Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
Page 7
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I 0 SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1936 o THE A i B ANY DEMOCRAT -H ERALD, ALQ OREGON PAGE SEVEN NEW TODAY SHEEP X-amba , ta.25(U'J.0() FOR SALE DOMESTICATED BLACK-berry, Loganberry and red r?Verry plant. John Crenx, Scravrlhill li' Jefferson. Phone 9-F-4 Jefferson. Mar , BIG TRUCK FOR SALE, 1932 LONG wheeibase Chevrolet utjhi ab and large 1 bed. $315 ir miKht con7 ;u tood w horse on name. Tripp &Wrphy KeaJtiJ ni'Jl-U j TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Noted Musician o DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charuc anywhere. Phone H-F-H Albany. If no answer. I'h. collect ll-F-4 Corvallis. mH-tf WANTED AT ONCE SHKEP liveiitoMv tncludintE beef of un- fTind, shuats, veal, sheep, cows and heifers. S. E. Eich?r, Phone 12-F-i:i. Mar 19-21-S Answer to Previous Puzzle TWDIE INII jSI tJ-TE '.at lil s N'EjNTMLji. f. ORE ; a r DpaLi s vijL'N fo"N eBg Tjl7lt' hpoIlHRJaP 'f tl ; A I CjH lE'R Portland Market Review 'art land, Ore., March 21 Accumulat ing weakness continue to be shown in he butter situation locally. liuUcrfut market has held n fairly strung tone with the better weather nutt tin incnasiiiic demand for ice cream. Morket for eKKS continues to hold n If inn tone with prices showing practically no further clinnnea oil the open market , at the week end. Record pieces nre held in the market fnrlive chickens and esitecially for Huht Qt Uk horns, which arc very scarce in all coast positions. Theiy a good movement of onions but IcVi-riffS are continuitl ireuerally. Stocks held at country iwints nre season ably heavy. PORTLAND I) LI IV El tf Ai arcTi 21 ESTOCK By U. 8. Drpt Agriculture Portland, Ore Hogs total for week 8.010. Compared one week ago, market strong to hig $i(VW'i lo.ti igher; bulk 165-215 lbs driveins 60. negligible lots late $10.76, load lots mostly $10.75. 230-260 lbs, $10.00 $1 10.26, 276-375 lbs. $tl.5ltfMO.0l. 115-150 lbs. $'.i.75ftt 10.25. 155-1611 llis. up to $10.50. t netting sows (8.2Art 8.50. f eeder pigs f lO.OOfil 10.65. Cattle: Ttolul for week 2.210; cal (.ampnis one weeK ago.' ninrkct gen erally 25c higher, bulls only steady. Veal SJI HOIUZOXTAl, 1, 6 Concert plnyer. 14 Ingenuous. 15 Imlliin. 16 Armadillo. O 17 Erbs of fishes. 18 Hard. 19 IndiBO source. JO To permit. 21 Mulberry lmrk. 22 Srotllsli speech. 24 Kxists. 25 Net. 27 Ni'Rutlvc. 28 Ho Is n by birth. 30 Typo standard. .11 Mature person. 33 Kindled. 34 Spain. 35 Klour factory. 38 To secrete. 37 To pleco out. 38 Slocking. 39 Like. 40 Northeast. 41 1'lllar. Tfl 12 To misgovern 4G Tipster. 47 Stan. 48 Courtesy title, 49 Ncody. 50 Container weight. 51 The tip. 62 Ho is a - . 53 Ills father trained him ,Jlrst in . IB lUITIHgys iQlBfA In i 91 NjBEM I V c pi H Isj RUTH CAPiujCI ST. a1aBtj DENI5 NBirTi tl UEfr A STBiCATr TT 'Alwnsjc" dTA InTC lilPISri ' 10 4 Business Opportunities SAW MILL MEN ATTENTION. I have mill sittings from S to 20 mil-1 lton ft. very iL-ti ruble, will furnish full infoi-nion, call ur addrm, L-eon 11. Fish, Albaiiytarc. Mar lit-21 ; For Salfl ALBANY. SAL Houses Trades, sell, rental;.. S rite Box KS.J. Cull 7 Albany, itfae evenii venintis or Sat. 2" E. 4lh., AttX J m2ii-2;i 1 rW Sl igal BYt 160'Alg. SOftf CLAtQ0. bTS OF timber to pur' for place at $14 per A, CI ravel road thru place. 500 bandit's. F. ,J. Benton, Lebanon, Rt. 1. m!8-24-S & F& aUft Wo4 a Coal THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. St. m20-tf ! OLD-GR. 4-FT. LAd nOOl). SPECIAL ! prices this mo. only-$2.50 H-r cd. for 10 j cds. or more. Smaller lots. $2.75 per cord. Adkins WoyJ Yard. 217 Thurston, Phone i3;ki-J. rolB-24 ; GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DEI, IV ered in any length. Lester Chilcote, 16U6 Santiain ltd. Phone 734-R. j20-tf Livestock ' ' Prices quoted below are those vailing at 11 o'clock a, m. on day publication, and are tiubject to chants at any hour thereafter. 1-Ul.AI. V fT)Send WHE (TjYi). 1 LOCAL GRAIN , Senders ft Co, white. 8 : red am mixed. busJfrV BARLEY: il.Wcn. (21.00 Un. ' OATS: White, No. 1. 2u.ou ; muy N.i 1, $24.00; gray feed $20.00 ton. MEATS (D. E. NeberKall Meat Co.) CATTLE Steers Heifers .. Bulls ;:::::::::;:0. 8.00U6.00 8.00(4.26 3.00f(4.00 Cows, boef , Cows, cutters, . . , UOGS 150 to KG pour. '"A 111 1 8.S0 160 to 210 pouu U.OtKU'lU.OO 250 to 350 pounds , 8.60rti 8.76 j 6.75H1 7.50 1 4.76.; 6.2& 350 pounds up Sows Lambs Ewes Yearlings Live Dressed $7.608.60 V.UO'ftS.OO 12UjC FOULTRY (Swift ft Company) No. 1 hens. i to 6 lbs No 1 hens, over 6 ibs, i. 4 ........ . . No. I medium hens, over UUj ibs. ,,, No. 1 medium hens, under 3Uj lbs. ... Colored springs , . . , No. 1 broilers, 1 4 to 2 lbs Roosters -. . Stags ... . ... KGCB All Prices Are Delivered Albany Cases Returnee Extras Standards Extra medium Standard mediums Brown extras Dirty extras , , Undergrades , Pullets Pee wees L; .16c : .16c lie ,14c ,llt I lac .17c . 10c .lie .17c I 16c Hi 12c l()c Live .... Dmscd . . A Rrade B grade - lUc BUTTEKFAT ..52c ...31c ..Zllc C grade . j i i j I ! ! , 7Sc;ers j J 1 . 60c up. Bulk fed steer $6.S0ftt 7.15, FOR SALE HORSES. WT. 1450 TO 1800 . l"lt't'- th p lbs., y mi. east airport beacon liiiht. i JIOJBP op c"ttlf-Frank Hoffman, Rt. 2, Albany. Mar W-2I L0jM'o". O"?- i a 6 4 o a y m u is is i4 75 lo ! i 17 . Itt s If 11 ' zzzzuzzz ,4czz - 4ti F 1 11 111 1 rrl 1 rfn HIGHEST QUALITY FKUIT AN NUT trtjMfchruh. roue btwhtni hde ScndflLi price list. Sctttcmcier Bre E,NTEl). CASH intoust. M. Senders mlO-al -arkl.,, i,m ,331- u-uaVun, Ore. 1 at iun's Dn fjtrs, marltf CAftf ftAID FOR USED FURNITURE, etc. "Look In your attic." Chas. Rohr-bough St Son. 416 W. First SU jl-tf rAsn PAin rnn nin enm DENTAL crowns, bridKcs, fillings, old jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. French ft Sou, dSOtf Jewelers, 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR RENT MODERN APT., HEAT, elec. refrigerator. Call at 626 W. Q. Phone 248. mU-tf ELLSWORTH AI'Tfl HEAT, OVKR-lufied furniture. Ph. 36. 806 Ellsworth. 18 Lost, Strayed, Stolen LOST 32x6 RIV:itSII(K DE LUXE truck lire on Corvnllis-Allmny west-side highway. Kinder call Corvallis 20-K-3. Reward. m20-23 30 Miscellaneous Classified LAWN MOWERS SHARPENER) BY automatic machine. Warner Hardware. VhonQ 33lJ mlQ-alO MONEY TO LOAN ON WELL-IMPROV-l ed farms. Low rate interest. Wm. Bain, Albany. flO-tf TRUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW LOCAT. ed around corner from Hank of Albany. Radios, telephones, motors and electrical appliances repaired. Phone, 20-K-4. fi!4-mS8 HELP THE NEEDT I ik- tMlvation Arui nweu truiU, vest ables. ctotliing .le.. 'to help needy people in riiurKfix-y vaes. Money, loo. If you are to contribute. We have no telephone, but bniiK n "hat you have to dons to or drop a card slid we'll call lor it Capt. Bert bailey. H4ti East First St.. Albany. EOR NUTTY ' KOR SALE 250 HOLLYWOOD BABY j chicks from bloodtested hens, 9c each. Mm. Ben Tharp, Tangent, Ore. m21 PAYING CASH WOOL 30c, MOHAIK 35c 5l)c and SI advance. Pay in a 22c :fur tar ley. 80c for wheat. Phone I-urmviu' Seed Aut Urownsviilc, Ore : . in.! KM i Good Buy in Farm IBS acres with 120 ' . cultivated balance rood pasture with creek ' and livinit water. Usual farm buildings. Trice 15.800 terms only $600 down and ten years to pay in at 6 per cent. i income Property, we have a fine in- 4 come property that was obtained tliW - loan company ana tncy are anxious 10 ifll same. S20UU cash would handle. Albany Home Sis Room, nice lueatiun .Viind real buy for 12.250. Tripp & Murphy, r Kr altors. (S : : u SOUTHERN ORA.ON i rine suburban place, wants farm in valley, will assume. $ 170 ACRES, pear Sbedd, on fine stream, fair buildings, $8500. Pay for this like fvnt. i i'O ACRES near Tanjirnt, a high pro,-ducinjr farm, pood buildings, $20U(L will iiBitdle, balance easy. $ DOLLARHIDE COMPANY, ? 120 Ellsworth mllMf FOR SALE NO. 1 WHITE WHEAT. 90c f bu. sacked at barn. Also mix icrain for row feed, 35c bu., brinir sacks. C. B. Case. Rt. 3, near Blacksmith shop on Brownsville Hoiid., m2U24 ,i ;. il WANTED ONE HORSE DRILL Al KM '1 (rood work horse. II. W. Trlnn. . Albany. .Orejton mil WANTED RPRIN':KR rnuu ivn t " heifers. Also team work horses for sale. Walter Nelson, 1st & Lyon. m21-24 ,WILL PAY CASH FOR LIGHT CAR. Prefer "27 or '28 Chev. Troy Nance, 12th ft Hill Sis. m..i j u FARM -SACRIFICE" FARM r m-any juu acres, one of Linn county's' pc"t farms, fine location, must liquidate, his place is., worth $100 per acre. Price k; for quick sale only $4S.50t per acre. Can sell part. Never attain will you be able to duplicate this deal. V IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 900 t WANT STOCKED FARM A Have good mill and warehouse, several L. ncres of land and new house, clear of debt ana valued at 58.000, trade and assume if .stocked and equipped. IRVINE L. HOOD. Phone 300 f2ti-tf FRECKLES AND HIS NLTnY.THIS FIFTY-CEWT MY" GRANDFATHER CARRIED THAT ALL THRU THE PIECE ' CE-RTAIWLY AN OLD CON ! WHERE'D YOU GET IT? CIVIL MAS -o- alycp 2 1 II p. If I. H-i-ln P LllLlG I'l I Orphan j Anni6 MYRA NORTH, Special i chest. LEvy you get STWECrNSCfFC! I . I I . ' r r. T ' rvl few $t.25, top $7.60 for five loads y07 1,1(6 lb. weights, common steers down 'to $6.60; fed tu-ifi-rs $6.60f((0.60, light ciittery kinds $4.00. Low cutter and cut. tvr cows $2.75 to 3.76. Hhelly kinds d. to $2.00. ettinmon to medium grades $4.001 6.00, good beef cows $6.26(( 5.60. Bulls $4.75(r5.60. few to $5.05, cutters down to $4.00. Good to choice vcnlers $8.6019.60, selects to $10, common down to $5.60. Sheep; For week 2.885. Compared one week ago. fat lambs strong, ewes unevenly higher. I,oad loti fed i3-!)6 lb. lambs $9.76'r lU.oil, driveins mostly $9.2fi1i 0.60. Shorn Inmha $8.251 ; odd head 60 to BO lb. spring Iambi $!'.50frf 11.00 no criterian: good to choice, ewes $fi.00ftf 0.00, common to medium su.uuiii&.uo THE I'lUIDIJC'E ECIIAN(iK .U.....TIHK vltKVn wcvu unnicu lo Ije eMrc,lv0 tidny : liulter: Cillw exlrn. 82 'ic: itntidfirdH 31Mjc; prime flniu 8U2c: flnu 8014c lb. vurae: urr.n l iriniot. in 1- ik Broken! will imv It. ...,1 iinu. ...1 ' Eggs: 1'roduco Exchange quoUtluns be. Iwecn dealer.: Extras large 10c: atand- arqa large IHe : extras medium 18c; stand' ard, medium 17c doxen. Jubbing nricr ee BY BLOSSER CASH FOR OLD AND worthless: horses and cows. F-14 Albany, Cecil ntuomery.-mH-tf , w M'c bu. John ftluiders, buv Suver. MUMM e6 il 40- Otter 1810. ; $20 ton. . beiitt-s Co. ni2U-2J F(($ SAL(-G4Sa) 0'AI.1P9 CLOVtt hay, loose or cut. Huo Rlirlich, Phono IS-K-31. Rt. 3, Albany. Mar lt-2l FO SALE (;OOI) HV EAt CON, 1C in.; imuseholu KOHi. some farm tools. T. Cumminirs,. Phone fl-F-22, - mi wr8t of Crabtne. 6 Poultrygga FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Also Custom Hatching. Brewster's Hatcher)'. Crabtrce. Ore. in6-at-S AROrQ 750 CHICKS DUE TO HATCH April 14. Will sell all or part. Phone Ui-F-4. Glenn Eastman. Mnr 11-2I-S 9 For Sale, Machinery FOR SALE 3-BOTTOM JOHN DEERE plow. 7-ft. Tier drill. Clias. Ar- nold, Shedd, Oiu. Mnr 10-21 FOR SALE OR TRADE FOHDSON ley nnil governor, for C. M. Bryant. Mar I'fe- i , 1 1 J r or sale, Miscellaneous FOR SALE NEW BUGGY OR WILL j trade for livestock. Addiiss Box 4371, care Democrat -He raid. m2o-23 FOR SALE SEVERAL GOOD USED "McClanahan" Incubators. 240 egg $10; 540 egg, $20, reconditioned, tested, and sold complete with all parts ready to run. B. K. McCWhuhnn Inc. Co., 200 W. 12th St., Eugene, Ore. fL'l-mil WRECKING 2 BIG SCHOOL BLDGS., lumber for $5 ft up. Planks, flooring, cribbing, siding. 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 joists, lumber and timber. Bricks $4 per M, windows, pipe, glass, elec. fixtures, lath. Dry wood cut to lengths. See salesman Mudisun school. 4lh ft Madison, Albany. Ore- Mar 19-25-S , MOKE WORKY ic f FOR BUSTIM' A HOLE SHE HASN'T BEEN IH AND SEE IF A '..'IjrcM-. h. b awything7 V k; j ; ! i : - 11 Timber tree. 12 Salt springs, 13 Transpose. 18 A defile. 19 Lava. 20 Fibrous tissue band. 21 Examination. 23 He is a of songs. 25 Thin muslin. 26 Poker stake. 28 Law. 29 Naval helper. 32 I.evee. 36 Throng. 38 Nymph. 39 Excuse 41 Puddle. 42 Market. 43 Wrath. 44 Street. 45 Consumes. 46 Also. 47 Possesses. 49 3.1416. 50 Musical note. 51 Chaos. VERTICAL 1 Halt an em. 2 Provisions. 3 Tumult. 4 Night before. iMysolf. Ti Animal lover. 7 Virginia willow. 8 Witticism. 9 To exist. Narrow way. Krnlt lac : imlleta 13c doaen. Milk: A iiradi.. Portland delivery. SSiic lb. butferfat baiiU for 4 per rent Live Poulti-y: Portland delivery buying price: Colored hens, over 4 '(. Ihi... niiZIRe t under 4Ut Ilia.. lHilflc: !.hnrn hena, over HVi Urn., lftriiltir; under SUj lbs., isiee; lewhorn bmilers, lVj to 2 lbs.. 1718c: aprinira, 2 Iba. and up, inra20c: rostera 8r9c: pekin ducks, young. 1417c: geeae HW12c lb. Turkeya (Dressed) I Selling price to retailers: No. 1 hens. 23c; toms 22ff22c lb. Turkeys IDrcascdl: Buying price: New crop hens, No. 1, 22e lb. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned as executrix of the will and estate of M. H. Wilson, deceased, has filed in the County Court of Liim County, Oregon, her final account as such executrix, and the said Court has fixed Monday, the 30th day of March, 193B, at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon of that day as the time for the hearing of objections to said final account and the settlement thereof. Any and all persons having objections to said final account are hereby notified to be present at said time in the County Court Room in the Linn County Court House, in the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, and then and there make such objections. SOPHIA WILSON, Executrix MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys for Executrix. Feb. 29 Mar 7 14 21 28 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, executrix of the will and estate of Melissa Young, deceased, and has qualified. A 1 1 persons having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby required to present them, duly verified within six () months from the date of this notice to the undersigned executrix ut the office of Marks & Mc-Mahnn, in the First National Bank fc'uilding. ut Albany, in Linn County, Slate of Oregon. Dated and first published this 14th day of March, 193B. MARY ALICE HAMILTON, Executrix. MARKS & McMAHAN, Attorneys for Executrix. March 14 21 28 Apr 4 11 FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMLLLER FUNERAL HOMI r or Nie-M Orion 447-B INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Mmey to loan, farm security PRODUCB SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs poultry vea' and cream. SHOE REPAIRING MUSGRAVE'S SHOF. SHOP. IM I Lyon. Motto Quality and Service WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWK.-Maytag, Easy, Thor Washers. WELDING - BLACKSAOTHDIO SNYDER SON - BEAR ALIGN ing frames, nxles straightened. WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "We solicit your inquiries'' Eutent, Oregon ' TWO MINDS-SINGLE THOUGHT . .' J . , By HAROLD GK A (HOW CWJ I HeVVE TH" f f HE GOT ALONG M.OME Vs? J I'M r FOOL TO THINK3 BE IMPOSIrJGON HE'rTTO GfvLL TO rSK HIM IF WE FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS- ' SHE COOLD LEAR SI TO ) - ASK HER TO STAY- STILL" CAN STAY 9 WE EAT AN i COURSE I'D BE WILLISl' TO CARE FOR THIS POOR PERHAPS IF I THOUGHT IT AWFUL LOt AND HE I WORK AWFUL HARD TO fftfe HOME A LONELY OLD WERE FAIR TO HER I I DOESN'T NEED US- J HELP PAV OUR WAV---- , 'J CODGER LIKE ME- J L .- - Vi nTTWTTl 111 I ? " ' 1 ; ' Nurse FIRST AID By Thornton and Coll avERy bap ,U , ", r I BEG ,M womders for twe mem i ,'--4r-V0- I P2M" TMEyRE JUST PLAIN J - . t J ; - i . hiirhr-r. IMIIITI.AMI WHOLESALE PRICES Tlu-ao are tlio prlrea retiillcrii May whoUwnlera. except where olhervvUe atat. j ed! ' Dutler: Printa. A Krntle. lU'e lb. In parchment wrapper, 1A Vjc lb. In rartona ; U Rrade, parchment wrapper, Site : carlona M'.jc lb. Uutterfat: Portland delivery: A grade, deliveriea at leaat twice weekly 84fuSc: country routea 3Mito:i u irrade 3i'a31c: C srade nt market. B Cradc Cream for Market: Iluying price, bulterlat baala, ASVjC lb. Cheeae: Selllnii price to Portland r. lallera: Tillamook triplea 21c loaf 22c lb. Illlamook aellinii price to wholeaalera Trlpleta 10c : loaf 2Uc lb. Ekk : Buying price of wholesalers I Ex. traa ltia dosen ; atandanln 16c; extra mo. Uluma lfle : do mrdliini flreta lfic : under- NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Healed proposals will bo ro- cciverl by the board of -directors of School District No. 16 of Linn' county, un'Kon, for the reconstruction jot a Gymnasium-Auditorium btiildiiiK and class rooms on HiKh School ((rounds according in urawiiiigs, plans and specifica tions therefor. Commission No. 35-BA us prepared by C. N. Freeman, architect, Portland, Oregon. The bids will be received up to 10:00 a.m. March 3l)th, 1930, ut the office of C. H. Ralston, Jr., the clerk of said School District, in Lebanon, Oregon. The proposals shall be on forms furnished by the architect. I'rc-dtialifi cations ire to be mailed or delivered to the said clerk at Lebanon. Oreuon as provided by law. This work will oe let in one general contract or in on for general work and one for heating and plumbing and one for electric wiring. Each bid must be accompanied bv a certified check in the sum of 5 per cent of the bid. The bids will be opened and considered at the office of tnc uiuirman of the board of di rectors in the Lebanon National Bank building in Lebanon. Ore gon, immediately after 10:00 a.m. o'clock on March 30th, 1938. Plans and specifications may be obtained at the office of the architect tit 7 Concord Build ing, Portland, Oregon. l'ho board reserves the riiiht to reject' any or all bids and re-advertise for same. N. M. NEWPORT. Chairman of Board of directors. C. H. RALSTON, Jr.. Clerk. March 14 21 2R - O for sale horses and mules, 1200 lbs. to 1)00 lbs. Good ages, prices rea- sonablc. Ray Scolt, 3 mi. north Albany on Pacific Highway. ml'0-21 WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH- less horses and cows ; also dead animals if in good condition. Cale and Montgomery, Phone collect 33-F-12, Corvallis. m2U-al3 FOR SALE 21 FEEDER PIGS, to 85 lbs. Gale Jakel, 2 mi. Rhedd. 55 LBS. west1 of m20-2;t OLD COW TO W. 3rd St., Albany. Mar ltf-21 FOR SALE 5-YR. freshen soon. 226 Ore. HANSCHEN SPRING BARLEY, HEAVY for seed, $23 ton. C. B. Settlemicr. lit. 1, Box 25. Tangent. Ore. Mar 19-21 FRIENDSb EC, IF THAT COM COULD TALK, THE . STORIES IT COULD TELL um I) P BCAT 1A HISTORY BOOK.' I BET m. foAMGEO SAVIM' SUCE WE EE &ONNA WILL FIX WI7E2 OUT- BUT HIM TH' LOUT HEARD - ( SOMEONE O ' rt Any J- 1 K V- CALL, V NUTTY!.' I CAKJ HOW OUR , I 4 i t i I I . e 4 . j i j i i 4n DID rOU CALL ME", WA WHAT'S WM SHE'S ABSOLUTELY WORN FEELING VERY WELL MOM? I SAY, DID VnO IM'-WRONS, W0k OUT, I GUESSrI SPOKE I iJ LATELV! I'LLGO ) VOU CALL Mtr "? I NUTTY ( TO HER . BUT SWF DIDN'T fj , JYO S IN V av!lS - . -L II II I I . ... m I 1 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad In die Democrat-Herald . l ll j i-v """ '-. j. tinui pt an. 3J POOZY HAS A SCHEME ' " BY HAMLIN -..- f3fc-s- , . r- r , - Se? ; 50 yLETOL'GUZTAUilAU'MXiDA-GOTUSliJTO y iMTO HELPW TH' G(?AW(5) A REAL SWEET JAM -WIZEC OUTA THI5 MESS,)OH, NO -WHAT MKD CF EH? HUH.' IF YOU'DA SAP OVA THINK I SEE ) IN TH WIZEC S CAVE ( WALL, WE TRADED ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 298 WEATHERFORTI & WYATT 122 W. First Phone IS AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. AUTO REPAIRING T E. HULERVS AT KELLY'S Garage. Towing & Wrecker, ph BO BEAUTY SALONS MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON 325 W. 1st Phone 458J CARPET CLEA'jjkjWQ THE SHADE SHOP, 408 W. Flni Phono 7R FILM 8EKVICK illllli.fcYS DRUG aTOIIE FOh overnight (lira service. LEFT IT T'ME. I DA 1 AM? TOOK A GOOD SOCK &T TH HIM CAVES TSTOP HIS BAWL .' UOWTG-IT '1M OUT, WELL HAFTA DlO A HOLE IN THIS'W MICE AW Bl& ... i) AT HIS MAJESTY'S J IN OOW BO, WE'LL P.'X CHIM.' V li -J fl GUESS MEBBE I WAS WROlf, ) eoH&' 2kELIKJTif,CAVE' 1 A WOW DEC SUSPECTlM'TH'BWSTHISTlf'V-fc I-1 1 KJEUE?0 T LOOKS AS IF THEIR METHOD Jt S0T NOTHIMOMME WOULDA THOUGHT OF GITTIM' TH' WI2ER OUTA r U i J , AN' YOU OV- OF THAT.' . THAT CAVE IS TH' ONLY JflMT r s LOGICAL ONE TjT --TiJL y fu SPHERE IS- t M ' ROCK-BOSTECsY V Of lf) Uz: f ')W.f MWWill5! L i wi Nt stffvict, inc. t.m n u i t off.J 1 LT " fl If jyjp -VTH-' t-v.. 'i lji yi-jJ

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