The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 22, 1968 · Page 39
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 39

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1968
Page 39
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Page 39 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Friday, Nov. 22, 1968-39 THE LITTLE WOMAN Answer to Pruioui Punk Canada IQ ICiA.K.EI B;AjTS - ., - - . ITT J " - . -- A- ' : ? IDE I Ah i tUogr E I 1 T HJKDt i . : I- FTBUTWHtw THAT 3 THE TROUBLE )ir ,fS- Mft.BUMSTEAO, , MOO PROMISED ) J - JZ S WHAT SHE SAIO - WITH HAVING -- v " - iL rjfh to sweep rf1$5 : - Stl r 71 pi-avmaxes ) --- - SiSL. fSfL Yj&m THE CELLAR )QJ - LgljT (SAREr I I l I1 ' X" ' " Vr u55 YOUR JfLu PUT WHEELS I -T WOULD WORK.' eDa imeW isSki E R E 5 TFEjMlJsMR E AM n EE. H5 1 iiL0f J aCePtag C SHOAiTP5TluOEl)T MEN dieDT A NTT E a ure A To u EJ rrC giElRIMI IDE'e'rI rCiOE (2 words) 37 Child 38 Solar disk 40 Descry 41 Of trees 44 French novelist 46 Punish by fine (law) 50 Stage whisper 51 Weddings 52 Fit piece for mortise 53 And so forth (ab.) 54 Le.ttuce 55 Do not exist (contr.) 56 Article 57 Sight organ DOWN 1 Honest 2 English queen 3 Bristle 4 Traveler 5 Galley with one oar-bank ACROSS t Natural discoveries 4 trade 7 River 12 Number 13 Cuckoo blackbird 14 English composer 15 Province of 17 Lariat 18 Distributor of cards 19 Emporiums 20 Wood nymph changed to a stream (myth.) 23 Class 26 Encounter 27 Pikelike fish 30 Sticks together 32 Lyric muse 34 Positive electrode 35 Tidal wave 6 River (Sp.) 7 Changed order of 8 Biblical prophet (var.) 9 Culture agents 10 American suffragist 11 Epochs 16 Winged 21 Analyzer 22 Personal pronoun , 23 Command to a cat 24 Miss Chaplin 25 Synthetic red dye 28 On toes 29 Glutinous, as syrup 31 Withdraw oneself again 33 Staggered 36 Bury 39 Preposition 42 Element No. 86 43 Vestment 44 Facts 45 Employer 47 Speed 48 Satiate 49 Essential being 51 Wager "Do you want this reading in black and white or beautiful living color?" v;.- -5 zM l redeye VlQ5 i 1 1 f THERE MUST BE A LOOSE! f IF ONLY HELL WORK HIS PvOUSAiDVOuT RUT 1 FOR TODAY 1 (2 13 12 15 1 18 Fjr,,i,,r .,-.,r,S J IrOPIWr.TII F CQUFWUPQP I I WAY AROUND TO BENEATH 1 I UAurvt IR-cn A i mm It 21 7 18 19 MO 11 14 17 'jL 28 29 B33 22 56 3 146 '47 48 49 54 57 2? AND I'D HAVE TO GO I v HA LUCK! j" ' y THIS SKYLIGHT. K HIM! 'Jh, THROUGH THE ROOM M ZZT Kbjm i jNOWWHDS K- 7f e I IMAGINE. I you THINK A WHAT PO ) YOU WILL GO--1 WILL STAY- ) ' : T'AA DViNft Tn A REMBPANDTS-6EMS THIEF BROUSHT WE PO S MO WAIT FOR THEM Jz? ONTOS lfjtmyKJ N6S WeTHAT JTHE JS I f BECAUSE THE SCHOOL I STUDENTS? . WjRk , V WORK 1$ TOO HARD... J TERRIBLE. ttksiltLoef ( WHY ARE YOU A COSTS TOO HISH AND HOW LONG I TBACHcKS . . J . DE-AONSTRATING ? J WE CAN HARDLY H HAVE YOU v -. , . , , y. XJ nJT MAINTAIN the bare STUDENTS rAriPx the flintstones3 " A .... MC SLOW UR GAIS'X??" MIGHT' I ,r L. &r granny f no use I S GIVE THEM FAT STUBBY hLLS UPj Ja , ,McMADDOCK.' AR6YIN'- HOROSCOPE November, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . Astrology points the wav." ARIES ( March 21 - April 19 ) : In making any change or advance, check legal aspects. Get papers In order. Don't permit ambitions to run away with you. Means be sure of Instructions, aware of details. Consult expert. TAURUS (April 20 May 20): Study ARIES message. Don't be in too much of a rush. Travel plans could be upset if you are forgetful. Means be observant, alert. Remember resolutfons concerning moderation. Take it easy. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Inner conflict is evident. Speak frankly to children also settle any dispute with romantic interest. Day to gain understanding. Domestic question can be settled if you are forthright. ' CANCER (June 21 -July 22): Obtain hint from GEMINI message. If you try to duck major issue, you are thrown for loss. Accent on home, security, marriage. Be perceptive. Someone is CARMICHAEL They'll Do It Every AIAJ4 FLU- 1 4 : A l cw' im ioi Hotti( rw trying to tell you something. LEO (July 23 Aug. 22): Accept responsibility. You can gain acclaim, but you also must fulfill obligations. If this you do, day is featured by constructive action. Message received which changes plan. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 22): Strive to hold on to money. Don't be a check grabber tonight. Some encourage extravagance. Heed your own counsel. You have to face yourself in morning. Don't let emotions defeat logic. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. 22): Sudden changes, surprising developments are featured. A new start, contact is indicated. Keep door ajar for opportunity. What was good in past may not suffice now. Act accordingly. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Have faith in your personal judgment. Intuitive Intellect Is honed to razor sharpness. You perceive motives, trends. Your hunch about relative is apt to be correct. You could discover a secret. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 -Dec. 21): Friend needs your moral support. A gift today could accomplish much. Emphasize simplicity, quality. Show that you hold no grudge. Be mature then you gain happiness. Stop bickering. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19) : Avoid magnifying differences with one In authority. Take conservative view. No day for radical departure from routine. You have made assertions which irritate others now mend fences. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): What you think you need Is far away. Key Is to write, correspond, be mentally alert. Don't give up something for nothing. Change Is constructive but avoid going to extremes. PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20) : You experience yearnings. You think grass is greener across the way. Apply common sense. Those close to you do care. You are not properly Informed. Be a dreamer, but avoid destructive action. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you have learned to be on your own. You choose endeavors which ordinary people shy away from you break with tradition and create your own. You are nobody's fool, but you often deceive yourself. Social contact made recently could blossom Into meaningful relationship. GENERAL TENDENCIES: One at the top could be toppled because of legal technicality. Time Inter prhe Assn.) ON BRIDGE To Make Slam hand and discard his remaining red suit loser from the other. This result would come from good luck. On the other hand South was certainly unlucky to find North with exactly the same number of cards in each suit that he himself held. Put a third club in the North hand and the slam would be a spread. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 22 Q The bidding has been West North 1A Pass 3 Pass 3 A East South Pass 1 A Pass 3 V Pass ? 125" 38 L' l 51 53 56 (Newspaper JACOBY a Simple Method NORTH AKQ1082 V AK5 862 A51 22 VEST A73 V J 9 Q 109 74 QJ109 EAST A 4 VQ10832 J5 487632 SOUTH (D) A AJ965 V764 AK3 A AK Both vulnerable North Cast South 1 A 3 A Pass 6 A Pass Pass Opening lead A Q West Pass Pass South looked at the dummy and decided that luck was surely running against him He had one consolation. Had he used Blackwood he would have found that his side held all the aces and kings and might have gone all they way to seven. His first thought was to con cede down one and get on with the next deal. Then he decided to play on and hope that his opponents would discard idiotically. He ran off all his spades and his last high club out nothing good happened West hung on to a diamond stopper and East to a heart stopper and declarer was down one. It was too much to expect that East and West could possibly go wrong in discarding on me rive rounds ol trumns However, there was a way to make me contract. South should have drawn two, three or four rounds of trumps. Then he should have cashed all his top cards in the side suits. After all this he could have led either a heart or a diamond and instead of being down one he would have made his slam. Due to the fact that West held the remaining hearts and East the diamonds, there was no way for the player who won that red suit trick to lead the other red suit. He would have to lead either a third club or a fourth card in his own long red suit. Either wav South would be able to ruff in one 23 124 125 T 30 37j ii j ' 141 42 44 45 50 52 5? You, South, hold: AQ 10854 VA10 53 7654 What do you do now? A Bid four clubs. You appear to be bidding a lot with your nothing hand but you may well have just the right cards for a club slam. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to four spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's THE SUPERMARKET I A I ? Every noon tme kids are off mo running for the cafeteria before the bell bongs twice So THEY GET THERE-THEN WHAT DO THEY DO? SIT AROUND AND KNOCK THE SCHOOL FOOD ( CK. ? Sjlibe! I XMOg&ritt WC" I 'grZ7ZE& NO, BITS .'I X, THEY PECIDEP NOT anP THE PUSLI4MEr1 MEANWHILE IN ALASKA. .. LJ VlHINK THEY HAP TO MENTION WHAT THE CAUTIONEP US TO BE 4 T7 K7 ' Hf POTEST, PIP YOUBX PLANNED TO- ESCAPEE SAlP ABOUT VERY CAREFUL CROSS- 'sJ HIYU.YOU CAN T THANKS -I JUST f EDITOR FORCE REP J UNTIL I TOLP WHY HENRY RIZE PAIP INS STREETS OR EATING J USE MY POO TEAM GOTTA LOOK UP ?I IN POWN YOUR THEM ABOUT THE HIM To EXCHANOE -pA IN STRANGE RESTAU- 3 TO GO INTO TOWN - I SOMETHING IN i NEW I" j gpA OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By Neg Cochran - -iT SSISff c22f&D1 rwTTHisT S,tISS7St THE OTOlNARY HELMET I? APEOUATEAl I "STUCX TO COUCB REDUCED! FOOT-ER. INCH ( PISCUMBOBULATEP) AND AT EM0U6UIM ITS WAY-BLlTOBviOUSLY l WORK 0M40ME- ) ' -SrQg T I'M NOT SURE... V PAMELIK.E y THAT PIS-V THE 0PEN PACE PE,?MlT$ variousWhins like tmis to J SphJ5 JTSrOON A 1 Buriesyet if i seal this cpr 60 atoomd in kAN?HTTE fSIcw. tale 4 ABILITY IS IMPAIRED.' AS AM ATHLETE) ClHClES LIKE ) MRS. HERBC ARE l ERRAND f J CAN ALWAYS . ) MYSELF, t KNOW THAT WOULD y THESE 60LOjvZ- FUDDLE ?l YOU THERE ? IV jaJUNE HER. OUT.'y 11 lli tils ffl NO PACT OF THIS MAKES ANY ) NOT IN THE 20TH I I ...BUT MXJ'RE NOW ALL THIS TO 'ATS , ) I COULDNT lIA SENSE! I KNOW THERE ARE CENTURY, MR. A FEW MILLION PROVE KAYHCYSV RIGHT! J CARE LESS 'vlK NO LIVE DINOSAURS ON POOPLES... YEARS BACK INTO PICTURES WERE V(V h' ,C ' lf.-jl l,r,l vJt'v At '.Ml i r nUj I mI iLLZlasiLi il ia fetriT is-. mL ALLEY OOP v t n...:4J T 1 -.Mrw 'A? XM4.V)fl WMi I ...... .. . . ' 1 I I " " .TV -VV ) 1 I 1 'W "I. ' TM. 11.1 M. Wf(-7Lj kr,'i(" 1 L i ' ' rr r ii'T -- .

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