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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 1

Albany, Oregon
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Wednesday, March 25, 1936
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FULL LEASED United t Serriea Complete Ci P S'.nta, Nation-tl and Worl t- sNie day It happens. Serv Linn County. Classifieds Reach over 4,000 hornet dally, and are eagerly read. If you hava any wants they will pay. Telephone 15 TheAlBany Df ;rat-Herald, Vol. LXIX, No. 218 ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1936 The Albany Herold, Vol. LXI, No. 208 FINDS SOLACE IN SON MDNDNbAHELA AID FROA G-QES1 ASgCD FOB PBUGO Hoffman or Aide Claim Evide9l Showing Job Not Solo e U. S. AQD BEITAIQ PLEDIGB EQUAblTt France Signs 6 Year Pact Restricting Size of Ships, Guns I0ISEND HAS VOTE CONTROL flFOfflPBOHD FRAHCEFDRIGO A London, March 2. The United States and Great Britain set an example to the world today by agreeing to maintain naval equality. The agreement was disclosed while delegates of the United States, the British empire and France signed a six year naval treaty which limits ships by sizes and fun calibres but makes no restriction on the number of ships a signatory may build. Japan Germany and Italy were not parties to the treaty. Norman H. Davis, chief American delegate, and Anthony Eden. British foreign secretary, effected the cqualitfl agreement by an ex-chance of letters. Davis' letter emphasized that British-American equality remained the guiding policy of the United States. Eden's acknowledgement said the principle of equality was cae to which Britain also adhered. -Jjjiieves or vandals, or both, removed a glass pane from the rear of the Hood grocery, at 235 Lyon street, wrought havoc with the stock, feasted themselves to the point of gluttony, and left without taking anything, so far as could be learned late today, ex- cepting approximately 200 pen- nip:. EHOGERIf STORE Fear French Anger Will Rtsult in End of '. Negotiations QlTfcEfc VAGU1 Ne Proposals Promised Tuesday Followinf Sunday Vote London, March 25. Great Britain urged angry France today to refrain from precipitate action in the Rhineland problem until Germany made its position clear. France was the central figure twr the moment, not Germany. It was understood that French anger was so strong that thetf was some iear oi lemporamy suainea relations between the British and French governments over means of dealing with Fuehrer Adolf Hitler. It was believed France "vould continue to insist that proposals submitted to Germany by Britain, France, Belgium and Italy were a definite take-it-or-leave-it offer and that Germany's rejection of them'in a provisional or interim diate reply called for prompt ac- ' Blteaka I i.,i, D,,inr,r,,,r hlofl French delegate in negotiations here, was understood to have taken ' the position in talks with Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden that Coiiilorleil by Mglii or Her sum. Ilia tears (Inn threatened the coin puis lire of Mrs. Anna llniiptiiiaiin as she left the New Jersey penitentiary at Trenton niter a isit to 111 n no I In u (t mn mi In I ho ,11111 limine. Looking almost happy a lew seconds Inter, she's shown clinching youug. Maulried as lliey drove nwuy. : Haiiptiiiaiiu'e excttliou IB set for neek of March 2!). Statt Commarftkr Claims Cawiunist Party Ho Right on Ballot B 0 b 1 6 lB8 DE&GRI BED Vataran's Group Hjs Mo Ulterior Mofrivti, Spewkar Siay American Lettionntiret are ded-cted to service to community and nation, rathtr than to themavlves, George Koahn, Portland, department Letion cummandar, told the Albany Chamber of Commerce today. Commander toKhn outlined h-fora the chamber the Loion's 5-point program, peace, militant Americanism, service to those dis-aablad. widowed nd orphaned by the World war; child welfare and community service, developina each point in detail. The Legion has absolutely no interior motives, its enemies to the contrary, Commander Koehn declared. Leg taciflltte . The speaker explained the Legion's stand on national defense as one in favor of peace and not of war, and its opposition to the so-called pacifists as based upon the conviction that weakness does not induce peace, but only invites attack. "We are the real, true pacifists f tKio or,,,rtivr ' Vnfthn cmri "Wp i,k h.ui nno'jmi into hp iaws ! nf rfnntti WrYnw tnn well the horrors , of war " . I ! In addition to espousing insur- ance against, attack, the speaker sid, the L,eglon aavocaies as lur-thr peace safef uards the universal draft, elimination of war profiteering and insistence upon neutrality. He expressed strong oppo-slti to the -proposal to. abolish . , . 4-:i- . roniDiiisuiv niiiuui.y ii..u...i v Oregon's schools of higher learn Vi i f hioW MOI WOKR 0 COMYICTS MEEB UlSIMTkT, kIWht Salem, Ore, March 25. Two hundred of the state nenitentiarv's 9o inmates are idle and more- work is needed for the men War-, hoard of control toriav. i whn vnl:,iin n.' fia h. .si -! ness away'l don't know what we are going to do," Lewis said. The prison population now is 100 above the same time last year. ' ; France could not continue to nego-1 With some inmates as tough as ; tiate with Germany in view of t?.you will find in any penitentiary," present situation, and to have.more guards are also needed, the The robbery was discovered by:,,r0prf nriinin to hpuin' ioint eon waioen sata. uovernor wtarun per-,eci nri ronferences to olan for;sonallv ooDosed building a sen Guv Hood, proprietor, when he , arrived at the store this morning. U nUna rtnA pannnrl miutarv action in event of a Ger-, . I man attack. Hunrp Hntish pnoors saw incir ,.ine rouna pcil-khbc , "c ' task as one of drawing the maxi-;his arnte cell block for first offenders. - r. t 1. 1 : l'. 4 tam Laugnnn. superuenaeni nt tne novs trainini! scnoot. saia farm was being worked with ' institution's buildings should: nave Doen ouiu 01 duck or sioiih :k or stone.;"''- j; lparn-iune .u. R ", sMIs and macar-1 flour, peanut shells and macar- Bits of half-eatert candy bars, cookies, emptied soda-water bottles, slices of partly consumed sausage and other evidences .oi. : ...Avnl...,,nl uninvited Oiners were aounaant. oi me me lnvauers nau tvtu , ... . , , , i bitten off a mouthful of chewing tobacco from a plug. Police were convinced by their investigation late today that wil- ful vandalism must have been a motive for the burglary. They found many fingerprinta and other clues which they are following up, but had nothing sufficiently tangible to warrant an arrest. Damage to a filing cabinet which had been taken to the rear of the store and forced open added to the toll taken by the marauders. Clarcft Nan M GmJ Friaif iartic The churches of Albany are proposing a union service at noon on Trmilnii N .T M:irch Wjt'uno Richard Hauptmann, less than a week away from his scheduled execution, today signed an application for u reheariiuj by the board of pardons of his)lea for clemency. Trenton, N .J., March 25. Gov. mroid u. Mottmau or an aulw I'lopiioiiuu lllll'l kuiii j. r.UKlll HQuvcr of the department of jus- jjee yesterday r help that might save nruno fiicnara nnupunnnn from dQith, the UnittO) Press learned today. His plea was based on evidence he claims to ha that would ab solve Hauptmann of sole blame for the kidnaping and murder of Charles A. Lindbergh, jr., unless the evidence is collectedJnto form worthy of court presentatii Hauptwann will be executed Tuesday. At the same time Hoffman an nounced he will go to New York as soon as possible to question Dr. John F. (Jnaue) Condon about 'discrepancies" which ha says ex ist between Condon's testimony at HniiDtmnnn s trial and his state ments lit other times- PiCESSMS E Washington, March 25. The house ways and means tax sub committee today shelved the president's proposal for 9221,000,- too in processing taxes coveftn 33 different coimnodity classifica tions. The sub-committee decided againsL congressional considera lion of the pvgiccssing levies be cause of bel(jf other taxes would yield more Anan vfiz.uuu.wu an nually, Chairman Samuel B. Hill said.. ..... ....... .. .,. TBc other taxes are a corporate surplus tax and i so-called wind fall lax on uncollected or returned processing taxes under the old AAA. The decigjon was a reversal of yesterday's proposal to suuest the nrocssini! taxes to conaress. Hill said the sub-cummiUec'!?1 tax report lo the full committee will be made tomorrow "We decided today," he said, "to eliminate entirely from consider ation by the full committee the subject of processing, taxes. That means thtt if our report is accepted, the proccssinai tax question Hvill not even be discussSd at the? open hearings." Hill estimated thecornoration surplus tax would yield J5l,000, 000, temporary continuance in re vised form of the excess profits and capital stock levies t83,00,00U the "windfall" t; of 9100,000,000 and that possibly $25,000,000 new revenue would be gained through withholding corporation taxable dividends from fujeign stockhold ers. "This will Tliisc enough to meet the president s demands, no said A beosa ia Experiences which he under went while serving with the U. S expedition!) forces in France were related by Mark V. Weather-ford to Battery A, 24!)lh coast ar-tillary, at its quarterly banquet in the Albany armory last night, fol lowing the regular weekly drill period. At the "feed" it was announced by Captain Charles J. Olvis tha the Albany battery, with a record of 99 per cent, led the entire iiik-tional guard of 38 units In OregBTi last month in the matter of at tendance. The Albany battery ranked Qond in January. S&JCTHET I hated to snap at Pa, but the folks stayed after our bedtime and I kept bein' polite till IWouldn't stand the strain no lVTiger." (Courrtaht, liSi. Publuhr SjndleaU) j-t 2 SHOVED HID (gjY ROBERT QUILI By-Lot's, Change, Adding of Directors Lets a )ut Clements Bf&SPS)SlJPBGCISI $EStJ:bTS 5. ' Wore of National ' Staff Held Expected to Move Out , i Washington, March 25. A move u'hfirphv hr PranHs F Tnwnspnrt gained voting contro of the board of directors of Old Age Revolving; Pensions, Ltd., Was cited today as the background of the resignation oi Robert E. Clements, nation;:! secretary of OARP. The. revelation came as the house committee banded by Rep. Jasper Bell, D., Ho., prepared to investigate the movement for $20d monthly pensions to the aged. Townscnd s action u gain con trol of the board was describitl as the final action bringing on the breal between the original spon sor of the plan and the chief or ganizer of his nation-wide move ment. It was disclosed Townscnd had called a meeting of his organiza tion in laniomia wnicn approved a new set of by-laws and a change in the director s board. The board of directors, it woe explained, previously consisted of Townscnd, Clements and one other person servinja as a nominal director to comply with the Cali fornia Incorporation laws- Thus control was vested jointly in, Townscnd,and Clements. Thenew by-laws, however, in- creased the size of the board t8 -Include several directors piced by Townsend, thus gitlng him per- soual control.-Tw action, it was.. . understood, was", taken without Clements' Knowledge. ' ', This move was said to have cli maxed a long-developing split be- tweens Clements and Townsend cor.acrning tactics to be rollowoa in gresgtny the pension drive. It resulted immediately in Clements resignation, Townscnd sources said. One of the new directors placed on the board by Townscnd was the Rev. H. A. Wright of Cleveland. It was understood ne was contemplating resigning the post in view of the split between. Tow'nsend, and Clements. The oilier new directors, however, were expected to continue in office The Clenjents rcsiAnavpn, it .aa said agtle'ritatively, may be fol lowed by a "house cleaning" of a large part of the present Town-send movement staff. Just what staff members will continue can not be determined, it was said. TO VOTE? . EXTENSION OP Washington, Margh 25.-?Iousa consideration of a Dill extending the life of the Federal Housing Administration until Dec. 81, was assured today when the rule committee reported a rule limiting debute on the measure to two hours. . A similar bill, providing FHA extension for n full year to April 1, 1937, recently was passed by the senate. The house substituted for the sO'ate measure the bill providing the nine months extension. Extension of FHA is expected to aid in rehabilitating flood areas through continuation of modernizing loans. Bishop Praetorius , O To Visit Thursday Bishop E. W. Praetorius, D.D., of Minneapolis, Minn-, Is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow to address a youths' convention at the Evangelical chutch at 7:30 p. m.. Rev'. E C. Hicks, pastor of the church announced today s' Bishop Pfgbtorius, formerly at the head of the Evangelical Messenger, church publicati&i, question department, has visited all-missionary fields of that church throughout the world, Rev. Htckn said. This, however, will be his first official visit to Albany, since his elevation to the bishopric at the last Evangelical conferences. Bishop Praetorius will also while in Albany address the women's all-day missionary district rally to be held also at the Evangelical church Friday, when women representing churches In the Salem district, which encompasses Albany, will gather. ' " , Friday also a ministerial association meeting will be held at thi) Evangelical church, Anxiety Spreads but River Not Expected toHit Prevftus Crest Roads Again Bloc.d as Floods Resumi 0 Spreading Pittsburgh, March 25 The Mo-nongiihela, one of two rivers Hint cut through Pittsburgh, rose leadily lodnv aim caused new anxiety in this city of l.OOO.dao recovering from the worst flood in its history . The Baltimore & Ohio railroad tracks on the north side already wott under water. Many river front business hour's ordered mote pumps. The weather bureau announce tne Mononancia wouia not ream its unprecedented crest of last week, when it and the Allegheny river overflowed the chief business district, causing properly loss 9f more than !(),000,000. The crest then was 48 feet 21 feet above flood stage. Early today the stage approached 25 feet. ia VAN Heavy rains in the territory drained by the Monongahela's tributaries were sending new tot- rents down the channel from West Virginia. At eston, V. Va., 10 streets were inundated to a depth of five feet last night In a new rise of the West Forfc river. The stage there early today was near the high point reached last week. Roads to the north were blocked. Th Allegheny," - which joins with the Munangahclu here to form the Ohio, was not rising but weather flforecasts for heavy rains in the Hlriy' nr tonight caused apprehension. Cincinnati, O., March 25 The Ohio river flood crest reached Cincinnati today and moved on toward Louisville, Evansville, Indl and otner communities oi low cr valley. MtSS F1ATT SEEKS TlEASUftEft'S POST; MUHSIY MECCHIOflti Ada K. Pratt today filed with the county -clerk her declaration of candidacy g the republican primary for the office of Linn county treasurer. Miss Pratt's name will be )1-lowed on tha ballot by the declaration "Trained, experienced and (fapable. Former Linn County Depiay Treasurer." She served as a deputy treasurer for several years under Lenorc Powell, former treasurer, and (gias been engaged in business here for l8e last 10 years. Miss Pratt is a native of Linn county- Anotner new canaiuacy is inai of E. E. Munsey, who is seeking the democratic nomination to the office of county recorder. Munsey promises to he "An Efficient and Courteous Officer," and pledges himself "Townscnd plan 100 per cent." Precinct committee filings include that of G. E. Pike, republican, for Center precinct. Linn county is claimiiM $17,-703.38 as due from the department of the interior as due it in lieu of tax patients on Oregon & California gfai.t lQIs in the county. The claim was coiiled yesterday by County Assessor W(fC. Teoileton and turned over tiithe coumy tmurt to be forwarded to WashingSin. D. C. I The 1936 claim is $109.76 less than that for last year, which was $17,813.12. The county has not been paid it year's claim, and half of the claim is also as yeti unpaid. I Right-of-Way for Road Given Quickly Owitrs of property contingent to 'ijnew Peoria - Harrisburg marijsefoad as well as along other county highway projects are cooperating in a gratifying manner .n contributing required rih'-ol-way, members of the county court said totj. Withifaexception, the commissioners stated, easements have been granted willingly, thus greatly facilitating progress of the work. This road Is entirely cleared now, and reconstruction is under way, the officials said. WPA labor is lieing eiiiplo-T FranceTrom making friendly Botiation still more difficult. -As the result -of -a. cabinet meet- ina h it wns pxnected Eden - 1 - wou h he nstructed to urge r ranee t0 be patient, at last until Hitler makes known his promised new pr0posals Tuesday, after the reieh- stUjg election of Sunday tOAD AMD SCHOOL FIELD PBOJECTS GIT WFA FUNDS Members of the Linn county court were elaled today by receipt of word through the Democrat-Herald that their petition for a blanket WPA project providing for improvement of roads in the Scio, district has been approved. The project involves an expenditure of $8128 in federal and $3235 in county road funds. Chief benefuiary of the im- Ir be the Rogers Mountain road, which is now hampered by a sharp turn that may now be eliminated. Brushing, ditching and general bettermentf other roads near Scio will be undertaken. Word was received here also that the Albany school board s application for WPA aiad on fur- ther improvement of the Central athletic field a..d improvement of othor cohonl ftrniinfts has been approved. This provides $&$fl in federal and $457 in local funds ftaiiH9 Party Seefe Meg i Good Friday. April 10, in thcprovemcnt wi MM. BULL? II " p,.esentatiHn cf )c 6 Point Frances E- Willard memorial program by Maude Aldnch, Pott 'and, state W. C. T. U. lecturer, .w'l be a feature Wf the combined L'n county and Albany W. C. 1 .. U. institute to beTiold here tomor- row. n was imnounceo uia.iy uj officers of the W. C. T. U. fne. morning session Is sclvdul- to sta,t t 10 o'clock with de- votionnls followed by talks biw n,, v ' Viruil llalbig. pastor of .,, r,.i,1.,n ,,... M..s. t..l.. , n BohrbouBh who will present taw' .'''".n,. l covered dish lunchuon Is sencuuieu hi iiuou un- one. noon session will open at imu o'clock, when Miss Adrich's presentation will take place. In the afternoon also Hurold Frazee of Albany college will discuss the students' evangelical league, and Bernice Morton wfll tell about the league's Chicago convention, to which she was a delegate. Alice Graham, librarian at Albany college, will discuss the subject Cf peace. Oren Hornback of Albany will provide a musical number, after which Miss Aldrich will lead a discussion on the Work of the W. C T. U. legislative department. 'Riese sessions will tufco placSl at the Christian clinch. At 8 p. m. in the United Presbyterian church contestants in the W- C. T. . medal contest, spon sored by Mrs. J. B. Patterson, will ropcat lie ir readings, and Miss aidrich will give art address designed to interest young people, it was stated today that all sessions will be public. Sa4 Body Post Formal resignation of Russell Hoyt from the office ovice-pres- ident of the Albany college student body was accepted yesterday by the 'student council. An immediate decision was marie by the council to leave the office vacant in view of forthcomii student body clectiigs. Hoyt, a senior and transfer from San Jose State college, Cal., in 1934, is a tennis letterman, and is prominent in the department of musGSas vocalist and music man ager. As a vnrc.Hoiitiitive of the senior class, lie holds a seat on the 'student council. FAmt to ik , iginal plans, said Mr. Putnara. Is j me suoslitution of brick vMH-er ! walls in place of the solid brick, ; This was done on the advice of the contractors and architects sanitation facilities. The auditor ium will seat 1300, will have ! dish-shaped floor making for under iWPA artists project, The .mnasium not only will provide full facilities for (he boys uiiu fll IS Wl lilu slihiui uti. win have a special locker room and showers for visiting teams. The inner whIIs and the floors of the present high school building will go a$ part of the remodeling 'and ref hashing program for radi- f JVifw Turn m I'm T"l DK ma NqFi,ms Fulfil insteau or stucco our rnai ne was nnorat ntr wn w th n h s burieet. i " - - Only the three R's and no frills should be taught at the school, the governor said. He recommended both morning and evening drill and flag salutes by the boys as disciplinary and character building measures. The school has already been carrying out such a program but not to the extent urged by the governor. Clap) Prmarai Gitaa hf Stifaf Second in a series of Wednesday chapel entertainments was presented to the Albany college student ldy this morning by the college male quartet and Julian Bryant, soloist, accompanied by Fred W. Ntyil Members of the quartet, Russell Hoyt, Clarence Slocum, Julian Bryant and Peter Larson, presented the nugibers "Invictus," "Dawn." "Swing A8ing." "Blind" and 'Oi' Man Rer." Solos by Bryant, al'Big more popular lines were "I'm Siltin' High on a Hilltop" and "Thanks a Million." The Wednesday spcciaily pro grams are arranijnd by a commit- toe made up oi Prof. Clarence Slocum, Jolaji skcldson, Thomas Prideaux. Pegeen Sylvester and Elizabeth Williams, recently ap-i pointed by President T. W. Bibb. W. O. W. TO AftT gfombers of the local Woodmen of the World lodge were notified today that the order will partici pate in a covered dish dinner Fri second floor of the McDowell building. Third and Broadalbin streets. District Inager Adolph Gervin, Portland, will be present, it was further announced. Alter? School to Completion ut the present building projectSKvill give tne ai- bany public schools a physical plant second totfaone in this sec - tion of the couirfry, dodared Rex - ing. CoaMMaMs Laek IMts The Lagion is strongly opposed , tn rnmmunlsm and is seeking to deny communists the right to call themselves a political party on the ground that they advocate abolishment by use of force and violence the very government whose protection and aid they seek. They have no right to use the government which they would desttoy for their own ends, he said, and are not, in fact, a real political party, but merely a revolutionary and un-American force. Regarding its child welfare program, the speaker declared that it i the objictive of the Lcfion and tuiUcy to benefit the children ef the entire ntion who arc un-eher-piiviltgad. "We are determined that there shall be no under-nourished or undar-privilegtd children in the Unittd Sttes f we can help it," Koehn said. The Legffin is pledged to see (Ple Turn to Pmt Two) iOAMD ADVOCATES i HIW BUILDINGS FOl T. t. COHT104. Saltn, Ore., March 25. Construction of three buildings to take care of the entire waiting list of 12B tubercular persons in the State will be recommtvidcd to the next legislature, the state board of control agreed today. Conferring with Dr. Grovif; C. Jicllingor, superintendent of the state tuberculosis hospital here, and Dr. J. M. Odell, superintendent of The Dalles hospital, tthe board learned that anotherlOO. bed addition should be built "erem and that convalescent homes should b located in Th Dalles and Portland. Bids will be ODencd in Port land on April 13, on a new 5C bed Salem hospital wing, the Jioilding to be paid for by the mate and federal government. EfMt the Falem hospital atgady has a waiting list of 93 persons and The jilles 35, the doctors said. two nw vSk JAafib M.Tnon W3nace"and John Dofcjj (Mie were arrested last night us Mfficers Kirk and McBride on drunkenness charges, and after spending the. night in the city jaiV were finedfSJO each by Police Judge Van Tassel in city ifci): t this hey were slili- e stilHin jaU failuurtM i(g Jirough SWIMMERS WILL MEET Qaphne Wyman announced m-j) )) that the swimming groEj Vociock lonigni ai xne QiDaijj (&&TSS house to organizcJrne fii(0) .iss in me spring teim or insiruc Transportation to Coiva tss 11 be provided all who wishtyJL s Wyman said morning. W?5)todaV"I MyK finest p. Lvi lh prgeantLee B.Mabicand parljy n(,ht in tne iorl(,0 haii the First Methodist church to commemorate the meaning of that day for all Christian people. The services will be kept within the limits of one hour and if there is sufficient public sentiment in that direction the merchants may be asked to close from 12 o'clock to 1:30 on that day. The services will be from 12:15 to 1:15. Announcement was made in all the ojurches Sunday, March 22, of the proposed service. Rev. Thomas D. Yarnes is chairman of the committee in oil a r go of the service. Rev. Viril Halbig and Rev. W. R. Augsburger are to be asked to present short meditations on themes appropriate to the day. Other ministers will have part in the service. The service will be quiet jind devotional in character and wi be open lo nil who wish to attend. Further details will be announced later. 1 . Frnrt lb fedfaa tey Etiapan fclcrujiond "Decrease in Suicide gvidancA) of Watftfhft Iggesslon" With the falling of (Rthe stocks, many people hit-th(L rocks and those who couldr.(g) buck the tide took the route of suicide. They couldn't see a ray of light to cheer them onward (cn the fight; they lacked tftfr courage Uyith-stand the failure of thevtyings they'd planned. ytSfe is I ke a enwed way, (js we must travel, day h-(d) and just what lies arouiyi) iacn iurn. we nave 10 live a QJove to learn. The road may oe real rougn at present ana (SVery thing look most unplea- TantJjut. just around the com- ,he rnS mav bgrvl botiy-tmooth andvii m.rtJieiVy! somfci)iies. one thiuCtherVfind. the ritfd i fifioli t8e5(i-f granLnd, aroi lidja Ln n, we find (ft. icjlliur at (st unkind. lujasy. the samivwjncitioiis w though the statfe tiient C:ll seem m -orfrang "T(Q)e nothing o -.1 reirt-thange. ... . Putnam, siiperinter.d'KM of Al-i being more desirable for buildings bany school spcakinj?"Iast "'Biok'f this type. before the S,ns club at the Monw Major changes ii.c;h school arch cafe. The new and romodeled .were described as Hie addition of buildings will not onlvfPfc esent a a real auditorium and improved spent last night in Albany for Ihe purpose of enlisting recruits for the army. Young menire wanted in the coast artillery al rort btcv- ens, for the 2', engineers and the infantry A Vancouver, reports Sergeant Mabie who has been in service the last 2 years. Me ad vises young men intogjsted to report to the recruiting station at the Salem post office. Sergeant Mabie and associates left tod; for a number of the poast towns and will return via McMinnville. Dallas and Silverton. There is much to be learned in the army that will help the young man later in life, beside render-fthe government a service, said the sergeant. fThomas Enters Race . ... ?L QmJ twkall s pst Salem. Or-March 25. Making no mention y.he Tovnsend plan, Charles M. 1 homajortlani-cx- Charles M. TnomajPortlanrl public utilities conUJi-siotierf -a today for the repuoiican nomina - tionj-ir representative in Ji'JiK QJthe thiiW OregonfcpfJct, Toman COUniy. , Thomas was indorsedlO) the oday by the TiTSnsend (trategy in Portland, but incis t. townscnd ean- lileo the recommendation and all Crhers yesterday. &omas merely listed himself onB JB filing as a (progressive repuiJSfan." f beautiful appeal ance II add greatly to the efficiency fnjthe school work, he said. The new buildings for the Maple greater visibility, a balcony of inland Madison schools are to be proved design. Q lage seating 18(1, identical in design, the only dif-( and an orchesti 7c pit. Mural paint-ference being the Madison strut- ings will be placed on the walls ierer ; j ture pie's having ten rooms to the Ma- six. he pointed out. Features of these buildings will be music I ruonis uuni annmij niKii. irion the playroom-auditoriums so tlk ; they can be used as stages or V separate rooms Movable desks oi trie latest ac sign will be used, thus making for easy adjustment of seating capac - An important change from or- O (8)

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