The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 23, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1968
Page 22
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Answer to Pruiom Punk 'WHO? Travel Time S2-Palm Beach Post-Times, 1 THE LITTLE Saturday, Nov. 23, 1968 WOMAN jfcC MARK I G.A,S IPIuiQI PEAC;E O n'eLJa N I I IE t 6 A R ONTiAjR TTgl R I AiT A D'EiAjL-jEtar MApTlg CfflHjE R EsflqA T g 23DH ASFis3s p y ApjRWrTELAL-j PUM A, 5 JaMHRCE AS I P E E3iR I OA l g i era? hi ETicrQQs a1rE'n!t itih'eI Ieiyie I SOMEBODY CALLED V. VOU TODAY, . ( BUT I CANT " V. REMEMBER J BLOXDIE ACROSS Hebrides Cape of Good 8 River in Missouri 12 Exist 13 Sheaf 14 Group of three 15 Yugoslav island 16 One who states wrongly 18 Lover of the arts 211 Follow after 21 Auricle 22 Oversee 25 Australian pompano 26 Pasteboard 27 Depot (ab.) 30 Make enduring 32 Pauser 34 English novelist 35 Song bird 36 Pronoun 37 Fur filament 39 Epochs 40 Gold district of the Transvaal 41 Hail! 42 Spring month 45 Avidly 49 Recumbent 51 Hawaiian birds 52 Comfort 53 Ardor 54 Individual 55 Coloring substances 56 Assistant (ab.) 57 Sea (Fr.) DOWN 1 Church part 2 Goddess of discord 3 Nevadan, for instance 4 City in Louisiana 5 Leave out want my 1 5UPPERI 1 YOU YELL AT ME UKS S fflTAT ASAIN AND YOU'LL i TO S SETfiMS SOMEONE L El-SE TO FIX - i yT meals-' r WANT MY SUPPER REDEYE YOU'RE NOT BAD-LOOKING FELLOWS WITH THAT HAY OFF YOUR HEADS. , DIC K TRACY YOU'D CHLOROFORM AMtSSl WITH LONG LOCKS AND 1 GIVE HER A CUP -vfl i THE "DONOR'S NAME AND PERSONAL CARDS IN EACH BAG! AH.YESf LATER SHE COULD BE BLACKMAILED INTO BUYING HER OWN HAIR BACK , IN THE FORMOFAWIG. DROWN I REACH 1 I I CAN SO I CAN TIE YOU IN. J WHEN T 2 3 I U 5 16 17 I 8 9 jlO 111 12 !3 14 15 TtT 17' 18 19 l'"20'' FrH22'23j 24 25 I 1 26 fn 27 28 29 30 31 ""32 33 34 35 36 j37 38 TJ39 40 ,.J I 42" 43 44 I 145 46 47 48 49 50 """ 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 I 1 I I 23 7 jfi WELL IN THAT CASE-I'P I CAN'T GO RATHER HAVE VOU J POWN All THE I OUT OF THE j-r-WAy ALONE IN J mi'yr rsJ.HAT BUCK'xl POWN THERE? mi can'tTwhen the I STAY PEOPlE WHO HERE WITH BROUGHT THIS YOU? J RETURN-- S THERE WIGHT ThANK ) (Newspoptr 6 Silver coin of Colombia 7 Bitter vetch 8 Booth for business 9 Crafts 10 Stead 11 Ripped 17 Naval depot ship 19 Detester 23 Mistake 24 Shatter 25 Poker stake 26 Free from dirt 27 Repository 28 Anatomical tissue 29 Greek war god 31 German state 33 Sifter 38 Standards of perfection 40 Gets up 41 Emissary 42 Mimicked 43 Supplicate for 44 Flower 46 Indonesians of Mindanao 47 " Star State" 48 Belgian river 50 Pacific turmeric nlerprist Asm.) Is Not Hopeless less player invented the "queen over the jack" theory. The idea is that due to imperfect shuffles, signs of the zodiac or something, the queen is more likely to be back of the jack than in front of it. There is nothing to the theory but it has an advantage for the unlucky player. If he always plays the queen over the jack, he will be right half the time. If he tries to guess, his percentage of success may go down. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 23 Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 A Pass 1 A 3 Pass 3 V 3 A Pass 4 A Pass 4 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ 10834 VAin 53 A7 654 What do you do now? A Pass. If your partner doesn't move past game you don't want to. TODAY'S QUESTION You hold the same hand. West opens one club and your partner doubles. What do you do now after East passes? Answer Monday Hatlo's JACOBY ON BRIDGE H-Z5 "It's been a terrible been at HOROSCOPE n November 23, 196H By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Important people are intrigued by your opinions, aspirations. Be direct, confident. Member of opposite sex can prove valuable ally. Your personal magnetism works over time. TAURUS (April 2U-May 20): Good lunar aspect today coincides with ability to get across point of view. Some who opposed you can be won over. Gain family co-operation fine for travel planning. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): It may be difficult io be practical, but It is necessary. Applies to health, work, dealing with associates. Avoid forcing issues. You may not see complete picture wait. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Accent on public relations. Means strive today to clarify your intentions. Others co-operate if they know why. Your job is to win allies. Special attention is required by mate, partner. CARMICHAEL I THOUGHT HUNTInJG Thlte AREA I 'tt 101 ANCIIIt II They'll Do It Every t is of !. HM, W.,ld ri,hu r.-.d day! NOBODY has home! FOR TODAY LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Promise made to individual at a distance should be fulfilled. Means strive to piece together loose ends. Associate can help find what you seek. Leave task only when it is completed. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Let yourself go! Means be true to your own feelings. Shake off restrictions. The go signal is lit. Don't be confined by artificial strictures. New starts, contacts are favored. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Stick with experience. Cast your lot with older persons. You do have a choice. No day to take unnecessary chances. Be a hero another time. Today, trod the proven path you'll be glad vou did. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Forces could be diluted. Means people make demands from various directions. Be choosy. Don't scatter your efforts. Some may be offended, but progress today depends upon vour selectivity. SAGITTARIUS ')Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Stress on your ability to protect possessions. Key being practical. Don't fall for sob story. Get what's coming to you. Be aware of fine print. Someone is trying to pull wool over vour eves. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Greater freedom Is indicated. You can carry out heart's desire. Have courage convictions. Stress independence of thought, action. Live up to potential. Circumstances turn in vour favor. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Much that surrounds you today lacks substance. Differentiate between illusion and reality. Use imagination constructively. Don't brood about what might have been. Change for better is due. PISCES (Feb. 19-March29): Accent on friends, hopes and wishes. Success depends upon your ability to be practical. If you ask for too much, disappointment is Invited. The choice lodav is vour own. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are dynamic, often impatient, attractive to opposite sex. Recent social contacts can be utilized in manner to assure future security. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS. Special word to CANCER: nothing halfway; don't commit yourself unless you intend lo follow through. Time 9 that , YOU'RE POWINS SO T 1 I 1 HOWEVEK? TT ', U I ' HHAVEV ) 1 11 D UiH kit , SOMETHING FAST, HONEY... T YOU'RE GETTING TOO BIG FOR f WAY ) ll-2a I JO A 7 TALK J I TO A j VyOUNG 1A WORRY vBOUT 6TOP HER SHE HAIN'T HEERO -(sHE HAIS1VT HEERD OUR GENERATION GAR. h HASN'T SHE A NOTHIN' SINCE THEY ) PROMISE TO LI'LORPH IN SONNY.'.'-AH ISA H HEARD? HE'S J SLEW UP TH' BATTLE- ABBIE-SO SHE HAIN'T , YOUR THE FLINTSTONES TMQCTi'c, ALL EXriTFD ABOUT ( DOM'T NO 'ATCH IT. TRACY! STAY AWAY FROM THAT SKYLIGHT t ByNcg Cochran HE'S RAW COCMBAti t . -,. u. .1 THERE'S ) NEATCLYDE'S OUR A 6ENIUS.' LITTLE 1; y HIDE-OUT. 5 JV-k NEAT? 7' xj1 CONTEXTWEEK8 ) WELL, AT LEAST HE'S NOT I K HAMDIUfl IT TO THEM.' LET HIM ALOME'-IF YOU I J CALL HIM ON TMAI UNt 1 1 I . AVAL Ttl- Hk I m II VI. OF SOME OTHER WAY71 Ml T-1 u rd 1 i n-j i 1 LOADED WITH A TTTtwTf I GOLF BALLS J A 60.0OO HOUSE HE LOOKED I Bridge Quandary NORTH (D) A32 V AK64 AK A8765 23 rt'EST A A875 VQJ1085 43 AQ9 SOUTH EAST AQ964 V97 852 AK J104 AKJ10 V32 Q J 10976 A32 Both vulnerable lorth East South 1 A Pass 1 1 V Pass 2 3 Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass West Pass Opening lead V Q George Coffin lists today's hand under Cj tor Quandary. He points out that once in awhile you will be faced with a pure guess. He doesn't show the East and West hands as we do, but you get to three no-trump and the queen of hearts is opened. You win the heart lead in dummy, cash the ace and king of diamonds and lead a spade toward your king-jack-10. His comment is. "Don't ask me what to play. See a voodoo doctor!" We don't want to go that far. Somehow or other you can find some reason for almost any play and in this situation there is a slight percentage in favor of playing the 10 or the jack, rather than the king. If you choose the king play and it works, you will make 10 tricks. If you choose the jack or 10 play and it forces the ace. you will make 11 tricks. Thus, when you play low you are giving yourself a chance for an extra trick. One extra trick doesn't mean too much at the time but over the years extra tricks mount up. ' Then, there is another reason for playing low here. Some bad players hate to hold back an ace and there is a chance that if East did hold the ace he would have played it. On the other hand no one would go ut) with his queen if he did not have to. This hand also brings up an interesting point in play. Some years ago some name- lllllli iRD'NAND" YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED IN AUTHENTIC PHOTO- LOOK, Shoehorn had a seat on the one-yard LINE ANO-WOWf A CRUCIAL PLAY DEVELOPS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIV- XWIU7 4h- PV J $60,000-'.' WHATfe THE PROPERTY LIKE? INTO REALLY t t'i i. f netm i V Ed 60TTA (SET TO THE' 9 ANCHORA0E TIWE4 WHAT WON'T FOLLOW AT By THE BELLAIRE COUNTRY CLUB.' c ERRAND HIVU,THE RADIO WEATHER REPORT TOWN 14 I V Jl'l ilIo .m i WHILE IN ANOTHER CLIMATE ...V YEAH.1 NOW ..If V-V V THAT TH ELECTION W COLONEL.YOU Y7 IS CANYON IS 0VER,TWE NEW "J REFUEL AT )(60IN6HO PRESIDENT WILL PEOPLE DO TO -4J THEIR FAVORITE COMIC OFFICE BEFORE IT IMPORTANT WAS MARGINAL.. A I A f L A k Will STRIPS.' OUT OUR WAY SEE WHAT HE'S POIWS, MOTHER T I ASKED HIM WOT TOSFOILTHE OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople A40 BEFORE THE PLAY CAN BE RUN OFF"-WOT HOPPEN? YEAH, YEAH YAGUESSEPIT! THtHiiMtT ro E.M.B. PORTLANP, ORE. ...I SELL ENTERfrAINMENT, NOT GKLJBBy DOOJMENTATIONJ KIPS BY eiVIMS THEM MONEY EVERY ? 1 a ' Ifx ' n ...PEOPLE WANT THEIR V ' YEH? WELL, VOU CAN I HISTORY WITH A PEAK BUT THIS HAVE IT... ALL I WANT BEAT AND SOFT BACK.- I IS FOR I S THE GIRL Zf GROUND MUSIC.' r-A BEA0.IA-lv lwHAT'D)(lF YOU ASK ME, THE ) .HE yWORLD IN'T THE A BUBBLE: UIN'VCNT 4 ONLY THING THAT' ! MfcLMET WOULD OFFER TOTAlWSTEEUSPiNNING AROUND PKOTECTIOKl TO ATHLETE4 ' (I TOES IT4 FAT AYlS if getting W wAyvm) Jck M3U IGNORANT SAVAGE, I'M IN THE ADVERTISING BUSINESS.. COVERAGE OF HISTORIC EVENTS? TIME WE COME OVER, 50 NOW PLANTIUfl COWS IN THE EASY CHAIK FOR THEM TO FIND.' I I it mi.' ( T I j itjii ri' BUttf-i'ti.' ''I'l'' GRAM il urn tJl mm MM ALLEY OOP AY

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