Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 1, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1936
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 93$ PAGE SIX n THE A'L'BLANY DEMOCRAT. MERLD,' ALBANY, OREGON! 6 Stetter Will Siwfw "OUT OUR WAY UmUH 33 Y kAMT 1ALL CLUB IUTUBUMtim.; IIMAMCIt TOUHI PADRES WIN IN FIRST GAME ON HOME GROUNDS More than 35 years ago the late William Stetter of Albany made out a will. The document was ad Tractors"; 7:15, Oregon Sttjte Department of Agriculture. 7:30 Music for the String Clara Chapman, violinist: Catherine Jordon, pianist; and Carol Yoknm. 'cellist. 7:45, Municipal Affairs "Looking Ahead with the League of Oregon Cities; 8:05. music: 8:15. We Write a Story, bv Alexander Hull; 8:30, Albany College program; 9:00-9:15, United Press news. I landers with seven hits, going the route for the Missions. Bill ,Rad-onits pitched for Portland until the i eighth wh"n he was removed in i favor of Ad Li?ka. The Missions j found them for 11 safeties. I In the Oakland game, Wes Schulmerioh, Los Angeles outfielder, blasted a home run in the seventh to score Steve Mesnor i ahead of him. The runs tied up the I ball game and the Oaks were held ! at bay until the tenth. I Wet grounds forced poslpone-! ment of San Francisco's scheduled I game with Sacramento at Sacra- mento. : Uncertainty still prevailed today as to whether or not Albany would have a baseball club. At an open meeting in the St. Francis hotel last night the problems facing the team were discussed, and temporary plans were laid for entrance into the State league. The first and most important Recovering from an unimpressive start, the San Diego Padres rallied behind the nine-hit pitching of veteran Herm Pillette Tuesday to turn back Seattle's Indians, 6 to 2, in their debut before home town fans. ' The victory gave the Padres a 50-50 break in their first four league games and placed Dutch Reuther's Seattle tribe in the same position. Spina Knocks Out Castillo in Third problem in front of th Oaks is the settlement of outstanding bills. The exact number or amounts of the debts was unknown, but an investigation was started and satisfactory arrangements are to be attempted. Several plans were forwarded to cover the bills, and each will probably be used before' settlements are completed. mitted to probate bv Judge Barrett yesterday without having been changed in any detail sinco, the day it .was signed. Mr. Stetter issued the will No vembT 17. 1900, while he and Mrs. Stetter were operating a res-t!nr!"t in a huilHing where the city hall now stands. At that time Mnry Sellers, now Mrs. Lang ot Lebanon, and Jessie Schmidt, now Mrs. Harrv Crawford of Salem, were waitresses in the restaurant. The will was witnessed bv the then Miss Schmidt and by L. L. Swan, then unmarried and a boarder at the Stetter home, and now attorney representing the estate. The will has been in Mr. Swan's safe all these years, the attorney said today. Inasmuch as Mrs. Stetter, benc-ficiarv of the will, predeceased her husband, George Sellers, a brother of Mrs. Wm. Stetter and Mrs. Lang, surviving sister, arc v midst Y2 v--" ' ' JT :t.i-a,7 ENEi?y, YJ4 th' guy , ?xyimy-MfcijvlY-j, ESTF.D WHO PUT " o ' A . V ''WiHilfl NOT V IT HERE 0 WWW' Xv TRASH H-vr Y . . ':&.,V?U$ ' .1 WfJ wmsv vumai. wit co' g mt. .' ' ' KEXT OF KIN . v-'V' vil.tiM- i BOBBY BURNS, MAT SENSATION, BILLED FOR FRIDAY MATCH Portland, Ore., April 1. Al Spina, Portland featherweight, knocked nut Frank Castillo, Los Angeles, in the third round of a scheduled ten round bout last night. Otto Blackwell, 142, Los Angeles, won from Churles Hoper, 150, Butte, (0): Tiny Cooper, 184, Salem, beat Frank Riggi, 189, Brooks, Ore., (6); Tiny Holden, 224, Dillon, Mont., drew with Cyclone Thompson, 195, Seattle, (4); Kid Thornley, 151, Silverton, Ore., decisioncd Frankic Gullow, 155, Scio, Ore., (4). While Pillette was taming the Seattle batsmen, Durst, Doerr and Wirthman climbed on the offerings ' of five Seattle pitchers for two hits apiece of the 11 marked up by-San Diego. Dick Barrett started in the box for the Seattle team, but was yanked in favor of Osborne after passing four batters in the third inning, when the Padres scored five runs. Reuther used Mc- Dougall, Lucas and Pickerel before the San Diego scoring was ended. j Mullcr and Cysclman collected Thursday, April 2 9:00 a. m. Homcmaker's Hour; 10. music; Guarding Your Health: 10:30. music: 10:45. KOAC School of the Air 10:45, German: 11-00, The Story -of Oreeon; 11:15, The Romance of Words: 11:30, The Story of Music,- 11:45. music; 12, Noon Farm Hour 12:05, United Press News: 12:15, Foresters in Action; 12:40, Market reports and weather forecast. 1:00 p. m., . Music; 1:15, The World Book Man:-. 1:30, Programs on Parade; 1:45, music; 2:00, Lesson in Spanish; 2:15, music; 2:30, The Home Garden "Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Perennials," Prof. A. L. Peck; 3:00, The Club Women's Half Hour "Lines that Belong to Each Other," Prof. Bernard Hinshaw; 3:30, music; 3:45, The Monitor Views the News; ?:00, Musical Stories; 4:30, Stor-ries for boys and girls. 5:00 p. m.. On the Campuses; 5:30, music; 5:45, Vespers Dr. E. J. Harper; 6:00, The Dinner Concert; 6:15, Swindles to Suit Portland Better Business Bureau; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:30, Farm Act Information; 6:45, Market and crop reports and weather forecast, 7:00, Animal Husbandry; 7:15, Hops; 7:30, Radio Shorthand Contest; 8:00, The Oregon State System of Higher Education Ava B. Milam, dean and director of home economics; 8:15, The KOAC Drama Guild "The First Spark"; 8:45, Oregon State College orchestra, Delbcrt More conducting; 9-9:15, Unted Press News. Herb Owen's most popular grap-pler in the valley comes to Albany Friday night for the firemen's wrestling card. Bobby Burns, (no April fool) the brilliant and spectacular hero, will clash with Paddy Nolan. Jack Lipcomb will meet Ralph Wolfgang in the second half of the double bill. The matches are cast as a double main-event, after Manager Chuck Rawlings attempted to sign Burns and Lipscomb in the headline bout. The two meet tomorrow night at Eugene, and Promoter Herb Owens three hits apiece on the Indian side. One of Gysclman's was a triple. Officials estimated more than 10,000 fans Baw the game, the first now the sole beneficiaries. "I doubt if there is another will on record that was written and signed so many years before the death of the maker," ' Mr. Swan commented today, "and it seems almost entitled to the Ripley's 'believe it or not' column." According to terms of the will, Mr. Sellers and Mrs. Lang become joint owners nf the Stetter building now occupied by the Willard Electric company and Ada K, Pratt on Second street near Ells- Cards Open Drill; Grayson Unsigned Stanford University, Cal., April 1, Spring football practice opens today on the Stanford university gridiron and Bobby Grayson, former All-America fullback who has announced he will Join the Cards' coaching staff, has not signed his was unable to pit them against 1 cost league - contest ever played i 4n San Diego The Oakland Oaks, rated with; Sacramento as the league's "wcaki isters," meantime, were belying the rating at least temporarily by ; drubbing the Los Angeles Angeles 3 to 2 in an extra inning contest. I i" The win put the Oaks in a tic! With the Mission Reds in the cir-j cult's top bracket. The Missions I on Tony Canzonori when they, players, and whose scholastic stan each for the Albany matches, so Rawlings accepted the next best alternative. While little is known of Paddy i worth. meet this summer, and has already dards arc extremely rigid TDOV"l 14 That today is first of April upbraided his manager, Pop Foster, for making a match in which and therefore, April fool. contract, according to apparently authentic reports. I Reasons for the delay were not revealed, but Grayson reportedly Nolan, the other members of the card are well-known figures. George Sellers and Mrs. Lang have been named administrators and William Foster, George Clino and Gus Harder, appraisers. The estimated value of the estate is $4,000. IIAGEN PINS LIPSCOMB Burns is probably the most approved grappler in the Owen defeated Portland 4 to 2 In a night , agreed to the university s terms at he will hold such an advantage. And that Pop, hurt- by Jimmy's reproaches; promised never to take a match in which his boy did not give away pounds. . .. ' Salem, Ore., April 1. Jack Ha string. Lipscomb is probably the gen, Louisiana, defeated i most despised of the bunch. Wolf the time Ills appointment was announced. It was believed he may sign up some time today. Lipscombe here last night Munic in ohm r ranciscu ana own Oaks and Reds now have won three of their first four games. f' Lloyd Johnson cut off the Port- By Henry MoLemore Unllfd Pri Stuff Corrnpondfnt ELKS TO INSTALL v Officers recently elected by the gang has appeared here several running,1 flood benefit wrestling show. Don 9 That cross-country with , the possible exception of Sugai, Salem, and Ben Sherman, lm?s' ana nas a consiaeraoic iui- FLY COVERED WAGON TRAIL Salt Lake City, As a child, Mrs. J. H. Pierson rode across Indian-infested plains with cov hammer-lhrowine. is the most viv- i Portland, drew. Bobbv Burns de- " w Elks lodge will be officially installed at a meeting to be held Thursday evening at the J21ks id and exciting sport in the world ered wagon pioneers ,a slow trip : Temple. In addition there will be all feated Jean La Belle. Jack Curtis, Mississippi, pinned Algernon Thomas, Wisconsin. , RETURNS FROM CALIFORNIA KOAC Radio Program ir hrnrxfrtsrJi Ci 10 That Branch Rickey, general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, would be a more powerful personality if he did not carry reticence to the extreme, and insist on being a listener, not a talker. 11 That every time Dizzy Dean complains of a sore arm he really beset with suffering and danger. 1 program by outside talent. Visitors Recently the "Covered Wagon are expected from a number of Miss" flew in a United Air Lines lodges. A feed will be served. All plane over the exact course taken membors are urged to attend. by the covered wagons. The flight celebrated her 84th birthday and : FOREIGN TREES EXCHANGED was. her first. i Harrisburg, Pa., (U.R) Pennsyl Mrs. S. I. McDaniel, for many i !,.. rl and years a resident of Albany who has been spending the winter i at the home, of her daughter in i Lindsey. Cal., has returned to her vania has exchanged shipments has a sore arm. Wednesday, April 1 5:00, On the Campuses; 5:30. music; 5:45, The Vespers, Led by H. H. Griffis; 6:00 The Dinner Concert; 6:15, Oregon Farmers' Union. : 6:30, Evening Farm Hour, Things Seen and Done, Floyd Mullen; 6:45, Market and crop reports and Democrat-Herald Want Ads , Rrine Renlto I of seeds from 20 native trees with Soviet Russia and Korea. 12 That much of the New York home on Walnut street. Giants' success is due to Bill I Terry's natural charm and good EDITOR VISITS humor. W. H. Homan, editorial writer on the country are produced ' b? la business visitor at the Democrat- weather forecast: 7:00 Clyde wai-schools which do not subsidize i Herald office this forenoon. 'kcr, "New Developments in Farm Pincluirst, N. C.,' April 1. Being nothing more than a daily story in which a man who has written sports for eight years unburdens himself of a few opinions.. 1 Jack Sharkey, when he lost the heavyweight championship of the world to Primo Camera, was knocked out by a terrific blow which landed squarely on his chin and not on his chest as so many ringside observers believed it did. 2 Of all the people a sports writer has to Interview ever so often Mrs. Helen Wills Moody is the most gracious and eager to answer your every question. Ask her anything and you get one of these three quick decisive answers: "Maybe," "Perhaps," or "I don't know for sure." 3 The United States would profit greatly if it would impeach every member' of the existing supreme court and install the three mi'inbcrs of the New .York boxing commission in their place. It' is our firm belief that the Messrs. Brown, Phelan, and Weaf, constitute the ablest ruling body in this country We also believe that there has never been a happier choice of boxing Jurists than when a boot manufacturer, a president of a brassiere company and the proprietor of a health were placed in control of boxing. 4 James J. Braddock is so confident of defeating Joe Louis that he would be glad to meet the Detroit negro on a winner-take-all basis. Also, that Brnddock's manager, Joe Gould, Is sincere when he says that Jersey Jim will flatten Louis inside of four heats. 5. That Schmeling is fighting for glory, not the money and will Every home Can Now Enjoy This New Standard of Refrigerator Value That Dicrcn( FLAVOR hn made bottled . Bohemian Club the choke of llic most discriminating beer drinkers everywhere . . The fine flavor of true Bohemian type beer . . mellow, smooth to taste, with a delight tul tancy undertone, distinctively its own. SOLO IN EVERY CONVRNIENT SIZE doos more than most cars claim" jBonlJnmisiBt Later Beer I0MIMIAN IMWMIII IMt, - ifOKANI lOltt fight like a man possessed from the first bell. 6 That the professional tennis troupe now on a grand tour of the country would put on much better exhibitions if they did not keep such rigid training. After all, there is such a thing as training too fine. 7 The American Davis Cup team will defeat the Australians in the finals of the North American zone, five matches to none, and go on to defeat the British in the challenge round of the same score. 8 Jimmy McLatnin regrets the ten or twelve pounds he will h a ve ri FlfkV1! A IV I, if W i 15- ik 3 Starts Today! Ends Saturday! "IPs 'tops' of all the eor I've ever owned TN our showroom, "owner talk" means more than 'sales talk." We're content to let claims take a THE LOW PRICE FIELD IN back scat while owners civc vou facts. I DR. CHAN LAM Chhirse Modidne Co. Nnturat rrim'dMii for dtnordi-ra of IK nr. ahuiim-h, itlitmi. Km A urinnry vtrm of mrtn and women. New dnnvry tr. min r dmlH'lt'ft wiitmiH the U i r of itmulitl, 19 yem in Suii.i. 1 :f ii1 On performance, you needn't take the word of anyone but the nun who knows how much easier his Terraplane handles in traffic . . . how much better it takes straight-aways or curves . . . how much faster it is on the get-away. His economy figures talk louder than any salesman's claims . . . even ours! He can tell you facts" about Tcrraplanc's long life that would sound boastful if ive said them. But even a Terraplane owner can't put into words just what it means to sit at the wheel of this car and tlrite! With the Mlcctric Hand shifting the gears, ' your hands stay always on the wheel. Just a flick of the finger . . . and gears shift! And your front floor is all clear . . . Terraplane is the only low priced car with real comfort for three in the front scat ... no gear or brake levers to stumble over! Steering is truer. There's an amazing riding smoothness. At the brake pedal, safer stopping than you'll find in any other car, with two braking systems it your command . . . and still a third from the easiest handling parking brake you ever saw. You ride over the world's first safety engineered chassis ... in a body really all of steel, with solid roof of seamless stcci. On every side, something new to discover and . enjoy. Stop in now and take this "Discovery Drive" . . . see for yourself what a change Terraplane has made in motoring. Nuiuropmhlc I'hYNiciniMi TERRAPLANE IS FIRST IN SIZERN0 ROOK Longest wheel-base.. . 1 15 inches. Most room... 145 cubic feet. FIRST IN POWER Greatest horsepower ... 88 or 100. Ami the tmoolhcut! FIRST IN SAFETY Body really nil of steel with srflmrss atefl roof. Radial Safety Control (patent applied for). Dun-Automatic Hydraulic Brakes (patent applied for). FIRST IN COMFORT Tru-Line Steering. The Rhythmic Ride. FIRST IN REALLY NEW FEATURES Only rear-opening baggage and tiro compartment. The Electric Ilund(optional at small extra coat). And many more. 88 or 100 H. P. 1 15-inch whcelbase anitupferDe Lux modtll, f.6. b. Detroit. Standard group atvtsierrrs extra SAVE -with th n.w HUDSON. C.I.T.6' Tim Poymint Flan , . . Low monthly payments The world's greatest living !) Y. T. I.m. N.I. ITltMair ttitnm and 3. Venetian Theater llldit.. Car. Klmt and llrondalbin Rti.. Al-bnny. Office Hour: ? . m. to 8 p. m. Tucftday and Saturday Onty Consultation, Hlood rrraautr and Urine Tel Ftt of wonders. the finest story of the country doctor ever written! THE UoldmChau. N.U. Chame. 3AM DIEGO Dal ton Gibbs and Vic Hughson, Terraplane Dealers qUIHTUPLETS icat?LW DOCiW with JEAN HERSH0L? Let ALBANY Owaers'J.II Yoa V7b? Tt? m Bought TERRAPLARES Westinghouse STYLE QUALITY O PRICE FRAGER HERE ARE A FEW OTHER NAMES ON REQUEST Dorothy PETERSON EDWARD I- Si:.RS. 615 East 3rd Street S. O. CiimTITII. SHERMAN DAII EY. Albany Kotitc 1. WM. PEACOCK, Albany Route 4. Twentieth Century Fox Picture o Dalton Gibbs & Vic Hughson MATINEE DAILY 2 p.m. EVENINGS, 8 and 9 p.m. EL CORTEZ HOtll ROOM AND t ATM H O M A DAT FURNITURE CO. (CD Alb Ore. Phone 621! Second and Washington Streets anv, First and Lyon Streets "Quality for Less" BURT JtY HUDSON TERRAPLAHE. SUSS AND Vtt JtCDSON SIX. S710 AND DPi HUDSON SUPER STRAIGHT 6 j EIGHT. S7S0 AND PP. f. O. 1. TROIT

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