Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 26, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE ALBANY- DEMOCRAT-H E RALD, ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1936 ' LATE, COMPLETE Mrs. Norma Wells,, both of Scio, the evening's pnim.will be the Maupin and Gordon Short were havo been elected to teach in La- commmSlv urchestiu and other Sunday visitors at Brownsville. ' ' i.ieial of her brother. Con- M.s. Leii Morse sang a solo White, Wednesday afternoon ccmpanied by Mrs. Ralph Herron, ..:..: 1 o t ... ni CJU t t..n uiuuui, V1S1L1.-U ana i n-tnm vctuuj. NEWS OF N EAUBY "mb s,ch'for 010 faf 1erm' n local talent. I Mr. and Mrs. Leo Andrews left Sweet Home during the spring va ouiiiiyiuu a also cave a reading. 7 VT. V.- "' A total or :) signers tor mem- '"""i"' iney canon. hirirttnnntHlhn n , .ln a. 1VS- hd,lh benhip in a Townsend club have J"'11 visit Mi Andrews parents, Dick McCready of O. S. C. vis- lMUn tHIiiUJlJIJO Miller of the intermediate and been secured in this community. A Mr. and Mrs. Wank Wde, for sev- ited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. 'lrm7ngr?1eSMf; M:,r,m ond permanent organization can be cral days- E. McCready, during the spring Oalrvill ' j Mrs. Miller plan to take a rest next macjL, wh(,n ,ne membership John Wells was in Salem, Cor- vacation from school. . waKVIlIP year. Mrs. Martin has been nm- u- . i;.. i am . ' ..- t ir u i .u. Brownsville Brownsville. The liiterchurch Brotherhood met at the Christian church Monday night for the regular niomnly meeting. Evangelist J. B- Long was the gueit speaker. On Thurfdi;' evening Miss Bar-baia Jean Cflrrmbers entertained a g:o' of friends at her home in 'Scutb Brownsville. Th-.' following young people litrn Brownsville attended a rally ;Ot Christian Endeavorers of Wil-1 lamette Union at Philomath Friday evening: Dorris lsom, Lor ... this cuy. S " Nathan and Homer iVrcsch and j it. cocker weie Eugene visitors Sunday a: w moon- r,i..,.niii lucLiuire and faiP'lv moved from Brownsville Saturday to philomath wheie they will reside. Large crowds are attending the revival meetings held in the Methodist church by the evangelistic 9 . . . t a A UUCIICH JU. -illiJlllt.'l iiiut'Liiiij ui vunia unu viuciiijr un UUMIIUM rri-" mjor ljiivuiii; nuiui uj W1L" uuKviue. mis. nnna smun anu pioyea in ucomu scnooi lor ivw ti.,.c i,,!,,,,.,,! 1,.,.. i, ., rt:,v nigh school faculty was a weekend visitor at the home of her parents l''e program consisted cf songs sistqr Lauria McBride who ire-; years and Mrs. Miller the paslnounccd for jridhy cveniiig, at the Mrs. Callie Bigbee entertained turned recently to Linn county af- sevBf years. The principal, C. prinl! hilU. Prof. Charles South, wife and chil ler disposing 01 meir property in- nienncman, nas noi decided as to . ,,,, .., r,, ,. dren of Albany and Mr and Mr at Dayton, Ore. by the group with Mrs. O. W. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grell and Payne at the pianc. and two num-daughters, Mabel and Ethel of burs by the Presbyterian male Tangent, were Sunday visitors at! quartet. Dinner was served bv the raine Baker, Virginia lsom, Rosc- lerosis in wasningion, were visit-, wneiner wie winmicccpi l ie posi- ... '. .. . Rufim Horner Pleniiunt Vnllnv nt lng Oakville friends during the lion for the coming year. . wlt' " J0Ut lu members was organ- "or""' 'T,L diZ'. f tne "Singing Longs." These wosnow. marjor e ann ngncs Thv n( (h hmn .... ,.... ,. - iea ui a mei-miK ai wie cnurcn - ".7 Sunday. The families were, the Frank Coulter residence. Dur- ladies ot the Christian church. ,,r . '..'"i, ; 1 7 1.7 I '" """ """"u wniiman Thursday 'evenini! with Maxinc valley, of their sister, Mrs. Ralph Miller, and dnughlur of Albany are snend- A", u. y h.J."' t"... ...!.. ... . nil fnim Valley, meetings will continue through i "t- ,'?.".,' u,,u his week and next. The last week MrBurnelle White Bill Dedman, meeting will he held in the 1 G"cO:e McFee, Richard Sullivan lormcr neigiiDors and old time mg ine aitcrnoon tney visited Mr. Mrs. C. B. Wilson and son, Rob- Mrs. Stroud 'd'"gS in h with Mrs. Whitman's bnTMs. rrs. - - Atm. t.j r . . . time wltn her Jusm, limily parents, Mr.and Mrs. O. K. Blatch- Baptist church. Doris MarliTian; v V-pie.idcnt, uix, loresi ranger ai ( isn Wt. 4 i-,(,r-iTT, rviTt.-.,T,.'c,.T.,.oi.,,.v iii Lake renorts four inches of fresh urown. ford. and Mrs. Bill Hershi at their new ' ert, of Oregon City visited over home at Sunnyside. j .he week end at the S. B. Sawyer Mrs. Herman Deitrich of Oregon ihome. City is at the home of her sister,' Miss Nadine Edwards of Eu-Mrs. Arthur Ehlert and is assisting scne spent Thursday and Friday in nursnTg Mr. Lhlert, who has in Brownsville visiting friends. bT VCry. W'h PUe ma- , M- "a Hanson has returned Mr. and Mrs. George Surgeon of trom visit tQ G u p lSk "rWSr?.7U.eSdJly V,SVt?,,S ?l! Mr- and Urn George Wriht of f Uelica . .ss Phyllis Morse spent the week end in Portland. Loyal Morey was taken to the Lebanon hospital for treatment oj I a cancer which hgs sprtad from i hft chest do n his arm. He is the I While om a ten day iir1tmhj ,nd Irs. I. G. McCloud and dine Rudisil; treasurer, Pat Cala- snow making a total of 20 inches fro the rxrMi toaiii?!s s4als l .ns, Lawrence and Lyle, visited han. Devotional meetings will be of snow, with a maximum temper-SaM Di13, rrwe Kvzy i.O.,pcns Mr. WcClowJ's sisters. Mrs. S. Hy- hold in connection with the senior "lure of 40 degrees, a few fcuj vM kis Krts, jjrt srth Kail, at tings endeavor one Sunday evening of ' Miss Dunmer, assisted by Miss end BUrs. . Ji. JV-M tJybB. Yeriw, uliry Sunday. I'each month, but business and so- Forbis of Lebanon, gave a cooking flavor lasts. son ot Mr. nd mrs. d woi. kii5 w Jb f.iwva ii w tv, At (h? DerxCit club wetir cial meetings will be held separ- : demonstration at the home econ .i tl-VJ t.saw.dsfi hre. -; lOY.dnesdav a oiilt ws finished ately. Following the business a re- mics room at the high school Fri riktrint ' Albany were visitors .t the V. C.'' Sn Ml.rey and ws retly ! Schitlrn; ! for Mrs. Bramley of A.bany "and hers'al of Easter songs was held day afternoon. Casserole dishes lAlln Hnrfli.nH wo a iVntiH '-"""J WMT- D10lllll HOHie 110H1 111113110 were features of the menu. TOW smal cwui't!irtijl i work on ouilts for Mrs. .7 Turn- and those attending went to the visitor with relatives at Brown-1 Mrs- ,ran Cameron sptnt lan i where he had been taking treat- q vijle. Miss Hedlund," who is em- we?,k .vith- hcr husb,nd ,l tta ! "ts- ployed at the local grade school, Dollar logging camp. i The Wombn's Study club mot' has accqpted a position in the Mr. and Mrs. Currin Isoan e A- Fridsy afternoon at the home of j Browflsviljp school fgr next year. Ibanywere Sunday guesjs at the ; Mrs. Carl Warren. The lesson on , ' Mi-, and Mrs. G. K. Gainer and! 'J0mi-' ol and Mrs. T. C. Isorei. j medjfal discoveries was given by Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Gainer of Leba-, Mrs. Alvin Kiggs mtuDwrnl to , Mrs.Tlalph Herron. Nineteen wr ! non, and Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Gain- h'cr Home in Powell Butte, Or.. ; present. Mrs- Ned Callaway sd I-er of Creswe'l. Ore., were Sunday Saturday morning after attending Mrs. Kenneth Overton we re gue-nts ' Superintendent M. R. Thompson of the local high school attended the meeting of high school superintendents at Sale"m, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Coacjj Harry Palmer was in charge of the high school during Mr. Thompson's absence. Mr. and Mrs. S. Wilson and family of five sons and a daughter ar (4V?liwe wS tec 'S'i'Kjivu-tle BtoMW- ! jc sid Mro A W. Cox. Earl Calnhan home for games and taJ. rtwsii, Qaik-viJil'i?, i-s w (.: j Mr. and Mrs.Tvan Ayers and son ' refreshments. Ssn Tiar-sstaiy wagWi, Biweii SI. jjoli nt Tennessee were Sundyl Wext Sunday evening will mark SI'r.s. R,)K'ie Kickw a.iel KJk;. AliiO K:sts of Mr. and Mrs. A. 'the close of a contest in attendance SStoeaiiip? wwe m OwvaJiWo, Tbws-'A, Ayei-s and guests of Mr. and anrl Bible qun-tictis beingiondtict-5ta.y t see S'hwtoy, 1'iU-te gAiter , Mrs. M. XI. Kagle in the evenijjg.1 vti among members of lift? Chris-'f Mir. asl Rl'r-s. Hswwy IWisCm- Mr. ! Mrs. Edward Dyfl- nt tiwi endeavor. Interest itxyunni-Q K'ell', wiei is osiB.'cic.wa sw-! AUkmjt were guests of Mr. anil hi.h. The attendance Sunday eve-iOfis i'Wnes-s. 5rs. Mtn Turnidge Friday. ning reached the all-time record of Mwr-y KI'tjCi!j.nv Va4 t-V- miefcr- 5r. Mrs. Claud O'ox and 51, with visitors present from Leb- ijl.,i.n-n fsi foil inct uin.Ar La Mi.h ti Sfltu; fit L.arV'4imnn nnH Mr :mrl Mi linill neitflllxt'ill COmmtllli- rived the first of the week from iiitri.T; .iiiii ii i j jj y fM.xmmmmmmB1iBm v.tMtmibk. - :':.':::;' at . -.- m. m ,i , mv-,..j,v.. rms maRTOr as to break both bones in Robwt Cox and sons were Sunday ties. Th side capUiwtd by Maxine Iowa, and are visiting Mrs. Wil-lacr Dfm. The injury was nttended dinner giwsts of Mr. and Mrs. Cnlahan now leads l)y 14 points. son s sister. Mrs. A. L. Sherwood, t-ffl imrnediat-ely by a rystcia 1 Cxweir Miller. o A bee fr the purnw: of im- nd family at their Pleasant Valley s'he is on the road le recovery. I Robert Kendig, jr., of Albany provm nd L-.utifying the home. Mr. Wilson and sons are White alteFn.pti.rag to crank a sporrt thff weekend as a guest at grunck surrmiiwhw the church clearing a tract of land which they BaBter, Donald Davis received a the A. L. Downing home. I will be hrid Saturday. The Sun- recently purchased, near Holley. tokera arm last week, which will I Mr. ami Mrs. Don. Waddle ami shiwe clwsc ri the Stiraftiy school! A meeting for the purpose of or-freGessRate several weeks' vacatiow diiHircn, Mr. artel Mrs. Ftfelrin h had thw project n its rasram ganizing a town baseball team was fiiom Yarm work. I Ford and douKi(er were buBineflH for bbmw tin nOd is iweiting all l,p'd ot the city hall Monday eve- Car-1 Church of Jeff-erswin has, and pk-iwwrff visitors in fortta-wl , ii!.iT(.i.J ito join iw 'ttw work ning. Officers elected wejre: Merle been GuM-iwg wsod fer Mrs. Elk' Mom VfttmsAnp to Sum. Mr. ' SUird,.;y, A potludk di.:-r will be McCready. business manager; John iHOlstein-. o Waddle rfreve homo a iiow or. joM-ved t nam'. ! Gilbert, field; A. G. Bell, secre- MTr. itfid' Mir.s. Pau.l Geil and sons, I Mr. and Mrs. E. L. sawH ! Th W-momShfj lyfewcWf ser-. tary-trerer. Practice, which Sor.dsn and G'lendon, of Albany daughter spent the wcvfennl vMk vk- by tl jmstcr, Kev. J. K. Rit- started Harch 24. will be held each among, those here for he relatives in Jefferson. trKiwr of Sweet Ixw, will be Tuesday and Friday, presentation ef "The Night Owl" I A . meeting of the B. Y. P. U. hrM ncct &ie!s- Kt.KiH at 10, Dr. G. H. Crusen returned Sun-by Oakville players Friday night, members was held at the Baptist .o'clock. :dy evening from a two weeks Guests entertained at dinner church Friday evening. Rev. Le-I Mrs. Cor Simon oi Corvallis visit to Minnesota. He was accom-Sunda.y by Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wil- Roy Crosslcy, pastor of the Leba- I wiwifik'l Wj vr i and panied by his brother, Earl Crusen, lioms were Mr. and Mrs. John jpl- ' non Baptist church, gave an in- grandson, H. T. and Dinald Sim- who will be a guest at the Crusen 'Ver and sons, Nelson and Everette, tercsting talk on "Problems of op, is spMwli! few djs t the home for some time. They re-from .Knox Butte; Mrs. Addie Young People." Games were en- Siiwxws place here. I turned to Sweet Home by way of Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold joyed at the social hour. A politick I Guwtii Sewriy ifit and5un-!Californi, where they visited Jackson aivl three daughters from lunch was served in the church so- i day at the H. V. Kudisil Rome their mothr, Mrs0lice Crusen, at ,... Mr arul U H W Rve nf Stockton. lurS mma&n BDlBTlt ti 3 TM& reta 2;ih 'A.rw3v-e'r!S-a.r-y Sale will S'Ocxn b-e ve'....B(U7 K(0'W' tow greater savines...H'un'd'F'edi9 .r I more bas.ain.s b:esldis- mose ltoted here! SAVE with SAFETY! -m. ... a 1 . mhmwi EugcRe and Mr. mi Mi's. Verne' Chaplain Barmy of the Crab- SilvertoH. Kc. Kyi it. kcothcr of Clifford Ktfdy cut his foot badly Williams, tree CCC caM, gave an Mrw , 3re. Murtisil. wun an axe oatuiu.i.v, uuu wu beftre n large atidiuice nt th Kew- Mrs. .Vera Thorntivlo of Port-1 brought to Dr. Langmacks office FAMOUS for trcattmrnt. Marie Wodtli left Salem Mon-1 Rldiea Iks Uiqhwi. KWtisto Giants I list church Sttnttay evien.i.i-n;;. - VmmI is at tb C. Swniris home Special services, coehM.'twl ky ' for a wHt hrlpi,f care "or her the viiiim nniuiW fnf tlrMi' f"ku.W(.!i ' Kfl'Mu'r. 5!itf. M. C"or. Mrs. fa!. .n II day morning, and will have m- will be held at the rtmrt Mt 1 CcuspwV coniiHoi stows a slight , ploynujt there for some time. Sire Ew&ry- Weidre'GS'd-ay r a i b a v Starting April Im. I KCatf'C'h Sunday. improvement this week. was accompnica oy ncr moiner, iRcv. Henry ltirnW i ev- Mr. Alie J'arbs MM two clul- "irs. junu wmwi, uu his. fiuum at v r.ra. . . (.oosr Timt " o r-.m. 9:M to 1P.M. . Mountain Time S:30to9?.M. A tire for every purpose at a price that saves you money. ducting revival service mA 5ftia;irwa of Sweet kwf wv atuests , r oriter. fcarl Wodtli of Portland arrived t the Karl this week t efiniwr Sumly CM4Mi.n hoivip. &XJVG Off fesatCevfcra. Tfe'ki'k Treats, Lsig.tT LMte at Sweet Home S-nturOiy. and will spend a few days vacation, with . relatives. ' ' Mr. and Sirs. Walter Leisy and Sweet 'Htew Snos't-eir tvavragis Sr Ss'fet-; The junior Sunday senwi Iviy't class with their teacher, Sw. Turnidge as host, enjoyed a "Yrn'ii-sure hunt" Saturday in the Lima Haven district. About 10 boys werr in the party. A basket dinner was served at noon. Sweet Horn. An epidemic of 1 family have moved into the resi-! Brnre you buy any tiret, get our tOW Sale Bla9 on raiMips and flu ii rami!, small - dencc recently vacated by Dr. R. S. attendance t th-e jirjieW acktxil and ' Langmack. The Leisys are lately, public fimctimK i ps several from Mill City. Mr. Leisy is fore-1 weeks. man of the Santiam Lumber Co. Mr. and Wrs. K. T. Short of lumber yard. gfff according to material and make of rar. Mode of subsrantiol materials, smooth fitting, no scraps no seams, firm lock-stitch. Bulb Che&t j And 3 Bulbsi American Mmkt Western Giant bycour All n&tvA Mvaomwd I LEAER Co Sodaville SorinVille. The newly organized 411 club in camp cookery went on the first hike of the season Satur 1 or Roadster.. -All ".'Jf $ .89 $1.98 Sedan or Coach M 2-Dco, : Mi -4-Door ft and Mtrvic at our morm than 1TO lor in the Jf'eit 91 .edoo $1.98 ticw Coup r kcktr. fl.M to $2.35 Adorn or CkocH 91.H to $4.45 Aden ...93.67 to $4.30 day. The objective of the trip was I I fKe4dj.S bulb 3? -1 dash bulb and t tail lifht t 1 Coupe cr Roadster. S2.75 to $3.35 k. rir mosr cars to iva1. in mosi cars to ysi. Sedan or Cooch $5.25 to $6.50 'w-af TT--4-Door ""i-rirnnnj Wlliskc,. InniJlT U Wr faslr. Ihrtiuf Henry Wa'tchendarf, local poultry producer, has his Incubators Running ai capacity with 5S0 baby chicks hatched seme tiwio ago. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beech and daughters, Maxine afid Marylynne from near Corvallis, Mr. mid Mrs. Melvin W-Hiiamssn and daughter Jean were dinner g.nests at the ihom(V'Of Mr, and Un, R. K. Lindsay Sunday. The oeea-sfen was the Dirtnday anniversaries o-f Mrs. Beech and Mrs. Willamson. Mrs. Chrlstensen and Dora Cold-Iron accompanied Maxine Willett from Tangent in attending the play production at the hall Friday night. Alice Jane Workinger, who is attending school in Salem, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and MVs. Gerald Workinger. Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Bayne from Lake Sreek, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jackson and daughter Lucile of Scio were among former local residents meeting old friends here Friday night. Mrs. Benshadler of Eugene is spending some time with hcr daughter, Mrs. Clarence Eagy. Ruth Evcrsole, and Claribel Yates, students nt U. of O., Viva Smith, teacher at Foster and Margaret Yates of the Alsea school, spent the weekend at their respective Oakville homes. M-ay Workinger, appointment secretary ai Orcg-nn State cwlle.f, visited her mother, Mr. Jennie W'orklngfr.and p-PBM.xir, Gw-raM, a'nd fimvH.y Suntiay. Honorfofrg Mr. al Uta. Mycll 'Edsen bc-tore their departure fin-fdahffl soan, Mt. and Mrs. Clarence Windom entertained a group of friends Saturday night. Guests included: Mr. a-nc! M-rs. KttaeH, K-0 land Edson, M'r. ad ftti-s. tiicn Williams, Mrs. Annie Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Waddelt m children Dale and Raliia, Lloyd Kr--daM, Zona Windom, Georg.o Wi-M- Sedan . O $5.45 to $5.95 pursr ( krttt&e I"hn4iml WESTERN GIAWT o Super Power $'.9 Giant plates Giant power longer life. All rubber case, fi,S rubber reinforced separators. UIC lilll.T III H Mllilll .Mll'mil n mile south-west of the H. V. Hti-disil place. Pcttatoes were friwl over a camp fire and the rest of the l - i-wisted of fresh bun, poiMti) SM.lx,rf, sandwiches, jello. catbv inwii. The six girls who maeb' the ti'ifi with club leader, Lws M;iirlm.M, report an enjoyable ririy in spH ci! the rain. Born to SSr. and Mrs. Arthur Vwl Mifturtiay mornint', a nine ixwii-id boy. Jack Elroy is the first !M ;wl nmtmi child of the family. F'kw-K) pupils of Mrs. A. H. Par-i-U will in n public re- c-il;til at t-!e school house Friday evening pit !'; o'clock. Assisting in Dust Cloth Fiaiit Priced according to car mi. "Economy" Pair SIM - Aptpwox. I4i28 WIZARD Siuig.e.aF'0'W'e.i? Guaranteed 2 Yews $CTarj&,f) Improved construction iva mW' X17I more power and longer hw in g j 2f,.9'S any service accordms tocr ' fVwvent fs'csr dents . . . and absc:b dust. Packed in W.iOaVoM IF tviKeraj design, 9'i inch, hiqh, I H jch wide. . . Stror clamp ond bolts. A Fr mrine of genorol use. Tough and durable. 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La tenccbtus, tnj. ..-in a havinc lots of TillML ! iU 5 JEJ .it's nice 'f.emls.O METAL Tool BoA i w m m -r -m mm it- a f a mm w LilM:M(e. Flurries offnow ftive fallen in LaeomQldistrict several days and Tuesday morning the ground was covered ith siiuw for a few hours, while the mtmtitains and foothills rejoin covered. About IM b& from the CCC camp left fj.iday for their respective homcsin the east as the time of enlistment had expired. Mrs. Florence Shoemaker, and .Is.OlJQuiikerhasmade Wear-wti? Pertly Hoaapito,- IKS ... - " ""i V 7v DUPEEtfE 23 Our Finest IOn Pun 8: Si ' Per Gallon Rb W aW BRAND niul held more real friends than has any other straight whiskey in Amerjca. And sales keep on aununting, because when a mlow finds something good arr.ii lowly price nowadays he passes the worQilong, like this: "My friends; there's a smooth, honcst-to-goodncss whiskey for you, and it's mighty easy on the pockclbook, too." S A E. Silt n',x53, In. Fine also for i Mlfrt box or keeping "VWj-mentv Green rnomel. Snap lock cover ond P em n t yi rn t m Per Gallon S.A.E. In 7ar ten mfamV 4 J Four adjustments slip-joint, I I rV 7 In. sue, nickel plated. lAJ Gals. IS SCile ( 20-30-$?i7 r-50 REDUCED PRICE SALE ALBANY RESIDETIAlQoTS Albany Colletc will sell any or all of the Lots and Parcels Listed Below at Very Attractive Prices hasp, carrying handle. DouMe d. stilted fron-t selffCtedTtfnn crude rkflt i mm m "Wear-v.ell" fs o thoroughly pn?vn 100 pure Pennsvlvania Oil. Provides efficient lu- br-c3t r"i. alt service. ' -ajpnaiiy tiitcea to remove coroon - tor m Th , trtft ItfJ.d W Retarva th Right to Unit Quantities (q mrrr r .mill HALF PINT No.136DRYE 40? SAC 5 Gallons $1.19 lott 1. i, 3. 4. I!lk. IS. Haiti, wuod Addn. lot 6, 1. Llnnmonl A.lcln,, Allainr. 'it of Hlk. 40, Mnntf-tth'i Southrrn Addn. IM 1 and 1, Hlk, II. So. Albany. N'j lta 1 and 111k. mi, Mon-trlth'a Bo. Addn. ?0-30-0-50 IaiI HI. Illk. Ilou.k . Addn. t."t 7. Illk. I and 11 S lllk. S, tVlmma )'ark. IIn 1 and ?. Illk. an Monteilli'i So. Addn.' IxiH II 7 and . Illk. S, (Stdtra I'ark Addn. Ixl and . lilt:. t'J. 8i. lot 8. Illk. It) City Vk A.ldn. "Wetr-well" Bicycle Tires Special Prices Good Only to Saturday Night Ignition Cables 75? PINT No. 136C IRYI) (f No. I71C (lOUfttfS II J afnUn I 1JMr oe I 1 1 1 FARM PROPERTIES 29e uamm. 4l'0" """ 1 1 ATTf. I'olk Cm i.-niii.riim. IB 12 Acre Pirtle Hmnlf Tmcl. 4K0 Acr Stock Kanrh near Hum. ' " .mnljr nrnr llnllai 130 West First St. (5 Wp00f STRAIGHT WHISKEY Improve engine performonce. Sen tor 4 and 6 Cylinder Chevrolet ond tome other 4 cylinder cars. CALL OR WRITE ALBANY COLLEGE. ALBANY. OREGON. 7hi Ai you pr.l.T In BOURBON or RYE Phone 97 Albany. Ore. '""Tr-nr eT I bMM IK. MARK ol Mf RIT V

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