Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · Page 2
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March 21, 1936

Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
Page 2
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av . 1 oo 0 SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1936 PAGE TWO ThfE ALBIY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON mm (uOMING EVENTS CLUBS - LODGES PATTERNS 0 LOCAL AND DISTRICT SOCIETY NEWS MUSIC a Telephone IANTHE SMITH, Editor Q PARIS EXPECTS GATHERED JACKET TO BE BIG P,n,L, ,,ui,irn , Interesting Pap&Ps-J&iwfti D.A. Members to Atlind Sjptte Ccmfet er$$& Meeting , . i ii i.w a. a ia-, A-ihMia nf "Bar- Thw A nuiliDtir mumiy wumca, - - -'- r of th D.u!W of th. AfcryM tewolttaB O A club, i& which a ntwakw werftvewi' Watwera a bany are interested. V tt Tltradnr'M'ji el-uJe mt Acting the past week an intarewtinjs semion a tto clwfc wjaa held at the home of Sfrx i. W. Swakfc, at kta n4M on Sixtltand Ellsworth street. Mrs. Swank afve4 UHactuaua at :. piarrto go to raruaniu ins cuawa wcn i ov.,.- -tw-e.tvfllird t6? elaMct of tka Oregon SociA, Daustjf th Amarican. aeuti. Tlaa Mting(9 le tb be HeW X. al 2J, with tala4;ataa fri Se 21 chwVaaai Uaa tt kaif p-ait. ei. Mark . Wedthai-fot-W, AlBtvny, rtat rerw, will (rMinaJi tM a.. -fcka C BoVtltd, -iB . t9 Noareaa ,.. ' Two interesting Bapang were riven at the ca.ej ke luncheon, with Mk. D. 9. iMcHilliams resantine' pa-per on "Modern Literatiiiaj and PlaywrigrVU," i4 v sketch of the comedy, "Th Late Chriatep is rAinlUIN .!!;.ir- ITT aa. , . i . "ftflf a ' Multicolored shaded wool fabric areen, yellow and brown is used new aathcred .back gaid sleeves. , v O; , -V . Mra SBII 1 kl tft by A flfe pot dry Boil karo until a iiuic forms a firm soft ball when tested in cold water. Pour syrup slowly over eapj-v whites beating all the while. lemon juice and vanilla. Beat until mixture will hold its shape. Fold in egg yolks which have been beaten until thick and light colored. Fold in sifted dry Fold in sifted drv Bake ,n large ingredients. greased tube pan in slow oven, (325 deg. F.-) about 45 minutes. A "Trifle SWHSV ',2 cup sugar 0 w '-2 9141 brown Gtar'. 2 tb'id white kajA - Vanilfii ice creaai Vz teasp. varallt. j cup cta ataava). 1 ',2 tbsps. butter Pecans. Call wta egad ttaaas aaxtv, karo aral cold wattv together until VM'm dwataaa. an Jd waver Incomes brittle. Remove from fha, beat ia buttea, hai Waaar atad van illa. Make a "sandwich" of sponae cave wnti lea creaaa, toa as) caa sauce and pcans. ra3'a o for Moniy Kogr. OiP next Monday avenwat at tba United Presbyterian chyntS a benefit program is to m given by a group of frlheny peevte for tha V. C. T. U. Children's farm Homa. with tie program being apanaoreti by te loaal AC C. T. U. Tha puJadic is invitexl to attarol the I'ogi'Ma anfl durijif tha eveniii a free-will offM-iag wiU bo taaaai. . Tlaa foltoviaifl peg:ca aiU I prtawnteal: Preluda. Pcd. Jwtio MlWa; scripture and prayt. Bv. J. Ifeyd Pattarson; silver medal vocal cua-test for chiUien of aaa, 9, S. and 7, "The WindmiH," Justin Miller, jr.: "Touch Not," fcereldine )tt; "Thintjing of Cahtas," Elane 'Wia-mer; ". Wise Old Man of Japan," Jn and Boaa Mary Marquis; "Who Eer Heard of a Pea Old Horse." Cftaraaiaa Hiael; "Loof; Out," Sjtricia Holt. "ttin Solo-man," Oren Roieihaiw: "Oliildren's Prayer" Vid Loa Willard. Judges are to be Mas OBta Coolcy, is. atoy aforley and Lural Buruaraf. A play is to be ivan by the high school stuagnts, directed by Mrs. Charles Childs. Violin numajj) rs are to be given by Mrs. Sven Cliassfjk. the numbers arei-sJCon Amore," aid "Barcarolle" "iom Tales of Hoffnn. Mrs. Norval Baitz is la rs. Eliassen's accompriist. Following Mrs. Eliassen's numbers the offering will a) tadjen. Miss Jerry Lee Miller will give a reading, "L. T. L.," following the intermission. Hen rcajBiitf) will be followed by a pig.-, ''open the Gates of the Temple," and Mrs. W. R. Augsburger will sing, "The Vocal Telephone," and "Open the Gates.' Sidney Howard. Miss Kate Bf rrett irgvk a review of the fcfKjk, "No i November by Jos,esiii Win-slow Johnson. After the prtajraaj tha number! spent tha rtiHiitkr ttf tl afternoon saciaila. The rooms of tha Swank home were atariative m their daarora-lieaK f early tea-Hag flowtaa. AdditilMaal puoaaa aw ta aeaat-apf wan: Hits. CMatua Curry, . IS. C. YtaeLewoaa, Mrs. Clearaan SXralay, Hilary, Mia. Vwtr Tia aaal Mini daetm. A Panw Hwm. Thursday evonuag af Uw vm. KHe. Arttwar Fahawr was hastew te ttre owfears of "La Traisiama" baidga elib, with tkwoe toWas be-iag ia a4ay daa-ine; the evenine). Mrs. C. H. Murphy tu.Vitwted for aa aasoat nenbtc Priaes in cards west to Mns. Walter Stuart aad Mrs. G?a Jwtstm sad Mrs. Mawphty raeeived a gwaet prize. At tire cese W Mm waning Mrs. renter, assisted be- har datataVrtar, Bias. Wswf BagaBS, a. Uaja. fcatreheea. ) Ksaus Cklb ' Itvf-4 ! 1 fcV' s Av tha aast woek was Vm ma.w iko Polo Km-. i.o. iu-.1"" the Eatve MotH arkdne clira M Hat red aad ayeen ostrich tip, completes tins smart, semi-tailored cn- samble. Kitckefh Appetizers A "TRIFLE" BUT IT'S A GRAND DISH! OartataawiintT ' da ihw alet'liaei a M arfti- eta fwa uaa ia a imi tar-m! Erection wiW fca 4VtW AocaJraw feaatvare id rfca areen will ha tf caaatui nwwtiua taa uMday what ia to ta Katuote ttl Badtaaaa Pivaraiai.. amresnas arc w rm piw u.v-j Mrs. Jaetn V. Hkaaardatm, awrtar amtaal t tMa tnithawiian In siwBan, an "Mutiaaaal OManaa, ind IX-. B Steiia will saarak o Vantaat Adeaiuata Orreiiaive CM ftaov ta- tha Horthweet." A iHimtai- . at distiaiwaheal giarita WiH aa hcaaored at 11' niaaUn. amjftg tham aea: Oanarel Creed C. Hammond, Lieut-Caaonel Aeraiglifciai Coyal, CMManamtar W. D. Eaua. of tha U. K. Navy, e-aaand William G. Kveraon, e-cliaa United Saatea Militia ar-eiui, MrsnJanea H. Turnhaill, state yraaaiairof the AiaaricaN Lica Auailiary eit Ganrfe L. ioian, state ciaiiaaniter of the Anaricn Lc ion. imona thoat foinf from Albany will la-: Mrs. Weatherford, tiirs. G. GBnn Holmes, state cor-respondinft secretary; Mrs. Hon B. COates, roavnt i Linn chapter, twis. Weyne Dowson, 0is. J. C. IrviaJ', i"s. Leo Michele, Mrs. Lester Horton, Mrs. Edmund Barrett and from Lebanon will d MB T. G. Cowajll. Mrs. Dennis Cormier, Mrs. Geoiap Smith, Mrs. !Jek and Mrs. O'Hara. Miss Meiie wSeathciford will go and will act as pe- durii the sessions. witwitta Clu6 Waw Plead3Piit Sasicfi. One of the most interring club meetings of the past week, was the meeting of the Annette club in the Masonic temple, ' Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Myra Robnett, Mrs. Dear and Mrs. T. E. Hurley were hostesses, a luncncon was served with 30 meinbers seated about a long attractivQy decorat - ed table. Daffodils and a large Mrs. J. K. Weatherford Jr., was in charge of a St. fjntrick's program following the luncheon and series of contests were given aith Mrs. Alton . Cqpjtes win- niiaj first prize. O a Mrr Pttibtr Giaavi Showdr. Mrs. enneth PettibmM ("e Marion ejnelly) was tfia inM-atiiai for a miscellkieoia showa-last rider evenina aith Mrs. rkneis OVaai and Mrs. Russell Parker cntertainina m ier honar t the ho of Mis. Kaaipje Ctaeai. The nkims c the Olseai nomc were reah-lknaieat in tlteir laacoratarais of cut spriiaj Bowers and graanary. Tlia eniin aa'sjaiu tiau ane aes draan to close by tv sei-vief of a luncheon to ). Nwo Muriph Mfrabafw Atred Saleaw Lwchmt. mm Albany roam, aU antiv il of the 4os Nuontihe clu. naoiad to Satem laa Tiatatiiy efraai af.a thea e.jeyaa a a'rl.a lumaiatn at tt hinaa wf Mis. .. MjyVe. ajaetR Winder aaraaa. a-ith Mm. tart Cemfield aa aiay. hoaeeaa. Mrs. Yi V aatd Mis. Ca'.'.U aa fiaaarr Alawi' raaa-aaaita. aaat ha aae aaaaeiaaa aa .'la. 2aai kaaaaaaa) Catena's ' waaa aaad tav !tw laaatx-ei wtaa. aoilowua taw lYtaai t araaattaa. a. ukl,eiaia. a t f V. A."taofcattlJ) Ivpnt rtfl C-aaahnua. hama et Mrs. Aames CawWtW Wodnesday wHi a lunclwaa ka-ing served 'pt 1 a'alr. Ghw lighted caAdioe amid bauauvht of duMetHs wore used aa. Uw aaull tabics as dvcofatis. Bridge was enG)yd aWaag! Uai afterHoaa with i-sw 4k9K sWatt wtMWg hih acoe. Chorcfi Mwsa. Ttre 0Hea grai ctf flat Fiiat a?MB(ai chirch Vnaaaa's m-saciotion, headed by Miss Flora Macea, raet Wednesday afternoon for a business and social hour at the home of Mis. C. H. Murphy. Miss Mason led the devotional service and during the lesson hour, Mrs. Cleo Von HkkavM sane av-orid aataabors. tr'mama ties aftarneeai to a rkaa tau was aarrvd wicti aia BlMai pramUag. at Hw toa tMr. Chester Wymun, chairman: Homer Jowd, Mrs. Jennie U'flws; Jyli's. R. M. Russell, chairrrinn, Mi C. C. Curry. Mrs. C. 8. Murphy. Mrs. C. H. Burgraf " W. K WSWai, Mrs. J. H. Al-kum, Wia. Jkaatcat tocrmoo, Mrs. . w. i!da, ad Km. A. L. Wil-Wi', rosvittwri aaad MAanjr - Unwiar Jars. V'd Cyrus. ;r. J. M. Allivon afid air flMiwuw ICandaat, oaraHie; Ifi's. C. wf, Mrs. hMa Cyraa, jrit ohainnua; )gs. Myra Keanet, Mil. fern Frsager aawH Wrt. Jarat BayaaK, aWccn wlww ; Misa I Swutk, paiW-iy; Mrs. CHarai H. JKika. Mis. Jarnnie Kaal, Mis. ha Mri. Lateiai BtkVl- i Hulaiurt, ktrt. Akbart Lr rwUi saiat JKie. a'haflaa Kvaaa., Me. i-ad aaaflac-tv Mr: William MTiich. aire. E. U. Arnold. Mre. H. JUteAJm, refreeh-naat.; Mil. Kocm-t SMianrxai, alls. Wilhaan Mneik-h mmI Mrs. Ga Kcirfao, aaaaata; Mas. Kelly, cheiimmi, Mrs. Julia Duwlirm. Urs. rn:,t Ha r. Mie. Alice Wil-Dr. Uia. J. H. AMaxai, Mrs. Wiu-nifred Oriling, (UiK w xim laflc and Mia. C. C. Cuay, Jdra. i. H. Alhi, Mica. tedlai NtaMwrl and Hie. Amos Hirater, aritertiiomant. a a Won Kmwi. Soriaa fhwi and graeaaary nflrnwd n aUractre aacaffraiind tha aaaetwa of Mae Lantieii Aid aocialy o( tlar Cumt MaUwatiet 'iaeaaj caiureti, whan that group mat WaeaHy ajtarnuun in tlw social hall of the chtirt h. It was dacided duriial tla buei-naas aeaiion ts aarre Itm diainers whan the diatrirt Kiiwoilli Laue taatitule of Ae .lcm dieb'iet w hM Mre May i, 1 and . An aaijoyabaa arcrani was jiv-a AuriM teie swial hiau- with Wn. C. E. Willuimeori siniral arv-eral vacal numbars and His. R. A. (Tartautt reading sevaaal niaans. Both Hie ofTerinf .i ca! Mrs. -Vil-linmnon and Mrs. Talbitt were in heading wit . PatriVeVs day. MIm Edith Giarhrist caned the pyMiaw irith amai puano nufn- tar the aftarryawi whre: Mrs. Jedm MaTSaarMr, Mre. W. G. atajitord and Mrs. it. Mac- Mva. L. E. Cittay led tba devo-tWBs and the eomnviatat in changa of the rarraahaaeats was tomgrmaA tf Mas. M. C. VanLruven, Mra. Cwnn Hoanaaa, Una. Albert Randall, Mra. Martia I-uUund, Uya. Klisaharth rtarratt, Mua. Hka A-tcai, Mrs. W. T. "iclaja, Ua. Al-lart Giaatt and Mrs. Mox m-flick. At 4 o'clock tea was :i'-l to 50. Fellowship Program Held by A. A. U. W. An interesting fellowship program was given by members of the Albany branch of the American Aoeciatitei of University o-nuM al tha anaati id the WJ iaeai' laat Tuealaie evaaaiiai, a' Mw Ikkm of Mrs. Otto lawua. witk Mra. OrUbr UkaeaVe as aeaialawt lline. U&rSMm or odrkers .was also a feature (d tha maaaiaa ad those ck'Clail. ware: Mra. Welfc-r Krop;. president; MiaK ( Val Ja-mun, vice-prcaidaut: 'tltrs. San bliassen, tnasurer. The program coisted of a p'd..'-lat iiiQvhich menilas imperson-led Fellows, who have recently laaaaved A. A. U. W. Fellowship aaen. with Mrs. C. O. Koester and Miss Wdnia ajaauar direct-in. Vlnaa wai. a t aat a f E.'llowship plU were: Maa C. O. kcester. Koltihi and aa l'a-f?ws were: Mrs. Rayamaid Tieaaha-aai, Mia. D. I. Fravmaal, Mia. i. Iloyd a'etU'iaai. Mrs. riiwd Ed wards, fdrs. OttOLaniw, Mpa. Wei taa' t.i'iiv rie (J.iHuh Krmat. Mia Marv Venlwl. Mm. Vaafton i''ay. Xrs. N.rr.l Keiat. Mae. Artluir ftliaar, w Jainiaa. eiQ fliatk'n. Mra. .-Htpaa 'frimi'ar iveaaitad ia reviaa. "Maaiae iff e iittai i ." a a,a ai4 a vaaiwa ad ITvaa irf nwaaxtact latl) ja avi. Vtaaf MMiyaMil in tka ' aaai we" aa: JulQ aanva. t.'x Way'alViw. nil. Maf Mnaa. WilL'ii I turn MW.U, aKa T bn arat ! Jiiahivw. Miaiaa. I At thc:kaar asaa aaaiaa - litjaivaaa. a .. liirni tar t .aiauaa a ; tna a a e O St. &. S. CMb f mfotg a . Jt'4 riilay afternoon S.'k ll S S S ,.lnh nt the home nf fHr4.1. It. Weav,P on Ferry street. At 1 o'clock "covered dish" luncheon was serv ed. Narcissi formed the tablesdec blesdec- fS'ifi ing the luncheon a busi-jness nieetlni(?Sud sicJal hour were ; enjoyed. a7 0 Kirs. F.rma lloge and Mrs. John were additional gucstj. The next meeting is to NhM. March 27 ahefe'in 1 Emma Fair jW-'Sute!S Lural Burggraf Host AtjF?ssert Dinner. LifSri Burgrat was host! 'a - WIININCrs ''a t'!'" O with the dniniuatini' tones red, Creed for this jacket with the i given felt hat trimmed with a with honey and salt, Then return W double boiler, stir and cook until mixture thickens. -Strain and chill. Make a rice ringvjoour cus tard in the center and serve with macaroons or cookies. To make rice ring Cook 1 cup rice in 2 quarts of boiling water (to which teaspoons salt have been added) until rice is tender. Turn into colander or sieve and "fluff" over hot water until each grain is distinct and separate. Arrange in ring with spoon (or put into ring mold) and chill. Macaroon Trifle !2 cup cream ' 1 pkg. coffee kremel 2 cups hot milk 2 eggs. 4 cup macaroon crumbs. Dissolve kremel in cream, add hot milk and stir until it comes to a boil. Remove from stove, add slightly beaten eggs. Cool two minutes longer stirring constantly. Roll the macaroons, and add to mixture, keeping out two tables-spoonfuls to garnish serving glasses. Chill. Sponge Cake for Trifles 5 egAvhites 1 tbsp: lemon juice 1 teasp. vanilla '4 teasp. salt 5 egg yolks 1 cup flour l'i cups white karo 1 teasp. baking powder Beat egg whiles until stiff but THONG SEAMED si-. .tow.! t ftia55f dashing leather costumes vogiTf is joined by Kathleen 1 1 lii Ti W J 'v. -.KIT Rev. Patterson will pronounlQP'e,t.hyclnth formed the tab,e decorations. "Plpn for Coneff. Q Montavy evenims uf Ail ww tta anard of dfcuetors at tha Alpy lyamiy crcWi met at Hat liw of Mrs. Walter Kt. . Verl rift street for a btaimw and social OVaniua. During the 1juy- awiWwa M vm plMvtMl to ivr a omwl at ttoa ikw of Mwic Vent. W u War tatively fanned to lauad ifai aa-UMt m th armry, At th ckm of kVnte;'i meat-inut Mrs. Krapp iarral UaM A-aahaaMU. a D. M. Wfawi Hove St. Parick'i Party. Vadncstiay eveauaa tijii imj the recjular sawtari of the kKBl Da-tree of Honor lodaa a Fati Mh's party was enjoyed. Late ia h evening a luncheon was kcity! in tlx- dining rocan at tha K. of f. hall, whnra the moeing wu hid by Mrs. Frank HuaoaaK aaat tin. Kaaly. To Happy Kiau' Ckub. Mrs. Jaa NmnM aannad par hoane hi th mrmbors at th Hauuy Hw eka Tuesday evening wMfi m Rembers yawjowwMvtf ta real cU. Tvi eonWts ware irtatfad cVurintf LJ"wZL "7 ana Mrs. Arthur Couenlia .fkMcrnti awt the evanintj'i an-tertalnmerrt a cemmi-ttaa atrrad wrrcwhmatitii, ttwae m tha mn-rn4t-tee were: Mm. Wruanan. Mre. Mam rijrr m4 Mm. H. 4u(ian. a O. D O. Ckib irt mkm TNur4ay. CH TTw(tnT iflwnfaw nf IRia , Mrs. Ed !hw, last fink (tTwri was hovaaia ta ta Maan- ban the O. D. O. club with eight mcwaatrs and to aucsts enjoying the aflrao(ti. The guests were: Mrs. Carria Montgomery. Mrs. Milch ad Mcintosh. At 4 o'clock a "covered dish" luncheon wUs served. Pion Siittrs Prtpoft Fc Convention. nana br rt diatra natvetk- the natin tianc ijf diacuavion mim Alpha Temple No. 1 of the Pyth an Sisters met Tuesdav evening of this week in the K. f P. hall, Second and Lyon streets. Mrs. W'Ce and C(rieaiaaice. n Qnlei'taa will Qieaiaa me I ha ctaftvetitivai.v Tlaa, ciMivaatkvi wiU la ha-W May wita alaaatiaa ciani rptan MaTMai, Xiiaiaa, V'or-vallis, Iallaa. alvetai, .fji x) Lvbaniei. ollowiri Tuaiilav's luxftilf liht iei w K"eia aaevaal in tin" dining room fi 30 ly Mrs. Gamaa Viae. Mrs. eteaaari'tta Whinara aad Mia. t'hettai' Wy-iftan. Hit. .a has iaia'd tna amimitiaaa t Imm- aa ai'a.'U'M ta Waa aa)a- Iti.a: Mra. fvaait VaalVae, ia.iiaatn, ! afc'4. iena C. ,-,-. U. ti. IM) awiwdjaf wmaa Hade soelaty aiaffti an MMr Maafr Aikw eamana test avdijRl aa the Moose, 8 p.m. al Jose 'PSttV a i meeting, 8 p.m. K. of P. biduA J p.m. (Coooooq tfra.ltiati c ttaa Pfhtan Sit leva traa Murahy was in sarvii hy her daaghter, li Dun I neve Murphy. Election of Officers . tMa wuvftaa uadcr law diMMaa re Mary Shui inviaatktis; lisf aah LeT.-a-'n aBd ftty ticht'd-aai, program; Bloraaca Millar, Knne Maia.uart and Frances Bryant, refreshments; Pauling Haif-a. Uaiiaa afina) MM battle Ly.-aatcoiations? Martha liat), Mater Jdiaiw, and Margaret Aaa clJQn A4a P0T Br3WWflv r?" 'vJ wocwwiy Phi I.amda Chi, Albefy colKA.' sordini', entertened k ith a al tie? hiOne of Prof, and Mrs. iMirinus trcen FriAiy, March 13. II a eveuii was spent playing ernes and in making candy. frcant were: Mrs. Edholm, Mrs. L. O. -McAfee, Miss Delia Froman, Mia. ff. Breen, Miss Margaret Ashey, iss Esler Fixsen, Miss Betty Breen, Mfe Marie Hubble, alf .tVary Ingram, Miss Edith Aiai quart, Miss Bernice Morton, Miss Bern' Richardson, Miss Mary Sliui, ft-hss Pegeen Sylvester and Miss Kat rine Schampier. Mr. Froman Given Birthday Dinner. Frank Froman, 838 W. Seventh street was pleasaitly surprised last Sunday, the-occasion being his 79th birthday. At high noon a dinner was served, with the dinner table being, centered with a large birthday cake, presented to him by-his sister, Mrs. Mary Wal- hose who attended the dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. Everett w"ejl-ler, Vivian Waller, Mary Well.', Glen Waller, Mrs. Joe Jacobs, Jim-mie Glen Jacobs and Sr. tjfaf? Mrs. Frank Froman. v Collegt Sororitittf Argiourca nd)ij. sorority pledging on the tjlbany ! allege campus was complet ihursday, when thritecn won students joined local oremfeaticatf. Preterences parties ior the padan have been scheduled on the aocial calander by the dean of acenea, Mrs. C. H. Keeler. Second semester pleoa ra e follows: lUta Kappa Whi: 9top JearMIB SiOer and Leone Subirou, ajuna; Alona Loomis and Lorraine Grraa-achey. Portland; and Bugauia Cheek, Vancouver, Wash. Theta Si;na: Pqgcen Sylvester and fudrey Priest, Hood Rivkr. Alpha Gamma: Nancy Sl vender Cathaarinc Carson, Sally Chriatnaa, Viremia Zander kd WUsra aat-di. Portland; nA fat'll Mf-Lauehlin, tdilwaubie. a Mt. GowgNana, rWua$) Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Moraen 0-tertained the nlars of the Lfflr Iher faanity at thaar hnaaa ia IkiwaJk. Attaae. At 1:M o'rlark a birthAe difinae a aervad and Mrt. Moreen's aisaaa, Mas. LyAe CcaajhlOi aa the twivmi im-M. Iae,ivtiiF iei kaavink wMf, O. Feanik's ikey wert iaaa ta 4&a l"li' a 4 ia tea. i ia aa,. - - f fiow - preeeit were: Vr.'0.t. 9. liitler.: r. end Mrs. C. W.-fje .. Mr. anil Mrs. tiaiaaan VaathM :.aiA a. Lt.raa. Mr. and Mra. . a. r:h:0.u kAiayaa. aVnr Ht4 t- a. Iruie: Mr. aVc. A. a) Ciaw!:aii, Miss I'ettn Kivaraaa iv H...; Mi a M". Wue t4 V. :!. :ayiean lias Mk. and lava WHAT SCIENTISTS SAY ABOUT MILK MILK protects health Mtir and Child. a MltTt' Promotes Growth. MII.K Builds Strcj-its Bones -4nd Teeth. MILaC&uilds Resistance to Disease. ajMILK lncrease:(s)ta3,6,- W ancv of life 1 MILK'rnishes fle best quality of tip!( greatest ,fAimoer 01 nec?iiar.v tooa -"f.ents o V' F" jL rther itnormation available at our plant. VeTe'ae a aaritta wrtaaaaai Mai inawaaa aaM oaaaaaiflHi ( raeld C MltCn WoaVMTI.itiict deputy grand chief and Mrs. Saaetraa ef cdfiran w a tea-l t-'lare Kinaay alr oP Albany, is tare a( the xrawixl a tha Mn-ldialiat avy iiaial mistrafc id satwwy soawtr r a Uaitwt as4' Km chui'i Wt Vtdnw recmaa- dua- aMwataiaaii tn Mrs. Oiri lrnahir. Mrs. J. K. lir and Mr a. A. CanaiNgf ware hreteiate. A'W- kimk ( the arfr- aaaaa was a ta.Ua r fffs. Elctar. w4te Q6 bsvn ia Jiam.a. Saw 5ta aaeat alnajava, Janw raiaeian- ary to this country. The officers elected are: Jars. 1kiia KaotU, president; Urs. Jiein Bvyaat, first vice-aaesaaamt; Mil. Qaviai Iroanni, secoaad vice-xaai-aiuat: Ufa's. Williaaa MiUaxallMn. w-raewy: Mrs. aajuaK'Q' CVi iritk, tf.-awsftl'; f-s. WMlrr. JOT karWlM', Mre. M5'mI VroriMn, WaA-r of Lyht ISxMioas wW Mk-j. WiUii MiU- the benediction in closing and Prof. Miller will play thgjpostlude. Mrs. Parker and rs. Pettibone Horfcrwd. The North Albany Thiba' CM met at the hiMc of Mrs. George Olscn, Wednesuay, fturch It. with a "covered dish" luncheon at num. The luncheon table was calv.cied with a large bouquet of carnations and daffodils. Mrs. Hiram Parker was the guest of honor, the occasion being her birthday. .niatMr feature of hre affair was a itchan shower ior Mis. Aennitfe ealti-bone. (nee Marion Ceaneiiy). Eighteen club memlk'rs and the I following guests enjoyed the evct Mrs. C. B. aSPndall. js. OliiO Shook, Mrs. Si Linn. Qj iaell Jones, Miss Linn, Mrs. Wily Eek-coek. Mrs. Austin and Mrs. ehis-sell Parker. - The next nicctiiiaj aill held, Aprdjl at tha hikna of Mre. Ere Dixon. aj!3 rtanva? atrMt, Mrs. N-i, nht ad ttt Oea M to act as hostess. o Liaarji FaatpW. Last e'aiia' at I B tee lars of the .tily-y cba id ISa irst Otal'.oAiat lanscuoaj aauaaa. S'ae ..aJ wyecXa "vaerad disa." fiMar a', laa lWa a frrarem givaai ay irawlata W the Laaa. Mea.4a la.'ajMl churclu caaniidj ta a a talk ware !, ty av. W of Lelaiia : M at . IHaaO.a plavcd acccdali nua aaea: Meva Gilson sara A tiii luCB Ca ;aaa. VM levaniSetvice GuiH sar. The trio, .iJii f u Vaaii nii-'L son. Miss Jcaaie !-aJinar are! Ora Chilco. Avith .'s. 7. llQ: as accompanists Mat ClC)ltte Boh',- '6n).e a TTarinetTioli1 V:..IUlV; onrl Mice; V:ci, ViolUiison and Miss Jrssie Skinner sang a duet: Melvin Gilson nlaved saxoDhone number: Miss I VioletVjfiilson. piano'sylections: I numbers by the Wesley!! trio and i a nlav "Dumb Door Knob." a a triors At tR etowi ttu- t,jaj(iMtan t w imam w-. wi j-a serwsd ta S v li-mai a- tae . W. ttitaii. raahia,w a 'rl'; fk.araaw ! i"ti"'-i aa:aaa; . worauwd aaat Hai rMaa aa BTr "-.. t.ariaw. e. Zthai orataas. a timry. imjrw W a. Ooerta Teas raft to .wait 'Mfiws Trifles are important, if they arc the kind we eat! According to a favorite proverb of Napoleon himself, "men arc led by trifles," and whether or not he meant the desserts called by that name makes no difference; Trifles are delicious! A "Trifle" as nearly as can be determined from the scanty information obtainable on the subject, is o)f Jp- itish origin and in aia form or other, Ida: always laen a fvorite "sweet in England. Ormally it referred to a dish of sponge cake soaked in wine and served with fruit sauce or crtarn. Later a Trifle became A delicious combination of custard pudding, combined with fruit. eadays a Trifle is usually a sort of combination of the two a creamy custard combined with fruit and served on sponge cake, lady fingers or cookies, with whiiOed cream. 1 '-2 cups pasteurized dates. 2 cups cream ('xhatd ginger. Whipped cream. Place sliced pasteurized dates and a(Tw bits of candied ginger m a tjjiss cV.h. Pour the cream ovfr tne dates. Chill for one hour. To rve, arrange a pi'y of sponge cake on an individual plate, cover wit date and ginger mixture and fj;iri with whipped cream. Tie Willi a pitted pasteurized a) ilis sponge cake t aaje whites. W espoon salt 'e cia nuus. t feajjs. nfectioner's sugar. l2 cup p.Hieuried dates. Cut Tm'imge cake Into inch :ce ia into circles with numd IcufHe. Peat t-y whites wi s.a: beat in rie sugar ... i i, .. i. iees aliy'li lurrv bi veil (iruv ly oiWhe ciia. fat lanue IQht letccs of spoi(j' cake. Syaytikle aaeh jopiad nuts. liaiQin Vslow veil iJOU laESv'F.)- until meringue e9 delicately omwn or about IS nouLli's. 7 Ser warm or cold. rvPti. WaMnii l'arty "Trifle" 2 cups nottS.. scalded. - eggs O '4 cup sugar Few gl'ithiKsalt 'j- teasjtoojr. vanilla 2-3 ripe bananas Lady fingers. s n v2 cup creanvOff hipiM'd,) Beat eggjhi;htly; beSMri sugar and salt. l Mui) scalded milk over egg and susar mixlunv Jleturn custiifSMo top of the deliVVn boil- . j er.' j mixtirT? lai SU.K 'over liii! water Suifil the form.(5 Moating on a me tal spoon. PourmmediaU'ly into . a bowl, add vanilW and cwl. To serve, line a dvwm't dish with Lady fingers, pHP' a layer of j.lir.d !vin:innt in th, lv,llnm nl thn 'jth'&t!d cover wiv'i the chilled V iisturn mixanre. fiTOp the whole Jritk whippctl cWim. meringue or Masted marshmailow lallow. -i. Rice line iPVWftl I 1 ci, egg yolk 1 4 tbsps. honev Few grains salt. I I cup uncooked rice Macaroons to i-ompany Scald milk in top of double ooiicr; pour over egg yolK mixed .1 ' CD , I o Notice; All social eva at- (fjiust be In the handy at ie 4 o'Hcck Friday aftcraam. hand In Itejus the day following sa$8aj 9 tP S . " asi minuic-rusn. -Ml,t-tA V Pinochle party, Women of KnighU of Pythias Lodge Second and Lyon streets. TUESDAY L.O.O.M. Meeting Moose Temple, 8 p.m. Baizillai chapter of the Order of Eastern Stnr,Xr.n p.m., Masonic temple. Mrs. Hazel Ingram, Madras, UrrfJhra conductress to make official visit. WEDNESDAY Otti'ffx club of the local Degree of Honor lodge at the home trrOv At'its-Veima-riorton and Wivfc-onrtK faculty members, of!. Bertha Faulk, 8 vtoe taking part. (ciW.Wui!W6rxhe sophomore. An aj(Bianiingi soi-iai evuni ijh , ctaU-Tsiendar. ja-s a ftyi sponsored! by the-WCA cabinet, in honoioi all wqipen students. Tuesday afternoon, from JU." to 5, at thehome of Mrs. JFrid Braly. acKiry board mcmW TTie affair which was in honor of the f,reshmen women, was also attended by the Y W advisory junior and senior classes. A specir.' gucsT-TTi the afternoon was Mis. Lorna C. Jessup dean jf women at Oregon State College. Featured on the afternoon's program were Miss Olga Jackson, pianist: Peter Larson. soloist;and Miss Isabelle McLeoJ. whifjSaye several dramatis reelings. v-t' Presiding at (he S table, which was attractive :rr its decorations ; pnn,f fjdwers. were Mrs. C. H. iX'A'ler. dean of women: M's. J. Boyd Patterson. Mrs. M. M.giiStji 1 and Miis gJuljj MeAule. ed Tlw' social evekiwassponsor byifaV VW to cotiictr kavoci- itMjimen students of tcol - Q - tttn ters on 'camiics. C.ei,,ui:ne F01V1 in,. (H). acted as(fj!)ncial chairman, ana commit - Spring flowers formed the taoie decorations. v Teddy McKee tas BirWOpPorry. Mrs. Harry E. McKee Mrfiit.nn- ed at her ce!rrtry home h!f Jef ferson, Frittay) laftemoon of last week, in hoiwrof the fifth birthday of her son, Teddy. Bowls of spring flowers were used about the rooms as decorations. After an afternoon spent in sJaying games, the hostess servedMight refresh- Miss Patricia j daughter of the hi;ess. and Mrs. Alvin Robison asstLTjll in serving. i-: j S2. ., 1, rt l.nn-;r.a Pythian Slaters card party at K. of P. Hall, 8 p.m fL Women's Association meeting Wednesday at 2:30 Kyi. in so-W cial hall of the First Presbyterian church. Just Pals club will meet al the home of Mrs. A. Skaar. THURSDAY Pi-in'ilUavlub at the home of Mrs. Homer Dowd, 2:30 p.m., at t!;ad home in Sunrise. NecdlccraTitfJib at the J. 11. Thompson home, 105 N. Sherman street. H. D. W. Club will meet with Mi s. H. C Dinning, Lyon street. Q FRIDAY C) O Wornerof the Moose will meet at 8 p.m. at Moose temple. A Junior Contract club parly which was postponiyWu.nn March 18. will be held at the home of Mr. and Mr.tjur-erce Hurd. Husbands of members to be invited. S.S.S. club will meet at the home of Mrs. Emma Farr In Sunrise. Joint meeting K. of P. lodge and Pythian Sisters, supper 8:30 p.m. Program following. . P. N. G. Club, I. O. O. F. lodge hall, 8 p.m. SATURDAY Las Amigas club luncheon to be held at a place to be named latf. Burke, film star, with this rii! St. i'atrick's parly Tisday nigh',, ut the home of his parents. Mr and Mrs. C. H. ijjirggraf, with a dessert dinner IWig served at 8 i o'clock, iftn-ers were placed for 32 at small tabli-s. with St. Pat-i rick's dei orations being used. I Si. Patk's day was iibo sug- gested in the games itl& stunts which claimed the guests attention during the evening hours. o e 1 (LxQ iKMed candles centffj the.'W as f',a,1 RrouP- ' iii.ui"., v..v a&JJ . . heller -ironaint frebmn ttiimfr colored outfit, designed by Vons. The suede jarket is accented w ith ri-r,,t I fi m i, txwl. thongs which match the turned up , , j ni. . t j iiiruaii 01 him siieiie. i f ian seams are made entirely by hand and add interesting detail to the leather cutlit. .j.nii f u-r,rv nf invs uttti pa - i,x,ns marked places for the fol - I ."1 tr.Vw Tare to Tase Ekt

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