Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · Page 15
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 15

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
Page 15
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O o o Q (pCDoOcPO oo o o nitHMCi!0fi m turn The Flowers RANCH MYSTERY Polling Off A Steak ! Children Ng Watch Needed in Garden Where Western Fbwers Blrom aAsnaocia, an siiwt tell tke time swt ley Hm dpwilnsr of flowers but by thwir closing. 5Jlk) of varying kinds close from 1 to 2, (Js aMa dD tte ae(Sjn forms of Mnwkwaad (Miaraclum). iato and Tomato Sowers shut up abcSit 3, Whilst an hour later, tha fdra-achDltztas and If arigolde cka. At S ycei will aaa the glorias elapars of tte Water Lilies draw tbstr aut-ala tcajfethar awd hegln to dlaR I8 ka tas aurfawa At ojadte a remarkabte p-iiw; of lsaaraM hsglns aia. Tu the J&maysMtieila was la aihO-tlan to tha HWiIiiir- Primwsa Bd many kiads of Lychnis- At 8 con ws tha Nlakt-erented fitoelj and Mirantlls Jsteew. At rums of tha CetchOfaS Oltaret) expand for tha dntt time sod the Woniruir awl White Tciacc(sa the asm. Ttrate rsn hav greeonitusea. and grow tin Nijtht-aoWcrinD Cacti, will notice that the mer-oua SoWers at this V&nt itp$B 61-moat on tit strota d 10. only to ha a mess of faded nd crumbled patala a few hours later. EVCW V yaaw wtdww tans atap-aW W waaUy ajklto aaay to, tell Wtat time It W In a Siw-ian. A auw numlair of planta cpaa Uar Buwe at oartaia ttaasa a the dBy and tUs they with amazirar rafrutairlty. Otba ptnnU ckaw tkadr Sowwra with th sanw enreaatwwy juat as than Ussy kad an eye on th ekek. PrcWabjy tarn okrHsMt fvnum plant to casaa Its Moons Is tha wall known cllmhw, Ipomaen, tha huila of whseh SNgmnd at S o'clort. ffintfls nsaw cf all felnda open ahcait an hour lakar, at 9. Practhatlly all kinds of Linum and tha Dy UUaB (Bkawencallla) opsn at 7. Jis. abnit tha ssune time tha SjhlrWy Poppies buna their fnewt cases and Irises ex-IWnd. At I. many kinds of Con-volvulas CMpand thalr blnwiw. At 9 one will ate the ofanlaf of mwy rta tf Veronica, Gentians, Ow-alia, to mantkin only a few kinda. Arenartas, PortulacM, eVh-Wholtaias and Marlgolda dls)iley their ftowera at 10 o'clock. At mld-dy thaw great sun lover, the Wwatmhryanthemums, open their blooms to the warm rays. F'rotn about noon, until the late I tfa lira aa Over the Captain's Coffee Cup Travel Tales from Everywhere A Staff? For &Hi, tOgfor rot rise Ataa1, 6aj (tor fees teai trostfzia cot htr Vmttt VuMur's mtpuk fur stray SMaVs. Ceffse ww !, (arte nae Jha taw prmi at aeaswrs oy M awhewsse ;. Joascaj is a-twauaee' to orce (e osr (a Vve IH see tout. 8fk is lifer-(( a iodtuo osf io fie tofi9 Ire aid u reejr trawl test SMrtteelar frouertg. She Sxi thU rovtl of a mlver seer m out of tha poaturts ati tow it fret If ewe who its owner it. Unnie Wa tar has aturted to drill for wtUtr. Otttf when one of hit boyt ri&t into towu for a tew serf for tkt trill, he i qoestiouet about activities on the ranch. Tilt' was tt-fto is So curious is Sort Burnett. (Be very man Bet suspects. In the midM of the drilling, Sort calls and offers to buy the prop erty, but before her Uncle can close the deal Beth begs him to wait until she tells her suspicions Chester 10. MORT RUSSELL ft 88 e di Bruntled man when he rode out of the ranch and headed bad to town. He told Uncle Walter ct the last that his offer to buy the ranch would not hold for long. With all the trouble and worry the ranch had brought in the last six months, Uncle Walter could not help tot wonder if ha was doing the right thing in not Belling nos, loci, Mock, and barrel. The harrasacd man went out to the poature where the eell-drilleiej were at wort. Ron, Tim and Bath watched him amble BtoWly toward them. "Mflybe Dad would've done Well to sell the ranch, but, gee, I'd hate to see him do it, at that," said Ron. "Nothin' doin'," Tim tare hact at his brother. "Wa'ne act liced yet." Beth waited ohm mm uncle came up to thtta. The Was question in his tlrad eyas. "Well, aware," ha said, "what woa on your sals teat ym waa ax anxicaas for your old uncle not to sail hte rKh? Mort Airs made at a friendly atts. Did you hava sbanothia' special that you tsmwfct wwaUR aassfe met differawea?" "WiU yaw aaaaaato the kawft with ate, Uncte Walter?" M asked, "and you two boys aoma along. I've got wamntfeaaa; te ahow yon aaaH demetWns te tea you." Ron and Taw toaftoal awrfwastd iadwd, but wttkowt sjwmttaa thay MUawwi. As tkfea- paaieM laaaiiB tin HaeDoa, Am Sfiwy tantod trim tka coetatoTa, "Dao't yeti tWaA tkny'M gnasai to ftad wedw, Ka?" aha aajaad. "aawaty ye Hamaa't end 'aat ataw dHUaae yat." "CMaw am altaeg Iato tte Mtar, Aaast Mary." aMd Bath. 1 ym ta hw wiaat Faa ajet tail, 'aM m, mat. wf cna't . In tar a, Vmsm Wajka, r sMa't waa yew. ta aatl a m(( fee Mo ft Buama Jam fBBJP BJPWHHaP BJ Vajp VHi VBI ejow ym ." m Baww eta wife a, ta ( r ' ric Waaw m rw.-x aa -fmm. jv t aiaraavax rta4aiat.y.04ts ea risst ajwii ea wa lw-S3 toiK tix-w m' t p cat aji uu lu i x M.,jfl lalLdtdl VtWLOftWS- AukC $). WEEKLY T MOMmf Md it, to a on it in I a . I deal aaa aa iieieia' battle scenes ol long ugo. He'd drag; the big book over to the window to see the details at the fierce twttlo scenes. . . NO one came to disturb the buy, and the Dachsiea left him alone, too they had business of their own to handle Then one flay the world fell with a crash around the ears of the boy, and it nearly landed g,n the Daclialos. There was to m a special, extra fancy dress parade of the skllers in honor of the Emperor. The officer hurried to his homo to drasa In his spscisl parade uniform. It so happened the boy and the .logs were out fishing that afternoon, st the officer found his room qaita as It nhpuld ktave been. Then suddenly ha bellowed In a voice llko thunder. The boy and dears, returning fsom tlolr fishing trip, were just pjsSflng under the window. THBf hjoird and all three shivered and attnok and listened! Than the thunder slowed down, and they heard shouts of com-nSDtBl to servants ard any one Asp Would listen. Tla nice, dignified, Important SScer said, "Someone, someone bum chewed a great round hole in tan heal of each at my special rasaarS) boots. I am furious !" Ties boy grabbed a dog jjnder daea arm and Jteiv into the woodjt, hook wanra he'd bean fisjilns. Ttsjaas ha tied them to a tree and dat baslde them. He was frightened and a little angry at his Dachsiea, too. IE said: "Now you've done it! Stop wagging and listen! What did you have to be so arnarty for anyway? How can Father wear those boota to the parade for the Empeftr with his white sox showing through the heals?" Ttean he got up and walked around and around the tree. Now tUa Ductules felt badly, and they ly down on the fround and lifted thotr little brown eyebrows with ashamed, tuvi eyes, watching the boy. After a long time of great silence, the boy untied the ti4' villains and went slowlyQnck toflhe house. He listened carefully when he went through the halls to his room. All was quiet . . . tbe Ifind music of the panaSi could nt heard in the distance. That night the dogs slept In the boy's room (he built a tent house for them out of a plaid shawl draped over two chairs). They were VERY quiet and VERY good. When the boy's father came in to tell him "goodjjjjght," two pairs of soft brown eyes peeked from under the tent fringe. They were watching two dusty military boots and wondering how TI-Qf'D taste! CURFEW (55 "HC ringing of a curfew was I first an English cuntom, originating with Wlfllam the Conqueror. Tl word eom'SMH-m "couvrefeur French eaning "cover Are." The curfeHB in criKiaiiu iiieniii iiial at o'clock all reffifcrj (m "covere! w mm O and he wa willing to take it off cur bnedb." "But tStvL KiSSBBIl has more tool, SBW. taJW he need for hi fear." "YB, Ass Oary," said Beth, 'yoM'r fiat right. Uncle Walter traSlf Hurt and mayba he's rigkt dp so. You've all known him tat ksogar Una I have, but I ckat't tnsk him. . . . I'll tall yow why." "We hasws't taown Wort a greet vhilt, child, juat you aay vtutt acai'ee a mind to, hra wits your own folks, and that we'll thin about it." "Thsuee you, Attat sUu-j." Now vej-ythlnj was easJee. Bath mcMd iato the pocket of her jcana and drew forth the silver, ster-ahepad wheal. 9 ha placed it the table mumn eterytm could see. Both boya reached out for it, and as they turned it over Uncle welter said, "It'a a rowel, Bath. Where did you jet it?" "Yea, it's a rowel and sat aa irdiaere one, either." "I'll aay it's not an ordlMu-y one . . . it'a sler," said Boa. "Yea. It'a silver." Aad Bate plunged into her Story. "I found in the, pasture the day I had my first riding least. It Waa up the near pasture, juat a few feat from the place where the oie are drilling out there. I didn't thint much about it at first; an I didn't mention it. You W;e, Uncle Walter, I didn't even know what it was until the da' went to town with Claude." "I'll bat Claude told you,' grinned Ron. "C'aude lovea to explain anything. Did he tell you how they were made and how much they cost?" "Will you keep your ever-ready msuth closed, Ron, and let Bath dp ta talking juat this caee?" said Tlat Wtth oftaiou dfaJgaaH. "After W fot to tawa We went to the station. Claude wanted to aaa that traim eoaaa la." Bow an atea to caaaaenat aw this idea, tee, hut T(a aaUelpated him and ctofivad Ma kgoad, aeaw too gostlf , asratai fate biatbew'a wide aaata). "At ten ckajMtt Utaaa ware two mew. Own of thee wen Meat Ka aaU, and tha eikar aaw a stranger, WWW Claude taUtad to tbara I noticed that Boalgil Waa waartog sjaura, aad caw ea thaaa and a rewal wlaaeB. I evtn saad me-ttakif aboat it to him, awd Uua Clsaria tBtreeMwd me." Ten IwaaUy leaned forward, all eyaa aad Interest. "Hort said, ym, he had latft a rowel off his spur, and he had aent to San Francisco for a new ane. Then he aafced me how I lilted the West, and all tht. I said, 'Hate you been out to see y uncle lately?' And since I Waa pretty sure the rowel I'd fouad waa his, I Was aunaiy eur-a-isd when he said he hvln aaen ci tfee ranch in maey atontka." "Wail, now, there raf$e. ain't it?" said Uncle Welter. "ruaay k'd lie lite the if la) Vean't with the bh th.t'4 haaa' Midinf ua riaht aloaaj." daid unt sltey. Baajl laaaaBl want on. Jie I decided I d not sty emy-aAIaj aiiir taw rowel I'd found cw sur rawed. I iBjd test M fWaticI a mn a Clu eid WWW ha) W't (teaVinf cattle Me a eaaatw earajw w 4oBt0 ftm aatha Kail" 'a )hBt co)d ha aawt 9 rtfl m out ftf" a . "7as PV I dol't nffi3 taletf. aid hrt' tfi ra."' P aycia Was leaning forWfrd Sith eajlarnaa and gi- Wlrftlon in their ftcg, "Th bm reyx why brt fffntw this l(nd. And who as the man he put aboard the tnbln thwt day? Claude hadn't m. ever SsaP Jbm before. But this mo I nolfted; on his suitcase there wjp three letters after his name, iney were F.a s. l-- that must be sorrklr(SJf a busi- 'V what those letteJ ftea:ft (TS imig: avnss -avKeuwa out sjjtj 2fbrt (j5?UjSJ Beth d, fB fTtrm Au'-iSi cw c.t tw' v"k4W"a rj, 1 By Whit MtN OU hear about hsva wanted to accomplish certain things an much that the price didn't matter "erne often comas unmmght. Paul Gaugln deisrtsd Paris to live on an ieland. He painted what he saw and felt, and went msd. Recognition followed long after. Yet before the end, for sovornl years of freedom his life was satisfying. More contented, probably, than the days of his JSuro-pssn friends, Who lived in the "World tht is" He did what he tftntcd. Not everyone csn live according to their heart's desire. Responsibilities, conventions atlflo all but one in 1 thousand or as. It ttfees strength not to care ' what pacep1 think. Stout belief In your own talent or simply knowing that the customary routlno is not for you. Of such are the beach combers, "tlcket-of-leWve" men, - planters on some forgotten Islet who'd rather swim In a warm coral lagoon than own a business. A maa Will drop a good Job to build a boat and put out for the Pacific Islands. Any Island, so It's fgr enough. Gold Is found up a Waterway In Gulr)a, where casal-bals have thalr own ccswaritlon of "long-pig." Jew have, grown Wealthy on coi-pa or sago plantations. Not many lse bj-ongbt out enough yellow metal from unexplored Papua to make up for mjilaria and blaekwater fever for native sorceries tbny've sean and cannot talk akout or forget. SIKKIHC NEW f ion tiers some few Will discard three meals a day, a place to sleep. In San Francisco a young portrait artist fishes much of the daylight hours near Fort JSIasoJi. Evening sees him ijtctchlag pa-trdas of a Bohemian resort on the edge of Telegraph Hill. At a dollar a head, he gefs little but experience which an artist needs more than anything he could buy. Independent, he says "No" to more faces than he sketches, and depends upon an intuitive sense of selection when he "accepts" a model. In the dim candle light his drawings line the walls, some excellent, others experiments In technique. His last name Is something SWedlf), his firiS Is Rich a blond lad, who steadily KMi more behind a smile than the surffce po. A philosophy of his osVn poking around from city to city-concerned more In developing his work than In wealth or comfort. He's doing wht he want to do. Sucrlflce now some djy, finrt? SPEAKING OP SAGO iind copra, coffee, rubber, and fotao planting there exist even today opportunities in British Guinea for men with a few thousands of dollars. Between two and flveVYou can lease li for 09 years at a nominal figure, so low It's almost free. Native labor Is higher than In Malaya or Africa, but this Is amc balanced by the low living costr Yo)llve as yQ please, cheaply or expensively plant a crop of whatever strikes your fancy, and reap, the harvest within a few yeartp Everything grows quickly in the rich soil and tropical climate. Njwjag frgj tunes are made yOTHJoTl'O go down to become a millionaire but your plantation and bush-jade house can be beautiful, boat Is manned by loyal natives, the forests and rivers are virtually your private hunting eserves. SSieeent privacy freedom. 'BETTERS DRIFT IN et mw&mmmmiamti Wsllman- from the Pacific t-'oast as well. Brigadier General J. A. Woodruff replies to an inquiry about the disappearance of Captain Mc-Lcllan of the transport Republic " It seems dijhbtful If further '' ever be thrown on the matter." ;j(iib!io brought the body of Father Damlcn "leper priest of Woloftal" to San Yancisl!o for high mass at Old St Mary's . . . s then sailed with tho remains for Belgium. Hftwsllans intimated tht a curse Would strike anyone removing a body buried in sacred ground. At b:15 in tho morning between the Farallon isKBnch and the lightship Captain BcLcllan-vanlshcd. More of this later. Investigations aro still under WW,y. One. Jty Hrvoy, of Yelm, Washington Dallas AlsmSjn, of Astoria, Oregon have collections of those interesting gluss balls thgt sweep In with the JapsnsV current, rolling up on northwSfct-orn beaches. This Is not a trading column but if you'd llko to posTOsD rattwr loVely and uniaBajil globes In rainbow coloas, drop them a line. BURIID TREAftU! is not alvaays a myth. If ya f9 the urge to dig for dead men's gold and JeWels, there are place todny supposed to Ittld fatfjfcgsj wealth. e Millions In plate And bar gold treasure of Lima still cvadr seekers on Cocos IsXind. Somewhere on Trinlcbd Is burfed a fairly well-auttthntlcated treaUt'rw We understand that even clferts are obtainable. South of Jbu&ru, lie the Salvages, where a chesl of two million silver dollars was sunk in the sand by a mutinous crew, which did away with their Captain and laid his body ate tit) traeHire. In 'JS the sjilllisx ship General Grant was losl oV the Auckland Islands bearliQ) 60,000 ounces of gold. The vedjy drove Into a cliff cave and 18olea up. The hull Is still visible, bat the huge combers and Swift ift-dcrtow have prevented oJ&! from rescuing the booty. ONI OP DIW!Y'a8!fllF5& lies In San Francisco Eaiy tlss U. 8. 8. Boston, which la tiad ja? at the south end of Yerba Bua Island. The Navy has udfcd it p yegrs as a Rotalvinf) Ship, dctja dull routine duty after tKw etetjjt lng Btttle of Stnlla EBy. rha Si one of the fW vejgila left tlct iSrvSrl the Admlngl whan ha hum bled the Spanish fleet. ThoujtWnfc; of commuters pseS within atjat ifk O her every day, completely aware that clog: at hand Is of the romantic relink of the;s!- tury. Time moves so swfftly, no oiJ has time these days for memories. But anyone ajh O good rean, or a bump of curiosity, jn for a pass to board her at 1 Harrison Stt, Headquartfl&of the 12th Naval District. IF YOU'VE LIVED through adventures In any part of the world . . . and want toaee them published In this col&ifn . . . write them down and send them to The Captain, Five Star WecteJv 4S0 Mills Tower, SrfSgi FraSTSJ, California. w RAISEiXFROGS BOOK STAHT hackyaro Bl nrofir ximbiH- tits ' Rrcxler Itvi 10.. 0O0 ctRs yesrly. FrnRt til up to 9) dmtn. Any climiit uu ibli. Com liulc to biin. Mirhct waitint for ill you raiif. VCriif for FRI'E friiR honk todiy. AMKRICAN FROG CANNINC CO. (drpi 104-C) New JrUint, I.i. RP6aVrt: LEVEL off there, fellows, and hold that glide for a minute while we ait her down for a lot of the old chatter. We were gassing with the editor the other day about Watern-era who pioneered in aviation. Naturally the name of Professor John J. Montgomery came up. Tou dee, Protsssor Mantjom-ary, Wto waa a mannhar of the fapulty at Santa Clara College Califomht, actually built Uw Bret gltdar tltat ever leaped. It was la 1881 that PreiMMWr Montgemery bagan building glidersthe forerunners of the Wright BfothMrs' powered ptawe. Ovur In Germany, Otto Linan-thBl had syant scsraBthlng like tea unmet In tbe air; In Bogttud, Peoey Pile her bad cooat rusted a axenber ut saceesalel g&hots, ad la this country, Octave Obaaiita was giu&Bg, aiae. WELL, PKrfeassr MoBtgaja-wry's aaadata got antb ad heaiar aatU be had pretty tttetr-oagUy Ushed tbe atoUUty iSMb-kn. Ftewtty be raw lnte a stasis aUeeaaat and paaattaate ani3t named KlatasBce. Tbjs Ktutaoxy aaaad to from a let f iKtoat It tatosa ass sHMWM a glider up on a balaxa. and out loom at 3500 fast. And he didn't know any too much about flying it, either! Needless to eDy, ha got down all right, but not. before he cut a few fancy figures In the atmrSj-ratere to give the audience m thrill rajsuiar circia) stuff. Aft while, ProfoeWir SjfJiit-a gomery hired 0me mora circus atunters and made a tour of the Oaat ccaa)t with his balloon-glider dot, which cauaVi ( tiiiar'ua amount of inteeeft. The profe.-ajir had his troubles though. His dare-davil ajlider pilot vara llTWyw tryiiaj to ajteal th Show from each other. One dy one of tham, riand set on cop-pin t'l the Blory, cut fc)se from a balloon A usufjl and started to do Sima exceptionally sharp turns on h way down. Just what happened ii't if&y too clear to anyone, but he turned so fast he did wrajt amounted to a l.op, or so they called IL W THAT brings to mind these parachute lumpers who rig them selves off" in a flock of fabric and go gliding all over the place on (Vffhnfav Anarr, Tt'a ilmnUA ov trjnjway down. It s simplecre ex- plain but not so simple if the jumper hasgegto get tangled vj in all tha'isaparaphernalia. w They stretch a webbing betvfien tnelr vou have an- By Paul Norton ONCE thena Waa a VIt important officer in the German army, fcid he had two beautiful, shining black boota which he Wore ONLY on Scial 'occasions. The officer had a small ann, too, and the son had two little dachshund. Now dachshunds aia clever little fellows and VERY fond of mischief any mischief. The oillcer's little boy uaed to play in his father's room, while that dignified gentleman was away at a big garritam all dayv Thj boy liked that room beat of nil Iho rnnma In IflU hniYM hA ,t was darR alM mU) j,.. nH m,,dd,tr,- n.., boots and myetartctsi weapons and many curious souvenirs. In the officer's room there wgs a great dark clothes cupboard, too, and there In the staadows hung many baautlful uniforms. The Dachaies Widat to thai Interesting, mysterious room, too, whenever the boy Want tiesra Thty never mam much noaV, however, beca(B ttlny SatS9 if tW-y did jmeoajk xScfeU WSlca them and put tW out at owe) The boy paid little attention to them, for he was always busy exploring among Ua many strange thlnfj he found tUarO ISr rtpent every afternoon for a week in that room lookhfj at j&Hure? of and open the 'cbA as)o3ia 4111 several hundred ff$ tfp. YOU know there are lots of things not to do when you're flying, but lots of fellows are apt to forget this: "Don't make a down-wind turn on the takeoff!" Why? Well, most of you know, probably, but here's a simple ex-janatlon. t jti'u nnv the Innrlincr annArl :hich is also your takeoff speed 0 , ... ... oi me snip is no nines an nour. You're taking off into a lS-mlle- an-hour wind. That means that when you're going 20 miles Efi hour the wind supplying the other 15 m.p.h. s you take oft. lyinR speed. id smacko, off sijpfj falls! That's why pilots keep stralglW seisj O M'rXJ 1 D" " profession we kn 'her webbing on both arp83) Jf'UT. you turn down wind at Naturally the sr-d they're sUll moving jpj mg creates a caln lift on t&38fcr --Iffawtr man the minimum r?z) MANUSCRIPTS WANTED fcim'.TtO: OmOINL TOEMV SONO. MMM - -ii ami " - OLD STAMPS WANTED & STAMPS WANTFp. Will w IW fcJ een Frtokhs rotary pnmita y&J-Z' Titvk FnnkliB rotary prior t"1 j "SSnsSijSf Just as speed creates lift fe.ii a mane's wlnffa. And ao th.Si 0fl some support. Thus far we naven l reaa oi any jumper gua- ing In to a safe landing on his'g;aump off thgi'-fi? ... '.O aneaa ix ine muwr uuniia on v&v takeoff ditches and fences to t ntraraAJPlthstandlBrft . PAGE SEVEN o

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