Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 20, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1936
Page 6
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A THE ALB,ANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY,' OREGON CFRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1936. PAGE SIX 'OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS scoring honors and Krueger con netted for five field goals. Black lout the season just ended. Southern division teams, U. S. C, U.C.L.A., California and Stanford, played off their schedules under the throw-in rule. WRESTLING BOUTS WILL START HOUR LATER FOR TONIGHT BELLFOUNTAIN, CORVAIJJS TO A SO I CAM'T GET INTO THE CLUBHOUSE. WITHOUT . " . J M SAVING THE PASSWORD ,H'JK ? . -4EV WON'T OPEN THE DOOR J ' 70 ANVOMe DOESN'T BELONG TO THE CLUB 1 -NWA WELL WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT.' HALF OF MY POTATOES, ) s .WzVoALL OP MV HAMBURjER AND A COUPLE OF MV LOAVES I mWyiwOP PREAD ARE IN THER5 . THE PASS WORD IS GOINC-y "f flw TO BE OPEN UP OR THERE WON'T BE " MC If a u e 1 ; 1 V jedyc, Corvallis forward, had ten points and Wurren,. center, nine, ivokko, Astoria center, led his tcummates with ten. Corvallis knew the champion-'ship was in sight, and pi J id lor all it was wcrth to win. In the clclQt game of the tournament, Franklin managed to my ahead long enough to ed&e out Tillamook, 37-32. Franklin was never more than sevont points in the lead, and usually field only a one, two or tffree-point margn. At ihe half it was 2U-i8 lor Franklin. " Hit H thcCPortlttakarn taU. IMV !', tt aeitiita timmt aft tjHT 9r, W nnHH 9m IK. WMB UMMM, ffl'MUMni eiUIMt, l. m W'Ud, ht wii li-tt bm ta omk- mix Uk ifgonoiRW a tM mtu. 1M Mn,V It Wb IW XS8 ', S.Uia'taiB lonm tsTtu (sjin Ki (to Unuuh a ga.raw na letf Vitbout a iotil wlwm Myi'tto Croak wo turned back, Xl-M. Tlw BMlei to 17-4 at the halt, Kjtuaios, tw, was fcuja with la. ft as i V V Corvalhs (M) I'D Tt FT Pffogard, 1 t tutKctodm. ....-,.... l Wwtsu, c 4 1 Krusea, c S 0 Vt tKfcsiU, B 1 Ttol8 18 7 Astoria (2 rG VT VS Stirpotet , t 0 Parke. I t ft Kokko,.e .,....,,..... I Plipp. S . ..i. ...,.. 0 I Koven, g ............ .0 0 1 .'iiuvdi.uM, s I...... 0 ti Juola, I .....0 0 1 Totals' .....11 4 13 . r.. . , . O ll " 1 1 i Dm is wMttaiduwi if i I salary. Riefcov. tn toll (Ju tan,- Is TDOAVf In ! .MEET TONIGHT Bj UiUUd Pr Thursday's Scores ' Mill City 33; Umapine 22. - Benson 27; Ashland 24. Salem 41; Roseburg 26. -'Bend 21; La Grande 20. Belllountain 31; Myrtle Craafc 22. . Corvallis 46; Astoria 29. Franklin 37; TWw4M , McLoughfcs W; Ctmt S5S9 Ausi b'BM m fcM. jmn& inns' aptflfe high Ai'S'l bja-3irol'l'jl oian-fifia km ba ewji'Wi'ii&d ttGWiiiiMsiwew B'ith as le 1741 ameitaail tottrat-R(Oit is bpoogtot te a eloso. : Gor-vaWis ekM'taomad tt totaid-i&g. t'i't'HstS) Astor-Mn i at torrid .game, yesterday. V"'flte dspst-era lae it fhs Cev-vaMis will wear the erourn tbe i'tshernreB ha-ve held twe years, arrd that Franklin of Pwrtkwl wiU talc seeend ptoeo. A Corvallis team has never wen this state ttl. 'Fwo Benton county teams Ccw-vglto and aWMaiHttafcn the county's MHMt and probably cwaHaat sshools, will .pteei tenietit ia tita sBrm-Xinalfi - ,.J i . , Hank-lin- wjill.ffcee. MeLe.ugd. e'f Milton-FreWat'or: to tho other serai-tinai bracket, with tho Peri-landers favored. . BeUtountain's famed "g'!wf killers" are "B" league afafqnps Oregon by virtue of a JM-gii vis-tory over Myrtle Creek yesterday. ( The Bells, whose school is at "a wide place "in. the eaat somewhere in BeMm counts'," . Hseordtaf to tourney talk, beat Corvallis, 2S-lSk. early to the year and then teat to the big city beys, 22-16. . From a sciiool that has only 34 pupHs, 23 of them boys, Coach Ken Lltch'fudM has built tttwaw team, but Corvallis, after its impressive victory over Astoria, wtU tenter the game a heavy LavxM Mt. The CorvaMis-Astaria gwe was the day's elass'iB. The toms bitttWd on even terms the first halt, lite seere being 18-a.ll at the gun. But, then Coaeu "Musto" .Toi wju s kms aotually began to ' outpla ami, mape uwheard ot, ewd'uri.liw Jiai-' 1 ei'men, ' b-reaHmg a tuwjKMvwMt tuachtlOB. The high-scoring, etoee-eheching cwmbirRiuoH ef riruetjur sm4 Crockett, Corvallis guards, raited up the points us Astoria ,w held te one field goal to the third quarter enst tour to tho Until po-, riedt i . - . Crockett got 12 points for high WRESTLING TONIGHT 9:15 p.m. ' Albwiy Arradry 'gneelvl Eteufcre Mwla Evrn tar Spsins jw-ntrtt N'lliih Betb matches best 2 out f 3 - faik, 1A hour llnwt. BOM bUAGl , JACK CURTISS ' SO.tEH THOMAS v HERB BERGE-SON 7:84 a. m. MtHHmanMf 9 ' Tail!. 09 w " dJuasMS" 'WfeptsiK- does not quite knew wht to meat of it. He -says he firat mtieetil ttm Huhum in ha star pitcher last yew, on Ue m et m ut biMiurt eK - the St. Louis Civic club at which th C.rd'i.Kl phky- tri wtre to m gucts ot hoiaov. I wsis ntikprl tn h . trMUkttiimAdifbdltr of tlw wi,". o- tj iliwduie the plavei-s. . Oik the afternoon before U day f the bnuuct Dissv eama to n and said: "t.Ln. Mr irkv idh - inni.w. . 'J.kM tumarmw. ain't tou?" !f ' Roftu'co, Leeding; umpire, Coleman. . MlfounMin (SI) Lrkin, f S. Bucklnghaun, f . Kessler, c Wallace, g Kinton, t ra itpt i t o .1 t 0 ..a o .. i e .010 i " " r Pr Baseball Season MHerson, March 20 (Special) Serkw is hare, and baseball is claimma the attention of Jeffer- i BBOys tea team, the Badgers, will start Bract ee In . earnest neat start practice Monday. From those who played M" ht are ready lor this 'seasons playing. They are: Eldon iTurnidsc, Joseph Boyer, Milton 'Lietjy, Emerson McClain. Wade Harris. Dale Turnidce. Ceonard anarcum and trvin urenz. Besides veral outstanding players. Practice has already started and a number of new applicants are trying out for the teams. The girls entered into the local softball league last year, and will meet other league teams from the San " 13 7 0 ran Ft .1 o 1 .s o a , . o a ,. o a o o t ' 8 U 0 ll "Tliafs right," I said. "I'm g- these, tljere are other favorable iuA to teU the folks who you ara." prospects. Coach Lever's most '"Well, do me a favor,' Dizsy outstanding task this year will s'kd, 'wlwn you introduce I be finding twirlcrs that can deliv-don't ell me Diixy, but just call er the gooxU. me Misef Jetome Hermwi Dean'." I The Jefferjon high school girli' Arotwd the St. Loula camp hera are looking forward to a success' the bova.are of the ooinion that ful softball season, despite tho loss Bv IIpiwv MiiiLomev Utvhbfsd Pimi flM Caippiwpn.Bid3iwM BraAmtcxr,'' Tin., March M. DUity Dean doe not with to be called Disiy Dean any morr. He would apprrelnle it vry much if the American public, his public, would, iu the fuHrv, art-dress him as Mr. Jerome Horman Dcun. or Jrreme Herman Drn. Etu. Ke ks weary ef bann e Lniffooa. Me boUcvmi tlwt Iw hau jrivj.u'ii'(l to a point where tlw nickname "Dixxy" i no hmnurr in keeping with his dignity.- He hnues Uit to the future the bowflwll hitor-iam wiU make no nwntien of his eotton-picfctng days dwwn Arkwti-sas way, nor keep a record of his rather independent haftdtipfl f true Knglish lanctuaee. In short, Hw oVmur at the brothers Dean feels that a tlw foremost player of bwnsefamJl hi the Unitipd States today, he i entitled to as Mi'kHMt cenfildiwrntion by the Pmk jw any otfoer Imdor ul any e-tlwr induitry. Mister DiKsjr (we mtaht well start honoring him rkrht now) . tts U .-rt a "SO- co.'-- i BLONDE DyhlAMITE! i .She get all men figured, except . the one she waits! NOW PLAYING ENDS SATURDAY COMING NEXT SUNDAY ANOTHER IG DOUBLE BILL ' (O) DIEGO 'AN . nu aam in at aaam nun w - 7 AfMani II 7 Skipworlh ( Ul gfk HITCH HIKA D p v l..Vtf ' hg ttuJir TMU MyrtW Onrk L. Uyw, I . , . . Copland, I ... Rhodes, c . . . . Kircum, c ..... Heath, g Hlchwdt, s : . Tutols ........ . Hulcrw, PUuo; unfwt, YarKouter Capturat ChiM for Pennant , Fwtld, Ore., March SO. Varo-cbuvm-'s Lions ctofwted Piwtto.nd BaiekarooB, 2 to 1, i the third and deciding game of their series lost niht, and will meet Suattle In a five-game Northwest lee championships. A capacity crowd of 43O0 at ine ice uoiuamm watched tne overtime contest. series for the Uostuer leogiw , Jack Curtiss, who"- has coming fast in recent bouts. meet a major test tonight in the armory. He faces Don Sugai, the popular Salem Japanese. Curtiss upset Thor Jensen in his last bout at the aimory, and advances to me top tlight of wrestlers lor his bout with bugai tonight. The matches will start an hour later than usual, according to tne uremen, sponsors, bowing to the spring lesnval activities. Hei b uergeson und boidier Thomas tangie in the lirst Doul at 9:15. Curtiss has been ax awing many alignments lu.eiy tmoufah tne iey. fie was &u effective against the teian jenen here that he rendered one of the Thunderbolt's arms useless to win handily. In stepping up into tne t. rank! tomgnt curiitK aravs a tuMgh as-Ajmnt. AjgjRi iansational a svsjwr an mi uncovered in the vatt?, awl pit km eleven nd m mi I taniHM that oVCurtiw Uiratacgi in met of' wm djouaM asjUB event U1 meef n untAovn. In POMMt bvutt toa KS h VOB Vtttttllfi 0 he downed Tom hurai in I match that wuduoed riotutua finisA. The tmiah greatly excited the crowd as Isergeson took the match with a third fall over Hiiai taut, apparently, unsatisfied, tried to appiy his "towel hold ' on the vanquished, reaching a climax by slugging the reieiee.. Din i Hovdl Sent To Beaver's Camp Stockton, Cal, March 20. Dixie Howell, former University of Alabama star, was turned over to the Portland Beavers today by the uetroit Tigers. Howell, an ln- "eiuei -ouuieiacr, piayea wun ' i ui uie iciiii ikmbuu ; 'f 1 He wl 00 ed uat sho,:u " i -""' Howell the second player ; Vvc'.. " ""roit in two days, -btwe kin, a Texas league pitcher, was the other player sent to the Beavers by Mickey Cochran. Bat nn to Ask Ban on BaskeVfaatH Tip-Off Stanford University, Cal., Mar. ' 20. Basketball's center ii mp. or tip-off system of putting the ball in play, will come under -. r-newed fire when the National Basket ball Association' meets in New York next month. tin-orr. wnicn inpv iireci inrottun T ! tiam league for the second time Coach John eunn of Stnn'ord, this spring. The schedule will be whose Indian quintet won the Pa-dran up in the near. future. cific Coast conference hoop title At the monthly suident body i this season for the first time in meeting, . various matters of im-,15 yenrs, said he would nsk the portance were discussed. Several association to adopt a blanket amendments to the constitution regulation abandoning the tip-off were proposed. One proponed system gi favor of the throw-in change has to do with the man- rule. agerial system. It was suggested Bunn is a member of the asso-this matter be left to the decision ciation rules committee. He said of tha couch, and that a manager three of five coaches of the Pa-ba chosen lor each sport. In the cific coast conference northern di- 1 U. ..... .1 ..J U.. -.hlnAnrnmit nf tha I Pirates Will inter Team for Softball While President Joe Neuman of the soitball league was still unable to interest the members in a meeting, word of encouragement came from the Albany college campus today as Coach Joey Mack of the Pirates announced that the college would enter a ieam in the Softball loop. Denied competition in baseball, the Pirates are turning to softball with a vengeance. Not only do they claim their baseball veterans a;iu those who particp(ffd in soitball here last year, otit also a great horde' of freshmen. Q Dnftvgjiigg Champions Rtanttia to fiosi-Pioals Denver, t'olo., March 20. The National A. A. U. basketball tournament moves into the semi-finals tonight with the lour quarter-linaV survivors meeting m two cnatfi to deciJe which pair clasftes in the showdown game for the title Saturday night. Tht Santa Fe Tiails of Kansas City, aeiendini; champions, remained in the running by delcat-in VvaiTcnsuuig, Mo., Teachers, 34 to 23. The Western Transits, mtlcluiiion, Kan., Globe Refiners, McPherhon, Kan., and Univesals of Hollywood were the other linui victors. The Transits defeated Kansas City Lite, Denver, 37 to 36, the Retineis ywamped Greeiev State college, 37 to 30, and the Uni ver-ais euged out aaieways, Denver, a to isu. The Transit and Univer-' al victories were scored in the . ..1 ..-nnr nf play, . Cotfnactvp . . . H- jajrant, "clcsa" on tbc I tortMie. Expcnly dis tilled, waiuri d J bottled by America'! largest winery, makcri of Roma incs. Enjoy SOMA'S EIGHT-FORTY HANDY Fifths, Code No. 41 1-B Pints, Coilc No. 411-C -'a. pints. Code No 41I-U - 10 MA WINE COMPANY, Incorporated Lt4t,Clty tiiMt.ltW ; BA1T!S1A CELLA.eW TERES the amazing dividend Br BROWN-FORMAN DistilleryiJp) THE GREATEST NAME IN WHISKY E' iGiw rotrif unkMic. $" I A ill -el.ll) - .C5 .35 Emilia 1 I ,11 II i hd demancwd of llw St. louis Cardinals that any . contract offered him include a clause wt.ich Vancouver drew Krtf blond must be no play whatsoever on whan Runty McmmerlinM smhwd. bis peculiaritira. TN winning soul was mda by: He has dirmanctrd that when he Clint Smith, Vancouver, the kr- is ta pitch a gam the club an-gue's Wadind scorer, in tha over- nouncer stMrak as foliw: prohibrts the team puWkity man ' from mwuxmliifi him in any but la very digmfwM nuuuwr. Xlcr , "Batteries for today's kame: St. Louis Mittar Jerome Herman Daan pitching and Davis catch- ing.'o The authority fur thi trw Student body. Individual asketball standings of ttw boys high school team has . , flD, . ,f,hi, T,.irf. , . &m ,, Cwaanents of the local team to. rTTooc r,irfl , ifTC'I, . J.i nf 9tm -. j r-T frw throws; PF. personaT fouLs! and TP, total points: . I in the oldar o( the Daan Iwys is Oregon State is a new entry in Branch Rictwy, 'general manager the crew field and Sacramento of wm X. Louis Carttiajila of the Junior college, because of tts National league, the team from class, could not provide .the Cali-which Mister Jerome Herman fornia eight with toe compatitieei. Mrs: Deaa; and not her huSkcsad is the one behind thia sudden de - mswd for Emily Post tretmnt. Ther believe that Mrs. Dean ttrinks she. and only rt.e, should know . the rreat one as Dizzv. Okay,-.. Mr. : Jerom. Harmjn De;m! My opera cloak, please! (Copyright 13 by United Presa) Crew Races Slated , Late This Afternoon Betkekoy, Cal., March 20. University of California's varsity crew, aipirina ta rapraaant ta United States in its third consce- utiv Olympic games competition. makes its 1 A W , .j ...... k , . VrT wJ wl . 'J.. . .y1 .wy to Junior oollege. The race will be rowed over ha regulation Olympics iii.uifc course from Government Island o the 23rd Avenue bridge. Observers expected the Bears XlWLn..,hi?,tdi"LC.ULt':;.Sjn eoln. ' 14 Acting as star. 16 Clod ot love. 17 Set up a golf ball. 20 Part of plant. 22 Snake. 24 Pertaining to lore. 26 To depart. 28 Beret. 1T 30 Beet.. 34 Afternoon meals. 3BMale children. 38 Molten rock. 40 Blemish. 41 Pronoun. 42 Young horse. 56 Instructor. VKUTH'AL 1 Roll ot film. 2 Pitcher. 3 Mimical note. 4 To clip. 6 Baking dish. 43 On Ihe lee. f"N ii HiialMti.l wife. 45 tinkled. 46 Tumor 48 Hone. 49 Hurrah! 60 By. 62 South Carolina. 8 Lions' homes. 7 Northeast. 8 Sick. 9 To slide. 10 She Is an 11 Wine vessel. 12 Rumanian 54 Before Chris? l I i 1 i - ; 1 Star of the Ballet FG FT PF TP 37 6 16 80 26 24 2 76 19 8 13 48 14 6 5 34 7 4 12 18 6 4 8 16 5 2 2 13 10 0 2 10 0 2 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 117 54 84 288 Joaeph Boyer . . Eldon Turntdge Leunaad Mnrcum Jack Parrish. . , Emerson McClain Burton Thurston Waekt Harris . . . Wayne Harris . . Billy) Knight... Irvin Grenz ... Dale Turnidge . Francis Phelps Ralph Larson . . Season total . . . Answer to VrevloOs PnMle Ujt-lf Ir e IoJ IsImIi IV h time period. The first gam nf the title sar- ies will ba at Seattle JSumiay. In the ragular season, Seattle fut-ixhoil firnt, Portland second, and Vjgvwiyw tKird. 0 Fkl?)( gTfclnu IeinTceHH riTD t s a mnsl aInls JjAlA AlyTOaSMEmSSnQ 11 ElUk HIJILt " iiULPIt Mil i It nEaiwhsje ETCnTuIiUOl If: Tn6'6!vlEniT NilTifl 'Sr 'N HORlZOXT;VL 1, i. 6 Stage star. 10 Pertaining to air, It Imbecile. 13 Measures of cloth. 16 Miilon. 16 She Is an exponent of the dunce. IS Kindled. .. 19 Dolly. :0 Snare. 21 CnnHumes. 23 KutUer. Snaky flnh. 27 Portal stntiit'H. . 29 Molancholy. 31 Ace. 3! Snnnkrlt dialect. 33 Away. 36 Three and four. (TTV FORMERLY AGED 12 MONTHS- - gCX ILIPOflTAriT NEWS FOR OREGON LIQUOR BUYERS! DO YOU KNOW that good apple brandy, made le we make it at Hood River, has a ' nigral smoothness and palatability which equals years of ageing in other liquor, and costs half aa much! That'Oiecause the juice of soundfij flavored apples, after being iermeniftijrand distilled by most modern methods, contains practically no fusel oil. In other liquors this . ' - muat be overcome by years of ageing. Hood River "Old Delictus" is mad in a new.modern distillery, equipped with latest"V l typa all-copper atill at a cost of $30,000.-' . qo The run of brandy is being constantly tested in our own twtntific laboratory. Then it ia atored in new charred oak casks. . Wherever a fine whiskey can be used, you can use Hood River Brandy at much less cost! Makes wonderful Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, Sidecars, Tortus. (4 superb bouquet makes it marvelotnr for highballs 39 To endure. 42JarKon. 46 Legal rule. 47 She conducts a dancing " I pi ). 49 Knock. 61 Nights before. 63 Theater pathway. 64 To diminish. 65 She tans trained many ftne . OS 3( Falsehood. Vnlt. 0 i , !" . J4 3 J o" 7" S 7" io" " !7IiT Y IT" "p is " "4 " 7" 7" " 7 xT i2rJr q o a iO i 40 4 4i 44 o 4 7" 47 'W 3 55 5T rl 1 M l 1 it H Y" X AineverybottlecfBottomsUp! Older, mellower whisky now aged a minimum of IS months, yet priced lower than it was at fF) months ageing. And remember, it 'a genuine Kcri- tucky straight whisky, every drop: made from jt famous formula 65 yearTly iocy Sl i n pa pint tJ tzl era tl a or straight. It 'a fast becoming one of tha moat popular drinks in Oregon. Just try a bottle today! Full 90 proof No. 413C full pint 90c; No. 413A full quart $1.75. Made by Hood River Distillers, Inc., Hood River.Or. EL CORTEZ HOTEL HnAf a. D.-II. Want Ads Bring Rcsuluf KENTUCKY) STRAIGHT WrH I S K Y I Write the Van Landingham Company for Must iranea Recipe Bonklif) Bedell Bldf)rortland. Oregon. o r o

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