCE I U 2357SR15 BLK XL 84.99 EA , 25996 60 MONTH BATTERY $ 198 FRONT END JO19 ALIGNMENT Cf wS 25 OFF 59 recharge'I 4 Any aiz in sioc . FREOM WEST PALM BEACH )1J)M UllitBru Trail QB Chris McCoy runs for 205 yards and .scores three TDs in a 39-7 win vs. Army. The Associated Press EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. ' This time there was no late field goal, 99-yard drive or missed ; chip shot to send Navy to another excruciating loss to Army. It wasn't even close, and that's exactly what Navy wanted and F expected against Army this year. WEST PALM BEACH I WEST PALM BEACH I LAKE PARK I OKEECHOBEE CITY I FT. LAUDERDALE MV-05082 WV -05079 MV-08S05 MV-06491 MV-OtUK AR0793 2814 S Din Hwy. 1440 S Military Trtil 900 0M Ohh Hwy, 908 N W Park St. 2990 Wt Broward Blvd. at Batvadara at Foraat Hill sks tixtrm owm ii ?di m:m temvr'1'trfM&f0t. APOM -yr WW com Ol Wl TD9J- ftj ICWQmNp) APOM "or i Ht&r WMr CcwdMP'An 633-1781 967-7350 681-7431 467-4600 581-0625 LAUDERDALE LAKES MV-06406 AR07M 3330 N St Rd 7(4411 U.!BHOMmPiA -. 739-2019 at OkMchotMt Blvd. & 1.5 ( tfbxarfrcxp 479-7800 o oft Or! r X o i K GnaDLLLF o C I V. TK. ' LAKE WORTH Holiday Inn Lake Worth Monday, December 8 2:00 pm 7859 Lake Worth Road (Turnpike & Lake Worth Road) SEMINAR If you have ever dreamed of making consistently perfect shots only to be disappointed, then it's time to find out the reasons WHY! If you've been facing a life sentence of frustration and confusion, then don't miss my 90 minute lecture on "The Science of the Swing." The Bill Skelley Instructional seminar will help you to understand the three principles from which all consistent golf swings are built. You will learn more about the golf swing in 90 minutes than in taking 20 lessons. You will be awed by it's simplicity and amazed with your results. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Fullback Tim Cannada enjoys Navy's 39-7 win over Army with his fellow midshipmen. Cannada ran for a career-best 133 yards. STUART Howard Johnson Monday, December 8 7:30 pm 950 South Federal Highway (Just South of Rt. 76 & US 1) was no chance for a gamerwinning, 99-yard fourth-quarter drive ('95) Lhns McLoy ended five years of frustration for Navy and capped a record-setting career by rushing for 205 yards and three touchdowns and adding a TD pass in a 39-7 win on Saturday. McCoy, who was only offered a scholarship on the national signing day after Navy coaches received videotape from his high school principal scored on runs of 1, 2 and 1 yard. Navy (7-4) scored on six of its first seven possessions in denying Army (4-7) what would have been a record-setting sixth straight victory in the series. "I didn't even want to imagine what it would been have like losing again this year," said McCoy, whose 279 total yards were more than three times Army's total offense. "But I was very confident going in that we would win." Not even a two-play, 74-yard touchdown drive by Army on the opening series dimmed Navy's confidence. "At the end of practice this week we practiced the two-minute drill and field goals just in case it or having a Midshipman miss an - 18-yard field goal in the closing BOYNTON BEACH Holiday Inn Catalina Tuesday, December 9 2:00 pm or 5:30 pm 1601 North Congress Avenue (Off I-95 at Gateway Blvd. Exit) was another close game," Navy safety Gervy Alota said. "But coach (Charlie Weatherbie) kept saying it doesn't have to come down to that. We felt we were good enough to dominate them and that's exactly what we did." The numbers were staggering for a series in which Army won the last five games by a total of 10 points, four times rallying in the second half to win. This time, the score was so one-sided that Army had no chance of repeating the heroics of late field goals by Patmon Malcom 092) and Kurt Heiss ('94). There I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can improve your golf swing without incurring confusion, trauma, or short-term pain. You will see that your mechanics are possibly inferior not because of your lack of ability, but due to your perception of the swing.'l will highlight this point by taking volunteers from the audience and totally changing their golf swing before your very eyes. So don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. seconds, as in the last game at Giants Stadium in 1993. Navy outgained Army 454-87, held a 27-3 edge in first downs and had the ball for 42 minutes, 27 seconds. Army was 0-for-7 on third downs, completed 1 of 4 passes for 3 yards with one interception and gained 13 yards after scoring on its first series. Navy RB Tim Cannada rushed for a career-best 133 yards and a 3-yard touchdown. 3L PALM BEACH GARDENS . Palm Beach Gardens Marriott Wednesday, December 10 ( 2:00 pm or 7:30 pm 4000 RCA Boulevard (Exit 57 off I-95) As part of your $10.00 tuition you will receive Bill Skelley's instructional manual "The Science of the Swing". This 39 page book outlines the dynamics of the golf swing with remarkable detail and precision. You will receive insight into the workings of the swing that are simpler and more concise than anything you've ever read. Serious golfers should not miss this opportunity to see golfs most fascinating lecturer. Come see why professionals from all over have sought his advice. Space is limited so make your reservation by calling 1 -800-54 1 -7707 day or night. ADMISSION 10 Includes FREE Manual SCHOOL OF OOLF I Moss lifts Marshall to crown The Associated Press HUNTINGTON, W.Va. Randy Moss played like a Heisman Trophy finalist. Moss caught three touchdown passes Friday night as Marshall scored 31-second half points in a 34-14 victory over Toledo for the Mid-American Conference championship. In its return to the conference, Marshall (10-2) earned an automatic bid to the inaugural Motor City Bowl on Dec. 26 in Pontiac, Mich. It will be Marshall's first bowl appearance since the 1948 Tangerine Bowl. Reservations Call day or night 1-800-541-7707 mssm. Late Friday TOM fi II Sorry, trades not accepted on liquidated inventory ram w im 98 Welkrafl 260 SE V berth t mid-cabin, galley, dinette, lull canvas, depth sounder, VHF 5.7 Volvo DuoProp 98 Wellcraft Martinique 3200 $104,295 Loaded, sleeps 6, galley wreliig, stove t microwave, AC. Twin 7.2 fWC inboards 97 Wellcraft Martinique 3600 $148,550 loaded, tri-cobin AC, gen., icemoker, TV, windlass. Twin 7.4 FWC inboards Moss' three scores gave him 25 TD catches this season, breaking the mark of 22 he shared with Houston's Manny Hazard, set in 1989. "The coaches told me to concentrate on the game and not think about the Heisman," Moss said. Hazard set his record in 11 games, while Moss played in his 12th game Friday. The NCAA considers conference championship games as regular-season games for statistical purposes. Moss broke the record on a 4-yard TD catch in the third quarter. He scored on an 86-yard reception 2:58 later his fifth TD catch of 70 yards or longer this season. Moss added a 20-yard score in the fourth quarter, using his 6-inch height advantage over Toledo's Clarence Love. "I began to think the passing game would not have much impact tonight. The offensive line came through. Once it did, it's hard to stop our offense," Moss said. Chris Wallace threw two touchdown passes for Toledo (9-3), which lost three of its final four games after going 8-0 and earning a Top 25 ranking. Moss, a sophomore, has scored in each of his 27 games in his career. He has 53 TD catches in two seasons. Moss had 170 yards receiving Friday to end the regular season with 1,647 yards, breaking the conference mark of 1,549 set by Kent's Eugene Baker this year. Moss was formally invited Friday to attend next Saturday's Heisman Trophy presentation at the Downtown Athletic Club. Michigan's Charles Woodson, Tennessee's Peyton Manning and Washington State's Ryan Leaf were also invited. "This guy is a great player, and I hope he goes in the NFL" next jear, Toledo coach Gary Pinkel said. $36,564 $79,747 $113,722 $14,330 $25,305 $54,402 $134,238 97 Scarab 1 9 Jet Race style, bucket seats, cenler console, 96 Welltrah 160 CCF $8,995 $6 777 (enter console wgolv. E2 loader trailer. ' Evenrude OB. 97 Wellcraft 220 CCF $25,650 $19,586 (enter console, tiicked-oul, 1 60 ql boilwell, rigging err 200 Johnson OB. 98 Welkrafl 210 Coastal $26,450 $22,379 WaUcaround, cabin sleeps 2, head, liveweU, ktiwclk, rigging dr. 150 Evinrude 08. 98 Wellcraft 33 Coastal $129,095 $108,636 Queen ol fishing Heel, galley, head, shower AC, sleeps I Twin 7.4 FW( inboards. 98 Welkrafl Excel 19SSX $16,750 $ 1 2,880 Sharp bowratw wbuckets, son pod, galv. trailer. 4.3 IO 97 Welkrafl Eclipse 2000 $20,350 $ 1 5,640 Deep, wide bowrider, newest design. 57 V-8 IO 98 Welkrafl Excel 21 SI $22,450 $ 1 7,880 Cuddy cruiser sleeps 2, head, galley, lull canvas, galv. Iiailer. 4.3 IO 97 Welkrafl Eclipse 2400$ $34,749 $25,960 lop ol line woow seating, deep cockpit, privacy cabin wbeith, head. 7.4 V 8 IO galv. trailer. V 6 Jet. 98 Scarab 22 $29,995 Tap selling Scarab, sharp graphics. 8ig Block 7.4 V-8 Merc. 98 Scarab 302 $64,549 Offshore race styling, center console fishabilily. Twn 225 Evinrudes. 98 Scarab 38 $159,249 Offshore racer wluxury appointments, loaded, elec. seats, share power. Twin 502 Mag Mercs. 2.184 season tickets have already been purchased for the Inaugural Spring Training Season at the new Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter. Have you called about your seats yet! Great seats are currently available to see your favorite players and teams beginning in February for the Inaugural Season. For ticket information or to join our team call 561-775-1818. You can't get any closer without a uniform! 1500 N. Federal Hwy.t Pompano Beach, FL 33062 ISv DECEMBER 5-7 Fri., December 5 8:30am-6pm ) Sat., December 6 9am-6pm I U Q Sun., December 7 10am-5pm -4 mw

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