The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 23, 1968 · Page 9
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 9

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1968
Page 9
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 13, IKS S Bazaar's Where The Action Is ) TP V f ; -r;V 1 i phant appeared but the variety of items was vast: from shiny toasters to a slightly soiled baseball mitt, from plants to plastic football shoulder pads, from beach hats to books. Meanwhile, back in the boutique, which is festively filled with handmade decorations, doll's clothing, jewelry, toys, handy dandy, knic knacks, and more, more, more. Santa Clauses grin from red match book covers. A Christmas colored felt soldier impassively guards bright perky birds perfect for tree ornaments. Feather flowers flounce beside gilded roses and Christmas aprons hang beside wreaths. To satiate a sweet tooth the garden club members plotted and came up with enough cakes, cookies, and candy to delight any pastry lover. Yes. Heloise. there is another use for nvlon net! Make a pink daddy-long-legs poodle like the ladies of the West Palm Beach Garden Club are selling at their Christmas Bazaar. The peppy poodle with fluffy pompoms and a regal purple bow impudently sticks his tongue out. but no one could take offense. The sale ends this afternoon. Opening day of the bazaar held in the garden center in Dreher Park was similar to a . stupendous sale at Macy's a mob scene and the favorite sport of the buyers and browsers seemed to be chatting in the aisles. Over the continual conversational buzz exclamations popped like popcorn. "Ooooh. are those pretty!", "Aren't these cute.". "Oh. I always go to the White Elephant Sale first." Nothing as large as an ele A ' 'lit. u Vk" n, i PICK A PRETTY - Red birds perch on silver Shirley came from Palm Beach Gardens to selection. LUNCH BREAK Mrs. Robert L. Earnest and her niece, Leanora Pruitt, take time for lunch at Hussey's Hash House, a popular addition to the bazaar. The sale ends today in the Garden Center in DreherPark. Joys And Jolts Of Retirement Professional Counselors Aid Retraining Retired Serene Highnesses Lend Spark To Imperial Ball The Smart Set ing which he regaled them with anecdotes wouldn't you know from his forthcoming autobiography, "Around The World in Eighty Years." A well known sportsman, raconteur, and longtime personal friend of George VII, the Duke of Windsor, Lawrence of Arabia, etc., Harvey's book should be a collector's item for eastern seaboard and perhaps even international society. (They are always looking for something to collect) . ByTHEODORSCHUCHAT Retirement Editor WASHINGTON (NANA) "I have been waiting for you to discuss re-trainlng for the elderly who want a change in occupation and who are not ready for retirement yet," a New Jersey reader wrote recently. "Where, for instance, could a person aged 58 in real good physical health, with a good education beyond the master's degree, and who wants to leave teaching for some other type of work, go for counseling and re-training?" My advice to this reader In to seek professional vocational counseling from an executive recruiting firm in his particular area. Though he wants to leave the classroom, many other older people are trying to get teaching jobs as a "second career." In Miami, for example, a Judge, retired after 16 years on the bench, felt he would like to do something to prevent poverty's ills rather than fac Dennis Discovers He's No Longer 21 Children's Letters To God View From The Kitchen By SHEILA TRYK Staff Writer I guess I shouldn't say this. Or even think it. But sometimes, just now and then, I get this funny feeling about Thanksgiving. I get this crazy idea that we're not really thankful at all. That we're just performing a ritual. Our annual Knock-on-Wood party. Back when the Pilgrims had their first thanksgiving, now that was a real celebration. There had been hard times a strange, hostile land, hunger, sickness, death. Somehow, at last, they fought through. There was an adequate harvest. There was some game. The natives were helpful rather than bloodthirsty. All in all, it looked as if they might hope to live through another winter. You can just bet those cats were thankful, and they knew what they were talking about. The idea of an annual thanks-giving probably seemed a good notion to those who thought of it. Sort of a reminder to be thankful. But sometimes, things change. . . By Pilgrim standards, or by current world standards, most of us today are pretty well off, even if we don't like to admit it. Not that things couldn't be better for many among us. Still, most of us aren't facing a winter of cold, hunger, and terror in an alien land. In fact, there are few of us who would give honest thanks for a Thanksgiving dinner that consisted of mackerel, succotash, unseasoned pumpkin, stringy game birds, and cornmeal pudding, all eaten off splintery tables in the frosty outdoors, with a bunch of half-naked, possibly dangerous "savages" in our midst, whose neighborhood we had moved into. The modern, or "ideal" Thanksgiving has more appeal than the Pilgrim one, you must admit. There's the groaning board the white linen tablecloth, the candles, the fat crisp well-bred turkey, the garnet glowing cranberry jelly, the high-peaked whipped potatoes, the golden flaky biscuits dripping with butter, the tender green stringless beans, and, oh, the pies, the brandy-fruited mince and the pumpkin custard rich with eggs and cream and spices undreamed of by those Pilgrims. And around the table, all the jolly family is circled, as painted by Norman Rockwell, from the sweet-faced old Granny, down to wide-eyed Billy, napkin under his chin. The truth is, we tend to be rather put out when our Thanksgiving doesn't come up to this "ideal" Just picture the thousands of housewives in steamy, dish-cluttered kitchens, embroiled in real life Thanksgivings that are less than perfect. Debbie has gone off to the Big Game with Charlie, and hasn't returned to help out. Jeff is practicing his guitar up in his locked room, and is really plugged in. The ceiling is vibrating. Grandma is lying down with a sick headache because she is mad at everyone, as usual. Uncle Louie is lecturing Dad on what's wrong with Washington, the state capital, and city hall, not to mention the school board. Dad has refused to carve the turkey this year and listen to Oscar's witticisms. Aunt Martha is reciting the litany of her allergies. Grandpa, with his fourth eggnog, glued to the TV set and refuses to budge. Gregory and Veronica are fighting over the cat, and little tubby Hugo is climbing on the antique candle table. In this typical normal melee, Mom is supposed to whip out that picture-perfect Thanksgiving feast, forget about the mess, her aching legs, and the ruffled relatives, and be truly thankful. Oh, there are those at the party who are thankful. Aunt Harriet is thankful HER son isn't one of those long haired hippies. Cousin Ed is thankful HE got a Harpoon-X instead of a Zapfire-400. Ginger is thankful SHE has a date for the Christmas cotillion. George is thankful HIS boy isn't a dolt like Harry. Martha is thankful SHE got a standing rib roast for Sunday rather than a trite turkey. Of course, we're all thankful for what we've have. We're glad we were clever enough to be born in America, and that we have food and clothing and houses and cars. And we sure don't want to lose any of it. So naturally we say our thanks. Knock on wood, you know. Still, in the midst of all our plenty, sometimes I think there's only one truly thankful person on a typical Thanksgiving. That's the housewife, who, after the kids are finally in bed, after the relatives have departed, after the hundreds of dishes have been done, and after the kitchen has been cleaned, falls in bed and cries fervently, "Thank heaven it's over!" I ing them in his courtroom. He joined the Teacher Corps. Teacher Corps experience with older teacher-internes has been good. In Houston, second careerists last year Included a Cuban petroleum engineer who fled the Castro Revolution and a missionary who had served in the Interior of Mexico, as well as a lieutenant-colonel who has retired after25years in the Army. The Teachers Corps is an effort to bring new blood into the educational system. Newcomers to teaching work with experienced teachers, learning as they teach and getting paid beginners' salaries as they prepare for their new careers. Two years ago, for instance, Willis Wellmon was a promotional tobacco salesman for R. J. Reynolds Co. This fall he will be the principal of a school. The school, In the small town of Cashiers, North Carolina, enrolls only 80 students. Still, Wellmon will be leader Try Our Classifieds I I vim He BOSTON I 3 pi Distiller Inc., Boston, Mill. n m IX are y-j . ' tor three teachers and he himself will teach the 8th grade in all subjects. Wellmon has been able to make the changeover from a purely commercial career to one that he finds far more exciting, thanks to Teacher Corps. The Corps accepted Wellmon In 1966 as one member of a team of five students working together under an experienced teacher. The team spends half the day studying at Western Carolina University at Cullowhee, North Carolina, and the other half teaching in the Jackson County School System. Mornings, he would get up an hour early in order to serve oatmeal to those children who came to school without breakfast. After two years of study, teaching, and community work, Wellmon graduated last spring into his second career. How did Wellmon, a salesman with two children, managed to develop a new life for himself? To begin with, the Corps pays about $3,800 a year to recent graduates and to some-carefully selected persons like Wellmon who are enthusiastic about teaching as a second career. In addition, Wellmon had a small income, about $50 a month, to help tide him over. And, of course, he was willing to sacrifice a little to do something that "made him feel good." William A. Denny finds the atmosphere of the Teacher Corps a "lot more hopeful" than that of his former position as minister of a suburban Presbyterian congregation In Council Bluffs, Nebr. Denny was in pre-service training this summer at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. He found the teacher internes who were studying and teaching with him very stimulating, and he thinks it's encouraging that young people are "Interested in helping others and In using their best talents to do so." After two years, Denny will teach in the urban slums of Council Bluffs, Iowa. His wife helps keep the family finances in order by working as a first-.rade teacher. Denny seldom feels old alongside the students of 22 to 25. When the subject of age arose recently and Denny was about to refer to his own disparagingly, one of his classmates remarked, "No, you are not old, you are one of us." For further information, write to the Teacher Corps, Washington, D.C., 20202. Evening Glamour Toughest of all glamour settings is the one women long for the most the small, select party where a bachelor host has ruthlessly limited his invitations to include only the most beautiful women in town. The shift from big and impersonal to small and scrutinizing has not only sent sales of long formals, with or without pants, zooming 30 per cent over the same period last year; it has brought an entire new set of values into play in the selection of evening clothes. Sleeves, for instance. No matter how rich the dress, nothing looks more out of place nowadays than completely bare arms and shoulders. They went out with the waltz and opera glasses. Better by far an exposed leg in a wraparound skirt, a bare midriff or a daring cleavage. The top with sleeves is an essential of today's evening fashion. Plenty of people have said that the beaded dress is over the hill, but the record doesn't prove this. -r branches. Mrs. Lee make her holiday Harvey doesn't stop with book writing, oh, my, no. He landscaped the topiary garden himself at Moncton, his Maryland house, and you have only to look about you to see a fox hunt, swans, giraffes and a Buddha carved out of the greenery. Moncton, built in 1794, will eventually become a state museum. I hope they remember to water the giraffes. They named a room after Warren Beatty at Arthur after that young sexpot arrived three nights in succession to find no table at all. "Having trouble with Molly?" She's his wife. A negative grunt. "Lose your job?" Another grunt. I put my arm on his shoulder. "Look, John," I said, "you're smart enough to know that when something is bothering you the first step toward a solution is to tell somebody you trust about it. So tell old Denny. " "Old Denny?" he muttered, then drank the last of his beer. "All right, old Denny. Three days ago I started home from work. I felt pretty good. I had asked the boss for a raise and he didn't say no. I had bought a new wide tie and thought I was a fine figure of a man. The bus was crowded. A pretty girl about 19 smiled at me. I smiled back. Then she got up and gave me her seat ! " Maguire broke into fresh sobs. "Leo!" I called, "TWO beers." I was sobbing too. ladies... Are you looking fir a condominium with: PRESTIGE ELEGANCE SECURITY OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL LAKE WORTH Phone 655-3391 for appointment to tee... pootpfmo condominium aparlmrnlK 2600 NORTH FLAGLER DR. WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. 33407 phone 655-3391 The Wharf Publick House for youngjtti w Aaorted French Pastry 4 as By DENNIS MURRAY I got a call yesterday from Leo Corcoran, the bartender. "Mr. Murray," he said in a voice that came from distress, "can you come right over? I have a serious problem." I hastened to his deadfall. "You're a good friend of John Maguire, aren't you?" Leo asked. "Perhaps the best friend he's got." "Well, there he is, down at the end of the bar. Crying. Crying like his heart was broken." "Just a lacrimose jag," I opined. Leo shook his head. "It's been going on for three days now. It's not a jag, because he spaces his drinks and he's a beer man, you know. I've tried to get him to tell me what's the matter, but I can't get a word out of him. Only tears. There was a psychiatrist in here yesterday and I asked him to talk to Maguire. but no luck. Won't you try? If you can't find out what's the matter, at least get him the devil out of here." I have known John Maguire for years. He's about my age but looks a little older and his hair is a bit thinner, possibly because he doesn't drink as much. I walked to the end of the bar. "John, what the devil is eating you?" I asked in my kindliest voice. No answer. SALVATION ARMY PICK UP YOUR SALVAGE FURNITURE, CLOTHING t APPLIANCES. PHONE 832-2835 BySL'ZY NEW YORK - Serene Highnesses do not pop into New York every week or even every other week. So it's very nice to know that their serene highnesses, the Crown Prince Hans Adam and Princess Marie of Liechtenstein will be here in time for the Imperial Ball on Dec. 6. The prince and princess will be guests of honor at the gala, which benefits the Musicians Emergency Fund, in the grand ballroom of the Plaza. Prince Hans Adam, let it be known, is the great grand-nephew of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, and his father, Franz Josef II, was the last Hapsburg king to occupy a throne. The Imperial Ball is always sparked by royalty of one sort or another. In the past through the Plaza's portals have passed such guests of honor as their serene highnesses Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco, their excellencies the Duke and Duchess of Alba, Prince and Princess Nicholas Romanoff, their majesties King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria and their imperial highnesses Prince Dom Jose and Princess Dona Fatima de Bragan-ca of Brazil. To say nothing of her Highness Princess Niloufer of Hyderabad, their royal highnesses Prince and Princess Tomi-slav of Yugoslavia, her Highness the Begum Aga Khan, their royal highnesses Prince Alexander and Princess Maria Pia of Yugoslavia and her serene highness the Empress Franz Josef II of Lichtenstein, mother of Prince Hans Adam. I know you realize not all of these glittering folk are presently employed by their countries. And some of them are even, alas, divorced now. But out of work or not and no matter what your marital status, it's always fun to go to a big shiny ball, especially when you're the guest of honor. I guess. Those two very social New York ladies, Mrs. Charles (Katie) Blackwell and Mrs. Edgar (Adelaide) Leonard, accompanied by Orrin Christy and Henry Lee Munson, motored all the way to Baltimore for a weekend with the Allen Mortons of Southampton, L.I., and Boca Grande, Fla. It was heaven. Among those entertaining for the adventurous foursome was Harvey Ladew, such a charming man, who gave them a sumptuous meal dur Captain's Cabin Tavern Hot Mine PI with Hard Please Make PALM BEACH i f Complimentary SOUPS: French Rnact with Chestnut Virginia Roast Broiled Hubbard Kini Fcattuet Syndicate, Inc., I960. CHINCH BUGS? SOD WORMS? phone TOMASELLO 585-2551 Nutmeg didn't make our egg nog iNumoerune. COMPLEX OF FINE RESTAURANTS on the Green Coffee Shoppe ...mviies yuu iu Kfijuy OhanksGivlno .invites you to enjoy Dinner with the whole family" no vol inanKsgiving Day uinner ii:jui.m. ioa:uup.m. ; cocktail (or adults Fruit punch ( mtisni vs SETTING FOR YOUR photo greeting cards We will provide you with o cheery fireplace, a Christmas tree, etc. for your photo greeting card picture Choica of Soup or Julca Chicken ala Rehnit JUICES: Apple Tomato Onion Grapefruit Cranberry Grape Vnimn TiirlrRV i;i i SHOP Nood-Gift LAKE PARK 1 cm i It was our rum, brandy and whiskey. Plus our nutmeg, spices, eggs and milk. And the way it's blended so it stays smooth and creamy. That's what makes Mr. Boston Egg Nog a real good One. Stuff ino...Giblet Gravy O.Z3 Baked Ham ...Champagne sauce $3.25 Prime Rib of Beef, Au Jus $4.95 Fresh Florida Pompano $4.75 Squash Creamed Pearl Oniom String Beant in our studio. HURRY - THE TIME IS SHORT FOR INFOIMATKJN a CCCC 01 APPOINTMENT 04Z-JJJJ Sauce Pumpkin Pie Fruit Compote THE CAMERA Eu Nog 30 Proof. Mr. Boston Everything Pot Your Holiday Photo Your Reservation Early Call Mr. Slater 683-1678 LAKES BLVD. AT 1-95 OPPOSITE PALM BEACH MALL i 906 NORTHLAKE BLVD. iMMMMMMMMlHWMIIMMMMM

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