Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
Page 14
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o o o O o O o o o FASHION) HPS' Five S?ar Dish 5f The Week I GUirfe oo the STARS o B$ ktE3e WusB frrfnTHmttft. Dafi&ttat? auSoocB--aU for StQdisqsruj anything nio Try New Sprig Dishes For That Jaded Appetite They're Guaranteed Cure Nothing Like Somenling New to Prk You U Wba Spring-Fever Time Arriaffd OBy VIRGIBIA SCE9 Q Home EconeaBe) 8(008' I- Bo wKil;"-i"vl' . ..- ai al er tbe sm. nel . etafte rotyfcl skanidem bsm eBTat Accaaani89 la Ml at the different uttassa a eomen's dress there ie hardly a more important item than her choice of acceaanries. Notl-.'ng ie more disastrous to the costume effect than to have a well-executed dress completely ruined bv Ml-chosen accessories. Naturally, it is sometimes impossible to have corresponding accessories for every dress in the wardrobe. When this is the case the hat, purse, gloves, hose and shoes should be selected with the idea that they will harmonize with the various costumes at hand. For example: never choose Here's a real treatl Chaos cake made in the refrigerator is a tasty, nutritious ano appetizing deskert for the whale family. Men are esOdjcUlly food f this aejeiart. REFilOCRATOB CHEESE CAKE Vi cup butter, softerfeC (6) cup sugar 2 cups fine zweibach crasA or 2 cups finely crushed comflQlQ 2 tablespoons gelttin M cup cold water WdiJOU) tt t traly Wall ttMOSBb MUMtai, ttfte lvOBMBAlBaa$ f ULiUHB antbertty, is ttittt fasbioa hint treate tbe indvidoaloprobinjs vwaen. This week he points out a few devices wklch may he successfully applied by tke woman who possesses large or rejandKl shoulders, POOR posture and structural deformity are the two causes from which round shoulders arise. It Is possible, however, to minimize the rounded appearance. Correct selection of clothes Is the answer to the problem. There are some modes which definitely must not be worn, because they only aggravate and increase the rounded appearance. The kimono and the raglan sleeve are good examples of sleeve styles which should be avoided by a person of this Uijild. Great care should be exerted In fitting the sleeve and cutting the arm-eye. The round-shouldered woman, to appear best, will always select the set-In sleeve. Placement of the shoulder seam is one of the best devices for apparently straightening round shoulders. Constructed slightly back of the normal line, or slanted back, it will cause the shoulders to appear thrown back in an erect attitude. AVOID DETAILS' It is important to avoid any massive details at the front of the garment, since thb) only serves to give the illusion of pulling the shoulders still farther forwards. In the evening gown especially, the round-shouldered woman ttould always cgooSfe tbe square; or pointed nack line. Proper manipulation of collars is another medium through which It is possible to alleviate the effect of round shoulders. The curve of the shoulders may be corrected by placement of the collar. A soft, crushed collar, or on which rolls up and Sway from the back of the neck, is very flattering. A straight-hanging waist will aid in concealing rounded or stooped shoulders. Also effective Is a well-fitted, figirly long cape possessing pointed or slender lines. nish and walsrs a sOXHI ftS Sauterne, port, cOirsl r tflfc&o may be used, but aterry fV& tin most intriguing Savor, I tolnK. UNUSUAL HORS D'OSUVISfr Prescription for a Uttfif cQgtf tail hour Swirls: 14 pound cream cheese 4 teaspoons horstirn4tx4 2 tablespoons sweet relts 1 5-oz. jar dried bee Mix cheese, horseradish and sweet relish. Spread on slices of dried beef. Roll like jelly roll and chill. Slice and serve with cocktails. Makes 24 swirls. Olive Odes: Larie Pimiento-Btuffed Olives Pecans Bacon Remove plmlento from ollveaj and stuff with pecans. Roll In half bacon slices and broil. Serve hot with cocktails. Red Caps: Remove stems from large mushrooms. Mot with butter and place under broiler flame (hot) for one minute. Remove fromheat and All with a mixture or jittered dry crumb$ minced onion and crumbled roquefort cheese. 9pgs$9ltBvlly with paprika. &nd return to oven to melt cheeSte. Serve t once. Prescription for food-feegry ml-jHnnir: 4aBaa-in-C4ry-9auce tttn Short coke,: 1 post satmye 2 fpaimm 0ur soaf r( bitc&ts e Mflut In 12 m(ll IUt , and fry until Jjpildan gkclffn on both side. Pour of all but to talf)vonful fit. Sprinkle with iMir o mf ce9 and tlr until flour broVraj. Adll iup gnd aiir until It thlckn. Place too AtMAgMI with uce Irtweon cOoh hlarmtt. Grnlh it parsley and srv vary Kit wltk fraoh but-tr1 pintik pid fried apples. 3 Cream the butter with the V4 cup of sugar; blend It thoroughly ito the zweibach or cornOake crumbs and cinnamon. Press half of the miQure on the bottom & a 9-inch spring-form mold. Soften gelatin In Vx cup cold water. Combine slightly beaten egg yolks with the Vii cup sugar and cup water or milk. Cook in a double boiler for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the softened gelatin, and stir until It dinjolved. Then add tBis mixture gradually to the cream chifbe. Add lemon juice and grStad rind, and the salL Fold in the whipped cream. Fold in slifky beaten e$g whites. Pour mixture upon crumbs In pan. Sprinkle remaining crumbs over the top. Chill in the refrigerator until the mixture is firm. If desired, 1 pound cottafes cheesy sieved or mashed, and 1 cup crenm, whipped, may be uftd Instead of the cream cheese and cup cream. (Clip and paste on 3 x 5 cgrd for your recipe file or in your scrap toog of favorites.) aaa for lottars , and contracts. Tea 411 kea.r Mtss (Kagger- atisas than truth today, fflenfay: In itiative and courage are prominent. Start new en terprises today . and tomorrow morning. You I are open to I new Ideas. Tuesday; A Laurie Pratt pioneering and adventurous day. Daring financial deals are favored. The late afternoon and evening bring upsets and unexpected obstacles. Wednesday : A solid, substantial day of accomplishment. Your Inspirations reach fulfillment through hard work. Deal with elders and authorities. Thursday: Still a good day, In a conservative, businesslike way, but adverse for Impulsive actions. Guard against quarrels and doroij neering tendencies. Friday: Stick to routine. Avoid travel, change and restlessness. Deception and erratic moods prevail. Saturday: Signing papers and matters concerning correspondence, finance and travel are under untrustworthy vibrations The afternoon Is very energetic. You can accomplish much in a short time. CHILDREN'S PROSPECTS CHILDREN born the week of March 22, 1936, have the following life prospects, according to astrology: Sunday: A child born today will be a strange combination of dreamer ar.d man of action. Mental work which requires much solitude is Indicated. Monday: A born pioneer and leader. A military or militant career is shown. Immense courage, energy and organizing powers. Tuesd.ny: A fortunate life, with, ability to amass wealth through1 boldness and self-confidence. The mind is capable of deep concentration and powerful convictions. Wednesday: Very favorable indications mark this child as a hard worker, who will make his highest ambitions come true. Fond of pleasure, too, particularly of food. Gain through elders. Thursday: A persistent, determined child" Interested in reforms and social changes. An underlying recklessness should be guided into constructive channels. Friday: Literary interests are prominent Much travel and variety in life. A dual personality, great charm and a keen thirst for knowledge Saturday: A dramatist or movie writer is indicated. Expensive tastes: much money spent on travel. Affairs of relatives (neatly influence the life. 1 f . 4' 1 Cooks' Kitchen Tours Conducted by : Virginia Rosy Some Tips DO YOU ever Btrve gingerbread with a meal in place of regular bread? The smartest tea rooms are doing It! Hot molasses gingerbread with lots of butter was Just made for this. If you want something unusual, make murshniallow teas. Cut a null slash In the top of a marsh-mallow, Insert a tiny bit of butter, Uteri set It on a saltine, moistening the bottom to make It stick. After baking five minutes in a hot ven, put strawberry Jelly In the little hollows formed In the centers of the marshmallows. Hot mayonrtaiM pulYa are an unual tetejd accominiiiment and aKIo make delightful appetizers, ffold one cup of mayonnaise gently but thoroughly Into one atilBy Ireaten ik while. PIVa on crackers, and toast under the broiler about a minute or until delicately browned and puffed. !,' It (Aa to eprngd tin tops of iittt cup enkes sjiith raspberry jam and sprinkle them with I DON'T know haw you feel about it but ItCsjvays aeema to me that along about this time of year our tables need a tonic aa badly as we do. Not of the sul-phur-and-molasses type.- All of us have outgrown that New hats, a perky print frock, even a .haircut all of 'these have proved to be tonics far more valuable to(u8 A VJI than ever that If k 1 1 wnlcn came. r f "r trom a brown" SOAOsf I t bottle. And so for our tables. It Isn't enough to flay away the Shining dam Virginia Rati ask of winter, replacing It with laccy doilies. Nor yet will a change of glassware or a new dinner set alone do the trick though even a different pickle dish does a lot toward adding interest. We must look to the food! Roasts and dressing, rich gravies, heavy puddlngf, re (11 right on the titer Ifibl but with the coming of spring ah, "thereby hgnfta the tale!" ISSfl dishes oSo a guaranteed cure for tired dinner tables. They're replete with spring thrill fromh minute one's eye lights of? them until tht lftt spoonful W goge. llH DAY PrlBaCilPTION VIM ef ThereHstar: SDilA O m(ny fllsta of solo If thers ur 8VTs o serve. Wipe crefulle And trim the t to a nlci tastfe. fiBe ready tan mt f tan a lolftter, or or later cm a lo-tr. Cent the ilts ikusly In two c o crsm or in undiluted CBrjtl mill, eMnl With (Bit Oi imtf. Add ona-fourtt cup ateerrj. Vhtn 4e. remove the tf I to flat. Mkvlnaj plUte A 41 th loUStr to Us Sue, arid teat. Coer the kt with the lotakor. C(tl down th crtkm ikiwly to lb corn lty at a Aim. Cew (B with t. . its Blatter under tkH broiler to brown, tsowned csumlel nt& he ajlckal t ma, or White fmm ca4sri up one in 0ary. !ra fit tsittenat unsaffgict tip, sliced tometoe. steams ran potatoes with psnetcy, butter, jratiura rolls and rhubarb tlploxg. JlLLIMD PkUIT LA Pra&trlptlon for Jfeled tPlKr tli- 1 t O'VbfrV m 1 A 2-ji ct sear 2 tablestnotm gmvt$ yclatit 4 cup cold waltr 1 cup fircrl orones & ffuccntirt mn.V'iflni: Combine grapefruit Juice ami syrup drained from pears. Heat to balling. Ai(4 gctatln softan1 In cold water. Arrange fruits in a ring mold. Add gelatin carefully and allow to set. Unmold on lettuce. Fill centr with cheese mixed with chopped maraschino chcrria Srve ith mayonnaise and hot orango biscuits. Sorves eight. WUIT GELATIN WttH INC Prescription for the "What shall (j,rve" hoate-at-bridgc 1 fkg. mi(-lntored oclnf ( sf rou'herry, rojiher7J ftr) chxrry) Qy.up ooilinfl water 1 cup d'tt'imflc sherry Add the boiling water toXjij) goiatln. Stir until gelatin de aatvaxl. Add the cup of wine. Pour lto molds and chill. Sliced fruit such as p4cappl)bananii, jngea or cherries may he nUcil) to the ftel.tln when It (Jwomes id. and Mw not set. Serve ltk Vhlpped-crcQi gar- EC Z E M A it Rhfum.rurit ! on,VffMtnSkln.t. mum ) k Mrk ln Inl t4 mii.t. MAlimi. HiArtilnK.l trwllnrttt. vtiWi ft 30 yvmn J.m twti itiriiii Krarm wllm ttxxr "Flrtl RmI nifM'aRort "U mtn.Uv-rtMAl tH ViAW OH CAN NADAV t(im SmiVT Ml P Squat MO. A Baby For You? It Y"U denied the hlrtiiitK ' i II vihii own and Taii h a tutM and a tuby i nuir, do noigivr up titipr lutt write m trmhdrnre lo Mti. Miiur red Owftii, VM. M, Itanan IMd.. Kamai ity Tki nr win itn vou an' umplf hivnf rlioil tht helped her alirt Sri dcnifd IS t. Mam tir av tli hit helioi their litrt. Wnte now and Ii lor tni inn nafp" For Tkn Ykai- j uW and ndrr4 Q-1 - V aaliiflrd nomtn uiAmti TMf DhlQINAL II ITIll THI HIT VL J ' - a i Very smart for street wear this spring is this closely fitting dres with contrasting jacket. The treatment of the front of the dress, its vest effect, is new end decidedly smart. Fullnsex in the sack ef ttu Jacket eedb distinction. a definite color, such as green, for one h8t to b u&ed for Oll-sEagbn aear. It is wiser and in batter tOcte to chooa black, ehlch eUl harmonize with any color worn. Also, discrimination is needed In the choice of footwear. Sport shoes with a Bport dress) end dglnty shoee with the dainty dress of afternoon and evening then frrsjt it along 4t the reat a the cake Do you ever top your meapies or casserole diehte) with baking-powder biscuits? Twelve to 15 minutes before the dieh IS to conic from the oven, I piece tiny circles of biBnuit dough on top and lei them hake eS the dish finishes cooking Whenever you carmelize sugar, use e heavy frying) ian iron ie best e medium flame, and stir all the while tse Sugar melts. It gata very lumpy at liiet. but the lump will diSHppcar. Let the serup boil end bubble until it is rich, deep brow n, but not black He aure to take the pan off the fire before you add the hot water. Add aR the water al on time, and Stir until everv bit of Sugar vrup $ dissolved. Substitute, a cheese tray, fruit and crackers for dessert even-now and then. Split Isdy fingei efirtad on half with respljerry jam. the other half with cream cheese Wended, with cream. Put together, aan jwich fashion. Serve chilled, with coffee ea simple dessert. Gil coins At Sielrsc sign ofS oM, ee it eStnt ' osdoe'siaMlJie I. loovKiniisMios, mm IswakMofM, Uslrps. kdai'i M'f i us ii ii art imr hMK ore--a. rn a skcb iraeiiemeli. to lose Ear w . jfcf . k 4 cup sugar M cup water or milk 5 pkgs. cream cheese 1 lemon, juice and nnd M teaspoon salt ',-4 cup whipping cream On Food chopped nut meats or coconut. It'simicker than regular frosting, too. Sometime for tho main course pour creamed chicken over tho layers -of individual shortcakes. Or use creamed mushrooms or .sonic other creamed vegetable. Garnish roast beef, mutton or fowl with halves of peaches that have been heated through and the hollows filled with the jelly. 1 often adil bits of leftover Jelly when I bnsto my roasts. You've no Idea how It improves their flavor. Some people like to add a spoonful of currant Jelly to lamb or mutton gravy to give it a wonderful tang. When 1 make chicken croquettes. I often make a little ife prs'.on in the top of each one. Then after they're Zrled. I till each little hollow with a bit of bright tart jelly. No. !Jia There. e) nothing smarter than th(, frock, with ahoulders built out In bros, pagoda fashion. Large autteas and roomy pocketa a.'W a note of gaiety. Adaptable material: foullard, novelty erepe. dull aitln. May fee had in sizes 14 to year and 32 to 40 ktlst. Size 3t requires 3' a yards of 39-inch material ens !t yard combination 33 lactate wie)- No. 119 Just the frock fer a campus afternoon. In faversible figured material with clever neck treatment and simple but expressive lines, this has a definite place In the wardrobe. Adaptable ma terials: prints, foullard, crepe. W satin, combined with ruff crepe. Size 36 requires 2', yards of 39-Inch material and 1'4 yards or elSvnbination 39 inches wide. Mischa fashions are accurately-cut to size and are made offxti:g paper. A simplified cutting chart and a practical step-by-step instruction guide are included Mischa Fashion): Fivk Star Wkkki.y. 4!S0 Mills Tfor. San Francisco. Oil Enclose -.'Sne$t$$$$3- & lem wanej ira5 es29eM98ES QQ- .oa-. . .0. . . . 0 i I LIKE to flry my (ftking-po der biscuits in different W8ye, Sometimes I spread the tops with a mixture of orange juice and sugar before I bake them. Again I spread the lower halve of hot baked biscuits with butter and the upper halves with honey, and put them together again. Hot bia cuits are delicious, too. eorvetl with maple syrup. When you make cocoanut mace-roona. mftfte cooked aalfid d rites ina at the eame time, uaing the 3 ic whitea for the Bret aad the yollia of the eftgi for the eecond recipe. , tl you m't have eooiigs cocg-lail elasnrs for g lre,e number of auoSt.9serve your fruit or -food cocktails in grapefruit ehelta : lfS a,rood idea to let croquettes stand in a srai place for about half aa hour before fryieft. They abajirb lesa fat ia cookiB than when ice cold. e mefcoNer sweet pickle jiettf fray be used to advantaaje in making boiled salad dreseinf It your family ia adfticted to cdrnenion toset. keep large-aiKed at) ehaker haairfy for evrUBklinj cinnamiea and aiifar on tke hot buttered toast. s?ood coloring Sparingly, warsn colors in food lire never ettractiv. i m oa paste cma-mUf fnuis Un paant cm email kntfe o hestkpict. and dsns ie aw! eokw cautuly vita HWibrinsdretipBr. e 441 9 Vm a tt i meee th cuMnnut tm a new cakf dtcoraV twn. Try a. nejS) of cooQnut With A red cSjarry in tset cit-or each on a white ke. or white tor Worth While Recipes "$y EIU Lfcas TOMATO SALAD SANDWICHES t ct$t of ctMttottatorior totmto jaice 1 tablmtoot meJO""'' i tet&oon aslt ( (al&aiCt niitrfl onion Pour cold ltr In bol Rnd jirinaia plain gelatin on top of iter, uflinn tnhwnoo. am miom ' rtacoii (er O niilvc softened aelatin over boiling water, add to tomato mixture. Struin If tonit.J8 aro 0n( ilfOI. Irtgd or the Jul Kill flls,ll( pan wiHi hglf of the tomato Jelly. Pltfte in a cool place to get Arm. Pour into a bowl t tablespoon plain gelatin 9 tablespoons cold water Dissolve over hot water and add l cup each of mayotinaise and of cottage cheese. Chives or fecn pepper may be added. Spread this over the Arm layer of tomato Jelly In the ihmi, and let It sot. Then add the rest of the tomato Jelly. Chill. Slice thin. jMul serve i tin lettuce or chtcoffi with cheese, djr?nilnccd Trtaat sunil-(ch,(ii RAlgGS CA " t'cther llRltOv. i rup af t'uttcr, oi Hinriimhl') cups suoar O Sltl logclher (J, rup ((.vpo0 salt 3 tcasfmotut iHiklua Add alternately with , cup, if milkWhen us i&$ Si ckJj or.iniKiQiiK. jjrtS 1 ti'ifmiiyanilkl Fold In stingy beaten iSdeaj 0 eggs. Mend only. Rake in ts layers at 37S degrees, a Mmore than a moderate oven, for abott 22 minutes. When baked an cooled, spread with orange filling, between layers, and frost over with a white powdered sugar frosting. Sprinkle top with coconut, if desired, or decorate wiQ red cinnamon camliQ red-tinted frosting. W For the oranfflUtQ vnmb0 cup sugar,Wihlep.irlSoiir. little salt. fSf cup OAe luice Coolijnver tj l until Qu.Q eneJ'Mir Ctn oQ-- uenif-n, ww e fjnintitiQy i wt ' 11 V II pokes etVocomnut fadiatlna In aQoo light on fatty meat, DutSi wtsael design from the center of i cream and sugary sweets eat freh vejretables. frulta. fowl and flsh cent salmon and mackerel). 5? cumulations by taking a half tij spoon iui 01 rvnisrnen nails with ( irf-juice of naif a lemon in a Rltuis offru g SfA I a chocolate cake or tinted coc-nut in crisscross effect on a ?hite ite cake or tint isscross effect o (5)d0 a cake uses oo' frosting. tfi& When a iTake uscsTxith beaieh yolks and beaten whites, beat the yolks flrsl; they don't lose their llghtncs&rfi standli4gis the whitea do. I've found that if I set my bowl on) pot holder or folded towel. doesn't dan. all 4J)r I heat the (ftell 1. lor m jy. till Betty Nye of Lancaster. Pa. wriiS I took off 14 lbs -I coufi bpltw my eyes. Pay no attention tuJltA Aac say there s no safe tjiy toTxrdu Millions the world over take t lr'. daily dose of Krusrhen not onlv4 help banish excess fat lhmn.1, I.Hmll.tlnt. K. Ia luh, iT.-" " IWrSf 1"dn.': InEtJ'Ore batSkfii No or,te.h,rtic action but blissful dsiTviu,, tioe-when you tike your MuV. dai W " flW -"5MJ1IM Wparut WycM eswiVwijcrjrar af" - e..w r,,Bl ho.Si J ...1. ...... CP PACiki SIX o o D

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