The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 22, 1968 · Page 48
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 48

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1968
Page 48
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48 Palm Beach Post, Friday, Nov. 22, 19MI POST TV CLOCK 1012 NewlywedGame 2 30- 4 Guiding Light 5-7 The Doctors 10-12 DatingGame 3 00- 4 The Secret storm 5-7 Another World 10-17 General Hnsmtal WTMS-Mumi Charm J WPTV-M,jmi Channrt 4 WPTV-wtP.lmBach Charm 5 WCKT-Mumi Chjnrm 7 WLBW-Mnml Cluntwl 10 WEAT-Wejt Palm Buctl Channel 12 M - Indicatn movie FRIDAY 5 35- 7 Inspirational Message 5 40- 7 Educational Hour u otFIa 6 15 4 Sunrise Semester 6 30-12 Paul Harvey 6 35-10 GiveUs This Day 6 40 7 Sunshine Almanac 10 Public ServiceFilm 6 45 4 News in Spanish I? Sunshine Almanac a 55- 5 Religious Sign On 7 Community Report 10 Spanish News 7 00- 4 Popeye Playhouse 5-7 Today Show 10 Love That Bob (Spanish) 1? Florida Homemaker 7 15-12 Three Sloorjes 7 ?5 5-7 News Brpak 7 30-10 RiO Shaw Show 8 00 4 Captain Kanyaroo 10 King Kong 12 Kirnba 25- 5 7 News Break 7 30 10 Banio Billy !2 Mike Douglas Show 9 00 - 4 MervGrillm Show 5 Haiel 7 Donald O'Connor Show 10 DreAm Hnnto ' 30- 5 RealMcCovs 3 30 - 4 Edgeol N.ght 5-7 You Don't say 10-12 OneLifetoLive 4 00 - 4 The Linkletter Show 5-10 Dialing tor Dollars 7 Batman 10 Ot Lands and Seas 12 Dark Shadows 4 25- 4 Steve Allen 4 30 7 Mike Douglas Show 12 MervGrittm Show 5 00- 2 Timelor School 5 30- 2 Mister Rogers Neighborhood 10 News, Weather, Sports 5 45- 5 DatelineFinancial 5:55- 4 Weather, News, Sports 5 DatelineFishing 6 00 - 2 Friends Giant 5-7-12 News, Sports, Weather 10 Frank Reynolds 6 15- 2 Dick Davis-Stocks 6 30 2 The Beginning Special 4 Walter Cronkite 5 Huntley-Brinkley 10 Truth or Consequences 12 Frank Reynolds 7.0O- 2 All That Jan-Special 4 Death valley Days 5M-"TheRainMaker" 7 Huntley-Brinkley 10 The Honeymooners 12 Treasure Isle 7 30- 2 NET Playhouse 4 Wild Wild West 7 GeoryeJessel I0M -"Cap't Newman, rV) D " 12 Operation Entertainment 8 30- 4 Gomer Pyle-USMC 5-7 Nameof tneGame 12 The Felony Squad 6 40- 2 Channel 2 Presents 1 00- 2 Boston Symphony 4M "Ensign Pulver" 12 F Troop 9:30-10-12 Guns ol Will Sonnett 10-12 Judd tor the Defense 10 00- 2 Freely Speaking 5-7 Startrek 11:00- 4 5-7-10 News. Weather: Sports 12 High School Football Kennedy-Roosevelt 11 30- 4 Perry Mason 5-7 Tonight Show 10 Joey Bishop 12-30- 4 Mr Ed 1 00 4 News in Spanish IOM-"Viva Zapata" 12 Paul Harvey News 7 30-10 News in Spanish 2 40-10 GiveUs This Day NOTF- These Iktinnc xra t unnllaH hu ih. 10 Dark hnrinun 10 00- 5 Snap Judgement !0M-"Devotion" 12 Jack LaLanne 13 25- 5 News 10 30 - 4 Beverly Hillbillies 3 Loncentration I? Dirk f avett .hnuu II 00- 4 AndyofMayberry 1 7, 11 30- 4 Dick Van Dyke Show 5-7 Hollywood Squares 12 00- 4 News, I? ;. 31 You can add beauty from our : S ) 1 R M l' 1 11 Pi I L A U AN .O VAI -K J I I PANELING J ' -'! ZZa"1- I I MAHOGANY UTV, ATi ZZ . OVER 53 VARIETIES U PRICES . i l JIPSIW i4x8"FOOT ' vl ySMJk prm ' R67 : ANO WOOD PATTERNS IN 0U3 Ui f autifu ... ......... Wm IFACT0RY FIN SHr n W tcffiJ S W rTT77777T 5 7 Jeopardy 10 1? Bewitched 4 Searc h for Tomorrow 5 EyeGue'jS 7 News 10 Treasure isle 12 DivorteCourt - 5 News 4 L oveol I ite 5 Ripcord 7 MatchGame 10 News; 17 DiMmHinKP 12 55- I 00- 1 25 - 4 7 News 1 30 - 4 As the World Turns f rUM Btruiuiii pSUAir gosgeous grainIng jjga VALIJI R ISJ 5 Let s Make a Deal 7 Girl Talk 111-17 Vn,. ;t. .ih A. Television Stations and The Post-Times is 1 55-10-12 Children's Doctor 2 00- 4 Love is a Many Snlendored Thing 5-7 Days ot Our Lives LKGAI, NOTICES NO, :fllll!l VflTI'l.' at.- noi responsioie tor last seconacnanges RADIO LISTINGS WEAT-Wesl Palm Beach (MBS) WIRK-West Palm Beach WJNO-West Palm Beach WPBF-West Palm Beach (FM) WQXT-Palm Beach (NBC) WWOS-Palm Beach (FMS) Stereo WLIZ-Lake Worth WHEW-Riviera Beach (ABC) WDBF-Delray Beach WSBR-Boca Raton WSWN Belle Glade (MBS) WSWN Belle Glade (FM) WJTS-Jupiter TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN- NOTTfl.' Ic uu-Il-ujv i-iui-i. ... . lu- City Commission or the Citv of West Palm (leach, Florida, will meet on the 2nd dav of Deremiier iw.u ,i I on n'rlcH'k I1 M "i- -I w,.,'.i '.... ter as tile matter f .ni I... h.,.,.,,1 ;.. A... Citv Commission Chamhprs at the t'i,v "".U, "! ,lh(' C''V "f West I'alm Be.-uh, Honda, and ( ontinuitii; Irom firm- to time and place to place as the sail ineetine m.-ie i... ,.,ii,.,...,..i ... consider I he Inllnwlnu revision to. Section M-!iot West Palm Beach Zoning Ordi- Section r:i.g ''P-.r- Mi.iii..i e . Miniskirt Harmed AMMAN. Jordan IAP -The acting dean of Jordan University, Dr. Abdulkarim Kha-lileh. has issued a ban on miniskirts and trousers of Arab Coeus antf f uied out wearing of Iv Residential Dktrir-t ,.,, i.,i', ' (Medium Density) The retnil;ilmn t..i 1,.,-ti, i., tion, or set forth elsewhere in thiJ .1 e'er venen rn nr..,-i. .'.j "TionV are 'the district reiiinaiTonwthe cosmetics in mixed boy-gii classes. LKGAL NOTICES NO. .'(11(1.) I ublic notice is hereby glventhat the Ullders le ner! Inti.n.l.- 1,. the Clerk ol the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County. Florida, pursuant to f vmMm?i MACATTDV DAIfTT TW EI AT WAII nuiiT ! 1, ' ,. ' r ,urla Minutes vm, lie lictitious name, to wif MARK RODI.CTS COMPANY under wh!, h siVvi ' "usmess at 5li.'( E -J MU1I1U y WCDL ilUHIR IN! I 1 "A. hr-vr-Tv,nnn m. 1 I aj f ' J r 5 1 f 111 , r r S. 4 n,-', !,, ,: i'. w KST PALM t lii ... ....... i i ir -x---' i ii.i' a ii'i i m ii n K3.AUsi2 j "H-l" Multiple Fatnilv Residential District i Medium Densitv). 'I he intent of this district is to provide lor residential development at a medium population density H5 to 20 dwelling units per net aero. The provisions of tins district are intended to reciiKiiize thai a certain amount of flexibility m multiple family Heine is desirable and that the district is do-sinned to compliment the requirement ol the lower density districts as well as the hisher density multiple amilv district-,, while letiictini; the hi'iKlit requirements to allow (or a limited hoinhttyprni development II is also intended that this district accommodate a i oinpatitile development to resnli-nlial use at a hiuher density Ihan single lamilv. lint at no lower standards oi quality. Internal stability, ,ittr,i tiveness, order and etllriency are t'necnir.merl by provid nm lor adequate light, air, usable open space (or dwelling anii related l-n'ilities and a priiper Him tional relationship of each perniltled use in thedlstrict 1. Use Regulations: The buildings or piemises shall be use only for the lollowing purposes . . 111 A"V use permitted in the "I! 3" I hi oe Family Hesidentiai District bi Multiple dwellinus NO PLACE LIKE IT. BUT 1 IA rfrXs. V SI ' WASHABLE V "r.iu n, I- I.CJICIOA (signed)CAi(LALOI Pub : Nov. IV 22, 2, Dee. li, lllh'X. No :ui:t.i Notli e Is hereby coven thut ...,.i,. dated November IK, ltllin has been is sued by the undersicneil iinthMrninu the name of the oil screw MADE LINK 11, uuiiidi numoer iil)S!t;), owned by Beach, Fla. is the home port, to-be cnauuen 111 asmk JA HOIl.' JOHN p, ABBEY, Documentation I Itliroi, By direction ot the Officer in reg. $io.98 cttd i iinnrn ft89 fl r VI I ;P u icdat jMjui cnaiKe u..-,. KMusi cuaru, Ma rine Inspection West Palm Beach, Florida Pub,: November 21, '22, 211, 25, llitix ,o. :(iitiK NOI l( EOF ItEAItINt, ro WHOM IT M AY CONC E H N NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ( ity Commission of the City ol west Palm Beach, Florida, will meet on the 2nd day ol December, lliliK at 1:11" o'c lock P.M., or as soon thereal-ter as the matter can be heard, in the citv Commission Chambers at the City Hall in Hie Citv ol West Palm Beach. Honda, and eontinuini; Irom time lo tune and place to place as the said nieelinii may be adiourned to consider lezoninn the loilowillK described properly FROM 14 5 to I ' M Lot 7, dale Lake Worth, Plat No I. an addition to the envoi West Palm Beach, Florida acrordlne, t pat Hciok :i' pane II ol the public records ot Palm Beach County. This property is located at :KIM North Dixie lliiiliwav. c i Churches and Temples d i Rooming and hoarding houses ei Convalesi cut homes and homes lor the aged i hoarding homes l. 1 1 Accessory buildings and uses Mistomanlv incidental to any of the above uses, including storage garages, when- the lot is occupied bv a tnul-tiple dwelling, convalescent liome or home for the aged Kvery accessory building shall be not less than fifteen '1: leet irom the main building and not less than hll , 1 ir,i feet behind Ihelnint wallol the mam building gi Such ai i oinmod.ilions mav be divided among more than one main building, provided tlu-re is a minimum of liiteen i lrn teet maintain! d between ,, buildings on the prom ises. and the other vard and setback requirements arei mnplied with i. Parking Regulations a i The parking regulations for Sllllile l,,nilv dwellings, garage apartments, Iwo lamilv dwellings si liools. and public building-, are the -same as those in the ); 2" Residential District, lii Where a lot is occupied liv a three l.ii or four 1 I , lamilv dwelling, parking shall be provided on the lot at t hi- rate ol one 1 , mi,U(. m... dwelling unit. ci Where a lot is occupied by five mi dwelling units or more, parking shall tie provided 1111 the lot at the rate ol inn- and one hall 1 1',. 1 spaces per dwelling unit. d Whenever a structure is erected or ne.l In,- , ij When home-fixin' is needed - I J m" f '''" ill LUMBER JHMv WpfM Jvi m((y&k :(6VDEPARTMENT M WMk W I I AtQ ' M',',' WM V & CI A V .. , - imvihu 10 iiiieoo the above meelinc and nnv a. ment or adloui-nments lhi,ri..,i ...a inesenl Iheir Vievev eith,..- ... 1 or 111 opposition to the same HV 1 ill f it.' 11 1 a- tii I.- . , i,,.v. ........... -p.-s -c-i. .,,. IACKR NOBLE C IT Y CLERK 'Ml'-: Nov, 15,22. IWiN Mr. 9IIH7 boarding house, there shall be provided ai cessible parking space on the- lot adequate to accommodate one ( 1 1 car lor evorv two 1 2t euest rooow ei The parking requirements for. INTHK(()l'NTY.Ul)OE'S((M'RT IN AM) FOR I'.VI.M BEACH (OCN TY, I l.OIHIIA IN PROBATE NO 2712 IN RE: ESTATE OF KLZA PHILLIPS OLI VER, Deceased, NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO: ALL PERSONS HAVING 0LDIIIG DOORS -illllll tF Cl.MMS OR DEMANDS A( AINSI SSSlPTiE" ?0R it tr"nnn THE ESTATE OF THE ABOVE rs AM Ml DI-.CEDLN'T. B I I . mi ( n,-i aim icmpios ar 10 ( 1 1 parking space lor every five ifn seats in the mam auditorium: and one ill space lor each one thousand 1 until square leet ol Hour area in the Sun day School rooms and other special rooms, all to be located on the same lot or adioining lots I 1 Whenever a structure is erected, converted, or structurally altered lor a convalescent Home or home lor the aged 1 boarding homei. parking shall be provided on the lot at the rate ol one 1 1 1 space for every six 1 1; 1 beds contained 111 the structure 1 Height Regulations: No building shall exceed two and one hall i2Ki stories nor thirty five :I5 feet 'n height, except as hereinafter provid 4. .Area Regulations: a 1 Front yard 1 1 1 There shall be a front yard You, and each of you, are hereby notified and required to file your claims and demands against the estate of the above named decedent In the Office of the County Judge of NO PLACE LIKE IT, BUT -a ill iseacn 1 unnrv 1. ..pi. .. ... kn It often needs the help of RAftR .?! f tffAftll County Courthouse at West Palm QUALITY iioaon, Honda, within six (Hi calendar months from the time ol the first FROM SLAT Fits Cp8il-in::s L'D ONE OF nn m puoncaiion 01 in is notice. -s-GEoRGEK OLIVER Sr HARRISON K. CHAUNCEY DEPARTMENT S x,mm 111! I II r:-U E BEST J Having a depth ol not less than twents i jl' 1 leet. 11 lilt Uy S ILLS! 1 i2i Where lots have a doubli to t3 -in frontage, the required front vard Co Executors of the Will of Elza PhlllipsOliver, Deceased ALLEY. MAASS, ROGERS, LINDSAY A CHAUNCEY Attorneys for Executors :i21Roval Polnciana Plaa Palm Beach, Florida. T:i4N(l Pub.: Nov. l.S, 15.22, llltiK iinn m i U-INCH i V shall be provided on both streets, i.'l) Where a lot is located at tht intersection of two i2 or mon .V-r-.r. II i H!CK Stl-eeK tlo. u-wllt, nf II... ...I.. ..... li(JI. Easy to install tt.Wiii.i-wj m l. j k a i iiit I along the side street shall not be' less door ceil cjcipc u BOTTOM vLr.L 0 1 tVlfO Id. 0J mBmmmmmsmMmmmpmmmmmwmmmm 95 SAFETY LII 3 rx jam -FOOT 5Y hi Side V:irri Tlien. chill h. two I 2 1 Side yards one on each sule ot FT. S IN. the building, of not less than ten HO) REG. $S.S5 leet in wimn. except that lots fifty i fill i feet or less in w idth are the same i as inose in tne tc 1 Ulsti let 11 V:i.H .. t-v...,.,i .... I,..-.. No. Illllll NOTK EOFI'I I1I.IC HEARIM. NOTICE IS HEREBY CIVEN In couilormance with the provisions ol Chapter 17ti, Florida Statutes, 17, that the ZoninK i:ommission ol the Town ot Manalapan. Florida, has made its prelimmarv report concern-mi! certain proposed amendments to the Zoniiiu Ordinance of the Town of Manalapan. adopted Mav K. 11)52 and as amended Februarys. i!7. The preliminarv report of said Zon-irin Commission recommends that a new zomiiK district be added which would contain all land and water areas not now in a zoning district. It is re.iiiim..iiniH iiirth.... it. . ... Inatter provided, there shall be a rear yard having a depth ol not less than filteen ilfu feet, except that the rear yard need not exceed ten 1 10) per cent 01 me imai oepm 01 me property ri 1 Lot Area Per Family F.xcppt as hereinalter provided, everv dwell tug hereafter erected, enlarged rein cited, reconstructed, or structurally mm 7 mm ir " altered snail ne nx ated upon lots con taming the following areas, 111 A SOiL'le lot (ii-eiiniprl hv districts "A'' and "B". the buildirm We want and appreciate, your business! two family dwelling shall contain not set back line Irom the westerlv rinht ol way hue ol Highway A! A be increased Irom tci-eritv.tieo ( It,. I....I i,. LmisleyWL less man lour utousanu 1 l.oo(l) squal l feet 111 A l.,t K.. . Iifty-live (55) leet, 'In districts "A ". mm B.C. "E and "F ", it is recom- miMirleH I h lit a hmlriinn ...I K....I, I three 1:0 or four 4i family dwelling shall contain an area of not less than J " " ..UI.M...I, i uai inn- he estjih tthna nt a. at tit... use inousantl t.i.oooi square leet, ex rept that this regulation shall not ap live (55) leet west ol the Town's sea wall line as established by Ordinance No, 51. Nritlf'A Ic rill-thitl (tltrun 1 . t.. ,.i ... luwiiini nun uu.tiuing nouses. where no cooking is done m individual rooms or apartments. I.'l) A tract or parcel greater than five thousand 1 r. 00111 tr... '' (titlli 111 l.ttll- mam e with the provisions of Chanter 17fc 1)5 li'lorill t Cit:ttlltt. inn.,1 ,t..a PALM BEACH COUNTY STORES JoPen Sundays thltt tht. Tr.ll... ..." teet. occupied by live i5i or more iown ol Manalapan. Fonda will uMciniig unns snail noi exceed a the Town noiu a puniic nearin OH ire nt the Tnu'ti fif M n a I .1, n M .. 111a a i oiu in oeusuv 01 twenty (211 dwelling units per net acre. I 4 S W'heru a l..t h !...- n-ilnan f'luh M -m il n l'i. ,',.i at J : ih) P.M. on Friday. December U, than required and was of record prior LAKE PARR: 1409 10th St. - Ph. MM 45 BELLE GLADE; S.E. 3rd 1 1 Art. - Ph. tU-52?6 (BELLE GLADE STORE CLOSED SUNDAY) 1 in 1 1 ft ti r u 10 me pr.tpospd amendments to the zonniR ordinance All IMliTunc f T...., 1 I0CA RATON: I8S0 N. Ftdtral Nwy. - Ph. 395-202 LAKE WORTH: 2745 lak Woirh Rood - Ph. M5-4770 DELRAY: HIS N. hi. Hwy. - Ph. 27MI27 (DELRAY STORE CLOSED SUNDAY) .... citoaii.i i .miu H'Wll dllll (Jrfl- ties interested in the aloresaid pro- arnenanienis are lnvitett to this: niiitiiiD nf 1 hi, T.min II..IUIH- .1, 1.14. mat 101 may oe used only for single family dwelling pur poses. All persons are invited to attend the above meeting and anv adjourn ment or adjournments thereol and present their views either in favor ot or in opposition to the same BY ORDER OF THE CITY COMMISSION. JACK Ft NORLK CITY CLERK i Pub.: Jov. 15,22. 1W.N. Commis.sHm and Town Commission-and an opportunity shall be mven to all such persons to state their views on orobuM Hons to the same 1 nt a:nipht commission OK THK TOWN OF MANALA PA V L'I f IP III A Pub: Nov. 15, j, 1K

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