Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 30, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 30,' l93'fj THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT - HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE NEW TODAY The Democral-Herald Classified Rates. Rink Star 21 Help Wanted, Female ADDRESS ENVELOPES. . Dlt.N Ir'llu) sparclime work, fit to .$ Ih weekly coin-miMttion. K mkt ion ov imm'ct muv . Stump brings ditntli. KmploynuTit Manager, DepU ItSM, Hon 75. Htmimmul. lidiaiut. null' 30 Miscellaneous Classified WANTED TO FIND GOOD HOME FOR female tihcuhvrd pup Gall tatSiuacL J j Shop or 51S W. 2nd. m27-30 j WOOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CASH advanced without ,inln-t. M. Senders j A Co. ml0-al ' CASH FOR YOUR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR I Market, Phono VMl, Idiauon. Ore. I m6-aS Answer to l'rovlous Vuxzto paintim;, wall iaikkinu, intkk- ior drcorntiitu that' difft:rvnt. I'hoiu 42 or M?-L. Wilbur Dunoon tt Clairv Snyder mto-tf NlCfc I'NKLKMSHKl) 2 AM) 3-KDOM aits. for mil. Apply 104 W. 3rd St.. Opt. It. Uuiky. n.:.t)-i.l . POULTRY (Swift A Company) No. 1 hens. 4,t to 6 lbs 16c No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs 16c No. 1 medium hens, over 3 lbs lie No. 1 medium hens, under S. Iks, ....tic Colored springs , lie Nil. 1 broilers. 14 to 2 lbs. 16c IliMWtrrw , It Stag IVr EGGS All Prices Are Delivered Albany Cases Returned Extras IKc 1 Ki. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED UV RATES AMI INFORMATION Count si avrage word to the line. If your ail appear iiicorrvctly. null-ly ut ininu tliatrlv. Wo arrept rvspoi,-fibiiity (vr one irirorcv rt inst-rtiun. PHONE AIIVKRTIsr.MKNTS Ad will be taken uver the telephone or by mail. This In dom for the convenience cf the uritt-rtier. and rtint-tance should bv mailed upon the ixrelpl ot invoice. Minimum 2 Li. 1 time 26c M:nimum 2 Li 3 times 5ic Minimum 2 Li. 6 times , 85c Minimum 2 Li. Month fU.50 Phona IS ADS MORH THAN TWO LINKS I tunc, pf r .word 2c X ctmtvculie times, ikt wuru .... 4c 6 consecutive times, ikt word "e ' Month. consecutive timif, vr word Hc REAIIKKS Count five average , words to line. Sot in enp doultlw count, IVr linv.-first iitbcrtion. 20c; per line vaih addi-tuMial insertion, 15c. Card of Thanks. 60c. - O COPY DEADLINES Classified eouv must be in office before 11 :00 o'clock on day of publication. Copy for Thursday must be in before :U0 a. m. for classified page. j automatic machine. Warner Hardware. Phone 331-J. mlO-alO MONEY TO LOAN ON WELUIMPHOV t' ed farms. Low rat Interest. Wm, Bain. (Albany. v' .. ..t:.,, , , fjo-tf ISlPjHil Ny Cg V P r Rjo u sJfl tuc IhIo ij R I nPlloIlil;PHiHy DalaT qAETffrni"v fs r E HPjjA REI " jOSDMA Ells t oTpis npioiL kRHt "PWl E Sfff EAQb I I R G E. HEU DjElR I L lsDWE" A R PATlP V rjfrplS I N ETnBrr ottHT HtJdmHN A IAT LiiA po i Mn a Ipr" IcihIoIuIcihIi iNIGriHlulMlAM CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridge, fillings, old Jewelry, ' watch cases, etc. F. - M. French 4 Sou, i Jewelers. d8Uf 'CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. I etc. "Look in your attic." Chas. Bohr- Standard mediums , 12c Brown extras 18c J bough & Son. 415 W. First St. jl-tf 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. HELP THE NEEDY The. .Salvation Army needs frufu. vegetable, .clothing .etc,., to help needy people In emergvney cases. Money, too,- if you rare to contribute. We have no telephone but bring n what you have to donsU or drop as a card and wVtl vail for it Capt FOR SALE 3 HEAD YOUNG MARKS I and 1 gelding, all well bmk? ; 2 black SHEEP TO TRADE FOR I COO l.ll. MARE or will pay rash. Freeman Morton. Ht. 1, Lebanon Orcgun. nilttMil HOKIZO.VTAL 1.3 Skating Mar. T She Is a nrtlht. It Half an em. 12 Kinging bells. 13 Hodgepodge. 15 Ilehold. 16 To graze. 17 To affirm. 18 llird. 1!) To ascertain. M Weight allow, nncc. 21 Tense. 22 Seed covering. 23 Filmier. 24 Amidst. 25 Seasoning, 26 Limb. 27 Horse's neck hair. . 28 Upon. 29 Measure of ' area. 30 Finger ornament. 31 English coin, 9 To Tun sway. 10 Theories ot a doctrinaire. , 12 By. 14 To permit. - 16 Note in scale. - 17 Dry. 18 To declaim. 20 Sprnce. 21 To vex. 22 She Is an 23 Long tooth. 24 Pertaining to . wings. - 25 Without. 27 52S0feet. 28 Fillet. 30 To be furloiM. 31 Horses food. v , 33 Ballot choices. ' 34 Origin. 35 Dilatory. 36 Valiant man. : 37 Publicity. 39 Face disguise. 41 Embryo flower. 42 Twitching. ' 44 Dye. 1- 45 To depart. 46 Deity. OLTSTAMtlNG FARM BUY 17! AC'KKS l milr from (own li6 acrt-s cultivated, this farm on easy payments at 3'- ih r fair farm bldjrs. 1'rico tKfiiKJ.iM) enn buy cent. ' Trade Portland House fur Allmiiy. ... Loans On Farms. L' M. UOLLAKHIDK CO. m3Q-lf Look "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY" Look Tangent Auto Camp and store for lease, real money maker, must have $2tl) rash. IRVINE L. HOOD. Phone 300 31 ACRES ON HIGHWAY i! miles North of Corvallia, a real bar-sain at only UUQ.- - IRVINE U HOOD, Phone 300 THREE WEST ALBANY LOTS I Three of the best lots in Albany with large chicken house and garage, not far out; worth $1000. will sOIl for 45U. JKVINN L. HOOD, Phone 300 m5-tf Undergrades 12a Pullets 12c Pec wees 10r VEAL Live ;8c Dessed 13c UUTTERFAT A grade 2o H grade 27c C grade 2oc SHEEP Lambs .$8.25(30.00 mnivs well matched. G. B. Lcever. St-io, Ore. m27-80 Hert BaHl. H40 East Firs t. Albany. FOR RENT MODERN APT.. HEAT, elec. refrigerator. Call at 626 W. 3rd. Phone 248. - ml4-tf ELLSWORTH APTW. HEAT. OVKR-stuffed furniture. Ph. 35. 80S Ellsworth. DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect 14-K-14, Albany, If no an. wer, Phone ll-F-4, Corvallis, riil4-tf TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS 34 Kanarese sects, 35 Counterfeit. 38 Retired nook. 39 Bishop's head' dress. 40 Oulded. 41 To diminish. 42 Sailors, 43 Either. ' ' ' 44 French measure. 45 The main point. BUY LAND NOW, OR YOU WILL PRO- bably be saying that you could havu bought such nnd such a place fur only a fraction of its .real, worth, nnd oh if 1 had only done it. ... Today, we have 25 acres bottom land that only (220 tics up with 20 yenrs to pay in at only 6 per cent. Have a 70 acres that only (530 handles with 4 yi-aYa terms at 3Vj and 26 more yen in at fi per cent. Another 124 acres that $700 handles nnd a 11)6 acres tlmt $050 handles. If it a farm ynu want see Tripp ft Murphy, Real to", i m3-tf . 47 She Is now - champion. 4S She won the ' title In . VERTICAL t 1 To turn over, 2 Within. 3 Sharp. 4 Boy. 5 Deity. 6 New. 7 Courtesy title. 8 Italian river. 18 Lost, Strayed, Stolen - REWARD FOR WATCH LOST AT OR-Ira us laxt Sunday. I C. Korf. Rt. 3. (Albany or Corvullis). m 27-30 WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-leas homes and cows; also dead animals If fn good condition. Cale and Montgomery, Phone, collect 33-F-12, CorvalltB. m20-al3 CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old cnlves. Ph. 14. F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-tf 0 Prices quoted below art those prevailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publtci tiaD, and are lubject to change at any hour thereafter. Personal 33 FOR SALE BARRED ROCK CHICKS and hatching eggs. C. O. Edmonds. Itt. 32 Antagonists. 46 Corpse. 13 For sale, Miscellaneous ' LOCAL GRAIN I " M. Bender, & Co. i WHEAT: No. 1 nlilte, i; red and STOMACH ULCER, GAS PAINS, AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer? For quick relief get n free gift packet of Udga, a doctor's prescription, nt Fred Dawson's Drug Store . m24-a24 GOOD TRAILER FOR SALE. GALE JA-kel, Shcdd, Itt. l m:io-;tl FOR - RENT 3 ROOM NICELY FUR-nuthed apt. U. Bukliolts, 434 Uaker St. , ': ' m30 ol 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal Porttand Market Review PORTLAND MARKET RE FORT Portland, Ore., March 30 Therv was. a general luck of change in local butter prices for the week's u, truing. Make In showing up curtailment ns a result of tin-scntuinnblu weather. 1'rices are gene rally steady In Urn egg trade. Further strengthening of the trade with advance in the price here nnd tit primary points is confined for potatoes, Both old nnd new stork U nffected. Asparagus market Is little changed ; per Imps a trifle ensier. Bananas arc up about 'jc lb. Lemons nro stronger at listed prices. Practically no changes In gra)Hifruit or oranges. Spinach market firmer to higher ; a weather condition. Sugar market is higher in spots. Dry onions are higher in spots. 1 Celery is down about two bits a crate. Pea market is strong for quality. Mexican omntoes are up. 22 Situations Wanted WANTED WOOL & MOHAIR CtiHh advanced on contract. No interest charged. Wo always pay market price. See us before you sell. SAM FRAGER Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd & Baker. m28-a28 FOR SALE 6 lIUROCK JERSEY GILTS -Mrs. E. W. Shcdd, Shcud, Ore. n.30 GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DELIV-ered in any length. Lester Chilcolc, 1006 Santiam Rd. Phone 734-R. J20tf FORD EQUITY $200 FOR SALE CHEAP. Walt's Shoe Shop, 217 Lyon SL m28a3 APARTMENTS AN O.E HOUSE TO rent. Shea Apt., one at $15 and one at $17.60, and house at No. 705 E. Third St. 112. Tripff) & Murphy Realtors. m30 THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude Wrignt, pnonc 266-J, 638 E. 6th St. m20-tf WANTED COOKING, HOTEL OR NIGHT shift restaurant. Board for woman pnrt salary. Box 32, Coburg, Ore. m28-30 FACTORY HORSE COLLAR SALE Discontinued numbers, broken lines, all sizes, kinds. Sale ends April 4. STERNBERG'S FACTORY, Albany. m27-30-B 35 Salesmen Wanted Poultry, Eggs WE HAVE SEVERAL VERY FINE raoge Bpccialsn addition to tho ones mentioned in our regular ads. Mountain Start Power Co. i - w, fi7 I S J M I I 77" S-" 3 10 . - 7sT"" : ' , l q : . I fV l 1 st j,y .: x 5fJ . -39 ' mixed, 78c bushel. L HAKLEY: Hansen, 121.00 (on. OATS t White, No. 1, $111.00; gray No. 1, I2..00; gray feed $20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound 30c Mohair, .per pound 40c . MEATS o D. E. Ntbergall Meat ft.) . . CATTLE Steer, $4.00.U0 Heifer, 8.00 jt 5.00 Bull, 8.00(ji4.24 Cow., beef 8.004.01) Cowi, cutter,, 1.00122,50 HOGS ISO to 160 pounds $ (US 16J to 210 pounds 0.26(T(10.2S 210 to 260 pounds 8.76,? 9,76 260 to 360 pounds 8.76t 8.00 350 pound, up 7.00ra' 7.76 Sows 6.004 6.60 8HUE.- Lsmb, $7.60!it.8.S0 Ewe, 2.00((t3.00 Yearling, .'6.008,00 VEAL FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Also Custom Hatching. Brewster's Hatchery, Crabtree, Ore. m6-a6-S MAGIC GAS INCREASES MILAGE YfrJS per cent. Used by Bits Campnnles: Harmless, guaranteed. Approved by Automotive Engineers. Antating sales records. Free Radio0 Advertising, Agent's name on cons. Particulars, proof free. 14 Magic Gas Building. Alexandria. Ont.. Canada. inSO FOR SALEWHITE LEGHORN PUL-leta one month old, price 35 cents each, will trade for wood. Lester Uault, Tangent, Oregon. m30 Livestock WRECKING 2 IUG SCHOOL BLDGS. Lumber $3 and up. Planks, flooring, siding, sheeting 2x2? 2x6. 2x12 2x18 and 3x12. Casings & mouldings. Bricks f4 per M. Pipe, glass, lath, dry Mood cut to length. Salesman on job 4th & Madison St., Albany, Ore. m26-a 1-S HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT ANNU1 lres, shrubs, rose buphes. shade twf. Send for price list Settlemeier Bros. Nurseries. Rt. 8. Albany n21-tl FOR SALE 3-YR. OLD RIG GELDING or will trade for cows. A. F. Ktfdrna, Rt. 2, Albany, on 4 corners north Knox Butte. m28-31 20 Help Wanted, Male PORTLAND LIVESTOCK By V. S. Dept. of Agriculture Portland. Ore., March 30 Hogs ; ISB0. Mostly steady. (Jood-chaice lightweight driveins largely S10.86. Load lots to $11. Heavies tlO.OOr.i 10.60. Light lights 10.26I.' 10.60. Packing sows $8.00, Feeder pigs $10.2r(i, 10.71.. Cattle! 1650. calves 160. Very active. Largely 50c higher. Some in-between grade steers 76c up. Low priced cows only 26c higher. Bulk fed steers 7.26jt 8.00. Eearly top $8.50. Best held above $8.36. Few com- LOST SAT. IX ALBANY PURSE CON-taining driver's license, etc. Return to Mrs. Olive R. Hern, Lacomb, Ore. Reward. o m30 CUSTOM HATCH!'NG HEN AND TUR-key eggs. For Sale Poults and baby chicks. Mrs. T. B. Burton, Phone 636-J. m30-al 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous WONDERFUL UPIMKTUNITY TO MAKE $240 a month, $46 first week, as grocery route dealer. Everything needed sent complete : Ford furnished producer ns bonus. Details free. Write uuick. ZANOL. 198 Tenth St.. Oakland, Ci. m30 NOTICE CALE & MONTGOMERY. WHO are advertising in this paper for worthless horses and cows, are in no way connected with my place. Cecil Montgomery. m26-a26 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT j at r son's Drug Store. marltf "Live :.... 7Vjc Dressed' .......... .'. .' '. . . . 12 y,c NEW KID AT SCHOOL By HAROLD GRAY I'M PLACING ANNIE IN VOUR AS I TOLD VOU I SURE ; IfjESTERBW MISS STR1CK, THE ; PRINCIPAL , WALKED 'WAV OUT TO I Jack boot s house To tell annie ! , HOW WELL SHE HAD PASSED HER EXAMINATION. - OH.I'M CERTAIN ANN'E AND I WILL GET ALONG CLASS, MISS DOGGLE THIS WILL BE VOUR SEAT FOR THE PRESENT. ANNIE---NOW- NOW , CHILDREN-QUIET f; PUH-LEE7E? mon stcrrs down to IB S') and under. Heifers 111(1811 $8.()0'.('?.0. GimhI fed heifers $ :.'lbii I.e.1.. ItoW cutter and cutter cows ,;.oir(i4.Mi. Common-medium cows B.7S. (lood beer cows Bulls ffV2V(i6..I6. Vvalers $10.r0 down. Sheep: 1K00, lnrludlnir 1)27 direct. Active. Kat lambs around Ufic h Ik her. Other classes steady -stronjr. (.oiid-cholce fnt woo led It-mbB $lO.H6fl( 10.60. Commin-medtum 98.00 r.,t.60. Fat ewes $5.60r.i fl.00. Medium cwea down to $4.35, No so r I nit lambs offered I'M 5URE VOU LL I'M PLACING VOU-IN A CLASS WITH PUPILS WHO ARE AT LEAST A NEAR HOPE I CAN KEEP UP WITH 'EM- I'LL TRV AWFULLV FIND HER A VERY GOOD PUPIL- I ft I OLDER THAN VOU' L HARD- IT SURE WAS V WELL, I KNEW NICE O' VOU TO HOW ArJXIOOS GO TO ALL THAT I VOO'D BE TO HEAR-TROUBLE FOR Src - Little Orphan Annie c And Other Comics ME, MISS STRICK- If f be nr. extra fancy $1.60: do combination, $1.36. Rome lleauty, jumble, Se lb, Winesaps extra fancy $1.66 t do fancy 40; do Jumble extra fancy 8c lb. Bananas: Bunch G'jc; hands 6ra6! lb. Pears: D'Anjou extra fancy $1.16. Oranicen: California n a vela fancy $3.20; choice $2.75(.2.85 ; standards $2.68 case, (J rape fruit : Arltona $1.8012.40 ease ; Florida $4.00(4.26 case. Lemons : California fancy $5.50(36,78. choice $6.00m 5.2ft case. FBKttH VEGETABLES Potatoes: Local $1.60; Klamath $1.75lf? 1.86; SchnpiKHisc netted ucms $1.60;, t)ea chutes netted Kerns $1.75 cental. Celery t California, 12.60(2.80 crate. Peiut Cafiffornia, 94.15. Hpinach: The Dalles 76 (ff; 80o box 4 Wnlta Walla l)Ocfi:iH.0O; local 7686e 'box. Onions: Oreimn. $1.0(1(11.25 per-lOO lbs. - Tomatoes: Mexican, $4;&0 ug repacked, pneked. Q , n Lettuce i Arizona $2.75(3.00 ; Imperial 12.262.75 crate. ' Khubnrb: Hothouse, extra fancy $1,30 j fancy $1.20; choice 76c pel 15-lb. box. Cucumbers: Local, hot house 8ficf3$1.85 doscn. New Potatoes: Florida $2.70 crate; Ha-wnflun $2.60 per 50-lb. box. t- New Potatoes: Florida $2.0Ofr2.76 erate't Hawaiian 2.ti0rf(2.6& per 60-1 b. bos. . Cauliflower: Kosebum $1.26 crate; California $f?H0(if 1.26 crate. , Aspnrnirus : California 7M0c lb. MEATS AND PROVISIONS Country Meats: Sellinx price to retail, era: Country killed bom, best butchers under 160 lbs.. 14(tl4c; vesrs, No. lf H'..r-16c; llulit and thin lt)r I3e ; heavy 0'?12e; cutter cows, 8"( 10c ; lambs 18c ( ewei 0?ft 10c lb. UOP8 AND WOOL Hons: Nominal r 103& clusters 7J9e lb. Wool: 1039 contracts, nominal; Willamette valley, medium, 30e ; coarse and braid 2fie; eastern Oreson 26C28c lb,; southern Idaho SOfiiJlVrjC lb. MOKE TROUHLH MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll I i TUAkKS m4 "V.. lvvkw? iHywifc ntn i I LlZZZl SOUrJDS LIKE H MERE IS A LETTER. TO 1 II ' ' I A I LJAi TT", .T,0 III Ai INTAlc a ""1 I 'I I UI I AT II A. UC.J - LJ TMI5 IS VENTURA. MY FRIENDS -OeANIA'SOWLV SEA PORT. YOU WU5T PROCEED TO OUR ' INLAND CnrnAL, EV TRAIN MIS MAJESTY EV PLAINING I your kind- w vr.T r rry'ryr t&s&m vu "zr.xs-' r -a "UNi-ikt ...the . i YOUR MISSION - NOW- OOOD BYE AND GOOD LUCK Tim PROUUCB EXCHANGE Tlia following prices wore named to ba o fleet itJ' today t Itiitter: (Uubo extras, 2llc; standards UHijP; prime flnttH iiHo ; fhnU 29c lb. Cheese lOreKun triplets, 16c; louf Iflc. Hrokvrs will pay Id ct-jit Iji'low.quQUtloiin. Kkks : Troduro ExchutiKo quotntlona between drnlein: Kxtra In rue 18c 1 standards Inure 17c; extras medium 17c; standards meeting 16c dnten. Jubbinjt prices 2 cents hltiher. POltTLAND Wftt)l,r;8AI,E 1'ltICEB Tilt-so are the prices retailers paywholv-snlers, e.trept where otherwise statd: Hultcr: Prints, A Krnile, 81c lb. In parch' menl wrapper, flita in carton; fl Krnile, pnri'lunent wrnpp?r 'Mc ; cai lutis iHc lb. Hutterfnt: Portland delivery: A Bra tie, delivered at least twice weekly W(i'A2c lb.; country rtnilrs 28rtfflr; II KTnde, UfiCIOc; C Ktado at market. It Urado Crvam for Mnrket;- Uvying prlre, butlcrfnt basis t3',.c lb. Cheese: Selllnit price to Portland retailers: Tillamook tripleU 21c; local 22c lb. Tillamook soil in k price - to wholesalers : Triplets 19c; loaf SOc lb. Kkks : HuylnK price of wholesalers : Extras 18c; standards 16c; extra mediums Ilic; do medium firsts l&c; underurade lac; pullets 13c dozen. Milk: A Krnd. Portland delivery, OHf-jC lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. Live Poultry: Portland delivery buy Ins price.: Colored hens, over 4'i lbs. 17dCtc; u infe r 4'j lbs., IKff lttc; It Rhorn hens, over 3'j Mm., ICiClCc; under 3'f MlS(j;i6c ; Iciihorn broilers, 1 to 2 lbs., 17lHc ; sprlnus, 2 lbs. anil up, liKj-liUc; colored sprlnKs, lb, and up, ll)r,i20c: roosters Sflf'We ; pekin ducks youny, HIi lTc; gecsc llfr(12o lb. Live Poultry: Svllinir price by whole-nalcrs : Unlit hvtis lijrr IG'jC ; medium bens 16lfi'c; colored hens lKrfilBc; broilers 'IWttZXc. sprinitersOiyfi 2Uc ; ekin ducks, younjr, 17c; do colored 10d(i:ic; capon over 7 lbs.. I'C'f 25c lb. ; vuiuva hens fiOc each. Turkeys : Dressed sellintr price to retailers : No. lhens, 23c; turns MWiVjc lb TurkeyH: Dressed, buyinu price: New crop hens, No. 1. 22c lb. FHKSII FRUIT Apjiles: Delicious, extra fancy $1.70; do fancy, fl 4fi. Newtowns, extra fancy, 11.10; do fancy IMS; do face and fill, laitcy, Wie; do face and fill choice. 7fr. Spitrrti- MV(3 AND JACr MAVt OFFERED TO JOIM THE UBAMIAM FORCES IKJ TMEIR WAR. A0AIM-5T THE GREAT POWER. IMTME MEAMTIME, THE PLAQ- Admiral Leahy Takes Over Battle Fleet FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IN HE GOES BY BLOSSER Sun Pedro, Cnl., March 30. Vice-Admiral William D. Leahy today takes over command of the navy's battle force, tempctrarily holding the rank of aflmiral while serving as relief for Admiral Harris Laning. 1 As head of the battle force, Admiral Leahy will be second in command of the United State? fleet. Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves is fleet commander. Admiral Laning goes to tho third naval district at New York. Admiral Leahy has been a fca-val officer for 42 years. fbUR ALIBI HUNQ jf IT'S THAT COOK Boy AGAIN .' NO TELLING ! I : ( IF YHJ LEFT MlMMM H( WONDER WHAT HE'S BEEN J ALWAYS KNEV THAT-MONEY A t GU ' aUPTO,7HIS TIME 1 yi HE'D COME TO ' . ON THE COUNT- ) cANT WELL, hfAYBE THE JUDGE ' WILL GIVE YOU ABOUT THREE YEARS Ih1 ' n REFORM SCHOOL.... I VAS EXCfTED... MY t!OTHER WAS SICK... AND MAYBE I LEFT THE MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE IN THE STORE ! WHEN I'M EXCfTED, ON A TINY THREAL, "COOK...-THAT FIFTY-CENT PIECE... BLTT TWATlS SOMETHING THE COIN WASN'T I CO THINGS IN AN SOU WONT DO IN r VU WONT DO IN TUCDtr r i u J-JLr A HURRY A MlISQY AWFU- ' ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY ' The merchants and professional people listed on this page AM known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. In dM Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS FUNERAL DIRECTORS HURRY :.' yFOLicd FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOMJ Dmv or NlffM Dhntw A47-WJ MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 298 IN8UBANCS ,. OWEN B'EAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. EiUbltolMti Itli WEATHERTORn & WYATT 122 W. First Phonr It : -, 1 . i - i -v. a ai mt i n rss A AUTO FREIGHT WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. M"oej to loan, farm security. : r: ALLEY OOP RIGHT BACK ON THE JOB BY HAMLIN o PBODUCB SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer; 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. f OYA THINK YER BIG REDTILI ' NOW.GO LAY D&VN AKI' BEHAVE YERSELF, VBi& HCCM-HECEO YAP -AW CUT OUT .TDEMEUTIW ' t AW. FORGET IT; ' SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS fK the market for eggs, poultry, aa.' and cream. CLOWN WILL REALLY OBE1'; , (GRAND WIZEB- TH' GCAKJD- - -so --w f "X AN GO LAY o YEH-VOU'VE CAUSED O r AUTO REPAIRING SHOE REPAIRING OU. IWONT TCOUBLE HEAR,? ( US TROUSLE EWOUGH.'Q . HEAR,? MUSGRAVFS SHOE 8HOP, 1M ' KNOWS WHAT HE'LL GET IF J KNOWS WHATV- ' GET IF N. f V rTiS- - VOU NO ACTIW s Mi T. E. HULERVS AT KELLY'S Gsirage. Towing tt Wrecker, ph 80 is 1lflPC Lyon. Motto, quality ana H DON'T , W J A WASHING MACHINES BEAUTY SALONS OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWS. . Maytag, Easy, Thor Washete. ' a - 7. MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON 329 W. 1st o Phone 4S8J WELDING - BLACKSMnnO la LIZARD" HE HAONT BETTER, CARPET CLEANING SNYDER ai SON - BEAR ALICm ing frames, axles stralghteoed. k3 THE SHADE SHOP, 400 W. rirat Phnn 711 6 ' WELL DRILLERS alley odp. c e5oariNr, to hasm u.pas. flLM BfcKVICB. CA UOUT OKI THE SHOUT) FiNALLY PREVAILED ON C.'OSAUC TO LAY OFF THE G24NJD W7.E2. J C; E. GORD1NIER SON Well Driller "We solicit your inquiries" Kugene, Oregon HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOB overnight film service, ' y "f srwucc. inc. i m. Bte u s pt off.

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