Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 25, 1936 · Page 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1936
Page 3
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THE ALBANY D t MOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, t)REi30N PAGE THREE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1936 did, but it wasn't Bill she was thinking of. She was thinking of u young man with brown eyes be cators Are Doing; 1:45, Music; 2, Less in Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30, Home Garden Hour "Bulbs" 5 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, Music; 5:45, Vespers Led by Dr. E. W. Warrington; 6, Dinner Con Dr. F. P. McWhorter. plant path- favorite cafeteria. The little table they favored, in a corner shiow-ed by the balcony was vacant. Toby set a plate ot chicken" arid noodles and-another of perfection salaii-on the red-and-white checked table cloth, discarded the tray and looked across at Bill. She said, " think I'm going to ologist, aroRorT-State-Colleil''; Jr45.-Tress Entered at Albany, ureuon. pnetoffiee as iecondeltw vmiL. .Member United Preu nd NBA New. Service Established 1866. Kdilors' kritl t'unlisher I,. Jackson antt R.! R. Cronisr' Music; 3, The Club Woman's Half Hour "Intellectual UufldeiV Bernard Hinshaw. Associate Pio- r: ports and weather forecast, 7:15 lessor of Art; 3:30, Music; 3:45. Hop Program; 7:30, Radio Short-The Monitor Views the News; 4. hand Contest Prof. H. H. Vance; Musical Stories; 4:30. Stories for 8. Music of the' Masters; 9-9:15, Boys and Girls. United Press News. Boy Scout or Y.M C.A. retreats, nevertheless the spiritual welfare of their occupants is by no means overlooked, and 'educational facilities well fitted to their purpose are provided tor the men in each camp for application when they are not engaged in trail and road building or in establishing recreational facilities t the areas where they may be situated. A recreational guide for the South Santiam forest area, recently issued, reveals something of what has been accomplished by the civilian conservationists. SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BIT CARH1ER On year. . In advance 18.60 OO Sis month., lit4' advance ..33.75 One month, tn advance 60 BY MAIL . Llnn. Bento, liftrion. Lane and Llneoln eountlaa. neath a jaunty giay tell a youn; man she wwj never gmn; 0 Set ;ain. ui course, .u u.u iu... .i.o slightest difference luby tuied her key in the loc. dr.a went inside- Krom the open .,.. ; door at the end of the hall the rooming house keeper's voice call- ed, "That you, Miss Ryan?" "Yes. Mrs. Moeller." The woman appeared in the door. "There a message for you. Came just a little while ago." Toby suid, "Why, how in the world !" and reached for the slip of paper. (To Be Continued) Wednesday, March 25 5:00, On the Campuses; 5:30, music; 5:45, vespers, led by Rev. A. L. Lonsberry. 6:00. Dinner concert; 6:30, Ore- Clnlo r.l-nnun- A-'lfl KOAC Radio I Program An Economical Home Rciiiotlcliiig Plan One rear, In advance ... Six months, in advance . .. 13.00 ... i.ts ... 1.25 . . .50 Three months. In advance One month, in advance Hp Mia II Msewhere In U. S. A. One rear, in advance fix aaaatbs, . in advance 15.00 . 2.76 meata, fa aHvakce otca .50 .05 Per eogr, ea tralas an newsstanes In ordering chansaM at address subscrir. era abnuld al n.w give oid as well aa ne aaluatt) Bailr Except Sonesys Wee DateCMlt'Beaall Publishing Co., Inc. ladkaandlaat Afternoon Newiissavr !. C. AbrtnOasa A Ce taa IBsMtnmHalvea. rOMWfl VMS CP' her.fHour, 6:30 Things Seen and Done Now, with favorable ImiMiiiK conditions lirrvniliiiK ami limit motley available, It ia IIihmI biisinraa for every home) ownermlio' can to put hiit properly lii repair? Such an liivt'nlniriit not only enhnneea the comfort anil livtiliiltty of n home, lint it mills to itifvalito anil gullibility an well. . T1i mx ni:ps ; IKvy Our ltiianc Modernization i.onn plan is n -low coat convenient inelhoil eiiuliling "loinm awiaMiM la rcsMo.i l uml roaijair llaavir iriauntM'8. It In aiAiiai for periods u o 3 yeara, re)siiiel iai nioiitldy pnyinc ntH, at reninatuMiff MtaawHt ralea, ut ninoiiiits from SIM an iSHV. Coanplelo oKiruila finUl law lilnaly fMrmlMilaaiil, Alvw anA nawist M,r Woo-t-giifte Loxtu jnlnta. J. C. Irvlane, Mauagcr cte. sst Mm $acrrmnnl alans to continue maintewan of CCC, camps shouM be elcomed by k'ul roslakajia if fatly l'e) of the v3rlt vhich the CCC con-tinajents have done nff are doins in Linn countv. q The civilian consaVvatios) corps O has Ifcen criticized severely and from majny, quarters, but the severity and sources of criticism have waned as the institution has tcome better organized and better understood. ' Frti the national standpoint the corps has provided an outlet Air the energies of underprivileged youthif large population centers who might, but for this opportunity, become liabilities to the nation. It hrfs jiven to thousands of young men w(go otherwise miglit have been doomed forever to confinement between towering walls of bjiildirggs the chance to - see mountains, forests, .gind streams, and to live fmong vnem. No one can loru) remtin in communion wits nature without becoming a better mn. SJaanayhifc thase CCC boys are contributing each a sftare, to the welfare of their fslIowren and to posterity. To tp(e such contribution and to be conscious of iiioftint! it cannot help also contribute to (jjplf-bettermen of the doer. Officers of CCC companies can Alliaiiv li ra it i oit Hue IJiihctd Sla.ilivs NatioiKil lliink OPPOSITE POST-OFFICE Kt'Pid Office, Port'lam, Oregon ' ' MF.HBRR P R II R R A I. IIKPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION have a chance to pose lor some really important pictures next week! I was in Tone & Raleigh's studio this afternoon and they practically promised me ' She went on, relating the day s adventures except, of course, the encounter with the young rrtan on the bus. Bill was always interested in everything Toby did, the places she went and people she met. 'Say, he said, "thats line! You are getting on, Toby. Heading right for the top. Didn't- I tell She diun t notice as she talked, important names rolling glibly from her tongue, quoting figures that would have seemed enormous a few weeks ago, that Bill had little to say. Once she asked, What arc you working on now, Bill? Anything new.' "Same old chores, Toby didn't ask questions. She remembered something another girl who modeled had told Iter, luuiiLiitru imu lilt; imiKiuvc. They finished the evening with a movie. Vt was a picture starring Norma Shearer, ond Tob-, intent an the scraan drams), could not toi let that the glamorous heroine once had stood, even as Toby Evan, before the camis of i.m-firercial photof r3her. Of comae Toby waan t dreaming: of a Hoi-lywowl clrser. Nothing that. Still it was exciting! Thea too the subway nome. Toby diefi't need to rise early the next moraing, but she gnaa.- that Bill did. The light lj-om a street lamp sluaie down on them as they d before her roomiua house. Toby suddenly noticed Bill's coat. It wasn t an expensive tweed, nor was it cut on smart lines. It was jst an ordinary, two-ycar-olgj) coat. Bill looked well, a bit shabby. Skhe'd naver thought abuut it bafore. She said acudniiht than. Slie looked over ier shouldar from the t. amiliit thettiuHy Ii iglt-co i i i pre he tolff it. x , ST Si F'J m: Floyd Mullen; 6:45 Market and Crop Reports and Weather Forecast; 7:00 F. E. Price, "Management of Electric Brooders"; 7:15, J. D. Miekle, "Need of a Better Nomenclature for Food." 7:30, Music for the Strings, Clara Chapman, Catherine Jordan and Carol Yocum; 7:45, Municipal Affairs, "Problems in Connection with Service in Rural Areas by Municipal Utilities" M. H. Mc-Guire; 8:05, music; 8:15, Wo Write Story, Alexander Hull: 8:30, Linfield College; 9:00-9:15, United Press News. QfeaKtafty, arc 26 9 a. m., Homemakcrs' Hour '"Wayne and Jane."; 10, Music; 10:15, Guarding Your Health; 10:30, Music; 10:45, KOAC School of the Air 10:45 German, 11 The Story of Oregon, 11:15 The Ro mance of Words, 11:30 The Story of Music; 11:45, Music; 12, Noon rrm Hour 12:05 News, 12:15 U. S. Forest Serfjce, 12:40 Wlarket and crop reports and weather fore- cat. 1 p. m., Music; 1:15, World Book Mm: 1:20, Minic; 1:30 What Edu- s s Lo i i .wlve-ia . . 0'(C(iKi)wnii(i: - ' "1 (c8 cert; h:is, Portland Better Busi- weau "Swindle's to Suit" 6:30, Farm Hour 8:30 Farm Act Information, 6:45 Market and crop K. S. Miller, Asnt Mitr. lis vatve-in-lwail ilraign 'culs' gaaoliias couaumplion Hill lower because therm it ess fij of heat Ihrouth tho tmtls of the combustion chamber in engines, anil the advanced eonstruutioa of the Chevrolet enfdne gives maaimara heal (or pcurr) saving. Most important of all, CbeTmlet'. mare eflti'ient cooling aystcm, preMtire stream oilins: aml-the grrster .eeeaalbtlitj of all working p result In more dependable operation, over a longer period of time, wiilt the lowest i maintenance costs. TIiim, (Iherrolee'a valve'n-head engine - oiiv one of in kitut in CAetvtiet'j price r,.t. givea economy without equal. one 200 It? a rn C . a; fdf rot ccoiogirUL V TtaVMSrolTftTICaf lS Sfei(, tec joinpea into on ye street corner one morning about a week ago. Remember?" Toby's eyes told him she did. "By George!" he went on. "You're oven prettier than 1 thought you were" It was the wrong thing to say and he recognized this almost Instantly. He said. "Oh, please don't be offended. I only said that because it's true. You're prettier than any other girl I've ever seen. WIO shuuUn t .1 say it when its true?" w . . - Toby had risen. Murmuring something he did not hear clearly. she pushed her way toward the door. A moment later the bus halt ed and she stepped down to the street. On the sidewalk sherturned and raised startled eyes. The young man was beside her. "Why ! Toby began. . He said, grinning, "You don't think 'm going to risk losing you again, do your Not a chance! He- member, we were going to have. dinner together. I waited an hour tor you that night. Now, listen, why don't you forget whatever it is you're going to do this fter-noon and come along with me? We'll go over to Tony's There was something about hirn that made it hard to ref uap. "But jpcan't," Toby said. "Oh, of course you can. nV what's more,.i'ou're going to. I'll tell you whaPwe'll do" Toby shook her head. "No, h said. "I really can't. And I've got to go now. I'll be late if I don t." "Then when can I see you? ill you meet me for dinner?" She said, filing a little because it was all so ridiculous. "You've forgotten that 1 don't jwow you. Why, I don t even know ' your name "My name," the young mn atid, s Timothy Jamieson. And yon wrote it when you made out th charge for those clips or whatever you call those things. I wm hoping you'd remember." Toby did remember, then. Sh asked, because she really wss curi ous, What in the world did yem do with all those clips?" "Really want to knowj?" "I reSlly do." '(Well, it's a long story but if you'll meet me for dinnr " Toby saw a clock on the build ing across the treet. The hnd pointed to 4:25. Without waiting to hear more, she exclaimed, "Oh, I've got to hurry!" and fled. She was breathless when opened the door of the tenth tlour studio- A womn in trttm attack came forward and said, "Miss Rvan?" "VPO T hnnn I'm nnl loin " Cl The woman glanced at a wrist watch. "No," : shj; said, "by mf time you're few minute rly. The photographer is busy with another model, but you can go in thl dressing room and get rBfly. You will find the hats yov'r to vetr on the table." Toby went in to the drenirnS room. Thank fortune, tht cloca on the street had been fastt! It was an hour and a half Inter when she emereed from the build ing. Dusk had fallsn and Shop windows were lighted. Jowad, th street lihts glowed in the Mini durfcness. Toby stood t th en trance for a monaint, looking' U left unci riant. But thre v no young man io a tycfd topcoat anA jaunty fit t elt cnyvtavr in sight. Toby hacV- n t really expect) that hcr would be. She jut vtntswl to b sure. He'd said that he did wait, tnat otner time That, Toby prcuttftlr awurai herself, was non.'ne. Since whtw had .he tataWh to helievinf th) "lines" of fresh youni men, tryinej to pick up dates? He wm a freah young man. What ck criM row. call him comiac to th aiora tl way he had, asking bur to hav dinrr with him when they hadn't even been introduced? Aial h must have thought sha nas Hat sect of girl w!9j woula acct suck an invitation or he wouUn'i hav sed her. The idas of (aiivint nwn for a miniil& iKait t,uu ' - - aw. u ...... u . 0, . . . U. k. ib V W different from any of the othar fresh young men! He wasn't different; he was exactly like th rest. No, she'icvcr see Mr. Timothy )thy his Jamieson (if that really was name) again. Hurrying toward the avenue, she told herself she did- n t even want to see him. It was Wednesday, the night she usually had dinner with Bill Brandt, and she met him at their Don't scratchVpply this vyfsoolhinq ointment freely and) lqet quick relief-as I do! Resinol SAN DIEGO EL CORTEZ HOT El S'O O M AND I A Tw MOM A DAT ljj lV? BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN HtGIN HERE TOUAV TOBY RYAN. 19. works behind the: jewelry counter of a lame Manhattan dA partment store. She poses for a photograph to be used in a storeWuivertlsetnent and MARTY HIATT. the photographer, tells ! her she has a "camera face." 1 Tcby goes to dinne rwlth BILL BRANDT I who works in an advertising agency. A few days later Toby loses her job, due to toe scheming of. jealous MAUR1NE BALL, also employed in the jcwlery department. Toby's efforts to find another job are fruitless. Then she meets Marty Itffyt again. He sends her to BEN BLAKE, nisn-ager ot a model agency. Blake tells her she must have photographs and arranges with Hiatt to take the pictures. After several anxious days the model agency reports to Toby that they have an assignment for her. HARRIET HOLM, another model, loans Toby a dress. Toby works at several other jobs. In one week-she earns three times her salary at the stTTi-e. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XIII It was one of those deceptive March days when brilliant sunshine and a clear blue sky call the unsuspecting out of doors to face, not balmy freezes but a snapping wintry wind. Toby R:(yi walked briskly, clinging to tne narrow brim of her hat, which looked as though, at any moment, it might dance away. Toby had been calling at studios, making the rounds as new models are advised to do in the hope of future calls for work. The last call had taken longer than she had expected and now Toby was in a hurry. In 20 minutes she was due at a studio on lower Madison. She reached the intersection, saw a bus on the opposite side of the strtQ, headed down town. Toby ran for it, climbed on board just as the doors were about to bang shut. She drooaavd her mi-p into the enin hnv .inn -jlinnpH intn the nnnf est seat with a sigh of relief. The pictures Toby was to pose for were for a company that made hates not expensive, one-of-a-king) hats to be sold in exclusive shops, but the sort displayed in department stores with 43-49 and $4.98 price tags. It wasn't likely it would take more than an hour or A voice at her elbow interrupted. "As I live and breathe! It's the girl with the blue eyes." Toby turned. It was a moment a long moment before she recognized the young man beside her. His topcoat was rough tweed and his hat was a gray felt. Toby said, knowing very well that she shoug) not have said it,Q"Oh "You don't know what a shock this is," the young man went on, "Meeting you again. Just like this. Why, I've looked everywhere for you actually everywhere " Toby said, "You're the man who bought the rhinfstone clips, aren't you.' Fifty-nine dollars worth. "Yes. And I'm tut' man you can piix n vailmu (Tt. T. Sls.Jne.. Frankfit) lliviKn nt Ktmiln'l'rodiKts to.. Inc. relate nufticront, incidents o be- iginnintj lives,., whose association with this phase of the edeninistra-tion have proven to,, bo turning points whence .the.r.iyht, instead of the wi'on, patli has been chosen. Wnile the CCC camps are not "A" Schenley Whiskey of Character" wkh the Mark of Merit This pamphlet reveals many details of the South Santiam area which should prove of unlimited value to this county in attracting tourists. It ties in well with the state highway commission's tourist advertising campaign, and must sooner or later bring inestimable profit from many standpoints to the people of this area. No less lhaPthree easily accessible free recreational corners have been constructed, two on the South Santiam, known js Fern View camp, near Upper stda; the Trout Creek camp, lower down on the South Santiam river, and the yet unnamed-amp on the Quarlz-ville river, all on Well improved highways. : q ' Higher up are the Moose Lake camp, two and one-half miles above Cascaduf; the Gordon Lakes camp, 4000 feet high, and seven miles from the Fern View camp; campsOt Fish Lake, Big Meadows, Lost Lake, Big Lake and Clear Lake, all accessible by trail, and, so far as the Fish and CUq lake camps are concerned, by road if and when the South Sarfitim highway is completed. In addition the boys have constructed many trails which will be a delight to those who like to hike. Improved trails lead to several forest lookouts, among them being the Canyon creefc trail, leading into the mountains from 3n point two miles above Cascadia; the Iron Mountain lookout and the Rooster Bock lookout, whence a superb viv available. Tlu-and many other trails wBich the CCC companies have improved have practical value as well. They were primarily designed, infact, to facilitate suppression torcst oopnurnerate all the work that thbse men are doing anc have done would require a volume. he few examples cited here merely ilkitrate the type of improvement that is going on all over the state, and nation. o Of(PlNX 90 PROOF ' i V I ... S f ' Issgmm - It head ragme V If ' .saaaaaaaVH -'..aaWsV -7 , 1 ? al a Oa. e3, " a S fW&. ectt&m4$ dmY$ttif equa jpipoiwsr it's imoi aAi Taill aa III. 1 K 1 The Chevrolet engine is the most eco-Qiomical automohilc engine prutluufil ittduy, because (1) il in a tixylintUr engine, and (2) it is a valvc-irueod six-cylinder engine. You used to have tp travel to Dixie to get those famoijs . Evcpy0Chcv- MOTOU VALUl ikib ownicp hmmvs it's more economic . And every person will readily understand these simple A-B-C reasons why it is more economical CHEVROLET fuleps Now yoi i t I It. tlx cylindert me lea. go. and oil fact, dm the traigu and oil for in ail A GENERAL lligmyoiurseff ! GeiSSeneyk9 cylinders are tbc moat economical com- Mnatioa need in modern automobiles). ' Cj) NEW PEHFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES . . . LMPROVED CLlDITSG KNEE-ACTION RIDE . . . SHOCKPROOF STEERING . . . GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION . . . SOLID STEEL one-piece TURRET TOP IIODIES . . . HICII-COMPRES- SION VALVE-LN-IIEAD ENGINE ... 6 NEW BfJKY- fQ B K,. SAVING C.M.A.C. TIME PAYMENT PLAN. Coiirare h... .re nr. m4 kr .,. , . i t i ... ,1.1 lilt prinittiOmAtitivnmt. kn-Ariin mn Mutltr tWW. Chevrolet', low delivered price, anil low monthlr "WgwrVjai Uirt.. ivim ,UW m ihi., inant.. Chevrolet Motor Company, Detrolts MIchlgaiiT- 'r(isiai f'Hm, .A..ea' iujer.'ion-miiKT iMEAM of KEHTp&C fcgfit ot3rbon JiiSskgyl ALBANY AUTO COMPANY $1.55quah3 C, LLOYD TEMPLETON Second and Ellsworth Streets 0 Albany, G. T. HOCKENSMITH Oregon '-. ; Tolcph O

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