Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 26, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 19& THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FE Swedish Princess new high school Hoc' p,roi t;w,qi building at scio Has Royal Time may be sought A LAST0 3 DAYS VBMMMa Scio. (Special) Preliminary steps were taken at a meeting of business men of Scio at the city hall Tuesday night looking to the erection ofOa new high school building in this city with aid from the federal public works administration. I A coniQjttee composed of P. W.O .Schrunk. chairman; Joe Lytle, Dr. lA.-fJ Prill Pnllo 5hlln oJ I ricgs for Friday ihru Monday 0 All Fred Meyer week-end special prices are always good the first thing Friday, morning. This means that you can come dawn the lirst thing Friday iiQrning and still make all the uJual Siiturdav- t,Vms. -Shop bciore the cruwds, or restock en Monday after the SunWv drain on the family larder. It's thrifty to do so at Fred Meyer. We reserve the right to reasonably limit quantities. , . '.o'l IliiHO -.1 I -ft . . io A. Withers was appointed to meet with the Scio school board to present the proposal and enlist the cooperation of the board. . Dr. Prill read letters and telegrams he had received from Senator Charles L. McNary bearing on the matter; also official correspondence he had had with the state administrator of Oregon. Fiinrns nrouinlprl lw Drill 50c Barbasol & oke.. of 5 .Qidicatcd that the federal govern $1 Hair Br9sls Mnnarrh, pulu br si!-.. Oven-Fresh r Mm style brush. Made in U. , S. A. New I n 1 g P cream n-il 3 :dt;! LSadis. I . ; K f - II ' ''kfsx ment would make n grant of approximately $15,000 on would lend the school district the balanceapproximately $20,000, at 3 per cent for a period of 30 years. In event the school tioard decides to make application for funds, an election on the proposition will be necessary before final action is takei0 The matter of improving Scio streets and the city water system under the PWA program also waB discussed briefly. It was tentatively agreed that representative com-mittf. of Scio business men seel j idiice with the town council in cwwarction with the subject. 75c VapoRub, -49: 50c Nose Drops 2 Ac 35c Voratone, 10c Coui?h Drops, 2 U 35c VapoRub, X! ffeya,. S2Sl1 S&4Sf fiiw-t in broken mwM) of Sill f VgffiSuSSSSffiS' - i:r,Kfruil. It hft ml fnh '1 I I I tk-V 1 tnn- tnd ftav.-r, tfc. ill L Tvt-A. Meyer IXtyc brinf ocs of rrectry mlvii''s, jrvery item is 25c N. R. Tableti. f&s jtoc Ciscaretts, 15t COc Sal Hepatic-, 4ftc GOc Cl. Syr. ris, 33! ' 50c Phillip Mag., 50e Feenamint, 2"5r Jlnjoy M.T-T-?iR, it's the tr in' cofiw, rii t?r price saves you 5c to. ix1 mure over canned coffee of r QUilitT. M-Te-"inc is mi rrcsh it e(n't need a can. Sle! While 7V W Ft'ioM to mke it an escnXt)4 Bir'ciaife iit Weal'hieir Sipgieidis Cam Soli; value. C?ix:k your needs, a)4 k-k up new at these s;omS3. A rrlcet!H rhnrmlmc t kt Victoria coiffuro aui ow. Irli'ff Kihylla of a-)rrAtly enjoyed hmsely ithe UlikI w.:iirl Iwitl k.M in Stnch-ItnlM I t! Urt tirven ytr. Tii ol .tit rrliwe titaf Ailf. Jlikjll 4 Blknr -Kt'fs f lie e4ih ki1 family mj.4 wiry .t tko bi'lllimtt fete. fopMriiy an ml f- .i1 W.pQ Lenefey i Trw ABM&UfJ ..- MiicfaiiigiQiiir C.hiC'Ff'iico 81 l.ucky Tirr nml choii-e of shamiMxi, . hair oil nr oil sham- fijllx lo. 5 Maraschino C Eclt. &m Sir'aipi&si life White Star Tuna rilrto U 1 (r.raini. 4B A e4 erf mild wealkw a tfe'e rml of r'ebruary started the wa-w erf nutoirybile buying thot was BWiiftt'd would folkiw tte sworn jold of tlie precesliKig imotiWi. Figures givrn oit by r'&wtiae Mot? company indicate that almost as maov cars rrertOdirUveredrfm-i'TOg the last nine days erf February as in all erf the rest erf the month combined. In fact, 9ome inn-ItMt arois like Chicago and .uiTouKiding territory, the last iiti dnys' sales exceeded those of thif fir.s 2 days. Total Pontine retail deliveries in fVbruHi'y wre 8,515, of which 3,-0 se delivered in the last nine days. This lsist pwiod figure exceed- tlw sie 18-day period erf i yt'r sx aa well ; tl k9t li" dtiy prkid of Jiaiiiury. "Tl- quickness wit-h whi -Wiil miles came Isacfe as ssisa bk fhni'i'u was a brcaik in Uw wcatflpip bears out ttte oontufrtiea ttot t'he'Hc. wouM lw no bu.sii'X-iifl l'usi'i dilute t'. the cuid weothw," s;d S. f . :aiiif; miner. Kiimrtly 1 tii :nl um(ii). Ktc wlntV t u iv ioitiji vicn y.nt"r i i n i . Cn nt id by V;i n .fir'. I - i t i 1 1 1 k in ;i-soiU.I ti.tkt. Peas 3 25c ?h!e Sternal WashincttM, M'rh 3. ('hxrra llitt tlii feaferal swifJi-w rtUtf tn-.ovntttMi hx4 ti:rimintvl nii-.t Jichi.iU1-:il'0 (feMrrW MMl HN . 'iica .1. Ml" i-'tillMij . tv.ll:,' . ..iv- iolie' r Rittr kjwIoT hry IM-p. Albitrl J. Hi.fl, f... 5:ich., in U'Uhj t Kilry L. Mij-ii.M, rnij of thr cerpoi'Mticn. iAtKti, l-.Oit'l chr,t.d, prceluciwl two-thirrtii its many polOltjm. ii I', but xld "nfcvii'iiy tvke ;.u KMiy" k Irk MirirJu rlif curps'jitii. t-i' ciiHi lyiMiA that clwrri n'Kr-ch:Mir.l iw 0'i".o sir? tii-i.itl,i'..l tM) CCC campx in i!iichiii "sit a much hUsl-HH" 5H'ic". Hi' -i-wtucl rn lie j gloeb SalB i TiTVJ "I fcW--1rf--r -., .1... .111 I '( Frenches Black Peppi Wrj!y Tooth Brush lur lflr .'rU'Icya I o u t h ill bruV II p naenn r . T01LIT1IIS' 51 Phillip Up Slfc. Se 25c Glxzo )'rj., l$ 60 Mum lcK!cf't. 43 ?1 Zip"Kiltof, Te 1 Ziji DrpiUtof, Rhe 50c Hush Duodor't 3 tooth pasts 50c Kolvno, J!e 2."k rbi', T 5V Kolyno.i, 5S 50e Boat, S3e 50c Ipana, 3&c tl TOOTH rOWDER 50c Revelation, 29c 50c Dr. Lyons, 29c 50clU.isterino, 33c SOiVorhans, S9c ; 50c Pepsodcnt, 3c '"' L0TKM1 soc ost:au, st , c 2.V Jerjcena, Site 5'k Sttnti Sik, 6ftc lUlian Balm, 2 56c Dreskin, 57c 50c Hinds If & A, 1 n-Mt thnt u.'wch v'-r 3Ii.'Wii':wii wcnrls Siw.DK!.)!, gttneral sms ftHigr-0 m cbirrr me U lfVWwi Reoe rr Pbnliac. gIL Asparagus i.ISc SJL 'SSc . vU, .!.; "it should be rememberon! t'bs .w ih rtwriui are (5,ie year ago as in o(jier yaai'S Rxl rMlh tor-th i,.r'aii.Kwit tf there was the added incentiv" of the .UniWtl SKatM, IV?' ouht toau,Vo slwws which had just clos- JE" Na. E!4 Hm.2 ff n L ' ' 4yT .' ji. it I'lii-ied tir we in progress to account .ani.j-.s, . for a healthy volume of sales' in t ." - : .is..'. -v: ::''''- f :MHI.:ftJ.; ';:;': VIA mul-wintcr. In the immediate utrure we exrwet sales in our own comimnv to benefit from the Gen-ral Motors' shows of 1936 now in ...v-J U .... iy llllpOllUtlt Wesson Oil -,sfe,w ?5c 0 - so ib. m centers and from the heavy news- I''iiedrichshaf, Girmin y , paper adO-'rtising campaign which March 2ti. Germny' iit iww 9 laiii'"" " aua wmcn Zeppelin IIind.rlir-t,', 12W was ! will continue weekly," UlM ?1.25 Complete Jell Wei! ,"3 ?f Jilt :3t. vil ? O ' o i Golden West -'Coffrt ct 25c, 31 75s 1 - J $T.20 Wiltlm Hair Remedies lamaged at the stiru ttx-kiy when it look off ui i sU'imj wntheaKt wind on an i'lccliixi prcpaganna tour with the Graf Zv)iliii. It was announced the damage was slight and both ships continued tin their Truise. . 13ut three hours later the Hindenburg lauded for repairs. The Hindenburg started its trip MJB Coffee, lb. can, 25c; 3 lb. cu, 75c 5V Wildr.xit hint-tonic ami iid-root sham.icj. TINY BABE DIES Oakland, Cal., March 26. Nan-:y Lee Vot. who weighed 15 ounces at birth Feb. 5, died last ngnt at Peralta hospital, appar-;ntly from malfunction of vital organs and anemia Th "inei!-jlor baby," born twa nsowtt pr--maturely to 5fti. A-R Vwk Oakland nursi, lounds when sk ti!.d. DnHbor, Bufftr, rVuS again in two hours, after the re- linns had been inatie. PLAY HERE SATURDAY, SUNDAY My-Tc-Fin Vegetables for Salads, 2 tall cans 25c My-Te-iFine Marshmallows, Soz. pkg. 8c; lb. package 15c Mj-Yc-Fime IC'OO Sheet Toskt Tis-siws 3 roll vvrap 17c My-T-Fi8 Hjtid Packed TcoMal'Ses 10c can; 30cani 25ie Hrrsiry's EJukinnr Choeolsrta, J-po.Mrd cak 7c each My-Te-Fine Fruit C-wcklwl, N. 1 tall can 11c C.H.B. Brad Tomato CaCsum, 1 4-owince tall bottl-2 12c . I 1 r a c t i v r, -:ir.J v.ih U n -I M f:u-e fnr-. ffr uI-Rti s. ' l.imk-:.l t.iilf. r, stiff l:rill.-l danl-.rr Liti.-h imd Ui; tin vt rhoe lK.lish. As . 0 ; illlyl ?. Advirtittd Rtmraic ?1 Konjola, 95e COc Murint', 3c SI -Bonkora, 67c 0 ' 51.25 Enos Salts, 89c 1.25 Pftrolagar, 77c '50c Bromo Quin., 23c ANTISEPTICS 5c Lavoris, 33c 60c Zonite, 3tc 30c Benotol, SO 5(V Pepsodent, 3ftc COc Glyco Thymol., SSc UOc Cajjiho Pheuiq. 20c IU5 DALE rwliu, Slid PINEAPPLE mm Itnl-cork'a f rfyt c h oiiurs in Dennisons FWt'i Faip? P'fr-.pkfcMt (&0 Cfuni) 7c package 0cBurae' Pwre VnniU Eairjwt, 2-on?e bottle 22c My-Te-Fin5 Rips oMissIoct 0"Mtj, lb. tall can 12c Claremon Bi S&4, pkf. 7e ol.ib&y's Cornec? Beef, '2 cans 33c Oregon Prune, 3 lb. 12c; ICaprmi Pimrapple, No. 2 can 11c D iamend Wc.x Pepr, 125 fooA poll 12c At Trrd .Heycr Grocery Department t": '''-'tjf?') 'I""v par 1 purstlte. ula... o ; -i - r-r.yv7irJI 0 N I 0 NS MY-TE-ElMiaffiBLBRUSH W o Nice Size 25 lb. sack 9g We arc featuring for our specials this week fancy grain-fed steer beef. Try a roast of this meat for your Sunday dinner and enjov a real treat. THE BEST COSTS NO MORE! O Pur Vegetable ShortsfiairfgJity 9k Gram fed Beef SteaklSRrBTl7coinl6ic" Grain fed Beef Roatfs ck !2Sr lb 'Or Boned'lTWRump ' ROflSl' 20cIB FRESH GROUND CEEF GOOD QUALITY 2 lbs. 25c OVA I- I'nr r n m i I rkfiniut? B'il tMmN i. knots. ' T l' FT ED Tiir e 1 e it n i n c ffi-hl nrnl b a c k . ASPARAGUS 2 lbs. I3C P 0 T AT 0 E S No. 2 7r 501b. sock WC NEW CARROTS Calif. Fresh Q. Two bunches w LETTUCE m&V" 9c GRAPEFRU IT Arizona Seed- 152) less, dozen C ORANGES Juice size Q"?-2 dozen for t J. P-Fine tooth brushes arc made in thV'U. S. A. from genuine selected ami sterilized bristles. The bristles are firmly set in a handsome, . spotlesi;, transparent handle, they cannot come out. The UristK'.i are selected from stock that has no split ends, the handles are nana 11 rvj for mfrtum, PROPOSAL r'nr elfH '.i. ifi.h 'polished.- smooth and strong. Every FRESH BEEF TONGU&, H'2c IIO r. -. mi is brush is sealed in jt spotless ccllopl(anf covered carton. ai.H 4vcry brush satts yoa up to 21c over other tooth brushes lOc No Limit highest quality, 60 lb. tubs, per lb. i , r rri-diur.i, HARD r ir,tn..,l of comparable qualltv. o Fancy Red Salmon f0.f I3c lb wtirthv Interpretation. It is said that no matter whether the observer is for or against the much talked about Townsend plan he can get a great amount of arguing material because not only are there characters speaking for the plan but there are also those In the play who offer sound reasoning against. Two of the players in the cast jity-e recently married after being O.ight together for this play. Tfiey met mid fell in love over forty years afio but because of the nature of the theatrical profession thev drifted 'apart only to be reunited after all this time in the cast of "Lite ncgins at Sixty." ! Life as It is d without and with the benefit of, a $2()(l-a-month pension will be portrayed the stage of the Albany AnixJJ m Saturday and Sunday with allows starting at 2:30 and 7:30. "Life Higins at Sixty" Is the title of the comedy-drama portrayed by an all-professional cast of talented players which will be here two davit starting Satur-J dav. ! Will E. Maylon and George It. Stone, two Oregon men, iirethe nut hoi s of the piece and mnQ',c able personal direction oN-Wr. Mavlon the cast, which comprises twelve of the former Henry Duffy, IMayrri uf I .us Airit'U s, I'.ivcj 11. a ii e a, : d.-l SUGAR c. & H. A brwn SL 3 lbs. 19 5 lbs. honeP 45c R I T Z C P. A C K E R S 9 19c MORTON'S SMOKE SALT 34 oz. 29c All U IIU J III rf.v.n:- -i 3 lbs. A MAARONg 1 19 196 iconsivcj; (jji l 1 'r- IUSME o .O

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