Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 26, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HE ffLD, ALBANY, OREGON PAfJF SFVFN I -Candid Studies Modern Inventor Vimroiivcr. Wash., cousins of Mrs. presented in town later is not company has petitioned the coun-j. J. Schol, were visitors at tlie known Bt this time. ty court for permission to extend Scholz place Sunday. Their two Mr. and Mrs .Krcd Kurk re- its power service from a point near dauRhtois. Jean and Cieraldine, ac- turned -Monday from Seattle, the Thompson flour mill east of compnnied them. In the afternoon ' where Roy had been on a visit. Shedd in a southeasterly direction all of them, including Mr. and Mis. Mr. Kurk went that night to one-and one half miles to the Po- BEHIND THE SCENES Jig W&3SSSGTN Senator Guffey Answer to l'rxn-iinis rnzlo 15 Korm of , Scholz, visited in hiictne. Reedsport, where lie has work. land farm. Bv.KODNf rJUTCHR- 1nh o'e.JkIn:i gIhIt Isl ,s ,nnrm Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wadsworth : Rev. I. G. Shaw addressed the went to Jefferson Friday for a visit Townsend group at their regular P IJY KOOXEY m'TCIIKR seems liiiloulit that It will nasi iircasm. THERE IS NO Sfr iff smnr -iirrrhMMidriit ' if iirnucht to a -vote. The onl ; with Mi s. wadworth s mother, meeting Monday night. Rev. Starr 20 His political ! Mother. Mrs. Jones. has resigned as secretary of the ASIII.N'CTOX. -The 3n h nu r- qiiettimi is whether the liarkflri? he week Mil. labor's inri. is re- 'tarloil acaipstt .it will hot pm-ilcd n ileail for this session (if enouch to prevent vote. . A solicitation of the town was local club and no one has yet beet ; I made Monday and Tuesday for a appointed to take his place. ! I small fund for the Red Cross for j Lawrence Whities plans to get , the eastern flood sufferers. The his new barn started the latter! I town's quota was put at $15.00. j part of this week. It will replace I J. C. Wooley went to Eugene on lost some months ago by fire. ; Friday to attend the pension meet- The new building will be 30 by 1 i inn. Much interest is taken here 36 feet, with a large hav loft. I I LI I PyL I VI ID BUI3 jnl L R i ElDllRToTTtlS! ElDD; E JN QisHc o oHlHn'a PBTjO EI&lRTf gIQII im,E ATsStto- IVANHOE ipKni fti sloiD IU W UnTeTn t SUBSTITUTE FOR NATURAL "BULK Needed to Correct Constipation HOKIOXT.L 1. 7 An Inventor of wireless telegraphy. U Wren. 14 Back. 16 Hoof edges. 17 He Is an hy birth. 0:9 .Muscular power. 20 Senior. 21 To !.!. Ill' Viser. IM l'l-oaout 25 Cirxil. 7 l.ulitj -so. :i! h y -i to MMiUttV :l r(if4rii;in. t '(a--i i Vir. ((Uipi-ess. . Hut another hill is iiemlinE pVKRYRODY in Washington lias which is reitarrteil as "just as conrt ''een amazed at the way HRita-as fur as it nm-s," and this one Hon acainst the supreme court has a Bond chaiire of passlnt:. it is rjuieted down directly after the par-ihe Walsh Qll, which jnnvides tial victory of TV A. It is now re-N'HA-like reKulalinn of hours and ' larded as certain that none of the wimes lor all plains which hope tn ' 40-odd proposals now pending to fell any nia'erial to the smcrn-, restrict the power of the court will ment. " ' .pass at this session. It tiriiviili's ilittl llin Tn fact, the tide has receded so in the state pension setup, as there Miss Savage, Linn County Red! are a number of old people eligi- Cross executive, was here Tuesday! ble. on business relative to the Red Rev. Erven Harris has resigned ; Cross drive for funds for the f lootQ as Christian minister at this place, i sufferers. He will devote his time to ins in-' title. 22 Male ancestor. 23 Seraglio. 24 To stop 26 Head crowns. 27 To employ. 29 KnllnislHsni. .10 Elocutionist. :i2Vor !. 25 Hustle. :!C li-eositio. 2S Dormaxt. 40 Fire skt'M. XI Smll menorinl. 43 Mohamiieiiit nyxtxh. 44 A matcli. 40 Henr constl- lntlox. 47 mm. . 4S Memhnuiow Ihir. 19 Myself. 50 3.1416. M lniiv liny iiQeriul only from linns far that it Is not likely cltler GETS COYOTE BOUNTY I Joe Potter, Shedd, yesterday col- i lttrf $3 from County Clerk Rut" L1 111 imvmimt nf tlin hnimtv nn ' t2 Kiible root. M Khytlin. 4 iTlVillll. 7 Som patli (i. 4 Cixix. i .Xnix iwr.yr. f AHtly. 1 1 1 ;i i aoiuc ny me coinuiions pet. . i"'.- -m owi'i" a cie(i (ici-imiwihhi Tli.! sfronc feature of the Walsh !l policy on the court in the eon-hill Is llmi nobody ilouhls Unit It's venlions this summer. su"fnnee business for a while, then take up the compittiMi it hw lan-cntion rttxrn Vi !! KVnifctrT. Mis plxct h 1m xm hxm am( to dxte. The hieA sctnmi kmnut W i l.w (lt of a male coyote. 2 Mohammedan noble. 3 To soak flax. 4 Natural superiority. 5 Part of eye, tl Chairs. 7 Mister. $ Restrained. 3 Walking sticks 1 Above. 11 Heoent. 12 Exists. icoiislltiitional. The federal rov- eminent has the riKht to liny from ! PEX Tl!fitri'.I is vitilT in tUM'tm EX.TEM) LINK bs iv MfvH IT ti C-y.-.-V I GrauMe lixll. Wl'.i-t'V.i H will Intl M !.. xm.w. il lie is a ilountaiTT States Power trained . 7 bjf, 1 I'poh. 1 Myself. Mlgliiiiffil'I whom it likes anil under such con-11 Hie niWdle. Tfct wil l-t-dltliiiis as il likes, a 4.y,tk'iient exd of his joh Is really (liiesiions lhAt riKhl. , mtilm 'QiiwIMxw m In repaid Tluit's why a report that vo-( to kImmp nnrf t nsiiiR. 0 lias heen passed around that t i go ,t kwxs? .'R'ell. Tiiiswell Walsh hill should lie law hy A)m-H I vinVMntty iwwirM (i one side by 1 spread considerable ronsivriiatfc ' m-t sMiridrs who see him in cerlain hiisiness circl-.". q ; ivriii o fk H-l-an-aiid-0(!(l-joh A hack lire was immediately , o4 "f little rottace.i at Marled. The number ii.wtrW1 i -n- .,-'. im InniMlmo pay-iiihI iirodiicim; linns tkt sll ?om- I H-ic-xtc Yhe m.l .state subdivision Most people recognize the aeri-ousiiQsa of constipation, git too often they dose themselves with strong cathartics tjat often actually lead to chronic constipation. Tke natural way to check common constipatim is to correct the condition which cnuses it usually, insUkCkext "htlk" in meals. 5Iw saw y- gst "tiuSc"? Frxits ant) vircnls'V's tow some. Kfnn ks vauvo. Tba xat6 p.X'xlof pi-eeit ot ikm Mnd ia Kelfegg's Arv-Ean. Tlw V.Jfe" in Aul-Koan is gtntlo in mi'vm. All-I!iai also supplies vit-aowin 6 u-ni w&a. T1ifl dclictom e'Q.l is a whsle-ttimo i)l. .wi-v-i A&b-IRsUI r-ftgx-kiflr fur Kg-uiWiit-s-, w-k'k Kt m nooixt w ss xx ftwiV wiM tssuu'1 ntvml emt-iipo tjm . trx iw&.!R&iG$.& "lkM0)A.,lH rT-ra U V '" Is W 'I' I tfcH-T-H i tradi- tvamrtivs their own HiiiiK to Hie KOverHintK. --jjv"ii-ly-these days. wohM .' r. LV J a n , .ii. rw,.,i. ,ti -w. . . 1 1 .i, ii v twvual h.ifrw threatened. x on Hie other hand, extreme rxdk-xk aw vMt.My sore at Tiik-H1 tv t-a.5 i-K-t f enterprise. hcKHr- tky claim li is just "sell-im: iW rirer" in-to home "Ifl-frtiMC jcMuwaL imtijn-' 1 Ki Juicy that If est;W'is-!e ftrnw ncf'H-icM t iweel. tike couditioy (-if' "IT1 . "75 i P bh i -i & ', k-i I ' r , I i , ! t J R -Ml 1 - . O li" ST' ' 5 ItT o ' ' ' ' 'T HFr 1 ! t , o 1 I d I liM I t I J I I ' i j ! i, n in i I L.b.J , i j r ' i " u- u -j- 1 1 ' i a a ' t.:, waes and horns set. and Inst Ik- uxvMp ! iin!eiice a lot e.iil-Kirfs..i-lK-. Hiii-iikl-fwv.K-wi if .fnotlowe and Pi'lln E firwi! Mt ur -m tht hmi U - . -wmM luotw od fod- ftl'M Ihe H0Tei HKll! KoJ. fm. . rmtotiriaH" radio! The avcuMt.iMM p awnwj. -V ', Ji (Vie bustiMss A M.kiMT tm! t-i. 1. i . i 3: AtL-BRAK gvves you gentle internal exerciBO. Sold by all crsG-cps. Wadie hy Ki!-l!l-B.p.g iia Eiad-Wio Cpceib. T r Svr t I 151 ' i in- mil (lues v iiu .lie own miHm lsive w.te'.r, a,e Uimte- bnvers themselves. X fc.u.w Va.ftimral t wUo nrc feert m, acre tracts in eMdr n4 IVw kco .liiMe wliich they are J- I, hnrness. sradniilly xe,tin lo own at f 12 to -' r-rr ypi tm A, r. u iv. M tMckliMr we jtjt) x month.- Wa MR sti-MWly, aw) ; lhw l ici-riht, i3. XEA Service. Inc.) 4 Giuscl- and Mrs. Glascr. , John Montgomery of Corvxllis1 LATE. COMPLETE KW SOS' NEARBY .2nd anal Miaux 3itu -Phone -73 Protect Your Children' Health With Quality Produeto . . and (5ivo tlimai Same thing Delicious Too! spent Friday evening at the home t Free Delivery i . o Ojoen Every Day and Evenings Features for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, March 27, 28, 29, 30 IN.?! ST OMi of Mr. and Mrs. Holluigswortli- Mr. and Mrs. E. C. MeClxin were among those attending the 50th wedoing anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Larkin Trulove who celebrated with a basket dinner at the Tallman community hall where 106 were present. spacer & cans HQS In (loop study t It enndid chhi-era oatit:hl Snaloi Joseph Y. (JufToy0 ( Dcin., Ta.l, in th. tli ri-r poses, ns lo fucf(i on of -tho hipsost. lights of In lox polilial life on.-, tho ChBcv coal control art. latest )-w llo iPasiire IjiouhIii 'ni-Torf thn U, SSitproinp t'owit. rfri Jlf niocraT rlortod sciialrtt tho Koystono Stato in yars .most boyond mr-jnory, (lunv lias boon ono of the most, active of Jloosovelt's snpporr-r.v Hrrisbure , Harrisburg. The Three-Link Rebckahs held their social meeting lti:er-j!iKS. Eliza Long, who has bonn xt the home of her son, y lj.m wf Cresham, return-Mi. to tk knrae of her daughter, 3r. Lwtx WcClain, for an ox-Wiwted sty. P.i::- Alice S wander and daugh-tei Lena and Lola, accompanied 5r. and Wis. Gerald Workinger StkwtAd Vo Salem yonday on a t-owibineel Ixisincss and pleasure trip. Mrx. Workinger is a daush- RINSO laiRe pkR. SHAW'S ' COFFEE- lb. in gam E9c COCKATOO STOI'S RAC Sydney, N. S. .W. A cuekxto topped a horse race at a spi"t meeting at Willenbrinn. Victm-ix. After, the hor.-cts" haer trJtveM t''- nf Mrs. Swsind-er. I Mrs. Arthur Wilson and dauRh- o V. Fa vcice Grocer's! MnK.r housewives have already found the simple way to. always get what they ww lit in bakery products is U) come in the De Moss bakery. -You'll, find it's true, .'ifoo, nfter you have paid us fw fiisits.oWe feature a .otMpUtc, fresh stock at till m MQS& Tuesday night. Mr Grace and Mrs. Leota Bruck were chosen delegates to the grand lodge, and Mrs. Eda George and Mrs. Hazel Cartwright alternate delegates. ; Mrs. W. R. Silverwood and Mrs.' Alice Murdock are here from Me-MiKnville-for a tew days. Later Mrs. Murdock will return with Mrs. Silverwood, her sUi-wshtt-r, for two or three vfeeks. i The Theta Rho (irb wmt to Junction City Friday nisht xwd in- 9c SPECIAL - Cn-rm Beef Hash, No. 1 tall can Chile Beans, No. 2 can Sa.urkraul, large 2J size can Lindy Pens, No. 3'03 can Lindy Corn, No. 303 can Hoinimy, large 2 size can Peas aitnd Carrots, No. 2 can Vast CaFiii.p's Pork & Bea-n-sf 22 oz. can S-lreed Beets. No. 2 can. Wr Marjwfcr, her sistor, Mrs. Earl T EA . hort distance, they pulled lO.TwI 'Kwwa o Lebanon, werbufii-iders said they heard a jb vixitorx in Salem Saturday. Ahistling and thought if wti ; , CttM Hrihmi ami Miss Lola talso start. The whistling ; Wxmiwi' xtlMirtrd the program at torn a cockatoo. : rUw-Oxkrill wMMUity hall Fri- Oitiated two candidate's. There- were, nay night. G10S STAR CI Rtnley's por pkg. ni,AS MEANDERS IN 'BOfW Mtri:. Jwwit -ttrnm writes her nttsfirld. Mass. Some 23 years Auiihlwr, Mix. Ji?ss Peterson, from a-.;o Kverett Blanchard stepfwd Orsmamex, lx., that her son, Clar-with his left foot on a shattered mcv-semith, brother. of Mrs. Pet- J Uk ..... ..18 China GreeM Gu-npowilif-r J lb. . ,25c Gongou Er.-gli-s-h Breakfast glass bottle. A few days ago he ' rx, Sukcn from a hospital IS of the Theta Kh w4 tkiree Rebckahs attending. The latter were Mrs. Grace Kizer, Mrs. Gladys Applcgate and Mrs. Sadie Gansle. Hop grubbing is Roing on at some of the hop ranches but of a rather limited amount. Because nf reduction in hop prices there will : be little work of this character this , season. , , I Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Forrest of. ur timr wo aid is rapidly re-cowviR'X lrco x major operation. SniiW plUM to return to Oregon .-HXjtl. CHOICE 'w iV CAN SU V'. 1st. St. Phono 137 a pain in nis rigni 1001 imiu ti-aeted a glass sliver. He helirvx it was part of the. same Um h stepped on in 1912. .o eo D.-H. Want Ads Brin Rwi 6g Ilk 1 7r I Mr. ii.wi Mn. Jim Bragg, Mr. ii Mrs. Curtis Lyle and son, all M.w,fML') .i -ti' h.,..',Q. of th cladies' par- L'nis, xnr. x wis. rrea Hanna- loral. LACKEY'S GROCE. J'rierj c! Grge Mackie will I be pleawd to k'xrn that he-is con mm u ui FHONET 789 4 Fraw IMihvries DuMy 9:30 a. xx., 11 a. m.. 1:8 ., Frwh Ff-uiS, Vegetablies Fresh "Meat Fr F rw.uV Bis, VeaHtak'Ws xx NOW PLAYING ENDS SATURDAY vaW-Mitf M tK Albany general hu?$niiil from a serious operation. Wis. 'Vxriwm Cate was hostess to tlx- Xj.iM.-vr K-irthdjy club Wed-nesoky aftM'nnnn. Mrs. Earl Wc-Kinney, x fwrnxw member, and Mrs. Ora Ht-eaw were sues-l. Program talkie ifii MroVi-nt iji the spring. Mf Witljner DsHJWoci wa weissyMl a now rnnmber. x-i ix-s were awarded lo 5a!rs. Dou-Khtcxt xl Mrs. G?!iser in a fVew- .19c is RIOT OF Featwros for Friday, S.tu.rday, Saanday and Mayday,0 M'a.ia 37, B, g8 3.8, 1936 FOUR FREE DEUVERIES DAILY- WITH OUR OWR DELIVERY SYSTEM! Delivery Times: 9:30 a.m., ,11 a.x., 2:3'8 p..!.w.., 4 p.m. 2 Larspn's Veg-AuM, M. 1 ta.ll a.e ftatte, Ulan. Fresh Calif. br mtnify L.WKW, 2 diq Good Quality o YTHUSK lj.pi-ach, large sum cj TT1.4U& tf'M snx yew tffli;.vO'y 9fe iH)erx e-feiRitmif. 'The next hovtu-as will Arizona bk iirs. &!-i-!-y K.-j.rkkrt. FiiwHippl-e Juice, Ka. 2 cjxi GiBf ruft Jwixo, Km. 2 cm Sl'W&d Grapofrixit, N. 2 x Peaches, Urge 2 size can O ncnmfiiHiMl I;t Hirm n! D'rxk rf Grww; Wubaiwan, enjoywil x emu Fresh LNw P4, 2 lfcigt 15' New Potato, 3 lb . . . 1S 3 tisiVirts . KfW;.wrt Sunday. S4 HfiMlti'iK.'i ? torrirly fc lha Tc!".-?ie.i:v' cemmunity, i vwking i,ii tlw l'id llvnnxford farm. JAr. .- Jrs. John Kocpbe anal sox K Jwfferson, Mr. and Mrs. Boy W'ViMekttixi and daughttr of S-ailw-m v-Kitod lust Sunday at the StKO!i'fcy- Qivjx.ue home. Sir. and Mrs- J. S. Groves, Miss D'11. Coci, Itfr. and Mg. Loren H rjifc-rscti of Lebanon wf re din- niur tiia-; Kunrltiv at tho hdmd (ff p KoJlI'ffiigs's) DiwM'Iiii ype 'mall i D'OG FOO'D Mr. tad Irs. P. I. Troutman olC Solid Pack Tomatoes, No. 1 tall cans Knight's Tomato ; Juice, No. 1 tall cans Standby Gten Beans, No? 2 can ii-ti- .Ui-vak' vicinity, honorini? cans CaUNs .Viv. fxiAitnifg's sister, MinnieJ wwin. ho is luavine to rojkeTi SUNDAY A BIG DOUBLE BILL Cans iier home in Seattle. if Mrs. Ora baeese of Prinevllle is impending a few dayO: the home juX.''"" nx i 0 iawnsx0 ff rum aocaiui CRACKERS 2 lb. box sodas 2 lb. box grahams Your Choice PINK SALMON No. 1 tall can Crushd r tmri 3 4 ,s. . . . 23c flt tins F-, Jim Dady COFFEE lb. 15c PLUS Red Mexica BEANS Tin. tb. dSoC yl her sister, Mrs. Gladys Burk hart. : Mr. and Mrs. Dan Campbell and. sons' v.we accompar.fjl by Mr. and Mrs- Clarence Bnrum to Dal-: las Sunday to visitor. Camp-j bell's parents, Mr. anu Mrs. Scult Campbell. I Mr. and Mrs. Dan Roth and sons ' were dinner guests Sunday ut the Nan -Nofiiiger home in the Tall- man community. Mr. and Mrs. John Glast-r of Tangent were recent dinner guests -:it (ho home of his father. K. L. j Now You Can Wear,iFaIxe j Teeth With Real Comfort Ktrlh. n-)int iMioder kri-IM trrth firnQJit. Kdorl.O No Kammr. , Kivw-r. or tiuv- To tat and lauirh i in r.rfnfor1 ftjirtnkl a little . f'aBlrth on your plal(. CT l( t'lay from your drug. ' o $i.59 1: . .-. train! tt O lbs. lt)C Durkee's SALAD 6ID heat, 49tb sa) "?lPck PEPPER GG3 (4 SARDINES large oval tins 2 Cor a 5c r.p APFFRniT y (JOCh FruiOCid Vegetable LETTUCE o 1 pint jar . . . ,rf. 14c Pint jars ." .22c Quart jars 37c rlNACV?i 0) CARR013 5c f ice and Firm. C 2 Hed . 9 C . SunkH;' inn size 56-R 19c Two P.upches 9c 2 ,ox 15c

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