Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · Page 13
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 13

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

0 O : 11 o CO O o c 1 o L lit. . Gossip FIOM THE STUDIOS ASD SOCIAt CESTEIS OF HOLLYWOOD A DISTANCE of ISO miles pmrtea tsa Itio from tne living room of a Southern California Just because Henry .Fonda said he'd like to get married, Hollywood's eligible bachelors are up In arms, maintaining that he's threatened their seclusion. Here are some of the young men deterrrftiied to sty bachelors, regardless. Lift, Cary Grant tried matrimony, found It a failure. In circle, Robert Taylor says, "Nix." Fred MacMurray, shown with Astrld Allwyn, whom he frequently ascerts, finds the tingle life Is but. Next above It Fonda, who started all th Wcktrinf. Balow, with his pet terrier, Is Michael Whalen, who says, "I can't Imagine a guy wanting to get married." Right, Eric Linden. He, too, Is dead against alliances. Umy: fedafs on Iror fckmsi Life Upsets Dclligc-rerit Fi!m Dcdielors lacu He Wants To Tb Himsslf Down, Fellow Players Fear They'll Have A Net Fight For Freedom Whalen Wants A Debate On Tha Subject By Donna Risher home in the picture Palm Springs." The patio is In the deUM a4d tha living) i5om ig laid inside a tfmnd Stag in the Walter Wanger iftudi in Hollywood. It tok Sir Guy Standing four hour to cover the distance by automobile, a diftance that Vil take only a moment on the q screen. ' SHADES of Lon Chtney! Charles Middleton, character actor, had to increase his height for his characterization of "Ming, WrQuy ttaia'l ill the Merciless." So he called in Louis Hippy, malt up artist. Hippy made a false skull and fattened ia to Middleton's head with cemaijjj and liquid collodion. T4ie Jifjfa was so intricate that it requjftja four hour! to apply and t$o koeiR) to remote. The other day Hiddleton neglected to open the windows in his well-heated dreJng room. Fumes emanating from the pan of collodion overcame the actor and the make-up migi. They were discovered by Director Frederick Stephen!, ho came to see why Middlcton'g appearance on the set was delayed. The director took Charles Middleton toxxkiftj 'em Over g WlIM .GAtL GARDNER Pps Star Motiaia Pastor Idftop Hollywood. OEA rDLKS : I Wftprf Mb w oM rneggs out om tla to Ao tfti tefli. It' tfta rt of tlin taat mtes 4Xm cnildlike movi people tile most superstitious tfNfftioA in tn VoWfl. Daweto KMy Levt aa Antes tiDuct 1CrtS Warn i OUma anfi notfic actor, a liua python, in "Charlie Chan at the Circus." Oland was supposed to be asleep in a train berth. Ha to awaten to find a python sitting on his Stomach. The "Business" was gone through a 111 ! f 'Tf KVW i- v J (tejtej. Warner Olani in "Charlie Chan at the Circus." couple of times and Director fiachman made several takes. Then getting "a hunch" he abruptly called a halt on The filming. Oland thought a better take should be attempted, but Lawman refused to shoot the Scene again. O "But," interrupted S. W. Allman, movie reptile purveyor and expert, as he reached for the snake, "there is absolutely nothing to fear." Just then the python, without warning, rippdg into the first finger of Allman'9 left hand. He waa, gjven emergency treatment and later anti-tetanus injections were administered. Allman said later it was Lachman's fear which made the nake react to hi own fearful thinking . . but it was a strange happening, wasn't it? I ALSO dropped in at M-G-M. tp sqe Janet Gaynor as you wished me to do. Janet was on the set going through a little sequence from "Small Town Girl." when I arrived. In this picture she plays the part of a wistful hick who rebels at the humdrum life of her narrow environment and in order to get away from it all she elopes with Robert Taylor, a sophisticated ciy doctor. There was Janet "out in thexcountry" sitting comfortably under a tree. She Was telling Taylor all about her dreams of life in a big city. "I know the city is wonderful," she was saying. 1 "I know how grand-the ladies dress, that they wear ert Taylor and Janet Gaynor In "Small Town Girl." thin chiffons that cling around them, and that they go to gay parties and . . ." Taylor leaned over and reached for a large black insect with four legs which crawled off the tree's rk on Miss Gaynor's shoulder. "Sorry to interrupt the dialogue," Taylor saig) tonically, "but if this bug gets in your ear, Janet, ,iu'll appreciate the city a damea sigm more. i-t" ,-ol1.rl Dirpotor William Wellman whileCSS) 7hp men and Taylor laughc itfjoag- $ I2ANWI1 8P"? I J' S4 the bliss of solitude . . . wasn't that what some poet said, 'the bliss of solitude' 1" Q Mike looked around his womanleta domain with a sigh of content. 'When a guy wtnt to a;ive up freedom for bondage," he went on, "he doesn't need a wife, he neede a doctor. There i tiumcthinji wrong with his heed." O ' WHALEN 68id it was hie opinion that such good baclelora Fred WacMurray, Eric Linden, William Powell and Robrrt Taylor would back him up. MacMurray, who was making love to Joan Bennett over on a Paramount stage according to $e script certainly did beca up Mike, one hundred percent. Mac, it might he stated here, ia the target for many romantically-minded girla in Hollywood, but to date he continues to pursue hi policy of being "just a good friend," to blonds and brunets alike. "I know when I'm well olf?" he said, with a broad grin. "Marriage must be pretty bad from what I hear. I cant imagine a guy wanting to get tied for life, can you?" ' WILLIAM (DEBONAIR) POWELL, who calls himself the "backyard Demosthenes," lives magnificently alone in a modern Grecian palace, and is an exponent of the unmarried atete also. He distinctly prefers blonda and is seen moat frequently with the blondest of them all, Jean Harlow. Still, he clings like a pair of pants to its lt suspender button, when it cornea to his bachelorhood. "Oh, ere are so many, many things," he r-marked, casually, "that can hi; tatd in favor of t&a unattached." Nelson Eddy (who recently awpapwncad a cruet country mtrethon With a tow-avtoniriag: "Arid"), B'ric Lindfn, Cary Grant ami Roaur Tyk mil SUaacWy ctefewi their kmc halo havtlWrlvHMl. "tPa'i afrry for FomW tAtcy cw1mmiA, ") ia guy wanting to get mrrid)!" them to the studio's emergeniQr hospital, (y here they were revived. ' ;: WHITE sunshine arttant rad poinjPattiaa ... a lone Mexican girl drinking in a picture of Del RkO . . an orange manflton g9t baclt ia a groveO of redwoods . . . an oil station attendant talking about Iowa, as he helpg an oW lady acrow t.hp street that's a bird'a-eye via of Btollywoad Boulevard. A HOLLYWOOD PRESS oAGKHT IN TT5b THROES: "Reminiscent of a moonUt night ia a Southern magnolia garden is William Lambert's romantic formal ensemble of ivory souffle. It is o o o o "VER since Henry Fonda made the candid ad- mission that he was tired of single blessedness tnd wanted to get married, the love lives of Hollywood's 'eligible, independent yes and smug bachelors have not been the same. These unmarried ones and there is aarge number of them who revel in their freedom from the marital ties young Fonda regards as desirable, now look upon the young New Yorker as being something like the man who stalked dramatically out of the house after saying to his wife, "Everything is over between us. You will never see me again, goodbye" then had to go back for his hat. Q In other words, these film bachelors claim that Fonda, by leaving their ranks and closing the door upon bachelorhood to champion marriage, has .placed Donna Risher them in the spot where they must return and fight for their lonely, but doBirable, solitude all over again. BACHELOR MICHAEL WHALEN, being Irish and independent, is the first to challenge Fonda's desire for marriage. Mike is comfortably established now in a brand-new hilltop home in Hollywood and he is enjoying his freedom to the fullest. Therefore, he felt he could not let Fonda's iRri-nouncement go by without saying a few words. "If that guy Fonda will meet me in open debate, 'Resolved. That bachelorhood Is a More Desirable State Than Marriage', I'll lick him before he opens his mouth," Mike retorted. "I can point mvselfut as a living example of " 0 "Anthony Adverse" and I galloped over to Warner Brother tp see the finishing touchetj. Director Mervyn Le Roy wM putting lis trvupa through a Venetian crod p:ana. . He tried many, many times to pet it, bJitVfcjfWt scene is unwieldy because everything tnd vt)-body has to be watched and everything haaj te perfect. Finally, things were just as he wanted and Director Le Roy approved. His eyes roamed all over, taking in the minutest details. Then all at once the corners of his mouth turned down sharply. "Hey!" he called irritably to an "extra." "What are you doing, reading JLos Angeles paper in Venice two and a half ceQjries ago?" "Why, yes," the startled man admitted. "I didn't Chink the name of the newspaper would photo-,f!raph in a long shot like this." ' wWell, stop thinking," Le Roy countered. "This (f?3ptcomedy and the Chambtr of Commerce is putting its message over in Venice. jfQJth thNgalloped back to my typewrit dcaigncd with floating rumaa, croaar'd fichu-fashion oyer th Tstlice, aacendinover the daoeal-dp and narroving uweae tha em-pkr vaiat to Riewt tt taw Bowel at ttit backle) govn. TV hndiEa rvfflt) to tW krone nd tbs crdinfly tail hmn Aowum a-at'rh(o grc(rfuj, AiTkMl tiek-til train ia hnelk triaich he u IK Mid tchaHtinl)ttr Ber kmUa at my obking ntwm. Mm iwary cr('i' mantkf, comiM.4rf laddered in mirror and ftateneal at the throat with a large bow-knot, of the glittering glass, trails to William Lambert the pround to If she says anotml-r envelop the long train Q. word we'll bust out crying. o CHESTER jRRIS held a reunion with old . friends, when he wandered onto a stage the other day to find John Hyams and Leila Mclntire, fnrmor fnmnna vnuHnvillo Vinnrllinora 'O Morris first kruw the pair when billed as "The Mysterious Morrifff' Q opened the show in which q m hi rt VafiZ iff; lM2&tm'Q2Mm o DEC0JSE l.venC5ahear th Sh ?j Dnos, Nelson Eddy has beejfdai Shakespeare bj The sun won't burn Betty Furnt5t. not by a 20-gallo sombrero which she is wearlB?! t hi'fqjadefla r(r g ily visitor on being f Dad CD thOng' stosT , hd blue straw, GAGE o FIVE

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