The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 33
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 33

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 33
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34A THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7. 1997 Judge ends public on-line access io list of unserved arrest warrants fJBA fJMALSS tiCXST'3? 1 The Nore You Use ' The Cash The Kopi QtcEi You Have To Kin In The r American Express "3LLE EOXS lLFSTWS." one impractical. He defended the delay between the time a warrant is issued and the arrest is made as being sometimes necessary for investigation. Joseph Murphy, chief judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, wants the Court of Appeals the state's highest court to consider keeping all warrants secret until they are served. Police are pushing legislators to do the same thing. -Oil? . A. g 7Jf Associated Press : BALTIMORE For a $50 fee and 50 cents a minute, anyone with a modem can dial into a Maryland court's computer service and look up the names and charges of people who have been ordered arrested. I Lawyers looking to drum up business were doing just that, until police and judges began complaining that they were inadvertently tipping off suspects that they were wanted by the law. : Fearing suspects might flee, destroy evidence or threaten witnesses, the state District Court is ciitting off public access to unserved arrest warrants via the 8-ypar-old computer service. Martha Rasin, the court's chief judge, said unserved warrants will be available to the pub-lit only through paper files at courthouses. Starting this week, the information will be posted on the computer only after arrests are made. Lawyers can legally send solicitation letters to suspects named in the warrants. Since last year, the LETS Co. of Edgewater has been using the computer service to look up warrants and mail the letters for lawyers. Owner Natalie Boehm said more than 100 attorneys use her service. The problem is not with her company but with inefficient police departments, she said. "In Maryland, there is a procedure to seal the court record if they believe a person is going to be violent," Boehm said. "The police don't want to do this." Police are finding the lawyers' letters when they make arrests, said John Farrell, Prince George's County police chief. Farrell said thousands of warrants are issued every year, which makes sealing them one by I Ff8fi) Jungle Sifrn.s '" 'tt (pi! t 'i .. is . r 9 5. 4 c FACTORY DIRECT SALES 6 T r W J n r , Manufacturer ot Commercial & Residential Playgrounds ! FREE COLOR CATALOGUE Hill Top Research is looking for female volunteers io participate in an 9260 W. INDIANTOWN RD. SIERRA SQUARE JUPITER '748-6500 t n jnvestigational medical research sfudy. If you are at least 18 years of "age and experience abdominal pain or discomfort associated with Irritable Bowel Qyndrome, you may qualify to participate in this study hieing conducted under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Rosenfield, Board -Certified Gastroenterologist. Qualified participants will receive: 0 Free study related medication. 0 Free study related medical examination. t 0 Payment up to $250 for time and travel. Iror more information, please call Monday - Friday. WIN $511 In cash or Lottery tickets. Cal 51 1 and enter code 1015. Each call will cost 50c. Or, you may enter the drawing by writing your name, address and phone number on a postcard and mailing it to Cal 51 1, 2751 S. Dixie Hwy.,WPB,FL 33405. mm m Delta Air Lines 4 HILTON HBri rhr Ipfjl mora ' 1 HILL TOP RESEARCH, INC. f56IJ 615-6808 'West Palm Beach - 900 Osceola Dr. Thanks to Delta Air Lines am! Hifton Hotels, otficial provicfets of atr travel and hotel accommodations to the American bptess "Slue BaSvwpstates. Cards PHARMACEUTICAL CLINICAL TRIALS DIVISION Missed Your Soap Great Gift Ideas! Save during our Pre-Qmstmas Sale Shop Thursday Nights Until 9pm In December AMERICAN EXPRESS BLUE BOH SWEEPSTAKES HO PURCHASE TRANSACTION Oft CONTINUATION OF CAROMEMflER STATUS NECESSARY 1. 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MmM aMy To mb mm rr) a nKhase nia3iScMMiMWamjN aodress ctf slate ifl anc Arkar txpess Oot'iia or Droit Care & Sf Busns accouni numw ic Amei B8 Swstsmes PO 6e Gittvow Nj 08G2 Eacn enlry must oe maw sewiaWy Mji-m en)i must He pospomed ny 12'jtfl? ana received dj No dikrwca iwooucm eiecfofnc of'lJCJM ' epi'-esacceciwit)'"-'-''' ent' Ame'ican Epfess -s nm feseofWe tor tos: w liJegiOe s rmsd.-witd 'nceteo'DOStageite entries I Pnm 9 Grand P'ars ami 4 000 First Pr-ns tmmw awannd A randctm arawnQ ui be rid on or about ?vy9B fram as eiigib enes to seea !fle wonps Judges deewisa1 Una. ano ng Grind Pnm I'to'fcrKvc vaca1 1? seoa ? aavS --grss aoooe xtency accc'nfiiBiHor!s x sne ipy trooe 'ountt-tnt tnsr-ma feiye on Ltia Atr Lines ar rend ummied ertgffi stay adnnss.op to an HWf fls.-?)f iter? Pants 500 Oefiev Ooi-ars cnotce ot ane oi me totmno) tor' , ear grot nerw resW7tKney:nlr9'eafas M.; N rJc Sfwon 9 ?os ci4 at 09veys 0 r. wootntaiijrtg&ijiFiiarows btmtfaVOiint,mmww arfed lours fwttvWMvGJimm twsacortcw smofermasp-m' awSiwJXJ-asft 59Sfi8iOLid 5-i8 w 1 1.55-30 'Z"5-3t awR.i(M.ABVi Sj -JOG 2 LjW tn tew odtn Tvitu Mjtsen ifyi Mana aartj'-arr CNBC anctw Hece-rt $a)000art neef sr. Anvcan Encss ftrsncj aavsoi Hnfnfmw!vinC(mymm system sctieaneair.ig SjjnoJtt i-;ik on t!a Air i-nfs "or K hew Hi 2iqnrdoutedcciaca gi-ansoorat anoSiOQODcasf. ARv sajOOO 3t Ftsi-Cs T:m Pn wvr OCC ttnens curcw i-rsKias t asei cvnm a Ait ' s ape i it 500 hhci Mat aoonxf -ys aw i'3 QiC jsn Ar Ane-tar- ijss t'a ;yj,m i&c an vaat'Of &w aid tinugn Aar 1995 Afrv IMMO 4if ifst-aassnfl io Pjrft I jp or New t" ic jt"d a asV. sn et yorr wet eius t5 300 tc see-. v w aese 1 " u "9- s !cef h . cr. Deta h iv ' o?, p otuD iut: aac-wc at a h w -w goa jarsnciataB ari?J00casfAl38j)C5tNeA Pjge 2 wets n wy ot m N6A Fak net an NBA dosi- amm wrfrti ttrst-cass -oers Den toJnxMtoK.Fm&' arStXA1 ahv lii'At6'Joir Fsp Woo-i wT at 9- E.'-wnarrven: ir-x stwc w:-u-w w 101? jo-f son ri Ear-tftoods must oectf aufg tno w a icwmaneTt! auivai)r) ijop aat; wp sflfDu!B (tajro-iwi rs-ctts ;cms tor DeJjfc'Les ilte K2fqK-yiiiH."--jr rww'M arcse-Jtt? 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For a nsl o1 winner available alter 4196 send a seit-aooressta siamped envelope 10 Amen rr.iets List PO Bo 658 (iibDsionn Hi mi j Arner car tijitss 'rsveaied Spvas C-rny inc TOMMYS L.tZ. HILFIGER Just 5 0$ a Call i t Call 51 1 bncf "enter line 7300 to get the latest update on 1 0 different soap operas and play soap opera trivia! (fLO GOLF Shirts Caps Knits Shirts Shorts Pants f nlleCfiofl Srts Shirts Pools Hals OOlt t",c toms . . sl)oe. 5DT1 BE" mmM mm SPERRYG) TOP-SIDE R' MEN'S ORIGINAL TASSEl & PENNY LOAFERS All SIZES 6-15 A-EEE 1415 SLIGHTLY HIGHER SUGG RETAIL V You can fly to Hawaii for WHAT??? . ... ;' CLICK ! HERE Ij I "OO" SUGG RETAIL ALL OTHER STYLES 1913 20OFF STOCKI0195I15 The oldest Men's Slofe BSOWN, TAN, CREAM in the County All SIZES M5 MMW Presenting Jaguars Symphony in V8. Enjoy luinnrro. Buclile up ttlarjr; 61997 t, Barry University's Master of Social Work (MSW) Program Special tuition rates for employees of public agencies and human service agencies ParMime evening program Small class sizes, enabling close interaction with faculty and colleagues For more information, contact: Professor Harriet Goldstein 9123 N. Military Trail, Suite 103 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 561-622-2732 PB 1297 IFSS TO Are you experiencing Sadness or Restlessness Tension or Irritability Sleep Difficulties Change in Appetite C C c jjj Avoidance of Activities Take your seats. The performance is about to begin. Introducing the Jaguar XJ8. With a totally resculpted interior, a new multiplex electrical system, and the beautifully orchestrated 290 horsepower, 32-valve, aluminum-alloy AJ-V8. JAGUAR A new breed of Jaguar Call 1-800-4-JAGUAR or visit www.jaguarcar. comus. If you are 65 years of age or older, you may qualify for a free research study. Eligible participants will receive: Free study medication Free medical exam For more information, please call: (561) 731-0158 ;J:pnical Studies l BOYNTON BEACH 5 ;.; " ' " North Congress Avenue Suite D107 Maria Jurado, MD Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 PALM BEACH MOTOR CARS, LTD. 915 S. Dixie Highway, Test Palm Beach, FL (561) 659-6206

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