Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 28, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, March 28, 1936
Page 14
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o o 1? Fashion Tips Piece d Resistance For Easter Old Favorites in New Trappings Make Easter Food Parades Gay Everrts Not Just a Day, But a Season, Is This Joyous Time When All Nature Helps Provide Colorful Touches I By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economic Editor INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY ON WOMEN'S ATTIRE means ot expressing her environment and viewpoint To the young woman as well as the matron, clothes are by way of being an autobiography. Each can express her intimate self in a very real sense. The older woman, through distinction In evening attire, speaks of a wealth of past experience fully lived and of a controlled present The younger woman employing the same medium, dress, will ex- "few. Good to look at a most Important Item and even better to eat (THE most Important Item!), I this roast breast of veal with raltln stuffing, which Virginia Ross tells you about this week. Mm Cooks' Kitchen Tours Conducted by : Virginia Rom DURING the course of these hints on attire, Mlscha has pointed out many of the various problems which confront the woman desiring to be properly dressed. The entire realm of women's attire Is composed of small and oftentimes seemingly unimportant phases, but each of these, when, considered in th proper light, play a tremendous part In making or marring the appearance of the woman concerned. The ensemble Is, at all times, the most important factor of the woman's dress. The very use of the word "ensemble" conveys at once the keynote. In Its meaning coherence, unity, oneness is expressed the whole Idea and purpose of dress. The cornerstone of the entire problem of correct attire lies In the fact that It is the general Impression which, in a final analysis, counts the most VERSATILE MEDIUM At the same time the ensemble is creating one centralized impression, It still remain a very versatile medium. Especially in the hands of a woman who is thoughtful in the matters of dress. She realizes that by a change in accessories and simple details she has at her command an outfit which can be at home for any occasion. The value and importance of the utility ensemble cannot be too heavily stressed. Attire for the evening is, in one way, the expression of fantasy. The cares, small or large, of the day are thrust aside and the woman steps forth In dazzling beauty, keenly alive to the spirit of the occasion, which borders upon unreality or make-believe. It is a rare opportunity for women to express their personal Individuality in its more extreme form. Since in formal attire brilliancy and extreme lines are an important .factor. EXPRESSES SELF The more mature woman's expression is one of poise and dignity, but at the same time the matron finds in her dress the GUIDE of the STARS By LAURIE PRATT SUNDAY The planetary conditions for this whole week show the world In a violent and disruptive mood. Important ventures are not favored during this period. You must guard both your speech and your actions. Monday Today is full-moon day, which favors publicity. Social affairs and co-operative work are much to the fore. Tuesday Domestic and social obligations are at cross-purposes. The day is fair for ordinary work, but the evening is marked with unexpected obstacles and antagonisms. Wednesday Late afternoon and evening are favorable for inspirational and creative work, music, affairs involving secrecy, and contacts with authorities or elders. Thursday Think twice before signing contracts or starting on an Important trip today. Delays ,are Indicated. Work requiring Initiative and great activity is favored. Friday You feel the need of a change today take a trip or investigate some new line of tho'.;;,ht. Your mind is capable of thorough concentration on new ideas. Saturday One of those days when things don't go to suit you. Stick to routine and avoid worrying, as you are not apt to see matters in their true light today. CHILDREN'S PROSPECTS CHILDREN born this week have the following life prospects,, according to Astrology: Sunday A sociable child with much charm and amiability. Fond of taking a chance, to make life more Interesting. Work with flowers or luxuries is favored. Monday A child who will experience no difficulty In coming to public notice. Partnerships are important and favorable. A legal career is indicated. Tuesday A child born in the daytime will be fitted for public and co-operative work. A child born after dusk will elect a vocation of a difficult and somewhat dangerous nature, probably electrical work. Wednesday A quiet, secretive child with a deep emotional nature. A scientific or research career is Indicated. Gain through elders, and through Government officials. Thursday A courageous and active nature. Ability to succeed in large projects of a public nature. Journeys across water favorably affect the course of the life. Friday A philosophic and outspoken mind. Many travels are shown, and gain through foreigners. University or religious work would make the greatest appeal. Saturday An Independent nature requiring much freedom. A literary career Is about the only satisfactory channel for this restless, inquiring temperament. POOR, abused spinach need not always travel with chopped hard-cooked egg. A nest mad by shaping a hollow in a mound of that vegetable chopped and filled with tiny cheese eggs, has been known to cause even father to eat his spinach while a tiny carrot shape of cheese with a sprig of parsley for the top Is different again. A new time and money saver is called "Bake your cereal." Add the cereal to boiling salted water In the usual way. When it reaches boiling point, add a tablespoon of butter and pour the cereal into a casserole. Clasp on the cover and let it cook, along with the roast while dinner is being prepared. It will be ready to re-heat in the morning, and such a flavor! Tho newest wrinkle In canapes is making them with a basis of crisp, home-made pastry a marvelous way to use up the remnants from pie. Just put the pastry trimmings together, one on top of the other, rather than forming them into a ball. Roll out. cut In rounds, put on a pan, prick with a fork, bake and spread while hot with your favorite canope covering. Let cheese do the coaxing in getting spring vegetables down the youngsters. Serve asparagus with a checso sauce. Spinach as a souffle with chceso added. Green salads with cheese garnishes, such ns cheese balls, cheese-stuffed celery, cheese sticks, cheese biscuits. If your meringue gets watery, you've probably not beaten It enough, or you've added the su:ar too quickly, or baked it in too hot an oven. Keep on beating after all the sugur is added until the meringue stands up In sharp little points. Be sure, too, to push the meringue into each crinkle of the pic sh'll. so it won t shrink away as it bakes. For a glaze on the top of two-crust pies, brush the upper crust with milk or beaten egg white before the pie is baked. I LIKE to call Seven Minute Frosting "Fool proof Frosting." It's easily made, ideal for spreading, and can be used with almost any cake. The recipe makes enough frosting for two 9-inch layers or an 8 by 8 by 2 inch cake, or about 2 dozen cup cakes. Use granulated sugar in every recipe that culls for just "sugar." It makes no difference whether It's beet or cane sugar, but it should be free from lumps. If It's lumpy, sift it before using. Maraschino frosting is awfully good with Ribbon cake. It's a seven miaute frosting with 4 tablespoons of maraschino cherry Juice substituted for 4 of the 5 tablespoons of water in the recipe. After the frosting Is cooked and you take it off the fire, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and fold in 20 maraschino cherries, cut in small pieces. Measure your shortening carefully, especially for cakes. Too little shortening makes coarse-textured cake with a tough crust; too much is one of the common rensons for heavy, greasy cake i with a tendency to crumble or fall. Have you served baked apples stuffed with sausages for a main dish? Or scalloped sweet potatoes and apples in place of potatoes? Or, as an accompaniment for roast pork, apple slices that have been flavored and colored by stewing them with red cinnamon candies? Do try Jam Tea Biscuits soon! M&ke regular baking powder biscuits then after they're cut out and on th? baking sheet, make a deep depression in the top of each biscuit and till with your favorite jam. Bake th?m S to 10 minutes in a hot oven (450 degrees F.). To toast cocoanut. spread it in a thin layer in a pan, then place und-r the broiler or In a hot oven and toast until the cocoanut is golden brown. Stir It frequently am4 be careful that it doesn't burn. Vttischa Fashions j Five Star Dish Of The Week some hard cooked eggs, put it in a casserole under a counterpane of biscuit dough and bake It. And you have something as near a chicken pie as you'll ever get without having seen the two-legged creature herself walk Into it. And there's rabbit. It's good Just the same way, usually served without the crust. Or you may like to stuff it as for chicken, leaving it whole, and roasting it. Preceded by Duchess chicken soup with Royal custard cubes, and accompanied by tiny new carrots, buttered and sprinkled with parsley, new peas in potato nests, little corn muffins, hearts of lettuce salad with ravlgote dressing, well there's a dinner that's different. ABOUT DESSERTS Aad do save room for dessert ice cream bunnies. Two scoops of Ice cream on a small round sugar cookie, or a slice of sponge cake. Make ears of white paper colored with a red crayon in the center. Eyes of red grapes or maraschino cherries, the nose a clove, the whiskers cocoanut. Of course you'll want your table decorations to tie In. So why not have a rabbit "hole" with a fuzzy rabbit peeping out of it. (Use an opened tomato can for the opening, build up a mound out of crumpled paper. Cover with moss and tiny flowers. If you've the patience to make them, have gingerbread bunnies as place card favors. Use a recipe for gingerbread men and a cardboard rabbit pattern you can find in the stores or from your young son in kindergarten, giving them gay skirts and coats of frosting. Oh, there's no end to the possibilities when it comes to planning the Easter dinnor. Perhaps you too will be making of Easter ' a season. . . . And It doesn't matter, you know. Just what you choose, regal crown roast of lamb or the lowly little rabbit, it's the little touches you add that count, the things that small bov-i n"d little girls grown tall and sophisticated remember with a tug of their heart strings and a longing to go home for Easter! This glorified veal roust will add a touch of elegance to the most commonplace menu for Easter. And it's gool the year around : ROAST BREAST OF VEAL WITH RAISIN STUFFING 4 pounds breast of veal Snll ami pepper, fat Shifting : Ha clips sifted all-purpose flour teaspoon unit 3 teaspoons baking powder 'a teaspoon soda lly tablespoons granulated sugar 1 cups milk 1 egg, well beaten and "it cup seedless raisins, 'a cup finely cut onion cup chopped mushrooms (fresh or canned) Salt and pepper to taste. ' Clip broth or butter and water Have butcher bone veal. Rub Inside and out with salt and pepper. Sift flour with salt, soda and baking powder, add sugnr, corn-nn'iil, and mix. Then add beaten egg and milk and mix well, Fly on oiled griddle as for griddle cakes. When all are fried, brenk into small pieces. Klnse raisins in hot water and drain. Pry onions and mushrooms in smnll quantity of fat until onions are wilted but not brown. Combine prepared cakes, raisins onions and mushrooms, salt, pepper and broth and blend thoroughly. Lay veal out flat, spread shilling on boned side and roll up as for Jelly roll. Sow up or hold tlrmly together with skewers. More slutting may be inserted In the ends after meat is rolled and sewed. Rub outside with fat and place in an uncovered pan with shallow sides. Rake uncovered In a moderately low oven, 300 degrees, about 3 hours or until meat is lender. SPRING IS HERE FURNITURE and draperies need some sort of rejuvenation as C spring comes along Drapes may need to be sent to the cleaners although perhaps a good l,ftah-Ing. airing or laundering, depending ithe kind of ninterial of which they are made, will revive them. If slip-covers are used on furnltureQthey ran be easily removed, to be cleaned or laundered as the case may be. ALONG about this time of year I always have an intense yearning to go home. We M made more of Easter there. It wasn't Just an occasion to dress up In new frock and hat and parade, but a day planned just like Thanksgiving ind Christmas,. And there was he same thrill of expectancy built around the visit of the Fruiter hunnv Virginia Ron upon coming of the good Saint Nick. The nest of gay eggs was always there, Just where we hadn't thought of finding It. And there was dinner at home, with flourishes galore! ' So I suppose that's the reason I've always been inclined toward making of Easter more than Just a lovely day, too soon gone. Good Friday, with homemade Hot Cross buns; Saturday, dressing up eggs In colorful coats. Making favors for the Easter table. Scurrying about getting things ready for the Easter dinner. On the day itself, Easter breakfast, an oc-coslon not to be forgotten. And I've always made it the meal of the day, with the dinner more of an Informal type, often buffet and toward the end of the day. Easter Monday luncheon 1b fun. Using the same sort of decorations and food, you share your Easter with friends. It may be a late breakfast or luncheon, with cards afterward. ROAST CHICKEN But since dinner is the big occasion for most people, let's tnke a look at what the well-dressed Easter table Is wearing this year. A perennial fuvorlto is the ' Easter chicken dinner, built around roast young hen with piM-slcy-celery eluding, gravy with sliced hard-cooked eggs, new peas In carrot or turnip cups, apricot marmalade, hot rolls, bread and butter pickles for the main course. This you may like to preface with a bird's nest salad, merely lime gelatin, molded in individual ring mollis, turned out on shredded lottuce or chicory, the center being tilled with four or Ave eggs made from assorted cheese. Served with mayonnaise It ties right In with the tablo decorations, if you've used as a centerpiece a nest of gaily colored eggs. This Is mado by rutting green waxed paper In strips. Have Mother Hunny or Mother Hen close by. with some fuzzy little yellow chickens about tho table, and of course tiny baskets of tiny eggs at each place, For place- cards, it's fun to have egg faces, mado from egg shells. Km- dessert of course you'll have Easter egg surprise; sponge rnke cut In squares, a spoonful of slightly sweetened whipped creum on top of each. In the center of each drop a canned apricot half, rounded side up. HAM OR LAMB If you favor ham. take off Its wlntcry note by tying It up with the vegetables of the season. Creamed new potatoes and pens, asparagus, hot or cold, served along with tiny corn muffins, strawberry - plneupple conserve, and piccalilli. I like to start the meal with a Jollied soup. Perhaps tomato-chicken consomme. Serve it hot if you like. An1 chece straws. And to end the DissJ, I can think of nothing betlv than a schnum toitc or Individual meringues, with strawberries and whipped cream, or tiny strawberry shortcakes. Most people think of lamb, leg of lamb of course, and up goes the price, while good old shoulder of lamb and the breast languish away until the Easter promenade is but a memory! I, for one, am all for choosing the shoulder. It's seen no more springs and, to my way of thinking, Is sweeter and Juicier. I like it boned and rolled, or made up with a good stuffing of bread crumbs, pineapple and crisply fried bacon. This Is good with browned potatoes, asparagus souffle, mint Jelly of course, hot roll, a sweet pickle relish, with chicken consomme, hot or Jellied, to start the meal and perhaps a frozen pudding to end It. Veal's good. Dress up the scorned breast of veal hy rolling a raisin stuffing into it. Or boil It, cut In pieces, combine It with well-scrubbed new potatoes, whole young carrots, a handful of peas. L El HOT CROSS BUNS SCALD 1 cup milk. While hot, add 5 tablespoons each of sugar and shortening. Cool to lukewarm, and add 1 cake of compressed yeast. Sift together 2 cups of sifted all-purpose flour, i teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Add to the first mixture along with 1 egg, 'i cup chopped raisins, grated rind of 1 lemon. Cover and let stand In a warm place for about an hour. Then add enough more flour (about i cup) to make a soft dough. Work smooth, place in a greased bowl large enough to allow rising. Grease the top of the dough. Cover and let rise Hi hours. Turn out on floured board, knead slightly, then cut the dough In 12 pieces, and shape into buns. Place on a well-greased cookie sheet, about an inch apart, greasing well the top of each one. With a sharp knife, cut a cross on the top of each. Cover with an oiled paper and allow to rise double in bulk, about hour. If desired, brush with a mixture of slightly beaten egg yolk to which a bit of water or milk has been added. Bake in a quick oven, 450 degrees, for about 20 minutes. (Clip this and paste on a 3-by-5-inch card for your collection of recipes, or in your scrap book.) Prepare These Recipes To Add Zest To Tour Table The woman who adores fluff!-ness and ruffles will delight In this cocktail gown, possessing ruffly softness around the neck and pleating at the edge of the sleeves. The removable bolero jacket, detailed In design, Is the peak of fashion this coming season. press a full present and a vivid, expectant future. Both types, youthful or mature, will recognize the importance of wearing their clothes with poise and state-liness. Clothes, well and charmingly worn, do become autoWographl-cal In character. They take the places of mirrors of contemporary life; in much the same manner that a woman's own ideas express through her dress, so do the ideas of the group express themselves through the accepted mode of the people as a whole. When mixture begins to thicken, fold in mayonnaise. Combine chicken, celery, olives, almonds, parsley, salt and pepper and fold into gelatin mixture. Pour into wet mold and chill until firm. Serve on bed of lettuce garnished with mayonnaise. RHUBARB BETTY cups bread crumbs 4 tablespoons butter 4 cups cooked rhubarb, drained 5 tablespoons light brown sugar 1 lemon, grated rind and juice i teaspoon nutmeg Melt butter and pour over the crumbs, mixing lightly with a fork. Cover the bottom of a greased baking dish with the crumbs and spread with half of the rhubarb. Sprinkle with half of the other Ingredients; then make another layer of crumbs and rhubarb. Top with crumbs. Bake in moderate over (350 degrees) about 20 minutes. Serve with lemon sauce. PiGS IN BLANKET 8 targe frankfurter Ppmrei mu&teri Pitt pirWes arrifw boron Makt a log slit laptwu fa a fmawurttsr. aMI i tea. oauMrful mnl am MMtu el on, turn kKXtrt a, jaw oe; m a mm. Wvnr a ) vrm J-wn eack) frankfurter. f.ening with toothpicks. Broil v,r nunuies nv a nor avi.ii -.v..v , r t '. ' 1 ' V " ' HAM MOUSSE tablespoon gelatin tablespoons cold water tablespoons butter tablespoons flour lt teaspoon salt Fete grains of pepper Dash of paprika S teaspoon onion juice rup milk J S Clips ground ham cup celery, cut into small pieces 1 pimento, cut fine 't ciip cream, whipped Soak gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes, then dissolve over hot water. Melt butter, add flour, salt pepper, paprika and onion Juice. Add milk gradually, bring to boil, stirring constantly. Remove from stove, add dissolved gelatin, stirring well.. Fold In ham, celery and pimento. When mixture begins to thicken, fold In the whipped cream. Turn Into mold and chill. JELLIED CHICKEN SALAD i tablespoon gelatin li cup cold chicken slock Or water 'i nip boiling stock 1 tai'espoon lemon juice i cup mayonnaise 1 'i cups diced cold, rookW chicken 'l clip (Mre4 cttru ' cut, .hr4r ful l j cup shrr0m I friMnooH W t lr Salt and pepper to fST Soak gelatin in cold stock fr) water for 5 minutes. Add boiling A DELIGHTFUL model for a bridge lea is No. 120. Simple in line, with an almost tailored effc 'L ; it retains a character dre.-sv enough for a club get-together. May be had In sizes 34-44 bust measure. Size .'IS requ'res 4' yards of ;i9-ln.-h material and .j yard of contrast, or 3's yards of M-lnch material. Wool or silk materials. For afternoon and dinner wear Is this chic creation. No. 121. The Inset and flare-out bows nt the trim, round neok and slim waist radiate the touch of Parisian design Contrasting are tailored sleeves with rows of buttons Size 16 requires 2K, yards 39-Inch material or IS yards 54-Inrh material and 2 yards of 39-Inch contrast. Sizes 14. 16, IS, -0 years Adaptable canton crepe, dull satin, noveltv silk, ribbed silk, faille Mlscha Fashions. Five Stab Wkkm.y. 4M) Mills Tower. San Franels.-o. Calif Enclose 25 cents for each pattern wanted Pattern No. , .. ... Name;;:::::;::::::;:;::::Q Street city .....p ; State :K yipyj'i ill o F a Mi i On Ncf2 o stock and sur until (Jjissolved. .400 Deg. F. ) . PAGE 6IX-B o w 0 (5 0

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