Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · Page 12
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 12

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

o o o O o c OCS3 Solved Fewer Towels For Senators ! Problem And Mow In E&ps&g $fammbKmd Warn dO Wet; RMfoiam Maa m vmrnm a XX r For Vice -Premiss Might Give Taxfx&yers a would stiff be left with 11 towels. ;i5fbe Now I am not complaining about the Senators sprucing up. I am sure cleanliness should be encouraged In everyone. It is a fine reflection on this country when its Senators go around all day long with their faces bright and shiny and their ears clean. But they seem to be going overboard on it. I mean ty are keeping too clean for the iod of the budget. M After all, 5814 towels is a lot of burlap. Perhaps it is the Si-a's (piy of keeplnat up(Jotton prices. Juat plctuiw tlKaja SkJ toH C'wH up to tftc cgiling), roJ on row, in the Sgiatt tWr(g)m. .f?d thing oth drdful conequncf thgt would enAuc if an earthquake occurred and a couple of SerUSS got caught Q an avlncle e9 towels. I douut that rescue crews, digging furiously, coukt get ta them inside of 48 houi'a' ALL TISE Senators not -focateci by tow&Jj7 would 1ft drowned by the overturned juj) of mineral water. I hope our lawmakers will tUa this little treatise to heart. , If I can only persuade them to cut the number of towels in half, to a mere 2907, they might get ln the habit of halving everything 4nd the next tfme the Xfmy gutf in a requisition for 3$ )mbing planes 0O-he Navy dc-mnds a new supcr-droliigiit, tky iH the Army 1 Umibing plgnes gjul the 14v)i) light cruiser and a mine s( few &r. Giurnar'a ctatudfeur,. latt la bMvlllns) avarytking oa tlext cxruraaj litf. Tho HUIesun ! up, you trot, -ni by effecting ttnlll econotnliM hr anrJ taare, It will ba pcaMbb to mBta ft siaeable reduction in that Ura billion dollar datictt oatima'tail fot 183. V Investigations wft So ir I BUP" poge, but I'd suggest thatt the committees watch their cxpgaw a little closer, imperially food bills. For Instance, I can't see any point m spena)ng tl for a table d'hote breakfast in a hotel's main din-inaroom when you can get one equally satisfying for IchV than lajlf the amount in the cot ee shop. What if the wrvice ifln't aV fanny ? . eNo. 3, for example, offeiw oitiaj Juict, lot cS fnd coVa for 25 cent. No. , 35 ctntf, l oatnt Juict, tcaxat, coVaa ftndttVo ntrlpa of taecon with on cgjj. 1 staaked up to the ceiling in the Senate washroorrQAnd think of th aajRB that would ensue if an earthquake occurred. Just O pasture tk SV14 towels reBffy com some of the Ffavy'a expansw got Into his report by mistake. SJeybe it should read, "for laundering 5tl4 towel for the AtJatic Fleet." V ft y?IT' 07 mcn ln lt Scnate, Y?lncludin the Vice, PreeM-dent. it mean) that each man has using separate togjels for his hands and face. (Note: I am not accuflfnaj him of takina) frch towels to Shine his ajh(9 (eith Even on tk rc.glcgily lvlsn bgia, ha ajould only ug up eight tot-el a day, or 48 a week. He .. f ii i -i.nT'-TPii.T''Ti ii iMi1iriim:i w .Iff MCh Eg) HlweV W llWiilSs BJIATB MBt all rayjir tleas tlaj trying teShnd ways. a nM wkereby the Govern-raiant cn cut down expends. Af tr crTully studying the nittionHI batonc tat for If 35, I Hit upon some iclMs. a " Tgke the U. S. Senate? Col. d-win A. Halaey, it a secretary, re-iCirts that totul expenses lgHt year mounted to $3,206,852. The list a$r off a follow Hiftt lirlJ )2H,138.( Slca i.dntw saitry 37.(1) Investigations W!6,(SD.9 CtintrW water 7,(1)0.(1) In-lrig 5814 togJWS 31.g . t4 Wm far Via ctumiw . We might M Will MMl Will ttm reargue. am tsjrtaalj if aug- , mm for or mkwata tt ta Vie frMMl' cau(tr go atwoftd vitkout nacwtl (tfcouga that MMM, f ON, IWIH g re okas at srttiwrtiem on tk V ruaaUwt). Tim wki4hm na i ww in Uli, but commeeW-: nhla. It M vy weet mil tlMugtitrial of th Senate te huf Itt two tM for tin ctAitffiaw, anal rm gum ha afgwaxMe it. I have awn a picture at tk ctauur anting tag In this front t at Mr. Garner cr nd p&y ajussrttng wtet ama to ke smc of tk new crwrat. Aa-Uter dim might ratamt wearing ltnllr crewel While recognizing the naexl ftr Government economy, ha might take the petition Waat Klfr, eayaclaJl; Ma awtaww, la no Item on which to tart wilmplnf. He mlg'iit hold : out tm 2 tie and tell them to in wj the dlffersce by cutting ttt asag.atW.MS) agprogirlatloei tlM VcaitaMca Department. ut Ifr. Garner chauffeur ama to let perfectly well etl-Kl will thj tl. The pattern I ity ejtaktrg, not to y damon-trtiv, and ni hat it wm th committa on Tndiain Affair ttat Want aHopftng for Jt. HOWtvtK, I m not ImHnaT ftult with' .ih. pftttarn. It't lh prict. It Hit committee t la,il ftt kvln got tie for S, I'd like to point out thftt if thae had wAilttf for the January clcr-8nco RglCi, tho two tics could hava l)cn puri'hawd fur 8t cent ,plc, iivina; gt 22 cents. I r )! that 22 cents 1 prtrt ( : SmU, hut t ill lt'g aomelhint ftfld : ahowi tht Government what can m don not only In buylnf tlta .III tlo -olBftrettes. ling Hut. ITOkW JX ffl i N for his personal use 59 and a fractioj)towels. (If they rounded out tho total to 5820, it would nf)ke an even 60.) I cannot Set) the justification for all these towels. Supple a Senator wahes up four times a day, each time peck ol Dwitlt-Mtllc cigarettes. If you don't tailed, mail the package cigarettes to us, any time send you doubt the pnee potfoft. 11 it o1 11 tor-erJi; of le 4,91 w rj awn jut trying to allow tM Sana-tor taaU tMy can dlna hand-amaly witkout Ualraj extravagant. Wind you, I'm not ufgat-Inf HMkt tMey stint ttMmaalve;. I m tka Haat paan in ta world taakt waW vfeat caw sMMitdCW Mn KXwid lutJWlr) tMIn and amcial(d. Now let iw take tat tajkt 7W0, ltam W mirewwj va. Omm It a bawt lea Aenate to olm n 1 witil U oM buaTn tkait tap WWtea to contaminated by bacteria T It m, I would' like to point out that w u not ht acara-cat la tt of iyirmiiittlTs At I k not And any claim from them for mineral wate. rney tnd uacincainfly o drinking fountalna. o COVK8C, tt to pcaaakto they axe taking chance Jut to aave the 7900, or whatever it would coat to aufsly tk Hoia With mlnaewl Water. their atntnuoua Ufa (temaMat prim idiyatcaa cowlltlon an prove, I think, that the dftngar I Imaginary. Getting back to the Sanfttona, I Wouldn't want to ctaprivt tham of their mineral water if it would make them nervou and unhapfy. S)nt 70(W cecmt a lot for It, vn allowing for the thlrtt thay gel making spaeche. T Wonder If they're htving th lt,.tao? Or leil)Vy they tren't getting th dKita lck on th hcttlc. The Item tlAt caukt me the mnat concern, the one 1 1km leasable to undentgnd, 1 "t31.08 for laundering 5S1 towell for the U. S. Snt.;' It eppeerg not one on th lilt, but many time I Would ll Secretary, Hly to cfiack thi ltam again. Myl mo other mora) terrible fata) overtake her? It tg ire lligt ship goca down without leaving; bits of wreckage. l?aiall' she goes to plei'tig) first. When th bulk sinks, parts of tho vesscKglre ('Soft afloat. The H'nsp left nothing at all for rumon to feed upon. Did she run ashQtto along the coast through mishandling? ViaD she then plundcra) by pirates, wku did wy with tk crew and rkateoyeri tk blg? t4 raptaln, it was later learned, did not like his command. He felt that his of ficers were lniVrier.ced, and h own responslbllityu'aa too heavy. Strangely, she aa the SJVond H'otp to be lost within few ears. The first vt down off the west coast of lnQnd in Oo'Q (Qather because cV'Qid t3 if.j iion on O' part gOnvOt) Jive b RtWj-O ' ' i Mystery Ships No, 1 H. M. S. WASP FIGHTING VESSEL THAT VANISHED IN 1887 111 T Inof, "bftCaUlSC A'feel -better t"' - I Sn.pshot of Jerry Huritak en last Fall by his Brother JohrO 1 III X S 4. g tafct'ti . I Jerrv's farm is' located on a mountainside, 8 miles from 1 ll lCTn X' 0 1 Weilsville, N. Y. (Post Office, Scio.) l ' Yours truly. . Q : v . : 1 U niwce, Betty, ' PRIZE CROP Si .' TOBACCOS o TH sensation of the autumn of 1.KH7 was a Wiro from llong Kouk to the Uritt)i Admiralty: "No trtvact of Wi.vp. Gunboats returned. Searched coasts of Cochin China and Hainan." H. M. S. U'n.ip had vanished, to join that list of mfgslng ships of which nothing is hiignl; another mystery of tho sea. : She was a new type of gunboat. Her armamant was six guns, her engines 10uQiorscpower, and Hfea) had a tlisplacement of 670 tons as stujflj; a nghtiijKJWL'iscI as eve? was bttm, Asd sishlp to six other poQiul gunboats built along the same lines. (uL Without mishap sheid reached the Malay Peninsula, then sailed from Singapore for Shanghai never to be seen again. The voyage should Jw'e taken lQ daysMth a ato2t Hong Kon- She Wer saw Hong Konf; ttfJ) r r- .It2 DOUBLE-MONEY-BACK OFFER as made to smokers since Oct. 6, 1935 i TAKE a sporting chance on a Old Coldj. Smoke ten ol the they're thefi nriyTAj've ever tapper and J f renftuhing ten i?for May 1 1936, and we'll u paid for ttj full package, pint ( Til any other ship on her tflp. riW! GHMjtay ncDann 0 760) tV The unsolved mystery wig) what haoDened to tho IVWuif J)fni !1CaC(S'Q53,S ff ((9 We" -tOta Street. New York City aha founder ln a typliW PAGE FOUR -2-

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