The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 23, 1968 · Page 7
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 7

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1968
Page 7
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 23, 19687 Prayer For Today Allies Inflict Heavy Losses, I (Caleb) am this day fourscore and five years me this mountain, u hereof thp I.nrri cn:iL-p Invhn Losing 4 Helicopters PRAYER: Our Father, Thou art our truest friend and our guide through life. Give us vision, courage, and faith that we may put into active practice the great things we believe because Thou art ever with us. In Jesus' blessed name. Amen. Youth Charged FORT PIERCE - A 17-year-old Lincoln Park youth is being held in St. Lucie County jail without bond following his arrest Thursday on a charge of raping a 15-year-old girl The youth was arrested by sheriff's Sgt. Harold Holerger and Deputy Wille Turner about 11 p.m. No bond has been set, pending a preliminary hearing before County Judge Jack Rogers next Wednesday at 9 a. m. His alleged victim was taken to Fort Pierce Memorial Hospital where she was treated and released. The alleged attack reportedly took place about 7 p.m. Thursday according to investigating officers. Leslie Carpenter Nation's 200th Birthday Celebrations Being Planned down by enemy ground fire in the central highlands near the Laotian border, where similar blocking operations are being carried out by U.S. forces. The fourth was shot down northeast of Saigon. Two other helicopters were downed earlier this week. The total of helicopters lost to battle action in the war now is 933. The worst loss was the downing Thursday of a helicopter in Kontum Province in the Central Highlands about 2ri0 miles northeast of Saigon. All six men aboard were killed. Two died in the crash of another helicopter in Binh Thuan Province. 123 miles northeast of Saigon Thursday. One was killed in a helicopter shot down Wednesday near Katum. 80 miles northwest of Saigon. There were no deaths in the The U.S. Command said five rockets landed just outside the big allied base, killing three Vietnamese civilians and wounding four others. In Saigon. Viet Cong terrorists tried to bomb a police station about four blocks from the residence of U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and two were captured. One of them was wounded. Police said a terrorist on one of two motorcycles threw a sachel containing explosives at the police station but it did not explode. There were four terrorists on two motorcycles and two others in a car. The motorcycle riders escaped, but police shot up the car and seized it. Inside they found more explosives. In the search for the fugitives. U.S. Embassy security guards joined police and helicopters lighted the area in northeast Saigon. IN i nrrunui win riffi v other crash in the Katum area. In the ground sweeps, troops of the U.S. American Division reported killing 33 North Vietnamese Thursday in the far north. U.S. 101st Airborne Division soldiers killed eight North Vietnamese and found the graves of 55 killed in earlier fights and bombing raids near Hue the old imperial capital in the north. U.S. headquarters also disclosed that Operation Meade River began Nov. 20 in the northern 1st Corps area and U.S. and South Korean marines and South Vietnamese national policemen had killed 87 enemy troops up to midnight Thursday. Shelling of cities and towns let up but Da Nang was the object of a rocket attack Friday for the third straight day. viu was seeing his attacker for the first time since the May shooting. "Just exactly what we were wishing for," said the elder Politte after Rice was sentenced. "We didn't want the man to have death but we didn't want him to have life." TERMITES? CALL T0MASELL0 585-2551 FOR COMPLETE PEST C0NTR01 SERVICf MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL PEST CONTBOl ASSOCIATION Shutterbug Slayer Sentenced To Life WORLD PREMIERE; GIG YOUNG AND ANNE BAXTER IN Despite SAIGON (AP) - Allied forces sweeping South Vietnam are inflicting heavy enemy casualties, but at a high cost in helicopters, the U.S. Command said Friday. Four helicopters have been downed in the past two days. Two were shot down in actions along the Cambodian border northwest of saigon. where the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division is conducting sweeps against enemy troops trying to infiltrate into South Vietnam. A third helicopter was shot Invalid Man Dies In Fire ST. PETERSBURG (AP) -Firemen carried the body of an 84-year-old invalid man from his blazing house early Friday as his blind wife wailed over her futile battle with a flaming kerosene heater. "Oh lordy, lordy, lordy." cried Mrs. Phyllis Gibson. "I tried to get him out. I tried, but I just know he's dead. I know he is!" Her husband, Pete Gibson, was found lying in the back bedroom of their two-story house, said firemen. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. "It apparently was a kerosene heater which caused the fire," said city Patrolman C. T. Holland. "She told me that she always lit it in the living room, let it get warm and then carried it into the bedroom. "But when she lit it this morning, it flamed up. Then she tried to put it out with water but that only made it worse. She ran to the back bedroom where her husband was and tried to drag him out, but there was really nothing she could do.' he said. Firestone Contempt Hearing Scheduled A hearing to determine whether Russell A. Firestone should be held in contempt of court has been scheduled for Tuesday. Nov. 26, it was announced Friday. His former wife. Mary Alice Firestone of Palm Beach, claims the heir to a tire and rubber fortune is in arrears on a one-month $3,750 alimony payment. He was granted a divorce in December, 1967 on grounds of extreme crueltv. M WASHINGTON - The nation will be 200 years old on July 4, 1976. and it calls for a celebration. But what kind? President Johnson felt the national birthday party should enrich America with things of permanence left behind, rather than be a whoopee day of fireworks, carnivals and pageants. He named a commission to think creatively. While no report has yet been made, it has been learned what the central recommendation will be. The commission will suggest that each city and town give itself something "extra" as a lasting birthday present. Local government and civic groups will be urged to start thinking now about each city's most special need. To be suggested are such things as aesthetic landscaping of a waterfront, a new civic theater or art center, an ultramodern hospital or scho')l. an all-purpose park, etc. The dedication would be fixed for July 4, 1976. as each locality's birthday celebration. Carlisle Humelsine. president of Colonial Williamsburg, heads the bipartisan commis- Paul Harvey x COMPANIONS NIGHTMARE 3 TONIGHT 9 PM JUJMMfB MMST QUALITY Liberals Courting Nixon Since They Lost Election Special Purchase! SATURDAY ONLY! NATION-WID WHITE SHEETS AT (133 count cotton) give ous show business personalities have to perform. Democrats have always found the going rough in raising money while out of the White House. The party was $4 million in the red when John F. Kennedy won after two Adlai Stevenson defeats. Hubert Humphrey is expected to be available as a fund-raising speaker, and Lyndon B. Johnson may be urged to make some appearances. The two hottest younger box office attractions in the party are Senators Edmund Muskie. (D-Me.i. and Edward M. Kennedy. iD-Mass). Sen. Eugene McCarthy. D-Minn.t, is in the doghouse with the ruling lords of the party because of his extremely tardy endorsement of the 1968 ticket and some of his party-splitting remarks. He likely will not be asked to help raise money. As of now. Muskie and Kennedy are the most likely 1972 presidential candidates, and rivalry between them seems inevitable as the calendar moves on. Each has a great resource of strength, but each also has a mild manner. It could well be a low-keyed feud. Significantly, many demand that Nixon turn his back on the deep South which voted against him, but none I have read says he should reject the Manhattan Islanders who rejected him. The post-convention Nixon-Rockefeller shotgun wedding was an understandable political expedient. Indeed. I am sure Nixon is genuinely determined to try to keep his party together and pull our country together. And this will necessarily require some accommodation. My fear now is that he will listen to the concerted voice of his enemies to the subsequent neglect of his friends. It is because Nixon's historic image is "conservative" that the liberals are now making such a concerted effort to influence him. It will be easiest for him to yield to them rather than suffer the caco-phany of criticism which the Eastern liberals are able to mobilize against any who dare to oppose them. Nixon, therefore, is fcoing to need all the encouragement he can get to stand by what most voters considered to be his own personal principles. Whatever other interpretation anybody tries to put on the returns from the recent election, this fact is incontrovertible: liberalism was rejected overwhelmed by the combined Nixon-Wallace turnout! Even driving down the street, one is no safer. The city is crisscrossed daily with exciting chases between the police and outlaws, with both sides blasting away from their spending cars. Oh, there's one solution but how many of us can afford to buy an armored carforcommuting? I see no way out of all this. The police must shoot so long as the hoods do and the hoods will shoot so long as they have guns. And the merchants must protect themselves, since society seems unable to do it. This is just a complaint and a plea for a return to the guns laws of 1850. It's no fun being a target in a shooting gallery. The least authorities could do is give the decent citizen the opportunity to pack a rod and return fire. MICROSCOOPS They don't need a recount in Illinois. What they need is a re-vote, withanhonest count. You may recall that there weren't many Democrats yelling for a change in the electoral system in 1960. old . . . Now , 11-ID r XTRAORDINARY sion, which includes historians, authors, members of Congress and others. The Democratic party is almost $6 million in debt, the largest in political history, and prospects for paying it off before the 1972 election are gloomy. Nothing can be done until after the Nixon inaugural for obvious reasons, but Democratic fund-raising dinners are a must for next year. Still to be answered is whether the party, without the presidency, has star-quality politicians able to fill big banquet halls around the country at a $1,000 per plate charge. The price may have to be dropped to $100, and glamor nothing! They fought him ai the convention and they helped him not at all during the election. This year Nixon lost New York and most of New England by a greater margin than when he lost to John Kennedy in 1960. On the other hand, those conservatives who did deliver Ohio and Illinois and all those Southern Border States to Nixon those to whom he truly owes his election deserve much consideration. In recent days. I have heard and read so many seeking to convince the new President that he "has a mandate to adopt many Humphrey programs" and perhaps appoint Humphrey to his official family "because the election was so close." Rubbish. Mr. Kennedy "squeaked" in and nobody questioned his "mandate." "Nixon must shift to the left," another insists. The last time there was just a hint of a riot brewing, many of our finest, respectable, calm merchants appeared in their stores brandishing ev- erything from automatics and revolvers to shotguns and carbines. It's worth your life just to walk past a store these days you never know when you'll be caught in a hail of lead from inside. And if you're killed it won't make much difference whether it was a stray shot from the gun of a merchant, a hoodlum or a policeman. All one can do, really, is walk about the city prepared to drop flat at the first noise and use knees and elbows to make it to the nearest cover. LOW PRICES! I Sears p When conservatives lose an election, they rush to congratulate the victor, retreat to lick their wounds and wait until next time. When liberals lose an election, they "offer every assistance" and try to stake out for themselves at least one corner of the White House desk from where they exert continuing influence on the incumbent. As they moved in on President Eisenhower, they are now seeking to "assist" President-elect Nixon in his appointments and decisions. Traveling, it is difficult for me to pass a newsstand without perusing the editorial pages to see what issues are of most local concern. Inevitably I peek at my own column to see my name in print. Recently, characteristically, these columns have subscribed to the incoming President's suggestion that we pull our country together. But elsewhere on the editorial pages and in prominent national periodicals I read so many liberal pundits who already are hard at work trying to pull Nixon over into their corner. This is not intended as a criticism of my colleagues; I am criticizing myself. So starting now I'm going to be a little less pull-together and a little more pull-away from those sore losers. Nixon owes the Hockefeller-Eastern-liberal establishment Don Maclean FORT LAUDERDALE (AP) -- Stanley Everett Rice, a shutterbug murderer with the hobby of photographing naked young boys he molested, was sentenced Friday to life in prison with the recommendation he never be paroled. Rice, 26, an escaped mental patient from Massachusetts, had pleaded guilty Monday to the Mother's Day murder of Lowell Nelson Williams, an 11-year-old stabbed and blasted with a shotgun as he fished in a canal. He also is accused of murdering two other young boys, one in Ohio and the other in Canada. "I cannot impress upon you too strongly my feelings that you should never be released on parole." said Circuit Judge George W. Tedder Jr. as he pronounced sentence. The outwardly calm prisoner remained silent, hands clasped behind him and his head cocked to one side as is his habit. In the third row of the courtroom sat 10-year-old Kevin Politte, blond buddy of the murdered boy. Kevin had been critically wounded in the stomach by the same sawed-off shotgun that killed the Williams boy. Kevin's father glanced nervously at his son during the brief sentencing, knowing Ke re 302.) S. Dixie lUy. Wp( Palm Itrarh AND CO. It 5 Time To Let Citizen Arm To Protect Himself W twin 72" x 101" flat or full 11" x 101" flat r I Ilaito-ftt Sanforliod bottom Elatta-fit Sanforlitd bottom I PILLOW CASES r x u 2 FOR 97 J Don't stop to make the beds get down htn first thing fi 1 and stock up on this fabulous special sheet buy. Firm, a 133 count cotton, famous Nation-Wide quality that 1 I generations of Penney customers have counted on for Mr m splendid long service. Hurry, this value U fantastic! V JL bleached and finished Wi I STOCK-UP AND SAVE! Jt Santa Will Pay A Surprise Visit To Sears Today! (Santa will he at Scars today from I pm to .) pin and from 6 pin to 9 pm) WASHINGTON - Maybe it's time we forgot all this jazz about gun permits and just allowed ordinary citizens to carry guns to protect themselves as they did in the old West. There wasn't much law and order in those days either and decent people had to pack theirown protection. We've had an almost-unbelievable week here. The mind all but boggles at the wild upsurge in shooting and it makes you wonder if Dodge City or Tombstone could have been any worse than this. Merchants are shooting and getting shot. Police are shooting and getting shot. Holdup men are shooting and getting shot. And ordinary, innocent passersby are just getting shot. Without a chance to shoot. It seems hardly fair. Bullets are whizzing around all over the place and you get the feeling it would be difficult these days to walk around downtown without having to kick your way through empty shell casings and spent cartridges. At the moment Washington is the only battlefield in the nation without a historic marker commemorating it. Santa's on his way to the North Pole to make up his Imp; of gifts. He will he at Sears today to hear what the youngsters want most this Christmas. Bring the children . . . Free lolly pons! SKAHS-OPE.N 9:30 AM TO 9:30 VM MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY Penneys Open 10 A.M. til 9:30 P.M. Monday thru Saturday SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Sears SEARS, ROEBUCK

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