Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 2, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

O O O THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD PAGE FOUR ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1936 'day uvenins at 7:30. The meetings j uther- year. The A Backpat for Italy Frotn.Frn nee Guess Who This LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY grade school positions lor anoher year and have accepted their sijiiu'd contracts. Yunker, entertained a number of her friends honoring Misses Winifred Davies, Donna Mailer, June Ogden, La Vaun Gardner of Monmouth and Mervin Thurston of Jefferson. Other tniest uprr Mr aie in cnargu ot Mr. Dickson, On- ' i,- ;lt i s have all emai lecturer and g'vangelist. On j 1 - Various evenillt?s 1. M filt-ynr an.l I Trim Rancher Is " NEIGHBORHOODS a Mrs. Seltzer, musicians, are pres- i end and their music is enjoye'd. r'riday, April 3, the topic is to e ' "When God Became Sheriff." . ; A good program was given at the Tri0i rhnr,lhniit a Pt-irlou : Riverview : vity ; and Mrs. Otto Yunker and John Gardner of Salem, Mr.' and Mrs. Carol Crenshaw and Lloyd Crenshaw of Westfir, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Maine, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Arnold, Ralph Johnson, Kenneth DeWall, Wilton Gore. Murrel De-Wall, Clyde Crenshaw, Donald Merrilt. Miye nnpnthu nTr.rtnnE.iri and some of the older folks in the RlvervitJw. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vears and children. Robert and Dorothy, were entertained as dinner guest Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Leighton. Those 6f tHIs vicinity who attended the funeral in Albany Thursday of Mr. John Meyer of aistrict, under the supervision of the Gi'iEKS teacher. Miss MuHnrip IN PAY'N SAVE ieconcj and Lyon Streets Pjjone ,58 ; . h:-rArgain prices t0t; Are scon forgotten in poor quality '-Trade a"; Roy's and be saMsfied Miss Thelma Sprague, Miss Lena' uuuirocK, iwr. ana Mrs. Carl Yimlfnr ATve OHn VonUn- c. wianiree were Mr. and Mrs. B. F. and Mrs. Stpvr frpnvhnw ' ' Weddle, Fred Sommer, Mrs. Roy- Smith lrom Crabtiee. After the. program a backet social was held and $14 was realized trom the sale. Mr. and Mis. Clarence Becker and son were visitors at the home ol Mrs1. Becker's parents neai Rickrcall last Sunday. Mr. Hobin, wiio lives near Griggs; had the misfortune to injure, his lec while hrpnlrinff a Lrsigmon ana daugnter, Mabel, and Mr. and Mrs. John Shepherd. , ' MVs. Laura' Piatt and Mrs. Elsie Barnich and daughter were overnight visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Rodgers of Richardson Gap one night last week. This -is thp nftrontill ,.f ivjf- Weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Yunker were Mr. and Mrs. Otto Yunker, Jr., and John Gardner of Salem. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sommer were entertained in Jefferson Sunday at the home of Mrs. Sommer's great aunt. (Mrs. '.It A Vanrhnn anrl colt a few days ago, thus confin ing mm 10 me.nouse tor a time. The A. R. Lewis, Fred Wendling. John Reiley, Homer Davis, Thos. daughter Flora. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Clark, son of Mr. and Clark of this vicinity, formerly of North Albany, are moving to Philomath this week where Mr. Clark, has employment Piatt. ' Rev. and Mrs. Earl Boatman of Eugene were entertained at the Sam' Noble home' Saturday night. ..David Frietag and Murrcl De-WaH have secured employment in the Dever vicinity and left Mon- day to take up their work there. i.-Wr- and Mis. Fred Gentry and ft I r.agar, uonn riinzer, warren Clark, W. C. Eastman and Charlie Linde-inan families were represented in Albany Saturday. Bill Gearhart is seriously ill at his home here. Frank Foster has been ill with the liue at his home here. a lumber mill. Wm Tvlnr whn ic amnlnvul the Julius Johnson place is spending a few days this week visiting in Portland. MV Rnnnlrl Cimmm cnnnllkfl mucuici ueuirice, ana Mrs. Mc-Newrt made a business trip to Albany Saturdav. . . Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holt drove day Monday at her oarental home Kotrisbura Scttoot Warrants Arc SoW near Marion. A birthday dinner was spread in honor of the birth- I Hfiv nC Vyaf mntlta- 1T-.. V Tlll........ I Strikingly liuixtrntlve of the attitude of France towara Italy in tne Ithluelnnrt crlels Is this picture a pat on the back lor SiKoor umo ;Orandl from M. Plerre-Etlenne Klandln. The Italian amoassaaor to London and the French foreign minister are shown as tnej proceeded lo meellnc of (he Ip.icik --Mtncii in 3 i-.-- Harrisburtf. Aoril 2. fSnppinli carrion Saturday where they were guests at a turkey dinner served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kay Williams. . .. , Bobbie Peterson sustained quite a serious and' very painful accident Sunday at his home while playing with other children around week cutter and in some manner got his right hand cut, necessltat- At board meetings of the two school- districts Tuesday night warrants were sold for additional funds. District No 49 cnM S3 nnn lng five stitches to close the j son Darrell were entertained Sun-wound. I day at the home of Mr. Shepherd's Mr. and Mrs. John Shepherd and cousin, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Drag- worth, to bear interest at 3,fe per The party sponsored by the members of the Thursday Thimble club Tuesday evening at the Riverview school house honoring the club members who had a birthday during the past three months and the families of all members was attended by a large crowd. Weekend guests of Miss Voioria Crenshaw at her parental home were Miss Winifred Davies, "Mis Donna Miller, Miss June Ogden, Miss La Vaun Gardner, all of Mnn.' wnu nve near me Mornini" Star I Gruniie h'nll. cent, ai iuu.3U. ' The union high district soldi only $2500 worth this lime. ........ The Federal Securities Co. of Portland, bought both lots. The high school board has hired the EHBallent iSttslfie i Once you try this $a 'r& Coffee o-SS!Kh t -l- coffees its Iriihness, fra- ulll! i i j ,s V- .? ... - t KJc-ra i!aG5; Are! pi mcipai ana two teachers for art mouth and Miss Mervine Thurs ton of Jefferson. I Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Bilyeu and son of Scio visited Sunday at the . Iiome of Mrs. Bilyeu's parents, Mr. land Mrs. Jess Frietag. Mrs. Zelma Ambrosick, Mrs. ; Laura Piatt, Mrs. Elsie Bartnick, i Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gentry and daughter attended the funeral at Scio Sunday of John Couey. I Wm. Gearhart is very seriously ill nt his home near Crubtreo. Mr. and Mrs. Him-v Onrliuin nr,A THE HEAVY CREPE SOLE - Crabtree Crahtroo. A nnipt wpHrtina wsc Cute little iluile laucuerels they have In California, you'll notice. Especially so Is thls' trim young . lady,, la the several-gallon bat , and the rough outdoor ralhient. ' Now ' that you've admired ber, you'll be surprised to learn that she's:)lorlon Talley. no longer the plump girl of opera days, taking a racatioa M the Palm Springs ranch tiefor she start on ber first tUn. ' solemnized at the St. James church in Vancouver,. Wash., Wednesday, March 25, when Mis Mabel. M. G ; fumily of Albany were entertained l keeps it your "favorite coffee". Chilling I: EStt I VOSEAtHI.lNuVACttM t CTSS - 11 -ttto TIN and th RCUSABtB AR . rBrkanu tSMS A. -V Ir IRiDwaTIcEip """"'' 1 4rT4 ''4'd i m n,'K,.-;,llfcirl Ill ln l lll-i-Bt---M m. m-m Matthews, daughter of Mr., and Mrs. W. L. Matthews of Pilot Rock, Ore., became the bride of Ellis L;-Warren, Lebanon . Mrs. Warren is a niece of Mrs. John Blackburn nf thp Ror-lr Hill npiirh us ounaay ainner guests by Mr. nrtd Mrs. Thomas Peterson. I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galloway of ; Stnyton were Sunday visitors at jthe Herman Zeller home, Mrs. Zeller, who returned home from the Albany hospital a few days ago, is getting along nicely. Mrs. Wm. Wineberg, who has! been at the home nf her rlnnnhiap I borhood. Mr. Warren is a native The origin or the fire is unknown. Many people have been attending the evangelistic meetings held at the Crabtree Community hall each Sunday. Wednesday and Fri- So popular this spring ; ntyled iii grey suede or while buck. 03.95 of the Crabtree ' vicinity, and is the brother of Mrs-. Hompn navic Crabtree: He hns hppn 'in thp nur sery business in Lebanon for sev eral years. Mr. and Mrs. Warren will make their home in Lebanon. ' Firt riVstrnVPH tho hnmn of Mrs. Herman Zeller, helping with the work while Mrs. Zeller was in the hospital, returned Wednesday to her home at Tillamook. Mrs. Thomas Petersen who was at Mill City several days nursing, returned home last week. Adolph Craneck on the evening of March 21. Thn nhu-p ic .....II i,,.... as the Foren place, east of Griggs Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hawk last Sunday were Mr lotion. M''- Craneck had just fin-nnd Mrs. C. V. Clodfclter of Jeffor- ! lshed mving the remainder of his vnn nnrl Mice rln.. I I'll! Hitlll'f. frnm Alh.inv ..,l.p,.a f.;D Iiuniturt from Albany, where his The home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl wife had been living during her illness and to the time of her death just recently. Very-little was saved as the wind was blowing Yunker or the Devimey communi tv whs Ihn sppnn nf n rnpvru Saturday evening when Miss Vel-oris Crenshaw, cousin nf Mrs nnici and the house went quickly Tlac Electrolun Refrigerator h 50c ' F- Kotex ' rein Lotions ('. Alk I ' J?2ST. ' A Vltisra. 1 6X 50c Pond s CroSis '31c f VAPORtJB L I TOOTH 1 Jrl-flJH Junion I AFUKUB ,,. jll I PASTE I j- I'r Chamberlain Lotion 31c f . f n. 1 W ihtf r'"" 'V-KPU,'y 1 l VICkV NOSE I III IV A 9C M . -m' S" 2ac fsoxema Cream 13c wi DROPS M U X. T 50c Jergen's Lotion 31c l - B 111 X M D f ti 9 - n tt:jv. a . . A CSC Mx PROTECTS THE HEALTH OF THE DIONNG QUINTUPILGTS The filmtfnhiY Rofi hirth Dl"""e Q!,,ntPlfts ever .since the day of their bee this- grand picture of the quintuplets Oll'th. LlectrolllX H OIU was- rhimnn fnr lhlu ' , . .1" irfrr.. . . . r'19 II y ' Ecm- ' Ul Paccuiins ..... 63c VSV ' I portaht refrigeration mission. There can be no finer. ,.no at- tne,VtL 1 IAIN I HLA 1 LK assurance of its quality. Ends Saturday in r a ANY3 FARM HOME - CAN ENJOY tOW COST MODERN 1 npiGERflTION II Vox of .18 G2c UreSk" 89C v I Dentaf Needs' ' PEPSODNT I 75c V CCU8 - f , ANTISEPTIC A -' X I I ANciN 1 5.C I"an- - & VtERILfZED 1 ! I. 50 I o0c Pebecco . .39c g 3-o.. hot. 16c I HOSPITAL ' I l ' I ' V("eV' W 7-oZ. but. . ,38c 1 ' COTTON J .. 25c Squibb paste 19c ' - t'EPSODENT slil-XV 50c Forhan;S.:.. 31c 50 TOWD1L38C N " 1 dALLON Vacuum Bottles r yT I A?!?LCaA,N 1 " '" AT'nt.-wc Remedies ' SQz -S . MINERAL 1 .. JjJl jp,., 53. ?1Koo.Cultol i 83c I FACIAL 1 IV M . . 1.33 Pinkhanv Com. 89c I - TISSUES ' I I VV $t00 J lltf LKrT" 1.00 Bispdol , . : . . 64c j' - I it ll BOTT1K Jad' SllltS ' ' 38C Jf I . y I jrXviOV 50c Syrup Figs .;. 3fe J1-V Z I j L1LS 25c -Nature Rem. .17c f The world's greatest living wonders. the finest story of the country doctor pvar urittanl -) is .. . THCflDflODDnDDE MUIll r UPLET5 EVERYDAY HEALTH NEEDS DOCTOR JEAN HERSHOLT Dorothv PETERSOfl f LAVORIS 1 I ..ANTISEPTIC 1 Witch Hazel, pt. - lie Antiseptic ..Sol. pt. 15c Milktof Magnesia pt.l4c Peroxide. 4-oz 7c American Oil, pt. . 19c iweiuiem teniury vox Picture BELFAIR f SANITAW. 1 I NAPKINS ' V J V 21c yf Cut Agar. 1 It) ... 69c MATINEE DAILY 2 r. m. Glycerin 4 oz. . ... 8c Sassafras Bark, 4oz. 7c Epsotn, Salts, hi K. .5c Spts. Camphor 1 oz. 8c Sitrates - Carbon. 59c Oil and Agar Emul. 39c Alum, 4-oz 9c Mercurochrome ... 5c Hinkle Tabs. 100's 15c Soda Mint Tbs, 100s 15c Ana lassie Halm. 21c Saltpetre 4-oz 9c Castor Oil. 2-oa. .Sc EVENINGS, 8 and 9 Turpentine, 4-oz. . . 8c Cod Liver Oil pt. .22c Zinc Ointment .... 9c Russian Oil. pt. ...24c Need no electric current no water no dAlv attentjT Olive Oil, pt 39c CO UPfN Flaxseed, lib 8fc i FOR 5IK.V - This coupon and g ontitles tht hold-er to 6 double Mi!os razor bludrs and a metal container for new and old blades. See The ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATOR on Display in the Venetian Theater Lobby Camphor fee Sc This couDOn tv... ... L - ic iiuitHjr ( ) u puicnase any article on our Bargain counter for C W.lJ,J;J'j'llllli)lllW7'JJJII.llllJJJJ)J), i)m,l)imm - . 1 urmiure company Frager Furniture Company Finl anil I -im t.t. , . . Delive? 0 PHONE 82 Ask for Drug Department 11 1 ai 1 1 v L'rtD i recti iiii " TT" A banv. (hwAn IIII fjk'pon Request i

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