The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 44
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 44

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 44
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THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7. 1997 SB Sanders' strength is silent but deadly Sanders the week after Thanksgiving 1989 vs. Cleveland: 28 carries for 145 yards, 0 touchdowns 1990 at Chicago 17-61, OTDs 1991 vs. Jets 20-114, 2 TDs 1992 at Green Bay 16-114, 0 TDs 1993 (injured on Thanksgiving Day) 1994 vs. Green Bay 20-188, 1 TDs 1995 vs. Chicago 23-90, 0 TDs 1996 vs. Minnesota 20-134, 1 TDs TOTAL: 144-846, 4 TDs, 120.9 yards per game, 5.9 per carry. Monday night game. All-time leaders in yards per cany (career) YARDS PER CARRY PLAYER YEARS 5.22 Jim Brown 1957-65 t 5.14 Mercury Morris 1969-76 : 5.03 Barry Sanders 1989-97 5.00 GaleSayers 1965-71 " (season - 1,000 or more yards) f- YARDS PER CARRY PLAYER YEAR " 8.44 Beattie Feathers 1934 " ' 6.40 Jim Brown 1963 6.064 Joe Perry 1954 ?:? 6.061 Barry Sanders 1997 6.03 O.J. Simpson 1973 games). And though he started slowly this season with 53 yards on 23 carries in the first two games, Sanders is at 1,594 for the season. He has a reasonable chance to surpass his career-best (1,883 in 1994) and could crack the 2,000-yard barrier. "I think, as much as anything, his slow start was me," said first-year Detroit coach Bobby Ross. "We didn't stay with the run. With Barry, you have to hang in there." The translation is that Sanders sprinkles a lot of short runs "They might be 1 or 2 yards," Jones said, "but they still take your breath away." But the payoff is always the threat of a monster Play-Sanders says he doesn't think, he just goes. "It's a dangerous game," he told a Detroit television station. "and I'm in the middle of it. I'm vulnerable. It's either me or them." Dolphins defensive end Trace Armstrong, who as a member of the Chicago Bears for six seasons went through many NFC Central confrontations against Sanders and the Lions, knows who wins most of the me-or-them situations. "I've had some (tackles), but the misses are what you remember with him," Armstrong said. "He' is phenomenal. He makes something out of nothing in the bat of an eye. The way he stops and re-accelerates ... he does some amazing things." Perhaps never more so than these days. Sanders has even admitted he's in the "best stretch" of his career. He is the Ghost. And he's the Darkness, too. players might be studying an upcoming opponent's defensive tapes when Sanders does something spectacular. "He's stunning," Jones said. "You'll hear the room start oooh-ing and ahhing. You don't get much of that at this level." Usually, the person who is least impressed with what Sanders does is Sanders. His mother, Shirley, a quiet and reserved religious woman who her 11 children thought an odd but loving match for their father, says she understands her famous son. "I've never noticed a lot of change in him," she said during a Friday morning telephone conversation from the home Barry built for her and William in Wichita. "He's not quiet all the time, but I think it's wise that he doesn't do a lot of talking. I don't know that I'd be as proud of him if he did all that. He's mature." Sanders has always claimed deep roots to his upbringing. He says he's "very connected to that" and thinks of himself as "very fortunate" to have been part of a large-family atmosphere. Upon signing with the Lions after skipping his senior season at Oklahoma State, Sanders donated $200,000 approximately 10 per-' cent of his bonus to the church where his mother sung in the choir. He told the. Detroit television station that it's a Popeye thing: "I yam who I yam." Sanders possesses Popeye's strength with a whippet's quickness at 5-feet-8 and 203 pounds. That combination has helped keep him almost injury free throughout his career (he has missed seven -Ed Price SANDERS From IB field? A: He's a ghost. Q: Who is he in real life? A: Now, you're searching in the darkness. "He's a reclusive personality and never did say much, but everybody who knows him likes him," said Miami Dolphins tight ends coach Pat Jones, who was Sanders' head coach at Oklahoma State University for three years. Jones said Sanders was "lightly recruited" coming out of high school in Wichita, Kan. "He was a sleeper," Jones said. And still is, literally. Brett Perriman, now a Dolphins wide receiver who was Sanders' teammate in Detroit for several seasons, tells a story of a time when Sanders took a nap on the Lions' bench. Perriman says Sanders woke up, went into the game and popped off a big run. Perriman also played in Kansas City with another Hall of Fame-bound running back, but had a standard reply to questions about Marcus Allen's talent in comparison to Sanders. "I said, 'Man, look, that don't impress me,' " Perriman said. "I played with Barry Sanders. Marcus is no slouch or nothin', but Barry's the greatest back I've ever seen." Perriman, when asked what he misses most about Detroit, says, "Barry Sanders." What's new? Almost everybody misses Barry Sanders . . . on the field and in real life. There's a story about how Sanders and a buddy once played a pick-up basketball game in the offseason away from Detroit in a gym at the buddy's health club. A couple of friends of the friend showed up, hooked up in a two-on-two game and never recognized Sanders. That could happen to, say, Dan Marino, right? The only player in NFL history who has rushed for more yards than Sanders (13,319) is Walter Payton (16,726). That could change in the next couple of years if the pursuer, which, by the way, Sanders insists he isn't, maintains his pace. Sanders is the only player to gain at least 1,000 yards in nine consecutive seasons, and has gained at least 100 yards in 11 consecutive games to tie an NFL record he will attempt to break tonight against the Dolphins at Pro Player Stadium. "I don't know that there's another player in the entire league that I enjoy watching more than Barry Sanders," Dolphins head coach Jimmy Johnson said. "The only time I don't like to watch him is when we're playing him. Even watching tapes of yesteryear, he's something special. He's the best runner I've ever seen." But regardless of how the record book reads or what opponents suggest, Sanders will never be anything other than an imitation of Jim Brown in the eyes of one criticfan. Sanders' father, William, has been a Cleveland Browns fan even without the team in that city these days and, by residual .coincidence a Jim Brown fan, too. Sanders the Son knows the pecking order, and has absolutely no problem with it. Earlier this week, Sanders told a Detroit television station Brown was a "god" in his father's eyes. "I'm his son," Sanders said. "It's not the same category." Actually, it's just an extension of Sanders' college days at Oklahoma State when his father was an Oklahoma fan and would tell him, "It's nothing personal. I hope you do OK, but I'm pulling for the Sooners." Sanders did OK. He won the 1988 Heisman Trophy as a junior by rushing for an NCAA-record 2,628 yards. Oklahoma State was playing in Tokyo when the announcement was made, and Sanders wasn't interested about making the trip downtown for a television appearance. Jones wasn't, either, but was urged by network executives to arrange attendance. "I rounded up the offensive linemen and the fullback, and they were more excited than Barry," Jones said. "We're driving down there in limos, and he gets in and goes to sleep." Naturally. But, says Jones, nobody goes to sleep watching Sanders. Never have. Never will. "It was against Kansas his freshman or sophomore year, I don't remember, and we were switching Barry and Thurman (Thomas)," Jones said. "Well, Thurman had just made a long run and gave Barry whatever sign they were using that he should come in. "The next play was a screen to our side of the field. Barry catches it on the hash mark right there in front of us and is absolutely surrounded ... no place to go. All of a sudden, I mean, you could just feel him explode past those guys. He's standing in the end zone with a trail of Jayhawks behind him, and Thurman and I are standing there rolling our eyes and shaking our heads." And not much has changed in the pro game. Jones and Miami offensive ATTENTION ALL MEN SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONINCONTINENCE PROBLEMS ARE REVERSIBLE Impotence Lack of desire Physicals can be treated Erection problems Medication only Premature ejaculation Prostate Survey Urinary Problems I MB I IMWff if. ,', If rfffff 'ffff 'PffTIl f fflfiff jlfflffirli ; Health Smart Medical Center I pmateandcontiaennai P Presidents! Plaza, 1 501 Presidential Way, Suite 20, WPB insurance Accepted $ V (East Of I-95, across from mall On Congress) Convenient Scheduling f y CALL: 687-5675 888-374-4449 I I .. i -".Tr?-; i : ,. --..-.i W4 IMPORT HIGH l LIGHT TRUCK I If f fTl f?PTCT 51 ra I Take the Barry Sanders Quiz (answers below) CLASSIC LX SPORT fm SUPER RH S-- -V XX -TV P18575R14 P17570R13 24.99 VIPER H P20575R15 4399 1 j 4 $ P14580R12 AA jQQ P18V70R13 26.99 ,8565HR1S 64 99 P23y75R15 4999 VHWrh ' ' W fc JaLCkt P18570R14 27.99 20565HR15 57 99 LT22S75R16 699g !lijtj3IU JV f V '3D ninHv' m m P19!70I4 2899 21560HR15 61 99 lJ"t 69 99 XZS, ! 1 1 till el .,,.. .... nrDrnsMiurc JOSSSHRIfi moo 31-10.50R15 -OD(, iiiilLl lifclf SPORT 2499 26.99 27.99 2899 PERFORMANCE -H A X " Pmam 91 oq caduiii a rr VIPER T chart mi I I 1 FORMULA CT 1. Barry ranks third on the career rushing list at Oklahoma State with 3,797 yards. Which players rank i-2? 2. Barry was picked third overall in the 1989 draft. Who was picked before him? 3. In 1989, Barry's rookie season, which opposing coach asked the officials to check Sanders' jersey for slippery silicone spray? Wmn JrX P18S60R14 o no "560ZR15 93 99 P23575R15 e, QQ T4yr JP15580R13 P20S75R15 5 22Ssozri6 , imwsms iL 40 IT 1 AOO f M QQ p20570r" 24550ZRl6 111 99 31-10.50R15 P18560R14 P19560R14 P20570R14 4399 44 99 42 99 P21570R14 P21560R14 P19560R15 P20560R15 P21565R15 42 99 47.99 4599 4899 47.99 BFGoodrich See a lower price someplace else? We'll beat it, guaranteed. P21575R15 2499 P22575R15 2499 P23575R15 2499 '1 ..,., I P16580R13 1999 P18580R13 19.99 No carry outs Raised Whitt Letters Sanders 4. Who threw the pass Barry caught for his, illilsLLI GOODfYEAtt TThTTw: p first career TD reception, in 1990? 5. Which Lions Pro Bowl back also wore No. 20 in the 1980s? D60A2 Weatherwise 50,000 Mile Warranty 65,000 Mile Warranty 19570R14 ZlniDcesTone firestone JT YOKOHAMA 61.99 69 99 72 99 80 99 65 99 67.99 70 99 71 99 101.99 97.99 17565R14 18565R15 21565R15 18560R14 19560R14 19560R15 20560R15 20555HR16 22550HR16 41.99 59 99 60 99 7099 68.99 59.99 79.99 72.99 7499 69.99 79.99 71.99 81.99 P15580R13 P18575R14 P19575R14 P20575R14 P20575R15 P17570R13 P21570R14 P20570R15 P21570R15 P17565R14 P20565R15 P18565R14 P19565R14 Eagles 50.000 Mile Warranty 18565TR14 98.99 P18560HR14' 90 99 P20565VR15 134 99 P22560SR16 12999 P22570SR15 117.99 P23555SR16 1 34 99 P22570R16 117.99 Wrangler P20575R15 74 99 P23575R15 73.99 31-10.50R15RTS 124.99 P24575R16 119.99 P26575R16 112.99 P24570R16 129.99 P25570R16 107.99 Rover RV 5040,000 Mile Warranty U P22575R15 I P23575R15 ' LT22575R16 XCXAPT 72.99 78.99 9799 111.99 89 99 6050,000 Mile Warranty 78.99 P21575R15 WeatherHandler $599? with trade-in 12 month FREE replacement LT26575R16 31-10.50R15 Sanders' 1997 accomplishments: has reached second all-time in career rushing (13,319 yards; Walter Payton had 16,726). 11 straight 100-yard games, tying the NFL record (and the most in a single season). eight straight 100-yard games on the road, an NFL record. first player in history with nine straight 1,000-yard seasons. first player in history with four straight 1,500-yard seasons. only player in history with three scoring runs of 80-plus yards in one season. only player in history with two scoring runs of 80-plus yards in one game (at Tampa Bay, Oct. 12). has five 200-yard games in his career, second ali-time to O.J. Simpson (six). has 64 career 100-yard games, tied with Eric Dickerson for second. Payton had 77. Another way to look at it 87.99 7699 101 99 99.99 114.99 129 99 102.99 P22575R15 P23575R15 P21570R16 P245r70R16 LT26575R16 LT23585R16 3M0.50R15 60 month warranty ,r PlusStart 55 Custom Wheels On All Q XT sale Mil Sale! Thru 121397 Alignments Brakes Shocks & Struts Accurate Estimates Given Appointments may be necessary rftfl) Uin1 Reg. 39.99 Q RECYCLE ,hr" ' 21 3 with trade in. Tire America or NTW? No problem. It's as good as gold at NTB All Prices good thru this Saturday. Have a warranty from Barry Sanders' career total of 13,319 yards . v " 1 i equals: .II .1 is now... National Tin Wanhouaa 7,051 Barry Sanderses (5-foot-8 each) end-to-end 4,440 actual lions (9-foot long males) end-to-end 2.6 trips around the Detroit People Mover (a 2.9 mile loop) SOUTH MIAMI MR94 100216) (5655 S. Dixie Hwy. (Corner ol S Dixie Hwy (US-1li SW 156th Street) (305)2324389 WEST MIAMI (MVR94100216) 917 S.W. 107th Ave. (Across from Flonda -. Int'l University, ! Blk. So. ol Tamiami Trail) (305)226-7415 MIAMI LAKES (MR94100216) 5690 N. W. 167th St. (On the comer of 826, Red Road t Home Depot Plaza) (305) 623-6891 HIALEAH 4125 West 20th Ave. (Off 826 & Okeechobee Rd.) k (305)558-7119 , LAKE WORTH 4400 10th Ave. N. (561)439-5800 DELRAY 1801 West Atlantic (561)272-9200 POMPANO 1200 Copani Rd. (AR1832MV-19122) (954) 978-2218 CORAL SPRINGS 8181 Wiles Rd. (AR1632MV-1921) (954) 345-9942 DAVIE (AR1800MV-18417) 7520 State Road 84 (Next to COSTCO) (954) 424-9904 KENDALL (MVR94100216) 6950 South West 117th Ave. (117th Ave., 1 Block N. of Sunset) (305) 598-8016 NORTH MIAMI BEACH (MVR94100216) 2090 N E. 163rd St. (Corner ol 163rd & 21st Ave.) . I? (305) 949-0668 We're everything you want nothing like you'd expectTM OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK MM-Frl 7:30 wn-Spm i VMtmfm Im n-4pa one-third the length of the Detroit River 123 times the height of the Epic Center, the tallest building In Sanders' hometown of Wichita and all of Kansas. Quiz answers 1. Thurman Thomas (1984-87) and David Thompson (1993-96); 2. Troy Aikman and Tony Mandarich; 3. Minnesota's Jerry Burns; 4. Bob Gagliano; 5. 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