Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 26, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 4
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4 PAGE 6UR ' l' THE ALBANY D EMOC RAT-HERALD ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1936 Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Light of LATE, COMPLETE I NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS LAST 3 DAYS '7"(f) niW Just a short time more to t.ike advantage of the year's most sensational tm - "V Stf " values, in the sale created to help keep down your cost of living. Fred I I & i 1 I Meyer Days represent a sincere effort to give consumers greater values than I 1 I I ever before. Come down early to be sure of full selection and large quantities. I """t I g " All prices for Friday through Monday but subject to quantities on hand, I I M IT I which in some cases are limited. awJ IikJ LwbJ 1 o o - . Take clear tiny snapshots, 10 c. rolls of film, 3 for 25c. I I ?CW O V" Vf- mvmit on moklnic loliacro. Limit I ' , SUff&fiZi i I tlUJiix i.t ff ' " vJ I ; l aii Aa - , free - ' or Mechanical Pcnell feMl I J I . . fort5F'ti With iwirchaae at' two Wjf , " pRjgl I.Wc vuriium tin of 50 CIiUt- " ''--V-'- ?-yIC 1 klpjil-'u" I"'". I''l. l- l"l "n.l .xih-I. I M WOrW ficl.1 eimrrUna and Me Inlay mam "f MyjlCimliiin fivo hails ami mxt. K:1-- g ' ' l.'iirli Imkvlite t'iKrctto nihtf. Mailc for Fred !Wyer. until, I 13 l'1'A-d iw.i'it't clip and tip. Kull mum- iwn. jaB&th E-!l Choice of attractive patterns. rnrtior, Kuariinleid f;Val'''vt'r fl"''- f'ui" injint in nudium. , EC5 rxS'v IB J ' I I feSKrTll! "iir.-ie and line, t.rt e,, and black .ml ! .J3 WSR MJfe, Hi ! (St-. " " I ?! -flH. ciraled mat. rinlK. with i-ol.l plated 4Slr 3' wBaW JYlfla R I - - ... . . I Mfilrimniinii. I.unr.'.rn..l l,v f,. H M.....r Wi?mm IaTAiSA I I5C rhllip MflrriS Clf rla, 13c jUkV., 1 pig J5c;" KSSI'nade b, Wal.l Evemhar,,. f lh rurrbas. fC ' : Carter, of 200 cigarettes $1.23; k Spd or Har- V l.e ft.U (T, ."r' w. ::':VfrW ' Wyton Cigarette, at sanss price. ,:,' ' ' Omrjr && s., m wMf 3 tins 25ci 2 for 5c-: ; . wlzk&&&& Orleans. The roof of the house f on the Huddleston farm caught I fire, during the high wind Sattir- day but was extinguished with the i help of the neighbors before a , great deal of damage was done. A ; spark from the chimney evidently i set fire to the moss on the roof. ? Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Derry motored : to Albany Friday evening to at-I tend the spring opening. Mrs. Emma Denney and grand-; daughters, Eva and Dorothy, and ; great grandson, Roney, of Corval-L lis spent Thursday at the J. I. I Applegate home. P Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hulburl , of Tangent and Mr. and Mrs. J. O. i Andrews, Junior Hess, Cor km Hulburt spent SunSwy at Use B. A. Hulburt home, j. Mr. and Mrs. Gsas lifaiaessiaw mw-i tared to Salens Turaie? ami fi;e.si4 the day with his sfotso, lbs, Av $i. i Klug, aaa fowHy. s Frank Smith of Ms v.a ftaifi-r er tn the Bei.h'br-h0d' SaitrJia.y. ; The H'Uiburt sehoel was closed' last week, as the tractor, Mn. Hiilep, was'raei to he home 1 In Corvallis wi'l'h a. s.c-.ier.i? attok of tonsilitis. Mr. and Mr-s. J'. R.. Ear-wes aaeSl' t the H. , Holland' heme Shmt&av ; afternoon. Mr. and Mr-s. J'. 0. Andrews ; have moves!' to the ramfe Ewtes- p.lace; . Mb. m9 5fte'. J). . ft-maon ! loy.c;e' rand' 'Martlfa. Ess lepcniJ inunaa.y, Bit www a.isi. Iftve SpteGF fielgti'b'or.hoodt . Tde KMrev &ro.iies? wHl Shoot at te l:liultor-t mtkmi tfpioiuy afternoon'. The WHHmm foisw'CH' $t Kimfc te Mae CM. KifeW-sfcpn far.m Iarit weefc, fcuv-toa f6-K3' We far.m ton Mae e-K.g ywwt. , j. 'Mc'mBei of the MiiaJtar-t Rtoi Jioara. m'et- Wedwesdiay eventag n4 , .the E)Scr-for feoiwe ad efcet-: 'ed' M'ps. H'ic.F ais towteF fr tto ; looming- year. TWs wi'M be tor i ' sacs ef teaeUa n.t abb, igGhotol. JJi!. and Mrs. J. t. Applegate, Mr. tin-d' Mrs. Roy Applegate surprised 'Mlis-. Grace Hulburt Saturday (e,v.enirog-, as it was her birthday. R'ev.erend and Mrs. Blair of Al-bffny, w.ene Sunday dinner guests ,o;f. ,Mf.. awd Mrs. G. A. Bayne. sen TiJfigBnil.. Mr. and Mfs. Mi-si G're'M' emttrolsaitaeat a 8Fm.ii).) e friends' a.t t'h&ir ternse, tost Sotnr-day eAiewlna, t'biie emeu tonnortKfi 'Mis. A. R. Papstop, aw Haward a:enks A 7 e'etoote d'in-ner wac secv.edi a'tt'eip whMi bridge xrm 'E'lay.ea. 'Il'i'g Bplae sswes west to 'Ren's'. A. 'R'. Ferster, ad tew to Mips. JfesS' ffiwto. Geveps wrpp tew fnp 'Mr., awd' Mps. Bc-iwiis Cr-m.i.Q.r, erf 'ib.a'neR., Mr. aid Mrs. Fl'syd li-ight ef Kpa'ifl. Ktr. am4 Mrs. Howard J'en'los & Salem, Mr. and Mrs. John GreM, Mr. and R).rs. J.ns Gale, Mr. and Mrs. A. lit. rwahv, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. anti tto host and' haat'e'ss. Mir. awd Mpsv J?. E, iteisite,, femi'l.y sseM't Saaw mF. aa jshpsi laewRiB KtiFWi'itfi- 'ill' 'ueuu'raoi.!'. W'F. ad Mr. Burt aj"W mid Mt. aw Kb 1. RI. MrGtdre erf Mtoetay, aw. asl KHr-s. L. A. Mc Pher.r.e, awd Klips. Rfcwy MeMw ren of LtSBawam, wsr-p !&wita.y vi-itors ait ti h-swwe sif Rtes. Kwtiw aayior. Mr. ad RSps. Mk BSayKoM. and Mr. and Ktvs. Cmbev HucbhoUi of Spring-flel'd, RI-o., visited at tlx? home of Mir. ad Mrs. K. O. Kew-P:or-t. They wppc enreute ts ttoir hsmo, aift-GT vtoUheg tlw weetern l.tates-. Mps. . .. Vaadwwth a.d giothc-F, Klir-s. L. F. Sw.!'h fwitKi! WedBesd'ay '; J. K . Jmbs heme. Ktowiwir-f, Cwifcy Knjohlwfc a'nd K-r-v. J. ?'. :'.iy ctmt dy lust wee fkils at CX-gwH CHy. B"a.rbiiipa CiM-ciiwcw f MfaetM t-iiVed fricwd's- teff hw Sand'ay. Wir. ad Mrs. E. O. Newport, ji..! ..;.iasc-Bw.Cft.3 vi.s.ed at tKve hnw o-T EJ. nffld Kl'rs. N. M. Newport one d'.w l"ait week. J. E. Jcnks is hnvinK the Inside s5 bis grocery store painted and SiirnRlf.t'i'ly rcmorii'lpd. Ch-eeSa Thsao VUttfof Prktfo. Formerly 2ic Unguantimc 5op, how 2 bra for 15c 1.10 Houbisant Iiiekl cv Qvirkjue Flur buth salt 79 10c BeIP Camphor Ic, Cake or Stick foran, Sat. $2.50 Alert Electric AUm Clacks, $1.69. 50c Woodbury'. CattiU or Tar Ska,mio, lte caca 50c Woodfcury'. After SfejiYi-nj Ltiow, ISte fc-otV 50c WamJfcury'a Aknuattl o Lofton lc battle Palmolive Sod. Entr Contest! 3 bars for 13c. I Vsy r J florae factory bnsehwCigaira, 10 for 33c; $2.50 r t, . , - . value box of 100 fer $3.1. 5e MataI Cotter$ CfeP0'iIi D8 UlH At Frc.1 Meyer Vtoyi. W for Paltiiitef ..vv, . '.. Sole- irir. xiv,rz '1K. I ll EaW ' VT In- uihmI for ash r 23c ny; : Pipes w imckHKw (iiiMiirt nil nn out- pti-tv. nTf Ktt'ps riKirt'tlt-H nhuitcly gntl pfirk- JNT? Mf j; rt fl...m. I.i.l m.i tt rill- -a, Il,re "rlmcnt of shapr, nn.l I Kfi'n ttiwcli. n i - - ajaj aMarjp f'"'"ht. niiiiii- hy nmnt n tlit nui: Lul,'l-S?i"fiffl . W JS.iiSifclifiJ'' fiiniou pipt; manufiictuivi-a. M"" rtic&aS.-4 1 - i r JJrain spent the weekend visiting friends. Lebanon Lebanon Mrs. Merle Bogart and two children of Corvallis are out of town visitors at the home of Mrs. Bogart's father, Grant Lindley. On Friday owning the members of the Baptist church held the regular business at the church. At 6:30 tables were laid in the dining room for a covered dish dinner which was well attended by both young and old members. Miss Dan Oldham spent the weekend in Eugene as the guest of friends. New pluns for the coming year were discussed at the "no host" dinner attended by the faculty of the high school on Wednesday vini in the home economics Iwilding on the campus. Mr. Pen-Sr, principal of the high school,!jj;isl a plan for roll taking and anwral upervision which may be ai!.o(tl fc' Ihe coming year. Mr. MK'1 Wirs. D. W. Sivers spent several e!ys in rortlMid this week wtor tkey have biwi buy-i'g a setefe of sjootts fof ti bus-which Mr. Sivar i stab-li.s.iiM.g ?it Coquille. Miss Marabel Bradcn of Mc-Kri.i.w.ville spent the weekend at (!:.? Wikox and Mayer homes. Los'tw Partoifi has gone to Los A.eeles for t viwition trip to last absut tew doy JuOwi Wolf o f CoHKK, fusit., Mccompjiniad him m f;" m Stwramnnto ami vill m;.)w.1 a text iys at the ! of bis iiiii'.thor Iwi Si p'rasclsae. M'r. Pairtew pktm t sbf k .n lfram-efec EiJa iwd t!-e tw will drive boefc t Oram 4vqa4hM'. . M jirairniw I liftuir.s'dUvM. Mliiruls xs 5 i. k., Oui the Campuses; 5:Sin, ; :S, rffnm Led by Ur. K. W. Vmrb&m; , Dinrwr Cn-ft; 6.-1S, rrtlMd Bettrr Husi-m'ss Hureaw "SwbulkM! to S'liit"' 6:M, Farm "Wow !rm ac Information, G:45 Mrbt aiwJ crop reports od weatl-w forncast, 7 15 Hop ProHrnK; 7:M, Kdio Siwrl-hand Contest Prof. W. M. Vance-8 Music of the Masters; -$:15, United Press. J?pws. ' Fnlitluv. fllweh 27 B a. m., MomcKMikcrs' H(xir Manche LanWy, Federal Housing Admht.; 1, Music; 1H:15, Gwdifl HexHh; Hl-ao Rtoie; Eftlc School of the Ai Gti,-.i, 11 fh story wf Crewm, 11:18 Fets mi Af-tnrs, 11:3 Yh tocy of Music-ll:4fi, Jtfwde, IS, 5teo Farm Hour 12:8s Kews, 1S:1 V. X Bioloi-wi.l kmrfjr, 12:i) MjwfeK aiwrf crop pM-t iiwoij wwttkwr foi-ecast. 1 p. m.. Musk; 1:1S, iftVW oob: Maw; KSuaie; l:sn, jScienco S'torki; IM, Mus-ir; S, Lesson in Spii.isi!; j: is, Nnlc; S. ContinuinR t'duratien "A Challenge for Af-tw-Scta;4 Trrs" Mrs. H. H. LsB-bt, Ccrvllis Brunch, AAUW; ;, Bw4e; 3:45, The Monitor Vkw thd- Mews; 4, Musical Jftterhw; A:SW, Stories for Boys and lUffTKi. i H. m.. On thr Cimpum; n:0, Mse; Vespers Lird by Ki-v D. ViHcwit Gray; , Muic; :1,1, What Trutt Companiv li; ta tta-l:l, Httlf. of u,ji; 8:46, BIsH'tort mvi cuii rtxirts and wwrthcr fopiacftrt; T, Agriculturl Kecio,k:v; T:1S, "rlili.atim nd Cnnr of Lwii" G. K. Hysliy; T:, Bructe; The Amrrican Lciri; 1, Music; :15. We Write a SVtory A!vxnli,.r Hull: a:m Thr Mturirnt Forum;' S:5, Music; -:!, unlt1 n-ess News. OA O'CLOCK TONITE I PRESENTS ruraile.'Y Umrn l thi- fiiinri- :.-! ik. Nchr Irttm I to' ttmiittii. ;:VW-. ii,!..';.!'.!!,,.!.!. in ipji If.-.. 1 L $ T 1 25t f T av I 15c Flaxseed, m., . o ' 15c Flax Seed, 11!)., tic. o 5 TmaUa 7m4, Kitchen m. y H K. C K I I I V I asnssaw mm mm II With Purchase of 50c I POK BAST 10c Nursing Bottles, 3 8c Anticolic Nipples ftc 15c Hygea Nipples, 11c 50c Mermen's Oil, S3 25c I'yrex Bottles IT. 15c Gerber's Vesret. Be PONDS TOtLBTfttll 50c Face Powder, 2Su 55c Cold Cream, Sic 55c Vanishinir Cr. 51. 55c Liquifying Cr., SI. 200 Sheet Tissues c. Tsptlitriti '10c Giant Tooth Taste, 33c. 40o Giant Shaving Cream, 3jc. 50c Shaving Lotion 33 25c Shaviinr Talc, 1T 20c Lk. Tooth Powd.'lB My-T-Fim Products Shavinx Cream, rich father, jumbo tubes, For the world's finest slQve, milk of magnesia or mint flavored dental creams, large tube Xta. 10c Kitsir Kiftftw double edge, tested and guaranteed to Kive you your besi shave. 10 for 23c. House CIea- tide Johnson's Glo-C'oat, 4f)c 35c Krinklrtex Rubber Gloves , pair i:lc 50c Apox MotU Cake, 25 15c Glad-raK for silveiware, t S-07.. Wright's Silver CieamT O 0 Fred Meyer to Eive Derfcet Durable, full wcicht. made O Dept. (3 $1.25 Roller Skates 79c Chicken US OF16S ' 4' Home Remii Jt 50c AroiSatic t ascara. I! oz. 23c 2 lc Tr. Green Soap, .1 oz. lc. 10c Spts. TurpenWnt', i oz. 5c. 10c Glycerin K -'ii, 4 on. 5c 25c Spts. ( aniphor, ,5 oz., lite 25c Oil EucaVptuft. 3 oz. lite. 10c hpsoni Slt, Tb., 3k. 15c Sassfra Krk, -4 oz. 10c Pkg Buchu Leaves, 5c 15c Flax Meal, It)., c. 25c Black Psyllium, lb., lie 15c Blonde Psyllium, lb., 9k. 50c Glycerin, S oz. S3c 10c Gum Camphor, 1 oz., Sc. 50c Pt. Witch. Hazel, lftt. : 50c Pt. Olive Oil. 3tV. 25c Carbolic Ointment, IS. 25c Zinc Ointment 9c 25c Witch Hazel Salve 15c. 25c Camphorated Oil, 4 oz., 5&C 50c Mineral Oil, 19c 75c Russian Oil, ql. 43c 50e Pt. Cod Liver Oil, 23c 50c Antiseptic 15c. 50c Pt. Milk Magnesia, 15g Drjs C!cncr :!5c Knerpine Dry Cleaner, 23c . fttwr. Yt. Asso. Dry Cleaner, 19c. 5(V Kxpello Spot Remover 2Ste. Gallon Fred Meyer Cleaning Fluid S3c (container ex'r. 10c Twink Dye. 2 for iv. 25c Knertrine Ljrhler Fluid tlW. 10c Carbona ry CleiUt. 2 for tV - Fresh Pound : hJ ' n1 RfiluUly frtf with wuch puH- I rhitMc tif nmliurn nir.e LiaU""- I iiu Mnti.Mptii- at our -M-iy I 'wS ff?wA y - s If. I ntia' ilk pun liiuu y utnl peanut .letter, frh In our tlnylluhl candy kitoWtt. 'I'ln-y'rc tt-nlly rricp- iiml . rnnu'hy, jul rillid with Mimihi.m. Yuu'll imire iIkIiI nwny hnw murli Ik'Mit llit-y an limn llit .nilirnti v kintl, utnl yet ItN-y roat no fore The ki'l.liirt love r hit-ken Umh-s, atttl they're n p'H". heitlthfttl, tuinly tftHiil iHttinii niij muni lor llieiti. eKulnily Sfic Ih. it rhoetlnte me. vxilkm 'jtttu' inl fft kn, ?.V Miitoilftl h;:tttt '"! nml oihrr tlchi-iom ..J- n tveltivt. A n-l Innt f.r lor BH'rninn fei the Kuldton. iMhtSc .adtr ftaskeU . WH 1 t OSc each 29e Miule Willi freshly roasted whole pecan nuts, fresh cre.nwi-) linlli'i iind rream. Our own blend nvuict osjr Mr.Nican C'hvf different. liegular t!!lf 11). and worth i! ' MmS Capidhm 10c lb. f?igbty$ ort.l typo. rhill.-J 50, Valan "' '' "i"1 '.".li):)S Satin finish eniliiies." reyiiliirly 13 lb., and worth much more. . 2 lbs. for only 15c. MIS gefi mm EttMpS) IS lh o I' i- r. I h.-r. New! o Matched MaWUp Ki 55 M,. eltu matchrti make-up kit. ri niHiti tit in '-oui turd ftii."? K'wirer. Ml lick, rmitf, tji' luitlew mid ntncira with bruntv S-eiiall e;i fer reh C 10 vUie. o Tan nis Racquets 69c Jrjj J! i I I! i t3: Crystallized spiced midgets, ch item euura d by otisfacuon and lone wear. fiom pure rubber. , SI. 00 Thrift v. 1 i J Ic Rfafef s Mit& 12 pin (jCJc fruit flavors, lbs. 25c. lime, wintcryrcen, mints. oranjje, w-mi 2-(!t.(1)'iVater Bottle. 59c. fii;f ThrnVt.v.f-Syit. i nibination Syringe, 79c. v,l'tppermint, bpoanmnt. violet, cherry or chocolate flavored ,.fU TIIIRSDAY niplit U IJ. n A1etn.lor 1.00 ;l hnfty. rtit.U?tintain Syringe, 59c. I I Sl.0i.2wiit. My-Te-Fine Hot Water Bottle. 79r. Ll J &M on the radio. Tune in liis "IMIy. am V. wood Talent VOUIIU lnrs of tllr Fiffli)'Av:enue) 2 ,nt. My-Tp-Flne Fountain Syringe, 79c ?2.0,0 2-iit.1 My-TeFiiie Combination Svrinpe 98c. "If'i.OO Fifth Ave.,f2qt. Hot Water Bottle 98c. w "S2.00 Fifth (.Al'o:)-2rqt. Fountain'.Syrinire, $1.19 (?2.o0 Fifth" AVe.,(-2.qt. Combination Syrintre $1.29. 'CH,t' clialt.r uliout ruiiiin movie ft.ifc'. Tap your feet to the nri-nt tlibaje t'a. Cbcla,leS)o Music. Laugha. Tlirills. (At fnllrtrj 45c Flashlight" I'be km.l n f chH-nlat (hut nn- i in i-amiy tevttu Ki-li cttdui mt Ittttter. wiii-h t uliv of fiehne, tH"- III fteh tlt inn mrnt'rnit tun t-l etilv tn f4iitlit ihut wln-n mh. A liuf xviM tmi nt i. rnnti4. .-h.-i-. mint. l(Ue. k) 1 tiui lfctrt i 1 iXi;mi., All parked in a Wmt-Conut prognoot I'sp.-cinjlv for you. You're sure to like "Hefty veMN) Ttt I'araile." You'll like KelloliR'g Cfci Hgtfeti hreakfaet tomorrow too.l'lieite ri., ot.imm liy flakes of nouriahmenl arc always read- M rrk-up a morning appetite. Buy a pucknge from your grocer. Made by Kr lltrg in Battle Creek. TUHE 111 TONITE 9:15 (SfL KHQ-IICW-KOMO.KPO.Kri-KOt.KDrl.KTAII -r v II I I (fJ ll P-.tiium i . 1 At M.r ( ntj VfO-KS NOSE DROPS 1.00 Size 50c Chamberigin's HAND tOTION 27c r r n 1 ?C Ctrt'tHtA Hntn ITALIAN BALM 63c awe rinr i 50c w Worthy Mineral OiVc .Aspirin, 5-grglZ's ( BURMA SHAVE I ! 28c 15c t3lb. Jar 29c o 9 I I 1 . 1 H ITT

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