The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 23, 1968 · Page 23
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 23

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1968
Page 23
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 23, 1968-23 1 Kl'MOFF.PET ) (FOOTBALL? T 0(0100) T m Your Birthday By STELLA PUZZLE CORNER a confusing Sunday DAILY CROSSWORD r,FVst bsHe'd sI 13. Old-time exclamation 18. Home for the bacon 19. in a 44. Viewed DOWN 1. An old man, whimsically speaking 2. Exhort 3. Honey-makers 4. 100 sq. meters 5. Fragment 6. Parasitic insects 7. Northern 8. Seaport on the Bay of Bengal 9. Facial decor 11. Intended bull's-eye, perhaps 21. Wading bird 22. Bleachers regular 23. Blubber 25. Gush 26. Resin 27. Not transparent 28. Fountain treat 29. Banished 30. Downy duck 32. Contains 35. Well-known Piper 36. Nautical "hello" 37. Budge 39. Coffee dispenser 42. Pronoun SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Born today, you are a natural-born showman with an ability to sell amost anything to almost anyone. This is a combination that could take you far should you opt for a career in the world of commerce. You have an open affection for people that can withstand numerous disappointments in them; for you realize, first and foremost, how unpredictable people really are. Your constant need for affection in return is almost always satisfied. Your nose for news i s exceptional. Nothing fascinates you more than the unusual, the new, the different and nothing wearies you more than routine happenings occurring in a routine way. You will have to take care only that you do not so yearn for the out-of-the-way happening that you fail to see the benefit even to yourself of the customary. You could make yourself and others most unhappy if this were t h e case. vhen it comes to choosing a mate, take care to select someone with the same worthwhile one. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) Honey catches more flies than vinegar. Feminine wiles and masculine chivalry can gain you your ends. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 21) -Ask the opinion of a disinterested party. You may be surprised to discover how much support you really have. ARIES (March 22-April 20) -It will not be feasible for you to make up lost time at a latei date. Do what you have to dc without further delay. TAURUS (April 21-May 21) -Do another a good turn. An ordinary Sunday can be transformed into a special one if you keep needs of others in mind. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) -Don't make friendship a oneway street. Go out of your way if necessary to pay a call on one you hold dear. CANCER (June 22-July 23) -Where young people are involved, be sparing with your advice. Suggestions subtly given stand a chance of being received well. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) - The wise Leo will be guided by a higher power than his own when it conies to judging others. Mitigating circumstances abound. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) - V. 7. 6 . ACROSS 1. Where I Pinar del '. Rio is 5. 7 spades 9. Termite. for one 10. Hawaii's Mr. Fong 12. Move cautiously 13. Collonade 14. A long time 15. Man at Appomattox 16. Sun god 17. Music note 18. Gloomy 19. Cupid's title 20. Wintry 23. Kind of worker 24. Kind of rum 25. OUa or urn 26. Collector's ' item 28. Sofa of a kind 31. Wife of ' Satum 32. Sizzling 33. Greek letter 34. Daddy 35. Seed vessel 36. Surrounded by 38. The "Eagle" in the sky 40. Eyelet 41. Enticed 42. Wait near at hand 43. Goes with odds 10 WDYCAPP &Xa. a3 L- ; PLENTY IF YOU'LL 1 Tl'VE BEEN WAIT!NGT0 f 1 NO YOU AND YOUR BLASTED L-jk- OKAY SO NICKY GENOA CO-OPERATE, EXPOSE THESE VULTURES I L MAGAZINE AREN'T MAKING A - HAS WE OVER A BARREL, 17 SONNY IN "PROOF" FOR MONTH J' PATSY OUT OP ME TO -1 STEVE -THE BUZZARD fT i Strrx FTP '" GIVE ME YOUR CASE mm. I A SELL MAGAZINES TTllSlfi IS WITHIN THE LAW J ffAp--'' HISTORY NAMING "tB " "A I V - i , u I j I '. -WHAT COULD jna aT l NAMES-IU FRY ?C) i AljK 1 I VST YOU WipgrV H-1 1 MR. GENOA-AND yZi 3 ' f$ f 1 ;HSiWr I nW : i(i(lf& IN e f e fighting, angelique's : while aboarp kate's ship. . . W there's the 1 : ip7 r YELLING GOES UNHEAKP. . . y --jr-0VI CftP'N 5NPlL; ! ' ' f Vf;' k lJasperCqiveVPP-Y Ml) card, 1 I , 'di- t? ( Driver's Prmllis.haveuou ) a million) Jinqles, teel maqnateA Mrs. Wallet.' (You?) rr license, Lzmtzzzw-ZZ basic temperament and -ZZMtzzM-- ZA 6 58 19 V. 40 ZZZZLWlZZ interests as you have. Unless your marriage partner is as willing and able as you are to give long hours of loving labor to those things which interest you, you may find yourself lonelier than you were when in a state of single bliss. To find what is in store for you tomorrow, select your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. Sunday, November 24 SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) See to paying off social obligations of long standing. Evening plans may have to be shifted to accommodate others. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) Put two and two together and you should be able to turn Family members are your best bet if you're looking for support in your new venture. Don't expect outsiders to approve quicklv. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) -This can be Libra's special day if he enters into morning worship wholeheartedly. You have much to gain. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -The work-week to come demands some special preparations. Begin early in the day DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXK Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's. X for the two O's. etc. Single letters, apos-trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation MVPXY PDX VXCN MV MYX XSHK KXCFG LG HYPM C ZMNGX. OMH- KXCL Yesterday's Cryptoquote: WELL, MY DELIBERATE OPINION IS IT'S A JOLLY STRANGE WORLD. BEND A (O 1968. King Features Syndicate, Inc.) the 1 o I assure your Vi jNANeAR0yofFicE. U anpyet, V U quick hot-line call.anp... j oW Iacbowmns touch toNv"- n01 1 iVZ'. JX Moscow's L .MAMZ-.. ( ( flA the . Iaasurevour t In a NgAggvoPFicE... J anpyet, quick hot-line call.anr. 1 yL l.N5..1?A ES HAT wA KMBNBVBKMSrS! to map out a strategy for daySahead' : PRETEXT CAN 01 Jk("W W STHefEBS I I WHI1.E,,, AT THE .WjlWftjftB TOSS'S' YgSSo SsJgS ME2TlJ11 - ' .y-Jl WUfmXKeaS PimmSPSeSS lfmm tf7lT ASAFAKT1Ni; swK I Qthe male passers Sth saSthSvci mZ,T...WT w"-LUvevttJf fii wmfrctitB ccw scenes... f3 .TO il "rMWV JT mPwWSOPOrW ' rSmf'S f1 lvi. you're F(?oMf f ReMove etoNpg 47 Af SiDr f J kJ.VTlEeiTER check... z- z- 7rv 1 r ' V j I k-JsJ T" 1 I ; 7 i i t .11 f-F t-- 1 OWRflaER 1 WHOSOEVER SO MUCH S . TO YOUR VOOS ClOUTIH' riiTV LET'S E MOUJ, VOU'RE A SYSTEMS AUD rTT l(OU.UU FC.OLP, I" 111,11 1 f--- ' i mameo chief as tarries in the ; period of me that did A WKOmriv A 1 cffilUMimiV Vmi IEDYOUITHE I I CHATTED WITH NOAH SflR I 1 FLOW GEHTIY-j PRE9EHCE0F THAT RED I I SERVITUDE If J THE BREAKIfH, , Q: I PKOCEPURtS ANALYST, MARRlbC?Cb (;ts R5HIM6( HUMTIWfa- YW emtire ?,hoppimg bK miss agatha. an'-. 11 vf savage 'will be Si --aH-m"!? k J5) 27r7 CMtO AWD W UED HERE la KW0JJ..,AtLTH5 MAMLV, I expepitiom should mJC '.frl Wmarilypumished; J M im 1 iii 3( SEVEMVEARClMOWTl!, CMXXmMj, fM WT iA"J H W S .J BORN liOSEI" 'r nia. i. tm. tjut 1 ,, I ' ANDITSUPe" JAN WAS LoPPlEP THE COVIPUTFR I GO AFp' '"aND ' 1 - A t " J J - GETS THIS HALF ABOUT FIGUPING DOE5 ALL THAT t CU5TDMEBS ff HAND I""'""" i WA8 A 6TOe 9uu-6v 6IRLS HAMES'"0&U, IWASiNe A SiSU MAKINT Hg FUN, JAN METIC HOOK ' v VALAIS V AAACHINE CAN'T. ) ?J V I CAN 665 IT NOW, POOR1?! If BOV6 V,eNevRPiNP 1 SiSuu6PTAN'AA4X5"' Pg-0JTiNPA8KAveNueMiSH f WJJ&, -r . -I , "- MANfTWONAMe5?WgWASuJCiy AS 6 gy wea eenve? I 60AAMAnAMm68AP15S I $OCiTy WITH A hAnPu6 UiKS 13 v Tf ji li ri ' I V J WHERE I f THE ADORE5SIS SENORITA, THIS VDU SURE VOU VZ"t ' Jl 't '""""'L. "" ''"'"3, i, ijj- 1 I 1 , I . m5 ir- 7r r-l-1 Sr ii I" I ir' MAWSWHAR V - AFORE THEVFREE7E LOWttZY Kn '. A?)A SAYS "WWf? V r fl M (J ioo- :lf ?! - VE 60IN7 A,"1 w STIFFER'N BOARDS I GOT A LEETLE XLWCJ 0'U?- " TMWm fM-te flafV'T v "Vrnr Wwct3sk PvnP iKlfJ UJWFnI CIC7 TUPV (?UL7 If'T PAKN IT, PENNV1 ON THE BRINK OF L0s:r VWWT NOW MAVB6 THE 1 lt,ATF(l R THEV HAP A HALF-X HaPIT, I 7Ur j rANi wrier in mey w thoss fanatics for goop, we rj.i our op pN PjO IrJL :t 1 - mrXL I hour leap bv tub bibi isnt PIP 5TPIPE HAVE SWEGfceW J ( J 'XLJ Jyi" jJ-iHli wX7S LITHE BABV FLEAS V 6,... V TOO? 7 VfTVU WMES ME WAS A y' --r " - m" - fcVf C- - V V7ieT? iwjs S cmSL u S i; njc 4JCHL9 turJ I ..A.v- , tft' jV)1 TIGER

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