The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 22, 1968 · Page 29
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 29

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1968
Page 29
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Page 29 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post. Friday, Nov. 22, 1968 ?9 LEGAL NOTICES Dancer's Image Counsel Attacks Truthfulness Area Jayvee High School Coaches NO. 3031 BILL NO. HUM ORDINANCE NO. 1U56-4M AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA. AMENDING CHAPTER 4 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES) SECTION 12(b) OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH, AS AMENDED. PRESCRIBING THE DISTANCES BETWEEN A RETAIL DEALERS UWL'OR LICENSE AND A CHURCH OR SCHOOL AND ANOTHER LICENSED RETAIL LIQUOR DEALER; PRESCRIBING THE METHOD OF MEASUREMENT TO BE USED; PRESCRIBING THE EFFECT OF THE CONSTRUCTION. RELOCATION, OR EXPANSION OF ANY CHURCH OR SCHOOL WITHIN FIVE HUNDRED FEET OF A PLACE OF BUSINESS OPERATING UNDER A LICENSE ISSUED UNDER THIS SECTION PRIOR THERETO; REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES OR No,m Richard Palm Tadiiu Foret Alan North Terry P.B. Ken Hondo jjm Cordind Shearin Leonard Melear Beach Trotjky Hill Buick Shore Coxe Garden Hudson Kennedy Wilkej Jupiter Wengjerslti Newman The stewards ordered a redistribution of the purse after winding up its investigation, and Fuller, the wealthy Boston auto dealer, has appealed. The $122.-600 top award was held in escrow. Grafton pointed out that Smith, during his appearance before the stewards, testified that he had made only five tests on the urine but now was saying he had run another series on the Monday following the Derby. In his original testimony. Smith informed the stewards the tests he ran were those approved by the American Association of Official Racing Chemists, of which he is a member. He said these tests were outlined in a 1964 publication put out by the organization. Grafton argued, however, that the recommendations had been updated in 1967 to include two more tests which Smith did not use. He was asked why. "In my mind." Smith explained. "I don't adopt these new procedures just because they are published. I want to try them out myself first." An argument then ensued as to whether these tests were "recommended" or "required" of A0RC members. George Rabe. counsel for the commission, pointed out that A0RC is a voluntary organization. LOUISVILLE. Ky. (AP -Counsel for Peter Fuller asserted Thursday that the outcome of the Dancer's Image case revolved around one issue: The consistency and truthfulness of testimony supplied by the state chemist. "There is only one man in the whole United States who says, from his knowledge, this horse had phenylbutazone in his urine. Only one." Attorney Arthur Grafton then paused briefly before identifying that man as Kenneth Smith. It was Smith, the chemist at Churchill Downs, who reported discovery of the drug w hich cost Fuller's colt first money in the Kentucky Derby last May 4. "Now if Mr. Smith is both competent and honest is one thing." Grafton told the Kentucky State Racing Commission. "But if Mr. Smith is incompetent or if his testimony is untruthful, it is an entirely different thing." Grafton argued that he was entitled to learn as best he could whether or not Smith has been telling the truth in this case. Grafton's summation came after he tried repeatedly to refresh Smith's memory on testimony given at a Churchill Downs stewards' hearing last May and that hewas supplying Thursday. New York VS. l.A. LA. LA. LA. LA. LA. ia L A Lot Angeles 31-24 34-18 26-14 17-10 30-14 33-14 240 p 3g'.t4 ittn' 'S D,'Ph" Do,Phi" dolphins 5olpMnl DoipWnT B"n 24-17 28-24 21-17 37-13 24-21 14-13 24-14 21-14 VS. fSU FSU FSU fSU FSU FSU FSU FSU Wole Forest 3S-14 42-0 31-7 31-14 35-7 28-7 31.17 31-14 Tampa VS. S- Miss. Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Southern Miss. 42-7 17-14 14-7 19 14-7 24-14 21-7, 21-10 fro. A&M VS. F la. A&M Fla.A&M Ha A&M Fla.A&M Fla.A&M Fla.A&M Fla.A&M Fla.A&M Beth. Coolimon 28-8 35-14 20-10 41-0 35-0 14-7 38-13 35-14 Roosevelt VS. Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy K"nedr 2-'3 28-7 21-19 28J 27J2 3-0 20-6 21-17 Pahokee VS. Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Belle Glode 27JJ 21-6 14-13 21-0 20-7 3U6 3JM) 21-14 Yale VS. Yale Yale Harvard Yale Yale Yale Yale Yoie" Horvord 24-7 20-14 17-14 21-20 17-14 28-27 24-21 . 21-10 Michigan VS. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Mich. Mich Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio State 21-17 28-14 14-3 24-18 28-21 21-20 28 17-10 Oklahoma VS. Oklo. Okla. Neb. Okla. Oklo. Oklo. OkkT Ok la Nebrosko 21-17 28-21 18-16 I 23-12 I 24-17 28-13 21-20 21.7 Thn SnnrU Chucl . Ed Bob Don Chuck" Hank Bob Ed I lie JJUII Voorhis Ploisted Bolfe Boykin Otterson Froshaug Husky Buckow 111,;,.,, 63-22-5 62-23-5 59-26-5 59-26-5 56-29-5 56-29-5 55-30-5 50-35-5 "'"e'S 741 .729 694 ,694 659 .659 .647 .588 New York VS. I L.A. I LA I LA. I LA LA. I L.A. L.A. I LA lot Angeles 28-21 28-10 34-21 17-14 31-21 24-10 26-14 37-27 Dolphins VS. Boston Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Boston Boston Boston Dolphins Boston 30-17 35-30 24-20 24-14 38-17 17-7 16-14 24-21 FSU VS. FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU Woke Forest 35-28 28-13 38-0 287 35-21 35-14 20-7 21-14 Tampa VS. Tampa Tampa S. Miss. S. Miss. S. Miss. Tampa Tampa S. Miss. Southern Miss. 28-7 23-16 14-13 24-21 27-24 2107 14-13 21-14 Flo. A&M VS. Fla.A&M Fla.A&M Fla.A&M FI0.A61M Fla.A&M Fia.A&M Fla.A&M Flo A&M Beth. Cookmon 21-7 34-13 27J 14-13 34-28 42-13 33-7 28-20 Roosevelt VS. Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy 13-6 28-20 20-14 21-12 20-12 14-13 14-6 21-20 Pahokee VS. Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee Pahokee B.GIade Pohokee Belle Glade 1 20-18 19-6 14-12 27-13 14-0 1-7 14-13 Yale VS. Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Horvard 14-7 23-21 28-20 17-14 31-20 21-20 l3-7 24-14 Michigan VS. Michigan Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio State 2K7 28-21 TJj, 28-21 28-21 17-14 14-13 28-20 Oklahoma VS. Okla. Okla. Okla. Okla. Neb. Okla. Neb. Okla. Nebraska 21-7 42-14 I 14-7 15-7 I 24-21 10-7 14-13 I 31-28 PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH; PROVIDING A SEVERABILITY CLAUSE; AN EFFECTIVE DATE; AUTHORITY TO CODIFY; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH. FLORIDA: SECTION 1: That Chapter 4 (Alcoholic Beverages Section 12(b) of the Code of the City ol West Palm Beach. 1W2, as amended, be and is hereby further amended to read as follows: "(b) No retail dealer's liquor license tor the sale ol liquor to be consumed, either on or off the premises, and no licenses for the retail sale ot beer, ale or wine tor consumption on the premises shall be issued to any person where the plate of business designated in the application therefor is within live hundred feet ot a church or public, private or parochial school. No retail dealer's liquor license lor the sale of liquor to be consumed either on or off the premises shall be issued to any person where the place of business designated in the application therefor is within live hundred teet ol the place of business of another licensed retail liquor dealer. The construction, relocation or expansion ol any church or public, private, or parochial school, within five hundred teet ot a place of business operating under a license issued under this section prior to such construction, relocation or expansion o( such church or school, shall have no effect upon such license or the right ol the licensee to transfer, amend, or expand such license or the right of the licensee to alter, repair or construct additions to such place of business, and the regulations applying to any such license shall continue in effect as if said church or school were not within five hundred feet of such licensed place of business. The method of measurement that shall apply in such cases shall be by measurement made or taken from the main front entrance or entrances ol such church or public, private or parochial school or place of business ot such other licensed retail liquor dealer to the main entrance ot such applicant's place of business along the route of ordinary pedcstriantraftic." SECTION 2: That all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. SECTION 3; That should any section iiU SPAGHETTI DINNER & DANTE SAT., NOV. 23RD 7 P.M. 'TIL? ELKS & GUEST s DONATION $1.25 K.I'.O.K. i:5.2 Sth & Olive-West Palm Bech Meet me at MY APAKTMEM COCKTAIL I Ol The most relaxing atmosphere Jor partit ular people. Featuring Betty Rowland Nightly Bobby Price and His Society Combo Friday and Saturday Nights Cocktail Hours To 7 P.M. Op. n 1 P.M. To 5 A.M. Ph. 833-9219 Results .KE WOK 1 11 - ivian Horse Racing Weiser scored 14 of a possible lti points to win the women's round RESULTS ENTRIES rohin tennis event at the Lake Worth Racquet Club Thursday. a-Robins-Ressequet entry. 7!h-2,70O, cl. 4Y0.6I. Second ivas Joan Tavior. t'ii- By The Associated Press First Post 1:15 EST owed bv Dena Goodc.8. Van Curler (Morales) 6 00 3 60 3 20 Miss Merriman (Depalo) 5 80 4 00 Jim Rvan (Kessler) 5 40 a 7th-2,70G,cl,3A4YO,6f. Weed World Mr. Pen Mo Forward Charge Mygypsey JimboBoy xRoyal Mitch xxJovial Boy King Courage LEGAL NOTICES FIRST .j,s, cl, 2Y0 mim, i i. Note Word (Stone) 970 4 80 3 OC Flying Doll (Maxwell) 5 00 3 6C Egroey t uybali ) 32c Time 1 : 12 1-5. Pavot Miss, Mi P.ace, Idas Gem, Bucksnort, Flapdoodle, Devil Ecanto, Arturito, Born Poor, Swiss Masteralsoran. SECOND-?,S00,cl,2YOmdns,tf. Sintol Prince Despinto) 5.40 110 Maj (Stone) li.80 6.40 Fabled Count learl) 4 40 Time I 12 15 Shannon Express, Delong Pike, Princess Ponder, Lord Chip, Pacs Ahead, Jenavan, Transmission, Bet Set, Manhandler also r in Daily doul le 5-2 paid 150.60 CLUB LOUNGE 1412 SOUTHERN BLVD. WEST PALM BEACH OPEN 2-1 HOURS DAILY TONIGHT'S SPECIAL ATTRACTION 4 SHOWS Ml. HUM NOi'U'K OF III.AItI V, TO WHOM IT MA V UJNCKKN NUTK'K IS HKKKHY (,IVKN thai the Citv (.'ommi.ssiun ot the (jilv ol West I'alm Hoaili, Florida, will meet on the !Hh dav ol DiTcmljoi 8th-3,200,cl,3YOup,M. As'.-fiLee Fast Shot i Enfare Ivajay ' Flotage CraigsTune ! At Bat Sy-A Ht-2,600, cl, 344YO mdns., 6f . Marsh King Mr, Allegro Third Market Mozart's Lad Joe Blackbird Nisouk No Hope xMiss Parker xTropic isle Jovial Princess Sortof The Dillon Girl 2nd-2,600, cl, 3&4YO mdns.. 6f. Court Date xBrother R Beau Cookie Evil For Evil Union Miss Dukesun NoGram HelloGibson CeeTeeVee Sky Junior xFoolish Pat Speedie Needles 3rd-3,70O, cl, 3YO up, 1 mi. Tartan or provision of this ordi nance or any portion Time I 12 3 5 Laura Winston, Stoneland, Special Artist, Brian Kelly, J Dixon, Greek Lime also ran. Big Perfects 3-5 9-3 paid S4.439 40 Consolation Big Perlecta 3-5 & 9 paid S90.60 lh-J,;00, cl. 3YO up, 1 ml. 70 yds. Pocolody (Tennenbaum) 3 20 2 60 Windy Road (Costa) 6 0C Time 1 41 3-5. Landholder, On A Stage, Florida Castle, Acriiico also ran 9th-3,600,alc,3&4YO,6f. Mailer I Kassen) 6 80 4.60 3 40 Winds At War (Marque!) 4.20 2 8C Clear Weather ( Perret ) 7 OC Time 1 11. Incumbent, Perfect Pleasure, Akio, Southern Charmer, Bump You alsc ran. IOth-2,800, cl, 4&5YO, lmi&70yds. DonTala(Depalol3 80 2.80 2 60 Hey Irish (Winant) 7.60 3 8C Rhumb Line (Hole) 2 8C iKW. at l o i loi k I' M.. nr .i.s soon thcii'.iltcr as the malti'r be heard, in the Citv Commission Chambers at the cm- M.iii m tne City ol West Calm Ueac h. Florida, and eontinuini; Irom time to time and plac e to pla e as the said ED SLATOR ACE RECORDING STAR FEATURED WITH JERRY JOHNSON AND HIS SOUL EXPLOSION FROM 1 1 A.M. to 7 A.M. 3rd-2,7M,ci, 3YOup, lmi. One King (Tennenba jm) 12.00 7.00 6 20 Turf Flash (Ruybali) 22.80 10.20 Sam's Pacemaker (aple) 9 40 Time 1:36 4-5. Lambrino, Riscal, Bierut, Restore Derby Lass KinoverPag xTigerSage Vegas Frontier Gal Lolidora xSeventh Heaven 4th-?,800, mdns., 2YO, 61. Our Restaurant h Open 24 Hourt, Serving The Finest In Food I oeiejr oiso ran. Time 1:43 2-5. Loco Bracero, Mademore, meeting may be adiouined. to con sider reoniiiK the KilimvuiB du scribed property; FKUM K -1 toK'-a Lots 22 to A2 inclusive. Estates ol .south Halm Beach, an addition to the City ot West Calm Beach, Florida, according to the plat therein, nled in Plat Book 7 page :a, 1'ublic Kecords ol i'alm Beach Countv. Florida. This property is located south ot Southern Boulevard and west ol Flatiler Drive, ALL persons are invited to .it. 3,11-2,700 clai. 2YPS6I. Steellyco also ran. Perfects 4-1 paid S37.40 Attendance 6,439. Handle U06.961 Alice s t-ault (Choquette) 4 60 3 60 3.40 tnereot, any paragraph, sentence or word be declared by a court ot competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such decision shall not effect the validity of the remainder hereof as a whole or any part hereof. SECTION 4: Specific authority is hereby granted to codify this ordinance. SECTION 5: This ordinance shall become effective on the tenth day after its final passage, as provided by the Charter. FIRST READING THIS 4th DAY OF MOVEMBEK.18. SECOND, FINAL READING IN FULL AND PASSAGE THIS 18TH DAY OF NOVEMBER. 1968. (CORPORATE SEA L) EUGENE W.POTTER C. H. EARNEST RE1D MOORE, JR. FRED O. EASLEY. JR. CITY COMMISSION ATTEST: JACK R. NOBLE CITY CLERK Pub.: November22.18 COUNTRY Salute John xxGold And Black He's A Breeze Double Rim Act To Win Strike Twice xxJaipur's Jet Space Jog El Princeville Flo Mar Ace Flyer Ambitious Cesere Lucky Run Miss Royal Table Countmem Rough Moon No Scholar Bud N' Ree oypsy caros loergl 117 20 4740 Tom Mcewen (Weiler) 32 20 CRYSTAL LAKE unaay uunny 9th-3,500, ale, 3&4YO, 6 f. Subpet xxFormal Deb :;Mt. Jungle ( Think So Star Nell a-Winter Street GramGoddess Get Em John a Moonremdeer a Fence Post Farm entry. 10th 2,700, cl, 3YO, 1 mi. 70 yds. LilOleMan DonjaLooze Hasty Rising Royal Debra Crafty G Run 'N Catch xLarry's Fortune This Trick Chet Roman x 5xx-7tbs. aac. SELECTIONS ) -Tropic Isle, Marsh King, Mr. Allegro 2- Court Date, Foolish Pat, Dukesun 3- Tiger Sage, Seventh Heaven, Kinover Pag 4- Lucky Run, Vtiss Royal Table, Ambitious Cesere 5- Velvet Sheen, Golden Cap, Behavin Jerry 6- Highlands Kid, Ronde De Nuit, Lady Whip -Jovial Boy, Forward Charge, Mr Pen Mo 8- Fast Shot, Craigs Tune, Astro Lee 9 - Moon reindeer, Subpet, Get Em John 10- Chet Roman, Lit OleMan.Hasty-Rising Best Bet -jovial Boy CLUB i irne 1 1 j. uancing 1 oy, The Means, w Jac, Troy King, Rim Fire JR, Evelyn's Pride, Polar Park, Mr. Mcdermott, Beaten SAMPtE RD 2'l Ml. WEST OF U S. I, POMPANO BEACH, FLA. uiaiui, oiso 1 an. MP tend the above meeting and anv ad journment or adjournments thereoi and present their views either in tavor ot en' in opposition to Hie same. Present JUNO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. CAROILINDA DRIVE JUNO BEACH IIAKVFST lM K NOV. 23rd 9 to I MUSIC BY THE MEL-TONE S Refreshments will be served B YOB 5th-2,700, Ct,3YOup,M. Behavin Jerry My Marion Lord Baron Urn Let 'im Win aGolden Cap Johnny Boy tl Watch Patoot Velvet Sheen a-War Happy a-DeRosa Resseguet-Three R Sta. Sth-2,700, cl,3YOup,6l. Frosty Dew (Stone) 41 61 Astra Nova (Cantlon) Mipoggio (Howland) 9 40 3.60 4 60 280 440 BY OI'.UFK OF TliF. CITY CUM MISSION. JACK R, NoliLF. CITYC1.K.HK Zumbador Time 1 11 3-5 Fighting Phil 3rd, Tulyandy, Stoney F, Dish Washer also ran. Pub. : November 22. 2il. ltlliK tSth-3,SO0,alc., xLady Whip First Pyramid Rae-Ly , 61h-2,00, cl.2YO.6l. 3YOup,6f. a Highlands Kid a-Bwana Peacha Salty Ruler Mauve Decade A-Samira (Santage) 7.20 3.40 2.60 Lucky Gussy (Hole) 3.80 3 00 I Ronde de Nuit Our Cyclops (Marquei) 3.60 RIGHT CLUB ACROSS FROM HOLIDAY INN ALA CARTE DINNER SERVICE ALSO BOUNTIFUL BUFFET $4.95 and featuring Wed. Nov. 20 thru Wed. Nov. 27 THE FOUR SAINTS outilonding Mutual Comedy 3 shows nitely 8-10 & 12 NO COVER - No Entertainment Charge Reservation 942-2533 TOM'S BAR 506 25th. St., W.P.B. 1 BLOCK EAST OF BROADWAY (.0 (Hi I ICS EVERY NIGHT 8 P.M.-4 A.M. Time 1:11 3-5. Super Allergy, Default, A Brawny Lad, Boaster, Dotty Twist, Lorelei Miss also ran. A-Elias Bros. Farm entry. f JIM PICKAKD AND THE COUNTRY ROAD RUNNERS Featuring JOEY WAYNE TRIO om i nom i: is it O0 Ok4'-lioh'( Itoatl COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC For Your Dancing & Listening Pleasure NOW APPEARING NIGHTLY BENNY LATIMORE FREDDY SCOTT "ml Ihr Kin,.irt ' 1 Floorshowi Nitely 2 open ttry Hilt I Sundays IT'S HAPPENING ioi.i.ovs mi; ( Hod STF.RI.INf; 1.01'NfiE .til .THURS., KM.. AND SATURDAY NIGHTS TIR3E CHANTICLEER AT SINGER ISLAND'S ONLY SUPPER CLUB Icatitrinn 3500 JOB FINDERS BAR & PACKAGE STORE 1901 No. Dixie Jim Bevell's 832-9434 Band of Bandits The finest in Country Music Friday & Saturday Night 10:00 Til? mm JLJ l(MXh 7-: v i.aki; m.M). IfTL CL i i m ) "Ml SIC MTELY" 1 r " ( - r.iv 9 ncuMic B ON SINGER ISLAND f lm g paul scoLLANS NOW BIG DOUBLE ( I I 1 SERVING DINNER ' COCKTAIL I Ll Z APPEARING 11 , SlOtM U JJ" THURS., fri., sat. B TUES. Thro SATS. 6-10 PM H jk sii.iivA m Qpynin "ITH'iIfiViiiCrI MIOUMI $100B Guitar Stylist 8 M' mM1i wmm Favor'e Songs 3730 Ocean Drive 1 ?AWu The utEedtje Ri J "e,or Motel and Louno (Q(Ml1M if THANKSGIVING DINN I! 17 Thursday, November 28 Fresh Fruit Cup Seafood Cocktail Tomato Juice Chopped Chicken livers French Onion Soup Cream of Mushroom Soup IOSI YOUNG TUIKEV, DtEHINO GIB1ET GltVT rOSI LONG ISUNO DOCKlrNQ, RING CHEIIliS iousi nmi m Of Hif, au jus S3 SO S3 SO WVJ Butternut Squash Green Beans Whipped Potatoes candied Sweet Potatoes That's how many skilled Professional Employment Counsellors we have in more than 400 offices coast to coast. You can put all 3f)00 of these friendly, helpful men and women to work finding you a better job with more money and a brighter future. Start by calling any one of them now. Waldorf Salad - Tossed Salad Pumpkin Pie -Hot Mince Pie -Chocolate Eclair Chocolate Sundae -Orange Sherbet-Strawberry Sundae Creme De Menlhe Sundae NUTS MINTS Coffee Tea Milk Children under 12 yean, Si. 00 less RESERVATIONS ONLY PHONE 965-0044 Dining Timet: 1:00 3:00 - 5:00 - 7:00 BBIBit5Q9iPBEI'B 3 SHOWS 9-11-1 a.m. TUES. THRU SUN. SUPPER SHOW 9 P.M. DANCING NIGHTLY Talent Auditions Sun. Nite A L World's Largest Professional Employment Service E AC iTI FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 848-9606 j S Mitel Wnt t( MHinif T Jutl .(.r. lilt f GOLF AND ' 7500 St tnditu tori lake Worth, Hondo Ct. Floyd MiforV 208 CLEMATIS ST. (5th Floor) PHONE 655-3671 COUNTRY CLUB SEAVIEW HOTEL . SINGER ISLAND I

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