The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 23, 1968 · Page 11
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 11

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1968
Page 11
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday. Nov. !3, 1968-11 Stuart Chamber Takes Rotonda Drainage Plan Local STAR Program n CLUB LOUNGE Hearing Set By Corps Job Picture LONDON (API -With seasonal standards taken into account, unemployment in Britain declined in November for the third straight month, the Department of Employment announced. The number of jobless as of Nov. 11 was 561.-049. or 11,766 more than last month but. considering normal seasonal deviations, it represented a net drop of 22.100. the department said. STUART - The Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program will be sponsored by the Stuart Chamber of Commerce this year, the chamber office announced Friday. A state-wide project of the Florida State Chamber of 1412 SOUTHERN BLVD. WEST PALM BEACH OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY TONIGHT'S SPECIAL ATTRACTION 4 SHOWS """ ED SLATOR ACE RECORDING STAR FEATURED WITH JERRY JOHNSON AND HIS SOUL EXPLOSION FROM 1 1 A.M. to 7 A.M. Our Rnuurmnt h Open 24 Hours, Serving The Finest In Food 1 PALM BEACH SHORES Commerce, the local STAR program is for Martin County High School seniors. The local STAR student will be chosen on the basis of scores on senior tests, and the student will then select the teacher which he feels contributed most to the student's success. After local recognition of the winner, the student and teacher will go to the district with the district winner moving on to the state level. Support of the program will be asked of the Stuart Retail Merchants Association meeting Monday at the Holiday Inn beginning at 12:30 p.m. Chamber director W. W. J. (Bill) Barrios will present the program to the merchants. IIWK VOl H 1 .SINGER ISLAND & STUART - A public hearing is slated for Dec. 16 at Holiday Inn here on the Roton-da's request for a permanent drainage permit to discharge water into the St. Lucie Canal. Col. John F. McElhen-ny said Friday. McElhenny, district engineer of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, announced that the 10 a.m. Dec. 16 meeting would be held on Rotonda 's request. The colonel was in Martin County Friday on a tour of the St. Lucie Inlet. Rotonda officials had requested a temporary drainage permit from the corps, but Fred Bell said Friday that the temporary request was withdrawn because there had been too long a delay in making the THANKSGIVING NIGHT CLUB ACROSS FROM HOLIDAY IM I West Palm Beach I r 1111 MMMaMMMMMBMMBMBBBBMMBBBJMJM- U a bt mm NOW APPEARING NIGHTLY BENNY UTIMORE BENNY UTIMORE DAY DIMMER . . . LOOK INC OLT HIGH ABOVE THE BLl E ATLANTIC. "PENTHOUSE DININC AT ITS FINEST FEAST OF THE PILGRIMS . . . SERVED FAMILY STVLE ROAST YOUNG TOM TURKEY 3.75 BAKED HAM WHAWAIIAN SAUCE 3.9S FILET MIGNON OR PRIME RIB 4.95 FRENCH ONION SOUP OR JUICE-FRUIT GELATIN OR TOSSED SALAD. CHESTNUT STUFFING - SNOWFIAKE POTATOES- CRANBERRIES-GREEN BEANS CANDIED SWFET POTATOES MASHED TURNIPS - OUR OWN FRESHLY BAKED APPLE OR PUMPKIN PIE - BEVERAGE SERVED 1-9 P.M. (CHILDRENS PORTIONS TOO) CALL FOR RESERVATIONS 844-0233 1,f. . "t U. FREDDY SCOTT r ' J MMrsHtwi Mitely J ai r " ' When Shopping Use I'-T Classified r Actors Workshop presents of the structure is needed. According to Bell, McElhenny said a public hearing is the policy of the corps. A public hearing on the temporary permit was held by McElhenny Sept. 20. which was attended by about 65 persons. The Martin County Commission voted Nov. 12 against issuing of a temporary drainage permit. In a statement to the corps, the commissioners said that if permission is granted to begin the Rotonda project, safeguards should be installed to insure against siltation. Theaters Today BOCA RATON "Lady in Cement," 2 00, 3 55, 5 55, 7:55,9:50. CAREFREE "Santa Claus," 2:25, "Deadfall," 4:35, 7:15,9:45. COLONY "Oldest Profession," 7:25, 9:30. FLORIDA "2001: A Space Odyssey," 2:00, 5:00, 8 30 LAKE "Gone With the Wind," 2:00. 1:00. LOEW'SCINEMA BOYNTON "Santa Claus," 2:00, 4:00, "Heart Is A Lonely Hunter," 7:00, 9:30. LOEW'SCINEMA 70 "Lady in Cement," 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 6:00. 10:00. PLAZA "Boston Strangler," 1:00, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30,9:40. PLAYBOY "Blonde on a Bum Trip," 2:00, 4 00, :O0, 1:00. 10 00, "Depraved," 3:00, 5:00, 7:00,9:00. RIVIERA "Barbarella,"2:40, 5:00,7:25,9:45. BEACH (DRIVE IN) "She Beast," 7:00, "Embalmer," 1 45, "Kill Baby Kill," 10:30, "Sound ol Horror," 12:00. BOULEVARD (DRIVE IN) "In the Heat ot the Night," 7:00, "Wild In the Street," 9:05, "Wild Racers," 10:50. DELRAY (DRIVE IN) "Miniskirt Mob," 7:00, 10.05, "Conqueror, Worm," 8:40. SKYDROME (DRIVE IN) "Ugly Ones," 7:00, 10:45, "Secret War of Harry Frigg, "9 00. TRAILIDRIVE IN) "Barbarella," 7:00, 10:40, "P. J.," 8 55. decision on issuing a temporary order by the corps. Bell, an engineer for the Rotonda Drainage District and a vice president of Palm Beach Investment Properties, Inc., which is developing the Martin County land, said all engineering plans for a permanent structure has been submitted to the corps. "We are ready to let contracts for about $5 million for drainage canals, water control structures and settling basins." Bell said. Bell said he had pointed out to McElhenny that according to state statute a public hearing by the Corps is not necessary for permanent connection, that only corps approval Danger Seen In Yule Toys NEW YORK IAP) - The means to cause blindness or other eye injury to children can ride in Santa Claus' bag of toys unless "doting relatives" have foresight. Dr. Gerald D. Dorman of New York, addressing the 60th anniversary meeting of the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness Thursday night, said: "Doting relatives continue giving tiny children toys of breakable plastic, and toys that have sharp edges, sharp points, exposed springs and exposed gears. MOVIE AUDIENCE GUIDE The following raj inn designation by the Motion Picture Assoiialion of America applies to dims released after Nov. I, littiH and is being run as a pulihc service by this newspaper to acquaint the viewing audience with this new system. Hating symbols appear in individual theater ads. G Suggested (or General audiences. M Suggested for Mature audiences (parental discretion is advised). H Restricted. Persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian. X Persona under 16 not admitted. Brian Frieis comedy success PHILADELPHIA, HERE I COME! directed by King Page Last time tonight at 8:30 P.M. tickets $2.00 members FREE 832-5194 f stf movie nwi clock for feature nun ) SOU I Ml IN IttfO 3 BIG COLOli III lb WHT OFAMPOIf . "WILD l THE STREETS" 2. "WILD RACERS" 3- "I THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" T RlVltftA , 4 Horror Th rilters Swop Shop Sur? jusror'us no i Meet me at MY APARTMENT COCKTAIL LOUNGE The most relaxing atmosphere jor particular people. Featuring Betty Rowland Nightly Bobby Price and His Society Combo Friday and Saturday Nights Cocktail Hours 4 To 7 P.M. Open 1 P.M. To 5 A.M. Ph. 833-9219 "She Beast" II "Kill Baby Kill" "Embalmer""Sound of Horror" 2 BIG COLOR HITS On u i NO I DfUM BEACH DIANE McBAIN viNt i:n r pkhi: "CONQUEROR WORM" "Mini Skirt Mob" IN CENTER Of LAKE WOKIN QOQw I ON US NO I UK! WOBIM Features only 4:50, 7:20 2 BIG HITS Richard Wyler Thomas Milan 9:50 1 "The I gly Ones" PAUL NEWMAN SYLVIA KOSCINA "The Secret War of Harry Frigg" rTOfkln'liiiifiHffn AIR CONDITIONED TODAY AND SUKOIT 967-2500 GEORGE PEPPARD ADULT ENTERTAINMENT JANE FONDA JANE FONDA Hu s i sunshine scj ni nu MATINEES ONLY 11 ii TJ T 9 BARBARELLA" 1. J. Corner Lako Worth & Davit Roadt - lake Worth jk am f MICHAEL CAJNE k I I GIOVANNA RALLI M EI MAN f : i1nNEnENEMt mm Buriln upon ant BIO SCREEN ("iikTVjl a prtM winning blua ribbon trMt for old tad young llhnt Tl I Hr'i M8MMhing let lha mhoU tmmtlj Np' I ThtMantamwt BRYAN FORBES' "DEADFALL" WED. CUNT EASTWOOD "COOGAN S BLUFF" OPEN 11:30 Shows 12:00-2:00 tm "IGiWr mm THC IRUI tTonv Of THI ULP. CONFMHD BOSTON STRANQLIR. 21 I DM ML Tony Curtis f iil Henry Fonda L!U (jeorge renneuy Psnavwon- a by olu THE BOSTON STRANGLER DIMRTMINT STORIS A BRILLIANT ACHIEVEMENT! i mm i 5V ? .y mm i . jt j i , x.i "A FANTASTIC VISUAL EXPERIENCE, AN ADVENTURE IN IDEAS" - MARY ANN Hill POST TIMES 4JV EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT SHOWS DAILY 2IIO-BOOH::TO :'jMlri 4"' I DA3CIII.V "" , W.W(rikmtM These gifts are alive They're Columbia's specially priced two-record gift sets. What really makes them perfect gifts is that they feature great Columbia recording stars in special collections of some of their greatest performances. And they can be relived over and over again. That's what the living gift of music is all about. And, after all, what's Christmas without music? -we . 0- NO .' ADMISSION - MATS. MOM fill 1171 lit SUM. 51.11 VI. HOH -IHUl 11.51 VI III ll IIM. tl.I QUELWELCyr CHILMCN AND STUDENTS MAT. SI 00 EVE. SI 35 III mn srnrn silinil(ir ..Ilic inosl iiiiiiiilirciil nVliin'ni'r' .molBlOH- ti , jTpmm . DAVID 0SHNIi:KS GP 2 GP 3 "'; 7?'' CMuia 2-ftCMd Gift Sat Johnny Mathis TWo All-Time Great Albums Ray ConAiff Two AH-Tim Great Albumi SANTA'S COMING m una ureal Package In Qna Great H aetata TO OUR THEATRE! STARTS TOMORROW wuiutorarra ! JOHNNY MATHIS) FW Ul Ull IM (ill A XJHHK1 MATHIS ff Faith Jt inn ACRES OF ILVMMAM) .SHOWS J 0(1 x. i nn n u including: PHONtji 582- H LL1I H r Tenderly My Funny Valentine EmbracearjleHbul US! TIMES 1001 loytotheWmMMtCanwUpontheMidnithtClaaij nnenfraiiinLow nibebceirtgTou Whit HI Do I A MAGNIFICENT FULL-LENGTH MOVIE ESPECIALLY FOR THE KIDS... FROM 2 TO 92! i ry to rtememoer nem rtoiy nigm Mora The Shadow ol Your Smite ; Moon River HUH! IN A UlMLl , r"s. U S I AT I AK t- WON t t unite were rating I milad Iherelt rou I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face BOX OFHCI OPEN 'DOM 1:00 P M. ADMISSION ALL DAY SI. SO CHILDREN All DAY 7' Hello. Dolly' VlfltSlir" HI Mil" Johnny's at his best with a ballad, and here are two albums of the finest ballads around. Jau Sltoamcf That warm, wonderful Conniff sound in two great albums: favorite Christmas carols and big hits. ttSSi!inF maoof THE CflNDV mm KGP-5 each GP set $1 79 TJTfit f iU 11.11 Percy Faith's music is timeless and this set is sensational. A handpickec '-- collection of favorites. KGP 5 GP 4 Mum 2-fWcord Wt M-Tbiw Hit tonal rMATINEE 0 RlH 0HLY! '4 S$ 120-20 P.M. open 11 0 i-" eastman . 33mWcolrscpe SEATS ttOnGMMdugr The Andy Williams Sound of Music including PeopM Autumn Letv m,mmmmmm COLOR liiw t - ra If Ew I Would LtnvVou On the Strwt WlweVouLiv try to Remcmotr IWaltvouLov MCMjOVrtf Lm Owi Th tt l-M -j Cyvt rt WHt Or By fcvtx-y Urtlc 8it Hurli Rurwim Out Of hjott I Can t Ws.t Until I St My Sfty i Face A Little Bit Of Soul Woe ttinf bird PLUS IT S HOT WHO rou con ITS OW YOU DO I The Empress of Soul in songs like "Walk On By' "Runnin Out of Fools," "Take It Like You Give It." This special two-record set contains a collection of the most beautiful songs Andy's ever sung. The Secret War of ,4 Pal1, i Coast Plaza JJ) TfCMNirotnw rm...-i.n. i wB!iTtaiS!CTfTOtf,

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