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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 1

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, March 21, 1936
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o FULL LEASED WIRE United Prase Scrvfc Complete County, State, Natlon-. 11 and World News the day it happena SerWref.ll Linn County. TWO SECTIONS TODAY 16 PAGES SECTION 1 P1 "'..'M The Albany Dem 3 at-Herald, Vol. LXIX, No. 215 The Albany Herald, Vol. LXI, No. 205 ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON, SATURDAY, MARCH 2,1, 1936 SOUTHARD NAMED imnni n nrirr vvunLU rLHur Fine Displays, Amateurs Attract Laretfrowds at HEAVY RAINS SILL FLOOD MRS. FORTMILLER WILL HEAD DftlVE Solicitation of Funds for Flood Victims Will Start Tuesday ; O SOILfflfJ . DEPUtY XHERfP, to 'Bit sMtlfiMM a IttbKMtft W -Hoinfd etiief ehqtuty 4wA upd Lain county ttsaay gfccmtf Spring Opening Festivity !rs Prospective buyers ct Albanyrs audi and surroundinn territory turnecHCoiifejet out en masse Frhluy night ior a KlitaV nt Kennrth MiliaTwho had lw,jU Na1iOtS to MJt serving m cam tttlfsiKj mm October, 13. . Mill wiU return Men? his previous employment mm fireman on the Southern Pacific ,.iiwy Southard, veteran of the World War. has been from time to time employed as special officer at Lebanon. He hae recently employed there alio aa a school bua driver and a.i a service station attendant. He ia a member of the Lebanon American Legion post. He is a member of a widely known Lebanon family. The change in deputies will be " next Monday, Sheriff Shelton said. Kenneth Mills entered employ ment of the Southern Pacific railway in It 17 and remained in it service until five years ago. when In7oIi;", 't' " . P' ? L", "J -;i:t i ...:.u . u - 11 came chief deputy sheriff upon resignation of Jason , Anderson, who is now a rural mail carrier. E L q Salem. Ore.. March 21. Repeal 1 RULERS T KNOX , E5 Fgoatw One At,. MADE EVIGtBLE Plan foe Acrwoe) Cutting Includm. AM T--pa Ground Crop! , Washing, Jar II. Benefit payments averaging lit an acre were offered farmers today rS JKM? ,SSE the new soil conaervatioa pro gram replacing the AAA. Details of the program, an nounced by" Secretary of Agri- cultue Henry Wallace, provide e- j p-nditare of M0.OM.OM in cor,-' serving the nation's soil fertil- ' ity this year, the first at the two year temporary program. A soil conserving crop, it was explained, for which the farmer is paid $10 an acre may be turned under to qualify at a soil-building crop, adding an extra $1 an acre. Deputing Crape Listed For the purpose of payment farmers who apply for payments will have their crops classified as soil-depletion, soil-conserving and soil-building, A farmer' may claim payments only upon 15 per cent of his "base "n n n,nn Tnt cd in soil-depleting crops last year. Soil-depletin crops were acreage the amount he plant PARLEY HOPE o in May Nr Try of SeftlmeA COMPROMISE HINTED, ffonce Might Consent to Demilitarized Zone on Own Soil London, March 21 Prospect of a world conference on economic and financial matters as part of a peace consolidation program faded today into the most remote future. A high British authority disclosed that a conference planned by the Locarno treaty powers in May would include only the Locarno powers themeivw Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. If this conference succeeded, then only and after what was j cauea -iiomiuua piepui huuii- would a general assemblage of nations be convened to study world problems. Compromise Likely Prospects for a compromise! among the Locarno powers on the proposals made to Germany by British, France, Belgium and Italy 'increased materially today. ner uie reveiauuii uy uuminiii von KiDoentrop, cniei oerman qui- egate here, that Germany would only for two months, FADES WAY a brilliant spring opening. SfcolenaBS-ly decorated windows vied for 9A-tention from the slowly movifgt crowd bent ou inspecting tiat fisjaaa offerings of -ercal merchant. The rautcur contest, the Albany hies. h.,1 lnH m-iH n ctvla BM1W VIM MttetaiMmut fetuis of tn -- ning. The two windows of the Mo Oowell shoe stiae were awardaal the grand priie for dUplaye after judging was completed by S. 1. Crouch, E. L. Wright and G. L. Hodgacai, all of Corvallia. !-a,b- mentiun was accorded the J. C. Penney company showing. Competition lor honors was ekw, especially amona stores in the- women's wear division, according to the judges-Myron Willard's vocal solo won him first priae in the amateur contest, the award lacing made on a basis of crowd applause. Ectdie Gibson sang a solo .which gaiu-d linn second prize. Edith Gilchrist, pianist, was judged third and the high school girls - trio, composed of Maxin Stenuerg. Dorothy Nash und Edith Anderson, placed fourth Dave Rylands called on his experience as a former professional as master of ceremonies and Kept the program moving with snap. Grand Prize--MeDowell, honor- able mention J. C. Penney a Co. Auto accessories Ncumnn Electric, mention Konzel- man s. Auto display Aiexunocr Motor Co., honorauie mention, nai- slon Motor Co. Auto mechanics Kelly's. Banks Bank of Albany. Barber shops McClain's, honorable mention The Globe. Beauty shops Bunton Beauty, honorable mention Beauty Nook. Building supplies Foshay & Mason. Clcan- BETTER CLASS OP MAGAZINES USED Oregon's liquor control law, the consider an appeal to The Hagua Knox act. to take the state out of , court on the compatibility of the the rnm trffi. pnrt tnrn th iin..nrlx Hartford, Middleton Bear Brunt as Crest of Waters Arrives FAMINE, DISEASE GAIN Massachusetts and Maina, Rivers Spread; More Rainfall Due ' Hartford. Conn.. March 21. The crest of the greatest Connecticut valley flood since 1893 washed through Hartford today, flooding more than 03 square blocks ot the downtown sectiori. ' ' ; Carrying houses, barns, oil tanks and debris before it, the river tide engulfed much of Middle-town, Conn., and spread over the lowlands on its course to Long Island sound. ' Heavy rains that threatened new trouble ceased at noon. Curing the afternoon the water was exia-cted to begin receding slightly. But it still was 23 teec rk'lp in some sections and lapped ithin hllf a block of miin street. In the aoujh end of Hartford, a tenement .taction in which hundreds had been imunriled . in nouaea that thraater-ai to cftimbte in tit water, Aiwriean Legion officials said all but a few isolated families haal aaaan removed safely. Ronton, Maren 21. Northeast Mawaehuaetts ant Mains experienced catastrateMic new (Vrosb today. Heavy rain fall over a wide area, aeHinfl votunw to rivers already fiver their banks and flooding or threatening 15 cities and towns. Famine and disease were grave menaces. TKa Jderrima river "- rase higtwr over parts of LeweU. anal, s Haverhill, Mass. At Kaohue I. H., ! h tkfvnm iK0iw t,nai(ii08s feeiqa '. hswaea to reffbf cuimn.. ' In Ma-kw lvc Anmmnmnijip, Urnnth, Smo mm) Ponokwaist rivers still wart rising..' All ekr Kew Ki1bm1 rivawi wr statiomnry at a high flea level 04- iiMiifl ta raceste. - The hpnvy raias that ld swoi tr southern half at Hew K1b (tvifuvt Uw kkkM ccd i bw plaues early today, but msre mat ww pretUctod in fteaalnd was tiusu let' today. TNt Kew tianlwWI Mk tw steot at ,K known dead asadt (f-ven mae misting and fears dead. o Aftug an all night emari Msaion, tlte Macaaeti tweets Weas lature rnpnated g7,Wi few imnsediate fltiad Mrtief. n ROOSEVELT AJLm-$25,060,000 FOR PUBLIC DAMA&e Washington, March 21 President Roosevelt today allocators $25,000,000 to the works p rostra, administration for repair or ra-'lacement of publicly-ownad peaaa-erty or utilities which, have bm diwtroytxl or damaom nVinl. This albaatkaii, ttharti ia in ana-Aitiiai to an wserMry al)ueaiwie u ant.ell.WM mueVi I'M. wiU he spn'titwri to tlw aerwbaa states ai nKad, Ua VVse KsuigB sajrii'l- - i . 'In a Uat jilfaatUt." tlNa eiWirarat xhkd. "-St prauMtauit hsae giia the via-k ifxtwaw mwaaisi istielu t-anlut aatlwrity- to ra-ti yn-ftK. ai-wt, h ifim a- se.a'j Uvwtx- kt eltctiiv plants,. :md rorn cotton tobacco Irish do- ' buslnes,"; v,eT to private retailers' tary treaties, a British spokesman Corn, cotton, tobacco, insn po- was called for today by the Homelptjt h known France has not btvSd,2RIiR,,T,e L--' - Oregon. ly reiuseTo permit iEg&w Xx and lBin-";"" t0P to be stationed on canning crops, melons and straw- InaJ'vfrlrf , '1'.'!? ' h-'r soil-' berries" peanuts, grain and sweet k"?" Would Last 30,logHs sorghums, and small grains in- ?n,rhn' pf: rc, ?'-2n d ";,9;n Y0' Hen the possibility was forc-cludin wheat, oats, barley, rye, ' Po' l1'.,1" attf. -seen of extending a narrow dcmil-buofcwheW'fla, ma,;speltz, wle respectlvely' o tho ltarized zone -on either side 6f the and grain mixtures. , ' ' , ... , , I French-Belgian, German frontiers. All Farms! gltyitK I Not Prohibitionists, the lcaKUCj. Sucn a zone, If fixed, would en- .9JR George. Caldwell. Albany ri- " ""- "; Tdent was arrested at 2 o'clock tins Magazines which will rcacj)the , alternuon and charged with ririv-bctter class of travelers are be-iing an automobile while employed by the state highway I cuted. Calcwell was taken into T PAST 200 FOR FLOI AREAS know ani Coll Aofls to Vjctims0 rligftt in Pennsylvania DISEASES SPREADING Thousands Refugees Get Inocuations as Fever Guard ar vi fna Rain today brought mw dangci-to flooded cities in New England and heuvy snow in western Pennsylvania hampered relief work in that devastated area. 'The death list for the entire 14- state eastern fkxid zone- crossed 200 and still was Humming as the swollen rivers surged over morr communities and as additional bxlirs were found in places where the floods had receded. Saaaw. f'aU Waanafa Red Crou estimate indicated about Stlfl.tHa) persons were homeless. Prorty mfe was placed at t:!.r'0.WHI.(Kl or more. President Rootevclt fi' a third time postponed his Florida vacation in (i -der to asit directiun of relief. Water service was restored to most of Pittsburgh, but muw impeded traffic and slowed down relief work there ttd in Johnstown and other western Pennsylvania cities. Tna wet snow and culd alao added to tr.e suffering of lb huinvleas. Ninety cases of tcarM fever, dipl.tberia and other diseases developed ill Slunpury, Ps. Thousands of residents were being muvnl out (4 the city. avnfanea loaratintesl - Tnroiiglxiiil this flood rimes, thousands of refugees were inotu-lgte agalnat typhoid tttvtx. Nitiongl gmrdrm'n wtTe " ftn duty in all tlae itjr eiouly gt-fcctetiflood zones. In many places they were exercising the real con-tt nl, although in no place was actual martial law declared. The Ohio river Hood, moving down the valley from PiUsbui'Rli and Wheeling, W. Va struck Pomcroy, O., and IIumJ)nglon, W. Va. Residents had had days ol warning, however, and no further loss of life was reported in the Ohio valley. A new i loot danger 'developed nu upper New York Slate, where many mountain streams went over the bunks anil sonic dams gave way SARPOLA'S PLAY DUE TO CAPTURE 3 YEAR HONORS Salem, Ore., March 21. Ted Sarpola. Astoria's two-year all- siaic lorwara, got not in me uisi half to pot seven field goals and beat Tillamook, 43-38, in the 17th annual state high school basketball tournament. Astoria took fourth place by tho victory. The Fishermen came from behind in the last half to display the form that won them the state erown the last two years. Tillamook was out in front, 30-25, at the third periial. Sarpola made II points in gll for one of - the liest individual perfumnani-n o the tinirrieirwr.t. Hit nine livid gnals pull(4l tne lislttimen )ut of a bad elumy, and his showing tn Islicved a guaranty of a pli agsm ei tha all-star team. Tillamu k4 aevsmtn plai tne comvetitiisi, and Saiewi fiear- fi eighth by losing thriltee. li re, to Bewajet, fifth pta ncra Uie acuvnd ytv torn). ., Botrctb 9im Hapm OtrWtrmittg tlirii0 (fug9, Sarch 21. Sctor Wi",..m K. Borah of Idaho today (pressed confidence he would win the republican presidential nomination if he receives the support of Illinois, his native state. Borah will launch his Illinois campaign tonight in a speech at the civic opera house. "If Illinois gives me Its approval in the prcsidcntUiljirimary," the senator told ropoSk "I am confident I will be iSteSfnated at the IpSyeland convention." DEATHS I myments are to De aiviaea oc- tween landlord and tenant where each shares nmrowlq. A s hi u uiip ui io throuah state committics and and community committees and the AAA. ' W". . , u i,im to participate in the new pro- department as media through which it is advertising the scenic which it is advertising the scenic attractions of Oregon, Harold Say, sion, said yesterday while in Al . hiisinesV in nmnrplira bany on business in connection With his work. British spokesman sajo) and would el a onco Locarno , be. ended at once if ihc Locarno , negotiators at their May conference ; menl. As soon as the agreement ' 'was mnao uermany woum return to U10 league TIPSY DRIVER ALL ROUND LOSER FOR FRIDAY STUNTING A twelve block race through Albany streets last night won no Magazines in which advertising , being confined in the Linn county is being is being placed include I jail in lieu thereof- The trial was Time, the National Geographic, j Set for 10 o'clock Monday morn-Sunset and similar publications, , jng. and national educators' publica- , tions, the latter because Portland tl.-J uny will be host to the 19.16 convention , riooo) rnaj rr9V90V 0 gram, wnercas me ma was re- ..... .w.u,. stricted to certain crops. AAA of- of voters must be obtainert on each ficials estimated 80 per cent of petition bv July 1 to put the ques-farmers would cooperate. , tions on the November ballot A base acreage will be cstab-l The new liquor law would cut lished for each farm. The AAA the tax on beer from $1.30 to 62 will establish ratios of soil-de- nts a barrel, but compensate for Mrs. Julia Fortmiller, Albany, has been selected chairman of the RecG Cross drive to obtain the Linn county quota $400 to provide relief for fluSrUsirickcn residents of easternMt&. The ap pointment was announced todaT bv WSrfter Arbuthnot. chairmafe' of the executive committee. Mrs. Fortmiller will supervise the local campaign and will work with the leaders from (jtper Linn county communities who were appointed vesterday. Boxes have been placed in local banks and at Red Cross headquarters for the receipt of donations. Directors of the local Red Crosi-j, organization will meet at thfcj' Greyhound Tavern Tuesday noon to discuss plans, it was announced. Active solicitation will begin Tuesday , according to Mrs. l(cy t-mi'ller. O TO With only seven ikiys remaining in which lii file declaration of candidacy for the May primary election!. Limi county offict J'l-ers daitinuert to apvar at the office of County Clerk Rufus Rus-at ll yeaterdwy and today. . Two candidates, both seeking trie dnrfxicratic nomination for county cormnisskntee, filed tuday, as did five aapirants for commitUemau in llwir resiwetive precincts and a candidate for ceunty surveyor. Tie last day for filiiig is Minds r, March 10, ccidua to t-Mty Clerk E- G. Arnold. Francis Kir,' Marristita'g, an Harry W. Cuoley, Albany, are the two candidate fur the ptH-tkm of commissioner, btti running ia Urn detnurratuj primary. Cooley has rXeti an Oregon resident for ii ycara, I road aupvi'viaur ha nit years, and resides two miles eat of Albany, Kizcr is a well-kiiwn farmer of southern'.. Linn county The slogan which Cooley desires placed after his name is: 'Economical Administration: Squirt Deal For All; Townsend Plan lis) per cent." Kizer's ballot skigt ik is: "A iiaro Deal For Everyone." Contest for the democratic nomination to the office of county surveyor also was assured yesterday when G. E. Wnitcomb of Lebanon filed for that office. "Prompt, conscientious and economical service to my county" is Whitcomb's ballot and campaign sltMan. Filings for precinct comiaittee-iDiin includi'L Justin . Miller. Albany precinct 2, republican; J. C. Harrison, North liruwnsville precinct, democrat; Dentcg. StcwaS. Orleans, precinct, democrat; J. C-Wooley, South Harriswug precinct, democrat; and T. J. Jackson. West Halsey precinct, democrat. Jackson filed yesterday. Collection Ageocitis O Group to NaHnainate Managers of collection aaenciea of the larger Oregon cities are meeting today in Albany, at I regular session of the Collection Agencies Association of (iiega, Incorporated. Se.ime are being held at tfs H.el -Allxn starting at M u'caia. with a languet scheduleat t the clie iif the business meeting. Noiitii of offieeri Qnd, eVite'iissiivi of various yrutjIenV emmi to the delegste ftave r hi ptaen on trie prtram. Am; ers eeueMed to attend Tlia Alco jMjoeting tUiveaw n I Alljanv ig V to (fit viai re- a''i1c"t,lv' . , ,tm;. P ouiL-iii in iti tJioin. wi 1 1 rw lion, and H. A. Miller, gi) if Salem, is the seer ftry. '""J A AUNT ftfcT BY ROBERT QU1LLEN inHv Hnn't want in smoke TOiat much. He just lights one tigarette on another because he's too stingy to use a match." (Coiirrlsht. ". Publtilwra Srndleau) WEEK REMAINS ENTER RAGE ""'" V'' "5". -"'"-1 A oroDoseri rnniiitiilinn-il amendment which would give in ""al 'T , '7m u T. ,ns.V rcfcuintco control r pro- hibit the retail sale of all-alcoholic was also filed by i"'i"MiK lltlW, HIIIC WWU1U IdAt'U ,i n ni, mtin ni. .1.1, would collect all laves 2S nrr cent of which would go into the gen-1 eral fund and 75 per cent into the common school fund, which would be apportioned among the coun- tics according to population. Hrltt-DflM U.-,nnp,ac rficl ,1 nnnc 1 Wr itr tatctrw Stnrm, hrai-(rlW imMiosii aft. State, reed tortv Mtirpny itevrt Stwe. fVxx coveinai erager Vurniture Cv.. Ixanoraiile HMTitwrn Stiff. Florai Mail riurai Co. furniture Jfra--ee furniture Co., htniurable men- tian Montgfflmery Ward. Grca'er-i Doley Broa.. nonorabie min-tian Schorl's. Hardware Ames Kaidware Co." Jewelry French's leweby SUU.L-. honorable menVin. sicnuel's. Ladies ready-to-wear J. C. Penney Co., honorable mention Hamilton. Meats Narry'e Market, honui- able nwntion Roy's Market. Men's lUiiiismiibs, J. C. Penney Co.. honorable mention Blain'a. Men's suits J. C. Penney Co. Photographers Wynd Studio. Printing Hawling's Stationery A llint-ing. Public vUtilitien Mt. Statea Power Co. Radios RaUtoti Motor Co. Restaurants Imperial Cale, honoablc mention, Hurley Plumbing Real Estate and Insurance beam Insurance, honorable mention Dollarhide. Shoes Mc-Ibwelt's, honorable mention Uus-ter Bruwn Shoe Co. SptxHiiiis goods Ames Hardware Co. Shue shops Wall's Shoe Shop. Stalion-ery Boone's. Variety stores Doll's Variety Store, honorabij mention Wool worth's. Vegetables Pay & Save, bonoreble mention The Gioceiyeteria. Yard Goudd C. C. Store.0 Others appearing in the amateur .contest were: Bernard Vrell. solo with guitar accompaniment; Mar-jorie Anderson, monoloaue; Gil Whitney, Jimmy Sliough and Tul-fy Leabo as chorus girls; Jcdnette and Donna Jean Conn, tap dancers; and Lawrence Smith, v(ral,t. Cald$dl Arrtd On Driving Charge 1 custody near the western limits ol i the city after a short chase by i the cily ; George Mclirido, city tijaffic o- Caldwell, when taken to justice i court, pleaded not guilty. Judge Inlliver scl hail at Sl.'il). Caldwell Annual Ckavrv tknW . ... , , ....... . . ' wusniiigion, ivuircn zi. ia ' P'TK sei vice Ol I It HIS leaietl today that tho flooded Potomac " , ," mis mjiiiij s an- I nUwl,,,,"l?' '!m,k. L- 1 . . or. nov V1" , w.'" f .T " , , , -, . , I4tta. If it ClOCS IlOl Ol , wiii,in the nefl 'lK hours, the blossiirns muy not come out at all this spring. STRIKE SETTl.CO Akron, March 21 The Gomlyear Tire and Rubber Co., proposal to end its five, weeks old strike was accepted today by Uie linkers. 5raanic wiuntineas. fafiitalists in genera KiVf rave, etaivwiced that thelr'i welfare - ymte upon their wi.' MMiaiU & tnw ,Vaourcea. e atmibkeir vg, txrt ,1C jus mw arwhsii RWKfcc(r4ltv , marki-a- and comgaiitan . ft ian Mrraml. ;ThT should l given tmrOkm- e t mala use i vns MtMe tney &.VP lewnsrf, rt imlw. t , ... ,. !a.ted . the impro-wfit a C, relations Jind comm.reigl would)) greatly aid in rmmnmta, of uMueritv. - - . i1 "We can do this without chang- "-""i . "- ' " Europeans, an. '"'-'rate cither ct , 'nscism for long. communism nor I The program includ?!i violin . inironucca. w. l,. rnzpaincK, president of the club, presided, , The speaker was introduced by Dr. Wallace Howe Lee. pleting crop lands to total farm jnai Dy levying a tu cents per gai-lands for each county. Then, the Ion tax on whlsky, which pays ,i -,i .!,., .. um,'.u.. r- i' of the National Educational Asso- elation, Say explained. The Oregon coast country and ihlo frm Iho P.-wifii. :.nrl rf,l. umbia river highways, are being featured in the commission's pub - licity, the director said. The com- mission has set aside $50,000 for this work. r.. I i I : n ..n.a.J n nf .iiiiiin ii in iwin:u a iii vlsi wi Jlmt muwwu, ....-... I. year! according to estimates of Californians. Incorporated, and the southern California agency. Say declared. "Never has California spent more than $500,000 for pub licity in any one year. Such a re- tl'liee Turn to I'sge KsHtl . ui..,,...,.. iiiiii uii a .iioi n4 u,V,r,lnealM- ..,n,,M nl.n hn IL!d.,ml,n Mir. lt.,. . censed and taxed by the state. The cording to the poiice report. Stcll-' distillery, license fee would be.machei's victory would not have More Extensive Education Urged to Cure Nation's Ills America' eevnomie system is ' pi-n in ctetail. mturinni tINat na U) vaat aiart comv. afd ' oven "alinxs run ut "t atr-Ijeen iiitirrly tun ateUlwr tr Hiiinvilli." Urn uwnVcaun is m- iHotol goUa prtspavties. "f. fwtda a"1!01)' made f.eilable win la) itd to fifht tho it to health which has arisen m many quarters where 'r.a 'AtBrs have receded." O Van Gnnriv Salem salesman who came under the wire a poor second to P. A. Stellmacher, city police officer. Stellmacher then added to the loser s humiliation and defeat by ..M.tin. hint nn n nl.'.an r,f been recognized under Indian- apolis Speed Bowl rules, for he was able to win the race only by forcing Van Oundy's automobile into the curb at Third and Broadalbin streets. The contestant! started .the chase at Third and Main streets. with Van Gundy given a block' handicap. Ho had been annoying resident of that vicinity by inr sistent horn-touting, according to stellmacher, who 7effnded to a pal1 and attempted to .halt the Salem driver. Van, Gundy, in. the I 1 ..a I- . fused to halt in resrn. to Stell at the finish when aaruptly halted by the officer. In city police gauft tialay Van Gundv pleaded guilt, was fined M 'by Judge VM Taaaal, aen-tei-K'ed to 10 day in jail, end suffered revrxttiun of his operattr'a Rcena;. The jail term nt jm-pended upon payment of tlic tut Foif Weaker Held Due Over Weekend lUC WYergeeWa Portland, Ore., March 21.- A fair weekend was promised hv the py lne weather Uhieau todav although temperatures will be low Sunday morning Q The 'Mither bureau's "out!CT)k for theffeeek," called for generally fair, with temperatures bill) normal toward the first of jjie week and above normal to-v-fiAl tljcclose. -ss. tratcarf hal-iiigher levels Ts snow, orninz. ''AUTOS COLLIDE" l(Tf) lmnhilpc rtr(.f.n Ctjwn. Albany, and (JOlt-s I Chi Utenson. Portland, collided! hate vesterday afternoon ojt the i i ifSirai this CW"" af!i county committee will set up the individual bases. WORKING OF SOIL SAYING PROGRAM EXAMPLE SHOWN Washington, March 21. A typi cal example ui now uie pin.B wheat farmer with 160 acres would operate and reeehee bene- file t.nHn tVtn nmir v.,1 nrnnram' He planted in 1935 a total of 60 acres wheat, 15 acres rye and , ten acres oats. He had 15 acres in pasture. p That wade his base acreage in h rTi,r," "ops wneai, .irye ,nSi,Xr if in ioir f- ,n JFJZ 1? Lrn cr decided to divert 12 acres to rlrhrL ,7.. rtVn ?S ,Si.Jf,kJ! tUW UI dUUlUAUIiaiCIT .SnV'Tmi,t.0..Whirth '.n! n , ii a. naw i.uie. Ha wuuld receive in' benefits 11 arm a 10 an acres gl20. IV. heaxvw . instead of harvest-ins Ha eWalfa. the farmer plow-ad it uautt-f,- of if ha limed or wmM the 12 ai r a directed is tna jsiyiaixit, ha wauld get It la anil buildina croDsl M 1 sicre tit m am-as in pasture ttl an acre 415, o Total 147 Emperor Takes ParfJ In Sweeping Victory Addis Ababa, ' March 21. A sweeping victory by Ethiopian warriors over Italian troops on the northern front north of Amba Alagi was claimed today In reports received here. Emperor Line Selassie was reported to )ve participated actively in the Teht. Twenty Seven women and child-B )n were victims of a bombard-Nnent and gas attack at Ycra Alcm today, according to a government announcement, which addrd that the injured were being cared for e1 a Norwegian ambulance in the ighborhood. BUSINESS VISITORS Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Brock of the Providence immunity are spc(jQ -jag the afternoon in Albany oiV-tf (O) siness and pleasure trip. I coiAyariaei trtth o"rr s.jivnf. In I .i-srd-.ed by fcaaieMaard e - pei-imentatirjii. IWif. Kwr? Dillm. jraenica instructs- at ..iafW mllege. told the Albany Rotary cUib aud women ijuests at than - nual lsdies' night mewtwng in the Alfciny hotel dining n last iht. Peofcssor Dillin sugnea na the baxr way to com act mm aeficicnrlcs : fcave W-ea eaeuaaal urTg tne dtp?s2Sr yt'wlit bc to equip Anglcan citiw tnr'ugn more eenive eaw.w; 10 discharge theg responsibilit as electors more wisely 10 pro - ....uii riri v... , J ! i , I . rnisH from al (HI to S5S00 annual u ' . ij snn t i.- i ly. Wholesalers of four per cent . . r . " .... wine. $1500, and of all liquor, c,,m ' silCCF STEALERS CAUGHT Salem. Ore.. March 21. John. ' j nA' a tl D,vton nd Amity farmers were under errnt by state police t0d8V charged with grant! larceny of shecp. Police s,id the men con-I lessed to ,he ,neft of 171 nead of heep over a long period, trucking .U.--. n A .1-1 h..llfni trmr-i to regular packing houses. Soma 'See from tlte B-wuiBnes Bg Dbbmsi KIchmosMi Orwjo mm fmn af Great Era- If (vain t'mrate' OrefiHi has abundant wealtb (9 minerals and help to health. Its snojfed. foreb-bordered streams are beau-tous as an artist's dreams and have a great potential powers that is the country's greateit)1 dower; but these have suffered great pollution and need some . well-planned restitution. Now all our wealth, in fire and pine, in water power and in the mine and in the beauty of the land, the mountains streams and ocean strand. caR9 not produce their benefit uyj less we, each one, do our bit. 3heoups must all cooper-"y W helpswiprove this. fMntfruus state!' J. all its slfj rinaTous SrAs are cmployetf and natu(ft beauties all enjoyed. When all our resources an r. () es used, and none are any mol abused. anrs eastern state have learn(vJ) to know, .thp, wonders thafwe hac to(Olw we'll have our own place r the sun and enjoy laurels richly won: but all of this yMiH Jhave 3iO co to wait, unless all cooperate. . i ' I augurating a system of education mg our economic system or gov-for politicians: to bring about, if ernmental foundations, Profes-necessary, a realization by capit-ir Dilhn asserted. The Arneri-alisu that they cannot pWfit un-1 n People would not be satisfied less the people as a whole arc with any of the9nany isms which prosperous and to induce a co-.are being preached about the operation, instead of competition icountry. Their instincts for pn-of government and businci'SN i vatc ownership are too strong. We .an Ynrkar Fnfar Vicc-F'resident Race Salem, Ore., March 21. Wm S. Bennett, rj; i orK attorney, today requc.'t J Secretary of State anen to pr.ive nis name on. mo Oregon primary ballot for the republican nomination for vice-president of the United States jP Bennett's candidacy bore 'Mv endorsement of Arthur "'. W, Priaulx. chairman and Charles B. Erskinc, secretary of tho republican state central committee. Income Tax Take Running Far Ahead Washington, March 21, Incoma tax collections through March 20 are running far ahead of the corresponding period last year, treasury officials reported today. 1 A 28 per cent gain was registered during the period between March 1 and 20 over the same days last year, fiscal experts said. During those three weeks, $389.' 694,381 has been turned in to the offices of the collector of Interna revenue compared with $306,646,538 last year. o The goal of cducalion.VSybfes- r Dillin said, should be not only produce leaders, but to tr.f VLnillowers as well. There is no rctT - ron why a worker should not be as well educated as an employer, he'zplo by Mrs. Clareit v V-eal, ac- implied, o eompanied by Uiga jacksimwd To improve upon the quahtyf "la tenor solo by Hiyold Wivl. politicians would be a b.ftn to (te, accompanied by fi1ierincii'- OI.YMPIA MAN "WfK George Tarbell of vQ)ipia. Wash, was an Albany visitor today. Tarbell ia the father of Mrs. Joseph Burgess, San Francisco, who was taken to the stale hospital for examination following an automobile accident near llullcy Tuesday. According to Tarbell. his daughter's condition is much improved, and it is probable that following treatment for nervous bieij down she will be released in several weeks. o Pacific highway ill front l.?0iK'.)nalior, tne speaKer aeciareo. jaan. C T I Brown residence, 1541 Salemi "There are today too many; Betty r itzpntrif".) Albany high i Road. According to the report cheap politicians who deem it school cariCSal0 iifcn -elect, was made to local police, the automo- biles collided as Brown was turn- ing from the highway into his driveway. No one was injured. their mission merely to jump upon some bandwagon, such as the Townsend plan," Professor Dill - I in said. He did not discigs the Oo

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