Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 26, 1936 · Page 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1936 Visitor in Albany I George Peckham from Medfoid Flames Add to Heavy Toll of Pittsburgh Flood was among the business visitor NOTICE TO CITY SUBSCRIBERS If your paper has not been defcvoaee by your Albany car- j SATURDAY SPECIALS WPork Hearts, lb. I spending last night in Albany. , Too Late to Classify Classified advurtiaements on Thursdays must be in the office '"'yoj) a.-m. tn be run on the a-Mtm Visitor . 12c 25c 30c E M. labhrbou.-h, Fhone 718-Y'! classified page. Advertisements Tomato Pork Sausage, lb. ...... Fine for that Sunday breakfast Side .Bacon, lb Roy Frazer of Salem arrived in Albany last evening on a business trip here. " and a copy will be delivered by special carrier. Report all other Complaints to the office, Phono 15 The -'Albany Democrat-Herald . ,. i received between 8 and 11 a m. iThurtdayi -will appeal in this column. The full cliivtluri and market paeiwill-be fnirvl, "cxt-lo last page in today's Story Appears paper. '.Trooper TNT," a new yarn by Charles Alexander of Albany, appears in Headquarters Detective magazine, now on the stands, Nice and lean by the piece We arc giving away a HAM FREE Saturday at 4:30 p. in. Ask us for details VERLE MILLER'S C. & C. MARKETS East Side Free , West Side Phone 527-J Delivery Phone 62-J U NOTICE CALK & MONTGOMERY, WHO ttloC'AIS , are advertininir in thin paiier tor worth-l-laaalionieii-and cowH..ani in no way con-! with my place. Cecil Montgomery, mlt-ai Dr. ' Perriffo Dies Mrs. Dick Muller received word today from her cousin, Star E. White, of Mound, Minn., that their aunt, Dr. E. Stella Pcrrigo, aged 86, died at Mound yesterday LOST I PR. LADY'S LACED BOOTS out of Ford car. Return to Linn Co. Relief Office. .Reward, r m26-27-S THE "WEATHER Oregon ami, Washington: Unsettled and continued cold tiyVght and Friday, frith, showers n"est portion a dlocii snows rJn oast portion .and local., snows, in east CharMMM tHmd Wms morning. Dr. Pcirigo was the sister of Mrs, Muller's brother and had visited at Albany, spending the winter of 1912 at the Muller home here. Dr. Pcrrigo was a graduate of the Hanneman medical schoolfln Chicago, in the class of 18U4, and had practiced medicine in Pipestone county, and strong northwest wind off coast. Maximum temperature yesterday locally 51 'degrees.' Minimum temperature last night 0 degrees. Rainfall .03 of nn inch. River 3.6 feet. .Charmion Hool. daughter of Mr. IGA GROCERS and Mrs. Krvin Hod, won the vocal medal contast, conducted for children ktkwaen tfeie aes of 5 and minn., continuously thereafter. 7, at the United . Presbyterian Oatr O-Voi f ree , Dteliveey Telephone -43e asjid I'M SiuacHal Dwltverios on Bqaest 9 At Local Hospital Jersey Club to Meet Members of the Linn-Benton Jersey cattle c$ib are. to hold an alt-skiy meeting next Saturday at ShesM. William Toutseh of O. S. C. church Morxiay ght during Mrs. If. Buckholtz. of Albany un projrara jivan for the benefit of derwent a major operation yes- taw m. 7. u. ClsiWren's farm home. luruay ai me AiDapy Ueneral hospital and Mrs. Alfred T. AOstin, also underwent nWonsilloctorra,- at the same hospital yesterday. Charmion sanf "Who Ever Heard of a lVr Old Horse. Judges As waters ol the Alleglieny River rose to record depths, flooding cities and towns with a heavy death. toll and terrific property damage, a six-alarm fire raged in the two-block plant of the Wavcrly Oil Co., five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. Smoke Is seen tolling up in tremendous billows from the plant, following tjlast after blast of oil drums. Firemen Battled waist-deep in water to quell the blaze, " Vm ettv.e Artgrati nitiirhnty. Cnnlom hni A 1 0 1 Sni'.. KiH. Hi xniH un nftiro urr.c tfiirr- 'rt'.ii,-,, hai'nc ..A TL. t. ...l , ' " "-" " - , I" -J " "lie IM and W. S. Averill of Kenton county ae each m lb? piGg-ram for prac-Wcnil tas. Tbe'rwemib'ors aire being Hfflti'ficsl by mall fey l-tewwer Shelby, seon&fay-l(asfjr.w f thte ctatfe. lil-i-s. W. T. mttutta of Albany is Soerag aicw days in CorvailiMs t ihe home of KftvaM Rtrs. M. L. Mask. Rirs. tfiekois vcecMitly tair-ncat heme com 'ssiS'ltecr-w CuU-iw.Ma aoMl Klici, o were uw uoaiay, Mrs.. Roy Wor-ley and Lural Burggraf. The reward was a silver pin, shaped as a lyre, which was preseattad by Sirs. Lenai Niarv vice-president of tiw local W. C. T. U. iilro wwe Miller, jr.: Elaine Widmer, Patrieia MsJt, Jan and Roee SaWy Mar- fhi; Seaafc'Ll Creax ill ... auauuin ui m- viving are tuo widow, two sons, . co Jan. io, iuod, at lull American : horse barn, tony, tinder the directum of Mrs. five daughters, his mother and a h. venue. Long Beach, sh a book- the university did not report wZSSS? re af'TstlPB the un" lter.-The mother is Mrs. M. A. I keeper mimed George Stringer, . its telephones by buikhrass, -1 tor .Wiaeeafeoes of Lebanon in a Knmn fjidmip nnH tim nisior ic t i,. n o..r,i,i ... T.j ...1.1..3 .t. j:..:, " , '? ' . art aVgor Set rata wary PbtavJ M IS l)ibe prapaim lo bo given in the Mrs wina K. Parker, also of Eu- quarters marager, came along. He land hl 58 phones and 13 ex- js still with the organization Ik., et f. nan in L,cbnon on Sat- gene, urday' aftanwnn, March 28, at 2 tensions in .thiee 'biukUavjs. t9L i$ p. im., It was announce tsstay, Americni, I'imt'nto, Swis, iiek', Anieftcavn Clements said the first bank account was opened in the Citizens' Slate bank. , Never Collects) Fnwls 'V)mgQ at a4rmit i.'3tm'(il lwifrM F-r-i., Apr. 3. 0M ftftRB'i ITA,rT 'PODAT'S -STOCK, " GRAIN MARKETS There were about 20 employer) when the organization moved "to! (Continued from Paito Onel tuis anel ViAi La ITillard. .The bfwrfit urcejraim Cefird with mi organ prelude lay Prof. Jwwt-al A. Miller of Albainy eoUae. atev. i. K. PaUeeaoti (oresMaed over the openinoT akvetiaeial aerviee, and Mrs. Hajpruui tiwrvicfl tkve re-maJ.rd of the proajtaan, which included a play "Our Career" ky the kooo- saeisy of Albaaay hih itckwal . undar ,d-wtkjn of Mrs. Charlaa ChiWi; the vocal lwalal eonteat; violin loioc fcy Mrs. Sven Mr. and Mrs. Arlle Aiwta'BMi attd' douHMer of Brownville, fsr-mer resWcnts O'f Albafty, a nwiv-hK t'haj Rcr! from their general mepetKHHKise stor at Kirowrvsvillw, to SilvertoM, whffo Mr. Ancte'som ,'G. A. Ayre, secretary tmmter etf tl Ceg9B PatiKc aaMCKMisH, ws in Albany this forenoon to eefeV with a gFeup of buainess msm r-s-Barire hifhwiy woHl in IM sk- day that he had never made any ''ftmakwMMiiUl stud of economics" In CMinectloi with the $S(ff-a- Los Angeles on Dec. 1, 1934, when an account was oupned with the Security First National bank there. Oioiy: much did you deposit from ail sources 9f the Townsmtd I're'Pawaval Sk m-mt kaakiJVj.iaaaaajat will Hn a lartec store. When i ."a.. owiv-i wirwr j'n .. , . - Tiaa AlbwiY Mr. Antlw..! mM. Kmm ?" o0 MAKKETS AT A ef..aj By United trMm Stocks irregularly lower in lar selling. Bonds fluMt irrmulM'. Ctufe Jm-fularly in w4-crate trarinx. Cill mofwy 4 f 1 p,. oaftt. Foraian excha' ritrs Inwvrr iiuii. the Citic:C Stoti iait n-Mwurf.'!' af tk J. . Pmmt J?0 yu llw diffirrence be- movemeni bank until you moved to Los An- Kkainen: a recitation by Jerry j Co., store. twtn ecoiwm.v and political rcon I only?" astoed Sullivan. ata9 Giaiaaliaai Lee Miiilter, .wawiaar f ft-eilver medal in a nmatal. eatiaoit tirm unofl- geVes?" Sullivan asfted. Ch'menls spread out a ywliowi O "I ekm't know ttut I 10," CVwi- The Women erf Mine Wrtise twill ets replieal cnart snowing clapo.sits in tiw: trwrifs weak bold their rexuUr metin Vridur LmMig tornvrt Vtn earn Long Beach bank of 43.!5 'Dr. Cruscm of SM Ptoww traneaeted bvsnws anl vlsittfl friends in AWaaiay ye.(.ily. fe rjfrtinlly rturd frcm tke ewlern stages wr h h4 bran calM o account of the le',h of His falor. CtXlKi alwhtly' hihT. alireetaon af Mri. ratteraon Thursday nijht durinf the prayer meet-in bowr tA. Ua Utisal:Veaby'ai-i.-ian hureh: a recitation by Luella e.vcJ.x hi the Wobhc tianayk?, it jn'Wfe tnl! an4 cliufiinc anrf un ' ftufcU-r alightly lowrr."- diiring the period Sullivan asled wlwthwr thei-e iw ainIilI..I.RCM. 1M.C KltHe SSSWM rn naiTus lie lesiliwa, is to omen at 8 n. m. Ctemcwls sd thatolie huri me a wsre any revenues or contributions collected at the'onx Beach eMailpa study of the 1onscMl rT:w . Twk, ; Mareh -Tli fk ?'or mt MattHwn 'Apt. oer Clltliord Sluo. Uiiutee .t kI- UiGcca Clams t ! office, which were not deposited itwk market ran into il last hour before the oftiee vis trais-i'ral 1 aclling iiurry today - that erawd Jacobs, second place winner; a playlet trewi 0hlo?lry two hih school koy; a voeal Wrs. W.'K. AueaHirer. acsaaM.psuiiajt by Mrs. Varna JehiMtcn;. presentation of Inc vocal corniest mial - and kawdatriian ky JSay. Ta.V.ieo. The fra-'ill sfferimt t(aled alt, whiA will kaf (evG8d to defraying espettaMe af eonaiurtiR tlw fetf-m- Iwaw. to Los Anaalas. majit of an ly Mvxnee which "I don't know how mueta but ! had carrircl tint indvaariaJ avar- lUmMO m Tiiaiiti pK-in and of opinions of econwrnvts Mtriiwet D. (Mavons, juipliawar ii or uthritis. of Mrs. Vara Stcvcvs ! JUmiy Mi l Mi all Ml a.nd'ulrt A. Milhit, Mi of Mrs. ' sdilsd that ;hc hmi . rnl Wllltann .Pollak al -AVkany, were trt)s on the ability sf the na-naM-aiaul Suaaiiy Mining at Vuu- tim to r.(hlco id ' MMKnc, coaiver, Wash. They were ak-oaaa- but admitted that he had never ftrn'mi to W!iwi b.v, Mr. aad Wadiaw. any t'xtliuos on ccwiobi- I. G. A. i unaerniooa or- io.iia: luat 1 aM witlwn shik ina !i,t.m... of . live-year' hajh. Ii)w-rww - pratimiiirT ' c)i H. LaschlBfjsr of InAamiakMce spent last niht in irftwny m a gtwrt of Kaywcuwl Mneiahy. e is sWiMg movi to MVmy o rtke his home. . s. Mavry ' IImms tol at'. m es or uxuooi uoiore it Ton- raat-iwti some dcaftitions and had old saiaae parVhlats," Ik; e.fJin- eH.;. "TJeie was some moajey gtaii-at in - and sonte exiO'ndikva es awJt I don't know how much, Pcraroa-ully, I have never collected any money nf this orgaiiiztTakn."-.." '" shotaM wiriustrial H7.T5 orf 0.15, railrosKl 7.S La a la. utility 31.l !' O.frS. tnd plan's C(XicDtiii Wis. H. B. Bland of Albiny. 3-araw aaVaKat CI Of' TAMES we ivish to mum wr Volcime nipro3timta.( 1,to,WX) ihares cornaiMad with .l.fW.u) ' f hares .veerd:iy. Curti sVs waw iX,W() shara euwjrMl - wKk '447.OU0 shares yestarday. ., Mttaai Mux--- -' B. N. Jewett, . i M; M. . West, J..L. WricM, L. C. O. O. Munsntwr ukI Utyd CiarraM of'PorHd W nint in Al bany. . ... ,f()arr.sir .) kterbera, Britith Somolilaid. m Arab U.tws sunit in tkc 1J Sa wrkf r an warouKtar wih a aritint flfr!fish. ' The jiant sworSh rarely -sacn, kit it is known" and -feared. Its umuiI weieht is 20(1 or ' StiO pounds- gratiluak. to our many friaals for tl.' irMlnc.i il symftaiy o-tendtl to uh in tmv rtcsnt sonow for tlc my loely riors. mas Mrs. Esther P'rry. 44aV el,M9 aauki .fCntii4iu( fiam I'hkv One Miltomt Allows lor .ie w ' Mf "ii-ii S I Jtas slunipod tt4 nt Hurley's ut'g. Store. 2 13,Ja.- aailes, a-!,flia); wire, 213, 'Pluinview, Murch 2U. fc'uiwri'il services wim-p hptH Lw-.t-ip .... . . t w.r, repeaters, SS70U. 1 He hud fMk)wt4 statiMics d aKrnMnt reports closely and lud i- "a dtilittnt search" 'lor data on transaction taxes, he said, but caily aar tka Ham's iiataai. sa.iil he iAi- atyMiaWd ce4legc. Dr. trancis . 'fovniMawt first nawroajahaiil lifln nbaut the plan in CXtolwr and rOVinknr, 1IKI3. He said Townsand hari biaan "in" a alwy k'ily raatl astatv -tare, in i'kich he aoiliciyatflal hut amid ,thy aera M)t associatad in i Thew ww: w.wii lalt and "bn-(4.yim(x xaut" at the idau jif the old ait iwrMiaws awlwaun himself and Townsund between the fall of llftl anat January, lailt, vhiti i plan was incorporated, ho said. Asked if he received ":) or $l,(ti),) in connection with his Midway City raal estate ventures SFE CI AL Uki4 ir. IIM j 1 t,: m .aU JdourouvHis . of Knuaap tin ' vnt.,..,.J. ,w Ti..i.u An ti.T. The slate plans to coainact aaith iK1 . y nondin. a,, j... 1. 11,;".:'..:vv"",.""j. '-"-'.v. Wi)ti on tnr bo.i'd of a.. today, Out rallied to clo' narrowly around tle .revki cacwv krvels. At, the ujose May wheat was down !W caeit, while new erraj.s were 1 to V cent hiakcr. Cm fin-irJwvl S- wait k-ifhwr, cia4j were uiwhfined ko V4 hitai' and ije Ckwd 3-8 kwav;.' ncling business and . visiti(f I rerry was born My 4, llM, nvar iiiends. t Peoria. He married Esther fun- the taclfie Tolepiuaie A Tekanruph lompany's lines, and other com-munti.'Otions cwnyanars have ready offiaicl to lt the itxae use CaJlaara Ameawaaa - ' Waaaaaaai'a Maaaaa) Caaa)aaaataaa 2' ( IM tieicaat Q ' CUm ' " ,fa - a'-...... . rv Da Caaaaa,aa HW their rtaes. Wt'Colloah said liuaarll's ra-awrt revaaiUi the slate's lek'ptwaw ot for the first tim. rsmr? Aimk'at Fifke Uo.ti.Wn ai All Three for .only . . . .... . TH18 BEMT'lfUl mm A80 mm set wm mm tat Local service lastiear cost S51.- 6381 and Ion distance :12.II3. aiain olwces had the bUuest nanr Lon Vach, Clemawls said hea. t alawm v4 (mmt George Caldwell, lacing 11 drunken driving chain', was admitted to $150 bail in jus cwtirt yesterday. Bond was furmshed b.v Mrs- Helen CaldwWl ara. . T. A. Edluilm, whereiipiwi We case was continued to give CxMwell opportunity In procure counsel. Maaakb eajaa vaal S.5e New aiasl rtiwwal n-ubax-riintioris t auUioriiaed ublisarra' ; prices to all ataiii t fnow e.ieaiy but it was mire than M. bill. $27,231.51. Portland departments paid $22.8.5. Next biggest were Uiegon State college, $12.317. at); University of Oregon, $11.3,14 4.'). It was arauaakt out thfl, who was Interested in the HUtlway City afavtlaiimtait, had bewi relieaed as a:fistanlOtned.ical examinm- oJ Long Beach in 133, vxwm rw.x s nmot Surveying Uw Iwo iwhools. en gineers found 32 telephones at I'aj' collide and 117 at the univrr- f iw'MH'e the plan was oQtamzed. 7Qt Clements ek'iiied Sullivun's i- sily, 215 Lyon St. Allrany, Ore. Special Communication St. Jon ns. IakIkc No. 17'A. r. A. M. Friday evaattaut, Au.rt'h ieri.ce Hint the orKaiitzatio-n s btuaks, 4r to ,liy 1, 135, were nn 'iMiinllligi.latc "at'ss." Noted 011 .the colk'se teport were 64 lolephimex in tl agriculture biildin.!. 11 each in tile poultry and dairy buililitiLS, two Freeih, Cw'-saa 1 lie nooks are not and nevi v a mess," Clements each Rous Sfampoo Tint in a new greenhouse and 27, 7:30 P. M. Vjik-roil .p-prentice lsiiw. Uht .Jte-freshinents. A. E. MCaftNtMG. Worshipful Master. S Lb. 2 Given G'ywn bLsaiw a a0lliM(il'-i!ia, inn 1 1 in in iiuuuw mmi -Pim .-1 L.L , L i se I ' ' Six' THIS I-KMaTY "AT Jt)!11f!" MAftIS l)W01t ijiH-.'i'jil J TMhniaa that alt AJliiil . . . r : ' : r4tLrab,a PATTEfiei 2644 J i No two ways about it a worn-man just can't be comfortable at i sills roe uiss 14 i Her work, at her gardening or baby tending unless she's dressed for iv She wil bo and you, too, in as serviceable and charming 5000opk Her WUI Bb Enormously Enrcrtaiaj fey 0160M HlkL B I L. L I BS Will May at KJOO?B BALL (Albany) Sotdigbt, Marcb 2S New An (Oil Parnuantijit - - - BiSMifeoe) laamt .ftaaaaaV Sfeaaa Silt in Cavnsakaaa an ' at home" frock as this, minus j the frills and furbelows that hin- ' der mid catch when one is busily 1 engaged. It's made in -Jnublo-' quick time, too, ns yoWl soon ! iaaa) mtS hn&m. S. WttfOf M I! Lar rnw aa HaanW ... IT H learn, for Anne Adams, your designer, has taluded Step-by-Step Sewing InstiSaf lions to guide you. Cutting yokes and sleeves-in-one is a grand lime-saver, and you'll live the roomy skirt and handy patch pockets. The sleeves flare when bands are omitted. Choose a fast-to-sun (t,fast-to-suds cotton. f H)eW eWta, 2 Kite. nct you 11 enjoy long wear with I 45 this. Pattern 2ti44 Is availabl PCTab ScalDCeSb Pure Pork Seasotied just Qg in (WJ$y W Three Proportioned ' 16. 18. 211, 32, 34. 36. 38 411, 42. and 44. Sue 36 lakes 3W Chiffons io fit tne L Toll. trKOSmall Sift V&H&MW and the Average 12 Bi Acts -12 Professional Players -J - THE old 'Age pension ARE YOU FgR IT? ARE VCD AGAINST IT? , By All Means See This Play of FUN DRAMA THRILLS 4 -BG SHOWS 4 Saturday-Sunday 2:30 and 7:30 Daily mm RING FREE Rfstit mixture for that meat loaf BACON, lb. Sugar Cured by the piece afa II I . and we will slice it fr CRecVersG-d yards 36 inch fabric. Send FIFTEEN CENTS 05c) in1 coins or stamps (coins preferred),) for this Anne Adams pattern. THIHTY CENTS (30c) for both. Write plainly name, address and' style number. HE SURE TO STATE SIZE. I lie sure lo order OUR SPRING PATTERN BOOK for smart new clothes that'll fit you and your' needs to a "T"! (Jay, practical : flocks to cheer you at work. Love-i ly party frorks and sports clothes i lo flatter you at play. Collars., blouses, skirts (or multiplying costumes. Chic slenderizing stylos., Patterns for tots. Fabric and ac-. ceasory news PRICE OF ROOK FIFTEFN CENTS HOOK AND A PATTERN TOO ETHER, TWEN-' TV-FIVE CENTS. J Address orden to Democrat -L HiUfUa, I'uUuu Ucy.u Uncut. , FASHIONED i f Beautiful chiHons thai are "made-to-measure J. . VwKethc N:?ur hcisht is petite, averse, or statuesque they will go to any ffttaths RceVersed Fashk-iccJ - and ths to at you. Strut-mos are t i evquisite Run-Resist Lace Tops. to fit you. Stn ios are U 1 ( 2644 Matinees . 15e!IScv ' ,, . -a now in. wrder from us and you are sure of No. 1. quality , lowest possible price. ARMORY Kveabura 15e, 25c. 35c TO '11 Pab J OEMOURAT-UEKALD WANT ADSIUNG RESVLT8 9 . CQ) .

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