Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 26, 1936 · Page 10
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 10

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 10
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PAGE TWO THE DE'MOC RAT - HE R A L D, iAL:B A N Y, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 261936 ALBANY -..IlyLi. like he probably thought it addressed to his wife insleaoVof himself, and just woke up to the tiiuth. . . an elaborate and extreme manner, I girls go hungry. The blond beside looked almost black. " her is her pal, Betty Turnbull. Harriet hud turned away and I They're two of a kind only Car-was talking to some girls who evi- j ol's' worse. If you're lucky, you dontly were old friends. The newt'! won't have to work with them comer came Into the room, nalted j very otten. If you do well, stay a lew steps from Toby and eyed ! out of Carol's way." iiei-, unsmilingly. Toby looked at the girl by the WrtO re you?" she asked ab- window. "I'll stay out of her way," .uptly;-- '" she said, "if she stays out of mine. "I'm Toby Ryan," Toby told i u she doesn't, she'd better watch out! v sat Toby wouldn't have echoed Harriet's statement that there was "nothing to" modeling in a fashion show.' She thought there was a good deal to it. But working in the studios had accustomed her to being stared at, and she had learned to forget herself and think of the costume she was displaying- She had some lovely things to wear bright colored sport things, mostly, because she was samll, and an evening dress that was a dream crisp, boulfant net shading from deep rose at' the hem to- misty pink over the shoulders- The charity fashion show was being held in the hotel ballroom. Small tables had been set up for tea and the models were to parade slowly ' among the tables, pausing when anyone showed interest to tell the name of the designer of the costume and the price. Toby had expected to be frightened when she first enlc-ied the room. She found she va:.n't. Carefully she watched the girl ahead of her. When the other girl was half way acreoss the room, Toby followed. The orchestra was playing a popular tune and she matched her step to the music. She was wearing a black taffeta suit with a sljort jacket, supposed to be the sub-deb's Eastc-r costume. There was a huge black and green checked bow under Toby's her. "1 m going to model in the i iiiow mis aiternoon." "Oh, are -youV" it was a question,' yet the tone implied no interest at all in an answer.' The dark-haired girl continued to stare at Toby a moment longer. Then she said, in a drawling voice, "Sems to me I've seen you somewhere.".' " - " ""1 I don't think it's very likely." 11 "No?" Again the studied scrutiny. Toby lelt her cheeks flushing" uncomfortably. : She ' would have moved away, but the other girl's voice went on. "Could it have been in Miami? Were you there in February?" ' '! "No," Toby sajd. "I wasn't in Miami." 1 '.' - "Then, perhaps, it was last fall at Aiken, Or op the boat crossing from Cherbourg?" ' ' - I ' :;. Toby shook her head- "I haven't been in any of those places." "Really? How quaint!" Suddenly the girl laughed.' "I have' it!" she said. "You look exactly like a maid 1 used to have. She wasn't a very good maid; I had to discharge her.' Something about stealing Some spoons " There was no opportunity for a reply; With a' shrug of her shoulders, the dark-haired ' girl was gone.- '."' 1 " Toby stood motionless, held by the stinging words. The gill had been deliberately insulting. It was in her manner and tone as well as In the words themselves. And there wasn't any excuse for it Harriet came up beside Toby. She said something, but the other did not seem to hear. Harriet repeated, "Come on, Toby. Miss Landers is ready for us." - She put a hand on the other girl's arm. Toby nodded, but instead of answering she asked, "Harriet, who is that girl over by the windows?" Harriet looked across the room. "You mean the one in the black and white dress?" she asked- Toby said "Yes." It was the girl she had been talking to. Harriet ' lowered her voice. That," she said, "is about as nice a dish of poison as you'd be able to find in a day s search. Carol Marsh is her name. One of the Park avenue darlings who think it's too, too thrilling to have a ca-reeah, my deah! So they use the family (Dull and' get jobs that other girls really need. And the other THE NEW "TIME MARCHES ON" ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL CARNIVAL FRIDAY, MARCH 27 7:30 p. m. ALBANY ARMORY Admission: Adults 25c; Students 15c MAN BITES BLOODHOUND! f) Il6 NCA Ssnic, In. row a benefit of some kind at the Kitzmartz hotel. I'm ' going - to model and 1 told Sally to put you down for ttye same assignment." "But, Harriet, 'Tvfl nevbr done anything like that. Why, J Wouldn't know the first thing about it!" "I knew you'd say that. That's why I called. But this kind of modeling is lots easier than standing before a camera , There's nothing to it and if there is anything that bothers you, you can ask me- 1 thought it would be fun working together." "It would be! And it's awfully nice of you to offer to help me, Harriet, but still I don't know-1" "Listen, don't you suppose all the other girls were beginners once? 1 want you to call the office first thing in the morning and see that Sally's got you on the list. There'll be about eight other models. I suppose. There usually are that many." ' "Well, if you're sure I can do it" "I wouldn't have said a thing about it if 1 wasn't sure. Of course you can. Listen,' why don't you stop here for me? It won't be out of your way and we can go on together. I'll tell you exactly What you're supposed to do " At 1 o'clock the next afternoon the two girls were walking down buzz of feminine voices, high- pitched and all, apparently, talking at the same time. Harriet nodded. "This's the place till right. It's usually like n mad of low f :rZ an a of , . the is see She her her an Watch for the PARADE through the downtown streets at noon, Friday , t -r BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN TOIIV HYAN, 111..- work Ix-hinil the welry counter of a lars" Manhattan do- uurtment lore. She pones for a photoaraiili be used in n store ailvertlncment and MARTY 1I1ATT, the lihotoiinuiher, telU her she has n "enmera fnce." 1 PIsehniKed from the store due to the Hchi-mln or jealous MAUUINK 1IAI.I,, Toby has difficulty flndinif nnnfher job. I'lun she meel IIABIK IIIAIT and he end her lo 1IKN ULAliK, niannaer of a model asmcy. Toby reuiHteea- -at the aKency, svcuri-a BeverHl moilelinir job. On a bun one afternoon she meets TIMOTHY JAMIKSON who nek her to Imvo dinner with him. Toby refuses. In tern), he dinn with nil.I. UK A NOT. nn pld friend. ' - , ' , - Arrlvlnir borne, Toby henrs n meHKllue lins como for her. NOW (10 ON WITH THE HTOHY CHAPTER XIV Toby read the penciled message-Thank you, Mrs. Moeller," she iid. "I suppose I'd better call right away" She went to the telephone and aled a number, aware that though the rooming house keeper had stepped out of sight, the door of her room remained open. Mrs. Moeller, ever curious about tele phone Calls,: was showing increas ing interest in Toby's. Privately. Mrs. Mueller admitted that a job like Toby's "posing to' have her picture tools" might be all l ight, usl the same I It was Harriet Holm's voice thai! chin and she wore a green hat, slanting provocatively over one eye. "This is an original Claudette model," she said to a woman'who looked up inquiringly. "The price is 185. The: hat Is from Charles-Raymond $49.50." ' ' She said it over and over until it was almost a chant. "This is an original Claudette model " "Woman glanced up from their tea and eyed the taffeta suit Critically- And some asked about sizes and it the suit could be had In different colors. Slowly Toby circled the room. Her own amazement at suits that sold for $185 "arid' the women who bought them had ended long ago. She reached the final' table, paused ' to' repeat the" 'familiar words and turned toward the door. A sound behind halted her. It must Have been' a sixth sense that warned her, for, even before she turned, Toby was sure whom she was to face. She loked up into Tim Jamieson's eyes. "Hello," he said, smiling. "Third time's charm, you know." (To Be Continued) Schilling Baking Powder made -: jrom Cream Tartar cioud thiiuis "qooder " menca . . . installed, $5 down o Company fa RANGE THAT WILL Entered at Albany, Orelron, poetofflce a cond-clas maiL Member Uolttd Freu and NEA Kewi Service. Eetablllbed 1868. r Editor and Publlihert " ' W I.. Jackson and ft. ft. Cronlse. KUIIHCKIPTION KATES' , DKLIVKKKB hi- CARRIER On year, lo advanr ........ i. Six mulitlia. In advance One -month. In advance 16.60 2.16 BY HAIL Linn, Benton, Marion Lane and Lincoln counties One ire&r, In advance Six month, in 'advance Three month, in advance One month. In advance Br Mall Elaewhere In U. 8. A. One rear, in advanoa 81 month, is advance On month, in advance Per eon, on train and nevmtand 3.00 . 2.26 . 1.26 . .60 16.00 . 1.75 . .06 Wn ordering ehanpe of addre lubBerO--era hould aWar ar've oid a well an are ... published Dally Except 8nndar 1 Tb Democrat-Herald Publishing Co.,- Inc. Independent Afternoon Newspaper addre. '':.' Id. C. Mozenaen Co., National Advertising- Representative. THOSE PLAYBOYS AGAIN If the American electorate ever das.hes out Into the street to tear down the 1935 version of the an cicrit rJaStille of the Bourbons, i good part of the blame Will have to be placed on those darlings' of the Sunday supplements, the Broadway playboys.' ' . These are, the lads who have been blessed by Providence, with vast sums of money, but who have been unaccountably cheated In the matter of a sense of ordinary de- cent behavior. The chronicling of their antics may provide Interest- uic fare for those people who move their lips when' they read, but It is also a standing" "invita tion to the disinherited to rise' up and raise cam. Prize exhibit these days, is gentleman (as any man who owns a million dollars or more is en titled to call himself) named Tom my IWanville. ':' ;. Manville 1,1 inherited heaven ftiiows Tibw' much moiiey from an industrious' forebear who made a serviceable and saleable variety of roofing. Having inherited the money, he seems bent on proving that large fortunes ought not, in the public Interest, to descend to , people who have done nothing to earn incm. : ; Out at New' Bochelle, N! Y., Manville' has a 40-room house and a wife who used to be In 'the Fol lies, and the combination seems too much for him. A veteran of the divorce courts, he recently of feree! Iho lady $!()0,(M0 to go to Reno and get what people go io Reno for.' ' ' , She went there, but lliey both changed their minds; so she came back and they had some sort of reconciliation. ' Ever since then Manville has been trying to get her out of his house. Policemen have been called to the scene. Crockery has been thrown, names have been called, and a meaningless domestic row has gone 'on and on until it Is impossible to read about it without feeling slightly seasick. Now the point of it all is that Ihis playboy' type of man the completely irresponsible spender with a huge fortune which he isn't fit to possess is the most disturbing kind of public nuisance America harbors today. Not only does this kind of perron give decent citizens a pain in the neck; he provides ammunition for every agitator in the land. Ho furnishes abundant data fur any demagog who wants the rich, as it class, taxed to the point of ex-inctlon, ... : A rich person owes something lo his country; at the very least. He civveS it the kind of behavior (hat will not make people discontented with the very Idea of riches. "" ' America today has "society people" who indorse plumbing and bedding' for pay; it has Vnnder-hills who throw mud al each other In a squabble over the custody of a little girl; and it has Man-yillos who chase chorus girl-wives about 40-room 'mansions and so.ub.wk for thq' police lo come and take a hand In llie game. AH in ali, the' picture" Is pretty disturbing. Dr. E. . T. . Uedlund, Portland postmaster, has revealed that he has 'just received' a letter from Salem more than seven months after it Was postmarked. Looks Here, vrrtt trlM ;Ke - MIW MIMTHQUTUM LIQUI0 for keusd raids ? , Like Menthol I tun oJmMf II Wtitffr aolnlnd rombe-f 1 CHAPPEiyi II j to fiMtckfty relieve 111 IJI .?y, . HI cooling Menthololum. v Coscadia Boy,, Is Meningitis Victim Mildred Ransdcll, local social worker, and Juanila Johnston, county health nurse, lost a relay race against death Monday night and early yesterday, when the 4 year-old son of Mrs. Bessie Mc Cormick of Cascadia died at the Doernbecker hospital at Portland from spinal meningitis, induced by an attack of the measles. Miss Ransdell brought the child here Monday and Miss Johnston took him hence to the hospital, ar riving at 11 p. m. An operation was performed immediately, but too late. The child died at 9 a. m Tuesday. SUIT INVOLVES MORTGAGE Eva Dcmpsey has filed suit in circuit court here against Mr. and Mrs. George Wilhelm and Theo dore Upmcyer seeking foreclosure of a mortgage given as security on a $1500 note, on which judg ment Is1 asked. The complaint ex plains that the plaintiff has come into possession of the note, made originally by M. C. Carroll. The defendants acquired their interest through sale of a portion, of the property covered by the mortgage. it was further explained, CENTRAL I'.-T. A WILL MEET Election of officers will take place at the Central Parent-Teach er association meeting in the Central .school Thursday at 7:30 p m., Mrs. L. G. Johnson, president. announced today. Mrs- Johnson asked that all members attend for the reason that other matters of importance are also scheduled for discussion. JUDGMENT GRANTED Circuit Judge L. G. Lewelling has granted a judgment for $5.00 In favor of Anlonia Leininger and against the Albany Holding com pany, authorizing foreclosure of mortgage given by the company as security. The mortgaged property consists of the Albany Country club golf course and improvements. I STORIES IN STAMPS By 1. S. Klein MoneyThatGrew OnAVine TUB new Negro Republic of unlit r,,rtnfii In 1804 nml llin con stitution ratified 1n 1807.,' Henry Chrlstopho became president, anil Ills tli it problem was how to rulso money. Jlo looked about li I ill for a solution, then ho saw It growing on a vine! It wns llio gourd, which grew profusely in llulll and which the natives used for utensils, bawls. spoons, nml oodles. ' riirlHluphe ordered tnc enure gourd crop of llulll conflsrnteil. Soon lie liiul more Until 200.000 til IiIk "treasury." lie put a value of 20 sous on each. 1 ' Then lie bought up the coffee crop with th gourds Hint were needed so badly by llio peasants, and resold iho coffee to European merchants for gold. Since then the gourd bus become llio alamlunl of Hull lull currency. It In used generally for domestic postage, us on the Klump shown here, while the centime -mid piastre Is Iho basis of foreltin postage. Aviosisast (Copyright, u;jfi, NhiA Ht-rvU't. intM DON'T STARVE TO END Eat What You Want, No Need to Exercise; No Purgatives LOSE FAT-GAIN PEP Thousands who have reduced the MarmolaAvgy might wrll tell you that diet, exercise and drastic cathartic that drain tho system are unnecesaary.SunlytJike4 Murimila tablets a day, containing a simple correct ivef ur atmomiul obesity prescribed by doctors the world ovsr. lluyipackaKnof Marmola. Start Rt once to get rid of burdensome fst. Marmola is put tin hy one of the iiest known niedirHl laboratories In i America. Since l'J07, men and women liav? purchncd more than SO million nt'knges.Stnrttodayl You wilt semi experienceMarmola's benefits. lion you have gone far enough, slop taking Mannnln, and you will Mess the day you first discovered this marvelous reducing agent. Marmolu Is on sale by all dealers, from coast to coast, price It " Oeinocrnt-Herald Want Ada, ' Brliui Kcsulta, 1 FM! 1 w (yj ' 'T TV ' I j came over the wire. "Hello, shoi corridor of the Hitmartz hotel, said, "Is lhat you, Toby?" Ahead from an open door came a "Yes. I just came in and got ! our message. I hope 1 m not both ering you. calling so late Not at all! Say, Toby, there's going to he a fashion show fonior- house for the first hour or so until everybody gets the clothes they're lo wear and finds "out when they're to appear and all that. But don't let it bother you " Toby didn't answer. They had reached the open doorway and for instant she stood there. The room, u large one, seemed to be in complete disorder. Furniture had been pushed out of the way. Racks from which bright-colored costumes hung, obscured one wall- On large table in the center of the room hats, gloves, furs, shoes and handbags lay in confusion. Tissue paper wrappings and cardboard boxes had fallen to the floor. Half a dozen girls all young, slender, attractive were grouped about the table or before the racks dresses. In the center, her voice rulsed in crisp authority, was'' a small,, dark woman in a tailored suit. '', ''' "That's Miss Landers," Harriet whispered' to Toby. "She's the stylist who's running the show." Miss Landers turned and took in two in the doorway. "Are you girls models?" she asked. "Yes," Harriet said, coming forward. "I'm Harriet Holm and this Toby Ryan." - The older woman consulted a memorandum and nodded: "Then everyone's here," she said. "I'll show you the things you're io wear in a few minutes. ' Let's " she turned and went on speaking to the girl beside her. ' A door into an adjoining room swung open and a girl appeared. was tall, and height accented slimness, as did the lines of black and white dress. She wasn't a pretty girl, exactly, though she certainly was unusual looking. There was a hint of petulance about the crimson lips and odd upward swing to the dark eyebrows. Her hair, arranged in and it asks no odds any car at an pric? fe chmnfr wfthoul neffeaY Sarefr pata G.N . A.L nw-. limirvinir". 324 Broadalbin St. ' Telephone 396 Albany, Oregon. sew M(er Si Coupe 'f 1" '-. J - - FRANKLY, .we do not know how to tell you about this range. ; No description, of ours could possibly convey a correct, idea of the exceptional beauty of design and finish, the symmetry of line, the masterly way in which this range is designed and built. The most careful workmanship and the finest of high grade materials assure a product of tha rerj best. W doubt if a more perfect electric raige from Uu stMadpoiitt of appuraic and quality, coupled with memj 1 W foaturw, -ma be purchased for less than $20. SAVE $50 AT THIS PRICE If all America realized Pontiac's goodness this car would lead the world in sales ... A7E SINCERELY believx that no other car at Pontic)s ptice is tTMIV YOimtlf WITH lOMIIHINO tllttt tvr A O 'Astounding as it may seem .so well qualified to keep you satisfied and save you money. Every Pontisc fsdure la tha finest money can buy. Pontiac is America's most iSnlnctive csr. Pontiac has a great record' foe dependability.' Moreover, you cant do better than a Pontiac for all around economy. In the annual 352-mile Yosemite Valley Economy Run, under American Automobile Association supervision, Pontine defeated all entrants in its class averaging 13.9 mites per gallon (no oil added). You con't ask for more, and you can't get more at Pontiac's low price. Prove it with a 10-minute ride. TOTAL PRICE ONLY $99.75 . . . Completely and very easy monthly terms if desfirid. OmClAL PRICE ClASS ICONOMY CHAMPION tIS fnr ! " rH 7.t0 of ffce '" ftuheef AlmntlmtU juup of avsuie eilfa. Oferetf on o O ) Mountain States Pawe& frtf pt rVot af Pon'lMf. Mich fW-'n IRWS GARAGE 3

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