The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 34
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 34

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7. 1997 35A THE PALM BEACH POST NOTIC Advice "FhqP A FimWMi Sunu? Wj'hz Emm A CospyaAts PIdqul Ok Irked artist taking on Time-Warner '. Frederick E. Hart Due to a manufacturer's shipping delay, Goldeneye 007 Video Game for Nintendo 64 on Page 23 of today's Target Advertising Supplement will not be available. Rain checks will be issued but may not be filled until after the holidays. We regret any inconvience this may cause. Qlaims his sculpture vyss perverted in the film 'Devil's Advocate.' ? TTfe Washington Post "2 EB-cxS.-crsrAKCS." Sculptor Frederick E. Hart TET 2 "l isn t a moviegoer. He paid little attention to the October release of the film Devil's Advocate until he got j a letter from an old friend asking why he had allowed his f ii4' magnificent religious work to be perverted on the screen. When Hart and his wife tore out to view the movie, he said, he was, astonished to see what he identified as the bas-relief he sculpted for the entrance to f ,, i m '2 'T' J! U I " i I -,i I . I I M I I i I k Washington National Cathedral I 9 1 If ; a Then the human figures in it came to life on screen and writhed erotically. "At first I felt revulsion, and then an outrage that hasn't left You may be eligible to participate in a research study that includes: Free physical exam Free EKGs Free lab tests Free study medication To qualify, you must: Be 1 8 to 75 years of age Be a Type 2 Diabetic on a stable insulin regimen for 60 days Be off oral diabetic drugs for 60 days I- me, the Fauquier County, Va., resident said Friday. ". . . You're 1 1 S- destroying the meaning of my 4 ' Me S work." An apology won't cut it So, along with the Washing IV II I I 4t ton National Cathedral, Hart filed i - suit Thursday in U.S. District Participants will receive up to $350.00 For more information, call: 561-731-0158 Court in Alexandria, Va., against Time Warner Inc. and its Warner mm. jgSCIinical Studies BOYNTON BEACH mm 901 North Congress Avenue Suite D107 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Mariajurado, MD Bros, subsidiary, alleging in X I i fringement of the 1983 copyright 1 they hold for the work, which depicts God's creation of man out I m f ton Mmm I I'" 1 i Visit our Sweepstakes web-site www.arnenc8Reiipre$s.C(imbletii( u J I I fgzl L.m izzz do mora mm I Thanks to Oeita Ait Urws and Hilton Hotefs, offictal providers Parole I nd hotei accommodations for the Arnsrican Enpress "Biue Bon CaluS I Hmn$t& ?xFess finncisi yissris Stivtssry 5efVH!S3 3Vflf?5li9 w fehatf of iiiR tflr) Ftnancts) fcvlsw? tec; : Saturday, December 13th at 7:00 pm Gunilla von Post author of AMERICAN EXPRESS BLUE BOX SWEfPSTAKES NO PURCHASE TRANSACTION Ofl CONTWUXHON Of CAJWM6ER STATUS WCESSAH1' 1. ftfty by pmftttl 'V&j m Womal enwed ftti usp yflui Anson Epira' tsfl Opiim, Cd p Co;&offr Can to Sr ftisns tjM a wtre postM 'o ycur aaourrt tetwff WW ana i?.'31'9 as snow w rouf mofflhn wnng sffenwi Cj aowrKn and omwrt T'Mf s CtwiuK not WigiNe Cwnenw; jctoum nma ft in jooo sJanotog j nme & lucnae wSing da? arm dwnQ ai to fes3onst w tonsacnons fftosseo me rn mefcw-B wycim $ iy sjwnmew o( otoqiamming jsK 10 oost nmsacMre v any twnan ptocEamg e"oi Entries wuflmg w owctiasw nac wsii fost arawi swe" or n Caflsi !fomnrmiT3 nauouier'! or atow tiansaiins w mo AJtwMto tirtrr !c ff mcain"S j iwctiase w a 3 1 i ro nr vcur -jme arwess Mr sW iirj anrj Airar Ein?ss Oottrna CoDor Catd tor Sman Buvrs accjuni imiw to tm B6 Seewas PO & 55 &dp(i NJ 08U27 tart entry seoJ'K'V Waii-Kiemr op MStrawc 3y -ji.S' ano WW) Dy V IS Ho frntaii wMuiBJ erTOn ar Seated enir rrtMeo iff nn-n eaps Ar fxcress is m rested to ws menM sw tciw incorrtste c oosaoe w enr-s J.Pnw 3fraj Puis ana 000 E Ps awfl A tanawawiq leto n v tm ; 'ram a! esgw en t,- s:i 3 m'-ets juuj MDSif-n a m Ft Ending Gm Ptim 1 1 HW Hwg vaaw i 12 oeoc 7 days s deuW dtatancy awmdanoos on ne Osney ompeny 'ounfl-ric lust-riass afjie f im to t nes a mta jtiurrd pqtt w to afl'vsw !c i rV sm IK.; fs MO Diev Ocas 3m 9 me o- ine fring ty ?, grout cp teson (y Car freJ? 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Oseys On Tr! rfjunfl ct nwaj.-e at fns fiardes ft'UHums fi, '? 3?ie frij a sw raw jbiM isk www s CfJC tSPN f-s-w m I rLmrMtf c-'n tt rjati ewience an3 (10300a i99S6iou'MesaiJ-;0 A6-T8 M-8 11-25-3D U'W Ah NnVauf rAftV' $ti00 2) Ljcp i ( m rf" Mr-ir an: Ms iBi'smc CI& anew l?0 000 an3 -nf n-car-tws nanc aflww Aiey "aw n cwof ctf sysiep iw SOW5 arfl iwn taxxf-x? m-csass w yi Oefla A i.-nts to o tc 2 rg oouW occjeaxv jEomroJrfls J a mwi n f?)C r-ans'y and (10000 Affv t2 'MO Ji f fs-tto t. f r (50 '300 "wis ouffflK ot t--s!-:s s. h QetaA L.nes awfoir,) (6 WO .i Hn He attorrraa-ons are (ia GOu asn An Awncar Eotss w srwr nc p w w aor Vaw o '9 W l' 500 4. f r is to s M r h w aw a cm ww snc t w cft-a I': :0" r xs-gner FWd-H t?i!-:s to to f of 0a Ai ' Oi , xcjoto accrmoaiw 3 a w gwe "arwjT rc (9000 asfi ARv (36 000 5i NBA Parmag? oe ? w r ST- or fts-oae w :si-cs 'am or itea fc1 i douw wdvy aKotrrroarw I j rtew hnei nen 16 'MO 3sn APV (i J00 6i jor V .-:K a a w go w y&j sec itjdes w 90 w tar fcs "njsj onu' f c ? ?' wngratflea ??' ; ot . io-.M-it t-ajsi njm 'Ot Ik w (mi A- bnts -Wi r mw, KamoBiK a) a v w ca"enia. wtjw 'wunKJOO Awar uws dcre (5 iff k T-ge oofls ' Aflv K400C r, jpyi wuf kquk w jrtecwfe Arwar-Di c yrxirtfiiPavrCiW aw -ssj W's:ww:,o'uCtc(i0i)af?!WW5yejs vtftr'tfemo'P'ai'WijriMAfesrf'rt iis'tsiar( 3-sat'SiysiiftrBio'P(3 afioPw C3 iasn erjL-iw n mw-xi apv Si 5 0C-iiCHrwfy'!'t 9s Riia?(iic(w! AtfOT wS:oi( Pc-rnRfae'asftcweWyajf now fje oevx dp- dc- cn wngari is 2 Ofts De i'eoemo!K)n ?r 0rm sjo to vms Jfio :onfiws -a Mtww-b fiewd'is i?'-sm' r."w sntfe g.M p j ttt-r 4wi?s tcourn in iihw en rje atajeo W ot treojen y ts Of eqt, vaen .a at sw Jscjw socio ARv (tOC'jOC 9i Arc-an tts " Kf I' j ;MC f Amef t.fjey name w one o m "ocw ?' Sfr Cr-': Tut 5a .r A,- Ine Vmes ? w rW W-: (League SnwOySf'gr' Cownart House Arvican B C'oss 'tf VWPYsew Nar StwoS'S Society Boys 4&rC.jOsot Area .(iiMSJsesyfXamUOOO. Aft 123'00C 408lfiBlrPnwSi dWxw(prl 3( gowt ee ARV (3700 iOO Ctff'ffi A t f 5 assets Aft' (S 00 WU Butry co umpe- ARV H" S3 i 000 bCflr,a Ceans to 10 a Coies or rjxinneicf:ffi APV B2 00 iX G- Cent Jes w twiflues i-4X-fL-jwf PS Aft (35 i) wws ' 'J ft 1 arc "ay be (ttnsMwnrMidMDT Enry u ttuOHn-iiac vent? im.r. 2t ays d aen rff f t tarte4eotfr 1 ee saom tyv-a&av-mwiritvtowMv- wwwwii Jvz'-v i-w mmwissM aeaie a rra feeay ww to r:et ng Unni one r person k jsenoio tn case icm accounts onty one im ft nwfleo to w rji.iar itvwlxs Ac w ut t8 musr He axreara ft &awt or -eg WW " w 6 w vaw n . :! Sure M-orn Ddx anowfl wceor as newssan. 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Their love bridged two continents and 1 1 jTt&nnim k 1 transcended the risks to his career, his new -4J ..j? . imarriaop and her . t . : 1 1 e- . i it j family and social station. VlAl j iLove, Jack tells the story H-- of a Dassion so strong GUNILLA VON POS f that they were willing to risk all to be together. of a swirling vortex. The suit seeks unspecified damages, all profits the film reaped from allegedly using the sculpture's image, and the recall atldi destruction of all existing copies of the film, in which Al Pacino portrays the Devil as a high-powered New York lawyer. The artwork Hart claims as his hangs on the wall of the Devil's apartment. Hart, 54, whose best known work is the bronze statue of three soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also said he wants "corrective advertising" so that viewers will know his work is not the one in the movie. Some visitors to the National Cathedral have made the connection between the movie and his sculpture, Ex Nihilo (Out of Nothing) . "We consider this a perversion of sacred art. An apology isn't going to cut it," said Robert A. Becker, spokesman for the cathedral. 'Ex Nihilo' is copyrighted Warner Bros, spokeswoman Barbara Brogliatti said the company does not comment on pending litigation. ; But intellectual-property lawyers said the company has two basic choices for its defense. The movie-makers can argue that they came up with their sculpture independently and did not know about Hart's work and his copyright. Or they can argue that the scenes involving the sculpture are allowed under the "fair use" exception that allow copies for educational, critical, reporting or parody purposes. ' Directed by Taylor Hackford, Devil's Advocate has taken in more than $56.1 million in seven weeks. It stars Keanu Reeves as an up-and-coming lawyer who goes to work for Pacino's character. : Ex Nihilo was installed at the cathedral, the sixth-largest Gothic cathedral in the world, in 1982. Unlike many older masterpieces, it is copyrighted, so Hart and the cathedral have the legal right to control its reproduction. That means they must approve copies and, more importantly in this case, derivative works that draw heavily on the sculpture. "You frequently see . . . credits for music, and they have permission to use that work of art," said John Vanderstar, who is representing the cathedral. "They didp't have permission to use this work of art." In Devil's Advocate, the sculpture" comes to life and plays a ceniral role in a climactic scene at thejend of the movie, so Warner Brqs. probably won't be able to argue that they only make' minimal use of Hart's work and ther efore do no damage, lawyers said. The film comoanv also could Gunilla von Post will share for the first time in South Florida the story of her love affair with John F. Kennedy at Clematis Street Books. Please join us for hors d' oeuvres and wine Saturday, December 13, 1997, 7:00 pm. Clematis Street Books. 206 Clematis Street. West Palm Beach (561 ) 832-2302 1 What does home equity LOOK LIKE? Shop today... and save on great gifts for everyone 0 u 25 50 OFF TO SELECTIONS SPECIALLY PRICED 1 Good question. With an equity line of credit from Savings of America, you can translate your home's equity into just about anything. 1 Apply now and we'll give you a great low introductory rate for the first six months of your loan. You can borrow up to 80 of your home's value, and many times your interest is tax deductible! You can even use it to pay off high-interest credit card debt, personal or automobile loans and save money with a lower interest rate. Plus save even more with this coupon Call our convenient loan-by-phone number or stop by and one of our representatives will help put together a home equity program for you. Then start picturing how you 'J like your equity to look. I -V . ft Call 1-800-698-6637 Mon.-Fri. llam-lOpm; Sat. 12pm-5pm SAVINGS AMERICA'" I I ,U t.,,t claim that the sculpture in Devil's Advocate is an independent creation and had no access to Hart's work. Then a jury would have to look at the two pieces side by side and decide whether they agree, lawyers said. No trial date has been set. In the meantime, Hart, a religious man who recently presented a sculpture to Pope John Paul II, is seething. "If it had been used on a set and had no particular meaning ... I might have been annoyed by it, but I probably wouldn't have filed suit," he said. "But they took a work that was the definitive act of my artistic career and ... turned it into an image of We're not just about money, we're about life. 1997 HFA. 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